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Delete That Immediately (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

This is my first modern AU! I typically write all my stories in the correct time period, but I figured “deleting” something wouldn’t be applicable to any 1700s-1800s scenario. Enjoy! Brace yourself for the fluff :) 

You finally set the last small box on your dresser. Finally, you were completely moved in. You had just recently bought a house with your boyfriend, Thomas Jefferson, and had spent the last two days moving all of your personal belongings and furniture. All of the large items and daily necessities were unpacked and in their position, and the only thing you had left to go through was the small box of knick knacks and personal items. You grabbed the scissors sitting on the bed to split the tape sealing the final box, when you heard footsteps coming up the staircase. 

You turned to see Thomas, casually dressed in a black tank top and grey sweatpants, lugging a small box of books with him.

“This should be the last one.” he said, while placing the box next to a small shelf, designated for books. “We’re completely done.”

“That’s hard to believe.” you stated, remembering how enormous the pile of boxes looked in the moving van. “I can’t believe this is our home now.”

“Are you not happy with it?”

“No, no. It’s just that we just took a pretty big step together.” you explained.

Thomas crept up behind you and wrapped his arms over your shoulders, before planting a kiss on the top of your head.

“I’m glad that we did.” he mumbled into your hair.

You stood there for awhile. Just enjoying each other’s presence and coming to terms with the fact that you had made an enormous commitment.

“You know,” Thomas suddenly started, “this is our place now.”

He moved his head down to gently nibble on the top of your ear.

“We can do whatever we want in it.” he suggested as his hands slowly moved over your breasts.

You slid your way out of his arms.

“Not now, I still have a box to unpack. I’d like to get this done and over with, babe.”

He shrugged.

“Maybe tonight, then?”

You smiled.

“Tonight.” you said with a definite tone.

His phone suddenly buzzed in his pocket. He reached back and grabbed it. An annoyed look fell over his face.

“Who else but James. I have to respond to this.”

He laid down on the freshly-made bed, propped his head up on the pillow, and began typing away. You sighed. Thomas could never seem to catch a break.

You then returned back to the small box. Most of it was just small, decorative pieces, candles, or pages of sheet music. Then, in the very bottom corner of the box, was another small container. You gently removed it, before cutting it open with the scissors. Upon opening the flaps of the box, you immediately recognized the items. Small toys and other memories of your childhood. You smiled as you went through all the items. Your mother must have snuck these in while you were busy packing. You then came across a small, wooden jewelry box. As you lifted the lid, you saw the small, light pink bows your mother had made for you as a child, that you had worn when you were just a baby. You looked at them, turning them over and remembering all of the fond memories of your mother getting your hair ready in the morning before some special event, tying your favorite pink ribbons in.

“What’ve you got there?” Thomas interrupted.

“Ah, nothing.” you said, turning to face him.

He had already returned to texting James, and in concentration, ran his fingers through his abundance of brown, frizzy, natural hair.

An idea popped into your head.

“Hey, James?”

He looked up.

“Mind if I put these in your hair?” you asked as you extended the box of ribbons out to him.

He laughed, and returned to typing. 

You walked to the bed, sitting down next to him, still holding the box.

“Come on, please?”

He looked up at you again, giving you an “are-you-serious” look.

“It’ll be fun, come on.” you tried again.

He sighed.

“The things I do for love.”

You cheered, climbed onto the bed and straddled him. Sitting gently on abdomen, you began to separate his hair into segments.

“It’s kind of hard for me to finish my conversation with James while you’re on top of me.”

“Oh shut up,” you responded, as you clipped the first bow into place.

“Just pretend I’m not even here.”

“That’s pretty difficult.” he said, placing his hand on your hip.

You continued placing the bows in his hair, trying not to laugh as he held an “I-can’t-believe-I’m-actually-putting-up-with-this” expression. 





You snapped the final bows into his hair, then sat back to admire your work.

You clasped your hand over your mouth to keep the giggles from escaping as you witnessed a very grumpy man adorning a myriad of light pink ribbons in his hair. He looked like a show cat.

“How do I look?”

You, still trying (and failing) to hold back your laughter waltzed over to the dresser, picked up your hand mirror, and handed it to him. Upon viewing himself, he immediately sat up, causing his phone to slide off of his lap.

“My God…” 

You couldn’t take it anymore. You finally succumbed to your laugh attack, with tears forming in your eyes.

You watched as Thomas was rotating his head, still looking at himself in the mirror, trying to take in the entirety of what you had just done to his hair.

“(Y/N), I look like a Christmas Bush.”

You, still laughing, climbed back onto the bed.

“I think you look handsome.” you giggled.

As he continued to check himself out, you noticed the phone laying on the sheets of the bed.

You grinned at an idea.

You slowly slid your hand across the sheets, and seized the phone before Thomas could notice. Then, in a flash, you whipped open the camera app and took a picture. 

It was a fantastic picture, with your boyfriend seeming to be admiring himself in the hand mirror with little girl bows laced in his hair.

Unfortunately for you, the phone made a camera click as you shot the picture. 

Jefferson immediately directed his attention to you, realizing what had just been done.

“Delete that immediately.”

You giggled, scooched off the bed and ran down the hall.

“DO NOT SEND THAT TO ANYONE!” Thomas yelled, hot on your heels.

You opened up his conversation with James, adding the photo attachment. Before you could hit send, two arms enveloped your waist and lifted you off the ground.

You let out a playful squeal as Thomas carried you down the hallway and back into the bedroom. He then tossed you onto the bed, and started wrestling you. 

“Give it up, (Y/N)!”

“No!” you laughed as he straddled you and pinned your arms down.

“Come one, hand it over,” he said, gesturing to the phone with his eyes.

Your stomach hurt from laughing as you writhed in his grip.

Finally he used his hand to uncurl your fingers from his device. He snatched it from you.

“Now, how do I remove this attachment?”

“Press the little blue button.” you suggested.

He pressed it, and then realization dawned on him. He dropped the phone onto the bed rubbed his face with his hands in aggravation. Glancing over at the screen, you saw a little grey box reading:


“What am I going to do with you…” he muttered into his hands, still straddling you.

“Thank me for your makeover?”

He rolled off of you, and laid down next to you.

“I’ll be the laughing stock of the office tomorrow.”

“You’ll live.”

You both laid on the bed in silence. His hand moved over to yours, and your fingers joined.

“Even though you can be a pain sometimes, I’m glad we did this.” he confessed.

