i still laugh at that now

I just received a FB Messenger chat from my ex from 12 years ago. We’re still friends on all our social medias, but we just never saw each other or chat for 7 years now.


He just started the message by carrying on with our last chat … from 2010. (”to answer your last message, kudos to you too!”).


Shout Out to a Movie Night Group That Really Brought About These Movie Nights!

As most of you may know, this is the @mmncommunity!

The mods of this blog were the ones who truly sparked the movie nights - during the best time we’d need them, too. The huge collaboration came about during the period after Daniel’s death, when the news was still fresh and striking to others.

And they still now have such a large following. I’ve been recently talking with the mod @tired-alexander, who, along with @paradeform, @jackslittlehelper and @rainpersona brought about great bonds and laughs. Whether or not they’re still doing movie nights, is apparently been a struggle to determine.

Either way, their legacy SHOULD live on as a community project that brings so many people together, especially after such a tragedy.

If you haven’t already, PLEASE check them out, and chat with each other at their movie nights, if and when more are scheduled. It would mean the absolute world.

Feel free to check out mine, sure. But, please don’t forget about @mmncommunity and the mods, for the legacy they’ve set out.

Thank you all, and have a great day.

“Did the doctor send you?” Keith asked reverently, mouth agape and cracker already forgotten. His voice was hoarse. “Are… Are you a model?”

Lance immediately started to laugh, tucking one of his legs under his chin and settling back into the creaky hospital chair. “No, no,” he chuckled, nerves being replaced with entertainment for now.

“Woah,” Keith said slowly, more breath than word. He was still for almost a full minute, eyes just roving over an increasingly uncomfortable Lance. He was about to call the doctor in and make sure everything was alright when Keith whispered, still wonderstruck: “You are the prettiest man i’ve ever seen.”

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I just saw Liam's tweets... why am I laughing? I don't even know if I believe it... but I'm here laughing and... I don't know why

Yeah I’m a human shrug atm.

Speaking of which I have a chiam PSA - I am making the choice not to reblog or even really acknowledge anything about babygate 2.0 right now because I still don’t know what I think and I don’t want to spam the people who follow me who are positive it’s fake with it in the mean time because I know how frustrating it is to see that all over your dash.

If I change my mind and form a more solid opinion I promise I will let you know and give everyone a heads up so people can choose to unfollow me or blacklist certain topics or whatever.

I just want to make sure everyone knows that I don’t have a clue wtf is going on and rather than forcing myself to settle on an opinion I am going to sit back and observe how things progress.

I cry, again.

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700 what now?  Can you guys please stop making me cry because this is too much.  

700?  Like 7-0-0?  Seven hundred?  I can’t even believe it.  

Thank you guys so much. 

For everything.  For the support, for the laughs, and the tears, and the feelings, and just everything.  This has been a hell of a ride, joining tumblr, and there is lots - and I mean lots - more to come.  

I already set up my celebration for 700 SPRING HAS SPRUNG CHALLENGE- go check that out if you haven’t already!  I have lots of prompts still to give out!

I am thinking for my next celebration I want to do some drabbles again because that was too fun.   Here is the masterlist for my last drabbles, for 400 followers, and I think I am going to do something similar?  Maybe?  Or I was thinking of doing a drabble-a-day kinda thing for the month of May (when school is finally over) but we shall see. 

And… yeah!  Thanks again, you lovely beautiful humans. Never change. 

((and there may or may not be some Spock fluff already in my drafts ready to be posted tomorrow in celebration for 700 followers - be ready)) 

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My close guy friend and I started speaking everyday for about 2 months. We've never got with eachother, but we stayed over at a party and he began touching me. It wasn't awkward the next day, we laughed. He would tell me how he'd want to have sex with me and how he wants to be my first. But now, we barely talk outside of school and I genuinely really like him, but I can't help but feel he still likes his ex even tho he says he's over her, they still meet and I reckon they still have sex.

