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(6/?) Favorite Teams - The Empty Cups

“Don’t worry, kid.“ Blitz brought out the silken cord. “This rope can’t be weakened. And Hearthstone’s right. We might as well tie it to one another for safety.”
“That way if we fall,” Sam said, “We’ll fall together.
Sold,” I said, trying to tamp down my anxiety. “I love dying with friends.

Day ?? - Interacting with your crush

Would you believe me if I said I drew this first out of all the prompts in the challenge? LOLOLOL I wanted to post them in order but I realized the fatesona child thing was also a prompt so… oh well. 😂😂😂

me: [sitting happily with thace and all of my thace-is-keith’s-dad headcanons and fanart]

voltron writers:


“Gon, You are light. Sometimes you shine so brightly, I must look away. But even so, is it still okay for me to stay by your side?

semi-hiatus from 19/03

so starting from sunday i’ll be working on a film! i’m super excited, but the hours are pretty crazy with 6 day weeks and its a location shoot which means a new place pretty much every day which can get p taxing 

it’s the first film i’ve done in a while so it’ll take me a little while to adjust to everything again! i’m going to be relying on my queue a lot since most days i’ll just get home from work and collapse into bed (ready to wake up at 5am again omfg). i should be able to slip on at work occasionally but i’ll be even more slower at my replies so please bear with me! basically, this is my long ass way of giving you guys a heads up my activity is gonna get funny but ily all 

(if you could like/reply to this if i could start building up my queue from you i would love your forever!)