i still liked his old outfit

So uhm, I’ve been pondering this design in my mind for a while now. I wanted to draw an alternative outfit for Decans to use for my rp content and I’m kinda happy of how he turned out. He didn’t changed much just changed the hoodie and the top. He’s rarely showing his bones to people since they’re covered of old scars (He’s not ashammed of them more like conscious that people could feel uncomfortable around them. ) but in company of people he trust he tend to open up himself a little more.

He still too lazy to tie his shoes though X’D

Art & Underdecay© @little-noko

I just realized, watching some clips of Civil War and thinking about what I saw when I went to the theatre, that Steve was wearing dress shoes whenever he wasn’t in costume.

I’m not kidding. Look! 

Look at these light brown suede shoes with a heel, which are questionably boots. So dress boots? But like, his outfit doe.

When is it cool to wear brown suede shoes/possibly boots with a too-tight grey shirt and indigo jeans? And that brown leather bomber jacket of his? I guess with the jacket it makes sense to wear brown suede, but JESUS STEVE, YOU’RE SO FUCKIN’ OLD FASHIONED THAT YOU STILL WEAR DRESS SHOES EVERYWHERE. God dammit, Steve. At least Bucky can actually wear proper shoes, which by the way are hiking-brand shoes. 

AND LOOK AT T’CHALLA’S SWEET SHOES! They make me think of hightops, or air Jordans.

Sorry, I just notice these things. 

i’m still laying here thinking about trans ftm victor helping yuuri discover his genderfluid identity like- the moment when yuuri is practicing for the eros routine and realizes he can play either/both the role of the man seducing the woman abs the woman of the town i was- so happy. and the moment when he looks fondly at victors old outfit and thinks about how it gave a more androgynous look and he was excited to wear it. gosh.


Something for the MP100 Ice Skating!AU~ :^)

Wanted to layout the design for Teru’s outfit! (That’s why, excuse the sketchy-ness; I didn’t refine the body at all haha). At least, this is him before meeting Mob (Longer hair + super flashy lol). Also wanted to note that everyone is aged up (Teru is 18 here), because I didn’t want them to be like 14-year-old-skating-prodigies oK,,,

[Read about my version of the AU here. Still working on more details!] 


The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 9]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

“We’re just ‘snowing up’ the Brandon Estate,” says Phil [Collinson, producer], “for the very last scene, cos it’s where Rose decides to continue travelling with this man who’s now different.  She’s kind of realized that she still likes him, and there’s still a bit of the old man in there, and that she’s going to have just as good a time with him.  It’s the scene in which they make friends again, really, so it’s very important… exacerbated by the fact that there are ten extras and three snow machines!”

[…] Even the gaffers are running around shouting “IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!” like Welsh Noddy Holders. By the time David arrives on set, for the first time in his proper costume (”I could wear that outfit,” Billie whispers), even old Scrooge would feel a smidgen on Christmas cheer were he here.

“I’m no longer wet and miserable!” exclaims a delighted camera operator, before adding: “I’m now slightly damp and miserable.”
“Where we going first?” asks Billie

“Ummm… that way,” points David. “No, hold on. That way.”

“Now, that is an end frame,” beams James [Hawes, director], looking at the monitors. “Ladies and gentlemen, that’s a wrap.”

“Merry Christmas, one and all!” cheers David. “Merry Christmas, Tiny Tim!”

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Rinrei White Day Gift Exchange 2016 for Makaria

Prompt: “Rei seeing Rin in his old maid outfit for the first time”. 

oh gosh i misread the information things were supposed to be done and submitted the 4th but OH BOY i skipped right over it and thought it was the 14th (which is the last submission day oops). anyways, i’m so unimaginative i didn’t know how rei would react to rin wearing a maid dress, so i kept it really lowkey ahah orz. i hope you still like it.

@rinreigiftexchange | @makariaartisabout


Amnesiac Bill AU!

They eventually figured it out XD I suppose that if Bill stayed with the Pines, everyone would still be very VERY wary of him, but Dipper would probably be the first to kind of approach him and try to talk to him!

Since Bill doesn’t remember what his old outfit looked like exactly, he recreated them with a new flare!

