i still like how she came out though ; ;

Post-ACOWAR Theories

ok ok guys Elucien is NOT going to happen. I’m convinced. As much as I want it to, I really think Elriel is going to be her endgame. Think about it, throughout ACOWAR she never really opened up to Lucien but was quick to open up to Azriel. 

However, I still thought Elucien was still going to happen because, hello, they’re MATES. 

BUT I just came across something in ACOMAF that made me reconsider and solidify the Elriel ship.

Feyre is taking the ash arrows out of Rhys’ back and telling him about her human life. She thinks to herself, 

“’I think [Nesta] and Amren would be fast friends. I think she would like Velaris, despite herself. And I think Elain–Elain would like it, too. Though she’d probably cling to Azriel, just to have some peace and quiet.’ 

I smiled at the thought–at how handsome they would be together. If the warrior ever stopped quietly loving Mor.”  (487)


I’m not crazy right?!

HFK Commentary

The Prologue - I knew this was a concept album with a Romeo + Juliet story but she actually read the actual prologue of Romeo + Juliet my love of both Shakespeare and Halsey have been truly united and I can die peacefully.

100 Letters - With the exception of the three singles released this is the first actual song I’ve heard off HFK and it’s so different from Badlands but I already love it. I’m glad despite this being more of a radio album that the lyrics are still pure Halsey.

Eyes Closed - Honestly, I prefer the stripped version of this but I still enjoy it. I feel like I need to drive around with this on repeat for a few hours.

Heaven In Hiding - I got chills during the chorus it’s so good. I feel like an alternate version of this could’ve been on Badlands.

Alone -  This is so different than anything I was expecting from this album but I kind of really love it wow.

Now or Never - I don’t care what anyone says I loved this song when it came out and I still love it no matter how many times I listen to it.

Sorry - I was wondering if she would do a slow song at all and I’m glad she did aside from the fact that I want to rip my heart out and cry until I die. 

Good Mourning - I feel like this is the people of HFK speaking but I could be wrong. Either way I feel like I’m late for an appointment.

Lie - I feel like Halsey was super pissed when she did this. I really wish Quavo wasn’t in it though just because I don’t care about him at all. I just want to hear more Halsey. She sounds good in the background though.

Walls Could Talk - I’m curious if this is about Lido. I really it like it but it’s so short.

Bad At Love - This is just all kinds of great and I hope she performs this live because I’d love to hear it so much.

Don’t Play: I was pretty bored with this one until I heard Halsey say “motherfucker” a bunch of times and now I feel revived.

Strangers - I’m not really a fan of Lauren but she sounds so good with Halsey and I really do love this song.

Angel on Fire - The lyrics for this are so good. I also feel like this would’ve worked on Badlands. Anyways, this song makes me feel like screaming or smashing dishes around my house or showering with all my clothes on.

Devil In Me - This makes me feel sad. I want to give her a hug.

Hopeless - I was really nervous about this because of Cashmere Cat but I think this is actually one of my favorites on the album and I’m so happy with it.

Overall: I was so worried about this album because I love Badlands more than anything but I’m so happy with this album. I don’t really know what else to say besides that I adore Halsey and will listen to nothing else this summer. 

Favorite Songs: Hopeless, Sorry, 100 Letters, Angel on Fire, Devil In Me, Alone, Bad At Love

Least Favorite: Lie

so something I saw on twitter yesterday really bugged me. there’s people saying that the Power Rangers movie is getting way more credit than is due because of the way they handle Trini’s sexuality

ok LISTEN. It was never going to be the case of Trini yelling, “IM A LESBIAN!” or “IM BISEXUAL!” there’s no way they’d be so upfront about it. I thought the scene where she came out was nice, subtle, emotional, and I thought it was in-character how she’s still sarcastic at such a time. After all Trini is what, 15/16/17 in the movie? She’s discovering herself and doesn’t have to be 100% sure. there’s time for that

cuz get this. it’s the first movie. they’ve said there’s going to be 5-7 of them? People are acting like this is the end and we’ll never see her come to terms with this and that she’ll never label herself (though sticking to no labels is fine too of course)

The Power Rangers movie DOES deserve a round of applause for including an LGBT character, just because they didn’t go about it as directly as you would’ve liked doesn’t make it any less amazing. This is a small stepping stone you guys we’re going to see her character grow more confident throughout the franchise and it’s going to be beautiful

anonymous asked:

What did ted think about the fan mail he received or when girls would turn up to trials to see him?

He loved the attention during his trial, he was the superstar of his own show. He waved or winked to the girls. He received a lot of letters but answered to people he didn’t know only from time to time (which gave us this iconic letter ! ). He received all kind of letters though, from people with a mothering instinct to the extreme groupies like Janet (which gave us a good story shared in The Only Living Witness) :

Most worshipful was a woman named Janet, who began writing Bundy in the summer of 1979. He returned a single letter after going to Death Row, enough response from her hero to inspire Janet for months. In September, she wrote him, “I got the letter you sent me and read it again. I kissed it all over and held it to me. I don’t mind telling you I am crying. I just don’t see how I can stand it anymore. I love you so very much, Ted.
Janet sent him photographs of her and begged for pictures back. Her letters poured in. “I adore you and I just can’t stand not hearing from you,” she wrote. “It’s absolutely tearing me apart. You are so precious to me. I want you so much I can almost taste it. What I wouldn’t give to have an hour alone with you. I would show you in every way how much I love you. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do.
Janet, who was married, was jealous of Carole. “I guess I should not be writing to you until I get a letter from you letting me know just where I stand,” she once ventured. Janet was willing to overlook Carole, even though “you can’t imagine how bad it hurts me and still is tearing my insides out.


Janet the letter writer came and started at him. Pale, with severely pulled-back hair, Janet sat smoldering for Ted. She apparently meant what she said in her love letters.
Dear Carole,” Ted wrote one day, “please do not sit in the same row with Janet. When I look over toward you, there she sits contemplating me with her mad eyes like a deranged seagull studying a clam. I can feel her spreading hot sauce on me already.

Soulmate AU: You Can See Color Once You Meet Your Soulmate II

@kurtwxgners I’m gonna do something Frank in the future for you but until then, Soft Boy Trio ™ Member Jonathan!

You had been blessed with artistic abilities, specifically when it came to drawing and painting. Starting in your youth, when you could hold a pencil or crayon just right enough to make a coherent image, people had praised you on your skills. And, when you got old enough, you began to pat yourself on the back as well: The shadows were placed just right, you knew your way about light reflection for the most part, and even your least realistic pieces had some charm to them that you couldn’t help but find yourself impressed by.

Now all you needed was for your soulmate to come along, give you the ability to see color, and you’d be all set.

You didn’t want your friends and family to take it the wrong way – you wanted to meet your soulmate for more than just the fact that their presence in your life would open up a whole new level of sight for you. The idea that life would supposedly become livelier by meeting the one you were destined to be with just tickled the romantic inside you, and you couldn’t wait to experience something only one person could give you. 

However, you also needed to take it from a practical standpoint: You, as an artist, craved to see exactly what you were creating. Selfish as it may be, it also seemed reasonable that it wouldn’t do just to match shades of gray with shades of gray and hope you’d selected the right color or not see what some teachers, parents, and even a few scattered classmates were seeing. You weren’t trying to be dramatic when you insisted that there was a certain emptiness in being the creator and not being able to see exactly what everyone else saw in your work. 

You just wanted to see it, too.

And if that dang soulmate of yours would hurry up already, you’d be able to see it together. Share a first that meant so much to you both on a loving level and a level regarding your pride as a creative mind.

But alas, when your family moved to the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, you felt that hope plummet. By the end of the week, everyone knew of you. You’d been hoping to mirror such knowledge but alas, that would be stretching it. Even though Hawkins was the picturesque small town spoken of in romance novels and lists in magazines, there was no way you could know and meet everyone.

“Just take it one step at a time,” your mother offered when she saw you pouting in your chair at the dinner table. When she didn’t see a lift in your demeanor, she likened it another way: “You can’t rush good art, right? Paint by numbers and you’ll get the image you want eventually.” You huffed quietly in your seat and slumped even lower. You appreciated her attempt to help but at this point, the pessimism was beginning to loom over you like the grey clouds that loomed over Hawkins on any given day.

“But painting by numbers is so boring!” you whined. You dipped your head back dramatically. “And basic!” you added.

At this point, your father saw fit to offer his own insight. “Yeah, it’s basic, but, hey, good things need to start off little first. You didn’t just get good at art, remember? I mean, yeah, you were ‘destined’ to be great at it, but it still took some time. Likewise,” he took your mothers hand into his, “love takes time – even with a soulmate involved. So you have to paint it bit by bit, starting with the patience it’s gonna take for you to meet them. Alright?”

Your response was another quiet exhale, though you did prod thoughtfully at the food you’d left mostly untouched on your plate.

