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pidge and keith headcanons

  • pidge is lucy and keith is charlie brown
  • keith whenever he hears a weird sound: mothman pidge: i knew he’d show
  • keith always gets her peanut preferences mixed up and thinks she likes peanuts but hates peanut butter flavored foods and pidge doesn’t have the heart to tell him he’s wrong
  • pidge, with tears in her eyes and a mouthful of peanuts: i love them…they’re my favorite legumes
  • even though keith isn’t that short he is still technically the second tiniest and pidge holds this fact near and dear to her
  • pidge, sleepily walking into the kitchen: give me a boost [keith pops her up too hard and sends her flying through the ceiling] keith: shit
  • they hang out in pidge’s room and when they do they put signs on the door that say “don’t enter” and “cryptids only” 
  • when they hang out they turn out the lights and tell each other creepy stories
  • keith will get hungry randomly while they’re on missions and pidge just pulls out like three granola bars lance whispering to hunk: how did she get those
  • neither of them sleep enough so they see each other walking half dead through the ship at like 4:28 AM and they’re just like [waves weakly] hey
  • they’re both level 6000 roast masters so they insult each other all the time and shiro will be like “hey, hey enough of that” and they’re like “what? no we love each other”
  • they both are sarcastic so often that sometimes they talk to each other and they just “was that a joke” “fuck i’m not sure” “me neither”
  • keith: mumbles everyone: what pidge: god use your ears guys. he said he thinks the galra are going after the most densely populated planets first
  • [the crew goes to the beach] pidge to keith: pass me the sunscreen, scully
  • keith and pidge when any of the other paladins do anything annoying: men
  • keith: what is “truffle butter”? pidge: absolutely not
  • keith has a crush on zak bagans and pidge makes jokes every chance she gets
  • pidge: hurry up keith zak is waiting for you keith: SHUT- lance: who is “zak”… is he taller than me?
  • they’re both just. garbage goblins. there’s wrappers everywhere.
  • pidge drinks too much coffee and is all jittery and keith is the one who finally takes the mug out of her hands and is just like “that’s enough”
  • keith always gets minor cuts and scrapes when he trains alone and pidge and him have a routine where pidge kinda just bandages and disinfects the cuts and while she does that they gossip with each other
  • [pidge rubbing her hands together like a fly] 
  • pidge: that’s morally wrong you know keith: yeah pidge: let’s do it
  • shiro: you two cannot just go around asking random alien bystanders if they’ve seen the chupacabra. that is so unprofessional. 
  • pidge: were you listening to evanescence again keith, with tears in his eyes: no… pidge: give me the other earbud
  • pidge can rap the entire nicki minaj verse in monster and keith is just there in the back hyping her up
  • pidge capitalizes off the fact that lance doesn’t know who zak bagans is and is constantly making comments that imply that keith is romantically involved with him and lance keeps getting so mad and jealous and hunk is just laughing in the corner
  • keith finds pidge asleep in like, empty cupboards all the time and just. sighs and pulls her out and puts her in her bed
  • keith’s repeats the ghost adventures intro all the time bc echolalia and pidge is just like..there he is…my sweet son
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: How does the Hetalia universe work? Do the public know about nations? Are the nations hounded by the media? Can Canada go into his local Tim Hortons and have the barista recognise him as a nation? Do propaganda images still exist even though nations exist? Is there an Uncle Sam in the Hetalia universe? A Captain America? Or is all propaganda images just of America? Where do nations come from? Ancient Greece is Greece's mother, but who is Greece's father? Can nations tell when another nation enters their country? Can nations sense where other nations are worldwide? When England grew his hair he ran around the country to escape his government who wanted to cut it, but France found him easily. Did France know instinctively where to look or did he spend weeks roaming the English countryside until he found him? Why does America still have an alien? Why didn't Area 51 keep Tony on lock down when he crashed in Roswell, New Mexico? Who decided that the alien should rather hang with America rather then be in Area 51 having whatever is done at Area 51 done to him? Did America free him? Do nations have the power to ignore orders given to them? What happens when a country is in a civil war? Does the nation wake up in the morning and punch themselves in the face? Do they join who is the strongest? Or who has the biggest support from the population?
The Infamous Geneva Scene of Season Three: If Bonnie were in charge of that episode



[having just entered her] 

Am I hurting you?


No…well…yes…but don’t stop, just—give me a minute.

[Jamie closes his eyes, trying desperately to stay still, but worried he’ll lose himself there on the spot. Manipulative wee bitch though she is, his cock is screaming at him to move, and NOW]


[tentatively, her eyes closed]

Alright…go on, then…

[He moves slowly, keeping himself in check, hardly touching her apart from strictly necessary. After a few strokes, though, he can’t help but groan with the rush of sensation and feeling]


[tenderly, blissfully]


[Jamie’s eyes fly open and he freezes. Yes, it’s CLAIRE beneath him. He can’t believe his eyes, but no matter how many times he opens and closes them, shakes his head, tries to catch his breath, it’s her. It’s HIS CLAIRE]

[Her eyes are wide, too, but with delight, not surprise, and she smiles reaching up to touch his arms, his face, caressing him]


[more urgently]


[Her hips move against him as she says this and Jamie moves with her, clutching her tight. He’s speechless with love, grief, longing, and the miracle of having her suddenly before him. He’s weeping freely, but can’t even say her name. He melts into her, awash with the soul-deep relief of having her with him again after so long. They make love, passionately, tenderly, exquisitely, Jamie unable to tear his eyes away from her achingly beautiful face. She says his name over and over, until–]


[crying out, completely broken with joy as closes his eyes and loses himself, his face against hers]

Mo nighean donn


[loudly, abruptly]

What did you say? What does that mean, Mackenzie? 

[He lurches up and his eyes fly open. He stares down in horror…It’s just the lass…Claire is gone…She’s always been gone…She’s forever gone. Lost.]

