i still laugh whenever i see this

when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down


Hi there! You’re about to witness a whole lot of word dump up ahead so fasten your seat belt, hold on tight, enjoy the ride!

Note: This is an extremely long post 

101 reasons why Jikook/Kookmin is my ultimate OTP
or 101 times Jikook made my heart flutter

1) When Jungkook tries to find reasonable excuses to hold Jimin’s hands (in which he usually succeeds). Example: A decent round of arm wrestling or a hand massage.

2) It’s nice to know Jungkook isn’t the only one who enjoys the occasion; Jimin does too, even comes up with the most absurd idea (like who arm wrestles while sitting 5ft apart? and knowing he will definitely lose?) urm 128 rounds, 128 losses…

3) The way Jimin ruffles Jungkook’s hair, as if to say “You did well, baby. I’m proud of you” or the way Jungkook leans into Jimin’s touch when he pats his hair.

4) When Jimin asked for kisses from Jungkook, but he panicked and jokingly pushed Jimin away, all the while grinning like the shy boy he used to be.

5) The moment Jimin asked for a peck on the cheek on Jungkook’s birthday but Jungkook just smiled at the camera.

6) When Jungkook softly answered “no” when asked by Jimin if he likes his hyung that much. He just couldn’t resist teasing hyung because of how adorable he would look afterward.

(Time frame: 3:45-4:10)

7) The numerous times Jungkook would wait for Jimin even though he keeps on complaining about Jimin’s sloth-like pace.

8) When they strut around the airport or basically anywhere, side by side. Even when others are way ahead they would take their own sweet time.


After fansign…

and of course, at the airport….

9) Jungkook probably feels that it’s a part of his responsibility to make Jimin happy, so more often than not he would try to joke around and comfort the older, even if it means turning himself into a dork.

10) The glistening look in Jungkook’s eyes whenever Jimin talks in interviews. 

11) When Jungkook made Jimin wear a tiara at a fansign and called him princess.

12) The uniformity of Jimin’s Twitter hashtags when Jungkook is there with him. It’s always #JIMIN and #꾹, making it easier for trash like me to find what I’m looking for haha.

13) Jimin and Jungkook being domestic and sharing soggy cereal in one bowl, using one spoon. Also the many times they share drinks and food.

14) “I will sleep here with Jimin” while pointing at the top bunk of the caravan in Bon Voyage , which, for me, strengthens the possibility of them sleeping together in the dorm. Reminds me of this too: “Everyone, Jungkookie cuddles me to sleep”.

15) When Jungkook suddenly stepped in front of Jimin while he’s talking to apply lip balm on his lips. The hyungs’ reactions were gold. They were stuck to one another like glue the whole broadcast and It hit me hard.

16) The times Jimin said “I Love You” to the camera and Jungkook stared at him like he’s the one being confessed. 👣

17) Jungkook knows his limit when he makes fun of Jimin, always being there for his hyung when insecurity gets the better part of him and I think that’s very, very beautiful. 👣

18) It’s OBLIGATORY for me to include We Don’t Talk Anymore cover by JM and JK here. No explanation needed because I’m sure you feel the same way as I do.

19) When Jungkook waited for Jimin to complete the formation during his part in The Rise of Bangtan in Nanjing, then turned to Jimin and serenaded him.

Serenades Jimin…

Turns to fans…

20) Jungkook knows Jimin, remembers every single thing Jimin does better than the man himself. He’s quick to answer things pertaining to Jimin.

21) When Jimin fell down at Taipei airport, Jungkook wasn’t there because he was filming Flower Crew. He joined them a little while later for their Epilogue On Stage. However, on their way back to Korea, Jungkook made sure to stick close to Jimin and walked by his side until they checked in. The fact that Jungkook was there with him made me cry a little./okay lie/

22) When Jimin took a blanket and a soft, fluffy pillow and tucked Jungkook in, and made sure he’s comfortable enough. Also the fact that Jungkook didn’t even bother waking up and sleeping in the room.

23) The amount of times Jungkook and Jimin hang around with each other, usually accompanied by another member.

  • A date
  • Big Bang Concert with Hoseok
  • At the waterpark with Jin

  • Eating Ramen at Hangang with Namjoon

24) “오~갖고 싶다” (Oh, I want you) That iconic moment in Now3 need I say more.

25) When Jimin hung around behind the camera while Jungkook was getting interviewed. 👣

26) When Jungkook squished behind Jimin when Jimin got his photo taken even though he could’ve gone away and NOT be in the camera.(Fancafe content)

27) When Jimin picked up a slice of cake and fed Jungkook in Bon voyage.

28) Jungkook’s way of carrying Jimin up bridal-style during Limbo game still has me feeling some kind of way, and I will not get tired of seeing it, not anytime soon i bet. (Every time it appears on my feed I’ll stare at it for hours)

29) How Jungkook’s ears perk up whenever Jimin says something. He’s extra attentive when it comes to Jimin. I don’t know if Jimin’s melodic voice gets him or what, cause if it is, boy I feel you. Example: Run! BTS in the US, when Jimin screamed “엄마ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ~~~~” (mommy~~) because he’s scared of the roller coaster and Jungkook was like “왜?” (why?)

30) When Jimin laughs an octave higher whenever Jungkook does something funny.

31) The way Jimin sat on Jungkook’s lap and how tight Jungkook pressed him against his chest in Summer Package Dubai.

32) Jungkook didn’t bother about the fans’ parents who sat across him because he needed to make his hyung look good and that was all that mattered.

33) After Jungkook hurt his back at Mama, Jimin took care of him at the airport, gently keeping his hand on Jungkook’s back the whole time they were walking.