Nearly two weeks later, you were still mulling over those words: “Paint by numbers, great things take time.” It had become a mantra, not only for waiting but for anything you did, including artwork. You’d since joined your school’s art club, made a couple of friends. You hadn’t quite established yourself in Hawkins just yet, but these distractions were just enough for you to bide your time with.

Unfortunately, distractions do not always come with a guarantee of never again experiencing artist’s block: That was always going to happen, no matter what. And considering how quiet the town was compared to your previous home, it was happening a lot more often than it had ever before. It was frustrating! Once you saw some places the first two times, you’d need some time to pass before it felt new and refreshing to go there again – there was so little to draw inspiration from, you felt.

It therefore had become commonplace for you to approach the art club’s instructor and ask for some time by yourself to gather your thoughts and stroke your usually decent imagination.

You hadn’t meant to wander far this time. But that temptation to balance along the nearby train tracks was all too strong. Most temptations are when you’re unable to occupy your mind with better habits.

You never thought about how silly you might’ve looked, clumsily waving your arms and bending at awkward angles at sudden intervals. You only stared down at your feet as you place one in front of the other on the makeshift beam.

One step at a time, paint by numbers

If you rush, it won’t go according to plan

One foot –

One step

In front of the other –

–by number

Patience –

Great things takes time

And eventually


You sputtered as your foot slipped off the rail, your body flopping sporadically. You were more of a painter, but you definitely knew that sound. It was the sound that would always accompany school art shows, the sound you’d always hear after your parents demanded that you stand next to a work you’d had hung up and smile awkward for: A camera.

As soon as you could regain your composure, you whipped your head around. Even in the quick motion, your eyes were able to train themselves on the then blurry figure that was standing yards away from you. What they weren’t able to do, however, were properly adjust as a sudden world of color violently engulfed your vision.

Your mouth, unfortunately, was already too full of accusations to be stopped in time.

“Hey, what’re youdowugh –”

That was all you managed to say and slur before your vision, once again, became engulfed in color. However, it was the color black, a color you already knew, and it swallowed up everything.

You could hear the old cot beneath you creak as you moved. If that wasn’t enough to wake you up, the scratchy, old blanket on top of you definitely was. A lowly groan escaped your lips as you came to, rubbing your eyes free of whatever dragged you under. Before the fuzzies had cleared, however, you could hear the school nurse chirping from nearby.

“Glad you’ve joined us here, darlin’!”

You grunted in response before resting your hands on your blanketed legs. It was only when you groggily blinked that your vision confirmed a silent thought that you had woken up wondering.

“There’s …” you breathed. You were unable to finish that sentence. Luckily, the nurse seemed to already know what you were talking about.

“Color? You fainted due to overstimulation. Don’t feel bad about it, though, honey: lots of people experience this when they finally meet their soulmate. Especially younger folks. I couldn’t tell you how many students have come through my office after fainting from spotting their loved one – ”

At this point, you’d tuned out. Actually, you’d tuned out when she said that word: Soulmate. Despite it being a thought that had haunted your mind for what felt like eons, it all just seemed foreign to you. Almost unnatural.

“ – in fact, he should be back in a moment; he just walked out for a moment.”

“Wait, what?” you blurted out without thinking. The nurse, however, continued to be unfazed.

“Still a bit foggy in the head, are we? Your soulmate: he just stepped out for a sec and should be right back here in a jiffy. I suppose he needed some air; I can’t blame him: The poor dear looked so worried when he came in here, holding you like a princess. Couldn’t tell you how he managed to speak so fast when he was explaining what happened.” She smiled. “He was really worried about you, hun.”

As if on cue, a knock sounded at the door, followed by the clicking of it being opened. You noted that the knock was very soft. Almost as though the person doing it were afraid of hurting the inanimate slab of wood. But other than that, you weren’t able to bring yourself to actually look at the person entering to learn anything else of them. Your head, your heart, your soul were all screaming in unison: It’s him, it’s him!

When you didn’t look up, instead compelling your eyes to remain focused on your fingers, plucking at the scratchy blanket, the trio tried other methods of enforcing their demands: Your heart threw itself against your ribcage, your mind whirled so badly that you swore you could feel your brain dancing, and your soul seemed to be blitzing inside of you into every nook and cranny. It was all too much, so much so that you couldn’t hear the quiet footstep nearing you.

It wasn’t until your body allowed for you enough quiet to feel a new presence by your side. It was in this acknowledgement that you were able to hear his voice: “H-hello …”

In this moment, it hadn’t occurred to you that your soulmate would be equally as nervous as you. Inhaling deeply, you spared no slowness in your final attempt to look upon your destined loved one. You hadn’t learned anything from whipping your head earlier; why start now?

The first thing you noticed were his eyes. That was probably the first thing most people noticed when they saw Jonathan Byers: they were so unusually tired for someone his age, even more so nervous and even almost saddened. If it wasn’t his eyes, then most people would firstly note that his demeanor flowed with an overwhelming sense of shyness, effecting his posture to the point of appearing smaller and more fragile than most boys his age. This is what you took note of second. The third thing, which would’ve been the first thing if not for the fact that he could occasionally go without it, was the clunky camera he was holding in his hands; almost like how a child holds their safety blanket.

But what many and most who did not know Jonathan Byers would not have seen would be the small, wary smile that graced his features.

That was reserved for those he felt the closest to.

You weren’t certain what to say. Sure, you, like many others at some point in their lives, had made a plan about what you would probably say upon first meeting your intended. You practiced a speech here or there, thought up possible scenarios within which you could throw a cool, flirty joke. It never occurred to you that you’d faint upon first meeting, however. So you were at a loss for proper words.

“You … take pictures?” Smooth, (Y/N). Surprisingly, though, your soulmate didn’t seem bothered by the clumsy first sentence. In fact, he seemed more bothered by the fact that it was his picture-taking that had caused your first meeting to go so bizarrely.

“I … I’m sorry. I was taking pictures and …” he seemed to struggle to find the right words that wouldn’t come off too terribly. “You just looked really – r-really natural and I really wanted to .. . . to …” He gave up altogether, instead directing his attention to the floor where he fell into an awkward foot-to-foot shuffle. You didn’t mind. In fact, you were finding yourself rather flattered.

You folded your legs up to your chest and rested a blushing cheek on them as you smiled back up at him. “It’s okay,” you offered. “I’m (Y/N) (L/N), by the way.” You watched him nod slightly.

“I’m Jonathan. Jonathan Byers,” he offered. You could tell he was trying and failing miserably not to blush right back at you.

“Well, Jonathan,” you began, “I can’t begin to express what a pleasure it is to meet you. And if you don’t mind, I’d really love to see that photo you took of me when you get it developed.” You bit your lip. “And all your other pieces, if you don’t mind … In fact, I can show you my pain –”

Wait … Weren’t you in art club before all this!?

Jonathan, in his nervous nature, couldn’t help but jump slightly as you hollered, “Oh, crap!”, watching in confusion as you fervently detangled yourself from the scratchy blanket.

You weren’t thinking when your grabbed his hand and began sprinting down the hallway back to the art room. It didn’t even occur to you that you didn’t really know Jonathan, other than the fact that he was your soulmate and a photographer. You were just doing what suddenly came naturally: Wanting your soulmate to be around you. Besides, great things take time; you had to start somewhere. Even if “somewhere” meant dragging your confused, startled, and yet somewhat love-struck soulmate down the hallway.


Jonathan stood nervously behind you, just watching you. He felt bad, guilty if he had to give it a name. He didn’t need to worry about colors in his photos – they were going to happen without his influence. Painting, on the other hand? That required some acknowledgement of which colors the creator of the piece was using.

He gulped quietly as he watched you continue to stare at the painting you’d been working on earlier that day. It had been five minutes. You hadn’t said a work. You just … stared at it, arms to your side, staring straightforward, no head-cocking or anything.

Jonathan hadn’t been seeing color for too long, not even two hours. But considering that he’d been seeing it longer than you had, as your fainting spell took some time out of you, he had an idea of what colors certain things were supposed to be.

The sky wasn’t usually yellow, from what he could tell, and the clouds he saw weren’t lilac and indigo. The sun, from what he could squint at, didn’t appear to be blue, and the trees he’d seen while running back to the school with you in his arms didn’t appear to vary in any colors beyond brown and green, so he couldn’t exactly say that trees were actually blood red with white and purple leaves.

Jonathan also hadn’t known you for long, not even twenty minutes. So he couldn’t tell how much of a stickler and perfectionist you might’ve been. But considering you expressed such a high passion for art as he did with his photography, he worried he may have ruined all your hard work with his lack of presence.

