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“I live in my dreams — that’s what you sense. Other people live in dreams, but not in their own. That’s the difference.”



God-Pharaoh Bolas at GP Manila 2017

Aaaaah finally! The costume’s done, I wore it, and it was fun. Hard to move around with the wings but still manageable. 

  • I followed the Bolas silhouette through the end. Long body, short legs, big wings, small head, so no long hair.
  • The wings turned out a little different but I’d rather have fabric moving with the wind than stretched-out membranes, to be honest. I love stuff like that.
  • The contrast of the blue against the gold armor can really make them stand out, especially in the dark.
  • Lots of people took pictures, which was nice.
  • We got a few prints and tokens, plus several cards signed. I actually need the tokens this time.

Here are the raw images which make up the

EAT NO FOOD A BIRD HAS TOUCHED human hygiene infopamphlet

of yesteryear.  I don’t know what happened to the design document which had them in layout.  But this is basically it.

Still have some copies of it anyway.  Feel free to print out the fifth image and sign it.  If you are a serious person who is determined to choose order over filth and destitution.

Art Prints PSA

This is a semi-rant/semi-PSA about prints. There’s a tl;dr at the end:

The other day, I bought a print from an amazing artist online. They’re a primarily grayscale artist and I love their style! It’s quite unique and I was so excited to hang this print up on the inspiration wall. When I opened the print, it was just a laser-copy on 24lb standard copy paper… It looks okay from a distance as it’s in black and white, but up close it’s disappointing. Another example: A year ago in an artist alley I was anxious to buy a print from another great artist. The print I wanted was on display at their booth and it looked really nice! But when I paid and received a copy it had some noticeable lines running through it, with very uneven borders…
I’m happy to support fellow artists, for sure! My office is covered head to toe with art bought straight from the artist online and at cons. But I just had a feeling of getting “ripped off” with the paper quality lately.

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lol i bought some of my own prints from society6 just to check their print quality ((because i’ve been getting so many requests about uploading my art so people could get them as prints but i wanted to make sure that the quality was nice)) – was a bit surprised at how the different the colors were – they were very faded and yellowish (so i pulled out the mini comic prints) ;; the magazine mockups were a bit dark but i think it’s okay *__* i still kinda liked the prints from the local shop better ((the family portrait prints are so smooth when printed large AAAA so happy)) :0 anyway i left the magazine mockups in society6 so idk

these are terrible phone photos im sorry i was in a rush hahaha

Teen Wolf Preference – How You Find Out They Like You


Originally posted by natasharromanova

You’d find out that Derek likes you almost by accident.

You’d known Derek for a while and everyone knew that he had a soft spot for you – although, no one would have guessed that he had a crush on you. He usually he kept to himself, especially when it came to emotions, and when you found out about the supernatural world he’d so far been extremely patient with your questions.

“So you can shift when it’s not a full moon – does that really make you a werewolf?”, “how come only your face really changes?”, “how do you stop yourself from wolfing out when you get angry? You’re always angry”.

If someone like Stiles asked Derek these questions he’d tell them to shut up. But you were different. You were his anchor.

“We have anchors – something that stops us from losing control. It can be people like Scott used to use Allison or it can be something else. My anger used to anchor me.”

You arched an eyebrow, “what anchors you now?”

“What?” Derek hadn’t expected you to pick up on his terminology.

“You said ‘used’ to anchor you. What anchors you now?”

He avoided looking at you, worried that he’d cave in as soon as he saw your pleading eyes. So, Derek turned away and pretended to be interested in documentation on the table.

“Doesn’t matter.”

He knew you and knew that saying this would only interest you more. He wished he could just lie to you, it was so easy to like to other people.

“Oh, come on!” you moved closer to him, “is it really embarrassing?”

“Yes,” Derek said gruffly, bravely looking at you, “it’s you.”

You grinned, “that is embarrassing!” realisation seemed to dawn on you, “wait, me? But if Allison was Scott’s anchor…”

And for the first time, you saw Derek blush.

“Yeah, whatever.”


Originally posted by laheys-girl

You’d find out that Isaac likes you in a strange but not so surprising Isaac kind of way.