You suddenly realized how your entire relationship was about to change. You would depend on each other now, and have to work through problems together.

“No more room mates, or parents, or landlords. Just us.” you realized out loud. 

He rolled over to you and placed a firm kiss on your cheek.

“There’s no one else I’d rather be alone with…”

Just the Right Words

Characters: Servamp Kuro, Mahiru Shirota
Ship: KuroMahi
Summary: Mahiru was deaf and the only words they traded were written. But they were just the right words for Kuro. 

Requested by @jey-chan

Ch. 1 // Ch. 2

“Get out of the way!” Kuro screamed and the crowd parted for him. He knew that they must’ve thought that he was crazy but he didn’t care. His entire focus was on returning home. While he was in school Hyde, his brother, called him and told him that he needed to return home for an emergency.

Hyde was sick and home alone so Kuro’s mind raced with possibilities. What if Hyde’s flu had gotten worst? What if one of his other siblings were hurt? What if Hyde burned the house down?

People rushed out of his path. All, except one, a boy who was walking ahead of him. He didn’t move to dodge him even after Kuro screamed for him to. Kuro was running too fast to stop in time and he crashed into him. Instinctively, he tried to stop their fall with one hand and held onto the person protectively with his free arm.

He turned them so that he fell onto his back and the boy landed on top of him. Kuro grunted and sat up to check on the person. “Hey, you okay?”

He looked down at the person he ran into. He appeared to be dazed and stared up at him with wide, brown eyes. He began to fumble with something and touched his ears. Kuro thought he would be angry but he looked worried instead. “I’m sorry, but I really need to get home. If you’re not hurt, I’ll be going now.”

Kuro stood and pulled him to his feet. The boy kept his gaze to the ground, as if he was searching for something. When he looked up, his eyes caught on Kuro. He pointed to Kuro’s jacket and tried grab his hood. Kuro stepped back sharply and walked around him. “I’m sorry. If I ever see you again, I’ll make this up to you but I need to go home.”

Saying that quickly, Kuro began to run home again. He heard someone running behind him and looked back to see that the boy was chasing him. Kuro didn’t know why he would chase him and he groaned. But he didn’t seem to be a fast runner and soon disappeared into the crowd.

Who was that guy? Kuro thought to himself but pushed the thought away. He ran back to his home and found a moving truck in front of his house. He ignored it and ran into his house. It was quiet but worry still filled him. “I’m here, Hyde! Who’s hurt? Where’s the fire?”

“It took you long enough!” Hyde screamed between sniffles from where he sat in front of a window. He was buried under blankets and sneezing profusely but he didn’t appear to be hurt. Hyde motioned to something in the window and Kuro stood next to him. “You see that dark haired guy? He looks like an angel! I think he’s our new neighbour. Can you send him something for me?”

“You called me back here to send your love letters?” Kuro rubbed his temple when Hyde held out a note to him. “I ran all the way from school! I thought something happened to you.”

“But, Kuro, it is an emergency! I can’t talk to him when I’m like this. He’ll think I’m weird or contagious or something. Anyways, you should be thanking me for getting you out of class. Can’t you help your sick brother?” Hyde pouted at him and Kuro sighed. He loved his siblings and couldn’t deny them much. So, he took the letter and said.

“I guess I’ll help you out since you did get me out of school. I’ll give this to him so get back to bed and rest. Wrath will yell at both of us if you get worse.” Kuro patted his shoulder before gently pushing Hyde towards his room.

Kuro walked outside and stared at the truck. He had to wonder about his new neighbour and hoped they wouldn’t be too troublesome. He approached the dark haired boy and called out to him. “Are you moving into the house next door? If you are, we’ll be neighbours.”

“I’m just helping my friend move in.” He answered. “He’s not here yet. Have you seen a guy with brown hair and eyes? He’s about this tall.”

“No, I just came home. This might be pointless because you’re not our neighbour but here. My brother wanted to talk to you but he’s a little tied up and can’t leave the house.” Kuro handed him the letter and received a doubtful look. Honestly, he couldn’t blame him. “I know my brother may seem a little forward but he’s a good guy. I’ll tell him you’re not our new neighbour but give him a chance.”

When Kuro would’ve turned away, he felt someone tackle him from behind. He struggled to keep himself from falling and looked over his shoulder at the person. It was the guy that he bumped into earlier. He was breathing heavily and looked frustrated. He held out a notebook and Kuro read the page, You have my hearing aid. Just stand still so I can get it.

His fingers brushed Kuro’s cheek when he reached into his hood and pulled out a hearing aid. Relief flooded his face when he placed the hearing aid in his ear. He wrote something in his notebook and held it out to him. Thank you. It fell when you bumped into me.

“Mahiru,” Licht tapped his shoulder to catch his attention. He spoke as he made signs with his hands, “Where were you? We were getting worried.”

Mahiru replied in sign language and explained their earlier encounter. He could feel Kuro’s eyes on him and knew that he was most likely confused. He turned to the first page of his notebook and handed it to Kuro. Hello, my name is Mahiru Shirota. I’m deaf so I use this notebook to talk. I can read lips and I have a hearing aid but please be patient with me.

Kuro didn’t know how to respond for a moment. Mahiru was accustomed to the hesitant expression Kuro gave him so he wasn’t offended. His friends were understanding and didn’t treat him differently.

“Stop staring at him like that. You’re making him uncomfortable.” Kuro felt someone kick him and turned to see Licht glaring at him. Licht barely gave him a glance before speaking to Mahiru in a moderate pace and signed. “It looks like this guy is your new neighbour. If he causes you any trouble, call me or Tetsu and we’ll deal with him for you.”

That’s okay, Licht! I’m sure he wasn’t trying to be rude. Mahiru signed quickly. He was grateful that his friends cared about him and wanted to help him transition to a new school but he didn’t want to worry them too much. I’ll be alright.

Kuro sat at his desk but kept glancing out the window to the neighbouring house. He was supposed to be studying but he couldn’t stop thinking of his new neighbour. He looked up from his textbook when he heard a tapping sound outside his window. Kuro looked up and was surprised to see the person that was filling his thoughts.

Mahiru stood in the window across from his and pressed his notebook against the glass for him to see. I’m sorry about Licht. He can be a little intense but he’s a nice guy. Let’s get along since we’re neighbours now.

Kuro took a spare piece of paper and wrote a reply. He made sure to make the lines thick so that Mahiru could read them. My name’s Kuro. You have the same uniform as me. Are you going to Servamp Academy too?