It was therefore a surprise to the young man when you turned to face him, a big smile plastered on your face as you squealed, “I love it!”


a/n: thinking about making this a slight series lol please tell me if you want that but im sure you dont cuz im aware of the fact that i cant write for shit ahahah

pairing: chris schistad x reader

word count: 1.2k

warnings: making out i guess lmfao

part 2, part 3

She watched him flirt with yet another girl, a frown making it’s way upon her lips as she wished she was one of them. Eva noticed this and gently laid her hand on top of y/n’s, y/n’s head turned to face Eva as she smiled weakly her eyes immediately going back to the boy in the penetrator hoodie. She looked at the girl he was talking to, she had piercing blue eyes, her legs were long and smooth, she had beautiful tanned skin and the prettiest smile y/n had ever seen.

Her frown turned into a sad smile as she looked back at the girls who were already staring at her worried she might do something she’d regret. But nothing like that happened as she excused her self from their table sprinting to the bathroom oblivious to the fact that Chris’s eyes had followed her every move, he licked his lips wanting nothing more than to be with her in that moment he felt sick to his stomach realizing he wanted more than just a hook up.

He hadn’t felt this way before about anyone not even Iben who he had broken up with a few weeks ago, his eyes went back to the girl in front him swallowing his feelings and bringing his infamous smirk back onto his lips.

However the way he stared at her whilst she walked out of the cafeteria did not go unnoticed by the girls they all looked at each other raising their eyebrows did penetrator Chris like y/n too? they all huddled together, Eva being the first one to say something

“did you guys see the way he looked at her?”

“yes like she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen” Sana snickered whilst staring at Chris who had noticed their weird behavior “shit i think he’s realized what were talking about” Eva panicked noticing Chris’s eyes widening as he speed walked towards them slamming his hands down onto the table “what’s so fucking funny?!”

Their eyes wen’t wide as they stared at each other having no clue what to do or what to say “Chris?” a low voice mumbled from behind him, it was y/n. Now it was his time to panic as he had no clue what to tell her about why he had been yelling at her friends, “he was just leaving” Noora grumbled and he did exactly that walking away without another word.

y/n’s eyebrows knitted together as she stared at her friends wondering what the hell just happened. Vilde was the first one to speak up “he like-” before she could finish Eva’s hand found it’s way over her lips earning a shocked yell from her before she pushed her hand of her mouth and sat back in her seat rolling her eyes as she didn’t understand why she couldn’t tell y/n about the way he had looked at her.

“shut the hell up”

Eva glared and looked back at y/n who was still standing there confused as ever as to why her friends were acting this way. Y/n was about say something when Sana cut her off and told her that they were going to a party tonight and that she had to look her best because the boys there only went for the best dressed girls, causing y/n to roll her eyes and laugh at Sana’s words but she quickly agreed knowing that Chris would be there

Y/n walked through the front door of the party the music filling her ears as she walked through the crowd her friends trailing after her, they walked through the crowd making their way to the kitchen to get some drinks. Y/n’s black dress fitted her perfectly hugging all off her curves and showing just enough cleavage but not to much, it stopped right below her ass making her feel slightly uncomfortable especially with the numerous guys that were practically undressing her with their eyes.

She begged her friends to stay with their but of course that didn’t happen as they quickly disappeared into the crowd. She frowned blobbing down onto the couch rolling her eyes as she drank her beverage in under three seconds squeezing the red solo cup in her hand in anger before slamming it onto the ground. She was mad as hell, all of her friends left her knowing that she hated being alone at parties but that anger quickly faded when he sat down next to her.

She blushed and suddenly felt like she had forgotten every single word that she had learned. He smirked noticing the affect he had on the poor girl and put his arm around her causing her cheeks to go even redder if that was even possible. “blushing huh? didn’t know i had that kind of an effect on you” she still just sat there her mouth slightly opening as she tried to speak but nothing came out “well let’s start easy shall we what’s your name?” he asked even though he knew perfectly what it was “uh it’s y/n” she said finally finding her voice again

“hm y/n i like that name, i’m Chris” he said scooting closer towards her so close that if he were to turn his head their lips would almost be touching “yeah i know” she mumbled her eyes widening as she realized how creepy that sounded, but he just laughed his lips slightly brushing against her neck as he put his hand over hers tracing it up and down her arm. She felt like she was going to faint having Chris so close to her made her feel almost complete

She turned her head, her lips ever so slightly brushing against his and that’s when it finally happened he pushed his head forward connecting their lips in a heated kiss. She crawled on top of his lab his hands trailing down towards her ass, as she ran hers through his hair. Their make out session was stopped by someone grabbing her by the waist and pulling her off of him. 

Chris immediately stood up ready to kill the person who ripped her away from him, for ruining what he had been waiting for, for so long. She was just as shocked as him as she untangled herself from the persons grip screaming “what the fuck!” in their face, but she quickly calmed down when she saw that it was her one of her friends Jonas. Chris didn’t though he was still frustrated with what Jonas had pulled at school so he wrapped his arms around y/n moving her out of the way so he was standing in front off him 

“what do you think your doing!?” Chris yelled furious at the first year that kept trying to pick fights with him “keeping you away from her! i know what sick game you’re playing and i won’t let her be one of the girls you ruin!” he roared back shocking you and most of the people that were around them “Just fuck off alright before i do something i’ll regret” Chris said clearly about to flip any second, y/n quickly ran over to him and his eyes immediately softening when they landed on her 

She smiled and lightly pecked his lips before turning back to Jonas who was standing there shocked that she had picked ‘Penetrator Chris’ over him “i think you should go” she mumbled whilst being pulled back into Chris’s chest “whatever” he said starting to walk away, but before he was completely out of sight he turned back to her looking her straight in the eyes before saying “just remember that i warned you” and then he was gone.

Fairy Tail Chapter 537 Review

Wow this chapter…

Okay the cover is edolas which is honestly an arc I enjoy, but here’s my only problem, where the hell is Mystogan? I know that’s the joke but come on!

We open on the defeated Zeref. Mavis talks about what the guild is founded on and Zeref admits defeat.

Mavis brings up that she is going to do to Zeref what he did to her using her contradiction curse, put him into an eternal sleep. Which is honestly an incredibly easy answer to a problem that people have been speculating for years on how it be solved.

And now we get what I think is the best part of the chapter. The idea and struggle of contradiction that affects how Mavis feels about Zeref.

Now as much as I like this there is a one major problem with this and I’ll get into it soon.

I’ll just let these scenes speak for themselves. Honestly this is really effective. I mean writing the contradiction is very interesting given the already confused emotions you probably are going through, given fighting a war against this person who you do care about.

And this causes the beginning of their death. Also Zeref is now going to kill Natsu because he’s going to die too. Yeah I’m sure that’ll be solved next chapter.

So by both giving each other love at the same time they kill each other. I’m guessing they kissed again

Okay the one magic being love was already introduced and honestly, I don’t have a problem with that. Like if all magic originated from the one magic and that magic itself is something effected by emotions and Mard geer stated END discovered curse by basing it off negative emotions, it actually makes sense that love could be the origin of it. Love makes you do stupid things, love can make you act like an idiot, love can also compel you to do wrong like become obsessed, but love can also be used to better yourself, love can be used to make you motivated. So the idea that magic and curse all spawning from the power of “love” kinda make sense. It’s still hammy, I mean, the power of love is goofy, but it actually make sense in the context of the series.

But now time for the crap. We cut to the FT guild members and…

Yup. Makarov’s back! Bullshit. Complete bullshit. Can this war have at least some SOME consequence for Fairy Tail! Like I had problems with how forced Makarov’s death was and I’ve believed he should’ve died a while ago but even so, you STILL can’t have him actually die? The hell!

And It looks like Zeref and Mavis can live happily ever after… Okay.now before I get into my post chapter follow up, I need to address the biggest problem with this chapter and that’s everything that came before this. I believe that this chapter could’ve been amazing if it weren’t for the fact Hiro had given us no reason to route for Zervis. Yes, he made them canon but the arc has never focused on said relationship in a way that makes it seem like they should get together at the end of this. In fact, just before this we had Zeref screwing over Mavis and her feelings for his own and stealing fairy heart, and while you could make the argument he’s doing this while having her future in mind he’s still disregarding her feelings about wanting to be with him. Moments that you could claim as subtle love like him not wanting to watch Irene take Fairy Heart doesn’t work because he’s still making her suffer. This would’ve been effective more with pre Alvarez Zeref but as it stands, you’ve not presented us with a reason to route for this relationship.

This feels like the opposite of the usual Hiro Mashima problems this arc, the build up for this was poorly handled but this pay off is amazing, whereas it’s been more common Hiro gives really good build up but poor pay off. Well we’ll see where this goes next chapter.

Post chapter follow up: Wow. This could’ve been, in my opinion, a terrific chapter. Like lets hit the positives first, this focuses mainly on Zeref and Mavis and by god it’s good to have a meaningful conversation. This talk about contradiction vs actual love is very engaging, and really feels like a good conclusion for the character of Zeref.