[He carefully extricates himself, see’s that Geneva is alright, and while he acquiesces to remain in the lass’s bed until dawn, he lays awake, trying not to wake her with his sobs, trying only to recapture that fleeting touch of Claire.


[a breath of a whisper…completely broken, but now from despair and loss as he lays there, shaking, heartbroken]

Mo nighean donn


I’m really proud of America. I’m proud that so many people decided to vote for someone who has been filmed multiple times talking about molesting women and degrading them for just being woman, who has used the fact that he would use nuclear weapons as a selling point, who has vowed to keep people from entering the country based on religion even though that was the idea this country was founded on. Im so fucking proud that we’re teaching our children these things. I’m glad that our daughters now know that they’ll have to work 500 times harder and have 500 times the experience and still loose to a man who tells them their worth will always be in their faces and their bodies.

I keep seeing people post about not judging people based on political beliefs but fuck that. Your political beliefs sometimes show who you are, in this election more than most. If you believe that molesting a person isn’t as bad as a few emails, or that hard working AMERICANS should be taken from their families and thrown from the country because they weren’t born here or they praise a different god, or you have anything against LGBT+ people you can fuck off. You have the right to those opinions but I have the right to tell people whose opinions disregard other people’s basic human rights to get the fuck out of my life because I dont want you in it.

“How long has it been since you’ve slept?”

Hey kids, I’m back! This fic also answers the intimacy prompt I got of “going to the doctor/therapy with someone.” After last episode I am so interested in Connor’s therapy sessions like whoa, hope we’ll get to see some.


“Still at it?” Oliver asked as he entered the living room from the bedroom, clad in a fresh pressed suit and off to work.

“Uh huh, nothing’s happening though. This paper is going to kill me,” Connor groaned, rubbing his face in frustration.

“It’ll come to you; when’s it due again?”


“Oh, you still have lots of time; try taking a break?” Oliver suggested while he put the groceries away.

Connor shook his head, “I work best like this. I just have to concentrate, I’ll be alright,” he said, turning back to his screen and hovering his hands over the keys. Nothing was happening.

Oliver sighed, “Alright, well I’m off. Don’t work too hard, see you later,” he said, stopping to plant a kiss on Connor’s cheek before rushing out the door.

Connor let himself fall forward on the table and put his face in his hands. He felt the weight of his stress on his shoulders, crushing him and making his endeavor all the more difficult. Connor raised his head and faced the screen once more, the page count mocking his lack of progress. This wouldn’t be so terrible, except he’s been stuck on seven pages for the past five hours. He looked to the ceiling, hating the way his eyes naturally fluttered closed, feeling more drained than he’s felt in a while. He winced at the pang that emerged in his stomach, begging him to eat. He couldn’t do that, he had a paper to write. He huffed out a bitter laugh in the silence of the living room, how was he supposed to write a paper if he couldn’t even find the sense to feed himself. He hated midterm season more than any other time of the year. Connor didn’t know who decided to make midterms the ultimate time of suffering, but he wanted to find them and strangle them.

He didn’t think it would get his bad again. Connor thought that if he kept himself busy he wouldn’t feel this way anymore. But there it was again; the insatiable need to sleep and never get out of bed, the hopelessness, the loss of interest, the sadness. Connor kicked himself every time he would find himself wanting to cry while walking down the street for no reason, or the heightened irritability, snapping at almost everyone he came in contact with. That pulling feeling of just wanting to give up, but the stubbornness in him not allowing it. He was at war with himself all the time.

And the wounds began to show more and more.

And he still had a paper to write.

Connor groaned some more.

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Mistletoe Hung Where You Can See

Gift for @october31st1981

A/N: I never understood mistletoe but 100% can see James stupidly trying to woo Lily with it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and happy holidays!

Rating: T

Word Count: ~2900


“Why the hell did I have to make out with Peter twice?” Sirius demanded the moment James entered their flat.

James raised his eyebrows—both of them because no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t perfect the one eyebrow raise that all his friends did—and slowly made his way over to the lumpy couch where his best friend was sat. “I don’t know. Is there something you and Wormtail would like to share with the class?”

“Our flat’s been overrun with mistletoe! Why?”

“You realize you didn’t actually have to kiss him, right?” James replied, still unwilling to answer the question. Hedging was pointless though; Sirius knew him far too well and was probably already aware of James’ plan.

“Of course I had to kiss him. We were caught under the mistletoe, Prongs. I might not follow every rule but I’m not a savage. Back to the point at hand, why is there so much mistletoe?”

Sirius, damn him, had the smuggest expression on his face while he waited for James to own up to his pathetic attempt at romance. Knowing he was going to be teased mercilessly for the next few days, James took a deep breath and said, “It’s for the party we’re having this weekend. I wanted to get in the Christmas spirit.”

“I have no plans for the rest of the day,” Sirius said, leaning back and folding his hands behind his head. Even being halfway eaten by their monster of a couch, Sirius managed to look cool and aloof. “I will gladly sit here all night waiting for you to admit you’re trying to trick Evans into kissing you.”

“Not trick,” James protested. “Encourage, maybe.”


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Exo reacting to seeing your room for the first time and it’s full of other K-Pop idols/bands’ posters


Originally posted by dokynsoo

At first he was really excited and glad you finally let him see your room because you avoided it until now. As he entered it though a frown replaced his soft smile and he froze in place. The reason were various posters of a certain Bts member and he could even spot a few of Chanyeol. Now he understand why you were so wary before, still that didn’t help raise his mood. As you asked him why he wasn’t fully coming inside he gave you a blank almost angry stare.
“I get that you like other bands and I would have ignored their posters but Chanyeol? That’s too much. I really don’t want to see his face when I spend time with you.”
With that he turned around and left. Let’s say that now he only comes to visit you after all your posters were hidden.
(Why does this gif fit so well???)


