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Hey! I can’t believe this is the last day of Skam! It has been such a journey and it has been an amazing thing to share with 1 253(!!!!) of you. The only regret I have is that I didn’t start this blog the moment I started watching Skam during s1. 

Skam has been all about seeing myself in the stories for me. For one it is situated in my home town Oslo and the characters hang out places where I hang out regularly. But, the characters are really who I recognize myself in and I am grateful I got to watch their stories on Skam. 

I am extremly grateful for all the friends I have gotten because of Skam here on tumblr, special shoutout to @skamwlwnet and @skamficwriters 

I am not going to delete my blog, I know many are planning to, but I still have many fan fictions drafts and I am not ready to say goodbye to the characters we know and love just yet. 

Skam has given us many disappointments, but it has also given us many amazing moments I want to focus on today. 

randomness-unicorn  asked:

Can I ask some headcanon about UT/US/UF/SF Grillby? The ones with their SO, thanks.

(Your sending a lot of asks there wow :’D I got 6 others in my drafts and inbox, they will probably take some time lmao….I’m so slow <.< ) 

UT Grillby: 

Loves to hold both of your hands between his to warm them, especially in winter.

Will heat you fresh cocoa with his bare hands.

Seems very reserved, but he only is while working. He calls it “beeing professional”. But if you really try you can get him to goof of a bit at work. You still have a picture of him dabbing while nobody is looking.

Very warm, both his temperature and ligth. Like the perfect nigthlight and a heating blanket in one.

Make you really amazin food. He may mostly serve fast food and booze in his bar, but he is a professional cook, he can cook way more then that.

US Grillby

Makes the best tea. The best. Always fresh, always warm, no matter how long you let it stand around somewhere, it somehow won’t cool down completly, stopping at an comfertable temperature. But why would you just let such good tea stand around like that to beginn with.

Will always wake you with take and scones. Or tea an biscuits. Or tea and cookis. Or tea and cake. Please stop him, he is baking like crazy at 4 in the morning.

Very giddy, and it’s contagious. You will but be jumping on the sofa in no time.

Perfect cuddle bear. Nice and warm. he also owns a few animal-kigurumis, which make him also very soft. 

His purple ligth is a warm purple, very comforting and calming. Even though he himself is the farthest from calm.

UF Grillby

Cold, icy blue. His flame looks honestly colder then fire should. But it’s a nice counterbalance to the warmth of his body, so cuddling with him is a completly new experience.

Very straigthforward. If he want’s something from you, he tells you rigth away. he wants to cuddle? Expect the intimidating, tall, always sligthly frowning flame man to walk up to you, and just scoop you rigth up, telling you he want’s cuddles. Now. 

Makes amazing spices food. He won’t stop proding until he finds out your favorite food, and he will make a spicy version of it. No matter what your favorite food is, his version will be the best thing you ever tried.

SF Grillby

Blue light like a computer or TV screen, sleeping next to him is like falling asleep while the TV is turned on withouth sound.

Well there is sound. He mumbles in his sleep. It’s adorable.

Intimidating, but also giddy. He will loom over you suddenly, before grabbing your hand and spinning you around, while rambling about whatever excited him this time.

he cooks for you, but always asks for you to pay for it afterwards. he is a buisnessman afterall. But don’t worry, you can pay in cuddles and snuggles.

Forgive me and my lack of answering drafts.  I’ll be gone again this weekend for another race out of state.  I’ll be bringing my laptop, but the chances of me actually using it are really low… I’ll have my phone so discord and Skype are still a thing!

Otherwise I’ll probably catch you guys on Sunday. I’ve drafted like…. a hellish amount of memes so prepare yourself!

fuckkoffcourtney  asked:

Hey it's me again😂 so I was thinkin teamiplier x fem!reader where she's marks sister and she has a dog of her own but it's a service dog because she gets seizures and one day she's working in her separate office when everyone hears the dog barking and it runs into the room just barking at everyone and no one but mark understands what's going on (the reader is having a seizure) and so mark tries to go through all the procedures to help and yells for someone to call 911 quickly and it's just wild

Hey friend :D this is really specific so I’ll try my best but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get this one out :/ I’ll still draft it though and if I end up not being able to write it I’ll address it though! Thanks for the request!


listening to some love songs, and was suddenly overwhelmed by urge to doodle cherik. ;m; cherik, you will always be my otp



I fucked up so bad.png iwaoi AU

PS: guys, please click on the fuller versions… tumblr has eaten up the quality so much for some reason:( I can’t seem to find a way to fix it…

neil agreeing to go on celebrity mean tweets once he goes pro and he’s reading some out and it’s shit like this:

“i have started a go-fund me to fly neil josten to antarctica and leave him there. still need five more dollars.”

”neil josten is one of the world’s most useless creations since the sloth”

“neil josten has such a big mouth on him i could replace my goalie racquet with him and no one would notice”

“@.neiljos10 what is red and blue all over and can’t score?”

and neil’s like haha so fu- oh shit are these all from andrew’s account??


22.04.2017 // Working in the final drafts of two final essays (almost done with one! – the shorter one, unfortunately) and finishing up a draft of my third (somehow I am only half way done but on page 42 😱). Still a month until the third one is due so I have lots if time and three weeks until the other two are due so I feel very happy to be almost done so early! 😎👍🏻

Shame on me for having this in the drafts for like 5 months and never posting it

Sasuke’s POV

Me when i’m too shy and trying to find excuse to hold bae’s hand

My expression when bae wanted to play rough and slammed me against the wall

His expression when he realized i’m the one who understand him the best about his fear of being alone

Ooooooohh this is exactly what it looks like

Me trying to keep up with bae’s stamina

Huh, i’m wrong? So I’m not in friendzone/brotherzone all this time?

170224 BTS Myungdong - Bundang Fansign - Suga

Q: Why… Is… Yoongi… That… Beautiful…? Why… Are… You… That… Handsome…? I… Really… Can’t… Live…

A: But… Still… You… Have… To… Live…

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When Jieun Talked Shit About Yoonbum
  • Sangwoo: I searched everywhere
  • Jieun: what?
  • Sangwoo: I looked through hundreds of files
  • Sangwoo: searched through my text messages
  • Sangwoo: I even searched my wardrobe
  • Sangwoo: but I still couldn't find where I asked for your opinion
  • Jieun: