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!!! They finally released the Valentines DLC for iOS tonight ((even though my game crashed like 15 times))!!! I’ve been waiting FOREVER UGHH – also I couldn’t sleep until I drew a quick fan CG so here we are ;;v;; !!! ♥ ♥ ♥

!!! I haven’t done 707 route/afterend yet pls don’t send spoilers ;;0;; thank you!

The sun is setting.

British Invasion | 7

Overview:In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes: [Filler chapter.] Riley’s visitor has everyone wondering who he is but more importantly what he is to Riley.
Chapter Five: “Sam I am.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Word Count: 3,279


Riley and Isadora sat on the floor of her bedroom, meticulously going over their shared notes for an upcoming quiz they had. Aside from Zay the only other person Riley didn’t have any weird tension or unresolved issues with was Izzy. And even though Zay is great she was glad to have some girl time even if it was just studying.

The two brunettes easily flowed through their study session and every so often the conversation would derail and they’d find themselves reminiscing or Izzy would ask Riley questions about London and for the duration of time she was there Riley felt as if nothing had changed. Back before her family moved away she very seldom spent any alone time with Isadora and that was mainly because the 6 of their friends were always together that there never really was a time when it was just the two of them. But on the rare occasion where it would be just them they always had a natural chemistry, nothing about their friendship felt forced or fake. If they talked they talked and if they didn’t they didn’t, but it was never weird.

Silence amongst her other friends, especially Maya, meant there was tension, something wasn’t being said which always led to an uncomfortable amount of silence but with Izzy silence just meant she was comfortable around you. She didn’t need to feel the void with mindless conversation, she was more than happy with just having the company.

“Did you hear about Charlie’s Halloween party?” Izzy asks, carefully highlighting a passage in her book.

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HEY ALL!! i havent had the time to check inbox or anything bc got a bit busy but ill defo get to replies probably tonight. more importantly though, I HOPE EVERYBODY’S HAVING A WWWWONDERFUL DAY TODAY!!! is everybody done w exams?? still suffering??? whatever the case, student or not, IM GIVING YOU MY STRONG!!! it’s super sunny on my end and today feels like it’ll be a good day (fingers crossed) so i hope the same for everybody!!!

update-wise ive decided to plan out a small zine run bc there was so much support when i asked, so i’m excited about that!!

above is a bit of a sketch preview for the next liverpep post so dont reblog this post pls!! thank you!!


i doodled my experiment sona eating a sammich because why not!

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where do you get inspiration for your ocs' clothing?

lots of insp from things i see (esp my fav anime). since my story takes place somewhere in the distant future, the clothing styles are sort of funky if i could explain. its very casual, although direct inspiration comes from trying to portray characteristics about my ocs actually. MOST OF THE DESIGN INSP ARE OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD LMAO

above is a sort of insp chart for kitos clothing. his color palettes and the like were my ideas (contrasting purple/blue with yellow/oranges). 

ill put a cut below for those who want to read a sort of breakdown for clothing designs

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Hello, I am very interested in concept art and I want to take it professionally sometime in the future, when i am able to improve ofc. May I ask if you have some tips on how to actually get started on it, like lets say I want to work in a game dev company how do i approach this and what should be my initial step. Or even as a freelancers how do i put myself at there as a starting point to make people notice me?

Ahh… I think… you’re asking the wrong person because I did everything wrong… Im probably going to tell you things you already know but I guess I can share my experience and what I’ve learned?

A little background, I was an international student from Malaysia and i studied in California for 5 years. I didn’t go to art school but I went to a community college and then transferred to a university with an art program. That means I only did art for my final 2.5 years and spent the rest of my time completing the General Education requirements. This is cool and whatever except Im the type who’s obsessed with getting good grades so I put a 100% of my effort into every class I took, from marine biology, to calculus and astronomy etc etc. As a result, I didn’t spend as much time doing art as I should’ve been, especially when it was going to be my chosen career. 

My first 3 years I had a solid 4.0gpa. I was really proud of it! And then one of my art professors found out. He sat me down and asked me if I knew that in the art industry, grades and school doesn’t matter at all. I knew. He told me that while my grades were impressive, i shouldn’t tire myself out on subjects that wont matter and concentrate on building a portfolio instead. I did that for a semester (and my grades fell lol) but I couldn’t let go so in the end, I graduated summa cum laude with a 3.91 and a lousy portfolio. 