Mahiru smiled and nodded. He started to write something in his notebook and Kuro found himself waiting for his answer with mild curiosity. I won’t start attending classes until Monday. I just went to buy my uniform today. Is there anything I need to know for school? What are we learning right now? I don’t want to fall behind.

We’re all preparing for a school festival right now so we’re not doing much in class. Kuro answered him. Everyone’s excited about setting up a costume booth for the festival but it seems like a drag if you ask me. There’s so much to do like making the costume and backdrops. It’ll just be easier to buy a bunch of food and sell them. Of course, if my brother comes, we’ll be sold out after one of his orders.

His reply made Mahiru chuckle but Kuro looked exasperated. When he first met Kuro, he was running as if the dogs of hell were chasing him. Mahiru had the impression that Kuro was rather athletic but it seemed he was wrong. He wrote in his notebook and asked, You have a brother? I’m an only child so I’m a little jealous.

I have six brothers and one sister. They’re all younger than me and they can be a pain sometimes. Do you know how many times they interrupted my sleep? Kuro wrote. Mahiru found watching his expression more entertaining than his stories.

“Kuro! World End ate the cake I was saving!” Kuro heard Hugh cry from the kitchen.

Kuro sighed and turned away from the window to yell, “Wrath, they’re fighting again!”

Is something wrong? Mahiru asked with a concerned look.

My brother ate my other brother’s cake. I told you they could be troublesome.

Shouldn’t you go stop them if they’re fighting? Thinking simply, you’re the oldest and it’s your responsibility. Mahiru tapped the words with a stern expression. I still have things to unpack so you don’t need to worry about keeping me company. Go down and stop your brothers from fighting!

Fine, I’m going. You sound like a housewife, you know? Mahiru shook his head in denial and Kuro smiled to himself slightly. Mahiru waved to him before closing the curtain between them.

Mahiru stood in front of the class, slightly nervous as he held up his notebook for his class to read. While his hearing aid didn’t allow him to hear their whispers, he knew that they were talking about him. He scanned the class and was relieved to see Kuro in the class. Though it did annoy him that Kuro was sleeping.

The teacher tapped his shoulder and said. “Go sit behind the sleeping student.”

Mahiru nodded and went to sit behind Kuro. He gently poked Kuro’s back and tried to wake him. Kuro woke with an irritated groan and turned to face him. His eyes widened for a moment before Mahiru gently hit Kuro with his notebook. You’re in class so you shouldn’t be sleeping.

But we’re only picking out people’s duties for the costume booth. I’ll just take whatever’s left over and hope that it’s not too bad. Kuro wrote.

What jobs are still left? Mahiru asked and flipped to a new page for Kuro to write on. Once Kuro wrote all the duties left, Mahiru quickly added something above them. Mahiru’s eyes narrowed while he wrote so Kuro wondered what he was writing. Then he knocked on his desk and raised his hand. When the teacher turned to him, Mahiru held up the notebook.

Kuro and I volunteer to be in charge of costumer design, sewing, making photography backdrops and making flyers.

“What?” Kuro looked between Mahiru and his teacher. Unfortunately, the teacher was already writing his name under all the jobs. He quickly asked, “Why did you do that?”

Thinking simply, I’m qualified to do those things and I have free time. Also, this is your punishment for sleeping in class and trying to be avoid your responsibilities.

This is just part one. I was writing this but it was becoming longer than I expected so I decided to split it into two parts. Honestly, I was a little hesitant to take this request because I was afraid of being disrespectful unintentionally. I tried to do my research and wrote everything respectfully.

Hey guys, I’m back from Philadelphia and oh man was it awesome! We got to go on a tour of Eastern State Penitentiary, visit the Mutter Museum of medical oddities, and then of course went to the Jurassic World exhibition so I have a TON of pictures to share. Mostly of dinosaurs but also of other cool stuff, so I’m going to make a couple separate photo posts later for each thing to keep it organized. I’ll probably tag them all with #cyb speaks if anyone wants to ignore my picture spam haha


furniture delivered today 😁😁 new ottoman and coffee table, and way over there a new dining table and chairs!! we still haven’t made a concerted unpacking effort, but the place is slowly coming together

In more recent news I moved into a new place! I still have to unpack and its a complete disaster in here. I’m also tired. Please send help.

OH and for those who are curious, I’m 16 months on hormones now. There are no more physical changes that I can detect except for boobs. They’re still growing! I think that takes a few years to finish though ;p

The past, the present... The future.  -Part 4

Summary: In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state.

Chapter 4: Who are you?

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: This part is pretty dark, you’ve been warned. Mentions of abuse, torture, human experiments and panic attacks.

Word count: 1,988

A/N: I got a bit carried away writing this. Specially the beginning and the end. Please, don’t hate me! I really want to explore the reader’s backstory in detail. As always, I would love to have feedback, so don’t doubt telling me what you think!

Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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“Who are you?” the voice rips me suddenly from my trance. It’s deep and menacing. I turn around slowly to face the man staring at me from across the room.

His figure is tall and strong. Pale moonlight drips along his face. His dark hair is messy and longer than I remembered, going down to his jaw, that is clenched and stubble. The moonlight reflects on his exposed left wrist made out of vibranium. But that’s not what gives him away. It’s his eyes.

I will never forget them, no mater how long I live. Those piercing blue eyes have haunted my nightmares countless times, and now, all of a sudden, they drag me back to my fourteen year old self, hiding in a corner, waiting for the monster to grab me.

It’s him.
It’s the soldier.

>>Sentences in cursive and bold are flashbacks.<<

Y/N’s POV:

“Who is her, sir?”

“Who are you?”

“This, doctor, this. This is where you are going to test the serums on.” he smiled, running a hand through my arm, secured between two leather holds. “We have others, so don’t worry about the condition it is left in. We just thought it would be an excellent place to start.”

The doctor nodded. “That’s good. I think I will need more, I don’t expect this one to be left in a good condition, but this is an excellent place to start.”

The world is spinning. Past and present mix before my eyes and absorb me with a magnetic force.

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The Immortals- Part 20- The Dinner

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Words: 5789

This is a “re-writing” of Imagine Meeting the Originals.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

My inbox is open if you have any questions. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think. I really hope you like it.


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19

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I’m Baaaaaaack!

Well, more like I’m back home but not back online. I still have to unpack and get situated but I can safely say that I’ll be back to the swing of things on Sunday! Meeting Rapunzel and surrounding myself with all things Disney really put a spark in my muse that I’m just itching to play with. But before I get to do that there’s a bit of clean up that has to be done.