34) The fact that Jungkook and Jimin monitor each others’ scenes when they’re filming, waiting around and constantly giving support.

35) When Jungkook and Jimin held hands on stage.

36) The No More Dream lift that has changed over the last couple of years.

37) That moment Jimin made siren sound when Hoseok told everyone that his sister liked Jungkook. I find it cute. (Sukira)

38) When Jimin and Jungkook being lovey-dovey at Manila Airport. 👣

39) Jungkook and Jimin still had their own photoshoot even though they’re both paired up with someone else. Also the iconic “Jeomsoon-ah, please be my baby’s mom” by Park Jimin.

40) Jungkook randomly barging in and interrupting Jimin’s vlive and just….the immense amount of flirting and eye-fucking throughout the whole video…caught me off guard. 👣

41) No matter how many times Jungkook messed around with him, Jimin didn’t have the heart to say stop. He couldn’t say no to Jungkook; that’s how soft he is for the maknae. But yea, speaking quite frankly, Jungkook didn’t even try. There are million other ways to piss someone off but what he did? nope, that’s not how you do it,boy haha. (Run BTS spy episode)

42) And it took 0.000001 sec for Jimin to say thank you to Jungkook. Although Jungkook kept telling him he’s handsome, something he rarely does, Jimin still couldn’t catch on;Still became flustered and shy afterward. It made me asdfjkl. (Undercover mission in Japan)

43) I love Jungkook’s determination. Jk’s inner monologue: I have to make Jimin hyung wear this goddamn headband *gets on his back and forces him to wear it*

44) When Jungkook pinched Jimin’s nipple the instant Jimin went in for a hug lol. (Fancafe content)

45) Jungkook and Jimin have no chills when they’re seated together at fansigning events. They pay attention to each other more than they do to their fans. (don’t get me wrong they still love their fans)

46) When Jimin pretended to be mad at Jungkook for not sitting beside him at a fansign, and how Jungkook played along,claiming his current seat was his original seat when it’s not lol.

47) When Jungkook snatched the snack from Hoseok’s hand for himself, but stopped and gave it to Jimin instead when Jimin asked to be fed.

48) The various times Jimin snakes his slightly smaller hands around Jungkook’s waist and shoulder, and sometimes when it seems that Jimin has difficulty standing after putting his hand on Jungkook’s arm, Jungkook would bend to better accommodate him.

look at him tiptoeing…

49) When Jimin back-hugged Jungkook (and kissed his shoulder from what i saw).

50) The cutest nicknames they gave for one another. 👣


Okay pause. I’m afraid I’ll have to break it down into two parts, as seeing how freaking long this has gotten ahaha. Part 2 will be posted really really soon~~~


 trigger heavy :  death, murder, blood, etc.  be cautious when reading and reblogging.                     please be sure and to change any of the pronouns if need be and / or as you see fit!   

in  the  killer’s  pov  : 

  • ❝  why are you screaming? i haven’t even cut on you yet?  ❞
  • ❝  oh, don’t you cry! i’ve killed a million times before.  ❞
  • ❝  i’m going to count to ten and when i’m finished, you’ll be dead.  ❞
  • ❝  scream all you want! no one will hear you down here!!  ❞
  • ❝  wooo! yeah! scream all you want! i’ll scream with you! mighty good time, yeah!  ❞
  • ❝  what’s the pointing in kidnapping if you aren’t going to do any killing?  ❞
  • ❝  i usually like to get to know my victims a little before i kill them.  ❞
  • ❝  every killer for himself, huh? it’s a dog eat dog world, huh?  ❞
  • ❝  you know what they say, once a killer, always a killer.  ❞
  • ❝  go on and run! run as fast as you can! i love a good chase!  ❞
  • ❝  you can run but you can’t hide! i’m going to find you and kill you!  ❞
  • ❝  see, i’ve stalked you for sometime before finally snatching you up!  ❞
  • ❝  i didn’t want to kill you whenever i brought you here but now, i have no choice!  ❞
  • ❝  you may think this is a one time thing but i promise, i will kill again.  ❞
  • ❝  come out, come out! wherever you are! you can’t hide from me forever!  ❞
  • ❝  there’s no turning back now! there’s no one coming for you, except for me!  ❞

in  the  victims  pov  : 

  • ❝  please! no! please!! don’t do this to me! please! ❞
  • ❝  why are you doing this to me? please! just let me go!  ❞
  • ❝  please, if you let me go, i won’t tell anybody about this! ❞
  • ❝  this is the part where things are switched up in your routines, victim kills the killer.  ❞
  • ❝  i told you already, i don’t why he/she/they let me go! he/she/they just did.  ❞
  • ❝  sometimes i can still see their face whenever i close my eyes.  ❞
  • ❝  why kill me? you can use me as ransom? my family loves me and has money!  ❞
  • ❝  oh, god, oh no!! please someone help me! HELP ME!  ❞
  • ❝  no, this isn’t real! NO, this isn’t happening to me! no, no, no, please.  ❞
  • ❝  oh, what’s the matter? surprised to see i made it out of your little death trap?  ❞
  • ❝  you’ll never get away with this! you hear me! you’ll never get away with it!  ❞
  • ❝  you’re sick! stop laughing! stop laughing, you sick son of a bitch!  ❞
  • ❝  when i get out of here, i’m going to run but i’ll be back for you, just wait. ❞
  • ❝  what — what are you doing? what are you going to do with that?  ❞
  • ❝  please, listen to me!! you have the wrong person!  ❞
  • ❝  oh god, you’re the killer everyone has been talking about! please, don’t hurt me! ❞

in  the  killer’s  lover  pov  :

