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It’s My Job

Lin x Reader

Word Count- 6,985 (I don’t know what happened.)

Warnings- A tiny bit of swearing, and a hospital theme throughout. But it’s super fluffy!
It’s set in London (mainly because I’m from the UK and writing things set in my country is easier while I’m just starting!) and it’s also in my dream land where Lin is playing Hamilton in London when it comes. Also, please excuse my basic/mediocre medical knowledge.

A/N- I’ve had this written for a while but I didn’t know when to post it. Especially with An Ocean Away still in full swing. But I’ve bitten the bullet and I’m just going to go for it. It’s a biggie, so I’ve split it with lines in case anyone needs a break in between. I hope you all enjoy it! 


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When I was little I was bullied for my pale skin. I was told I was sickly. To cheer me up my dad bought me my first Snow White vhs and man did I connect with her so much. She made me feel pretty. I burned through 3 vhs tapes and I still know every line by heart. She's a very important to me and whenever I see hate for her I feel sad. Thanks for not hating my girl. 😊

I could and do not hate any of the princesses! They’re all so good and beautiful in their own ways and must all be protected!

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So am I the only one that wanted you to keep writing Buck stops here?!?! LIKE HARRY STYLES AS PRIME MINISTER! YES PLEASE!!!

KHSDFKJSHDF I LOVE YOU SO MCUH THIS MADE MY DAY. believe it or not i still plan on writing it and finishing it up! it’s nearly been a year since the last update! but i’m still oddly really passionate about the plot even after all this time. i’ll come back to it, i know i will. i think it’s one of my favorites. so i know it’ll get done. harry still hasn’t properly found out about his daughter or met her has he?? it definitely gets interesting….i’ll give you a little looksie into the future plot…this bit here happens further down the line but….here you go…

Going forward there would be a lot of rules, she has yet to keep making more and telling Harry about them but there are probably plenty. If this is how it’s going to be, if this is what they’ve decided, then rules would just have to be part of this deal as well. 

“Rule one, you can’t tell her who you are.” She picks up her daughter’s scattered shoes off the floor before someone slips on them. 

“Then who is she going to think I am? The bloody pizza delivery man?” 

“She does know who you are.” She says obviously and Harry’s eyes get big. 

“As her dad?” 


“Then how?” 

“She’s very politically educated.” She shrugs. “Like I said, they’re learning about these elections in school. Who’s who, what’s what.” 

“Your daughter isn’t she?” He asks rhetorically, looking down mindlessly at the picture frames on the windowsill. It’d be odd if is some of the spirited girl he went to U.N.I with didn’t rub off on her daughter he thinks. 

“Yes.” She answers quickly. 

“Has she got a favorite?” He looks back up from the family pictures in the frames. 

“You can ask her that yourself.” She shrugs. “She’ll tell you.” 

daddariosmuffin replied to your post: i knew in my bones if they do the cheating…

I KNOW as someone who has experience with that it really touched me. And the acting was superb from Nicola! I hope she redeems herself and becomes the mother these kids deserve

i know i feel you during the whole scene i had this really weird deja vu feeling like….. it hit so close to home, that i still hasnt been able to rewatch that scene ngl. nicola was so so so so amazing im so glad they finally gave her something to work it because yes she does the cold mother wonderfully but this??? was so beautiful??? all the emotions?? god i really hope they are working on her redemption now and give her a nice arc to how to become a good parent i mean already between the lines when she said izzy can not know about the cheating… because it would broke her… i just want more caring maryse i really really do

Apologies if there are more spelling mistakes/typos in my posts and messages at the moment. I’m still setting up all the stuff with my new laptop (I learnt that keyboard configurations are differnet in the UK, when, because I set my language to British English, it did the same for the keyboard and I couldn’t find the $ or the @ keys!). One thing I don’t have at the moment are squiggly red lines under mispelt words anymore! So I do my best…but I know I miss stuff.


CNN’s Brian Stelter exposes the fascistic nature of Trump and Press Sec. Spicer spouting lies to the press and intimidating the media through a series of ESSENTIAL questions.

Look, I know that we can all list off a million and one ways the current news media is garbage and problematic. But they are still our last imperfect line of defense from Trump’s authoritarianism and he is trying to dismantle it. The danger in that is clear.

What she says: I’m fine. 