As an international student in the states, you have 90 days to look for a job or you’d have to leave. If you do get job, you have a year to work before you have to leave (unless your employer decides they want to keep you and your work visa gets approved). For me… I totally lost confidence in myself and my art. Writing a cover letter was so hard because i didn’t believe in what I was typing. My portfolio was a mess and my resume was… full of things that didn’t pertain to art. So I only applied to 2 places I think, didn’t get a reply, and left after my 90 days were up. 

When I got back, I applied to the first 2d illustrator job opening i saw and got the job. Worked there for 10 months, learned alot and then quit (because despite having a really good well known art director, he didnt know how to direct the artists under him, he just knew how to make his own work amazing and the studio was beginning to move away from concept art gigs anyway). I did a few freelance gigs after that but they were mostly referred to me from my ex-boss. Since then, I’ve been working on my own originals and as you can see, fanart stuff. I decided to give myself some time to do all the things I wanted to do while in school but did not do because i was too busy studying. I have until the end of this year before I gear up, revamp my portfolio, and join the industry fray again!  

I KNOW you didn’t ask for my life story but I feel that you needed to know that I havent been successful before deciding to listen to what I have to say! (Also I guess I still feel this regret and disappointment and needed to unload…) 

So basically, don’t do what I did! Here’s what I’ve learned though!

1) Network! 
If you are in school, join an art club. If its a good club, they’d bring in industry professionals to give seminars or portfolio reviews. Participate! I have friends who got their first job through their networking efforts. Go to events that industry professionals attend! Like CTN Expo etc etc. Attend the panels and if they’re doing a portfolio review, GO FOR IT  

2) School
Is not important! If you’re in school studying art, thats great! If not, it doesn’t matter. Nobody cares about which school you attended or if you even went to school at all. If you’re the right person for the job, you’ll get hired regardless.

3) Portfolio
Is everything. Put work in your portfolio that you wanna be hired for. For example, if you’re going for an environment artist job, don’t fill your portfolio with comic work. ADs don’t have time to sieve through your portfolio for what they’re looking for. That said, research the studio you wanna work for and create your portfolio to match. Your portfolio shouldn’t contain all your work, only the best ones. 

4) Social network
You should share your art online on every available site to increase the reach of your audience, but more importantly, share it on the sites that really matter! You probably already know but sites like artstation and drawcrowd, where concept artist congregate, are where you should be! Its also a good place to gauge the current industry standard and try to match up to those standards. ALSO, sign up for artstation’s job listings!! I get an email every 2-3 days from artstation listing job openings from around the world (but mostly in the states and europe).
Follow art directors on their social network! Occasionally they’ll post a job opening and a call for entry!

5) Just try…
Even if you don’t think you’re good enough, just apply for every job you can cause you’ll never know… 

6) Resources
If you haven’t already, please follow dearartdirector. In fact, i think if you asked them this same question, they’d have a better answer for you because… you’re asking actual art directors…

Subscribe to levelup on youtube! They do interviews with industry professionals and talk about how they got their jobs and how they develop their skills and stuff! Its really insightful! 

Thats all i have for now… I don’t think I helped… but I’ll be trying again next year so lets work hard together!! 

She loved him too deep, too fast, so he decided to leave. Now after all this time he still finds himself searching for her at the bottom of empty bottles and strangers. But it never works, no one ever loved him like she did.
—  | Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #86

i didnt read cursed child but i read plenty of spoilers to make a few Scorbus headcanons out of spite

- okay so scorpius had the world’s most massive crush on James, it was the crush that kids get in middle school (at least the ones i got) painfully obvious and borderline infatuation

- and when Draco hears about it he’s like “of course you’re obsessed with one of potter’s kids for fuck’s sake what is wrong with this family” 

- draco is insanely fond of albus “finally a potter i dont want to strangle, and look he has manners”

- james is super cool  (and a little obnoxious) and scorpius is really gay not really he’s pansexual but you get the point

- scorpius has been messing with harry since day 1

- “so harry whats dying like?, i imagine its not like walking down a tunnel searching for a bright light, is it like being swallowed by a troll or falling into a volcanoe?” “dont call me harry” “you’re right too casual, would dad work better for you?” harry chokes on his coffee and ginny snorts

