i still have to finish my cosplay

HELP NEEDED  - please!?

NEW LOKI COSTUME ;___; - please help me out?!! ❤❤❤❤💕💕💕😭😭😭

I am putting my pride aside and begin this early enough, so I can make it in time for the premiere in London - please donate a few pound if you care to see me in the new Loki costume, taking another photo with Mister Hiddleston, together with my best friend in the world @ThatOtherOdinson, this fall for Thor: Ragnarok?! Please?!

It is really tough for me to ask this, after I thought I had my finances back on track a little (but ended up with massive car problems, having to pay 1700pound, that I financed by drawing commissions. which I am STILL finishing to this day.)

I apologise for this, being selfish and all - but it’s the last chance to take @ThatOtherOdinson down to London for the last Thor premiere. Doing that as a team, since we’ve met only because of the Thor-fandom. I intend to take @ThatotherOdinson to the premiere, because it’s the reason we’ve met and it means so much to us together. He is recovering from mental health issues and had to stay offline for a long time now, and couldn’t even cosplay anymore. So this trip would be a huge boost for his emotional well-being. He never did anything like it and it would be the last chance for the Thor movies, which are his favourite. 

( my latest costume, newt scamander is finished now and I’m shooting the pics this month!!! *and another big shoot with a Fbawtft in august*)

If you disagree with my choice to ask for help, please take no offence in it (no hate, scroll on - different people make different life choices, there is no reason for negativity). I respect you totally! It would mean so much for us, to me. It feels like all the Loki-related movies come to an end. It’s so much nostalgia and I feel I can take this role on one more time and make it count! But only with your help!

go to paypal.com and send your donation, as a friend, to
galadraeluk@yahoo.co.uk ! Any penny counts ( subject: Loki ragnarok).
With all the material, Helmet, shipping, we might look at 500£ overall. I’m contacting my trusted commissioner tomorrow to get a price that is correct. Thank you for being my supportive friends!!! (the money will ONLY be used for the Loki cosplay, and any penny too much, also only for other Loki cosplays. No pets, no lolita, no other characters. just LOKI. promise!)

I will update you all with screenshots of the payment once we’ve got enough, and make sure to provide evidence that all money was used correctly!

Thank you so much!!!! If you can’t donate, please share to others?!

P.S. I have still three cosplays finished here that I couldn’t wear so far, due to weight gain because of prescription pills, but I worked on myself and will be able to cosplay all three this summer. So don’t feel disappointed, Henry V was already tested and I only need to shrink back into Adams pants XDDD - it’s finally all coming together! 

Gravity Falls Journal tutorial!

When I posted my journal replica online this weekend, I never expected it would get so many positive reactions! I’m really flattered, thank you all so much! 

Now of course I promised a tutorial, so here goes. I hope I will be able to explain things well enough with the pictures I’ve taken. If you still have questions regarding the journal, feel free to ask. 

For the people who haven’t seen the pictures yet, this is the journal I will try to talk you through making:

I’m putting the rest under a read more, because this post is pretty long.

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My finished armour!! Made from leather and hand dyed (just the base coat as that’s all I’ve time for so far!!)
It fits me better than my mannequin though🙈 so hopefully I’ll get a few photos tomorrow at the convention, and then I need a photo shoot with my ponies and dogs 😍🦄🐶

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Hey friend! I was wondering if you could do some headcanons of what type of jealousy does each paladin have when someone gets a little too friendly with their girlfriend?

Heyo it’s mod Enki! Sorry I kinda disappeared for a while there, I was trying to finish up work and thankfully this past week was my last so I can breathe easy for a bit. I still don’t think I’ll update a lot until after the con this weekend bc I still have to finish up my Lance cosplay and the wig I ordered came in super damaged. (I also got fe: Echoes bc I’m a fire emblem nerd before a voltron nerd sorry lmao).


  • Isn’t one to get needlessly jealous or possessive and at first he tries his best to deny that what’s happening isn’t really happening. And It’s not until one of the other paladins ask about why he’s not doing anything about it that he finally realizes that this person is indeed getting a little too friendly with his girlfriend. 
  • He tries to get said person away from her as low key as possible. Or at least try to get them to realize that she’s obviously taken. This includes but it not limited to: The hand on her shoulder, hand on her waist, the scowl, the not so subtle “we need to go” hint. He’ll try as hard as he can to get his girlfriend away from them subtly before he starts to do a broader approach since he usually has a subtle type of jealousy. 

  • When he realizes he can’t win by being the nice guy he’ll drop the act completely. He’ll get agitated especially if his girlfriend is trying her best to reject the advances of this person but they continue to make her uncomfortable. Shiro will tell them to stop and if they don’t and try to test him then he definitely won’t be above giving them a nice punch in the face.