A bunch of the starters I wrote never posted because silly me didn’t push them up to the top of the queue so I have to find them and get those out. 

I gotta search through replies that were posted during my trip so I can throw those in my drafts and answer.

Unfollows! I’ll be cleaning my follow list a bit but if you follow me and I follow you then you have nothing to worry about. 

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COME SAY HELLO!  I have more pictures to show you guys so if you wanna to see them too so *TWIRLS* IDK I’m just excited to be back I missed you guys ( : 

Today was an emotional rollercoaster and I spent 90% of it in my room

anonymous asked:

What about an "everything run-down and suddenly a guy falls through the ceiling; now there's a hole in the ceiling of my bedroom"-AU thing? c:

The first time it’s a leg through the kitchen ceiling. 

Derek finishes chewing his mouthful of cereal, stares up at the twitching foot. 

“Uh, little help?”

He stands, pushes the table directly underneath the flailing leg and pushes it back up. A face appears through the hole in the plaster, and it’s a nice face, albeit a little sweaty and shocked looking. 

“Uh, thanks, dude.”

“Derek,” Derek supplies, waves a hand dumbly from where he’s standing on the table. 

“Right, thanks,” the guy grins, and it lights up his face. Derek feels his knees sway a little. “Sorry for interrupting your breakfast.”

“It’s… fine.”

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i moved into a new place last week, and when i woke up that first morning i felt so overwhelmingly happy?? like, this place is fresh and different and mine and i’m just so glad to be here ;u; for the first time in a while, things are looking good

anyway, here is a just-moved-to-gravity-falls ford, doing what i do every day when i realize i still have things to unpack

Journal pt. 1

Summary: First day of university for a socially awkward girl and stressed boy can be weird, but even weirder when they find odd journals.
Members: Jungkook x Reader (appearances by BTS and Mamamoo)
Type: Angst/Fluff/ Student!AU
Length: 3,547 Words

I am soooo happy you guys liked the first chapter of O:TNO. I really hope you guys like this series first chapter as well. It is a very different feel from the Hoseok series and a bit similar feel to Rich Games, but with a very different twist to it <3

-Admin Kat

[Pt. 2]  [Pt. 3]  [Pt. 4]  [Pt. 5]   [Pt. 6]

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You hated the first day of school. It wasn’t that you didn’t like school. On the contrary. You loved school. You loved learning new things and reading. But you hated change. You hated entering a new environment and meeting new people. It gave you nothing but anxiety. The thought of having to go out of your way and meet new people who could easily use you, tease you, or hurt you. It was a cringe worthy thought. That was why you had insisted on getting your own dorm room. You couldn’t handle having a roommate. Living with a stranger scared the life out of you. You needed some sort of safe space where you could unwind from the stress of the day.

That was where you wanted to be right now. You wanted to be back in your dorm room, unpack all your boxes, and settle in. You wanted to take out your laptop and start working on some of the reading for next week that was placed on the syllabus. You stared around you and saw the other students chatting with one another excitedly. Some of them clearly knew each other, probably having went to the same high school and decided to move on to university together. There were others who were talking to each other for the first time; making small talk, shaking hands, trying to find something that they had in common. And then there was you. You felt awkward in your seat, waiting for the damn orientation to begin. The faster it started, the sooner you could get out of there.

You were relieved when you saw a familiar face in the crowd. You waved over at Hwasa, happy that at least your best friend had come with you to university. “Hey girl! How are you? Are you excited for the first day of our future?” She asked in her usual, loud and excited voice as she wrapped her arms around you. You still felt it was weird being friends with her. She was the complete opposite of you. Where you were awkward, she was outgoing. Where you were quiet, she was loud. And where you were scared, she was courageous.

You envied her, and you knew that standing with her was going to make things slightly worse. If you didn’t want people near you before, they would definitely be paying attention now. Hwasa was hard to ignore after all. She was not only fun and had a magnetic personality, she was also beyond beautiful. She pulled on your arm, dragging you to seats that were closer to the other students. You didn’t fight her though. You knew it was useless to fight; she would make sure you followed her lead. She knew what was best for you.

You took your seat beside Hwasa and a random guy. You tied to quietly beg Hwasa to switch seats with you, but she shook her head; giggling as she waved at you to just talk to the boy. Yu turned your head towards him and tried to smile. The boy smiled brightly at you, having a puppy face that helped to calm you. “Hi, I’m Taeho,” he greeted you as he held his hand out towards you.

You reached your own hand out to take his. “I’m (Y/N). It is nice to meet you.” You shook his head awkwardly, pulling back quickly. A confused and partially hurt look crossed his face. You felt bad when you saw the look, but it was too late to take it back and it would just make it weirder to apologize. Instead, you just turned your attention to the front of the room. The man who you assumed to be the President of the University was taking his place at the podium to begin his introduction.

You stopped paying attention as he began to drone on about all the possibilities and opportunities the university had to offer to all of their incoming students. He told you all how ‘proud’ he was to see such bright students adding to the prestige of the school and how excited he was to get to know every single one of us. You looked around the room of well over five hundred students; and that was just for this orientation day. There was still the rest of the week for orientations. Yes, get to know every single one of us. That makes sense. You thought to yourself in a sarcastic tone. Without even knowing what you were thinking, Hwasa gave you a warning look that told you to get whatever cynical thought you had out of your mind.

You smiled at her and turned your attention from the orientation to the other students. You loved to people watch. There was something about studying people and trying to figure them out that you just loved. You knew you would probably never get the courage to talk to them and find out if your hypothesis was right, but you were okay with that. After all, sometimes your imagination could be twice as fun as reality. For instance, the girl who sat two seats in front of you. She was a small girl, both in height and in size. She was talking to another girl beside her, almost the complete opposite appearance wise. The girls had matching bracelets, probably meaning that they were best friends or a couple. The small girl was nervously picking at her sweater sleeve; most likely her first time away from home. And the bigger girl was letting her knee bounce up and down, not seeming to notice her own nervous habit. You were already coming up with their backstories of best friends who decided to escape their small home town for a big university.

