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Hey Wiishu! I got a question. How do you get your hair so good? I'm trying a lot with mine, but it still isn't the way I want it. How long do you work on your hair, and do you use any sort of products?

Hmm I don’t think I do anything special to my hair like treatment-wise? Though I do use a styling lotion after I shower so that my hair is easier to style afterwards! I use mostly super affordable products for my hair, so nothing new and fancy haha (unfortunately..). I believe It’s called: TRESemme Youth Boost Styling Lotion or something along those lines?
My advice: Try out some different styling products and find something that suits you and your hair the best! Good luck with it!

How i do my hair

I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about how i get my hair the way i do. First off i wanna say my hair is naturally very curly so i don’t put any heat on my hair. The shampoo i use is Main and Tale, the conditioner is called Frizz Eaze nourishment. Then i brush my hair after conditioning in the shower still. After i shower i use a Bed Head frizz serum and work it through my damp hair. Then i dry my hair slightly with a towel and spray Dream Curls by Frizz Eaze and crimp my hair with my hands. I then spray it with OGX Argan Oil and put it up in a towel. After like 5 or 10 minutes I’ll take it out and use Redken OneUnited spray and repeat the process i use for the other sprays by crimping my hair with my hands, then i do the same with a L’Oréal Frizz Serum (only a little bit though) and finally give it one last mist over with an OGX coconut oil spray.

timeline of my opinion on varian because i needed to sort out how i went from ‘ehhhh’ to ‘oh my gosh i love him so much’:

What the Hair?: he’s cute and fun to watch as a character. i don’t like him all that much though. he follows a typical character archetype without bringing anything really new/original to the trope. 

Great Expotations: ehhhh. no more young boys crushing on older women plsssss. at least he’s a sweet kid. idk this episode made me like him less, even though it did show more of his need for validation and desire to be helpful, which are good roots for potential character growth. still neutral on him.

QFAD: oh boy. wow. was not expecting that. at least they’re switching things up a bit by ditching the coming-of-age story often associated with this character type. makes him more unique. hope they don’t mess this up. this series has set the bar high for me and i don’t want to be disappointed. im still neutral on him, but im excited to see what he does next.

The Alchemist Returns: wait. i cant tell where he’s at right now. what are the writers doing? still withholding a set opinion on this character.

SOTS: holy SHIT varian is a great character. they presented a very tropic character and totally flipped the script on us, but that flip in the script was clearly the goal since his introduction and his character and motivations are totally fleshed out. he provides the perfect amount of moral greyness. he’s a genuinely intimidating threat and im a sucker for mentally unhinged characters. his actions are understandable while still clearly wrong. you feel pity for him. you feel angry with him. you feel he’s justified. you feel he’s not. he’s complex and nuanced, which is all i look for in my characters. he has all the traits i love in a villain, and has all the complexities and moral greyness i love in a character. he went from a character im neutral about to possibly on my favorite characters list in one episode, but the things is every other episode he was in was integral to him becoming this awesome in my eyes. this show once again wows me with the way its writing. they planted seeds and they blossomed into a brilliant character.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @sweet-childhood-dreams!!!!!!! 

I love Sweetie’s family AU!!  I tried to make Mari’s hair the way she draws it but it didn’t quite work out.  XD  I still like it though, even if it’s not exactly the same.  Marinette just looks great in any haircut, lucky bug.  <3



okay i’m not actually sorry lolol


vento aureo is pretty good so far….also i found out i really like drawing giorno

The Point

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Billy Hargrove x Reader

Request: Billy angst

AN: Hi. Hello. I’m just going to leave this here and bury myself in my backyard. 


“You have third period free, right?” The boy that Y/N was partnered up with in chemistry, Chris, was standing next to her locker. He nodded. “I’ll meet you at the library tomorrow, then? See how much we can get done. God, I just hate how Mrs. Lewis just piles these things on us as if we have nothing else to do,” Y/N switched the books she had in her hands for the ones needed for homework that night.

A ruckus down the hall caught Chris’s attention, but Y/N knew who it was. Chris looked over Y/N’s shoulder. Y/N rolled her eyes, getting ready for the interaction. Chris sighed.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, alright? We can go over the homework, too. I’m sure I’ll have some questions,” Chris started backing away as Billy and his friends got closer.  