  • ❝  long night? you’re covered in blood. ❞
  • ❝  i’ve missed you, though, i was still able to see you on the news.  ❞
  • ❝  wait, you went out and killed someone? without me? ❞
  • ❝  you’re hitting the news everywhere we go, we won’t be able to run forever. ❞
  • ❝  if you never let me a part of anything, why should i let you stay here?  ❞
  • ❝  as much as i enjoy you covered in blood, let’s get you cleaned up, in the shower. ❞
  • ❝  this is the third night in a row you come home covered in blood!  ❞
  • ❝  i’m just saying, maybe we should take some time off from killing..  ❞
  • ❝  i just don’t want you out so much with the police cracking down and all.  ❞
  • ❝  please, hurry back!! i’m afraid i might not ever seen you again when you leave.  ❞
  • ❝  you can’t keep killing, at least not without me around, to protect you.  ❞
  • ❝  if we keep doing this at this rate we’ll be as dead as our victims. ❞
  • ❝  wait!! i’m not leaving! are you crazy? this is my home!  ❞
  • ❝  help me lift him/them/her,  their/she/he’s heavy!!  
  • ❝  oh, brother, we really did a number on this one. i’m not cleaning it up.  ❞
  • ❝  you’re cleaning this one up, i cleaned up the last one.  ❞
  • ❝  here, finish her/him/them off, you look better doing it, i like to watch.  ❞

in  the  town / city’s  pov  :

  • ❝  can you believe it? there’s a killer roaming about and they have yet to catch ‘em. ❞
  • ❝  do you think that this killer is working all alone?  ❞
  • ❝  how hard is it to catch a killer? ❞
  • ❝  that killer on the loose made today’s news again.  ❞
  • ❝  haven’t you heard? the media just released a serial killer on the loose. ❞
  • ❝  i don’t want you out at night with this killer roaming around.  ❞
  • ❝  i can’t believe the media withheld information about that serial killer.  ❞
  • ❝  wait, you mean you don’t know? do you not watch the news?  ❞
  • ❝  what kind of serial killer doesn’t have a specific method when killing?  ❞
  • ❝  i can’t believe i’m living in a town / city where there is a serial killer loose.  ❞
  • ❝  if they don’t catch that killer soon, i’m packing up and moving. ❞
  • ❝  why are you so paranoid and scared all of a sudden? it’s just the police.  ❞
  • ❝  ever since this killer made news, you’ve been super paranoid.  ❞
  • ❝  did you hear? they think they may have finally caught that killer.  ❞
  • ❝  this killer is still killing people each day, how is this possible?  ❞
  • ❝  i still don’t understand why people take serial killer news the wrong way, as if it’s good.  ❞ 
Confession - Peter Parker

request -  hey! I love your blog and the writing’s are great and super fluffy and so cute AHHH. Could you please write a fic in which peter and the reader have been friends for a long time and when they finally go to Liz;s party peter confesses his feelings for the reader and could you make it super fluffy? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RUNNING THIS BLOG!

a/n - i’m so sorry if this fic seems rushed i went back and forth so many times with different ideas and hopefully it turned out okay :) thank you so much for all the love, don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like!

The bass of the speakers boomed around the house as I poured some soda for Michelle and I. The continuous chatter of teenagers was the only sound I could hear from the music, almost running around the kitchen to collect snacks. I gathered a plate and was ready to share with Michelle, but she seemed to have a piece of toast in her hand, spreading butter on it.

“Where’d you find that?” I asked, eating a pretzel.

“Second cabinet from the left.” She answered, turning to me. “Want a bite?”

“No thanks.” I took a step back, chuckling. She shrugged and continued to eat the bread, taking a sip of her soda. We both continued to talk with one another until we heard Flash’s voice echo off the walls.

“When I say Penis, you say Parker!” He yelled into the microphone, attempting to start the mediocre chant that got really old after five minutes. But, in an unfortunate way, it let me know that Peter arrived. I headed to the door to look for him, catching him in a heartbeat.

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Whenever I see your picture or hear people talk about you, my breath always catches in my throat and I’m struck by this painful twinge that twists my sides and brings the stinging of tears to back of my eyes.
It’s the thought of you being happy and living your life… imagining you laughing and joking with other people that hurts… Don’t get me wrong – I still care for you and the thought of you being happy makes me happy… but at the same time it makes me sad. Because… life goes on, or at least it did for you and being confronted with your happiness makes me feel like I made no difference to your life… as if there was never any point in me being in it at all. You were happy before you met me and you’re still the same happy person now even though I’m gone.
I know it’s foolish to wish I had meant more to you… that my absence would change your world or have some sort of lasting impact so I shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the day we said goodbye wasn’t devastating enough to make the world stop turning for you…
Not like it did for me.
No Strings (VII)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin

Rating: 18+ (smut)

Word Count: 4,956

Summary: It started off as such a simple question. How to know if you’re bad in bed? Of course when you asked, you didn’t imagine Jimin would actually answer.

Originally posted by mayfifolle

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Happy Smut Appreciation Day!

Summary: It all starts as a way to piss off Dean…

warnings: Cas x Reader, unprotected sex, grace!kink, oral sex (male receiving)

word count: ~2500

The four of you had just finished a hunt and decided to celebrate by going out to the local bar, have a few beers, and play some pool.

That was all well and good, until your two on two (you and Sam vs Dean and Castiel) game of pool had been interrupted by some blonde skank catching Dean’s eye.  You were now perched at a high top table, nursing a beer and seething.