  • Not subtle at all but you could’ve already guessed that. Will march over to his girlfriend and sling an arm around her shoulders and shoot whoever it is a nasty look. Well, as nasty as he can muster. It won’t look very threatening and ends up just looking like some weird version of the stank eye. He has a very playful type of jealousy tbh.
  • If that’s not enough he’ll probably start loudly proclaiming his love for his girlfriend and embarrass everyone, including his girlfriend, within a ten meter radius. If that doesn’t get someone to piss off I don’t know what will. And honestly he’ll keep it up until he’s sure the person is completely out of the area. 

  • After whoever is gone he will smother his girlfriend with attention and ask her if they made her uncomfortable or anything. He’ll insist that she should stick with him for the rest of the day and maybe even suggest that she shouldn’t wander off when they’re on different planets in case it happens again. Lance is moderately possessive of his girlfriend but only in a much more silly sense. He wouldn’t ever really get physical unless someone blatantly tried to hurt her. 


  • He tries to hold it back okay but like… C’mon it’s Keith, he would be extremely and openly jealous of anyone. It’ll be a goddamn miracle if he doesn’t just walk up to them and kick them in the face. If he has any shred of restraint that day he’ll probably just grab his girlfriend and drag her away from them. It’s his best “peaceful” resolution. 
  • If this person tries to even lay a hand on his girlfriend he’ll just??? His knife is out and he’s going to have to have someone hold him back from creating a huge murder scene. He’ll shout stuff at them, too. Maybe a few, “You better back off!” or “Who do you think you are??” Please he’s an angry child who loves his girlfriend and you bet your butt he’d gladly kill someone for her.

  • When everything’s all said and done he will pretty much order his girlfriend to stay by him all the time in case this ever happens again. It doesn’t matter if his girlfriend protests or not because he’s going to end up not listening anyways. Keith will need a long time to cool down from the whole thing and he’ll be way more cautious from now on.


  • He’s caught between doing something and just letting it be because he can’t really tell if he’s overreacting or if he should actually do something. Like Shiro he’ll probably need a hint from the others that he should probably do something. Even then he’s a little nervous about making a scene about the whole thing since he never really gets too openly jealous. 
  • He’ll try his best to resolve everything peacefully. but if he sees the person expressively trying to make his girlfriend uncomfortable then all the niceties are dropped on the spot. Hunk will go for some aggressive talk though it probably won’t go anything past that. It’ll most likely start out as: “Hey could you knock it off already? Leave my girlfriend alone.” 

  • Hunk is good at trying to defuse a situation so it’ll more smoothly than most of the other’s. He’ll ask his girlfriend to be a little more careful about interacting with people especially since he doesn’t want to hold them back from exploring. If it happens a second time then he won’t be above telling his girlfriend to stick by him whenever they’re out and about.


  • Small and angry. She’s a little less aggressive than Keith but more than Lance. Well, she starts out pretty well meaning in trying to tell whoever it is that her girlfriend is in fact, taken. But she’s ready to drop the politeness when they refuse to back down. She has a mix between open and subtle jealousy so it’s pretty much a wild card on what she ends up doing.
  • If she’s not feeling like putting up with any bullshit then it’ll end with her gut punching whatever fool decided to cross her. More than anything she’s not going to let anyone take one of the last people she loves away. So it’s needless to say that she’s pretty protective of her girlfriend and for good reason.

  • She gets a little clingy afterwards which is pretty reasonable considering just Pidge in general. Asks her girlfriend if they’ll stay close to her for the rest of the day and end up getting some time in together after the whole mess. 

So yesterday and today is barricade day.
And because @revolutjolras and I had to finish Joly and Bossuet I couldn’t draw something but I still wanted to share my feelings.
This time with the Cosplays we have finished yet and the ppl we had fun with because of Les Mis.
The experiences with everyone were magical and I’m so thankful that Les Mis exists.

Joly, ModernAU Courf, ModernAU R: myself
Bossuet, ModernAU Jehan, ModernAU Enjolras: @revolutjolras

Pictures taken by: me, kommitweet and Addicted2humans, @revolutjolras

p.s.: this is just a quick pic dump, one day I’ll make another proper shooting post but damn I had to do it 💜

“Mei checking in!” -ω(´•ω•`)♡

Hello lovelies!  It’s been a while, ne? LOL.

Sorry I haven’t been around.  School’s poopoo and…well, Overwatch is kind of life (*◕ᴗ◕*)  This year I’d like to get some of my Overwatch cosplays done, so to kick off, here’s some Mei Bei progress (so it’s not perfect)! ♥  I don’t have my wig yet, so I just used my poopy hair lol.  I know I don’t really play much Mei anymore, but I still would like to finish this.  Aaaand, for a certain someone to dress as Hanzoooooo lol ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡

In the meantime, “Hang in there!” (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑


Some of my favorite photos of my Gerudo Vai Link cosplay that I slaved to make for Colossalcon! I had such a good time this year, I forgot how much I loved this con. Met some really cool people and hung out with friends! I’m super proud with how my costume came out too… it took way to long (and I still have stuff to do to it).

Thanks to @aces-away (the Robin) for the top right photo!