“See you tomorrow!” Y/N called out to Chris. He gave a wave and turned around down the hall.

“Don’t leave on my account, Williams,” Billy yelled down the hall, his voice booming. Chris ignored him and turned down the connecting hall that would lead him to the parking lot.

“Hey! I’m talking to you, Williams!” Billy’s voice turned menacing as he and his friends made their way after him. Y/N grabbed Billy by the back of his jean jacket, trying to hold him back.

What are you doing?!” Y/N screeched at Billy. Billy whipped around, cornering Y/N at her locker. He slammed his hands on either side of her head, making her jump.

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HideKane Week Day 2:  Caramel / Food Fight / Pocky Game

*Aggressively throws izuocha at people* Here’s a thing to make up for me missing out on izuochaweek ;-;

Dating Richie Tozier Would Include...

- This is how you met

- After that, as the school year went on, the group he hung around clicked into place and you were happy to be part of it.

- Bill, Stan and Eddie were confused at why you and Richie suddenly liked each other, but they grew to like you too.

- Sass competitions. All the time.

- Getting Richie out of trouble is your job, usually.


- *Richie, with his heavily ruffled hair, bleeding lip and bruised EVERYTHING.* “I ran into a lamp post?

- *You raise an eyebrow*

- “…You know how Patrick Hockstetter always brings vodka to school?

- “Please no.

- “I may or may not have replaced it with vinegar. And bug replant.

- “I…I can’t even complain that sounds amazing.” 

- Stealing wearing his glasses.

- He acts pissed off but secretly thinks it’s kinda hot. 

- You help him when his mom having an episode, which happens a lot. Richie actually likes spending the night at your house because:

+ Movie nights™

+ Cuddles for hours

+ Junk food for days

+ Kissing sometimes gets heated, in the best way

+ You randomly boop his nose because fuck it he’s so cute

- When his mom is completely out of control he comes to your house with a hand shaped bruise on his cheek and you feel the urge to march right back to his house and punch her.

- You tried to help but he wouldn’t look you in the eye.

- Gently stroking his bruised cheek until he calms down.

- Richie doesn’t think you noticed that his eyes were red and watery but you did.

Even more cuddling

+ He’s the little spoon when he’s sad ‘cuz he likes to have your arms around his waist and you hug him from the back like a koala. You usually sling one leg over his hip and pull him closer 

+ Falling sleep on the couch

- You knew he only cussed to get the attention his mother never gave him, and you cussed right along with him so he wouldn’t feel alone. You knew that he needed attention so you gave it to him.

- Getting super defensive when people at school call him “Bucky Beaver” because of his buck teeth and glasses.

- You never call him this in public for the sake of his “trashmouth, practical joker” imagine but in private his nickname is Bambi because of his big doe eyes.

+ “I swear to god if you call me that one more ti-

+ “Mmm, sure Bambi.

+ He secretly loves how softly you say it. 

- You never told the other Losers that you were dating him, until Ben walked in on the two of you making out kissing a bit.

- To quote Ben: “I’m not even going to ask.”

- Over the summer you get a hammock

+ Sleeping on Richie’s chest

+ This boi has one foot on the ground so he can rock the hammock to keep you asleep

+ Cuz he thinks you look adorable when you’re dreaming

- When the missing children reports become too frequent Richie holds your hand a little bit tighter.

- You weren’t there when he was attacked by “It” but you knew something was wrong the moment you saw him.

- When he found a missing kid poster with his face on it in the Neibolt House, you were the one to tell him it wasn’t real. He wouldn’t be forgotten like the other kids as long as you were alive to remember.

+ Also you MAY have grabbed the paper, torn it to pieces, thrown the torn bits on the floor and stomped on them like a rabid donkey. For good measure.

+ *Richie has never felt so many emotions at the same time in his life*

- When Bill and Richie get into a fight after Neibolt House you were there to pick Richie off the ground but he swats your hand away.

- You’re shocked because no one will listen to you and Beverly.

- Trying to explain that IT will kill all of you if you split up. It’s no use. Even Richie stomps away.