Then again, you could be completely off and they could just be friends or a couple who are excited and anxious to begin their new journey together. But that was the fun of the game. You looked behind you and noticed a boy who walked in late. He had his bag slung over his shoulder, walking in without a care in the world. He looked around, noticing some of his friends, and nodded his head towards them. You followed his gaze and saw a large pile of boys and girls who nodded back at him or swooned at his mere glance. A popular boy? Already? You asked yourself as you thought about how someone could become popular in the first day of university. Unless they all came from the same school and he had been the popular one there. Either way, the boy was odd to you. It was hard to read him. At the initial glance, you could assume he was a bad boy. But judging from the style he dressed, the way he didn’t disturb the orientation, and the amount of people who seemed to like him, you couldn’t assume that anymore.

Maybe a jock? He was definitely muscular enough for it. But at the same time, his baby face didn’t really read someone who did a lot of athletics. More of just someone who worked out. The way his muscles formed on his body, you would assume maybe a swimmer. Or a dancer? But there weren’t a lot of guys you knew who did dance. You stared at him for a moment longer before you noticed the odd look that the boy who was directly behind you was giving you. That’s when you remembered that you were sitting near the center of a sea of students. You snapped back in your seat so you were facing the front of the room once again. You felt your cheeks becoming extremely red and prayed that no one else took notice to you. That would be a nightmare.

“Do you want to head to the dorms so you can start unpacking and meet me for dinner? I still have to meet with my roommate. Sorry again that we couldn’t room together.” Hwasa said as soon as the orientation let out. You nodded your head. You didn’t blame her. She hadn’t applied to the school until after you were already accepted, and it wasn’t like she would want to room with you. Sure, the two of you were best friends, and she would never say it, but you knew that she wanted to experience the whole of university. And that would include rooming with a new person and getting to know your roommate over the year that you spent together.

You waved off her apology. “Hwasa, you have nothing to apologize for. I prefer having a room to myself anyways. I need time alone once in a while.” You reminded her sweetly. She scoffed but nodded her head in understanding.

“Just remember that there are other people who probably like the same things as you. Try and get out and meet them, yeah?”

You waved her off once again, turning towards your dorm building and heading off. You heard her yell out that she loved you, and you yelled it back to her without turning to face her. No matter what, that girl was your best friend and you wouldn’t have asked for anyone else, but sometimes she was just so pushy when it came to you not really getting to know others. It wasn’t your fault. You just had too much anxiety. Everything made you stress.

You tried to shake the thoughts out of your head as your chest began to pound again. Hell, even the thought of your anxiety gave you anxiety. You hated this about yourself. You had hoped that it would pass once you were in college; maybe you would finally be able to return to the person who you used to be before your senior year of high school. But it didn’t seem that way. It only seemed to get worse now that you were surrounded by tens of hundreds of strangers.

You reached your room quickly, placing your headphones on and walking briskly cross campus. You noticed several students hanging out around campus and chatting and throwing Frisbees. It almost made you want to go and try and hang out with them, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Each time someone made eye contact with you, you would quickly drop it and scurry off like a kid caught somewhere where they didn’t belong. Once you reached your dorm room, you were greeted by several overly preppy resident hall assistants. They were eager to greet the fresh batch of freshman, but you were having none of it. You nodded your head politely towards them, but never took your headphones off.

You keyed yourself up to your room and locked yourself away. You took your headphones out of your phone and let the music continue to play and fill the room. The sound of chatter out in the hall was blocked out by your music, and you felt a bit empty inside. You hated that you couldn’t bring yourself to talk to others. But after some of the things that had happened, you figured it was understandable. Or at least justifiable.

With a sigh, you tried to remind yourself that you were trying. It was the best you could do. After all, like your psychiatrist said before you left, you just need to find the right time when you are comfortable to ease out of your bubble. Until then, you would just have to deal with the fact that you were an antisocial, awkward girl. With that thought in mind, you began to unpack your boxes. You placed all your belonging out. Placing each item in their perfect spot. You tried to place things as close to the spot where they had been in your room as possible.

As you were unpacking the many boxes, you found something that was clearly out of place. When things changed, you were quick to notice it. You held up the weird journal and stared at it. It was a normal black journal, a small lock on the front that seemed to open only from a key. You looked around in the boxes, finding your curiosity getting the best of you. You didn’t remember packing anything like this, but you figured maybe your mom snuck it in as a way for you to ‘ease out of your bubble.’ You finally found the small key at the bottom of the box in the corner.

You brought the journal over to your neatly organized desk and took a seat. It was strange. The cover felt like leather, but it was very clearly not. There was no engraving on the cover or back, no sticker from where it had been purchased, not even a manufacturer name. Just plain black on the front and back. The spine hard the numbers 1159 engraved on it. You slowly unlocked it, feeling a tingling in your hands as the small lock clicked and the book sprang open. Inside the pages were pure. A perfect white that looked as though it was too perfect to mark up, but yearning to be occupied.

You picked up one of your many pens and clicked it so the tip was revealed. Your hand hovered over the perfect page for a long moment. You didn’t know what you were going to write, but something was tugging at you to write anything down.

Dear journal,

I hate myself. I hate that I am awkward. I hate that I get anxiety over the thought of talking to someone. I hate that I hate my best friend. I hate that she is outgoing, smart, funny, beautiful, talented, and that things come so easily for her. I hate that no one understands me except her. I hate that I almost threw that away for one person. I hate that people think I’m a freak. I am a loser. And they are all right.

You stared down at the words you had written and felt a small weight lifted off your shoulders. As dumb as you thought journals were, you also found it a bit relieving to be able to empty your thoughts and burdens onto it and not have to hear any sort of judgement. You closed the journal and placed it on the far corner of your desk. You took the key off out of the small lock and slipped it onto a thin chain you had in your jewelry box and placed it around your neck. It hung just low enough that you could keep it hidden under your shirt.

“(Y/N)! This is Wheein. She is my roommate! Wheein, this is my best friend, (Y/N).” Hwasa introduced you to the other girl as soon as you reached the dining room table. The dining hall was jam packed with the new students, already finding their groups and niches. You were relieved that you already had someone, so at least you wouldn’t be the weirdo who was looking for a spot to sit and having to settle on taking your food back up to your room to eat alone.

You shook hands with the new girl, but she just pulled you into a tight hug. Right off the bat you could tell why she and Hwasa would get along so well. You patted her on the back as she hugged you, not really sure what you were supposed to do. She just laughed, letting you go and taking her seat next to your best friend. You sat on the other side of the table from them, and it was a bit awkward already. The two of them jumped right into a conversation, having picked it up where they left off before you joined them. You listened to them as they discussed some of the things they wanted to buy for their room to make it feel more like a joint home between the two of them. “Oh! We could buy the- ”, “Yes! I was just thinking that!” They said over one another; able to tell what the other was already going to say.

