i still hear trumpets

“1000 Times A Day”, by The Early November, taken from The Mother, The Mechanic, and The Path" (2006).

  • Band director: a trombone should be as loud as seven trumpets but I still don't hear anything!
  • Trumpet 2: HA
  • Trombone: alright then *stands and takes jacket off*
  • Trumpet 1: dude what are you...
  • Trombone: let's go to the choir room, strip naked and handle this like men. *takes off shoe*
  • Trumpet 2: Me?! Okay! * lifts shirt*
  • Band director: * face palms*

I remain underneath that roof of pain
Sitting, picking flowers instead of weeds
Trying to understand something untrue
Troubling over questions unasked 
Proclaiming war and letting walls crumble
Letting the fortresses I built forever fall

The trumpets are blaring 
But I still do not hear them
Instead I walk forth and on
As if there aren’t bodies 
As if arms aren’t reaching 
Pretending reality is a dream

That same old story told
With my great collapse 
Your fine emergence 
Suddenly turns around and faces me
This is my greatest emergence 
Your final, finest collapse

—  “My Emergence, Your Collapse” - Brittany T.

Hibike! Euphonium


Words: 1,573

A/N: I literally just spat this out in like 8 minutes because I just marathoned all current episodes of this gay-ass cute show and I was like “nah I dont need to write anything for these two babies” but I am WEAK and useless and once i set my mind to something i wont stop until it’s done and also these two are adorable and im rooting for them dont loo k a tm e it’s like 1am why did i do thi s ….. . this is dumb im sorry not sorry..


For a girl who wasn’t terribly athletically-inclined by nature and physique, there was only so much that running around the school’s track field could do for Kumiko before she started to turn red. 

After several weeks of Taki-Sensei’s extensive and rather unique training methods, she thought she would’ve gotten used to it by now.

But clearly that wasn’t the case.

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