So what?  You didn’t necessarily like Dean that way, but it still pissed you off when he ditched you and the boys for no good reason.  The feeling of jealousy and anger came from the fact that at the end of the day, these boys were yours. Dean, Sam, Cas – they were all you had, and you never wanted anyone to take that away from you.

Yeah, you could be a selfish bitch, but whatever.

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anonymous asked:

i've been repeatedly called offensive for pointing out the non existence of reverse racism to my WHITE british teachers. I straight up told them they couldn't be oppressed, they seriously "offended" and it is going to a) affect my grades bc i made a presentation on it and my teacher got mad b) possibly get me in a ton of trouble because another teacher reported me to the head of school. I genuinely hate white people at this point and i want them to go away forever.

Well I don’t know how to solve the issues of your teachers and school but I can back you up on the other crap they’re denying. Expect a long post.

So, let’s take a look at this reverse racism lol. Sorry, it makes me laugh whenever white people bring it up because first of all, society and the systems and institutions that create it were built to cater to white people because they had the most power (and still do). It is necessary to understand these power structures and once we understand them, we will see that reverse racism in fact does NOT exist because white people are not oppressed in any systematic way or form.

The demographics in America are indeed changing but society is still assumed to be white and therefore, systems and institutions are still built to cater towards white people, giving them an advantage. This is known as white privilege. And it doesn’t matter if a white person’s life is economically tough because economics is only ONE factor that plays into the course of an entire lifetime. A single factor is not enough to offset white privilege that has been awarded to white people for hundreds of years that continue today. Let’s look at some resources…

Reverse Racism:

White Privilege:

Now let’s look at your British teachers and what their ancestors did:

I can go all day with this but you get the idea.

And not that I’m trying to put the spotlight on Germany but the atrocities of World War II are taught to German children in school with “great depth” and is mandatory. Now if white people were taught and actually understood about all the crimes their ancestors did, how it all benefits them today, and how it all spills over in today’s world (especially in America), then perhaps white people would be a little more sympathetic to and understanding of everyone else, instead of denying everything.

You see, white America does everything it can to erase all the atrocities it committed (even those being committed today) while conditioning white people to deny when said atrocities are brought up. It is both erasure and denial of white supremacy, white privilege, colonialism, genocide, racism, and many other things that keep white people in power and the rest of us oppressed. In fact, the moment white people see such terms, they automatically become defensive and harbor a state of denial, which is proof of their conditioning.

Update: Another anon offered some advice.

Angry Asian Guy

it’s been a while since we last talked and since i last saw you. a very long while to be honest.
today i woke up and realised that i don’t remember the exact tone of your voice anymore, or how your laugh sounded. i remember that your voice was very deep and raspy and that your laugh was contagious. though if someone asked me if i can still hear it in my head, i’d have to say ‘no’. it used to be etched into my memory but now it seems to have faded.
i then started thinking about your eyes and the colour they possessed. i remember that they were a beautiful shade of brown and that they had a few sprinkles of grey in them that i could see whenever the sunlight hit them directly. but i don’t remember how they really look like anymore. don’t remember the shape or the exact shade they were. there is no picture of them in my head anymore. there is nothing.
unconsciously i started tracing my skin like you used to do. i paused and tried to remember your touch. tried to remember what it felt like and what sensations it made me feel. but i can’t relive it anymore. can’t feel the oh so familiar burning on my skin and the tingles it would send down my spine. it’s all gone.

i just don’t remember and it’s making me go insane. it’s breaking my heart all over again.

- e.s. // withdrawal

You know, whenever anyone says something really funny and I laugh, I always look around to see if you think it’s funny too. Even when you’re not there, I still look around.
—  George O'Malley (Grey’s Anatomy)

Concept: Mickey and Emil have been friends basically since they both began skating. They’re really close, and when I say close I mean HELLA. Sleepovers, friendship bracelet exchange when they were 12 (Emil still wears his outside of skating, and while Mickey will never admit it he still keeps his in his wallet of all places), the whole deal. Sara is also part of their friend group, but she’s definitely not as close to Emil as Mickey is.

And then puberty hits and Mickey suddenly becomes very aware of Emil and his closeness to Sara. In reality, nothing’s really changed, but he’s begun to get a weird tight feeling in his chest whenever he sees Emil smiling and laughing with Sara. He begins to be a lot more protective over Sara because that’s what it’s gotta be, right? Sara is getting prettier each year, and as her big brother he has a responsibility to keep men from taking advantage of her. Even if it’s Emil, who he’s known for years. Anyways, there’s nothing else this feeling can be, right? Right. Nothing more than protectiveness.

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Everything is still so vivid to me, from the day you first embraced me to that morning you told me you like someone else. It’s been years, but the memory of you still remains. I still keep the letters you gave me and the song you wrote for me. The cap you always wore back then, before you put it on my head that night you left, still hangs in my room. My lips still remember how it felt when you first touched it with yours. You hugged me tightly before finally devouring me with passionate kisses like there’s not tomorrow. Until now, my heart aches a little whenever I hear Radiohead’s Creep because you used to sing that to me. My relatives still ask about you sometimes, but I just laugh it off. Isn’t it a wonder how you’ve long gone and moved on, but pieces of you seem to be scattered here still? You’ve left but I do not know if I remember our relationship to be my happiness or my greatest sadness. It’s too damn hurtful of you to share everything I loved and take away a part of it with you. It’s so unfair, so unfair, that I still see the image of you but you are no longer here anymore.
—  AM // when he leaves but the memories don’t
One Hundred Miles Away


Request: oh what about a dad!shawn one where the reader and their 1 year old son surprise him at an ellen interview? (Shawn thought they were in Canada)

Word count: 2,401

One Hundred Miles Away

“Hello everybody and welcome to today’s show! We have the most exciting guest for you and a fully packed show” Ellen started, looking into the camera.