- You attempt to pull him back to Bill so they could work it out but he nearly throws you to the ground to get your hand off his arm.

+ So, since his rudeness rubbed off on you, you punched him

+ By “accident”

- And for the entire month that the Losers were split up, so were you and Richie. 

- To get your mind off all the clown shit you went to the arcade. Well a humdidum dumbass is what you are because the arcade is where Richie is. ALL. THE. TIME. 

- But again, his stubbornness rubbed off on you, so even when you saw him, you refused to leave and resorted to avoiding him. You weren’t sure if he saw you; he was really into his game.

- And at 10:30, when the arcade was technically closed, he was still inside. He probably gave the owner money to let him stay. 

+ The arcade to Richie was like a bar to adults; a way to forget.

- You sat on the curb outside the arcade, sipping a slushie. You were supposed to go home, but since the clown at Neibolt you were scared of the flickering street lamps that lined your way home, and the arcade and other shops gave off a nice, bright light.

+ It was comforting in a way. Very aesthetic. 

- And Richie almost falls down on the curb next to you

- You want to be mad, but he looks so tired from staring at a screen all day, although you suspect the video games aren’t the reason his eyes are glassy.

- “Got kicked out?

- “Yeah.

- “Out of house or arcade?

- “…Both.

- You stand up and hand him the slushie, which he sips gratefully.

- “You’re leaving?

- He looks exactly like a puppy, with huge brown eyes and messy hair. Well, a puppy in glasses, anyway. 

- “If I’m leaving, you’re leaving with me.

- Richie gives you a sleepy smile and takes you hand.

+ The entire way to your house he slumps against you, sometimes falling asleep mid step and his head falls on your shoulder.


- At one point he closes his eyes and walks with them closed, his cheek pressed against your shoulder for support.

- Remember those nights when he comes over after a really bad day? This is one of them.

- So for the night, you and him are too tired to think about the huge fight.

- In the morning tho, you wake up to slightly burnt bacon and very burnt toast.

- Which would be nice, but..

- “How did you burn the toast but not the bacon? The toaster has a TIMER.

- “It’s called Satan’s charcoal bread dispenser and you’re welcome.”

+ He’d feel soo bad for fighting with you??? Like, REALLY BAD

+ I mean, you did punch him in the face, so you and him were kinda even, but he still did all this extra shit

+ Playing with your hair

+ Sharing chocolate stolen from the store

+ Braiding your hair and you’re like “Richie??? You’re very good with your hands???

- Yeah… you probably shouldn’t have said that.

- Richie never stops smirking. Holy fuck.

- “You know what else I can do wit-

- “NO! Nope! No, no, no. Keep doin’ what you’re doing and shut up.

- Really though, no fucking white paper-ass motherfucking bitchass dumbass pixie stick addict looking clown with a shitty pumpkin guts Halloween wig could break you and Richie apart. Period. 

In which Zelda is the warrior daughter of queens and refuses a body guard unless they can defeat her in single combat. Link didn’t come all this way with a magical sword strapped to his ass just to be turned away at the gate. AKA: Link and Zelda throw down.  based on THIS POST

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so i should really write more than just taako and angus fics and i’m not even that into the whole eighth bird/angus being a member of the ipre idea but i can’t get the idea out of my head of taako meeting this kid on one of the planes they visit and somehow he ends up getting attached and teaching him magic and they can’t find the light and taako is fucking distressed because angus means more than dust to him now and he’s gonna die and it sucks and on the day the hunger comes taako brings angus on the ship with him. everyone tells taako that he won’t be able to stay but taako’s just like ‘i know okay but at least this way he’ll just stop existing and won’t have to be stabbed and killed alone and vored by that fucking thing!’ 

when they fly out of the plane taako’s just on the floor holding angus in his lap and telling him it’ll be okay even though they’re both fucking terrified and then everything resets and taako gets put back into his starting position and is a hair away from just breaking down when suddenly angus is still there because fucking bonds and that good power of friendship shit and it kinda knocks the ship on its ass for a bit but angus got fitted into the system from then on out 

afterwards magnus is just ‘okay, just so we’re on the same page here, taako has a kid now? like that’s just a thing that happened, taako adopted a child and has a son okay awesome’ and taako’s embarrassed as fuck and lup is just like ‘i love my new nephew so much’ 

I'm Not Your Toy: Part Two

A/N: Welp this is seven thousand words of pretty much pure smut. Like literally. Enjoy.