Originally posted by purpleuhan

He’d suddenly come over to give you a surprise visit, it wasn’t the first time but your new decoration wasn’t there the last time. Excitedly he stormed into your room before you could even close the door properly. He screamed as his eyes trailed over the many posters, not out of horror but joy. Chanyeol would recognize quite a few of the people that filled your walls. He’d probably inspect every last one of the posters carefully, ask you lots of questions about them and give his own opinion on whoever was pictured. Throughout everything he would grin happily.
“Wow I never knew you liked DBSK! Did you know that I’m pretty close to Yunho-ah? Would you like me to introduce him to you?”


Originally posted by qrishan

He’d be somewhat torn when he saw your room for the first time. First he noticed all the cute decorations that instantly reminded him of you. Then he looked at the many posters and stopped his little tour for a moment. For a while he glared at a poster of SHINee’s Minho. How could he dare invade his lover’s room. Upon being asked what he was doing he turned and smiled softly. There was no way he would admit his slight discomfort right to your face. Later he might try to drop some hints though. He might slowly but slyly try to change out the posters in your room.
“I really like your room. It truly shows who you are. Oh since we’re talking about that how about we go out and buy some new decoration and posters for your walls?”


Originally posted by mminseok

Xiumin wouldn’t really mind all the posters of other bands. First he thought that it was only your choice which bands/idols you liked so who was he to tell you otherwise. And second he knew that he was your favorite out of all of them since in the end you were his love and not theirs. Honestly that thought made him pretty happy so he would never interfere with your choice of decoration. Though I think he’d unconsciously would start leaving little things in your room that would you remind of him when he wasn’t around. He might even suggest putting up photos of the two of you.
“Hmm….do you think this picture of us should stand here or on that shelf over there? I want you to be able to look at it from every angle of your room.”


Originally posted by purpleuhan

Lay also wouldn’t exactly mind other idols’ posters on your walls. Yet he’d still react slightly different. The first time he saw them he was still a little drowsy so he accidentally greeted the big poster of Suho hanging on your wall thinking it was actually his leader. Wondering why he wouldn’t reply and noticing you laughing he took another look finally seeing that it was in fact just a picture. From then on he started to greet/talk to all of the people in your posters just as he would greet you when entering the room. It became somewhat of a ritual. Also it would never fail to make you smile and that’s always something he’d like to do.
“Good bye everyone, see you again soon. I hope you’ll keep my jagi safe and well until I’m back.”


Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Baekhyun might be more on the jealous side. He would clearly pout and tell you how he was somewhat bothered by the huge poster of BTS’ V in your room. He knew Tae from the shows they attended together and even if he liked and respected him he couldn’t accept that it was Tae’s poster that decorated your walls. He’d even go as far as removing it, of course carefully. As he was asked why he did it he’d hug you tightly and start to act rather spoiled. If you promised to never like V more than him and add a few more pictures of Baekhyun too he’d let you keep the poster. Also because he actually understood that you liked V for a whole different reason that you liked him. From time to time he’d tease you about it though.
“You don’t have a crush on Taehyung, do you? I’m way cuter, sexier and better than him though. So you gotta love me more, ok?”


Originally posted by daenso

Kai might react a little worried when he first encounters the many different posters you owned. Especially the one’s of SHINee’s Taemin. Sure he did know him and they got along well yet he also knew that the two of you had met before because of him. He might be scared that you could like Taemin more than him. He’d stare down the posters as he thought about how to tell you about his worry. Only after you assured him that you only enjoyed the music he made while you loved him for himself he was content. Besides being worried at first he’d be also pretty smug and glad you fell for him and not for any of the other idols’ you liked. Kai would also try to impress you, trying to make you fall even more for him.
“Taemin might sing really well but he’s still no match to my dancing skills….isn’t that right jagi?”


Originally posted by chenmorningstar98

Chen wouldn’t be really jealous or angry because of the posters. At first he might be a bit surprised because he didn’t know about you being a fan of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. Yet since the two of them got along pretty well themselves he was actually quite positive about it. He would probably start telling you fun stories about him, maybe even arrange for the three of you to hang out.
Also he’d start to ask you more about which idols or other bands you liked as well as told you about the people he looked up to. Chen is also someone that would take note of everything you liked so he’d surprise you with fan merchandise or concert tickets. Sometimes he’d slip in a few of his own merch just to make sure you know you’re his.
“Sweetheart, I got you a new sweater. See it has my name on it. Now everyone knows who you like best!”


Originally posted by wooyoung

Sehun would probably have a bit of a problem with all the posters showing different bands you liked. It might even hurt his ego that him and Exo weren’t part of them as well. The first time he entered your room and glanced at your walls he felt rather shocked and unsure how to react. On one hand he understood that it would be stupid to think you only liked one band but on the other hand he felt a pinch of jealousy.
One day he had enough of all the posters so he replaced them with pictures and posters of himself while you were gone. He’d proudly show you around your room telling you how he carefully choose each of them.
“Look! Isn’t this much better? I think your room was really lacking some class so I changed it a bit.” Also add a cheeky grin there.

Just to say this now I am very sorry if I got something wrong/messed up but I tried to find out who they actually know/are friends with/look up to themselves.

My ask box is open so if you want to request a reaction or scenario on your own please go ahead. You can find the “rules” here and the ask box over here. For the other things I already posted on my blog you can check out my masterlist. Thanks Sen~<3

Bruhs, This is the Second Art Raffle I’ve Announced today


Which is funny, the Undergames just did too

Okay, 3 winners!

Each winner chooses what character(s) they want drawn. I won’t draw NSFW or anything super complicated. Backgrounds are simple and chosen by me.

1st prize: 1 Full-Body flat-color and 1 full-shade icon, or 1 full-shade full-body.