As they spoke, you felt your attention being drawn elsewhere. It was odd being at a table with two people who had something in common and you were now the odd one out. So you fell back on doing what you always did. People watching once again. Your eyes scanned the crowds, trying to find something that would catch your attention. That was when you noticed him again. It was the same boy from the orientation; the one who came in late. He was sitting amongst the boys who had nodded at him. The seven of them sat in a table that was surrounded by girls and other guys. The boy with the baby face was at the center of the table, telling them all something that completely stole their attention; as well as yours.

You watched the way his mouth moved as he talked, noticing how it was slightly slanted to one side in a way that was almost unnoticeable. Also the way his nose seemed to scrunch up as he laughed and he appeared almost bunny like. As you watched him, he looked up, meeting your eyes for a brief second before you dropped your gaze quickly. You looked back at Hwasa and Wheein. “Um, so… what kind of things are you into, Wheein?” You asked as you tried to join the conversation. To your relief, she was a lot like your best friend and was completely at ease with adding you to the conversation and went on and on about the hobbies she had. As she spoke, you listened diligently, but every now and then, your eyes would flick back to the boy at the table.

You cursed your insomnia. Just as you did every night. You hated the fact that you could not sleep properly, no matter how much you tried. It was almost midnight and you still had to get up early tomorrow to help Wheein and Hwasa with some of the projects they had for their dorm room remodeling. You didn’t know why you offered to help so early when you knew that you wouldn’t be getting a lot of sleep, but you had just wanted to help them.

You glanced over at the clock. 11:58. You let out a sigh and brought yourself up to your feet. You walked around your room, wanting to try and tire yourself out or something. As you walked, you kept finding yourself being drawn towards your desk. Your eyes trailed down towards the journal that sat on the desk. You didn’t really want to reread what you had written. You were having a good evening and the last thing you wanted to do was remind yourself how depressed you had been early today. But something was drawing you towards it.

What would be so bad about reading it again? You asked yourself as you finally settled into the desk seat and pulled the chain over your head and unlocked the journal. 11:59. The clock read now. As you opened the journal, you noticed something strange. It wasn’t your handwriting on the first page. Instead, your typically neat, almost OCD straight words were replaced by hurried pencil strokes. Your brows furrowed in confusion as you stared down at it and began to scan the words.

Journal, or log, or whatever,

Hey. So, I don’t know why I have this, or why I am writing, but I found it and figured it would be something I could use to work in. Um, clearing my head. I guess… I guess this is the start of my future. First day of university orientations and already my name proceeds me. The boy who is supposed to be good at it all. Just like in high school, right? But I’m not that kid. I’m not good at everything. And trying to be… well, it is just stressful. It’s a lot to be asked of one person. But how would it look if I just gave up?

The words scattered the page, the small spaces in between lines being taken up by quick doodles of anime characters, dragons, flowers, and other really nice designs. You stared at the paragraph again, rereading it and looking around your room for your journal. You didn’t know how you could have possibly gotten a journal swapped with someone else’s when you hadn’t even moved it from the corner of your desk. You closed it and reopened it. The same words covered the page. It was the same journal you had this afternoon; the same numbers etched onto the spine and the same key opened it. Did this mean that someone had your journal? You asked yourself. You closed it again. 12:09. When you opened the diary once again, you were greeted by your familiar handwriting. You blinked a few times, rubbing your eyes and rereading what you had written earlier that day.

Okay, maybe it is time to force yourself to sleep. You’re going crazy. You concluded as you relocked the journal and placed the key back around your neck. But even as you began to drift to sleep, you couldn’t help but think about the strange paragraph you thought you read.

Please let me know what you think of this chapter so I know if I should continue the series

Feels Like Home

(gif credit to the creator)

Part 2 - The Luncheon From Hell

Master List

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1,040
Warnings: none
A/N: I am so sorry this took so long to get up! No Dean in this part unfortunately, but he will be showing up again soon. I really hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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Irresponsible•Neymar Imagine

“Rafa is going to pick you up from the airport, okay?” Neymar asks.
“Yeah, I’ll text her the details.“I say while showing my boarding pass to stewardess. I mutter a thank you and quickly get to my seat in the first class."I just got on the plane so I’ll see you at home right?”
“Yeah, I’m now going to these medical check ups so I should be back before you’re home.” He says and after typical I love you from both sides we end the call.

Neymar has not been feeling well for past days and since the game against Roma was coming which was his first game this season he decided to ignore that until the last minute. When he got fever, his manager finally made him see the doctor properly. I was worried but now I was heading back home so I could finally see him.
I was in London for few days and it felt so good to be back in Barcelona. The flight was about two hours so it was pretty short and I managed to get a quick nap and read few chapters of my book and before I knew we were already landing. I quickly got my luggage and took few pictures with fans I finally spotted Rafa. We quickly greeted each other with a hug and headed towards the car.
“Wow, you managed to convince Neymar to give you his car?” I ask when I see Neymar’s Audi Q7. Neymar loved his cars more than anything and he let me drive his like once. And he was sitting right beside me during our five minute way to the grocery shop.
“I’m pretty sure he’s sick and doesn’t really know what he’s doing so I took the opportunity.” She laughs but then adds.“He really doesn’t look well. And he’s so moody, I’m so glad I’m leaving tomorrow because I can’t stand him.” She laughs.
“Is it bad? He wouldn’t tell me anything besides that his head hurts really bad and that he thinks he had fever but there’s nothing to worry about.”
“I’m not sure, he went to see the doctor so I guess we’ll find out soon.” Rafa shrugs and keeps driving.