- “im gonna marry one of your children, i havent decide which but i have plenty of time” “god help me, of course draco would have a son like you, someone to torment me in my own home” harry grumbles but he still insists on inviting scorpius every summer

- Scorpius never shuts up about james and everyone just kinda looks over at albus at breakfast thinking ‘you poor soul’

- now albus my sweet little son is demisexual and he falls madly in love with his best friend during his 2nd year of hogwarts

- the angst is amazing, i love pining and there is a lot of it

- so albus feels like he’s in his entire family’s shadow bc you got The Savior, ginny was an actual quidditch star for crying outloud, james is a talented quidditch player and super popular, lily is probably like the smartest/cutest little red head in the entire wizarding world and albus feels a little put out

- but not with scorpius, bc scorpius always knows how to make albus feel better with just a few words

- “who cares if you didn’t make the quidditch team” “james made it and so did dad, and mum, and lily might as well have joined already” “its much more impressive that you didn’t make it then” “that doesn’t make me feel better” “james is failing charms” “suddenly the world seems so much brighter”

- ok so scorpius realizes how unhealthy his infatuation with james is his 5th year and is trying to get over his crush and he tells albus about how he wants to move on

- “im a mess, its disgusting how much i know about him who cares about his class schedule or the type of broom polish he uses, what is wrong with me????”

- albus sees this as a opportunity to confess his feeling even though he knows scorpius couldn’t possibly feel the same way (the potters have horrible timing im telling you) 

- scorpius is shocked and tells albus that he needs a little time bc he’s still getting over james and albus nods bc they’re best friends and nothing could ever change that

- “i get it if you choose him over me, i mean i would” and albus doesn’t mean this in a passive aggressive way or anything bc he’s serious, if scorpius wanted to date james instead of albus then so be it

- albus feels so bad about himself but loves scorpius so much that the idea of him choosing someone over him, even James is fine

- it might sting but its not surprising, and albus would never let that come between their friendship

- and scorpius knows albus well enough and smiles softly before saying “as soon as im over your brother im gonna ask you out on a date” bc albus is really cute and scorpius is not blind also scorpius might have been questioning his feelings for albus for a while

- but scorpius would never ask out albus until he was completely over james bc he never wants to hurt albus and that is so important to me

- and albus is so confused???? bc he doesn’t really think he has a chance but he does and that is so incredible

- these two have been friends since the first day and Scorpius knows everything there is to know about albus and vice versa

- and scorpius makes one thing very clear whenever albus compares himself to his father, or anyone else in his family

- “You’ve always been my favorite Potter” 


um so i lied about posting more doodles bc sai decided to just.. annihilate every single one of my files
oh well heres that idea ive had in my mind for like a year now its about mariah and midler falling in love

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I avoided Harry Potter since it came out because I was such a rebel and I was a wee bit too old for it when it made a splash. But yesterday I chanced to watch The a Goblet Of Fire on HBOGO and I now really want to get into the series. Any advice for a 28 year old who wants to start in the series?

OH GOODNESS! That is so freakin’ awesome that you want to read the series! You won’t regret it, they are seriously well written and just great no matter your age! :D 

I think the only piece of advice I have is that, as an adult, the first two books really do feel more like kids books. They’re shorter and they have more basic good vs evil tropes. They’re still really great, so be sure to power through them because once the 3rd book starts, phew, that’s when things get good, and when the really interesting stuff starts happening! 

Now go curl up with a cup of tea and READ THEM ALL! :D 

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Why i ship Bughead, part 2

Still havent learned how to make gifs, which SUCKS, this post would have been so much better if i got exatctly the gifs i wanted, BUT, since everyone liked my last “why i ship Jughead”- post soo much, i decided to make a part 2, now that their relationship has developed a bit. Hope you like it :-)

Because in Jugheads creepy daydream in the beginning of episode 7, Betty is sitting next to him on the table, wearing something that appears to be an engagement ring.

“Just don’t tell anybody. Especially not Betty”- Jughead about living under the staircase at school

Because when Bettys upset and worried about Polly, Jughead puts his arm around her to comfort her, without even caring that the other ones who don’t know about them yet, is there.