It already gave me butterflies, knowing my hubby Shawn would walk out at any second now. I still can’t believe, I got to keep that one.

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Mark as your boyfriend

When he sees you in the audience.

You like to go to GOT7′s concerts, because you support Mark especially in what he loves to do. You and the other members are friends too, so it’s not uncommon that they invite you and give you tickets. 

Mark being as smooth and subtle as he can be, simply gives you a smile or a wink whenever he sees you in the crowd waving the green lightstick.

Originally posted by tepangel

Him sending you spapchats everyday when he’s overseas on tour.

On tour Mark is always busy but he when he has some time on his hands he will send you little videos to ask about your day or tell you about his.

“Hey, how are you, beautiful?”

“I miss you.”

“I wish you were here with me, babygirl.”

“The tour’s going great! Ahgases are amazing.”

Originally posted by marktuanxgot7

When you fool around.

Although Mark isn’t overly extroverted and loud he still likes to tease you and fool around with you to make you laugh. You often make a hand-gun and point it at him playfully and shoot.

His reactions always bring a smile to his face, either he falls to the floor with yelp or clutches his heart and makes and overdramatic pained expression or to be extra, he makes a backflip. Because he knows you love flying Mark.


Originally posted by gummylee13

Whenever you’re behind the scenes.

You like coming to shooting sites and joke around with the memebers whenever they take a break, but you stay behind the camera to make him laugh and tease him when he’s filming or photoshooting.

“What are you doing, Y/N?”

“Aish, I can’t focus when you keep doing that, baby.”

“I’m sorry I keep laughing, she’s funny though!”

Originally posted by morethangiulia

Him calling you to make sure you’re okay.

More often then not Mark worries for you and cares a lot about your wellbeing, so he would call you in the evenings to make sure you had enough meals, you’re taking care of your body and you’re sleeping enough.

Especially when he’s on tour and he can’t see you in person he would make time for you as often as possible, even he has a tight schedule. If not on tour, he would often call from dance practices or in the studio to promise he’s finishing soon.

“Are you well, Y/N?”

“Have you eaten? What did you have? Was it good?”

“It’s late, babe Aren’t you tired?”

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When you randomly film him.

You like to capture every moment spent with Mark, especially when you’re out on dates together and take loads of pictures, but also when you’re just inside, sitting on a couch, not saying much, simply enjoying the presence of the other.

“Hey, look here.”


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When he’s talking to or about you on TV.

Mark likes to tease you every chance he gets to make you laugh or flustered, because he thinks you’re cute. So when he knows you’re going to watch him and the other members on TV he will make sure to address you one way or another.

“This one’s for Y/N.”

“My girlfriend like it when I do this.”

“It’s fun teasing her like this.”

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BTS Reaction #36 - Their wife being pregnant and they find her adorable

anon asked: Hello! I was wondering if you could do a BTS Reaction to how cute they think their s/o looks pregnant (waddling, looking like you strapped a disco ball to the front of you, your shirts ride up when you reach for something, etc…) lol sorry I didn’t know if I should give examples or not :S .. Anyways  Thank you so much!! ♡ :)   ~this is my first time requesting I’m sorry! ♡

Seokjin: “I always joke around babe, but I’m dead serious when I say I want to paint your stomach to look like a basketball right now.”

He’s constantly touching your stomach, amazed at the size that it’s getting. He also gets really mushy and teary eyed quite often, telling you spontaneously how absolutely stunned he is that this is his life and how lucky he feels to have you and now the baby.

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Namjoon: He’s constantly looking to other people around the two of you as you walk around, giggling and pointing out to them how cute you are.


You’d have to occasionally swat the back of his head to get him to stop grinning and giggling at you like a moron.

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rest of the members below the cut~

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soulmate! Woozi (pt. 2)

anon ask: Could you just do part twos on the the soulmate stories you already had? And I really really love all of this ESPECIALLY WOOZI AND VERNON’s PLEASE WRITE MORE 🙆🏼🙏🏻🙏🏻

a/n: this was really delayed to finish everyone’s but hope you enjoyed!

recap: in which you have a scar symbolizing what your soulmate is most passionate about and it disappears when you touch