Just an attempt at KotFE Theron, since he didn’t get a makeover (yet… I’m still hoping). I wanted it to still bring to mind his old outfit, but it’s darker to reflect the last five difficult years. Also, a few scars because considering his penchant for disaster and seeming refusal of proper medical care, it seemed like a miracle to me that he didn’t have any.

Nate and His New Girl (Part 1)

Request: Can You please make an imagine based off the last text au imagine you made, the one where nate meets a new girl? I love your blog btw!

Click here to see the text AU the imagine was based off of. (:

Part 1 Read Part 2 Here | Read Part 3 Here

You smooth out any wrinkles you had on your outfit before trekking your way into the place. Once satisfied, you open the door to what seemed like an empty apartment, yet you still call out the boys. “John, Nate! I’m here!” You set your keys down on the kitchen counter and look around. “Hello?”

“Hi there!” a cheery girl greets, jumping out from one of the bedrooms. Your heart nearly bursts out your chest, making you cling on for dear life. “You must be (Y/N).” She brings her hand out with the innate expectation of a handshake.

You tilt your body to the side and look behind her. You noticed it was Nate’s room she came out of and nodded wearily at the never-before-seen stranger. “Yes… And you must be, uhm… I’m sorry, who are you?” You looked with increasing confusion. You were also on guard just in case she might be some crazy psychopath who broke into the house and did God knows what to the boys.

“I’m Kelsey, Nate’s friend,” she beams her pearly whites.

You would think your tension would loosen up, but it didn’t; the introduction made it ten times worse. Friend? This must be the female, the “beautiful, funny, chill, and oh so super nice” girl, he texted you about the other night. 

You shook her hand that’s been hanging awkwardly in midair. “Oh, right… He’s mentioned you before. Which reminds me, where’re the boys?”

“The others haven’t made it yet, and Nate and John wanted to get some donuts for tonight so they’re out for a bit. They told me to keep you company until they got back. Would you like some water? I can get you a cup if you’d like!”

You took offense to the girl assuming you were new to the place and her acting like she wasn’t, which she obviously was by the looks her struggling to find the cabinet with the cups in it.

But there was a bigger issue at hand. 

“Oh, so you’re gonna be here for movie night tonight? As in Nate’s date or…?”

She giggled with innocence, her cheek forming a tint of red to it. “I guess you can say that.” 

“Great,” you mumbled to yourself. “As if I didn’t have enough things to worry about, and now I have to put up with hours of seeing you and Nate together?” you thought privately in the comforts of your own mind. You took a seat on the couch and sat there in silence as further thoughts waved through your head.

Your heart began to slump from thinking about all the possibilities that could happen when she’s here: the likely cuddling, the inevitable hand holding, the fact that you probably won’t be sitting next to Nate like you usually would, the thought of her staying after the night is done, her sleeping in his room together once you leave? The fact that you might be forced to witness almost all of these? What is this obscenity?

A heavy sigh of sadness escape your lips. You begin to get second thoughts about your presence here tonight. Maybe you should leave quietly before the guys arrive, you contemplated.

But her voice broke your train of thought. “Are you okay?” the girl looked sincerely worried. 

“Yeah,” you chuckled, getting off the couch. You casually saunter your way towards the door. “Actually, I think I might have to,” you opened the frame, “I might need to le-”

“(Y/N)!” a voice shouted from behind the opened door.

You whipped your head back and bumped into the body of who the voice belonged to - Nate. 

“Hey!” You are caught by surprised. You thought you had at least another 10 minutes to secretly depart.

“Sorry about that, we had to go get some snacks. Have you met Kelsey yet?!” he asked of joy as he wrapped his arms around her waist. They made eye contact with each other before their attention shot back to you. 

You feigned a smile. “I have! She really is all that you told me,” you sadly admitted. 

Nate was right. She’s been nothing but sweet since you got here; she didn’t seem like the girl to cause trouble; her long, brunette hair, perfect skin, and beautiful face screamed her beauty; but better yet, Nate seems to really like this girl if he’s actually bringing her around.