When we finally get home after being stuck in an evening traffic for about forty minutes I am more than relieved to finally get out of the car. When I head inside home I can tell Neymar is there because of the lights which are turned on in literally every room and there is TV quietly going on in the living room. Rafa goes to her bedroom and I quickly get my bags upstairs, to our room and then go to the living room.
Neymar is peacefully sleeping on the couch with a cozy blanket covering him. He doesn’t wake up when I sit beside him and stroke his hair. I immediately notice that his forehead is quite hot. I decide to check if Duda is still here or if he left our place already. When I go to the kitchen I see Neymar’s dad and manager sitting beside the table and talking about some new project. Neymar’s dad and Rafa are leaving tomorrow to go back to Brazil so they’re probably doing some last minute changes.
“Hi.” I say and slip to the chair besides them.
“Hello, hello! Happy to be back?” Duda asked and smiled. He’s such a happy person.
“I only was gone for few days but I’m sure y'all have missed me so bad."I laugh.” So how’s Neymar?“I ask. I see them making eye contact and I can’t help but start to become worried by the look on their faces.
"Well…” Duda started and looked at Neymar senior.
“They don’t know anything yet."Neymar’s dad says and continues."He is good enough to play in tomorrow’s game but they took his blood to testing and it takes about two or three days to find out what it is.” He says and even he looks kind of worried. He usually is the calm and responsible one.
“But it’s like serious? What do they think he has?”
“They suspect few things and they didn’t want to tell us much before the test results.” He sighs.
“Should we be worried?” No one knows anything then.
“They told us not to be. I mean they are probably the best doctors in Spain so we don’t really have to be worried. I guess.” He adds quietly.
“We just wait, let’s not suspect anything. Just wait.” Neymar Senior says.
“So are we done here? I promised to send it before 10.” Duda asks Neymar’s dad after a few seconds of silence and gestures towards the papers on the table.
“Yes, I think so.” He nods.“If they need anything more just send me an email or give me a call, right?”
They both gather their stuff and Duda leaves to his place.
“You shouldn’t be worried about him.” Neymar’s dad says and looks at me when he’s in the doorway. He’s about to go upstairs and finish his packing and maybe have an early night since their flight is early morning the next day.
“Well, I’m trying not to be.” I try to smile but I think it doesn’t quite work out.“When we find out what it is, it’ll be better.”

I decide to cook myself a dinner and can’t help but peek at Neymar in the living room every five minutes. I’m checking if he’s still asleep, if the blanket covers him fully or if his forehead isn’t too hot.
Fortunately for me, he seemed okay last time I checked on him and the next time I look up from the pasta that I’m cooking right now he is there. Neymar is standing few meters away from me in the doorstep, looking at me and smiling.
“Hi baby.” He mutters and comes up to me.
I try to say the same but his full lips are already covering mine in a long kiss. When we finally break apart I manage to speak.
“How are you feeling?” I look him in the eyes and then notice that his face looks a little bit swollen.“Your face is kinda of swollen, does it hurt or something?” Although he doesn’t look that bad.
“Nah, I’m just having some terrible head aches but I got these pain killers and slept for a while so it’s okay now.” He shrugs and looks into the pan to see what I’m cooking.“You making that for me?” He grins.
“You can have some if you want to."I nod and get two plates."Are you sure you’re okay?”
“You shouldn’t worry."He says softly and and takes a step to be closer to me."The doctors said its nothing serious for now.” He looks me in the eyes and tucks some hair behind my ear.
“For now?"I repeat. It might get worse?
"Yeah, they say it’s probably just the beginning and all we can do is wait for the blood tests to know what it is.”
“The beginning? You’re not being serious.”
“Yeah I am?"He actually sounds kind of offended while scratching his neck and furrowing his brows. Although he looks quite cute in his long socks, football shorts, a huge jumper and that childish face.
"I just don’t like seeing you sick, you know I’m worried."I admit and sit beside the table with my full plate.

We have a nice conversation throughout the meal and when I finally finish my meal I realize how tired I am.
"So what are your plans for tonight?” I ask.
“I’ll probably just play FIFA since I obviously don’t feel like going out and I’m too lazy to do anything more.” He furrows his brows again like he’s thinking about what he just said.“What about you? Are you tired?”
“Yeah, kind of. But it’s too early so I won’t fall asleep now.”
“You could join me? You can have a glass of wine and I actually bought so much ice cream today we can start eating it now.” He offers. “We can watch a movie.”
“Can you get me the wine then? I’ll just quickly unpack and get my laptop because I still have some emails to read and stuff. ” I say and go do these things after we clean the table after our dinner.
“You’ll come downstairs with the laptop yeah?” He calls me when I’m almost on the stairs. I mutter some words in agreement and quickly go upstairs.

But am I going to get anything done with Neymar by my side?

When I get to the living room, Neymar is already laying on the sofa with a controller in his hands and a huge bowl of ice cream on his stomach. When he sees me he grins and puts a huge spoon full of ice cream in his mouth.
“Aren’t you supposed to be on some kind of football diet?” I sit beside him and take a sip of the wine he poured for me.
“I have to have energy tomorrow, right?” He eats another spoon of his ice cream while talking.
I raise my eyebrows at him but he gets distracted by Fifa too quickly to notice. I decide to get everything done as fast as I can and at least try to relax.
The only sounds in the room for few more minutes are these annoying sounds from Neymar’s game and curses he mutters under his breath when he looses the ball. After thirty minutes I am done. I close the lid of my laptop and I’m more or less satisfied with my work. Neymar looses another game just seconds later and he quickly collects my empty glass after wine, gets up and heads towards the kitchen.
“Do you want some ice cream?"He asks on his way there.
"No, but you can bring the whole bottle of wine since I don’t know if I’ll survive sober with you tonight.”
When Neymar comes back he really is carrying a bottle of opened wine and the same bowl full of ice cream.
This time when he comes back and sits on the couch, he sits up more straight so after few minutes I decide to lay down and put my head on his lap. I see him slightly smiling when I do that.
“Are you playing with Leo?"I ask while following the game on the screen. Watching Fifa is not that boring especially when you’re interested in football.
"Yeah, that fucker has won every game today."He swears.
They finish playing sometime later and it might be because it’s getting late or because I started playing with Neymar’s face and complaining about how long they’ve been playing for.
He just turns on the regular tv and some kind of comedy is on so we just leave it going.

