i still haven't read the book though


Special one today because it’s my fiftieth drawing (woohoo!)

Here’s a fun fact:

As of now, Javert is the character I’ve received the most requests to draw as a cat. I’ve only received just one request each for every single other character on this blog, but I’ve received four requests for Javert. I’ve already drawn him twice (here and here, though I dislike every drawing I did any longer than 2 minutes ago) and if no one had requested him, I still would’ve drawn him again….my point is….what a weird trend??? Why is this???? Why do so many people want to see Javert as a floofy cat??????

  • Book: Read me.
  • Homework: It's 10pm and you still haven't looked at me. You will regret this later, I promise you-
  • Me: Relax,I'll stop after this chapter...
  • Book: HA CLIFFHANGER, I guess you'll have to read one more
  • Me: I actually finished the whole book. I feel so accomplished. I'm tired though...I guess I should start another book then! Why sleep when you can read?
  • Homework: NOO NO NO NO NO AND NO
  • Me: IS IT 3 AM?!?? WHY AM I SO STUPID???
  • Homework: ....
  • Ruby: Hey Yang. Have you seen Blake? I need her help finding a book.
  • Yang: *Laying on her bed on her stomach while reading a book and looks over shoulder.* Nah Sorry Rubes. I haven't seen her. Though I think I heard her talking to Weiss about going into town.
  • Ruby: Oh Okay thanks sisters. *Ruby smile as she closes the door, not noticing the normal right hand that turns the page.*
  • Yang: Told you she wouldn't notice you. *Yang smiled and she tighten her arms around Blake whom she laid on top of cuddling her, kissing one of her cat ears.
  • Blake: Still. How did her not see me?
  • Yang: My hair is active camouflage for prolonging my cuddle time with my girlfriend. *Yang said proudly as Blake turn the page again.* Ah! Blakey! I didn't get to read those ages!
  • Blake: Hehe, Well too bad for you. *Blake smiled as Yang pouted and starts nibbling her cat ears.* Ah! Hahahaha! Yang! That tickles!
  • Ruby: *Opens the door again.* Yang. I heard Blake.
  • Yang: I decide to call her to see where she was for you.
  • Blake: Hey Ruby.
  • Ruby: Blake where are you?
  • Blake: The Book store with the cafe. I'll be back in thirty minutes.
  • Ruby: Oh. Cool See you when you get back. *Ruby smile as she leaves once again. Once the door closed Yang and Blake start giggling.*
  • Yang: Hehehe, Love you.
  • Blake: Love you too.

My blog had been missing both Rick Riordan fandom stuff and canon queer lgbt+ characters.

Thankfully my hero author writes both.

Still missing pencils though…

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I consecutively got my books taken from me in elementary through 8th grade. I instead learned to camp out in the library while doing "favors" for teachers and read 4-5 chapter before going back to class. My wpm is 975 so I still haven't been discovered as I only take as much time as I possibly can expend.

That is super fast! I think my reading speed is somewhere around half that though my comprehension is pretty good!

And you win a prize for sneakiest story yet!

I’m really liking the Monogatari LNs. I read Kizu when it came out, and reading through Bake has been great. The LNs go into a lot more detail about everything, which is to be expected since it’s a book and not an adaption of the book. It’s nice regardless. I watched Bake quite some time ago (and all in one sitting) so there were some parts that were kinda fuzzy or I never really caught. The books do an excellent job of filling in all of those holes. In particular I’ve got a much better grasp on Kanbaru’s character. Also there is more dialogue and hot damn does Senjougahara lay into Araragi at every chance. I’m impressed that Nisio Ison managed to keep coming up with new and exciting insults for her. 

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You haven't finished voyager or read all the books right? So, how do you know the wedding scene is a waste? Not everything that happens in the books is a waste of time just because you personally don't care for a character. Having read all of the myself do I like leghair? No. Do I think showing the wedding scene is a waste though, no. Because, it provides understanding of future narrative.

I still don’t want to see a wedding between Jamie and Laoghaire 😂 I don’t care what the story is.