2nd prize: 1 full-shade icon and 1 full-body sketch or 1 full-body line

3rd prize: 1 full-shade icon or 1 full-body sketch


1 reblog = 1 entry

Maximum of 2 entries

You must be one of my current 101 followers (though you can still follow –this definitely won’t be my last art raffle– there are other ways to get me to draw you stuff)

Even if you don’t want to enter, you can spread this post!

Must be entered by March 16

Don’t expect your prize to come immediately, I have a lot of art for this raffle, art for the Undergames raffle, and school.


(July 17) Day 3: Alternate universe / Crossover

It’s that Twin!AU where Deku has a younger twin named Kiji who inherited their parents’ Quirks. He has some form of pyrokinesis, able to control and manipulate fire but unable to create it (for now). He has lighters and matchsticks to compensate for that downside.

By the way, Kiji also hates Bakugou a lot. A LOT

Kiji was also subject to Bakugou and friends’ bullying. Since he can only control fire, as a kid he can’t fight back because either there’s no fire around, or he doesn’t want to burn people. So he fights with his fists, but then he gets overwhelmed anyway.

Because of this he also grew overprotective of Deku a lot. A LOT

Even though he didn’t try out for Heroics, he still entered UA in the GenEd department. He became classmates/friends with Shinsou (because I want Shinsou to have friends, goddamit) but he hangs out a lot at Class 1-A because Bakugou is there and he probably needs to protect his nii-chan from that bastard.

Anyway, in this universe, Kacchan is suffering because to get to Deku, he has to get through the overprotective Kiji first. Poor Kacchan

100+ Follower Picture!

((Hey all you lovelies! To celebrate having so many of you guys following me, I’d like to dedicate a huge blank SAI canvas to drawing a whole bunch of you!

It might take a lil while, since I’ll be answering asks in between and stuff to make sure that I stay active (and also because the BDSpace AU is right on the doorstep), but I still want to do something to say a huge thank you, especially to those that got me started, inspired me, and sent in asks to welcome me to the community!

To get your muse in this pic, just reblog this post and their corresponding/favourite colour! I would appreciate that you were following me if you do enter, but it’s not mandatory. I will say now that if I get too overwhelmed with the amount of people that respond, I may have to make a limit, but I doubt it’ll get to that lmao.

Thank you again though, and I wish you all the very very best! 😘😘😘 ❤️❤️❤️))

Sweet Scent pt.2

Word count: 1961

Author’s note: The second part. There’s more to come c:

Your name: submit What is this?

“You have a chubby for my sister,” declared Stiles, even though he’d barely entered my loft. I turned to give him a murderous look, but just as I anticipated, it had no effect on him like it used to at the beginning of our relationship. Thankfully the others were still yet to arrive to the pack meeting. I turned around, my arms crossed over my chest, leaning back against the kitchen counter where I had been washing the dirty dishes of my previous dinner.

“I don’t,” I denied, but my supernatural senses reassured me of my lie as my heart picked up for a second at the negative part of the sentence. Stiles grinned viciously, and unfortunately I knew that smile all too well.

“Yeah, you do,” he insisted. “You totally do, and hey, I get it, my sister is a hot chick.” I instantly got angry – for what, I had no idea, but my wolf roared wildly, like the beast it was in reality.

“I don’t have anything for your sister,” I snarled as I followed his movements with my eyes as he came closer to the kitchen.

“Yeah, keep telling yourself that,” he said, winking at me once before opening my fridge and grabbing the bottle of milk there. I didn’t even bother telling him to get himself a glass too, I knew that would be another helpless fight with him, and even one was too much when my partner was Stiles in an argument. One thought just didn’t leave me alone though, dancing on my nerves there and back.

“What makes you think I’m attracted to her?” I asked, trying my best not to show how much I really cared about his answer. He stopped gulping the milk, set the bottle down, wiped his mouth into his shirt then shrugged. His eyes were looking towards the counter, but his sight was lost as though he was deep in thought.

“I saw the way you looked at her at the station,” was all he said eventually.

. o O o .

Because Stiles had been so insistent, (Y/N) was coming with us to the beach too. I couldn’t have been more furious about this decision, but when he called his sister and she happily agreed to come, I couldn’t prevent her from doing so any more.

I didn’t have a problem with her joining us – I had a problem with the probability of her getting hurt. We weren’t going to go there for the holiday after all, but to take down another creature that got near Beacon Hills.

Stiles had taken care of everything after the pack meeting as soon as he’d got home, including telling (Y/N) that we’d be leaving in two days.

I parked in front of the Stilinski house sharply at the arranged time only to be reassured of my predictions about everyone else being late. I smiled a mocking half smile as my fist hit the steering wheel once not too strongly. Just as I twisted in my seat to get one of my books out of my sports bag, the front door of the house opened and Stiles stepped out, waving his hand high above his head in an attempt to greet me. He’d told me he’d planned so that I would have to take one more person there, while he would deal with two. I’d been wondering who’d be the one I was going to be left with, but when Stiles began loading (Y/N)’s stuff in my trunk, my heart skipped a beat and my face went dead pale for a handful of seconds.

I got out of the car as though it had burnt me to interrogate Stiles about this, not necessarily in a nice manner, but I was met with (Y/N)’s sweet smile and then I knew I was screwed. I knew she thought I got out so that I could help them, so I did just that. She didn’t have much stuff, just one bag she shouldered and one suitcase from the bigger kind – I could easily lift it as if it weighed nothing. I shut the trunk then searched for Stiles with my eyes, while (Y/N) found her way to the passenger seat. I walked up to Stiles to ask him about it, but he dismissed me easily with his rambling.