Word Count: 7k+

Warnings: NSFW. Ooey Gooey smut. Vaginal fingering, tit worship, rough/loving sex.

Summary: You’d supported Steve and his decision to not kill Bucky. Fuck, you even supported Steve when he’d literally started a war over Bucky. Done jail time for him. But you what you couldn’t manage to do for the life of you, for the love of Steve, was get along with Bucky. Especially when he managed to make you blush every time you were in the same room as the man


Everythings a little bit of a…blur.

The strong dose Percocet had kicked in and turned your mind into slow moving mush. You clearly remember inviting Bucky to bed with you, and him crawling in next to you, but leaving enough space between the two of you so that your bodies didn’t touch. He was being so careful, so aware of you. So good to you. Even though you knew he was just as exhausted- mentally and physically, as you were from the mission.

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My Biggest Regret

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Pairing: Harry Styles x reader

Summary: Christmas fic where Harry left you when you told him you were pregnant and you run into him at a party 

A/N: this took forever and I’m sorry! But I would really love to make this into a series! If anyone has any requests to do with this AU please send me an ask!

italics = flashback

He wasn’t meant to be here.

Niall had assured you a thousand times he would not be in attendance at his annual Christmas party. You rarely ever attended parties that were hosted by your mutual friends out of fear that you would run into him. Not that you really had time for parties anymore. Being a single mum really was a full-time job.

But Niall had also reassured you this year’s Christmas party would be more of a family-friendly affair rather than the alcohol-heavy house parties he used to host in the holiday season. So that morning you had dressed your little one-year-old son in the elf costume you had been dying to make him wear all December. Niall had insisted that everyone had to be Christmas themed in the way you dressed, so you decided to go the extra mile and get a Mrs Claus dress especially.

At least Niall hadn’t been lying about the family-friendly part.

You had been absolutely enjoying yourself. You had been able to catch up with some people who you hadn’t seen in a long time and introduce them to Alex. You had barely even held him for the past hour you had been there because everyone was so eager to have their turn holding him. You were really beginning to regret hiding Alex away from this group of people, just because they were friends with his dad. After all, they were your friends too.

That is until he walked in.

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Hello there! Sorry I’m getting to this so late!

1.) I use Easy Paint Tool Sai for my digital art! It’s a very good program and pretty simple to use. 

2.) Now I’ve seen a few different ways people create lineless art, but this is just a method that works best for me!

(If you don’t feel like your sketch is clean enough, you can go over it again on a separate lineart layer, but before you start using color, make sure your sketch layer is hidden and the opacity of the lineart layer is lowered)

Next I move onto color:

Tip: It helps to have separate layers for hair, skin, clothes, and especially any tiny details

When you’ve finished the flat colors for your characters, you can hide the sketch layer to see how it looks:

It’s still missing something, though..

Oh, lines! 

Yes, lines in “lineless” art. Now this is 100% optional, but it helps improve the clarity of the picture, in my opinion. And I just like how it looks. Depending on your ideal style for your picture, you can draw either lines or shadows to separate things that are similar in color, such as fingers or folds in an article of clothing. For this picture, I went with lines. You might want to make a separate layer for this:

It also helps to “unhide” your sketch/lineart layer for this part, just as a guideline again. Now for the lines, I usually choose a color that’s both a darker and more saturated version of the color I’m drawing the lines on:

But if I’m putting lines on a particularly dark color, I’ll sometimes pick a color that’s actually lighter (for example, on the boy’s dark red jeans). I’ll also use this layer for nails, eyebrows, teeth, clothing textures, nostrils, hair, ears, wrinkles, outlines around the eyes, and pretty much any other details I feel like adding:

Aaaaand there we go! Feel free to add anything else you want, like shadows or some fancy overlays or something. Sorry if this is a little incoherent. I hope it still helps you out :)