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i have a lot of black sisters feelings too - i keep thinking up headcanons about their teenage years. and like what they would be like if they lived in modern times, like regular people, non-magical... what kind of clothes they'd wear, what jobs they'd have, their fave music, would bellatrix still become a murderer, would andromeda still run away (like i could see it happening if their family is classist/racist & ted is a poc & poor)... do you have any ideas about this au? (it's an au i guess)

OH MY GOD?? oh my GOD thank you for this message i have had it sitting in my inbox for days just waiting for me to have the time/energy to reply because WHAT A GOOD. what a good. okay so first of all @jercmevaleska has some of the best modern au black family headcanons full stop so please do check out her blog if you dig that kind of thing. my black sisters though okay god i’m sorry this is SO LONG with narcissa especially i get so carried away

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