“I’m driving Erica and Lydia there,” he informed me, acting oblivious to the actual reason I approached him. “Allison is taking Scott and Isaac. I have to take a few more rounds around Beacon Hills, so you don’t have to wait up. You know where you have to go, I sent you the exact place yesterday after all. With coordinates,” he added, then jumped into his Jeep and shut the door before I had the opportunity to grab his tee. He gave me one last wink before driving off.

I sat back in the Camaro and gave (Y/N) what I hoped was not a care-worn smile before bringing the engine back to life, simultaneously ignoring my inner wolf in favour of keeping harmony. My eyes immediately found the book overlapping (Y/N)’s thighs. As I took a turn smoothly, I questioned her about it.

“What are you reading?”

“Nothing interesting,” she replied, but I could hear the tick in her heartbeat. I turned my face towards her to give her a look that conveyed I knew about the lie. A nervous smile spread on her mouth. “Okay, it’s interesting, but only to me,” she explained. I couldn’t help but grin, too.

“How come?” I asked, slowly descending my foot against the gas pedal. I’d just realized how self-conscious I was in such close proximity to (Y/N). She shrugged with one shoulder, her eyes falling back on the pages of her book.

“No one has ever been interested in the things that fascinated me. Except for my peers in college, that is,” she added, and for the first time, I was glad I had failed to ask her about her major back at the station.

“What’s your major?”

“Chemistry,” she said as though it was an easy thing to study. Before I could get a hold of my facial expression, it was showing an amused and equally impressed look. In the next second, her easy laughter filled the car. “What’s that look for?” I snickered.

“I wouldn’t have thought,” I admitted truthfully. I saw her cocking her head to the side like a curious cat, and it took every ounce of my willpower not to stop the car right then and there to kiss her.

“Well,” she said. When I glanced at her from the corner of my eye, I saw her making herself comfortable in her seat, facing forward again. As I inhaled through my nose, I could smell our mingled scent in the few cubic meters of air that was in the car, making my wolf howling in satisfaction. “The majority of our acquaintances and friends were surprised when we told them what I was going to be studying,” she said, her finger sliding down along the edge of the paper in a slow tease. “I’m also taking cosmology classes to keep myself entertained.”

“You do?” I couldn’t resist looking at her now. She nodded. I noticed her cheeks being a bit redder than before. “That’s interesting,” I said, still amazed by these revelations. I supposed intelligence ran in the Stilinski blood. “So, you never told me what your book is about.”

“Oh yeah,” she said, flailing just a little, which reminded me of Stiles. I smiled again with a barely-there smile. “It’s Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks. It’s non-fiction.”

“So your brain never gets tired of learning I’m assuming?” I asked, and realized with a shock how playfully teasing I’d gotten at some point, which I hadn’t been in a long time. She laughed, which lifted my spirits.

“You could say it would pretty much blow up if I didn’t put it to good use.”

“And where do you go to college?” I asked, finding it surprisingly easy to talk to her. She wasn’t as pushy as Stiles, wasn’t as rejecting as Scott, and wasn’t restrained by pack hierarchy like my Betas had a tendency to be.

“It’s in England,” was all she told me, and it was enough, maybe even too much to know. My chest clenched at the thought of having to let her go in two months.

“Not that your accent wasn’t a give-away about that,” I pointed out only to be rewarded with a chuckle again.

“Yeah, it sticks to you, you know? But I like it.”

I smiled and resisted saying, “Me too.”

. o O o .

If I thought the hardest part was over for me, that clearly meant I hadn’t managed to get to know Stiles well enough.

“What do you mean by not having enough rooms for everyone?” I asked, trying to restrain my anger at the same time, so that I wouldn’t tear off his head with my teeth nor my claws. Stiles grinned at me mischievously.

“I meant what I said,” he shrugged easily, not even an ounce of honest apology in his actions. “That statement doesn’t really require much analysing, you know,” he said, then took a bite of his green apple. As soon as he chewed it enough to be able to talk, he spoke up again. “There are four bedrooms. Lydia sleeps with Erica, Scott sleeps with Allison, I sleep with Isaac and…”

“Okay, I get that,” I interrupted him, willing the bile in my throat to go down. “But why can’t (Y/N) sleep with Allison?”

“And you’d sleep with Scott?”

“No, you could sleep with Scott, or he could sleep with Isaac. There are more options. Why do I have to sleep with your sister?” Stiles winked.

“Not like you didn’t want that,” he said in a husky voice after leaning closer to me. I hissed that someone might hear us, but I knew it was only the two of us outdoors to carry our packages inside.

“Shut up,” I ordered, fearing that one of them might decide to take a walk right now. Stiles shook his head.

“I’m just helping you here, dude,” he hedged. “You should be grateful. I know how much you can suck when it comes to handling your issues, and I’m just trying to help you get the girl.”

“Stiles, you don’t understand,” I gritted through my teeth. “I may lose control if I’m too close to her. What if I do something just because I act on my instincts?” His eyes widened, but instead of getting the response I wanted, he got zealous.

“Oh my god, you dig my sister that much?” he squealed, his amber eyes sparkling.

“Shit, could you be quieter?” I growled, but ended up nearly choking at Stiles’ next statement.

“Then you might care to know she’s still a virgin.” I was certain my eyes flashed blood red at that piece of information. Stiles grinned.

“She’s never been claimed?” I asked in a haze, having forgotten I should have been angry with him for tossing me into such a situation.

“Wow, it must have required a lot of logic to figure that one out,” Stiles shot back sarcastically instead of giving an actual answer, then hauled up his stuff and walked back to the beach house. For now, I considered murdering him with my gaze enough.

I only had time now to think about regretting having settled with a pair of sports shoes to wear this morning, because there was nothing in the near area except for sand covering the whole ground. I sighed in a resigning manner, then steeled myself mentally for what lied ahead and carried my luggage inside too.