The pack, Scott specifically, were aware of Isaac’s nightmares and night terrors. Scott had grown accustomed to hearing Isaac’s yelling in his sleep every now and then and usually his nightmares revolved around the same thing. If it got really bad, Isaac would ring you after waking up because you assured him you’d be there for him no matter what the hour was. You were his best friend and everyone but you knew that Isaac thought of you more than that.

One night, his nightmare shifted to a whole new story.

Isaac woke up in a heavy sweat, letting out a few deep breaths as he tried to take in his surroundings and remind himself that the nightmare wasn’t real.

But it felt so real.

So he quickly grabbed a clean shirt and left the house, not even bothering to check the time as he sprinted through the streets of Beacon Hills. He tried to calm himself but there was a small voice in the back of his head that kept saying ‘but what if it was real?’

You almost threw a book at him when you were awoken suddenly to Isaac climbing through your window.

“Isaac – it’s 3am!”

He gave you a breathless smile, his eyes flickering to the book in your hand, “your plan to stop an intruder is to throw a book at them?”

You frowned groggily at him as you turned your lamp on, praying that your family wouldn’t wake up to the sound of your visitor.

“Are you gonna tell me why you’re here or are you just going to make fun of my plan of attack if an intruder comes?”

Isaac hesitated. He was relieved to see that his nightmare wasn’t true and you were okay after all – he just didn’t know how to explain that to you without feeling embarrassed.

“I had a nightmare.” He admitted, moving closer to your bed. Like a natural instinct, you moved over so he could get in bed beside you.

“You usually call me. What happened?”

“Uh,” Isaac fiddled with your bedsheet, “you were in it. I mean, sometimes you’re in my dreams like… in the background… but this time you were really in it. My dad – it’s stupid. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

You rested your head on his shoulder, “that’s different. You didn’t do your breathing exerci –,”

“I like you, alright? I had to be sure. You never know what happens in Beacon Hills. Shit’s insane around here.” Isaac tried to joke but realised what he said. Even in your tired state, what he said processed quickly in your mind.

“You… like me?” you thought for a moment, “actually, that makes a lot of sense.”


Originally posted by fytwolf

Mason would constantly tease Liam about it and whenever you were around he’d make subtle hints and you’d accidentally pick up on it

Mason was relentless when it came to Liam’s crush on you and that was how you found out Liam liked you.

“Here comes your girlfriend now.” Mason said in a sing-song voice when he saw you walking down the school corridor to him and Liam at the lockers. Liam glowered at him, this being an almost warning expression that if he said anything to you that Mason would face the consequences.

Mason nodded but whenever you were around, he’d just tease Liam when you weren’t looking.

“Please tell me you guys will stay after school. I really need your help on an assignment and I think it’s going to be the death of me.” You said when you reached Liam’s locker, Mason stepping so he was behind you and couldn’t see the faces and gestures he was pulling.

“I don’t know if I can stay but Liam definitely can,” Mason mused and you looked at Liam with a delighted expression. You couldn’t figure out why Liam had a frown on his face, unaware of Mason’s smirking face and mouthing ‘get some’ to his friend.

“Yeah I’ll probably stay. Are you coming to the lacrosse game tomorrow night?” Liam asked and you nodded your head. Mason was now doing a small dance behind you.

“Yeah, of course. I never miss a lacro –,” you turned around quickly, “Mason, what the hell are you doing?”

He stopped mid-dance, freezing when he saw your annoyed expression. Mason smiled sheepishly.

“I have a nervous tic?”

“You’re a terrible liar,” you said, “c’mon guys! What’s happening? You’re always doing this now! Don’t think I don’t see you, you idiot.”

Just as you playfully punched Mason in the arm, you realised why he’d been doing what he was doing. Your friends do a similar thing when Liam’s around.

“Oh… Liam!” you turned and pointed a finger to Liam who was blushing furiously, “oohh!”


Originally posted by teenwolfimagines711

You’d find out Scott likes you through an obvious source – Stiles.

By now, Scott should know not to trust Stiles with anything (especially with a crush secret) but he had to tell someone. Stiles was his go to person for everything.

