i still have to finish my cosplay

Shit I heard at Comic Con sentence starters

“Oh shit it’s King George!”
“I think I just saw Deadpool trying to fight Alexander Hamilton.”
“Was that a Ronald McDonald Thor? McThor?”
“I’m not prepared for Stan Lee to die, okay? He has to live forever.”
“What panel is this for?”
“I still haven’t finished my cosplay for tomorrow.”
“I don’t know what show this is from but it’s free and I want it.”
“What the fuck does Geico have to do with nerd shit?”
“So apparently that Totoro was Adam Savage.”
“I mean you could try to go to the Marvel booth but…”
“I think I just saw Gerard Way, holy shit!”
“Dude, the entire Power Rangers panel broke out in song.”
“Eliza used BURN! It’s super effective!”


2016 was highly disappointing for costumes for me. I had to cancel several things I actually bought the supplies for and started on because my neck injury was acting up so badly (thanks to me being more active due to Pokemon Go). Cancelled plans included Bellatrix, Sheik and Queen Serenity, which I promise to finish next year since I have everything for them already. I am still proud of myself, though, because I did what I promised myself I would do someday: make some armor! Liliana and Avacyn both had armor, the latter of course being the most intense and detailed I’ve ever made. I also tackled some dream costumes of mine: Kahlan’s purple outfit, which was hell to make (thanks pleather) and Anastasia, which I’ve wanted since I saw the movie as a princess-obsessed 7-year-old in 1997.

Goals for next year… finish the costumes I failed on this year, make something else with armor and make something from Overwatch (Widowmaker is first). I’d also like to do at least one more ‘indulge myself’ dream costume, because I tend to cherish those the most. I’ll post a 2017 plans list soon.


2016 Cosplay Recap!
Between traveling to 25 conventions, working with McCall Patterns to release 9 new patterns, expanding my Cosplay Fabrics line for Jo-Ann Fabrics, and running my company, there were only little pockets of days to binge craft, and thus I did not make as many costumes as other years.
Still, I am really happy with the projects I was able to finish, and I have at least 3 new costumes in progress, so you can be sure to expect new cosplay content very soon!

Can you guess which in progress costumes I’m working on right now, based on the teasers in the video? Comment with your guess below!

As always, thank you so much for your encouragement and support!

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Finally finished this series !!

I hope you guys enjoyed 

I am not really a type of person that blogged lots of words for my own works…

Sorry :(

But I still hope that my works can have you guys’ attention : )


Warning:These image included Self-mutilation,Blood, Psychological collapse.If you feel uncomfortable,please click out or skip the photos

Thank you.


《ヤギ薬物依存症》(yagi yakubutsu izonsyou)

Photo thanks:鴕鳥

Helper thanks : 鳥總、U夜


And last

Can you see what’s behind in the last photo ? : )


SO Here is my “not-so-secret-anymore” Homestuck AU called *FantasyStuc*k~! ((Or WiccanStuck/CelestialStuck…… Idk.. so far Iv’e only got stucked with FantasyStuck but it might change in time~ xD))

I was actually done like a half year ago with the designs but was only finished with the coloring like a month ago or so.
And I am REALLY proud you guys~! <3

I will have 1 -3 cosplay groups which I will hold hopefully this year or the next summer, So far I’ve want to cosplay Eridan, Sollux and Tavros~ (( Okey I wanna cosplay them all but my budget won’t alow that xD))

AND I will also put up like a small comic of this AU haswell in time~!
I am still not sure if I should make it only as a comic or as a “Half comic half story” thing. But I guess some of you are really lazy ((like me)) to read so much so I will try make a comic out of it~ uvu

Ofc if you would find this REALLY fun to cosplay you are SO MUCH WELCOME TO DO SO!
SO long you guys obviously don’t claim the designs has your own I would be very much happy~ ;v;

This is my Seiko cosplay! I still have quite a bit of work to do, but I think I have the makeup style down. (I still need to get contacts though rip)
As for the wig, there are a couple of adjustments I’d like to make but for the most part it’s finished.
I’m thinking about making a tutorial for this wig since I’m really proud of it and people have asked me on instagram how I made it. Should I really make one?