I swear to the flying spaghetti monster, at least two people who share my last name and the first letter of my first name are those kinds of internet dunderheads who can’t be trusted with a keyboard. The sheer number of bullshit services I get signed up for because these idiots can’t enter the right email address… The number of times I’ve reset a password, so I could find an account deletion, or just changed the associated email address to flavors of pissoff@email.goaway… I have no goddamned sympathy anymore.

It snowed over a foot last night. I’m REALLY glad I don’t drive to work. But it still made for a slog just to get to the metro.

Trying to work on the laser rifle here and there but I’m so fried from work. The Apoxie is good stuff, though.

Imagine Dib entering his teenage scene phase though and Zim watching him buzz the sides of his head and freaking out because anytime Dib changes anything about himself Zim thinks it’s a part of a new plan.  And then when Dib starts dressing differently–more alternatively–and gets ear piercings Zim wonders if it’s some kind of rite of passage into manhood and starts dressing just like him and ordering him to give him piercings too, to which Dib squints hard at him and says,

“You do realize you still have no ears, right?  Remember–no ears?”


The Building of Hogwarts - Slytherin

“I think I shall begin below.” Salazar said, swirling his bread in his stew. “I may attempt to build my common room below the lake.”

Rowena tittered. “All that water, that pressure…goodness Salazar. I would rather you working down there than me. I should like to build mine up, perhaps in a tower.”

“As would I.” Godric agreed. “I do not like to have windows I cannot see out of.”

“Well, I too have considered building below.” Helga said, surprising all of them. “Though I would not like to go as far as the lake. I should still like some sunlight to enter my common room.”


Imagine having a snowball fight with Woozi and Seventeen.

BONUS: After an hour of playing, everyone is exhausted but you and Woozi are still throwing snowballs at each other. Seeing this, the other members of Seventeen end up leaving you two to be in your world as they go back indoor to warm up.

Tale of Gency (Chapter 2)

Chapter 1: Laboratory of Love

Warmth of the Heart

Angela felt herself drifting off to sleep, though soon enough woke to find herself still pleasantly in Genji’s arms. The gentle rhythm of his steps combined with his natural ability to walk softly made for a very smooth trip back to her room. However, the thought of finishing his present was still fresh in her mind, something that she must surely make clear to him sooner or later. They entered her room, the door shutting behind them with a soft click before Genji stood there silently with her in his arms. It was definitely his first time here, or in any female room in fact. While hers wasn’t anywhere as decorated when compared to the other females’ rooms, it still had her own share of posters and personal items. Angela wiggled in his arms then, indicating her desire to be let down. This request which was promptly acknowledged and complied by the man holding her. She landed deftly on her feet with the help of his arms’ guidance, turning around and giving him a smile before heading over to turn on the lights on. She let him observe her room, this time in the soft light she had in place.

It was actually not too often that she got to return here to rest peacefully. After all, it was all too often she was quite busy with her work through the night or off-site doing something of some importance. As such, even she had to take a moment to look at everything once again and quickly scanned it for any sign of dirtiness or disorganization. She snuck a glance over at Genji, walking over to her desk with a casual but quick pace. Under the guise of collecting stray sheets of paper into a neat stack, Angela pushed a slightly open drawer close with her thigh. Noting a personal photo there, she snuck a glance over at Genji to see whether he was paying attention before moving to flip it over. However, her hand stayed on its frame as she looked at the photo once more, realizing that she really did not have anything that she needed to hide.  After all, why would she need to hide a photo of them together on that fateful date. The other folder in the drawer that she had pushed close is to stay hidden though. That is an album of photos that she will refuse access to anyone else, including Genji himself. Even without looking, she knew that at this point even the impassive and polite cyborg must have succumbed to his curiosity by now. Sure enough, she soon felt a source of warmth at her back, making her smile and fully lifting up the photo gently to shower to him.

¨Remember when I had to drag you into this photo? I can’t believe you made me do that right after I confessed to you,” she said teasingly, a smile on her lips at the fond memory. At that, Genji’s visor glowed pink once more as he met her gaze. He quickly chose to focus on the photo in her hand instead of her, all too aware of what his visor was doing at that moment. He simply nodded as he replied, “I do apologize. I did want to confess my attraction to you as well but I eh … That is …” Angela let out a small delighted giggle at the sight of the normally calm man so flustered. She placed the photo down on her desk and leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. A smile still on her face, Angela told him, “I know I know, I just so enjoy teasing you. My Genji is awkward and adorably shy around me for some reason or another. Does your playboy side not show itself around me? I heard you were quite a charmer with your own fair share of experiences.”

Genji coughed before looking away from her, his visor showing no sign of becoming its normal green hue again anytime soon. “Well, you seemed much too elegant for a simple playboy to charm after all. Plus those days are in the past, I don’t know who told you such rumors. I will try my best to be a bit less awkward, as you put it. It’s that you are quite different from any woman I’ve known so I still find myself a bit flustered about you.” Angela gave him yet another kiss on his cheek, adding a third lipstick mark onto his steel countenance. At this point, she almost felt bad for teasing him so much. Almost. “Well, that is part of why I love you after all. Don’t be so apologetic all the time. You’re fine just the way you are dear. I really did enjoy our walk together that day and the weather was lovely. I just couldn’t resist wanting to take a picture with you.”

There was a short moment of comfortable silence between them, one that Angela did not mind at all until she was suddenly reminded that they were in fact alone in the bedroom together. At the thought, she looked away from him, her cheek flushed at the implications. While she was quite well acquainted with his body, she was not sure that he was exactly ready for this. Sure he may have been quite a playboy in the past, however even she found herself hesitant to push him toward that big of a committal leap when she didn’t know whether he was comfortable with doing so. Being the gentleman he is, she doubted that he would refuse if she boldly suggested it, and yet she couldn’t help but be nervous about the aspect.