“You’re not helping, (Y/N).” Stiles said loudly as he and Scott looked through boxes of archives at the police station, all three of you knowing full well that you shouldn’t be there. Whilst Stiles and Scott were looking through folders and papers, you were sitting on a wheely chair and filling out quizzes in a magazine.

“I think I’m helping a lot. For instance, I just read your horoscope, Stiles. This month you need to focus more on your happiness rather than getting caught up in work and putting your needs aside. You’re welcome,” you stuck your tongue out at him briefly, “oh, also, if you really want to dig up dirt on Theo why don’t we just visit his parents? They’d probably know about his sister’s death more than anyone. Before you ask, I do have his address and since Scott’s disapproved he can go over this stuff on chimeras which I photocopied out of one of Deaton’s books. I’ve highlighted the important bits.”

“You couldn’t have told us this earlier?”

“Nope, it’s been fun watching you two snoop around.” You showed Stiles the sheets you’d printed out for him.

“God, (Y/N). If Scott didn’t like you, I’d kiss you right now.” Stiles grinned as he took the sheets from you, already leaving the archive room as you and Scott sat still with wide eyed expressions


Originally posted by nostydianoparty

Your best friend, Lydia, had been trying to convince Stiles to tell you that he likes you for a long while but you’d find out that he likes you by accident.

You were in the car with Lydia on Friday afternoon, the loud music softening when a phone call came through the car.  

“I finally figured out how to connect my phone to the car,” Lydia grinned as she answered the call, “hi Stiles!”

Before you could greet Stiles too, he’d launched himself into a full ramble – something that happened often with him.

“I’ve finally decided to ask (Y/N) out on a date.”

“Stiles.” Lydia hissed, glancing to see your reaction. All you could was stare out the window with a confused expression.

“Lydia, I’m serious. I know I’ve said it heaps of times but I actually mean it this time. I’m gonna ask her out and tell her I like her,” he thought for a moment, ignoring when Lydia said his name again in a warning tone, “I just don’t know where to take her. Any suggestions?”

“I really want to go to that new restaurant in town.” You said and heard Stiles making a choking noise on the other end of the line while Lydia let out a loud laugh.

“I tried to tell you, Stiles!” she laughed as he quickly mumbled that he had to go and hung up the phone.


Originally posted by training-wolves

You and Theo are always flirting and you kind of know he likes you and he gets hurt and admits it to you and you’re like “I already knew that”

You always had a hunch that Theo liked you but had your theory confirmed when one of Theo’s late night outing went wrong.

Theo relentlessly flirted with you and you often responded just as eagerly. You were tending to his wounds, applying disinfectant and telling him to stop being such a wuss when he hissed and complained.

“You’re an idiot, you know that?” you muttered as you applied a bandage on his arm, trying to remain serious and ignore the fact that his arm was so nice and muscly.

“You dig it,” he gave a half smile, “can’t believe I’m saying this but I was really worried for a second there. I thought it’d kind of suck if I died and didn’t tell you that I liked you.”

Your snorted, “you weren’t going to die, they’re just minor cuts.”

“You’re not going to react to my proclamation of love?”

You leaned up, kissing his cheek, “no because I already knew.”

Who benefits?

And who has benefited right from the start?  When we talk about this shit show and are looking for the “masterminds” behind it, it is important to keep this in mind.

I know that some of you think that JA is the one orchestrating this, but you need to remember the whole picture. The big picture.  And also remember that we do not see and know everything that is going on.  

What we do know is that TPTB, like Albrecht, have a history of controlling their talent (Albrecht’s own remarks show that he thinks of them as commodity), using the fandom, and exerting power in questionable ways.  They are looking to make money.  Make more money, and keep the money that they have made.

That isn’t something that people in Sam and Cait’s position can fight.  Not overtly.  They try.  We can see that and they have tried from the start. The mixed messages, the separate interviews, the presence of TPTB at events and interviews where there is really no need for them (TCA2015,Paley costume…..HEAVY hitters there in ALL camps, etc) show exactly how controlled Sam and Cait are.

But, as I said, they try to influence their image in other ways.  Cait mostly stays out of the fray.  I like that she is engaging with the fandom a little more by interacting on Twitter and IG, and going to cons.  People will “get to know” her better.  And that is what she really needed in this fandom.  (don’t even get me started on this….grrrrr).  She is continuing with her charity involvement, keeps a foot in the fashion world, but has opened up and been a little more vulnerable.  This is helping to change what a lot of people were thinking of her.