Then comes bursting through the apartment is Sam. “SUP SUP! SAMMY BO-” The happy, energetic kid flops when he turns to see he is caught in the middle of you and a scene he knows must break your heart: Nate’s arms around a girl while you are in front of the seemingly gleeful couple. “[ahem]… My bad. Hi, I’m Sam.”

“Sam, as in Nate’s old roommate? It’s finally nice to meet you, I’m Kelsey!” 

They shook hands at an awkward distance.

“Come on, let’s go make some popcorn,” Nate’s voice trailed away as you are left standing by the exit, still thinking of making a run for it. However, Sam got to you before you even took a step.

“Don’t!… even think about it.” He stands in front of you and rubs your arms with his hands. “If you want to leave, I’ll go with you.”

You looked away from his eyes to think a bit. Then your decision was made and you asked him, “Okay. Can we go please?”

“Of course,” he whispered. He turns to the room and shouts, “Hey, guys! (Y/N)’s dad called saying he needed some things moved around the house, so I’m gonna help out and we’re gonna leave. That cool with you?”

John frowned and expressed his gloom with an long “awwww”. Nate, on the other hand, was too busy making popcorn, laughing and messing around with his new beau to even hear anything, but you left anyways without so much of a goodbye from him.

“See you,” you said, barely audible through the happy commotion in the kitchen. 

Part 1 Read Part 2 Here | Read Part 3 Here

A/N: I hope you guys liked it! There might be a part 2, but I’m unsure of when it’ll come out. (: Any feedback is much appreciated. ☺️


anonymous asked:

Trying to be the change I want to see in today's topics! Can we talk about how tight Bobo's khakis & polo shirt were at the TW wrap party? It was the most white yuppie outfit ever, but dang so tight. Also, the after party at TPose place looks as messy & terrible as ever. I still wouldn't touch anything in his house w/o rubber gloves! Oh, and Bobo is apparently brownie-sexual now & has sworn off women bc he has chocolate porn!

Yes, that polo and khakis gets up.. why does Ian Bohen own khakis?  And like, dad khakis?  I was shook.  And he gave up chocolate porn for brownies?!  (heee!)

Sacrilege.  Is Bobo getting old? 

And OMG was that Posey’s house?  I was like, why is there just a layer of yuck mouth and that explains why.  You know Froy spend the night. 

anonymous asked:

Does anyone else kind of miss Mary's old wardrobe at all? I know part of it is character development, her being in Scotland now, and that the custom dresses are still amazing.... but I kind of miss some of the outfits from the previous seasons. And I miss Kenna for her outfits :) (don't mean to sound like I am complaining, still love this show and the amazing costumes they put together).

Hi! I don’t think you’re complaining, I totally understand what you mean! I miss Mary’s old wardrobe too and we can all agree that Mary’s lavish french wardrobe doesn’t suit Scottish setting as she would just look out of place in some of her old Marchesa dresses (I think I miss them the most).

I buy doll clothes so often, and I literally forget about half of them. I get packages in the mail and I’m like “wtf is this, I didn’t order anything.”

Anyway, waiting on updates about the clothes I commissioned for Lulu, and her DC outfit, and I just bought her two more outfits *face palms*

I still need to buy Leigh a new wig. His old one looks goofy on his new head. He’s still with face up artist and he needs new pants.

Remi also needs new pants. The next thing I buy needs to be for them.

Elliot needs clothes, too, but I’ve still got some time before she even gets here and then I have to send her to get painted, so I’m not in a rush. I did already get her a skirt, though!

Geez, my dolls are spoiled.

hexplosively-hectic  asked:

"My last outfit got burnt like no other! Ah, while I'm still in Bandle, do ya mind helping me out?" Ziggs gestured down to his old pyro-uniform; which was covered in dirt, and other stains he received from various hexplosives., "I've been wearing this one since I got nothing else, heh." A nervous smile adorned his ash-smudged face. "Basically, I'm wonderin' if you can make me something new."

“Hm? Sure, I can make you something,”Kiyn responded,”Just tell me your preferences for the style you want. Also, please try not to dirty anything. I’ll get a rag for you to wipe yourself off with.”

