i still kinda look like that

While Nightmare is officially unable to change between his corrupted and non-corrupted form freely, it’s a popular headcanon that he can. One day, I was just like… “I kinda want to come up with an actual design for his ‘non-corrupted but still corrupted’ version,” if that makes any sense.

Then this drawing happened.

If you’re wondering why his eyes are cyan, it’s because they’re supposed to be the same color as they are when he’s corrupted. I like to imagine that they actually changed colors when he first turned into his other form.

Hey everyone aaand welcome to a long post! I’m sorry, I worked a looot…! This is a nameless Octopus girl I’m working on. Can’t reveal much about her character/name, but I like how she looks now (why do all my girls have this expression, why do I love those kuuderes so much)!

Another character sketch! This one is Aldebaran, brightest star on Taurus’ constellation (also Taurus’ ex-girlfriend)!

And this is a place to chill and F I G H T! I’m working on the interior tilesets for Taurus now, and lemme tell ya, this is hard work… Jeez! But I’m kinda liking how this looks! I still need to fix some perspectives and accept any feedback on that! :3

A little house! I adapted some tilesets from an older project of mine to Virgo, since I won’t use those specific elements anymore on that project. I think the piano was well adapted, and look cute on Virgo’s environment!


Felt like drawing some sketches of my Lone Wanderer, and newer Sole Survivor for Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. His name’s Jim and he has very low intelligence, but a lot of charisma and luck, which makes it easier for him to make allies and friends. He has chrome-ish hair since he thought it’d be a fun look, but it ages him a lot. Also felt like drawing a quick interaction with @galoogamelady‘s Fallout oc, Buttons, out in the Capitol Wasteland. I’m hoping to draw more sketches of Jim and Polly. 

Happy second anniversary, Fire Emblem if (Fates)!!

I collaged some of my art over the last two years. It’s kinda hard to see because Tumblr resizes… but I think it still shows that it’s been a super fun ride overall!

I fell in love with this series thanks to the amazing Awakening. Looking forward to more fun and great memories in the future!

Ooooookay. I did the Sans fusion, too. I seriously think I could have done better with this but I’m still happy with how it turned out. (Even though it looks like gender-swapped HumanTale.)

Perezoso is Spanish for lazy so… that’s self explanatory. Hope you like it. I think I’ll do Manolo next. -Karmen

I don’t know why, but I kinda like how the trim for the hoodie almost looks like a fur cloak or cape. Anyways, really nice! Best of luck with the Manolo fusion. ^^

6.25.17 // Sunday [no rêblogs please]

• wore a black and gold gharara today also smokey eyes are my go to and I felt so dreamy all day
• unfortunately I felt rly sick for most of the day
• also didn’t get any photos of my outfit but idc lately bc I’m not feelin myself like there’s such a disconnect between how I feel and how I look
• I took a nap but I still feel so exhausted like my entire body is so tired and done but so is my mind and my soul
• not sure why I am typing this out but I just feel so overwhelmed and I just kinda wanna disappear
• I did my own mehndi and people kept asking me where I got it done and it was so weird having people admire it bc I’m such a perfectionist and I don’t ever appreciate my own work lol
• anyway wow this is so depressing um I hope the rest of yall had a blessed n peaceful day


With a beard, without a beard, Sabin still looks pretty darn GREAT!!!!
I had a lot of fun with this (other than trying hard to decide on the expression). Think I’ve got it right.

Sabin belongs to @screamingbasement. Kinda fell in love with this boyo! She’s a great artist and an even better person. Go check out her drawings and writing as well! I’m so glad you like how I drew him. His freckles were my favorite part.

Still need to do some SERIOUS practice with tears and blood. I just can’t seem to get it down yet, but that’s just something I’ve got to learn.

He's freaking coming back to teach!