Instagram accounts for all these dudes:

Urbosa - sharp_cosplay
Link next to Urbosa - thechocohoe
Riju - casacosplay
Link on the left of Riju - chickenpurr
Robin - aces-away
Mello - boniae

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Just out of curiosity, because of that previous ask. What do you think of closet cosplay or "lesser cosplay"? (I'm really not describing this right.) It's like when a person doesn't have the money to spend on the cosplay for things like wigs or perfect clothing but still acts like the character etc?

I read this aloud to my group and the overwhelming response was, “Always cosplay for yourself.”

I didn’t wear a wig for my first cosplay. Neither did Qrow. I’ve done quite a lot of “closet cosplays” or pieces things together from thrift store finds. I STILL go to thrift stores when I don’t want to spend time and money on things like basic pants or inexpensive shoes. My group shares wigs with common colors/styles. Realistically, we try to minimize costs all the time.

At the moment, I’m working about 70 hours a week while I finish my dissertation. I’m paid unimpressive amounts as a adjunct professor. Simply put, I completely understand not having time and/or funds for cosplay, or simply deciding that having a “perfect” cosplay isn’t a priority in one’s life at a particular moment. I also remember being a younger cosplayer and not having the same resources I now have as an adult. It’s a balancing act, and as much as I love cosplay, I acknowledge when I have to push back an expensive cosplay project or cut corners or simply shrug and say, “Good enough for me!” and have a blast at con regardless.

So to answer your question, I would never look down on a cosplayer for not spending an arbitrary amount of money, or doesn’t meet what appears to be a set of standards set by the cosplay community. There is only one standard in my opinion: that you enjoy what you do.

If you’re having fun, you’re cosplaying correctly. To me, this is the only rule that matters.

Aaah, a character I love to hate. Next time I might actually do a Phyrexian only to complete the big trio.

I’m returning to this project after three years. I’m pretty confident I can finish it now more easily. I still have extra materials left over from Bolas, so why not. The fabric part’s easy, and the props are few. Then again, Khrusor isn’t exactly up to my current standards, so I might still have to work on it.


alright so it’s been like 3 weeks since I graduated high school, I’ve finished some pressing art projects, and I’ve got a summer job thats providing a good amount of income, so I figure I have the time and resources for a big art project (among my many others… * glances at unfinished godzilla comic*), that project being a Godzilla suit!

bearing in mind that I know little to nothing of cosplay or fabrication, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and i figure I could document it’s progress on here or maybe make some vlogs or something. idk. I’ll still be doing art and stuff on here, but keep an eye out on this and wish me luck cuz fuck my dudes I’m gonna need it lol

Now that I’ve finished SBR (and calmed down a bit since last night when I finished it haha), here’s my new Jojo part ranking (and the last one I’ll do until part 8 finishes[!!!], since I don’t like to rank until I’m done with a part):
6 > 4 = 7 > 2 > 5 > 1 > 3

Joseph = Jolyne > Josuke > Johnny > Giorno > Jonathan > Jotaro

Main villains:
Kira > Pucci > Valentine (just slightly below Pucci though) > Cars > Dio (part 1) > Diavolo  > Dio (part 3)

I’m noticing a theme on my least favorites LOL

I actually really enjoyed part 5, but it wasn’t as captivating as the parts that rank higher than it. Part 3 was honestly a bit of a slog at times. 

Now you all know that I probably actually have terrible tastes, because no one likes Stone Ocean the best, and everyone seems to love Stardust Crusaders (for unknown reasons).

Please come talk to me about Jojo things. My inbox is open.

Cut my Mechari head in half and IT FITS! But only just, and honestly there’s still a little flex to it so when it’s fully rigid I might have to modify the back piece a little.

I started doing some of the outer rondo layer after taking these test shots (I still can’t mix the correct amount of hardener to save my life) but there’s still loads more resin work to do. I have to wait for the next day when it’s hot enough outside to work on it.

Cosplay things I still have to finish:

  1. Wood arm
  2. Bracer of Balance
  3. Extreme Teen Bible
  4. Beard
  5. Flower Crown
  6. Slippies of Haste
  7. Both amulets
  8. Secret Project
  9. Paint and fancy up the toy Mjolnir
  10. Belt harness for Extreme Teen Bible, Party Points Pouch, etc
  11. Pan Bible Camp t-shirt
  12. Mockingbird gum for @scribefindegil because I was supposed to give the wrapper design to @astriiformes but forgot

I realize that sounds like an impossibly long list, but almost everything on it is 50-90% finished and just needs some last minute stuff. Hopefully I’ll be crossing items off this list all day.

Last sunday, I won ‘Best Costume’ in the Dutch Comic Con cosplay contest with my new Fili cosplay! I’m so very proud of this, even more so than my other Fili costume. I got so many lovely reactions to it, and many compliments from the judges.

The cosplay is far from perfect, and needs some touching up, since I had to rush a few things to have it all finished on time. But I’m still glad I invested all that time and money into it to get it right the first time.