Things will always be worse/harder for Sam.  We have gone over the reasons a million times but here is a short list……he was marketed to what Starz saw as their target audience.  He was put out there as hunky (duh), beefcake, and eye candy.  Whether is was his natural personality, enthusiasm, or directive, he interacted with the fandom in a way that gave most a sense of ownership and COULD NOT BE SUSTAINED.

When he stopped working with his former publicist (AK) and hired JA things changed.  We saw them expanding his image.  Piaget, charity work, best dressed lists, serious articles about his ambition, Barbour…….all JA.  All designed to show more of who he is and what he wants people to think about him.  Why it looks so bi-polar is that (as I have said many times) there is his PR and Starz PR.  And we only have to look to SDCC2017 to see that Starz PR is still selling the beefcake, single, flirty, attainable hunk.   

The questions put to them in print and filmed interviews are what STARZ wants you to hear, to know, and to believe.  It is marketing and advertising.  All of that benefits Starz first and anyone else second.  

So, when things come out ask yourself, who does this serve?  Who benefits from this?  Sometimes the answer will be SamCait (not just shippery stuff, although of course that is where I put most of it), sometimes it will be Starz and tptb (anything that causes fandom uproar and attacks does NOT benefit anyone BUT them), and sometimes it will be both..

There is a big difference between playing along (matching shirt pap stroll, etc) because it will happen regardless and you can negotiate benefits for your client ( like a BIG part in a movie with BIG names under the same umbrella), and masterminding something that has only contributed negatively to the image of your client.  

Things look heavy handed (Starz) and half assed (JA) because that is exactly what they are.


I got some of Stuart Semple’s black pigments and used it to linoprint some Black Shucks. I’m still figuring out the mix but I’m getting a flatter, matter finish than I ever have done with my regular relief inks. It’s good stuff!

I’m intending to work into the plate a lil more and then have some of these for sale on my etsy, keep your eyes peeled for that!

fiercewolf80  asked:

How did you start your comic blog? I am think about starting my own for a fan-comic, but I don't know how to begin!! Do you have any tips or things I should try to do?

Hey that’s awesome!!! First off let me say congrats in advance, and that you should totally go for it, and that I’m sure you’re going to do a really great job!

Secondly, and honestly? I just went for it! I was working on another comic at the time and still really new to comic making and tumblr in general, but I had ideas and I wanted to tell this story because 1) I think it’s an awesome story and 2) I didn’t want someone to beat me to the punch somehow :P Since it heavily relied on other people’s characters I either got their permission first or made sure that in their FAQ they OK-ed people using their characters for comics/art, and once I was good to go I just started with where I felt comfortable - with just separate panels of art and a small handful of them per update. Eventually I got more ambitious and tried proper comic page paneling (also because I lowkey want to print me a copy of this someday), doing side comics, planning in advance, and all that good stuff. And um, here we are, still doing the thing :’)

Hands down, the best advice I’ve ever received and that I could ever give is to have fun with it. That might sound kind of basic but it’s SO super true. If your comic stops being fun to create, or to share with your followers, or to look back on, then you need to reevaluate some things and figure out what you need to do next to make it fun for you again. Notice how I said for you. It’s really easy to fall into people-pleasing mode, but you should stick to your guns and make content that not only you’re proud of, but that you enjoy. Besides, if you’re having fun, I think the people who read your content pick up on that!

Aside from that, remember that no one said it’ll be easy - but it’ll be worth it. Let yourself grow as an artist and a storyteller! Do what you think is right and do your very best and don’t give up. Even when it’s hard, impossibly hard, or you feel discouraged or worried or stressed don’t give up because it’s too hard. If you need to stop or take a break it’s not a big deal, and don’t let anyone make you feel like it is. But don’t give up because of self-doubt. Figure out what you need to do to make it fun for you again. Ignite that passion and then go for it! You can do the thing!! You’re going to be okay!!