What she means: The final battle between Azula and Zuko may be simultaneously the most beautiful piece of animation ever made and the most beautiful fight choreography ever produced, in addition to which the soundtrack for the battle is so spine-tinglingly good that it deserves an award all to its own and I know it’s like eight years down the line but seriously people should still be talking about it why aren’t we making more media for youth which is this high in quality? 

“I thought I was going to work until I died. But they came in and told me that I was too old and that I didn’t know the computer. They thought I was obsolete. If that’s true—then how did I get so far without the computer? I’ve got that computer in my head. I can design the whole process. I can start with a blank sheet of paper and cycle the whole line: the robots, the tooling, everything. That was my life. At night when I go to sleep, I’m still building welding lines. There were only 1800 of us in this town that could do it. And each of us had our own style. People could recognize Norm Szewsky’s work. But you know what happened? They took all 1800 of our brains, and they put them in a computer. So now a guy who don’t know nothing can just press a button, and out comes a clamp. Oh well, I don’t really give a shit. I’m checking out soon.”


Epic Party Rap Battle

At least I could say I tried : /

Based on @promiscuous-jalapeno Rap Battle HC

Please don’t mind the BG lyrics, I just threw some random rap lines I improvised lol. This comic should’ve been done by a better artist, but no one did…So… I tried… Hi… plz don’t be disappointed ; v ;

And Zen never realised his phone was upside down all along

EDIT :I wanted to post this comic for a WEEK now, but I don’t know why I can’t upload pics with my computer anymore ! It just never loads ?? And it still doesn’t work… So I used my phone Yea I became THIS desperate. If only it was quality content.. No it’s not… But it’s something… So I decided to add a little doodle : Mista Tru$t Fund Kid.

Shiro: Hey Pidge, is it possible for us to modify my arm? I want to turn it into a gun.

Pidge: I’ll have to ask Coran and Hunk, but we can probably cobble up something. Do you not like your glowy hand anymore?? 

Shiro: Oh no, the laser hand is still cool and all, it’s just that Hunk and I have spent all day coming up with some awesome “welcome to the gun show” lines, and I really wanna use them.

Kenma recognizes him from the broad lines of his back and the strong muscles that cover his shoulders and biceps. He doesn’t move much but when he does, they ripple like water, flowing so smoothly it’s mesmerizing. Kenma can’t see much at all; there’s no moon out and the street lights are down, but he knows this body well enough.

Kenma opens the door softly and steps out. From the slightest stiffening of Iwaizumi’s shoulders, he knows the man is aware of his presence, which is impressive since he’s always been quiet in his movements. He walks forward and grabs onto the railing, the cold metal biting into his skin.

“Can’t sleep?”

It’s rare for Kenma to initiate a conversation. It isn’t lack of interest so much as it is the fact that he’s rarely comfortable enough to start talking to someone. But his curiosity is far too great when it comes to Iwaizumi. The man is different from the others in the band. He never asks Kenma questions, never tries to pry, and respects his personal space, though he does smile at him occasionally and he makes great coffee.

Iwaizumi doesn’t turn to look at him but he smiles a little, his dimple barely visible. “Yeah, it’s just one of those nights, you know?”

Kenma nods because he does in fact know. Leaning forward, he rests his chin on the metal and winces when the cold hits him harder than he expected, but it’s not a bad sensation. The wind feels nice, just this side of chilly, and the silence is welcome. They don’t live in a good neighborhood, and there’s always fighting and loud music and an absurd amount of yelling.

But on this night, at 2:47 in the morning, with the stars hiding behind the clouds and the moon nowhere in sight, Kenma has never liked this place better. Iwaizumi’s presence is strangely comforting, and the sound of his every inhale followed by a soft exhale makes Kenma unconsciously sync with him.

“Do you like it here so far?”

The tone of Iwaizumi’s voice makes it abundantly clear that Kenma is free to ignore the question if he wants to. He appreciates that, and decides to answer honestly.

“Haven’t really been here long enough to decide,” he says, eyes sliding shut, “but I think I’m going to stay just a little longer, if that’s alright with you.”

Iwaizumi huffs out a laugh, and it’s strangely endearing. “No problems here.” He brings the cigarette to his lips and takes a long drag, and Kenma watches as he blows out the smoke with a sigh, a white cloud forming into the silent darkness of the night. The metal of his tongue piercing shimmers when the headlights of a passing car shines on it, and Kenma’s breath hitches in his throat.