Triss merigold is finally done. I have to finish the flame prop and the necklace and she is done. This is the first full test fit I’ve done I love it. Still need to play at the make up a little bit and the wig is a bit messy but I am in love with this costume.

I’m going to be wearing her at Anime Boston in a couple weeks. Two of my friends are doing yennefer and ciri so we’ll have the whole Witcher fan girl group going I’m very excited and so are they it’s going to be a good time

Wip: Maka Albarn cosplay
I bought the shirt from a thrift store, got the sweater vest online, and I finished making the skirt a few days ago. I’m still losing my mind over how perfect this fabric is.
In the next few weeks I need to figure out how to make the tie, coat, and boots/boot covers. I have plenty of time before ACEN so I’m not too worried.


Here’s my entire Pharah armor suit so far! I’m very happy with how it’s coming along so far. There’s still a few pieces that need to be made or painted, and I have to get started on the gun soon. I’m also working on the wing mechanisms so they’ll be able to lift up. Wondercon’s in a month and 8 days, so I’m hoping to be finished a week before then. I included individual pictures of all the complete pieces also. Hope everyone’s having fun with the Overwatch beta now that it’s back!

March Update

So a few things I want to update on that aren’t really fitness related:

I’ve made it through the first round of cuts to be a Texas Game Warden, which is exciting. If I pass everything I’ll be going away to a 6 month training facility to become one. I’m hoping that if I get into this, I’ll at least get weekends off during the training to go to my usual convention, San Japan (I already bought the weekend pass before I was told I made the first round of the applications). If not then I’ll have to raffle off my pass to a lucky follower.

I mentioned I got sick last week so I haven’t been able to work on the last bit of my Korra cosplay. I’m better now, but work is crazy so by next week I should be able to finish it! :)

My bulk is going slow, but crazy great. I’m really happy with my progress so far, even if I’m still no where near my goal numbers. My physique is great though!

I haven’t yet chosen my next official cosplay, if I’ll even get to work on one since I might become a game warden. I’m keeping an eye out!

EB: take care of them

these past three years of being a part of such a loving, accepting, hilarious and insanely intelligent community have been an absolutely life-changing experience.

i am continuously inspired by the content this community is giving and has given in the past. we have seen so many talented artists come and go, and so many of them have touched the lives and brought laughter and happiness to so so many people. granted the homestuck fandom is not quite as thriving as it was back in its hayday, it still holds a very, very, very special place in my heart.

and even though it hurts knowing that this is the last “real” 4/13, and that everything must come to an end at some point, i am confident that this community will continue to inspire people with more brilliant artwork, music and cosplay well after the comic is finished.

knowing that homestuck is ending very soon is kind of surreal, but i think im more accepting of the end than i’ve ever been. i am so excited to start a new journey with joey and her friends, and i hope that you guys are too!

happy 4/13, and thank you all so so so much for one of the most wonderful, thrilling and fun-loving three years of my life.

(thank you too, andrew!)

trashyanomaly  asked:

Okay imma remain calm oh who am I kidding I AM SO HYPED DREAM CROSS AND NIGHTMARE ARE MY FAVPRITE CHARACTERS ASDFGHJKL OMG OMG OMG I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW I WANNA CRY I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THESE COSPLAYS also when I say cross this includes cross!chara and no rush though I am still so happy about this I love to see the content you put up once the characters are finished and maybe see some sneak peak progress I love the cosplays and content you guys have so I am so excited good luck btw ❤💛💚💙💜

We are very excited as well! We can not wait to get started!



…Please don’t let me talk myself into making anything this ridiculous within the next five years. I have had enough stretch leopard print to last a lifetime. Those lapels could both cut glass and achieve independent flight. My love/hate relationship with complicated and infuriating fabrics aside, I am SO SO SO HAPPY WITH HOW THIS TURNED OUT. Still need to finish some of the edges, but the hard part is over.

…What do you MEAN “we still need to style the wig”??