Good luck, you got this! :D

got the books in on Wednesday, so I just have to get the prints printed for bundles and everything is good to mail out 💪

Thank you for your patience, and again thank you for your patience for the comic itself! I’ve had some rough real life stuff happen so it hasn’t been my top priority lately, but pages are still underway and it’ll be a hefty update when it gets here 💖I might do some streaming when I get into inking or colouring

anonymous asked:

Do you perhaps have an etsy store or a place where I could perchase some of your art?

i doooooo it’s here! if we’re talking about prints tho, I don’t have any up as of yetttt, I’m still trying to sort things out after the con last weekend so theyre are charms, stickers and more notebooks will be up soonnnnn ;DD


theamateursketch  asked:

You probably don't remember me but I met you at fanime and fell in love with your art style and ended up buying most of your ink drawings, even the ones with your school notes on the back haha. Although you had to hold me back and told me to walk around artist alley first before buying more stuff from your booth lol! Anyway I was wondering if you'll be back at fanime or have a booth at AX. I'd love to buy more prints from you! Especially since you're drawing YOI stuff! Love your mafia au btw! c:

Like, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I told my friends there was some awesome girl that bought up like 10 of my original ink drawings!
I’m still happy you walked around a bit before buying out my booth, I would feel super bad having you waste all your money on me ^^;;;
Sad to say I did not get into Fanime this year
And I didn’t apply for AX, though, thinking I might want to try for next year :O
I’ll hopefully get to Fanime next year ;w;

also I just wanna say???
It’s always heckin cool to me that people who found me at cons actually did look e up on tumblr and are following me???
means so much ;A;


I am a second year student studying my Bachelor of Professional Writing and Publishing. I already have a diploma in Professional Writing and Editing.
I want to start up an online publishing business.
My idea so far is to publish online the works of unknown and up and coming authors, and for every book sold the author would be the one to get the MAJORITY of the money. For example if a book sold at $20, I would claim back maybe $3-$5, while the author themselves got THE REST back. Since it their work that THEY worked hard in to creative and if it wasn’t for THE WRITER there would be no story.
Now again this is only an idea so far. But I have some skills as an editor, I have close friends who also possess skills as editors. For this business to be a success I’d need their help because I wouldn’t be able to edit everything on my own, and even then with only myself there are bound to be errors I would miss that another editor would pick up on.
I already have a name and logo for this publishing business (I had to make a logo for one of my classes this year and it was what inspired me to think of all of this)
The reason I’m posting this is because I just want some second opinions. Like, should I even bother trying to do this? Is it a good idea? What else would I need to do?
I’m still working on everything in my head but so far I at least know that:
-I and my friends are capable editors and to an extent graphic designers.
-Authors DESERVE to make more money than what they do for THEIR hard work.
-it would only be online books given how much it would cost out of pocket to print hard copies.
-we would accept books of literally any genre really. Though I do have a personal preference for fantasy, horror, and stuff like that.

anonymous asked:

hey i'm looking for a affordable 80s fashion style online store for the fall, do you have any suggestions?

mainstream fashion outlets are focusing a lot more heavily on the 90s and early 2000s right now, so your best bet for this sort of thing is looking up vintage clothes on etsy or ebay. 

imyourpresent on etsy is really good for 80s inspired accessories, and feature a lot of bright colors in their stuff. they also have some very 80s inspired clothing that they sell (though it’s a bit pricier, since it’s hand made to order), such as this metallic peplum dress, these incredible leggings, this peplum/suspender skirt, and this sheer cut out dress

missalphabet on etsy is also really good for 80s inspired prints and silhouettes, especially if you’re into bright colors and pop kei/spank kei type looks! she also has a lot of cute accessories, as well as super 80s inspired sweatshirts and tees. 

echoclubhouse has a lot of vintage inspired pieces, though a lot of them are more 90s leanings there’s still some good 80s appropriate stuff in there, like these hair clips and some of their clothing pieces.

shoptunnelvision has an awesome vintage 80s section that i highly recommend checking out too. they also have a lot of plus sized options commonly which is a big help, esp since it’s hard to find vintage plus sized clothing online in general, i feel. 

hopefully those are some good starting points! 


Updating my prints/merch store!