Another thing that I like, is this isn’t full redemption. Like, he still gets a happy ending but he’s not really “turned” but then again Zeref has walked that gray area for a long time (till Alvarez) so this feels more natural then say Minerva and her magical heel turn.

Also points for freaking remembering that this curse can do this Hiro. Though I still don’t understand why Mavis got insppired from the fight with Jacob to do this, oh wait let me guess, is it Natsu and Lucy are in love? Yeah, even if that was the case, that still doesn’t equate to how she came out with this answer.

Now the negatives, the build up is very bad. It doesn’t make me want them to get together so it weighs down what could honestly be a very good.

Another con is that Makarov is back, cheating death for a 5th time now. God damnit, look Rave revived characters who died that last arc, but they were main characters who’ve been constantly doing stuff. While Makarov has been here since the beginning, he hasn’t done much in years along with the fact that now there is no consequence for fairy tail. This war meant nothing. And even though Makarov’s death was rushed and flawed, there’s still no reason to bring him back other than “everyone has to have a happy ending”.

Final Verdict: 6/10

  • This on it’s own was very good
  • It in context however is weighed down
  • Another consequence undone
  • Really effective payoff.
Full Moons and Naps

Requested?: Yes

Could you write a teen wolf imagine where Liam is having trouble with his shift and he’s upset he can’t control it and asks for Derek’s gf bc she’s like a mom to him and she comforts him maybe holds him in her arms until he calms down and eventually falls asleep in her lap? And she calls him cute names like hun or sweetie if that’s ok please xx

reader x Derek hale, motherly figure!reader x liam dunbar. The reader will be 21 in this imagine.

(I said this was going to be posted next week but I ended up typing it today and finished it today whoops lol)

thank you, anon. enjoy xx

It was the full moon tonight and it was something that Liam dreaded every time. He only dreaded it because he didn’t have a good grasp on controlling himself through the full moon yet, all the advice everyone gave him just never seemed to work. It was frustrating and he wasn’t sure if he could ever control it.

“Hey,” Scott said, catching up to Liam, keeping a steady pace with him as they walked the halls. “Full moon tonight, don’t forget.”

The young boy sighed, “How could I not?” He mumbled.

Scott sensed the defeat in Liam’s voice, he stopped and pulled Liam to the side, his voice low. “We’ll all meet in Derek’s loft today after school. I’m sure Derek can help you.” He said encouragingly.

“We tried already, remember?!” Liam burst. “You weren’t able to help me; Derek wasn’t able to help me… No one can help me!”

People were beginning to look on, “It’s just math, Liam. You’ll be okay, we’ll find you a tutor.” He said to cover up Liam’s outburst. He gave Liam a stern look. “It won’t happen overnight, learning to control yourself during the full moon takes time.”

Liam glanced at him and took a deep breath. “It’ll take time…” He mumbled back to Scott, who patted his back and started in the other direction. “See you at Derek’s.” Liam said before he was out of ear shot.

Currently, he was sitting in his math class, just trying to concentrate on figuring out these equations when the tips of his fingers started feeling tender and painful when he put pressure to them. Liam looked down and saw his claws had come out.

His eyes widened as he quickly shoved his hands under his desk. He began to panic because it was only the afternoon, there was no way his shift could happen this early. Full moon isn’t even out yet. Liam grabbed his bag and left the classroom, ignoring the teacher calling after him.

Liam didn’t know where to go, he didn’t want to go home because his parents are there. After a bit, he calmed down and made up his mind. Liam texted Scott and told him that he was going to Derek’s loft, hoping that Derek would be there.

He approached the door and knocked on the three times. As he waited, he heard light sounding footsteps. It sounded nothing like Derek’s because his footsteps were heavy. Finally, the door opened and there stood (Y/N), Derek’s girlfriend.

“Shouldn’t you be in school, honey?” You ask, stepping aside so he could come in. As he walked by, you ruffled his hair some.

“Is Derek here?” He asked, not answering your question. Liam set down his backpack on the counter and waited for the reply.

(Y/N) shook her head and leaned on the counter, “He went to go run some errands, but he’ll be back later tonight.” She crossed her arms, “What’s the matter?”

Liam sighed and his shoulders slumped. “I can’t control my shift during the full moon and it’s annoying.” He looked towards (Y/N), and she nodded, waiting for him to continue. “And I’m pretty sure that I was going to shift during school because my claws came out, see!” He held up a hand, but all (Y/N) saw was a hand. Regular human hand.

“I literally stay awake just thinking about how the full moon is going to go.” He admitted. In no way was he embarrassed to tell (Y/N) any of this because she was like a mother figure to him. He came to her with his supernatural problems even though she was a human herself, but she still managed to give him advice with the help of Derek, of course.

(Y/N) started chuckling, more to herself rather than Liam.


(Y/N) started walking towards Liam, “Oh sweetheart,” She began to lead him to the couch. She sat down first and pat the spot next to her, signaling him to sit down. Once Liam sat down, she faced him, a genuine smile on her face. “Sweetheart, you’re just tired. I can see it in your face.” She touched his cheek and said, “I think you need a nap.”

At first, Liam scoffed. He didn’t need a nap, what he needed was to control his shift during the full moon. But, the longer he sat on the couch, the more he realized that he actually was tired. He gave in and nodded, “Maybe I do.”

The older one nodded, “Okay, I’ll move to the recliner-“before she could finish, Liam cut her off.

“Actually,” He said, “Could you stay with me until I fall asleep?” He asked timidly.

The genuine smile came back as (Y/N) nodded, “Of course, hun.” She got comfortable and let Liam rest his head on her lap. She began to play with his hair, not in a flirtatious way, but a soft motherly way. Not even five minutes later, she could hear Liam snoring lightly.

The pack and Derek walked into the room to find (Y/N) and Liam on the couch, Liam fast asleep on her lap and (Y/N) reading a book. Before they could get any closer, (Y/N) put a finger to her lips, signaling for them to be quiet. They obeyed your wish and kept quiet until the young werewolf woke up.

It wasn’t a surprise that the pack would give Liam hell for falling asleep on Derek’s girlfriend, but it was all in good fun and they knew that (Y/N) was like a mother figure to him.

During the full moon later that night, Liam had better luck with controlling his shift and he knew it would take some time before he could control it completely.

(Y/N) and Derek stood in the kitchen, both leaning on the counter as the last of the teens left the loft to go home.

Liam stopped at Derek and (Y/N) before heading out, “I had better luck this time, (Y/N)!” He said, hoping she’d be proud. She was most definitely proud of him.

“You did good, sweetie.” You ruffled his hair one last time and sent him home.

As (Y/N) began to walk back to her spot by Derek, he gently grabbed her by her waist and pulled her close. “You know you helped him with that? Controlling his shift?”

She nodded, a smile on her lips, “I know.”

He smiled, which was very rare of Derek. “You did good, babe.” She nodded again and reached up to give Derek a small kiss on the lips.

“I know.”

The Lady in Red (3/?)

Title: The Lady in Red (3/?)
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem Reader
Words: 1788
Warnings: Possible abuse, starvation, loss of memory due to traumatic events, fluff (for later)
(Part 1) (Part 2)

Later that evening, when Y/N had drifted back to sleep after drinking a protein shake, Bruce, Tony, Bucky, and Steve began looking over her scans.

“Look here,” Bruce pointed to her shoulder. “Scar tissue indicates that her shoulder has been dislocated and popped back into place multiple times.”

“Any obvious reason?” Steve asked.

“I think she was jerked around a lot by her arm, perhaps her upper arm.” Bruce answered.

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Hold Me Tight | Jimin X Reader

Ch. 1 | When, Where, What, How 

Rated Mature - implied smut with set up for future chapters 

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

There is a time and a place for everything. Except to Park Jimin who makes you create time and place out of thin air until there’s really no argument to stand on. He’d heard about you from a friend, someone like himself who thought it ought to do him some good to- anyway, this is where it begins.

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I wonder if Reigen knows sign language. It would be so cool to see him do it, because he already uses his hands a lot when he talks, but now he’s moving them with a purpose.

So, one day, they get a customer, and she doesn’t say anything, just holds up a wipe board telling them she’s Deaf, so if they would be patient while she wrote things out, she’d be grateful. Reigen just holds up a hand for a moment before he begins signing, and she just lights up and immediately responds.

Dimple and Mob just watch in astonishment, because neither knew Reigen knew how to sign, so they just watch the back and forth. It’s like Reigen was made for this, his expression changing to adjust the meaning and his fingers easily flying through the necessary movements. Plus, it’s pretty much silent unless Reigen feels the need to translate a few things for Mob and Dimple’s benefit.

Eventually, he figures out her problem (which doesn’t turn out to be supernatural, but he still fixes things for her), and as she’s leaving she just signs over and over how grateful she is and Reigen’s like, “It was no trouble at all.” To him, it wasn’t such a big deal, but from what I’ve seen it can mean a lot to Deaf for people to know sign language (though I myself only know the basics).