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I'm not trying to start anything, but aren't Clary & Jace the main characters in the books? I haven't actually read them, but it's my understanding that Magnus & Alec are in the supporting cast. So, even though I care about the storylines involving Malec the most, it still makes sense to me that, as secondary characters, they don't get as much focus as Cl/imon and Cl/ace

Yes, Clary is the main character in the books that’s why the narrative is mostly from her pov. But the thing is, a tv show works differently than the books. Again, I wouldn’t have a problem with Jace and Clary, i.e. Clace, getting more attention than f.e. Malec or Sizzy on the show. Clary is still the heroine on the show, with Jace as her main love interest, true. But that doesn’t turn Malec or Sizzy into supporting characters or whatever. Because as I said, that’s not how a tv show with 7 main characters work and Magnus and Alec are part of the main cast. (as is Luke but I am not going there….)

Anyway, we all know that Clace is endgame. And I think we all would be okay (at least I am since I actually like Clace) if Clace would get a bit more attention than f.e. Malec, just because Clary is the heroine. But the thing is, that C/limon is, while Simon and Clary are both part of the main characters, is just a ship that won’t last. The problem here is that pretty much nobody likes that ship—but more importantly, we are all done with the different and better treatment they are getting in regards to Malec. At the end of the day, Malec is a canon interracial lgbt+ endgame ship that has been a thing for far longer than the straight couple that is C/limon. But how many sensual and intimate scenes have you seen of them (or the other straight couples while we are at it)? And how many of Malec? They get all the attention (that nobody actually asked for because like pretty much nobody wants to see this!) when we all know it won’t last but Malec doesn’t get half of it even though they are dating way longer and are endgame. Do you get my point, Anon? It’s not about if Clary is the heroine in this or not, it is simply about equality here and treating all your characters in the right way they deserve.

Besides, just because Clary and therefore Clace were the biggest part in the books, doesn’t automatically mean that this can’t be changed on the show. Remember “The Vampire Diaries”? Stefan/Elena was supposed to be the endgame ship when the show started. But the fans actually loved Damon/Elena way more, that’s why the showrunners decided at one point to make Damon/Elena the endgame ship. (don’t @ me, I am just using this as a parallel!) I am not saying to break up Clace and Malec for some other ships or that J/imon or C/lizzy will happen at one point and be canon, but I am saying that even though Clace was the main ship in the books, it doesn’t have to be the same on the show and they could change the focus completely on Malec. Because I think we all agree that Malec is way, waaaay more popular than Clace. (again, no judging, just a statement!)

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Wait a second what about sad Jason/Piper/Leo headcanons after Leo's 'death'

actually, i have a fic of leo’s death, but let’s just write that off as me drawing attention to the last fic i wrote bc i haven’t written one in forever when i probably should lmao

anyway, this is gonna be sad, why would you

i’m gonna write it as if he really did die just saying

  • piper and jason can’t accept it at first and they walk around the ship aimlessly as the days pass on their way back to camp, frank thinks they resemble the roman spirits that walk around new rome, except 100% less lively
  • neither of them cry until they get back to camp
  • piper breaks when she sees the hephaestus cabin, looking to see that there brother made, but finding nothing a number six count instead of seven
  • the first tears appears when she see the light fade in their eyes and they don’t stop for awhile
  • jason breaks down when they have an official ceremony, he cries so hard that he needs to lean on both piper and percy for him to stay standing
  • piper and jason stay together for a long while after his death, and by together i mean physically together, they didn’t leave each other’s side most of the time
  • piper snuck into jason’s cabin
  • they scheduled similar camp days
  • they taught classes together and ate together
  • but there was always a gaping hole in their day to day activities because leo wasn’t around
  • piper had salvaged a celestial bronze bolt from the argo ii, from a place she knew he’d had worked on himself, and strung it on her necklace, it sat against her collarbone and every now and then she brought it to her lips and kissed it
  • jason did the same
  • they visit the memorial that was put up weekly and make sure the flame there is always burning brightly
  • they make jokes in his honor and have made it there job to make people smile
  • piper and jason aren’t too sure if there ever would be someone who could replace leo, no never replace, but for now they each other and they remember him as their hearts heal
  • piper and jason still cry, and when they do they hold each other until it ends, but the ache is fading to a numbness, and the old saying of  “time heals all wounds” seems to be holding true

