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(forgive me if this has already been said before but I haven't seen it anywhere so) As I was rewatching "Be Our Guest" from the new movie and couldn't help but notice how many maids Adam must have had that turned into feather dusters. And yes, you can tell which one is Plumette in the scene, but could you imagine what it was like when they were first cursed? That despite all the other feather dusters, Lumiere was still able to tell which one was her.

(don’t worry, it hasn’t; at least not to my knowledge)

Okay, the obvious answer to this would be that of course, Lumiere’s devotion to her just runs that deep, but you brought up a really intriguing thought to my mind.

Plumette doesn’t have a special job in the castle.  Cogsworth is the majordomo, Lumiere is maitre d’, Mrs. Potts is the head housekeeper, Cuisinier is the head chef, and Chapeau is Adam’s aide.  Those jobs are specific, and there can only be one of each.  (I mean, you can bet that she gets a promotion after the curse breaks, though.)

Plumette is a maid.  Probably a more well-known one, but a maid like all the other maids in the castle.  And yet to Lumiere, she stood out more than any other woman in the entire castle.  There were probably several times when other maids tried to flirt with Lumiere, but he only had eyes for Plumette, who at first glance was probably no one special.  But to him, she was the most beautiful thing in the world.

So even after the curse hit, and she looked the same as all the other maids, Lumiere could tell by voice, mannerisms, even the way she held herself despite the transformation who she was.  He was able to find the love of his life in an ordinary feather-duster.  That is the best and most rare kind of love…good thing Lumiere’s an expert on it.

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i still don't understand how braven is platonic to people... like, bellamy SEEKS her out, no they haven't kissed (well really they have which is more than blakre) but bellamy isn't exactly the kind of pda. even when he was with gina they didn't make out or anything, and he kept his emotions pretty grounded. like blarkes honestly needed bellamy to run down those stairs and kiss raven for them to be romantic (while their ship hasn't kissed at all)

lmao what really gets on my nerves is the fact that even if he had gone down the stairs and kissed her, they would probably come up saying shit like “he wants to make clarke jealous!!!!!” or “aww he’s trying to practice for when he confesses his love for clarke #otp: i didnt pull the trigger”

It feels nice to be able to sit down and relax after such a hectic week! I’ve been at college orientation the past few days and had a great time. I signed up for classes and got a feel for the kind of people that I’d be spending time with. OH and I got to look at a bunch of clubs! I managed to talk to some game related stuff, an animation club, the student game dev association, and I even talked to the resident pride (the gay kind) club so I can make some lgbt friends!


An anon had requested some rubberdoop smooches a while back

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Romanogers + new parents + "I haven't slept more than five hours in three days, I don't know if I wanna take a bath, eat, sleep, or just get drunk off my ass"

They had tried everything. Bouncing baby, taking baby for a drive, running the hair dryer at full speed next to baby, turning lights off and then turning lights on. And yet, fussy baby was fussy and gone was the sleepy swollen-faced newborn of their baby announcements, (the ones still waiting to be addressed and sent).

“We are in this together,” Steve stroked her cheek, a wailing baby between them. He’d never seen Natasha so tired, so the opposite of composed, and yet he knew he was no different. ,And even bone tired, her eyes dark and weary, hair in strings, and shirt consistently drenched where her breasts were leaking, he craved her. When was the last time they had had the chance to…

“I smell like milk,” she moaned. “And I can’t eat anything, Steve.”

(She really couldn’t, per the lactation consultant’s advice.At least he could take comfort in coffee. And cheese, she’d reminded him on several occasions). 

“Here, let me hold James,” he offered, feeling noble, knowing she wouldn’t let him only because it physically hurt her to hear James cry, her breasts refilling at the sound. She scrunched up her face and he knew she was about to protest when they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

The baby’s namesake, holding a brown bag which was thrust into Steve’s arms.

“Give him to me,” he ordered in such a way that Natasha blinked and complied. “And go take a nap.”

“We can’t…I can’t sleep if…” she started to say, stopping as the sound of silence filled the air.

Baby, belly down and swinging from Bucky’s metal arm, and miracle of miracles, quiet.

“How?” Steve asked, reaching for his wife’s hand. She looked like she might cry in relief.

“What like it’s hard?” he raised an eyebrow. “Or am I the only one here who actually read ‘The Happiest Baby on the Block;”.

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