“So … What would you like to do now then, Genji?” She asked in a soft voice, looking over her shoulder at Genji to watch for his reaction, unable to hide the nervousness from her voice and the blush from her cheeks. Her heart pounded loudly in her chest for his reply. Opting to let him make the choice instead, she found herself in an array of emotions at the anticipation of his next word. To his credit, it would appear that he understood the situation that they were in as well. The light of his visor dimmed as he closed his eyes in thought, before meeting her gaze again and approached her. Each step, though silent, made a loud thump in her chest. She turned to face him, gulping down the knot in her throat, until finally he was right in front of her. Her mouth was slightly agape as she searched him for his answer, her heart having stopped for a beat or two as she waited for his response.

Genji looked at her and brushed his hand through her hair, ending with his palm on the back of her neck. With that simple yet tender action, he said softly, “If only you could see how beautiful you look right now Angela. If I had been just a simple playboy as I was in the past, I suppose we would not be standing by this point in time. However, I know for a fact that you loved me for something else, and I know that I love you too much to ignore the fact that you’re already exhausted.” Angela felt the tension leave her body, with each of his word flowing through her core and providing an unexplainable feeling of warmth and fuzziness to every nerve in her body. She felt herself lean into his chests, immediately caught in an embrace that felt like it had always been there waiting for her. Above her head, she heard a gentle voice say lightheartedly, “Plus, such activities are not exactly what I had in mind when I said that you needed rest.”

In the next moment, she found herself in the air once again as Genji picked her up almost effortlessly, only this time she was over his shoulder. Angela let out a yelp in surprise and slapped him on his back playfully while demanding to be let down from this choice of transport, though a smile was wide on her face. In the next moment, he did just that as he gently placed her down upon her bed, his visor bright in his own amused expression. Angela pouted at him and pulled him down toward her, bringing his face close to hers. “All that chivalrous talk and you just pick me up like that without my permission? That is twice now that you’ve done that. I do have a gun and I’m not afraid to use it you know.”

Genji chuckled in amusement as he petted her on the head, an action that he had not thought about but seemed so fitting at that moment. His playful voice replaced the sounds of his chuckling as he told her, “My apologies. It turns out I couldn’t resist your feminine charms after all and gave into my instincts. Perhaps we can play a bit after all, considering that you seemed rather worried and stressed out earlier.” Before she could comprehend what he was saying, Genji was already on top of her, his legs on either sides of her and his crotch pinning down her hip. As a deep shade of pink lit up her cheeks, she looked from where they were connected at her hip up to his face. While he had said that he did not want to do such things tonight, his position seemed to say otherwise. She couldn’t help but feel her heart pound loudly again as she looked at him in anticipation.

In all her fantasies, being carried to bed for a long night of lovemaking was her favorite. She knew that while he may not be able to satisfy him as a normal man would, he had her heart pound so ferociously with every touch. From the lightest touch of his finger on her skin to the soft kiss that he then planted on her as he opened his visor, everything about him made her whole body felt warm and safe. Whether it be in the midst of a battle or during the loneliest of nights, she could feel exactly that way whenever their eyes met. She willingly let him kiss her as he wished, opting instead to pull his metallic body into hers using her arms. While the metal was warmer now than it had been from before, it was not this heat that made her so eager to touch him. It was just simply the fact that he was right there. All alone with her, and there simply to make her be happy. As he broke from the kiss, Angela smiled softly and pulled him all the way down, placing him right beside her on the bed.

Before he could protest and even attempt to adjust the blanket as a diversion for escape, Angela had already wrapped her leg over his, with her arms on both of his sides and pulling him closely into her. She pouted at him a bit, something that she was not experienced in doing but still managed to appear adorable in his eyes anyways. With a sigh, Genji conceded simply with, “Fine, only for a while.” With that, she happily kissed him once more, removing her leg from its position over his and simply opting to curl up inside him and burying her head into his chest, now surrounded by the gentle embrace of his arms. It felt like heaven, to be surrounded by the warmth from his body and the scent from the exposed skin on his face, even if his body was not so soft and his scent not so clear. Even so, it felt like heaven to her.

Genji smiled down at the small ball of love that was buried in his arms. He knew then that he would love her more than anything else in the world. In this world that he had once known, lost, hated, and learned to accept, this was the one thing that he will never surrender to anyone or anything, regardless of the cost. Because right there in his arm was the woman who showed a whole new world, one filled with wonderful memories and love. However, even he realized that he should let her rest, and perhaps alone. He did not know how well she would cope with his cybernetic steam and mechanical actions and noises, nor the hardness of the metal. Plus, he couldn’t even begin to imagine the gossip that would go around if anyone found them out. With that, he untangled himself from Angela gently, sitting up and looking down at her with a small smile. Angela let out a small whine of protest at losing her heat source and comfort, opening one eye to look at him.

However, before he could even speak, Angela was already shaking her head and leaning up to kiss him once more. In a soft voice filled with sleepiness, she said, “Stay with me.” Her hand was tenderly holding onto his arm, beckoning him back on to the lonely pillow next to her. Genji looked to her side before looking back at her, trying his hardest to formulate a proper plan and response. However, as he met her loving eyes once more, he knew that there was nothing in the world that he wanted more than simply to be by her side right at that moment.  While he knew that she had let him have many decisions tonight, even now by the gentle hold that he could easily escape, he also knew deep in his heart that even if he made excuses for himself and thought himself as unworthy for her love, his body would never be able to move away from her. Not when she had already asked him to stay with every word and every action she made. As such, Genji sighed in resignation and his visor lit up in a soft green tone as he nodded, getting onto the soft bed that he could not feel under his robotic form. However, the warmth and tender touches that surrounded him as the woman he loved with all his heart snuggled up inside his arms and up against his chest penetrated through his body, making all the tension and worries that he never knew existed melt away into nothingness as he pulled her in closer. As he closed his eyes, he heard the soft voice inside his embrace whispered a few simple words to him, words which would leave a smile on his lips even as he slept a dreamless sleep that night.