Iwaizumi offers him the cigarette without turning to look at him and Kenma accepts it gratefully. He takes a generous drag of his own and the feel of the smoke calms him with its familiarity. Blowing out the smoke with a lengthy exhale, he hands it back to Iwaizumi, and he feels a new bond form. It’s intimate in a way he’s never felt before, warm even when it’s cold, and he actually likes it. Might even get used to it.

He finally turns to face the man and takes in his profile, and it keeps surprising him, how handsome the raven-head really is. “Has Kuroo always been this insufferable?”

Iwaizumi’s eyes widen at the question before he starts laughing, loud and deep, and Kenma finds himself smiling along.

“You could say that, though Oikawa is right up there with him.” Iwaizumi winks, a playful smile dancing on his lips, “Don’t tell him I said that though.”

Kenma covers his mouth dramatically and Iwaizumi nods his approval. The two grin and face the street again.

The view isn’t terrible, if Kenma’s being honest. They aren’t high enough for him to feel anxious, but he can easily see the park a few metres away. A sigh of content escapes him and Iwaizumi mirrors it and they just stand there, shrouded by the comfortable silence between them that mingles with the silence of the night.

It’s nice, Kenma decides. It’s nice.

Hurricane AU

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justin in a disinterested monotone: I cast prestidigitation and shoot sparks out of my fingers. cast minor illusion put myself in a dope outfit and start walking down the catwalk with all the style and panache I can muster. which is, I should know, a fucking lot.
griffin laughing: yeah roll charisma
justin still in a fucking monotone: oh that– that’s weird I got 30 because it’s so fucking fly. that’s very strange and interesting.

listen, i love jack ‘it’s only minus ten out i can wear shorts out’ zimmermann as much as everyone else but as anyone who lives in a cold place can tell you, we get VERY worried about people from warm places who clearly Do Not Understand How To Winter. 

and while bitty is very good at bundling up he clearly doesn’t know what to wear out (he wouldn’t have to wear so many layers if he had good winter clothes after all) and it is Very Upsetting to jack. so every single time bitty visits jack starting from october, jack has another piece of high quality winter clothing waiting for him, whether it be double layered mittens, wool-lined boots, or a coat that feels like duvet. 

so even though bitty still complains bitterly about the winter and (more amusedly) about jack’s wintery mother hen tendencies (”jack it’s the third of october, i don’t need woolen socks”) he’s at least warm which makes jack’s heart as toasty as bitty’s toes. 

Valentine’s Day Starters:

“Thanks for the [flowers/chocolate], but I’m allergic.”

“Well, at least it was romantic up until I spilled the champagne on you.”

“Hey, come design custom, dysfunctional candy hearts with me.”

“So you’re my blind date?”

“Hey, I need your help. I bought you the biggest teddy bear they had in the store, and now I can’t carry it by myself.”

“Roses are red violets are blue, I can’t write poems for shit but I still love you.”

“Who are the flowers for?”

“I bet I know worse pick up lines than you do.”

“It’s technically for Valentine’s Day, but it’s also a ‘thanks for putting up with my stupid ass all this time’ gift.”

“I got you flowers.”

“I thought you’d look cute/handsome in this.”

“Please don’t be sad, I bought you three bags of candy.”

“I tried to make chocolate covered strawberries for you, but now I’m confused and you have to help me.”  

“I know Valentine’s Day is supposed to be for couples only, but I wanted you to have this anyway.”

“Did you know there’s a 'Why I Must Have Sex With You’ Checklist? Also, did you know I bought it?”

“Why is Valentine’s Day the one day of the year we call stalkers 'secret admirers’?”

“I’d kiss you, but my breath smells like the fish I had at dinner.”

“I love you, but your [mom/dad] scares the crap out of me.”

“Okay, I made you a heart-shaped cake, but it coincidentally broke in half, so please don’t read too far into that.”

“Please just pretend to be my boyfriend/girlfriend so the creepy person leaves me alone.”

“Thanks for the gift, but I’m pretty sure this is the half-eaten chocolate bar I left in the fridge.”

“Oh my god, you just gave me the first Valentine I’ve ever received.”

“I got you a new perfume/cologne for Valentine’s Day because I can’t stand that one you wear now.”