Just something that came to mind.

Also, afterward, Mob asks Reigen to teach him sign language too.

anonymous asked:

Can I ask what made you ship reylo?

Okay. I’m going to come clean here and reveal the exact circumstances of how I came to ship Reylo. Like the general audience, I came out of the movie theater believing Rey was Luke’s daughter, though I couldn’t fathom why they would drag out something too obvious until the next movie in the series. Also, I couldn’t understand the strange chemistry she had with her “cousin” during the interrogation scene. Still, I went on my merry way, not really as obsessed with Star Wars yet, until I came across an art by @liberlibelulaart, in particular this piece http://liberlibelula.deviantart.com/art/Reylo-My-heart-will-go-on-589925704 And I found it so hilarious! After LOLing out for a while, I thought “What? People actually think they’re not related?! And they want them together? What crackship is this?!” And I looked at the name “Reylo” and said “hmm” and so I went to tumblr and searched the keyword reylo and BAM! I was hit with not just more art, but most importantly, theories and meta which just made so much sense and debunked any notion I had of these two being related, as well as any thoughts I had of reylo just being another crackship. More than a year on, and I’m still here, loving reylo, writing fics and drawing art like many in the fandom. So while I credit those many metas and theories for pulling me onboard the reylo ship, big thanks has to go to liberlibelula for drawing the art that first exposed me to reylo in the first place :)

Ready or Not-Chris Schistad Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Some sensuality and it may be kind of awkward

Originally posted by hermantommeraasitaliansource

 Relationships have a lot of firsts: first kiss, first date, first time meeting parents, first fight, first time making up, first trip. However, the one first that everyone seems to care about is that first time because it’s supposed to tell everyone involved in the relationship whether or not they have chemistry or supposedly if they have a chance at all since what is conversational chemistry without chemistry in the bedroom? Plus, it doesn’t help that after a couple’s first time, friends from both people in the relationship demand to know every single detail—-well, at least the girls do, which was why Y/N felt extremely uncomfortable when Noora, Vilde, Eva, Sana, and Girl Chris cornered her during break.

   “So?” Vilde asked suggestively.

   “So what?” Y/N murmured as she started nibbling on her blueberry muffin.

   “How was it?” Vilde asked, nudging Y/N’s shoulder.

   “How was what?” Y/N responded, completely and utterly confused.

   Vilde groaned and rolled her eyes, but Noora answered. “It’s not really any of our business, but Vilde—-and the rest of us—-want to know how good Chris is in the sack.”

   Noora’s blunt tone mixed with the subject matter nearly made Y/N choke on her food. She coughed for a moment, nearly slapping herself in the chest, as she tried to think of a response.

   “What?” she sputtered out.

   “Well, Chris did pull you out of the party last night early and you text me at three AM that you were sleeping over at his,” Vilde said. “We were just connecting the dots.”

   Y/N shook her head and groaned. “Well, you connected the wrong dots. I slept over at Chris’ because I was too drunk and lazy to go home—-I’m lucky he didn’t kick me out.”

   “That would make him a terrible boyfriend,” Girl Chris mused.

   “Wait, so you’re telling us that you and Chris still haven’t done it?” Sana asked.

   Y/N hesitated before shrugging and continuing to pick at her muffin. She knew that it was kind of ridiculous to be dating Chris Schistad of all boys for three months without giving it up. The fact that she had a relationship with Chris Schistad confused her still since she did think he asked her out as some sort of cruel joke or a way to win a bet. Actually, Chris asked her out three times and she turned him down all three since Y/N not only knew of his reputation, but also never liked putting herself out there. There was a reason Y/N’s only other serious relationship was when she was in kindergarten and it was only serious by kindergartner definitions. Anyway, if it weren’t for Eva, Vilde, Sana, and Girl Chris encouraging Y/N to put herself out there—-Noora was stubborn in her belief that Chris was like any other player—-Y/N wouldn’t have told Chris that she would be open to going to a movie together the next time she saw him. Quickly after that, Y/N was no longer the shy, quiet girl in the bus but now Chris’ first-year girlfriend. Y/N was also surprised how Chris didn’t mind only fooling around before Y/N made up some excuse to stop or leave. However, he did seem irritated occasionally about it and that gave Y/N anxiety since Chris could literally have any girl he wanted in Oslo who was willing to sleep with him. In fact, why hadn’t Chris broken up with her already.

   “Why not?” Vilde asked. “Do you…not like him like that?”

   Y/N rolled her eyes. “Of course I do, Vilde, I’m not blind! Plus, he can be really sweet and caring when it’s just the two of us.”

   “Then why haven’t you banged him yet?” Girl Chris dead panned quietly.

  “Because…because I—”

   “Because you’re a virgin,” Eva whispered.

   Fear filled every part of Y/N’s body and it seemed to freeze her. Fortunately, only Girl Chris and Vilde looked surprised out of her friends. 

   “You are?” Vilde asked.

   “You’re lying.”

   Y/N huffed and ran a hand through her y/h/c locks. “I’m so sorry for not liking any guy enough to pin him down and ride him like a horse, but I haven’t.”

   “Why did you think she was lying?” Eva asked Girl Chris.

   Girl Chris shrugged. “In my experience, the quiet ones are always the freaks.”
   “Maybe Y/N is a freak.” Noora playfully nudged Y/N, making the girl smile a little.

   Y/N buried her face in her manicured hands. “I am but just a different kind. Ugh, I’m too old to still be a virgin.” 

  Noora wrapped her arm around Y/N’s shoulders. “Hey, don’t let anyone, not even us, try to talk you into something you don’t want to—-but especially not Chris.”

   Y/N smiled at her blonde friend. “Thanks, Noora.”
  “But maybe you should talk to Chris about it,” Noora said. “He might like to know why he always has blue balls.”

   Y/N groaned. “I thought you were the mature one.”

  “I’m just stating facts—-he should know how you feel and if he isn’t cool with it, forget about him, there are millions of boys all around the world who would kill to be with you.”

   “Thanks and you’re right, I will talk to him about it.” 

    However, there was a sinking feeling of dread in Y/N’s chest. She absolutely hated talking about anything remotely sexual since she was so inexperienced and though she tried to educate herself on the subject, she found herself cringing instead of actually listening. Therefore, she wanted to avoid Chris for the rest of the day, but she couldn’t since he knew her schedule and always insisted on walking her outside from her last class. Y/N didn’t even pay attention to the proper conjugation of German since she was so anxious about walking with Chris and talking to him. She didn’t even know how to bring the subject up: “Yeah, that new X Men movie was crazy. By the way, I keep running away from sleeping with you because I’m an awkward virgin. Wanna get pizza?”

    Ugh, how was Y/N not still single?

    The final bell jarred Y/N from her thoughts but she took her time gathering up her homework and putting it in her bag. She was one of the last people to leave the classroom and her heart actually skipped a beat when she saw Chris leaning against the wall across from the classroom. Only her boyfriend could make a simple hoodie and jeans look so amazing. Plus, he had that smoldering gaze set on Y/N that made her entire body feel both jittery and like jello. Slowly, Y/N walked over to Chris and let him kiss her.

   “What took you so long? I could’ve grown a beard while waiting for you,” he teased.

   Y/N playfully slapped his chest. “Patience is a virtue, you know.”

   “Don’t make me wait too long next time or I might have to drag you out.” Though Chris was technically threatening her, his hot breath against the side of her neck and his sultry tone gave Y/N goosebumps everywhere. 

   She gulped as they continued walking down the hallway with most of the school staring at them as they went. Chris was so used to the attention that he ignored them but Y/N still felt extremely self conscious knowing that all the much better looking girls were wondering how someone like her got someone like him.

    “…and then milk came out of his nose!” Chris burst into laughter at his story while Y/N blinked and managed to fake a laugh.

   “Wow, that sucks.”


   Y/N tightened the belt of her wool coat as they stepped into the cool late afternoon air and let Chris hold her hand as they furthered into the front school yard.

    “So, my parents are going to Athens this weekend and as punishment, I have to stay here so I can think about what I’ve done,” Chris said.

    “Does that mean there’s going to be insane parties at your house?”

   Chris paused and looked down at their joined hands. “Actually, I was hoping for some one on one time with you. We always go to parties and we rarely hang out—just the two of us.” 

   Just the two of us?

   By the suggestive look in his eye, Chris seemed to have less than innocent plans for their weekend together but Y/N still had to talk to him about why they haven’t gone all the way.

   “Oh? I don’t know—-my parents were pretty upset that I came home early this morning,” Y/N said.

   Actually, Y/N’s parents weren’t even home when she got there: her dad was in Paris for a work conference and her mother barely noticed Y/N’s existence since she was so busy as the assistant head of some big Norwegian PR firm. Y/N bit her bottom lip, hoping Chris wouldn’t see through the lie, but the smirk on his mouth seemed to say otherwise.

