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Request: reddie but eddie is asexual not aromantic so he still dates richie but he doesnt want to have sex with him. Anything involving that lol

// mentions of underage sex / I don’t support Richie wanting to do shit but I wrote as kids my age do. //

Richie makes a lot of innuendos and sex jokes. It’s just something he does, no matter what. No one’s ever thought much of it, not Eddie, and certainly not him. Especially since whenever the awkward boner does happen, he laughs and waits for it to go away.

He’s never made a move on Eddie. Whether it’s because he wants to take things slowly, or he just knows that it won’t be something Eddie’s much interested in it, Richie just hasn’t suggested anything. Yet.

On Eddie’s sixteenth birthday, he sneaks into Eddie’s window that night as he so often does. In his backpack, he has some gifts- flowers, a teddy bear, a mixtape of songs that make him think of Eddie- and a box of stolen condoms. 

For an hour or so, they listen to the music and kiss and cuddle and joke about stupid shit, much in the way they always do. Then Richie sits up and looks down at his hands.

“Hey Eds?”

“Don’t call me that. What?”

Richie almost says nevermind, he’s never done anything either. “I was wondering if you wanted to try having sex? We could take it really slow and I just-”

“I don’t- I don’t really wanna, Rich.”

“Not ready?”

“Don’t think I’ll ever be.”

Eddie half-expects Richie to leave, or look upset, or something. Instead, RIchie just nods and reaches for Eddie’s hands. “If you ever are, cool. If not, just as cool. I love you, Eds, sex or not.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too. Hey, since you’re off the table, I’m gonna head to your mom’s room-”

Eddie playfully smacks Richie’s shoulder, but there’s no malice.

Taylor how does it feel to know that when you met me I was a just a shy little freshman and now I’m literally a senior (even tho people tell me I still look 12) and about to be a legal “adult”? Do you feel old yet cause I do!??!!!! When we met I was so quiet lol like when I came up to you I could barely talk to you and it was lowkey embarrassing but when I think about it now I honestly just laugh back at that memory because when it first happened, I was mortified that I didn’t say absolutely everything I had been building up to say to you for the past 8 years buttt now I realize it’s okay. Because of you and the incredible experience you gave me to meet you I really think it’s helped me so much to grow into myself and become more of who I want to be. I’ve become more outspoken, you really taught me to stop letting people walk all over me and stand up for myself but still remain kind hearted to other. You’ve helped me to just become more confident in myself in general, more confident in my beliefs and my work and overall just happier with myself than I’ve ever been and I just can’t thank you enough for that. We hung out together for only a couple of hours but those hours have made such a great impact on my life and my personality and I’m so grateful to you for that.


Shimura Doubutsuen [2017.06.24]
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to buy the iwachan nendo to accompany my oiks one… or the others hmmMM

loljk too broke to get any of the new nendo /sobs/



Favorite moment / scene :: Epilogue 001: ComebackWhere Miyuki couldn’t play and Kuramochi is the most motivational substitute captain ever.


Forgotten/Cut characters of Game of Thrones + Tumblr textposts

Fanon Fenris vs. Canon Fenris

idea at the behest of @her-majestys-watchdog

fanon fenris #1: overly angry. insults, demeans, or even attacks mages unnecessarily. hates people using healing magic on him. insufferably grumpy. rolls his eyes at puns and hawke’s jokes. borderline alcoholic. in need of having his views “changed”. 

fanon fenris #2: submissive. incapable of doing things on his own. typical blushy blushy ‘tsundere’ type. constantly at hawke’s whim.

fanon fenris #3: blames his actions on others. runs away from literally every problem. never confronts those problems. sucks at communication. angered if countered on said issues.

fanon fenris #4: overreacts to everything. sensitive crybaby. trauma played for the ~angst~. over the top vulnerable. seemingly fragile. 

canon fenris: intelligent. polite. respectful. often apologises for his anger. understands magic has positive uses and not all mages are inherently bad. “healing would be welcome” when low health. laughs at bad/sex jokes. tackles anything he is capable of without hawke. bitter but can still put that aside to have fun with friends. only shown drinking on two occasions. occasionally goes a bit overboard with his distrust of mages in response to certain situations.


Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus

tfw you almost break OOC because co-star is too funny

  • Furukawa Yuta as Sebastian Michaelis
  • Uchikawa Reo as Ciel Phantomhive
  • Takagi Shun as Fred Abberline
  • Izumi Shuhei as Undertaker

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The following is a rough transcript of my own recorded video footage (which I’m still trying to convert since I lost the USB cord and am currently looking for it lol). 

Q&A: If you guys could do, like, any kind of movie genre, what would you do? Since I personally think Jared – er, Jensen and Misha should be in a romcom.

Jared: [pause] [smirk on face] …I’d direct that.

Jensen: [holds back a laugh-snort, schools expression] You’ve never directed anything.

Jared: That’s my point. I’d direct that.

Jensen: That’s what it’ll take. The scenario. You’re like - “No, okay, I can’t pass up this opportunity”

Jared: [folds hands, begs] Please please please please.

[Jared provides a serious answer]

Jared: In the meantime it [inaudible] – I’d be directing a romcom with this guy. And wherever Mishkavich is.

Jensen: I’ve said it before. I’d love to do a Western…slash romcom with Misha.

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@ mike faist and harry styles, explain yourselves.

How High?
  • “I didn’t have any money for food, so I searched ‘pizza slideshows’ on YouTube & watched videos of pizza until I fell asleep." 
  • "I searched for 20 minutes to find the burger I’d been eating, so I walked 7 blocks to McDonald’s to get another one before realizing it was in my hand the entire time. I had eaten half of it on the way there." 
  • "My friend and I were playing Mario Cart Racing in Nintendo 64. We finished the race & both got excited because we placed 1st. Turns out, I was watching her screen the whole time & my character on my screen was stuck banging into a wall." 
  • "I cuddled with my warm laundry for 20 minutes." 
  • "I smoked a bowl and began to drive home - an hour away. I developed an intimate bond with the truck in front of me. I felt like it was my mama elephant & I was its baby holding onto its tail. I nearly cried when the truck changed lanes." 
  • "The ticket said, 'Found in a tree; attempted assault on officers; tried to pass as a monkey.’" 
  • "I went to my communications class. The teacher asked me to do a quick introduction speech, so I said 'hi, my name is’, laughed for 2 minutes, apologized, walked out, & immediately dropped the class." 
  • "I asked my mom why she would accuse me of smoking in her house, & she said 'because you’re holding a joint.’" 
  • "I was dancing around in my room to the most upbeat song ever, only to realize it was actually the wind. After deciding Lady Gaga ain’t got shit on the wind, a bird started chirping & I started smiling at the idea of a bird coming in, yelling out "REMIX” & joining in on the song.“ 
  • "I watched a bug snapper for an hour by myself, & I screamed "MAN DOWN” whenever a mosquito flew into it.“ 
  • "I just held up my headphone to an ant I found because I was listening to techno & thought he might want to rave." 
  • "I got in the shower & realized my socks were still on. Instead of taking them off, I made up a song about having socks on in the shower. It was awesome." 
  • "I was playing a video game where I was riding around on a horse, my friend turned to me & said, 'this is the greatest movie I’ve ever seen.’" 
  • "Our dad came in to check on us. I was sitting on my bed laughing at nothing & when he looked at me, I tried to hide behind my slice of pizza." 

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I'm still laughing cause Goth calls all version of Geno mom. He calls naomiiisenju's geno 'mom', he calls fatal 'mom' and i think there's more? If he meets MCQ geno would he call him 'mom'? Sorry for thus long random question.

yup definitely- sorry @alainaprana