Talk with him darling. It’s the only way to find out the truth. What he will tell might hurt you, but it’s better than worrying like this.


hey guys, me and sirius just talked, and we decide that from now on, we will be answering all asks once a week. as of right now, we have decided on saturday, and we will answer everything you send us.

we love talking to you all, it’s one of our favourite parts of this account. the reason that we’re doing this is because most of our content is asks. we don’t want you to stop sending them, we really do love them, but we won’t be answering them immediately. honestly, we will probably read them still and laugh or smile at what you guys say, but we won’t answer until saturday.

please continue to send as many asks as you do now, because (i can’t say it enough) we love hearing from you and knowing that what we do is appreciated and that we are making people happy. we just can’t keep up with all the asks and trying to post texts.

because this is happening, we plan to post texts a lot more often. please continue to send your ideas too, (your ideas are usually better than ours, and you can make anything in your crazy, beautiful imaginations happen) but we will not respond right away.

if you’re really upset about this, please tell us in the comments and we will consider changing it. this is about what you guys want, but the point of this account is to post texts. this isn’t because we’re annoyed by asks or that we don’t want to talk to you, if that was true, we’d just turn off the asks. we just can’t keep up with all of them. we will still be having ask sirius and remus sessions, and those are an exception. we just want you guys to enjoy this, so please give us your feedback. we want to make this account as fantastic as possible, so please comment on this or send us asks with your input. thank you so much for reading this, you’re all amazing.❤️ -remus
Ok, I know the whole fandom will probably hate me for this but what about villain!All Might…?

Just twist his catchphrase and you have a pretty creepy villain; “It’s over now….for I am here!

He’s so confident in his own success that he doesn’t bother to be subtle, just smashes into view and laughs.
He could even use his ‘no might’ form against people, misleading people into helping him in before activating his quirk. As much as I love both of his forms, I’m pretty sure a skelletal villain cackling as he spits blood would be pretty damn terrifying.

Even worse he’d still have a likeable personality, all show buisness and flare that is both terrifying and entertaining. He’d have secret fans that watch any video he’s part of even if it made them sick to their stomache because he’s just too charming not to watch. Any fight with a hero would be heart stoppingly tense, everyone wanting to believe that good will triumph but every time things are looking good he’d just punch someone through a damn building and it would be chaos again. He could probably kill all of his opponents but leaves them alive to see them suffer for their defeat and for the thrill of a rematch that could possibly be hos last. Maybe Izuku uses All Mights tactics and brovado to become a hero that can combat the evil he brings, or maybe he is lured into villainy through his fanboy obsession? Idk.

Basically One for All and All Might kinda switch places with less careful planning on All Mights side (he doesn’t seem the type to be too crafty, he’d just want to make an impression). I’d call him All Spite….because I’m unimaginative.

An interview with the Independent 2013

The last time Jemma Redgrave gave a proper, full-on newspaper interview was in July 2010, just a couple of months after the deaths of her aunt Lynn Redgrave and her father Corin Redgrave and just over a year after the skiing accident that killed her cousin, Natasha Richardson – an awful succession of loss that the interviewer described as giving her face “the look that grief gives, as if a layer has been washed away”.

Three years later, and Redgrave appears outwardly restored – friendly, warm and unpretentious, with an unexpectedly hearty laugh that wouldn’t disgrace Basil Brush. If she remains huddled under her coat in the well-heated bowels of the Soho Hotel in London, then it’s because today she is sniffing her way through a cold.

“It was a couple of months after he [Corin] died, so I was quite raw,” she says of that 2010 interview. “I still feel the same now, just not with the same intensity.” We talk more about her father and other relatives later, and not altogether mellifluously when I reveal that some of my research came by way of a biography of the Redgraves despised by her family.
First and more happily, however, we discuss her work. Since leaving drama school, Redgrave has been a regular on television, most prominently as the titular Victorian doctor in ITV’s Bramwell. Thanks to its huge global fanbase, however, her role in Doctor Who, in which she debuted last year as Kate Stewart (the daughter of the much-loved Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, played by the late Nicholas Courtney from 1968 to 1989) is set to eclipse all that has gone before, when she returns in the 50th- anniversary episode “The Day of the Doctor”.

So far we know that this “love letter to the fans” has been filmed in both 2D and 3D, and will see the return of David Tennant and Billie Piper alongside Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman, as well as John Hurt as a previously unknown incarnation of the Doctor, plus Daleks, Zygons and a visit to Elizabethan England. Otherwise, a strict omerta prevails around the 75-minute episode that will be shown simultaneously around the world as well as in cinemas. That’s next Saturday – quite the event.