part 1

  • you don’t call him 
  • lol no you text him first actually 
  • because you were nervous as hell even if he’s your soulmate 
  • but like the nice kind of nervous you guess 
  • ‘hey this is y/n~' 
  • you text him that night 
  • 'i thought I said call me' 
  • no you didn’t squeal and roll around it your bed, definitely not 
  • without answering his text, you call him 
  • he takes a while to answer 
  • “sorry i had to walk out the practice room bc the guys kept screaming" 
  • "i figured something like that” you laugh 
  • after a short conversation he has to hang up and get back to practice 
  • but it was still perfect 
  • the two of you are really busy after so there’s not much of seeing each other right away 
  • but whenever they’re getting their hair touched up or dyed, woozi is first to go so he can come up stairs with you 
  • in that stuffy little office room afterwards
  • where you two get to know more about each other, having many conversations filled with happiness 
  • it happens on one of those days, the two of you find time 
  • and decide on something 
  • you would come to pledis tomorrow and work in his studio with him  
  • alone 
  • and now you were trying not to stress out about what to where and your music 
  • if the universe put the two of you together, you were going to trust it 
  • the lady at the front desk lets you in after looking at your face 
  • “the studios are down that hall, to the left” she says smiling 
  • nodding, you thank her and excitedly wander down the hall 
  • you come face to face with mingyu as he’s walking out of a room 
  • “ooh noona, are you looking for woozi!?” he says bounding up to you 
  • “yup,” you answer, adjusting the straps on your backpack 
  • “he’s in there” he directs you the studio and leaves waving goodbye 
  • opening the door, you slowly step in 
  • you stare at him, who hasn’t noticed you yet 
  • he’s bobbing his head to the beat with headphones covering his ears 
  • quietly, you settle yourself in the chair beside him and smile 
  • turning his head a bit, not surprised, he slides the headphones off his ears 
  • “how have you been?” he says giving you an eye smile 
  • “it hasn’t even been 24/7 hours yet” you tease 
  • he laughs, the sound filling your heart 
  • “i’ve been great though, how could i not” you say 
  • he turns his head away from your gaze slightly 
  • but a second later, when he meets your eyes again, you can see the tips of his ears redder than before 
  • looking at your shoulder, he sees your backpack 
  • “did you bring your music?" 
  • you nod and pull your laptop and notebook out 
  • as you start the laptop up, you can hear the sound of his breathing, and him scooting closer to you 
  • "may i?” he gestures to the notebook which you hand him 
  • it’s your turn to lean over him, your shoulder less than a centimeter away, but not touching 
  • you don’t know if it’s just you or not, who feels this,,,tension in the air 
  • “i really love this piece” he says almost breathlessly, pulling you out of your thoughts 
  • hoping your face isn’t as red as it feels, you flip to a certain page, “these are the lyrics to it" 
  • watching him as he skims the lyrics, a smile rises to his face 
  • "is it about soulmates?" 
  • making eye contact you nod shyly 
  • something is his eyes change 
  • excitement? mischief? 
  • "how about you record in here?" 
  • you stutter out your words in shock, 
  • "w-what? no, it’s fine i can do it on campus tomorrow" 
  • shaking his head, he smiles, letting you know he was gonna be very stubborn 
  • this is how you end up in the recording booth nervously messing with your lyrics paper 
  • you already listened to svt’s music and heard woozi’s amazing voice
  • and tbh you don’t think your voice is all that special, but not like it needs to be because producing/composing 
  • but you sure as hell weren’t on lee seokmin level 
  • "ready when you are” he says giving you an encouraging smile 
  • taking a deep breathe, you sing, and just focus on your voice coming through the headphones 
  • you stop at a certain part, unsatisfied
  • looking up and your eyes meeting as you both say at the same time 
  • “maybe raise your voice at the end there?" 
  • "i should sing that last part higher right?" 
  • you both just kinda stare at each other surprised 
  • until you giggle, shaking your head then giving him the signal you’re ready to start again 
  • recording doesn’t take long, so soon enough you’re back next to him, pleased 
  • "you know this is a really good song, it'd be just perfect for a solo artist" 
  • you look down and lean forward, trying to hide the smile growing on your face 
  • "maybe-" 
  • you stop yourself short because you leaned a little too close to him 
  • or maybe he was leaning a little too close to you but 
  • if someone took a ruler and measured the distance, you think it would barely hit 5 centimeters 
  • suddenly your brain thinks of those awkward moments in the dramas where shit like this happens
  • the love interest and the main just centimeters apart
  • silence and anticipation hanging over the two of them
  • until someone leans back and everyones’ heart sinks 
  • including the characters 
  • and you’re like no that can’t happen, not today 
  • so something came over you, and you leaned forward and 
  • actually. pressed. your. lips. to. his. 
  • do you hear screaming because pretty sure you’re screaming on the inside
  • and after a moment 
  • you’re really not sure how because your brain has stopped working 
  • his lips begin to move 
  • then less than 5 seconds into this blissful moment  
  • "hey- OKAY NO BYE" the sound of the studio door opening and slamming shut immediately after
  • you hear the voice say, making you and jihoon pull apart 
  • looking at each other like deers in headlights 
  • you two don’t say anything, just stare, with beet red faces 
  • "who was that?” you say, not able to look away from his eyes 
  • “definitely soonyoung" 
  • the both of you focus your ears on the screaming and sounds of feet thundering down the hall
  • "they’re coming for us, right?” you ask already knowing the answer 
  • “yep" 
  • you smile, and quickly bring your hand up to cover your giggle 
  • this action makes him smile 
  • and any awkwardness that could have been there is now gone 
  • until the noise comes closer and all twelve of them fit themselves in the room with the two of you, 
  • staring down at the two of you sitting 
  • "tsk, other people have to sit in those chairs” minghao says simply after looking at the two of you, then leaving 
  • “HYUNG’S A MAN NOW” seungkwan blurts out 
  • and takes one look at jihoons face then bolts 
  • “well you kids go back to doing whatever, have fun~” jeonghan says way too happily
  • and forces seungcheol to help pull the rest of them out 
  • you both catch a glimpse of vernon more clearly, biting into a drumstick
  • “we were gonna tell you guys there’s chicken and pizza but" 
  • "okay out out" 
  • joshua’s the last one to leave and gives one last look 
  • the look 
  • then leaves, closing the door behind him 
  • "i dont know if I’m mortified or-" 
  • "ready to kill them?” you finish for him, tilting your head 
  • “yeah" 
  • you guys are full of giggles today because you bend over laughing while he leans back into his chair chuckling 
  • "I’m hungry, you wanna eat?” he asks, standing up 
  • doing these tiny adorable stretches 
  • you get up also and nod, “starving" 
  • "i don’t want them to bother you so you want to just go buy and eat something at the park?” he suggests, and you can tell he’s nervous about your answer 
  • “it’s a date,” you reply, grinning 
  • you leave your things because you’ll be back, and just take your wallet and phone 
  • he opens the door for you, letting you step through and proceeds to hold his hand out to you bashfully 
  • you place your hand in his and you two walk down the hall hand-in-hand
  • you glance at jihoon 
  • "run run!”
  • so all the front desk lady saw were two people dashing out, with mixtures of their laughter 
  • and then proceeds to see seventeen sprinting to the door, some pressing their faces to the glass and some shaking their heads with smiles 
  • 'why do i think this will be a common occurrence?’ she thinks 
  • oh please, cause it will