Holy shit guys…S is coming coming back next term after the holidays ends, which is about three weeks. He’s going to be my maths teacher. I couldn’t freaking believe it when another teacher told us. I don’t know how I feel. I think that it’s still sinking in. I haven’t seen him for over a year. He was my first ever TC. I had fucking strong as fuck feelings for this guy and I’ve finally moved on. I’m actually kinda terrified that when he comes back that the feelings will too and I don’t know If I can handle that. A friend, who I told about my feelings for S after he left, knew that it was giving me mixed emotions and apparently my face looked like I was scared for how I’m going to feel and be like when he comes back. He’s coming back. What. Oh my god, he’s actually coming back. I never thought this would happen, for nearly a year I fucking wished and dreamed of it, and now he is and I’ve tried to move on. It’s a lot for me to comprehend right now…He’s coming back, guys. I’m actually going to see him again.


to buy the iwachan nendo to accompany my oiks one… or the others hmmMM

loljk too broke to get any of the new nendo /sobs/


Zayn being called a naughty little schoolboy (2011) // Zaddy Zayn (2016) 😏😏😏 x x

fanaticfandomfaun  asked:

I am a huge fan of your style! It's absolutely lovely! How long have you been drawing and how did you develop your own style?

 ive been drawing my whole life! (always an odd question for me bc like…. yall stopped drawing after kindergarten? what did you do all day??)

as for developing style, my biggest piece of advice is just! keep! drawing! its been a bit hard to follow my own advice lately because my depression keeps fucking up my motivation and for the first time in my life i just dont feel like drawing, at all, ever. but if youre having similar motivational issues or if youre just starting out and you just arent feeling satisfied with your art, dont give up! the less you draw the harder it will be! i have a personal policy (that i dont actually remember to follow) where even if i dont want to, even if i hate how it looks, i have to draw at least once a day every single day. i swear it will improve your work if you do this. its hard, i know, i havent been doing it, but follow my advice not my example! (honestly im the embodiment of that quote “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.” by Lewis Carol)

the other piece of advise i have is honestly…… steal art. 

“gasp! but Kate,” you say, “stealing art is bad and wrong!!” you say, “i know because of all those ‘art theft is bad and wrong’ posts i reblog!”

look. thats not what im saying, im not telling any of you to try to pass anyone elses art as your own, or use other peoples art without their credit. dont to that its bad and wrong. what im saying is LOOK at other peoples art and copy what they do. copying other peoples art styles is how every artist has learned for centuries. i started out drawing myself as a powerpuff girl or as a pokemon character just like everyone else. hell, i used to straight up print out and trace drawings i found on deviant art, which is a perfectly viable way to learn styles (muscle memory) so long as you dont try to pass it off as your own work then honestly its not stealing.

for example recently i was trying to draw these cat characters i had come up with, and i could not for the life of me draw these cats they were just turning out so ugly,

so i was like “well fuck this, i just need to find a simpler style” and by some kind of MIRACLE, while i was looking up drawings of cats i stumbled across this one blog, daily cat drawings. and it was like, holy shit this is it this is the exact style i need to draw my cats in. so first thing i did was try to follow some of their drawings exactly, not tracing but the closest you can get by sight. 

this is one of dailycatdrawing’s drawings:

and this was my attempt to copy it:

after i felt like i kinda had it down i drew that athena. NOT based off of any one of dailycatdrawing’s pieces, but still using the basics of their style. after that i felt confident enough using this style to draw the rest of my cats and they turned out great! naturally i had to draw hermes again because i couldnt just use such a blatant copy of another artists work, and it turned out even better than before!

which proves my earlier advice about how every single time you draw youre improving! its also important to note that even if you try to copy an artists style exactly you will probably never have it perfectly, and thats a GOOD THING! because it means that you arent truly stealing someone elses work, youre just using it as an example of ONE WAY a drawing can be good. by paying attention to MANY artists styles you can use all of them together to make your own unique style! even trying to copy dailycatdrawing’s style to a T i still ended up using elements from other artists and my own experience to change the style just enough to make it personal. looking at hermes’ face you can tell ive unintentionally taken some inspiration from lackadaisy’s art style, another artist i really admire. 

this turned out way longer than i meant it to, sorry, i always get so caught up in explaining things when people ask for advice. hopefully this helped someone!