“What can I tell you about the 50th anniversary? Practically nothing,” she says, giving me a first taste of her pleasingly full-throttle laugh. “When the job offer came in my agent said, ‘You mustn’t tell anybody about this,’ and I thought, 'What am I going to tell the kids?’ It’s like joining M15.” The cat finally exited the bag when scenes were filmed in Trafalgar Square. “The news hit the Twittersphere and within half-an-hour of our being there, there were people with Tom Baker scarves on… people with Tardis safety covers on their iPhones,” she says. “It was a huge relief to be able to tell people.”
Redgrave’s peak Doctor Who-viewing years were the early 1970s, when, classically, she’d watch from behind the sofa. “I would then have terrible nightmares,” she says. “My dad said he would take me to the BBC studios so I could see the Daleks – and that frightened me even more.” Does she meet one in the anniversary special? “Can I tell?” she asks the publicist sitting in on the interview, who signals her assent. “In that case, yes, I come across a Dalek. There was no acting required. It was a scarifying moment.”

Anything else she can tell? “I work with more than one Doctor… oh, and I worked with more than one Tardis as well.” Intriguing, or at least it will be to Whovians. “The community of Who fans have been very kind to me,” she says. “Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart was such a loved character and I think people were very open to his daughter making an appearance and, hopefully, touch wood, making more appearances in the future.” So, she’ll be back? “I think Peter Capaldi is a very exciting prospect as the new Doctor, so that would be wonderful.”

Born in January 1965, Redgrave is five days younger than her cousin Joely Richardson, whose parents are Vanessa Redgrave and the film and play director Tony Richardson; Joely’s sister, Natasha Richardson, was born two years earlier. In the flesh, she bears a far more striking resemblance to her late cousin than she does when photographed – or, at least, I’d never noticed such similarity before.
Her paternal grandparents were the actors Sir Michael Redgrave and Rachel Kempson, an acting dynasty, if you like… although Aunt Vanessa doesn’t like, insisting that “dynasty implies power – we’re a family of professional actors. It’s like coming from a family of carpenters or plumbers.” “I think that’s about right,” agrees Jemma (née Jemima). “I associate dynasties with huge corporations… the Murdochs… it feels like a family and quite a few of us are actors.”

When did she first become aware that she belonged to this extraordinary clan? “I remember one of my teachers at primary school used to call me Vanessa by mistake, and I couldn’t understand why and then, of course, later it became clear,” she says. “It just seemed very normal to me – like everybody’s family seems normal until you realise no one else’s family is like that.” Was it inevitable that she would follow in the family profession? “No, not at all. None of my brothers are actors – I’ve got three brothers – Luke is a cameraman, Harvey is a civil servant and Arden is training to be a primary-school teacher. A mixed bag.
"I remember once on my grandmother’s birthday, my dad was filming In the Name of the Father (the 1993 Daniel Day-Lewis film about the Guildford Four) in Ireland and my aunt and my brothers… a big lot of family… were driving round from here to there in a minibus, having a lovely time and breaking into songs, and my brother Luke heard Harvey mutter to himself, 'I was born into the wrong family.’”
Her own sons with barrister husband Tim Owen, Gabriel and Alfie, are aged 19 and 13; Gabriel has just started an English degree at Sussex University. Are there any signs of a new generation of thespians? “There are going to be one or two more… possibly… but I think it’s important that they speak for themselves,” she says – a statement in stark contrast to Laurence’s Olivier’s very public announcement of the birth of Vanessa Redgrave, after a performance of Hamlet at the Old Vic, that “Laertes [played by Michael Redgrave] has a daughter.” Vanessa could hardly grow up to be an accountant after that.
It was Jemma Redgrave’s grandmother, Rachel Kempson, who took her – aged five – to her first play, Peter Brook’s RSC production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, followed by more Shakespeare, watching her father in Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra. “Complicated theatre really… not Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which I took my children to see.”

Her parents, Corin and former fashion model Deidre Hamilton-Hill, divorced when Redgrave was nine, by which time her father, like her aunt Vanessa, was deeply involved in far-left politics in the shape of the Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP). “We’d been taken to demonstrations when I was very young,” she recalls. “This was the late 1960s, early 1970s, and everybody was demonstrating about something.
"It’s difficult to explain it now… you know the whole Ed Miliband thing with the Daily Mail and 'it’s very important to know where he comes from… very, very left-wing views were expressed round his breakfast table'… well, they were discussed round the breakfast tables of a lot of people who grew up at that time. The children of those people weren’t brainwashed.”