"I missed you."Neymar mutters and strokes my hair."I felt kind of lonely when you were away.”
“Awww."I turn on my back and look at his face."You’re cute.” His attention is fully on me when I change my position and sit on his lap.“But…"I place a kiss on his lips."I missed you too.” I smile and kiss him again. The kiss is short and sweet and after it I snuggle my head in the crack of his neck just to get closer. Neymar soon covers us up with a blanket and we just watch the movie.
Soon Neymar’s scent and his hands traveling up and down my sides become too distracting and I start kissing his neck.
“You just can’t get enough, can you?"He laughs but soon stops when I start sucking a soft spot on his neck. I stop way too soon, not to make the hickey too big.
He quickly finds my lips and almost sucks into them. Moments later he slides his hands down to my butt and squeezes it. His tongue swiftly finds its way into my mouth when it opens with a moan and deepens the kiss. My hands find their way under his jumper and lay flat on his ripped stomach. The kisses are not enough almost instantly so after few minutes or maybe seconds his hips try to find mine in a quick motion.
"No,no,no."I start and try to break the kiss but it still lasts for few more seconds."Not in the living room."I quietly say and frown. "Not when your family is upstairs."I add.
Neymar looks more or less disappointed but still really eager.
"One last kiss?"He asks and I honestly can’t refuse when I look into his eyes and see the sweet pout he makes unconsciously.
I connect our lips again and the kiss becomes heated right away. My hands are still pressed against his chest, his hands are still pressed against my butt and our lips are still pressed against each other.
Just moments later we hear someone quietly grunting. I didn’t think my heart would beat faster but it does when we immediately break apart.
There’s Rafa standing in the doorstep, holding a glass of water and giving us a wicked look.
"Seriously? If dad walked into you two instead of me, both of you would be dead now."She jokes.
Of course it’s not like Neymar’s family didn’t see us kissing or something.
"Shut up."Neymar says and laughs."It’s my house and it wasn’t my kissing buddy who got threw out by him."He starts laughing almost uncontrollably.
Rafaella just gives him one of her devil looks and leaves the room muttering a quick goodnight.
"What? What did you mean?"What exactly did he mean by saying threw out?
"Ah it’s nothing. One time when Rafa was like fourteen or something, she brought some guy over when no one was home, you know? Dad comes home and what? He finds his little daughter making out with a boy on her bed.” He laughs again.“He literally went mad! He threw him out immediate and she was grounded for like two months of something.”

The morning of the next day is more of a lazy day. Neymar declared he will drive his family to the airport and he did, so the only thing I had to do was to come downstairs and say goodbye to them.
Neymar’s face was still a little swollen and even though it’s a little more than the night before I still didn’t want to worry him before the game. Today’s match wasn’t an important one but it was the first match with the whole squad back and it was also Joan Gamper Trophy so it did mean a lot.
Around 3pm I leave the house just to go and visit Antonella. We haven’t seen each other for about a week but still have a lot of catching up to do. The things is that when games are at home Leo usually comes and picks Neymar up and I get Anto to the stadium so when we go back to our homes after the match everyone is in their own car. We do the same today and when we finally arrive to the stadium with few inconveniences like traffic, just because Barcelona is packed with tourists and fans.

The stadium is full and everyone is so positive and happy even before the players are on the pitch, its really a pleasure to be in the place like this and absorb the positive energy. When the players appear on the pitch, everything explodes.
When the game finally starts the stadium is chanting the names of different players and soon the first ball lands in the net.
It’s Neymar’s. And I guess it’s dedicated for me.
The next two goals are both for Barcelona and the stadium is more alive than ever. The game was really good and both sides played really good but well, Barcelona won.

When players start to flow out of the dressing room, about an hour after the game they are clean and happy. Neymar comes out between Leo and Dani and he looks exhausted even though the didn’t play the whole game. When they spot us, Neymar’s face lightens up a little but after few seconds it goes away and he’s back to looking poorly.
This one time team decided not to go celebrating just because the next day they have an early training. I am more then welcomed to hear that news due to Neymar looking and probably feeling poorly. When we walk to the car he is quietly telling me about how the game went and his arm is wraps a little tighter around my waist when I ask him if he’s is okay. We finally arrive to the car and he pulls his hand out to get the keys from my palm and my fingers wrap around the keys really tight when I see what he wants to do.
“You’re not driving. Forget it."I laugh and get into the car on the driver’s seat. He stands beside then car for few more seconds before he gets inside on the passenger seat.
"What’s my car, you know?” He is more amused than angry but he tries his best to look angry.
“I do, but you’re not capable of driving.”
“I’ve been running for an hour so I guess I’m not as weak as you think I am.” He giggles and he doesn’t manage to pretend to be angry anymore.

The night after that, Neymar gets a fever in the middle of the night.
He wakes me up around 3:30am and says he’s really hot and dizzy and doesn’t know what to. I try not to panic because he looks really bad. His face is even more swollen than it was the night before and he really doesn’t look healthy.
After about an hour when I finally manage to get his temperature down and he falls asleep I sent a quick message to Duda.
“Neymar got fever, I made the temperature lower but I don’t have his doctors phone number. Could you please book an appointment for him?”

The next morning Neymar still looks really bad but Duda called the doctor and the some man who Neymar was visiting few days ago will come over at 5pm.

“The blood tests are clear.” The doctor looks at us from behind his glasses.“It’s mumps.” For next 20 minutes he talks us through the possibilities of how the sickness might go and that Neymar is out for at least two weeks.

“Oh and ma'am?” He turns to me.“ I’d do blood tests if I were you. You seem to have the same symptoms as mr. Neymar.”

From what I know Duda is some kind of Neymar’s manager but you can’t really find exact information on that.
Also this imagine is really really different! It’s more of everyday situations than some proper action so let me know how and do you like it? And this is the longest imagine I’ve written! It’s really long (probably twice the length of the longest one I had) but I wanted to somehow make up to you the drought of them.
+I don’t really know if it turned out at least a little but like a fluff…

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Hey Fam!

I moved in one piece. My cats are both here now as well. My dad agreed to try if they’re able to acclimate to their new surroundings. If not, I definitely have to find them a new home. But so far, things went very well. They still hide mostly during the day tho, but both eat and both use the litter boxes. 

Now as for here, I think I gonna reblog some sentence memes later, to write drabbles. Need to kickstart my muses again after the whole stress. I mean, I still have to unpack a bunch of boxes and bags, and my old apartment still needs cleaning, too. But that’s all not very… stressful.

I use my parent’s comp now. Their auto corrector is set to german and Idk if I can change it or not. I apologize in advance for any typos here. English isn’t my native tongue and while I try my hardest to make sentences that make sense, there are words I just can’t seem to get right most the time ID

Listen to my heartbeats (1/?!) ||Steroline Fanfic AU||

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Stefan and Caroline

Summary:  They dance for what seems like hours. And in that moment, she feels as if they were one person. As if his world was hers too. Because she doesn’t just get used to the silence, she enjoys it. Steroline AU.

A/N: So, this is some idea that has been hunting me for a while and I finally got it written. Big thanks for those who were waiting for it. Oh, and this chapter isn’t Steroline-centered. But I promise that next chapters (if I ever write them) will be loaded with our babies. This is just the beginning. You can also read it on ff.netEnjoy!

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