“I bought handcuffs because I thought it’d be sexy, but now I can’t get out of them.”

“On a scale of one to pathetic, what does sending myself chocolates at work so my colleagues think someone likes me fall under?”

“I’ll be in my bedroom pretending that I don’t exist and that I don’t know what day today is.”

“Even though I’m not going anywhere because I’m alone, at least I look really good.”

“Before you try anything, I have my period today, so you’ll be getting nothing.”

“Today someone threw a candy heart at my head that said, 'you piss me the fuck off’.”

“You’re so out of my league. Good for me.”

“Hey! Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, don’t think that gives you permission to put your ice cold feet on me.”

“Oh my god, how did you know I wanted this?”

Find You (Part 1)

Summary: Bucky has moved into a new apartment, not knowing that its previous tenant thinks they still live there. And he’s the only one that can see them. 

Word Count: 1,673

Warnings: Talk of a car accident. Coma.

A/N: This fic has been in my documents, outlined, for the past year and a half. I hope you all enjoy it. It’s one of my favorite plot-lines EVER.

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The white-washed walls are the only barriers to muffle the woman’s sobs. She folds herself over the body of a young woman, barely in her early twenties and already battling to keep herself alive. The only sign of life in her is the ventilator, pumping artificial breath into her lungs, and the stable beeping of the heart monitor. The doctors hold hope in that she’ll wake up, there seems to be no brain damage, nothing seems to be halting her from waking up. Yet she does not. And the wails continue day in and day out.

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i keep thinking about that “end of the line” thing and where it came from, like. 

what if when they were kids, it was the first time bucky saw steve really sick. and he was worried bc steve was coughing a lot and steve’s ma went and got the preacher and bucky knows what that means he’s almost ten after all. so what if one day he’s just sitting with steve and keeps checkin on him to make sure he’s still breathing and he’s like, “you’re my best friend” and it’s not really a question but steve nods anyway cause he’s tired and he’s usin his mouth to breathe bc his nose is too stuffy. and small bucky just climbs on to bed next to him and he’s like, “are you scared?” and steve nods again bc yeah of course he knows what getting the preacher means too. and bucky just takes his hand and says with all the fierceness his 8yo self can muster, “well, you don’t have to be bc i’m with you to the end of the line, pal.” and steve’s just like “even in heaven?” and bucky’s like “of course in heaven. the good lord himself’s gonna have to kick me out.” and that’s good enough and they go to sleep and steve’s fever breaks the next day


Oh god finally, two freaking weeks but its finally done! Hahahahaha *sobs*

I know I could have submitted this earlier if I stuck with line art and half assed it, but when last I logged in and saw I was at 247 followers, well holy shit guys! I don’t know where you all came from but I’m super grateful and freaking happy you like my stuff! SO as a big thank you, here, did my best with this and hope you guys like it!

Other Chapters:

Growing Up Chapter 1
Growing Up Chapter 3: Page 1 & 2

And I decided that the comic title for this would be “Growing Up” since even though technically a college AU, theres gonna be a lot of flashbacks to them as they… well grow up hahaha.

Anyway thanks again!

Some Moana Lyrics Sentence Starters

Change pronouns as necessary!

“Sometimes the world seems against you.”
“The journey may leave a scar.”
“But scars can heal.”
“Nothing on earth can silence the quiet voice still inside you.”
“I am everything I’ve learned and more.”
“The call isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me.”
“It’s like the tide; always falling and rising.”
“I wish I could be the perfect daughter.”
“See the line where the sky meets the sea?”
“ No one knows how far it goes.”
“Everything is by design.”
“What is wrong with me?”
“See the light as it shines on the sea?”
“Will I cross that line?”
“One day I’ll know.”
“I have crossed the horizon to find you.”
“I know your name.”
“They have stolen the heart from inside you.”
“This does not define you.”
“This is not who you are.”
“You know who you are.”


Summary: Things get a little messy when you get drunk with the maknae line.

Warnings: Drunk Sex, Bottom! Jungkook, Dom Jimin (i made it happen, it’s a thing), Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Taekook is a thing too, this was like a really fucking filthy smut i wrote a while back, I don’t even know how to warn yall for this, just know that jungkook gets fucked like the poor thing just gets f u c k e d

Word Count: 5977

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