“Thank you for everything, my dear.”

Chapter 3: Date with an Angel

Okay what is going on? Who is calling Serena a slut? Since when did this fandom start turning on one of its characters?

Yes we’re all a little peeved that Holby have gone down this route but we have to remember that the writers’ team worked with both Jemma and Catherine on the Berena storyline and how it’s going to run. I don’t understand why people are getting at Serena as 

1. She and Bernie aren’t actually in a relationship (yet) so she has the right to sleep with whoever she wants 

2. She’s still smarting about Bernie’s decision to leave for Ukraine and stay there (even though she says otherwise)

3. She’s admitted she’s in love with Bernie. Serena is not one to enter into a relationship with another character when she’s in love with someone else. 

4. Is it so wrong for her to seek comfort? I mean she has needs like everyone else.

We have to remember that Bernie is coming back. We all know that they’re going to be together eventually. They warned us it would be a rollercoaster so all we can do is sit back and take the uphill climbs and loop to loops. 

No hating on the precious cinnamon roll that is Serena Campbell.

Share ten facts about yourself….

I was tagged by @freewilllife, thank you so much!

Sorry this took so long to do~

1. I’m really clumsy so I’m constantly stubbing my toes. One time I stubbed my toe and as usual ignored it (cause it’s a daily thing for me) and went to my room. But then I noticed it hadn’t stopped hurting. So I looked down and discovered I had dragged an entire trail of blood from my parent’s room to mine.

2.I don’t really like cooking. In fact I hate going into the kitchen even though I’m eighteen years old already and I should know a thing or two by now. But whenever I do enter the kitchen, for some reason I create a masterpiece and come out.

3. I have started way too many fanfics and original stories and all of the are still being worked on. But they will probably never be seen by the world. 

4. One on the rooftop of our house I accidentally kicked my slippers into the neighbor’s backyard and had to ask them for it. It was so awkward. I had never spoken to them before and I was like: “Hi, hello, sorry about this but I dropped my slippers into your backyard.” cringe.

5. One of my cousins is only eight months older than me and everyone says we’re really alike. We look alike, have pretty similar heights, both of us are skinny, the same color skin and we even have similar personalities. Sometimes people we hang out with forget which one of us they were hanging out with. So in the end we are now referred to as twins. 

6. I am currently rewatching FMAB and drooling over every scene with GreedLing in it.

7. Since I only speak in English when outside the house all of my friends and classmates thought I didn’t know Hindi and Oriya so they would often use it around me thinking I wouldn’t know. But I understood ever single word they said and weeded out all of my fake friends in ninth grade.

8. I have been close friends with several Koreans my entire life. There is one family in my city that I’m especially close with. And during the vacations when they would have their own guests, their guests would always compliment my headphones (I don’t know why they adore my headphones) and the youngest of the family would always tell them I understood every word they said. They would then stare at me for a good two minutes before I would introduce myself in Korean (fun)

9. I am not good with babies. I’m great with toddlers, they all love me and I know how to make sure they don’t cross the line. But babies, they stare at me blankly for eons and eons like I’m some kind of alien.

10. My favorite color is green, but for some reason, most of my clothes are pink or red (which I’m not really fond of).

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*** I used Kip instead of Half Sack from your view because I don’t really see that as how you’d address your boyfriend? That’s just me though. 😂🌰***

“You sure you still want to go?” “Yes.” You couldn’t hide the anger from entering your voice as you answered Kip for the 4th time that night. Tonight SAMCRO was having a party and this was the first one you were going to. You and Kip had been together for a year and he’d been prospecting for 3 months already. Not that you were in a rush to go to the parties but you’d noticed that whenever you’d wanted to drop by and bring him lunch or something, he’d always declined. Eventually you’d caught on and come to the conclusion that he just didn’t want the club to meet you and you’d brought it up. Eventually he’d given in, asking you to go with him to the party tonight.

“Why don’t you ever let me go with you or be there?” He said nothing and looked down as you let your shoulders drop along with your voice. “…Are you embarrassed of me? Do you think they’ll think I’m ugly?” He looked up quickly and shook his head, reaching out for your hand. “No! Of course not babe. Come here.” You tried to pull your hand away from him but he stayed holding onto you and pulled, your body moving towards him. He placed his hands on your hips and looked down at you, his bottom lip between his teeth.

“You’re gorgeous babe, you know that. I would never be embarrassed of you. It’s the opposite.” You narrowed your eyes at him, not following. “What do you mean?” “You’re beautiful and perfect and I’m…me. I’m just scared that maybe you’ll like one of them more. I don’t want them to take you from me.” You shook you head and laughed lightly, at the both of you. “That’s not gonna happen Kip. I’m yours. If you really don’t want me to go then I won’t but don’t hide me away just because of something like that. I love you.” He smiled and blushed as he looked at you. “I love you too.”


“This must be her.” You smiled as a beautiful blonde man walked up to you, holding out his hand. You slipped your hand into his and he shook it, a charming smile upon his face. “I’m Jax. Nice to finally meet you.” You nodded and smiled, squeezing Kip’s hand as more Sons came over. A tall one with blue eyes and curly hair came up first, smiling at you before pointing at Kip. “What you doing with this retard? Kids only got one nut, you deserve better than that.” The guys laughed and so did Kip, only not as enthusiastically.

“Well he does pretty damn good for a guy with only one. Better than most guys who got both.” You threw a wink and the guys laughed, liking you already. “Let me get you a beer.” Tig walked off towards the bar while the others began to walk towards the pool table and motioned for you to follow. Looking over at Kip, you smiled and kissed his cheek lovingly. “Told you. You got nothing to worry about.”