alternate ending

  • one day, when piper was visiting the memorial alone bc jason was to busy training campers, she feels–as she gazes upon his name etched into the stone–the bolt on her necklace begin to buzz and warm, and it grows and grows until it’s practically burning her skin
  • then she’s running and running and running, bolt in hand, it’s burning heat igniting her bones, and she can’t be crazy, she can’t be imagining things
  • she nearly collides with jason, he’d been looking for as well, and he is in the same state, cheeks red, breathing heavy, grasping the little piece of metal in his hands
  • and as they open both their palms, piper nearly cries out in joy, because they’re glowing bright red and she knows, somewhere out there, leo is still alive

ok i wish i could make this longer but i can’t really think straight, i hope this was alright though, not as sad as i hoped, but i hope i did the request justice

i can’t do sad things lmao when i write my books my readers are gonna be pissed bc no one will die

someone’s gonna have to force me to kill my characters bc i can’t even kills rick’s

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Thanks to your blog I now ship Wolfstar but haven't read any fics of them yet. What's the first one (or ten) I should read? Thanks!!!

You have no idea how happy this makes me! So first off you definitely need to start with Text Talk. Even though it isn’t complete yet it’s generally considered to be one of the best Wolfstar fics and is absolutely amazing :)

Some of my other favourites are:

The Door Through the World

Subtlety, Thy Name is Sirius Black

It Was Only A Kiss!

Casting Moonshadows (Still a WIP but one of my faves)

A Cure for Nightmares


The London Underground Book of Love

Sirius Black’s Guide to Not Being Gay

Highland Fling

Hope I haven’t given you too many! Let me know what you think :)

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I mean this in the most polite way possible: if you haven't actually read tfios, the whole book is pretty pretentious. the story itself is wonderful regardless. the Anne Frank house scene was important to the storyline, though it was incredibly awkward. these two kids just happened to fall in love in a highly unlikely place, which is pretty relevant to life in my opinion. but yeah it's pretty pretentious and weird but still super real.

why are john green fans so obsessed with analyzing and justifying his stories on a strictly textual level when on a metatextual level he’s a middle-aged white dude who has his self-insert characters make out with manic pixie dream girls in the house of a fucking holocaust victim

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Could you be a fan of Harry Potter if you haven't read the books???

I believe some people term it a half-blood. However you are a harry potter fan no matter what, whether you’ve only watched the films or read the books or both. You still share the love for a great story. Though I do reccomend reading the books, especially if you loved/liked the movies :)

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I haven't read the books but I still didn't sympathize with the Hound. like, even though Arya didn't say anything, I was still able to understand why she left him to die slowly and painfully. I'm guessing in the book she told him why? but I thought he would have known why?

It’s basically the graphic that I just made, basically she leaves him to die because she still remembers the things that he has done - particularly that he didn’t help her when she wanted to try and save her mother at the red wedding. because I’ve been asked a ton of questions about this scene, here’s the exact wording (and you can see how faithful they were in sandor’s dialogue and then gave arya none of hers):

His eyes opened. “You remember where the heart is?” he asked in a hoarse whisper.

As still as stone she stood. “I… I was only…”

“Don’t lie,” he growled. “I hate liars. I hate gutless frauds even worse. Go on, do it.” When Arya did not move, he said, “I killed your butcher’s boy. I cut him near in half, and laughed about it after.” He made a queer sound, and it took her a moment to realize he was sobbing. “And the little bird, your pretty sister, I stood there in my white cloak and let them beat her. I took the bloody song, she never gave it. I meant to take her too. I should have. I should have fucked her bloody and ripped her heart out before leaving her for that dwarf.” A spasm of pain twisted his face. “Do you mean to make me beg, bitch? Do it! The gift of mercy… avenge your little Michael…”

“Mycah.” Arya stepped away from him. “You don’t deserve the gift of mercy.”

The Hound watched her saddle Craven through eyes bright with fever. Not once did he attempt to rise and stop her. But when she mounted, he said, “A real wolf would finish a wounded animal.”

Maybe some real wolves will find you, Arya thought. Maybe they’ll smell you when the sun goes down. Then he would learn what wolves did to dogs. “You shouldn’t have hit me with an axe,” she said. “You should have saved my mother.” She turned her horse and rode away from him, and never looked back once. 

My friends and I finally saw Mockingjay tonight! It. was. phenomenal. Seriously it was amazing. The acting was on point, the cinematography, how it followed the books - all fantastic. Even though I knew what was going to happen I was still nervous and tense, waiting on the edge of my seat to see what would happen next. A+++++ all around.