“The last couple of days I haven’t been in a great place emotionally, and… Jughead was really there for me”- Betty

Because of how friggin adorably happy Betty is when Veronica approves of them

Because of how when Betty and Jughead is leading the search for Polly they look like a cute married couple leading summer camp

Because of the adorable hand holding in the rain

Because of how cute and happy Jughead looks after Betty kisses him and how he doesent want to turn around and look the other way, because he doesent want to take his eyes off her

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Because of how strongly Betty belives in Jughead, even when he was accused of murder

Because of how much supportive they are of each other, no matter the situation

Because when Veronica in episode 8 calls Jughead “Bettys boyfriend”, it’s kind of weird for them, because they kind of skipped the formalities and are more like best friends in love than boyfriend and girlfriend

“Jughead, if we’re gonna be together, I wanna know who you are. All of it”- Betty

Just because of how beautiful they look when they kiss, hug, hold hands, touch, talk…

Because of how Jughead meets Bettys mom even before they get together, and Betty meets Jugheads dad right after they got together. Its just casual for them, not some set up meeting that takes weeks, even months, like with most other tv- couples.

Because of how they always cup each others faces, its adorable

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Because they always want the best for each other, and would both go pretty far to make one another happy

Because Jughead actually works with his girlfriends mom, I mean, #goals

Because of the strong support from their parents

“I wish it were just the two of us right now”- Jughead whispering to Betty

Because of how hurt Jughead gets when Chuck tells everyone about dark betty. He clearly, truly cares about her, when hearing something like that breaks him that way

Because, after a fight, they can make up in the most beautiful way, by showing their vulnerabilities, and truly opening up to each other

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Because they are not ashamed or scared of each others mistakes and differences, they are able to work through it

“I think its good for our families to get to know each other. I think its important for us”- Jughead- and THEN THEY GIVE EACH OTHER THE CUTEST SMILES

Because there was nothing Jughead wanted more than his whole family to be together, but now that his father is suggesting moving so they can be, he doesent want to leave, because of Betty

BECAUSE BETTY LOVES JUGHEAD and says hes more her family than her own mother

… and because when Jughead risks having his family reunited because he would have to leave Betty, I am pretty sure, he loves her too.

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@rotten-dan replied to your post:just had my first dnd seshhh it was all character…

I wanna see em

eyyyy this is the basic gist of his character. a loyal-to-a-fault, reckless ranger who LOVES knives and other sharp weapons. he whenever he sees a good knife he wants it (yes thats a third/fourth sheath strapped to his calf along with another knife and sword at his belt). he also has a longbow that is not drawn. 

hes at the tender age of late twenties to thirties (i havent decided) but he already has facial wrinkles. i really wanted him to look like a nice young-old dad lmao :P

hes really fucking loyal tho and really loves his friends and would do anything ANYTHING (cough chaotic good) for them. 

im still coming up with his backstory but he was an urchin who had a best friend/mentor while growing up who was a legendary hero who died and thats all i have so far and im definitely gonna go more into depth but ye thats a summary of good ole Blade “Won’t Stab Your Back” Knife (tentative but likely permanent name i need that comedic touch) 

after losing a few members and a admin who i cared about i feel like this post is needed, i just want to apologize (once again) for taking down es for a day when i was sad earlier last week i wasnt thinking when i did it and i was being selfish.

i know how much this blog means to everyone … even more so now that we havent had larry things in over a year, i was selfish and let me emotions take over and i regret it more than anything i definitely learned my lesson big time and i honestly dont know how to make it up to you all …

im also apologizing for posting personal type posts months ago, i shouldnt have done that and im sorry x10000 if it ever made you uncomfortable.

with that being said this blog wont have anything like that ever again and it wont be taken down again even if we all decide to leave it will still be up, im going to continue updating the blog and making this blog as positive and good as i can for you all and keeping it that way.

with that being said i love you all, every single one of you are amazing for keeping larry alive in your hearts even with all the negativity around them honestly this fandom is fucking spectacular and im so proud to be apart of it everyday and to be apart of this blog with the amazing members i have left and that ones that are now joining, again im sorry for everything and i hope im doing the best i can to make it up to you all, thank you ♡ - Brenda (owner / admin)