Certainly this child isn’t without her own political causes: Redgrave was a prominent member of the Stop the War movement protesting at Blair and Bush’s 2003 invasion of Iraq. (“There’s no joy in being proved right.”) She also helps at a Red Cross refugee centre in Islington, north London. What she can’t stand is that any political movement would espouse a cause to the detriment of family life. “I resented the WRP, because my dad was unavailable to me and to my brother because there were such extreme demands made on everybody who became a member of that party,” she says.
In her book, To Be a Redgrave, her mother recalls Jemma and her cousins Natasha and Joely sitting round the kitchen table discussing how much they hated the WRP. “Vanessa was involved in the WRP for a while so we did have a similar experience, yeah,” she says. I add that I’m surprised that she has stated that she has never read her mother’s autobiography. “My mum was very angry with my dad for a very long time and I didn’t really want to divide my loyalty,” she explains. “The least complicated path through that particular difficulty was not to read it.”

Another contentious book is one that I had blithely borrowed from my local library, The House of Redgrave by Tim Adler, unaware that it had been lambasted by the family for an outrageous false claim that Vanessa Redgrave had once come home to find her husband, Tony Richardson (director of the original Royal Court production of Look Back in Anger and Oscar-winning British New Wave film-maker), in bed with her father, Sir Michael Redgrave.
“You can’t libel the dead so [Adler] can make up what he likes… I don’t even want to comment on it,” she says, before adding: “That book was written by a man who got in touch with my cousin Tasha and said that he wanted to write a book about her dad and that he was a huge fan. She did a bit of investigating and she said that she wasn’t going to help him. He wasn’t a huge fan of Tony’s. This is a man whose work was groundbreaking and changed the landscape of theatrical and cinematic culture in this country. And to reduce him to his sexuality… it's… yeah.”

A long silence follows and we talk about other things to get the conversation flowing again – of her recent house move across north London, her cottage in Wales and her pet Labrador. And then our time is up and she is whisked off for a photo-session with the marvellous Dan, who soon has her booming with laughter again. After the shoot, I tell her that I will return the despised book to the library forthwith. “Or burn it,” she says. “No we can’t start burning books. Oh, all right – perhaps just this once.”

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how do you feel about the spoilers? what do you think will happen

honestly? i don’t care.

spoilers do nothing but cause anxiety and it all seems completely unnecessary to me. i mean i understand people freaking out, but still.

in my opinion, the worst part is over. yeah, he cheated, it sucks, but it happened and now were moving forward. no matter how angry and upset we get we can’t change what this storyline is so we may as well just sit and try to enjoy it. 

magazine spoilers are never 100% reliable (i’m still laughing about the fact they edited that spoiler picture of robert and rebecca, like what are you doing) and the wording always has to be taken with a pinch of salt. genuinely the only part that got my back up was the ‘he should have just rang a friend’ bit, because he isn’t exactly the most popular person, but can she really be considered a friend if she has a complete disregard for his consent. but whatever.

basically, to answer your question, i’m just going to sit back and watch. personally, i don’t think they’ll go down the route that everyone is thinking, and if they do we’ll deal with it, just like everything else. 

speculation is the root of all evil 

Everybody says ‘not a day goes by that I haven’t thought about you’ and I felt like that was the stupidest saying because one day you would forget. One day you wouldn’t think of her. One day everything would be great and you’d make it all the way through without memories popping into your head. It was just bound to happen. But then it happened to me. A year gone by and not a single day that she hadn’t been on my mind. And it’s not like it just happens once and then the rest of the day is normal. It’s constant memories. It’s pictures in my head. It’s voicemails. It’s her smile when I close my eyes. It’s her laugh that I still hear. It’s her hazel eyes that are branded into my thoughts. So now I don’t take it lightly when someone says 'not a day goes by that I haven’t thought about you’ because I’ve been through it and it’s a pain I would never wish on anyone.

so since bob won the cup with the pens in ‘91 that means he was probably friends with jaromir jagr. obviously jaromir jagr is still playing in the nhl and now jack is playing.

do you think that when they first played each other jack tried to chirp him about being old or whatever and jags was like “remember that stanley cup i won with your dad? i watched you take a shit in it with my own two eyes. shut the fuck up jaques laurent”

when jack called bob to complain bob just laughed until jack hung up.