   “Come on, Y/N, I’m pretty sure that even if you murdered someone and got caught on camera doing it, your parents would kiss the floor you walk on,” Chris said. “Unless, of course, you don’t want to hang out with me all weekend.”

    The sad puppy dog face Chris pulled tugged on Y/N’s heartstrings. Though it was the cheapest attempt to make her feel bad, Chris’ attempts to be adorable got to Y/N.

   “No, not at all! I just, I don’t know, thought you might think I’m annoying after being around me for more than a few hours.”

   Chris laughed and cupped Y/N’s face in his hands. “You’re so cute.”

   “Stop it.”

 “You’re right…you’re actually beautiful.” 

  Y/N hesitated for a moment, feeling herself actually melt on the inside. She kind of hated how cheesy it was, but it was the truth. Chris made her feel all giggly and weird like a schoolgirl or something. “What time should I come over?”


   “I’ll see you then.” Y/N kissed him once more before heading home.

    “You have to look good,” Eva said.

    “Are you saying I don’t look good now?” Y/N teased as she pulled at her black sweatpants.

    Almost immediately after she accepted Chris’ invitation to stay over at his place for the weekend, Y/N called the girls over to her house to help her prepare. Now, Chris calling her beautiful didn’t magically compel Y/N to want to give up her V card but it did encourage her to be more forthright about her feelings. However, that didn’t mean that Y/N couldn’t look as much of a bombshell as possible which was why Noora, Eva, and Vilde were pulling clothes from Y/N’s closet while Sana, Y/N, and Girl Chris sat on Y/N’s bed to help her decide.

    “What about black? It’s dark and sultry,” Vilde offered, holding a black halter dress against herself.

    “I forgot I even owned that,” Y/N said.

    “Besides, you wear too much black,” Noora said.


    “She’s right,” Sana said with a shrug. “Besides, you don’t want to make Chris think you’re giving it up, unless you want to.”

    “I haven’t decided yet.”

    “How about this?” Eva grabbed a pretty white romper. “It’s really cute.”

    “And easy to stain,” San said.

    Of course, it was Noora who grabbed the perfect outfit: a red t-shirt dress that landed in the middle of Y/N’s thighs. It was loose enough to be comfortable but fitted enough to give her a shape. “Psychological studies have proven that women who wear red attract more men, plus, you’ll stay comfortable.”

    “It’s perfect! Thanks, Noora.”

    “Don’t thank her just yet, we still have to do your hair,” Sana said.

   “And makeup!” Girl Chris added.

   A couple hours later, Y/N was trying not to tremble as she knocked on Chris’ door. Almost immediately after, he answered it. He was wearing a white t-shirt and sweatpants, making Y/N feel super overdressed.

   “Hi,” she said.

   “Hey, you look amazing. Are you hitting a party after this or something?” Chris asked.

   “No, just hanging out with you.”

   You can do this, Y/N, just tell Chris that you’re uncomfortable with sex.

   “You hungry?” Chris asked.


   That’s okay, you can just tell him after you eat.

   By offering Y/N food, Chris meant that he had ordered a huge pizza with all of Y/N’s favorite toppings along with mozzarella sticks. So, of course, Y/N couldn’t eat and talk about her feelings at the same time.

   “I love that you know how much I love cheese,” Y/N said after swallowing another slice of pizza.

    “Oh, so you don’t love me?” Chris teased.

    “What?” Y/N straightened up. “I never said that.”

    “You never didn’t not say it.”

     Y/N playfully rolled her eyes and reached for the plate of mozzarella sticks only to have Chris snatch them away. He cocked an eyebrow as though challenging her.

    “Haha, very funny, now hand them over.”

   “Not until you tell me the truth.”

   “I’ll tell you the truth when you give me my mozzarella sticks.”

   “Nice try.”



   She calmly stood and walked over to Chris’ side of the table only for Chris to quickly back away. “Chris, I want mozzarella sticks.”

   “And I want my girlfriend to tell me she loves me.”

   Then, they quickly began chasing each other around Chris’ dining room. Of course, Chris was much swifter than Y/N but that didn’t stop Y/N from trying. She didn’t know how long she had been running, but she had a single goal in mind: to eat some mozzarella sticks. Plus, she was having far too much fun chasing Chris around. Finally, she had him cornered, her heart was pounding and there was some sweat beading on her forehead. Chris raised the plate above his head, keeping it out of Y/N’s reach and the girl groaned as she got in his face.

    “Give me the mozzarella sticks,” Y/N muttered, feigning viciousness.

    “Tell me what I want to hear.”

     Y/N groaned. “You already know I love you so this is just mean!”
    Y/N was partially joking and it wasn’t until she stopped chuckling and realize the serious look in Chris’ eyes. She’s only seen him look at her that way a couple of times and all those times was right before they started fooling around. Whenever Chris gave her that look, he made her feel completely exposed—-not in a he caught her naked kind of way but in a he could see her soul kind of way. It was the most nerve wracking thing ever but before she could really dwell on it, he would kiss her and then she would get so caught up in the moment that she would forget about her anxiety. Slowly, Chris lowered the plate of mozzarella sticks, eyes still glued to Y/N’s.

    “Uh, thanks?” But Y/N couldn’t bring herself to reach for one.

    Suddenly, Y/N didn’t see the mozzarella sticks. She didn’t notice Chris set them down or put them away, but all she knew was that in a single second she was chest to chest with Chris. She inhaled his spicy cologne before looking up into his eyes. He leaned further towards her, brushing his nose against hers—-a gesture which usually made her laugh but this time didn’t—-as he pressed his mouth against hers. Almost immediately, Y/N tangled her hands in his silky short locks while he grabbed at her waist pulling her closer. It always amazed Y/N how Chris and she managed to kiss with open mouths without spit getting every where. Then, Chris picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as they continued making out. She felt the smooth wood of the dining table on her back as they continued making out when Chris pulled away.

    “I love you so much—-you actually drive me insane.”

    “Is that a good thing?” Y/N breathed.

    “Always.” Chris began trailing kisses from her jawline down to her neck.

    Y/N’s breath hitched in her throat as she leaned back, relaxing against the table. However, when she felt Chris’ hand begin to climb under her skirt, she began to get nervous.

    You have to do this, it’s now or never, Noora seemed to say in Y/N’s mind.

    She told herself to breathe as she slowly sat up and gently pushed Chris away. “Chris—”

    “What?” Chris seemed surprised at Y/N’s actions as he paused and looked up at her.

   “I need to tell you something.”

    Chris pulled his hand from under her skirt and placed his hands on either side of her hips, raising an eyebrow in expectation. Y/N took another deep breath.

    “Ican’thavesexwithyoubecauseI’mavirgin.Well,notjustbecauseofthat—-I’msuperawkwardaboutsexandyou’rereallyexperiencedfromwhatIhear—-notthatthat’sabadthing—andI’mafraidofgettinghurtbecauseIgottooclosetosomeonesoyoushouldprobablygofindsomeothergirltomesswithbecauseI’mjustnotreadyyet.” Y/N sat still and stared at Chris, who only looked confused.


   “Please don’t make me say it again. I’m a super awkward virgin and I’m afraid of getting too close and getting hurt so you should just go find some other girl who is…experienced at this kind of thing.”

   “But I don’t want some other girl, I want you—I meant what I said when I told you I love you.” Chris played with the hem of Y/N’s skirt. “Plus, I already knew you’re a virgin.”

    Y/N opened her mouth to ask why but Chris interrupted, “Like you said, you’re always awkward but that’s because you’re in your head too much. And I get the fear of getting hurt when you get close to people, but doesn’t everyone? Besides, I would never, ever hurt you so if you need to wait, then I’m okay with waiting.”

   “Yeah, I’m not the complete jerk that everyone seems to think that I am.”Chris pulled away and held his hand out to her. “Come on, let’s eat some mozzarella sticks.”

   It felt like a giant weight had been lifted off of Y/N’s shoulders—Chris knew about her insecurities and he was okay with that. It only made her love him more and convinced her that maybe this relationship was the real deal. Even though they only ate pizza, watched movies, and played games that weekend, Y/N was a lot more comfortable about sleeping with Chris.

Alone, Until I Get Home (5/?)

Summary: In Boston, Henry Swan’s six-year-old brother Ian finds a book titled “Once Upon a Time” hidden beneath the seat in their mom’s old yellow bug. As soon as Henry touches it, he remembers.

Season 3 Canon Divergence-Emma finds out she’s pregnant a few weeks after she and Henry leave Storybrooke with new memories and new lives. Nearly seven years later, another Dark Curse puts her family in danger, and Emma must return to Storybrooke to help them.

Who’s powerful enough to cast the Dark Curse? And how the hell is she going to tell Hook they have a son together?