Most of the content is Kuroshitsuji fanart (no surprises…)

→ redbubble.com/people/rinfiora

I’m saving up for something important, and it would mean a lot if you can give your support through buying my prints and merchs, if you like any of the things I listed!

Thank you so, SO much to the people who ordered previously! Even though at that time I don’t have much of anything uploaded to my rb store. I’m truly grateful. An anonymous buyer even left me a very kind message about C.C. (from Code Geass) prints, one that I didn’t even think people would pick out of the stuff I’ve listed. Thank you so much! (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

♠ see all of the prints and listed artworks here. (ʃƪ¬‿¬)

If you cannot buy but still would like to support, kind gestures like reblogs would be very much appreciated!

spookydragonwizards  asked:

When Hunger Pangs comes out, is it going to be available as a physical book? I've /never/ found an actual book that has a healthy poly relationship, and I would love to be able to just curl up on the couch and read something like that (without it being fanfic on my phone).

It wasn’t originally, but Amazon have since launched their print on demand service which I think is still going through beta and is a little…not so good right now, from what I have heard from other people who got approved to test it. But once they have it hammered out I’ll be submitting Hunger Pangs there for print on demand too, so yes, paper trade back will at some point eventually be available :)

At present however it’s just e-book or the limited edition hardbacks which I am putting together along with other fun merch stuff as rewards for patreon subscribers :)

So pretend there’s a Read More here because I’m on mobile.

So this past Saturday I broke my phone. It slipped out of my pocket and landed screen-first onto the concrete. I was bummed, but I wasn’t too upset. It was my fault for not having a case. So the next day I head over to the T-Mobile store to check out my options. The guy there was really helpful, really nice. I found out I have grade A credit (woooo) so I could get a new phone with $0 down. Suhweet. But I wanted to set up my own account since my dad has been paying for my phone.

Now, that requires I talk to my dad and he is out of the state. He didn’t answer his phone, so I told the T-Mobile guy that I’d come back the next day.

Fast forward to the next morning. I head back to the T-Mobile store and the same guy was there. Now, did I mention he’s super cute? Because he’s super cute. He gets my whole account sent up and my line switched over, we get my new phone set up, I pay the tax on my new phone. The whole time we’ve been chatting about stuff.

So I head home, la dee da, playing with my new phone. Then I get a text. “Hey it’s Dylan your T-Mobile guy.” Turns out he forgot to print something off for me and he asks for me email address to end it to me. We start joking around and BAM. Here I am 8 hours later, still texting him.

Life is good sometimes.

There is a difference between entertaining petty drama and disgusting bullying. How the hgs have been treating Dominique is blatant bullying. Literally all they have done all week is talk shit about her and treat her like shit. For what? I am still confused how any of this is justified. They are literally pulling stuff out of their asses to come up with things to dislike her for. Dominique saying good morning equals being called a c*nt? Dominique playing the game and defending herself against the untouchable Paul equals the hgs unifying to not talk to her as if she’s the plague? Dominique playing the game and planning to call out Paul equates to Paul wearing a snake print dress and blackface to mock her? And Christmas sticking out her crutches, Dominique did something to deserve that right? And when she was trying to sleep and all the hgs sat in the same room loud af without a care in the world, that was necessary of course? Or all the stupid af comments behind her back like “I’m surprised she stayed on the wall so long considering her hair got wet” (Alex) “grab her by the neck” (kevin), Maven and their “I’m dying she inconsiderate” bs and “bad vibes from Dom” (I can’t even quote them they’re dumb af and barely worth my time). You get the point. These houseguests are ugly and disgusting af. I’m cancelling my feeds when Dom is gone, I won’t support these ugly people.

cvrc11  asked:

I just bought Rosemary and Rue and am about halfway through it and I really love it so far! I'm definitely going to be getting the rest of the October Daye series, and then moving on to the rest of your stuff, so congrats on getting a new fan, I guess :-)

Hooray!  Thank you so much for reading!

The Toby Daye books can be a little daunting for a new reader, since #11 comes out in September and who even does that anymore what do I think this is, the eighties?!  But they’re all still in print, and the survival of the series depends just as much on new readers discovering it as it does on old readers sticking with it.

So genuinely: thank you.  By picking up Rosemary and Rue, you have fed my cats and bettered my day.