Kiyn grabbed a towel-like rag from underneath his counter and scurried towards the customer. He then handed him the rag and became curious.

“So… How did you and your clothes get into this condition, Um…,”Kiyn said,”I’m sorry, but I forgot to ask for your name, may I ask what it is?”

i had the most fucked up hxh dream last night

usually i don’t remember my dreams but i actually woke and scribbled notes. here is what i can put together:

  • new season of hxh anime, except it’s no longer based on togashi’s manga because he’s still on hiatus. i have Bad Feeling
  • a new character is introduce – your typical generic big titty anime idol girl. for some reason, she is performing a concert on whale island and gon is watching. i remember thinking her outfit reminded me of a frog.
  • you know when you’re dreaming and you just KNOW things? well, i KNEW that this big titty anime idol girl wearing a hideous frog-inspired outfit was going to become gon’s love interest
  • i’m immediately concerned because she looks like she’s in her 20s and gon is still a Child but i do a google search and she’s apparently 11 years old and i feel like i’m dying inside
  • the next scene is killua and all his siblings hanging out…. outside…. somewhere that looks like a desert (i have no fucking idea). completely unrelated to the idol concert, killua just…  BREAKS out into a musical number. i remember pausing and being like “this isn’t fucking happening”. i also remember being upset because his voice actress isn’t the same.


  • out of second-hand embarrassment, i skip most of the episode. but for some reason, the anime becomes live action towards the end. gon and killua reunite, but they’re being played by ben stiller and owen wilson.

aaaaaaaand that’s when i woke up in a cold sweat and immediately wrote down what the fuck just happened

anyway, i’m totally at peace with the extended hiatus now. because after all, there could’ve been anime original big titty generic frog idol girl and also ben stiller and owen wilson

Things I really liked about the GF unaired Pilot:

  • Dipper and Mabel with olive-toned skin and darker brown hair
  • They both have rosy cheeks!!
  • Dipper is a spaz as well as a klutz, tripping and breaking things
  • Mabel has a high-pitched scream
  • She still has a crush on Hamilton
  • “We’re sleeping!” “We’re dead!”
  • The animation style makes them look older, more like actual pre-teen/teens than the animation in the actual show
  • Dipper’s voice cracks more omg and he’s more sarcastic I love it
  • Also his outfit is really cute tbh I might like it better than his actual one 
  • “Dylan and Rowena!”
  • “Dipper.” “Mabel.”
  • “I’m getting closer!”
  • Ghost puns
  • “Dr. Crackpot’s Book of the Damned” [cue Satanic music]
  • Dipper shielding Mabel from the gnome King
  • “You’re old!”
  • “I will fight you, man!” [throws shoe]
  • Dipper Pines, having no chill since 2010
  • “You were wrong about Norman!” “So were you”
  • What Dipper chooses to trust Mabel on is an answer to a riddle instead of a plan. I feel like this is a bigger deal than what actually goes down in canon because Dipper likes to think that he always has the right answers and sees himself as smarter than Mabel, but it turns out his answer is wrong and Mabel’s is right. Mabel solves the riddle and saves the day with her cleverness. Dipper trusts her brain over his.
  • Dipper and Mabel have darker skin and hair and rosy cheeks. I mentioned that before but it’s v important to me. Can I just adopt it as canon
  • Twins still do the iconic awkward sibling hug
  • Gave me the same kind of excitement as a new episode being released
  • I fell in love with Gravity Falls all over again when I watched it

why don’t we ever talk about how obi wan just. disappears?? vanishes? the man doesn’t just die. vader himself is so fucking confused he starts poking obi wans obviously empty robe with his toe like ‘?maybe hes? miniature??’ and also. and obi wan appears as a ghost with his robe still on? when you get to jedi heaven do they just go ‘and heres a new outfit!’ ‘ah yes mr vade- i mean anakin sorry have this younger face. yes good much hotter. oh fuck sorry i didn’t mean-’


Since I’ve got Prince on the mind lately, here are some old pictures I did with him on a sideblog of mine! It was part of a meme where you make an outfit based off another character. I still really like the outfits I came up with, so here they are on one post!