A/N: Sorry for the delay! I’ve been so exhausted when I get home from work that it’s been difficult to find the energy to write. Plus, I’ve been sort of rearranging/expanding what I had planned for the next few chapters, so that’s been time-consuming. I’d like to have the next chapter up within a week, but the only promise I can really make is the promise to work my hardest :D

Also posted on: AO3

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HEADCANON: Both Peter & Derek Having Feelings For You & Fighting For Your Attention.

I was going to make this into an imagine. But I’m like nah.

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  • A lot of bickering between them.
  • ”y/n doesn’t date psychopaths.”-“I’m not a psycho.”
  • ‘Why would y/n date a psychopath?”- “Why would she date someone who’s still hang up on his ex.”
  • “I came here first.” -”So”
  • “Y/n, will never love you.”-“Really, that’s not what she said last night.”
  • Always breaking up their fights.
  • Getting annoyed with their behavior.
  • Both of them coming to save you, even though they bicker on how to save you.
  • Competing for your attention.
  • Invalidally taking you out on a date.
  • Whenever Derek takes you out on a date, Peter crashes it.
  • Derek texting you non stop when you go on a date with Peter.
  • Though they both argue, they do agree that you being bait is the worst idea.
  • “Abousately not.” “No way.”-”But, she-” Scott tried to say. “No.” They both yelled.
  • Both of them being extremely overprotective over you.
  • Whenever someone flirts with you, they get jealous.
  • Both of them showing up at the same time.
  • Both of them being jealous of each other when one of them spends time with you.
Married at First Sight Chapters 1-3
Ask, and you shall receive...A young Rick and Michonne are newlyweds, chosen for one another by their respective communities. Can they navigate the waters of an arranged marriage to become the power couple of the apocalypse? Or will the world they live in undo them before they can even begin? A AU zombie story and continuation of a prompt from We're the Ones Who Live.

So many of you asked so nicely, how could I say no?

@riseuprichonne‘s wonderful prompt is now a full-length fic in progress. Look for updates from here on out.

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A Sneak Preview at Chapter 3:

“Careful,” Rick was below her, holding onto her thigh tightly.

“I’m good,” Michonne glanced down at him. You would have thought she was attempting to climb a mountain without equipment by the look on her husband’s face. He was squinting up at her, his brow furrowed, one hand out and ready to catch her if she fell. “It’s just a tree,” she reminded him, shimmying upwards.

“It is,” he agreed, still dancing nervously beneath her. “I just don’t want you to fall.”

“I think you’re just enjoying the view,” she teased. His hand slipped down her leg as she continued her assent, testing the branches gingerly before she rested her weight on them.

“Can’t deny that,” his accent took on a deeper timbre, one that Michonne was beginning to recognize as his bedroom voice. Heat pooled in her stomach as memories came rushing back. It was a wonder she could climb at all, considering her soreness. She was suddenly hyper-aware of places she’d never paid much attention to before this, hyper-aware of Rick’s response to her.

She looked down again, her smile almost instinctive. He grinned right back at her.

“How’s it looking?” he called up a few minutes later.

Michonne settled on a particularly thick branch, glancing up over the wall. It was ideal, really. “You can see at least a hundred yards off from here. In every direction,” her smile widened as she looked back at him.

“Then this is where we’ll put it,” he was already reaching for her.

“We should think about a second look-out, maybe on the eastern wall,” she began her descent, carefully finding her footing.

“I was thinking we could use the town-hall building,” Rick lifted his arms, his hand settling on her lower back as she swung down to the ground. “The tower on top there could be perfect. We could make it a headquarters.”

“Is that where you want to keep the armory?” she questioned, accepting her katana from him. She secured it over her shoulder.

He nodded, idly plucking a leaf from her hair. “I think we should find a separate place for the pantry.”

“Good idea,” she felt absurd at how hard she was smiling, but she couldn’t help it. “Spread the wealth.”

He looked pleased that she understood. “Exactly,” he left his hand on her waist, his thumb rubbing light circles. Michonne swallowed, trying to calm herself. She wondered if this was normal, the intense attraction she felt. It had been a week, and every time she fell into bed with Rick, the sensation increased. She’d been around men before, even had a boyfriend for a few months, but never had it felt like this. She’d been worried that they wouldn’t be compatible, that their relationship would be one of convenience and not passion.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked her, grinning lopsidedly. She liked that smile, liked that she had never seen it before their wedding. Rick, though serious when the moment called for it, seemed like a goofball at heart.

“Do you think this is normal?” she came right out with the question.

“Do I think what is normal?” he brushed a hand over his face. A week’s worth of growth now dusted his cheeks. Michonne found that she liked the effect quite a bit.

“How we’ve been the last few days,” her throat tightened in embarrassment. It was absurd, really. By now, there was no part of her body he hadn’t seen, but she was still shy at discussing it.

“Well,” he shrugged slightly, “It feels normal to me.” He drove his statement home by reaching for her hand. She easily twisted her fingers around his.

“Do you think it will last?” She wondered how many times a day the average couple had sex, if they were using it all up and would simply grow tired of one another. She’d heard other people complain about it, older couples who couldn’t find the time anymore.

“I hope so,” Rick tilted his head in her direction, his eyes darkening in the way that they so often did before he kissed her. “I can’t imagine I’m going to get tired of it.” He smirked at her, his eyes raking over her form.

“Really?” she challenged playfully. “You were pretty tired this morning.”

“Damn, woman,” he rolled his eyes, scoffing. “You keep me up all night and just expect me to perform on command?” he was clearly teasing and Michonne laughed.

“Sorry,” she didn’t plan on waking up feeling like that. There was something about coming alive in the mornings to him pressed against her that got her engine going. “I don’t think I’ll get tired of it either,” she admitted.

He kissed the hand still wrapped in his own. “I didn’t expect this to be so easy,” he remarked.

“Me neither,” she whispered, accepting a hug from him. Their honeymoon period was drawing to a close. The sound of trucks in the distance heralded the arrival of future citizens of their little community, of their parents and the leaders of the sister cities. The real world was coming in.

“Are you ready?” he nuzzled her hair. Michonne suddenly felt the urge to run backwards towards their house. She clung to him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I hope so,” she mumbled into his shirt, the denim soothing on her cheeks. In truth, she was incredibly nervous. It was one thing to remain sequestered, but in this world, fairytales didn’t last long.

“Hey,” Rick tilted her chin up. She took him in, his curly dark hair, his blue eyes and straight nose, the dimple in his chin just visible beneath the scruff. “This is going to be fine,” she watched his lips shape the words. “We can do this.”

“Ok,” she nodded, still worrying.

“Michonne,” she liked how he said her name. “This has been a good week.”

She smiled, toying with the denim collar of his shirt. “Let’s do it again sometime.” She leaned up, intending to give him a chaste kiss before they headed to the gate. Rick had other intentions. He cupped her face between his palms, tilting his head to deepen their liplock. Michonne felt her heart begin to race immediately. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself up. “Let’s go home,” she begged him breathily.

The sounds of car horns began to ring from the front gate. Rick laughed against her mouth. “Tonight,” he promised her. “There’s a few people you have to meet first.”

Wren connected to Bethany

Wren Is Bethany’s brother but not  Spencer’s. It’s rare case but it’s happened and has been well documented. A woman gives birth to twins with two separate fathers. I think this could be Mary’s story. Spencer dad is Peter and Bethany’s is someone else’s. And since this is pll I feel like they would go their.  It’s called Bi-paternal and the twins don’t have to look exactly a like.

It also means that Wren and Bethany could have the same father but different mothers. And Spencer and Bethany would have different fathers but Mary is still their mom. 

We never learned much about Wren but some of what he said did make us believe he could have been Charles. The story about when he was 10 and having a dad in a place like Radley I think was a lie. I think it was his sister Bethany he was talking about. 

It’s also this shady asf moment right here that none of us can forget. Especially when we had a frantic Cece proclaiming to want leave Rosewood while on the phone with someone. 

Then their is Rollins/ Archer a Doctor who hid is British accent up until the end. Their had to be a reason he did that. 2 British doctors in Rosewood around the girls it just to much of a coincidence, and their are none in Rosewood.

I believe that AD could be one person or more. But the one thing I know is they were around since the start. In the episode Badass seed the scene always popped out to me. I posted it a long time ago and asked if this was Wren . I still believe that this could be him in the background. 

Now this is he same picture lightened up and it’s blurry because that’s as close as I can get. But still the person standing there loooks like a doctor we know.

Here is another dark shot the guy seems to be watching the girls interaction. If you watch episode he stands out. Alison is talking to the girls and the camera pans tic the back and the guy is standing there normal at first. Then Alison walks up to the cop and that’s when he moves. The camera makes sure to catch him as he leans against the tree , just staring. 

And here is the picture again but lighter. It’s clear someone is watching them closely. But why? 

Here is one finale picture of that scene as you can see he isn’t look their way at first. 

