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I fucking miss Lost Girl. That show may have been a hot smoldering ass mess more than half the time but in so many ways and in so many critical aspects of representation, it gave me exactly what I wanted -needed-to see on television. I’m craving those elements now that it’s gone. It did leave a void. I miss you, Bo Dennis.

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… while an unhelpful boyfriend member offers no support…

And just when I think it’s OTP heaven…

OT3 makes its appearance!

What can Jun-kun and all the rest of us do but join in the merriment?

└ According to Sakurai Sho, the first thing Jun does upon waking is…

*cough* And how might you have known that Sho-kun? *cough* *cough*.

Cr: VS Arashi 17.11.2016 Opening Talk

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idk if u like star wars so if u don't just ignore this, can u make some luke skywalker icons? or of the new trio (rey, finn, poe). pleaaase i love ur icons so much :)


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Fletcher, don’t be so mean to Bernie! First of all, don’t you think she feels guilty enough about that as it is? HUH? Second of all, that was totally different. Yes, it turned out you were right about a crazy man’s dangerous obsession with her, but that doesn’t mean you’re suddenly more qualified than her to make medical decisions. And third of all, just don’t be mean to Bernie! She’s sweet and sad and she’s my baby and she needs to be protected at all costs. Just look at that little face!

Holby City s19e15 Stick or Twist