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a/n: the cringe is real i know

The Seventeen Soulmate AU Series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


~ admin seri

Working, kind of.

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Pairing: Vernon/Reader

Genre: Fluffy fluff fluff

Work Count: 2k

Summary: Either Vernon serves you and risks screwing up, or he sits in the kitchen until you leave. He chose the latter. 

Author’s note: Seriously, I was about to call this “Vernon with the good hair” just for shits and giggles.I’m really just digging using my weird stories and turning them into imagines I guess. Plus I love dorky Seventeen being bad at flirting. I’m defs going to do more. I even have “Quirky Tales of a Flirting Neophyte” Feat. everyone’s favorite bad flirter. hint hint; he 19 and I don’t think he’s ever properly spoken to a girl in his life. Anyways Enjoy!!

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22. Muffled, from the other side of the door - Stony please and not too angsty hehe. THANKS!

Okay, this is super late nonnie, but thank you so much for the prompt <3 This is my first time writing for Steve/Tony, hope you like it and it’s not too angsty for you!

This is also for @captainstarkreportingforduty​ as a late birthday present, thank you for being awesome and for being the most amazing friend :DD


“You’re gonna have to talk to him sooner or later, you know?”

Steve acknowledged Natasha’s entrance with a nod before looking down at his sketchbook. He always liked to draw whenever he was upset and today was no exception, except this time the subject of this particular sketch was also the reason for his bad mood, and that didn’t help at all.

“He’s just gonna take what I say the wrong way and we’ll end up fighting again.” Nat approached the couch, nudging Steve aside to make space for herself.

“Well, considering you accused him of a reckless adrenaline junkie, I’m not sure how else you wanted him to take that. Rhodey says he’s been in the workshop for two days.”

Steve sighed and buried his face in his hands, fighting back the urge to march down to Tony’s workshop and check on him. Two days wasn’t even close to the longest amount of time he’d spent absorbed in a project, but he usually had Steve or Rhodey to remind him that food was something he needed every few hours or so to function properly, and he always asked JARVIS to lock them out whenever he was in a mood.

“I know! I just- you know I didn’t mean it like that, Nat.” she smiled, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Of course you didn’t Steve, but Tony can’t see that. When you yell at him for being stupid and reckless enough to take a shot for you, it’s because of you love him, and you can’t stand to see him hurt, especially for you.”

Steve blushed, opening his mouth to issue an immediate denial, when Nat laughed, shooting a knowing look in his direction. “Don’t even bother Rogers, every single person on this team knows you think the sun sets and rises on Tony’s shoulders. In fact, I’m pretty sure you spend most of your time doodling “Steve loves Tony” in your sketchbook when you’re not drawing him in the workshop for the millionth time.” She paused. “Well, I’m not sure Tony knows. Although how that’s possible I have absolutely no clue, considering you moon after him even more than he does for you, and the boy’s got it bad.”

“He doesn’t-I-” Steve shook his head, placing his sketchbook down on the table. “I fucked up Nat. He’s cares so much about everyone on this team and he tries so hard to help people because he still can’t see how much of a godamn hero he is, and then I go off and accuse him of risking people’s lives for his own enjoyment. I just - I can’t stand it whenever he throws himself in harm’s way for me, not when the serum can take it.” He swallowed. “Not when he’s the person I love the most in the entire world.”

“Wow. You finally said it. Steve Rogers everyone, finally back from his swim in the Nile.” He laughed, leaning backwards against the couch. “I knew, I just didn’t want to say it, because that would make it real. And if it’s real that means I have to tell him. I need him, Nat. I love him, but more than that I need him. I couldn’t live with wrecking our friendship over this.”

Natasha met his eyes with a considering look. “And how is this any better? Blowing up at him because you’re too afraid to tell him how you feel, pushing him away when you feel too much at the thought that he might get hurt? We’re Avengers, Steve, we stare death in the face on a pretty regular basis, and if you really love Tony, that’s something you’re going to have to accept. He wouldn’t be the man you love if he didn’t risk his life every day to save others, to save you. Don’t make your love a weakness, make a strength. Tell him.”

Steve let out a breath. “Well what the hell am I supposed to say, Nat?” “Tony, I’m so sorry I yelled at you for being reckless, the truth is the thought of you getting hurt in my place tears me up inside because I’m stupidly head over heels in love with you and have been for months?” He heard a loud clatter and looked up, only to find Tony staring at him, mouth open in astonishment, his porcelain coffee mug shattered in pieces across the floor.

“Steve-” Tony started to speak, but Steve was up in an instant, fleeing from the room in a dead run, his breath coming in short panicked breaths as his world compressed down to an overwhelming feeling of sick dread. Tony knew. It was all out in the open now – no more pretending that the sight of Tony half-asleep and incoherent in the mornings didn’t send his heart aflutter, no more biting down a flood of jealousy at the sight of Tony charming investors at a charity gala… Tony knew and it was all over now.