Same picture lightened up still blurry but you can see his head is turned until Alison’s walks up. A girl got pushed down the stairs and we never still found out why that story was so important. Why it came back up again when we heard of Cece , but we actually never heard it from Charlotte herself. 

This scene was something that I thought was a clue.  And it came back rock me again in the last season.

Alison fell downstairs while she was with Rollins of all people. I still don’t know how she fell though. But it did make me think of that party. Again their are no coincidences and I feel like maybe something at that party happened that will be important that we will find out in episodes  to come.

We still don’t know why that party was used as Cece story in the first place. And how Melissa whose bf the girls was actually with ended up involved in the story it all doesn’t add up. 

If Wren is really connected to Bethany him being around even before that night makes sense. 

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It’s not smart, it’s not brave. It’s just cowardly.

She thinks about what he said, and didn’t say, all night. Doesn’t sleep for the bitterness in his words as they confronted the reporter, as Leanne West insisted she never meant for anyone to die. 

And as the sun dawns, all Kate can see is the hard look on Rick’s face in interrogation, how he wouldn’t look at her.

Is he Rick now? 

Yeah. God. The intimacy between them…

They’ve turned this interesting corner since the winter broke up and her anxious grief loosed its hold. The holidays aren’t good for her, but she damn well tried, every single day, to keep that from building back those walls. Therapy twice a week, and then pushing herself to connect with Castle even if it all she could manage was letting him see her true face, smiling or broken, either way.

He’s been rock solid. 

Until this case. She can’t put her finger on it; she can’t tease out the reasons why their parting at the precinct left her on edge, confused.

Okay, a little miserable.

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Shame Part 2

I felt a slight grogginess wave over me as I struggled to open my eyes. They fluttered open and I could hear something beeping to my left and I turned to see that it was a monitor. I followed its wires and saw that I had an IV in my arm. I turned to my right to see an attractively male nurse unwrapping something.

“It’s good to see you’re awake. You had me worried.” he said shooting me a smile.

“Wh-where’s Harrison?” I asked as he came over with a wet wipe. He started cleaning up my face and I tensed up.

“It’s just water.” he said smiling. I looked at him for a while before nodding and letting him continue. Again, I asked where Harrison was. He squeezed the excess water and gunk into another bowl, and I looked at it. It turned a light pink color and I stared at it.

“You’re friend is okay. Actually better knowing his nurse is a girl.” he teased. I looked at him and smiled.

“Is he your boyfriend? “The nurse asked. I snorted and he blushed.

“He’s practically my older brother.”

“So.. Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked, not meeting my eyes. Oh he’s good. I smiled and looked down, making him bring my head up by my chin to clean my cheek and I noticed how green his eyes were.

“Are you going to answer that?” a familiar voice said. We turned to see Tom leaning against the door.

“No. I don’t.. Not anymore.” I said, looking away from Tom. The nurse looked at me then back at Tom and I think he got the memo. He cleared his throat and picked up his supplies.

“I’m Dean. Ring if you need anything okay?” he said, touching my shoulder and giving it a small squeeze. I smiled weakly and nodded. He stuck his hand out to Tom who took it but never took his eyes off of me. Dean left the door open a bit as Tom came to the hospital bed.

“I don’t want to hear anything you have to say.” I said.

“Please. Let me-”

“No! Get out! I don’t want to see you right now!” I screamed, hearing the monitor beep faster. A nurse came in and pulled Tom away. I began to hyperventilate and my face began to go numb.

“What’s going on!?” Tom demanded as the nurse came over to put something in the IV. A few more nurses came in and my vision began to blur.

“She’s going into shock and you need to leave right now!” Dean said, escorting Tom out. I felt dizzy and the last thing I heard before I blacked out was Tom crying.

“Please make sure she stays. I love her too much to lose her.”

~Tom’s POV~

Dean escorted me out and sat me down on a chair, handing me a tissue as I cried. I didn’t care, I was in pain of loosing her. And I still might.

“Hey.. It’s going to be alright.” Dean said, placing a hand on my shoulder.

“Is it? It’s my fault she’s here.” I said sniffling.

“How so?”

“I made a stupid decision… More like alcohol made a bad decision.” I said, cleaning my nose. Dean looked at me with anger.

“No no! I did not hit her. I just.. Made a mistake without me realizing it.” I said. He looked at me and then made a face.

“Ah. The old ‘I thought she was you’ bit huh?”

“Yeah… And now she’s in here.. Wait, where’s Harrison?” I asked, panic rising for my best mate.

“Harrison? She said the same thing.” Dean said getting up to go to a desk. He pulled out a folder and told me to get up. I followed him as he spoke to me.

“He was emitted the same time as her. He’s doing a bit better than her surprisingly, seeing that his side received more damage. All he has is a sprained arm and a few cuts. He should be getting stitches right now.” Dean said.

We got to the room and Harrison looked terrible.

“Harrison! You’re okay!” I said, sitting next to the doctor who was doing his stitches.

“Who let you here?” He spat out. The doctor cut the stitches string, covering the huge gash on his thumb and I swallowed.

“I saw the news and recognized her car. I came as fast as I could. Sh-she went into shock.” I said. Harrison was about to say something when Dean burst through the door.

“Doctor, we need you. A patient is falling fast.” he said. The doctor just got up and ran and I looked out from the door. He turned to the right, the way of her room. I could hear beeping from behind me and I saw Harrison with a remote in his hand. A nurse ran in and she looked at him like he was crazy.

“Keep me updated on her. Or I swear I will be more annoying.” Harrison said. The nurse crossed her arms in a ‘try me’ manner and Harrison took it as a challenge. He began pressing the button rapidly as well as yelling random words.

“Okay okay! Just… Keep it down.” The nurse huffed, taking the remote away from Harrison and heading down to her room. I looked at Harrison and he gave me a smug look.

“Harrison… Please let me explain.“I said, sitting next to him. He gave me such an ugly look before sighing.

“Might as well.. But don’t think that this means I forgive you for hurting her.” he said. He nodded and I explained what happened.

“Wait wait. She came on to you? And you let her?” Harrison said. I nodded.

“She said she was rehearsing for a movie role and needed someone to practice on. I was the closest so I agreed, thinking it was just some readings. After she came on to me, I practically threw her off of me and told her I was with someone. After that, we just met up to work on her lines. She tried again, trying to talk me into dating her instead. I told her no and we just continued on with the readings for about two months. Then the after party happened and we just kept pounding drinks. She said I couldn’t tolerate as much as her and I told her that we shouldn’t intake so much but she taunted me. One thing led to another and she was asking for my room key and then…” I said, placing my head in my hands. Harrison placed a hand on my shoulder and squeezed.

“You’re still a dick Tom. It was an accident but you should have known even though you were intoxicated.” he said.

“I know. But, I thought of her, not Ella. I’ve always thought of her. Never in my mind have I fantasized with Ella. She means nothing to me.. But the dress Ella was wearing reminded me so much of when we went out on our first date. She was nervous and that’s when I knew I really liked her…” I said. The lady nurse came in and she looked sick.

“How is she?” I asked, standing up.

“She had some internal bleeding and is being prepped for surgery. I can’t believe we didn’t see it….” she said, checking Harrison’s blood pressure.

“I have to go back and assist Dr. Weltse so don’t cause any more pain to the other nurses.” she said, scowling at Harrison. He smiled and saluted her. She left and I sat back down, running my fingers through my hair.

“This is all my fault. You guys could have died.” I said, feeling sick to my stomach.

“Hey! If you’re going to barf do it somewhere else.” Harrison teased.

“You’re an ass.” I said, swatting his arm.

“Look mate. I can’t forgive you unless she does. I know that’s harsh, but I’m with her on this one. You promised and it should have been kept, even if it was the alcohol talking.” Harrison said. I sighed and nodded.

“I don’t expect you to forgive me. I wouldn’t forgive me. I should be the one in the hospital, not you guys.“I said, balling my fists.

“Tom stop. It could have happened to anyone.” Harrison said.

“Yeah. But why you guys and not me?”

“Karma? I don’t know. Just suck it up right now you baby. Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about your apology.” Harrison said, getting comfortable. He closed his eyes and sighed.

“What should I do?” I asked. He opened one eye and smirked.

“What you do best.”


Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 117 Translation

Thank you @rosemask22 for posting images from the chapter! 

Once again, I’m not fluent, nor am I pretending my knowledge of Japanese is extensive. There will definitely be mistakes in here, and there were a few lines I just couldn’t wrap my brain around. Some of the translations are fairly liberal, others are kind of stilted. That said, if you want to get a feel for what’s being said on each page, I hope this will help!

It’s pretty long, so if you would rather read something more concise, @lalasma did an awesome translation of the Chapter 117 summary!

The format goes something like this:

Speaker: “Dialogue”

Speaker: (Thought)

Page numbers do not match the page numbers on the scans.

Let’s go to Pin’s apartment, shall we?

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