He turned the corner, finally reaching his room before slamming the door shut behind him. He sank to the floor, face in his hands. He always knew Tony never feel the same way about him, but the look of utter shock on his face when he heard Steve’s words was almost too much to bear, as if Tony had never even considered Steve as a romantic possibility.

Suddenly behind him he heard a frantic knock on the door. “Steve? Steve- it’s me.” It was Tony, his voice desperate. At the sound of his voice, Steve looked up. Oh god, just when he thought things couldn’t get worse, now here was Tony was chasing after him, either to offer him comfort before having the “I just want to be friends talk”, or worse, to break off their friendship entirely. Steve cleared his throat, hoping against hope that his voice would remain steady. “Tony, I’m fine, I just – I just need to be alone for while. It’s fine.” It was absolutely, extremely not fine, but it’s not like Steve could open his eyes and suddenly wake up in an alternate universe where instead of being horrified at Steve’s confession, Tony returned his feelings so he didn’t really have any other options.

“No wait Steve you don’t understand! I-“ Steve sighed loudly. Why couldn’t Tony just make things easier for him? Confessing his feelings and being accidentally overhead was bad enough, now he had to put on a brave face about it. He stood up, his hand on the doorknob, when he heard Tony’s voice from the other side of the door “Steve, I’m- I’m in love with you too. I’m sorry I reacted badly, I just didn’t expect it, and I was thought you were still-“

His words were cut off by a loud bang as Steve threw the door open, and there was Tony standing in front of him, tired and like he did after he had spent days on a project in the workshop, but his eyes were bright, there was a small nervous smile on his face. He was the most beautiful thing Steve had ever seen.

“You love me?” his voice came out wobbly and disbelieving, but he couldn’t bring himself to care when Tony grinned and nodded, moving closer into his space. “Yeah, I do.” He looked down before hesitantly tangling their fingers together, sending a curl of warmth through Steve’s stomach. And what you said about the thought of me being hurt because of you tearing you up inside? That’s how I feel whenever you get hurt, so I’m not gonna apologize for taking a hit for you when I can.”

Steve smiled, putting his arms around Tony and pulling him impossibly close. “And why is that?”

Tony laughed, beaming up at him. “Because I love you, jerk.”

  • rolls off the bed every morning
  • really groggy when he wakes up
  • but he always gets up before you
  • cooks breakfast every morning
  • kisses your forehead to wake you up
  • uses a really soft voice in the morning waking you up
  • “morning babe” *kisses forehead* **me proceeds to dieeeee**
  • quiet breakfast usually with him really smiley just watching you eat
  • “stop looking at me”
  • “i cant. you’re so mesmerizing in the morning”
  • or
  • “i cant stop looking at you; i’m trying to memorize everything right now”
  • you would wash the dishes and he would cling onto you
  • brushing your teeth together is always a fun experience
  • back hugs and neck kisses help me please
  • spending quality time watching tv
  • you would get up to grab something and walk past him but he would just grab you and pull you onto his lap
  • and proceeds to hug you
  • and then let you go and be like “okay i’m done. i just wanted to hug you real quick”
  • really likes hugs and cuddling
  • enjoys being the big spoon
  • likes rolling this thumb to massage the back of your shoulders
  • also likes kissing ur shoulders
  • talks in his sleep
  • randomly mumbles “you’re so beautiful” while his eyes are closed
  • and you think he’s sleep talking so you laugh and say thank you
  • but he’s not sleep talking he’s perfectly awake; just resting his eyes so he responds with a “you’re welcome”
  • probably an ear nibbling kind of guy lets be real
  • also the runs his hands through ur hair while making out kind of guy
  • when he’s really tired, he likes to bury his face in your neck
  • i can go on for days talking about hugging him
  • because he probably gives the best hugs
  • bear hugs that really pull you in
  • as if he can’t get close enough
  • hands would travel up and down your spine bc he can’t get enough of you im crying y’all can you hear my tears falling to the ground
  • probably the type to sing while trying to get you to dance with him
  • but ur like “no i’m working on something”
  • but he’s like “you deserve a break”
  • and he always knows how to get you to loosen up whenever you feel stressed
  • spends like a month preparing for your anniversary
  • has a reservation set
  • probably would take you to see the stars
  • yall adopt a cat together
  • the cat always gets in the way when things get heated lols
  • but y’all just laugh it off
  • so in love with you really
  • would look at ur left hand and still be in awe with the fact that you have a ring on that hand
  • “i cant believe you married someone like…”
  • “of course i did, i love you”
  • and he gets all mushy and giggly i love kang daniel 

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can you write a trimberly fic where they're already dating and during an argument one of them says something hurtful, but doesn't realize it cause of how mad she is and the other just gets kind of quiet because she's actually really hurt? super angsty with a happy ending?

Thanks for the prompt!

Kimberly is well aware that her walking personification of an angry cat girlfriend is actually the softest softy to ever soft, and while the other girl mostly keeps to herself, there are various moments when she just drives Kimberly up the wall. She hates when the other woman leaves her dirty clothes all over the bathroom floor, hates when she doesn’t pick up after herself and she ends up tripping over gadgets the Latina steals from Billy’s lab without his knowing, hates that she’s always leaving empty water bottles on the kitchen counter or on the coffee table, and she hates when Trini blasts music while she paints in their apartment on the nights before Kimberly has a big exam. It makes her groan in frustration as she glares down at her notes, reading the same line at least three times before understanding the first half of the sentence.

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