i still have the pre final

Crystal – A scene from my Legion story. 

Before the Arcan’dor we know came to exist, what if there were others? Failures that would never bear fruit, whose purposes were widely unknown?

I’m still working out the story of this one. Right now, have a nelf trapped in a crystal tree for 10k years because I think it’s cool. I worked on this thing forever, and finally finished. Every leaf was drawn by hand, no pre-made brushes. Sure wish I could have found some, though. -.-


April 19 2017: What motivates you?

I accidentally hit post on this before finishing lol and I’m late again it’s 12:29am April 20

What motivates me is that if someone else can do it, I can too. Even though I’m a woman and a minority, in America today I have all the same opportunities as anyone and I am just as capable. It’s empowering believing this ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

I went to the gym finally today. I didn’t want to go but I ended up going and it was actually satisfying lol. I also played tennis!

Anyways I’m still not done with the pre-lab write up that’s due tomorrow before lab :L so I’m going to go do that right now fml

Organic Chem is scary


ML Ultimate Guess Who Challenge Results

AHey everyone! The results are in, and it looks like guessing an author by their writing style is much more difficult than I originally anticipated!! *hands @mr_hawkmoth $5.00*

We want to thank everyone again so much for participating in this event! We had a couple of road-bumps, and I know the Challenge stretched out longer than originally anticipated, but thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm, dedication and patience, we feel like this was still a really fun and positive event for the fandom!

And now, the moment you have been waiting for… the winners!


Most Recognized (pre-reveal, receiving the most comments+kudos)

It Was An Accident~ Their_Destinys_Writer 

(522 k/c)

Most Matched (The fic that the most people correctly matched the author to!) 

BladeyBug~ abadmeanman 

(9 out of 38 correctly matched)

…and finally, for  Most Creative Reveal, as determined by the READERS—

Those Freckles on Your Butt~ MellyMiraculous

(7 votes)


It Was An Accident~ Their_Destinys_Writer (500)
Mint Two-Lips – Sidereal Sandman (385) 
Her- Bullysquadess (380) 
I’m like dropping hints that I’m Ladybug- PhantomPierceOkamoto (358) 
Dropping Hints- Clairelutra (344) 
Just Asking for some Privacy- Breeeliss (332) 
A Familiar Pattern- AlyaBug (331) 
It Had to be Her- BaneismyDragon (306) 
We Each write a Letter- TheBoredBookworm (289) 
Those Freckles on your butt- Mellymiraculous (281)



The  10 runner-up READERS

  1. @balloondragons (3)
  2. @lulzifer (3)
  3. @alya-bug (3)
  4. @brittany-the-bookworm (3)
  5. @gabriel-fucking-agreste (3)
  6. @hchano (3)
  7. @hurricanerelic (3)
  8. @tildusia (3)
  9. @bullysquadess (4)
  10. @miraculouspaon (4)

…and our GRAND PRIZE WINNER, with a grand total of 5 correct guesses…


Congratulations to all the winners, and a huge shout-out to all the readers, authors and supporters of this challenge:

You all worked really hard on this event, poured your time, energy, creativity, passion and love for the fandom into this challenge, and we want you to know how much we appreciate you for all that you’ve done!

Special thanks to @mr-hawkmoth for the original idea for the event, and @baneismydragon for their efforts and experience coordinating, structuring, promoting and running the event! I ask that if you get the chance, to show your love for both of them, for their hard work, creativity and dedication to this event and the fandom!

We hope you all had fun! Please feel free to message me @squirrellygirlart to give feedback on the ML Ultimate Guess Who Challenge, and let us know how you think it could have been improved, what we did right, and any concerns you have!

Individual Response Reports will be released tomorrow to all those who voted, and the Summary Data will be posted up in the next few days so everyone can see what the results looked like! Everyone receiving prizes will be contacted within the next two-three weeks! :D



Gosh I found some more photos.

The top two are pre-weight loss. My self esteem was rock bottom, my health was terrible (asthma, constant migraines, tiredness, binge eating disorder, depression and anxiety) and I was unhappy. Seeing that first picture was the thing that finally gave me motivation to change. I didn’t recognise myself. I didn’t know that was me.

The two mid photos are during.

And the bottom picture is me today.

It has been a long journey; and it still isn’t over, but I am proud of how far I have come.

5 stone down. 1 stone 10lbs to get to ultimate goal weight.


Heya everyone, time for some progress updates for the newest video~

We are very close to wrapping up pre-production work.  The animatic to the video is undergoing its final tweaks now.  It’s actually so close to being finalized that we have started actual animation and background production (Just look at sleepy Vivi here, resting up before stuff goes nuts).  I’d say we have about a minute’s worth of BGs and a few tiny scenes with in-progress or mostly done animation in it.

As for me personally, I apologies for being fairly quiet lately.  I am still in the “don’t have a job” camp here but I have been doing some freelance work to make up for it.  As for what it is I am freelancing for, when the stuff I worked on gets released, I’ll let ya’ll know.  I can’t say much right now, but I have a feeling a lot of you know about the series already.

Also, me and @artsyfeathersartsyblog have been discussing the potential of setting up a Patreon.  We’re still tinkering around with what all that would entail. It’d be quite a bit of work but it would be nice for us to have a way to smooth out our production of these videos.

That’s the gist for now though!  We hope to have more to show you before too long!

Thanks for all ya’lls support~

Also someone else asked for a Jason/Thalia reunion and it sort of came out not-quite-like-the-books-but-also-sort-of-like-the-books

and now I’m crying because Thalia Grace is one of the strongest characters in the series and I’d never really thought about it before but she is, oh she is, because she lost her two year old brother when she was only a kid and I’m imagining losing my little brother, like God, I can’t even imagine wanting to wake up ever again after, and not only did she lose him, she thought it was her mother’s fault, and that probably broke her even more because even though she hated her mom their must have been some remnant of hopeful trust still in there and just Thalia Grace okay?

And when she finally sees him, finds him, finally, after all those years she belived him to be dead, she must be sobbing inside but keeps her cool and man, we need to talk about Thalia Grace more.

(And also talk about Thalia and Jason pre Hera-abduction, being dorky little kids together aaAAAWWW)

Catch Me If I Fall - Dino Angst/Fluff (Gang!AU)

Originally posted by jeonwuu

Request: Okay so I got this idea but I’m not very good at writing! Can you do like a gang AU? With maybe either Jun or Dino? (Whoever you would think would be more protective) And just have a rival gang someone try to take the reader or hurt her and they will just be hella protective and make it angsty? (Its okay if you don’t do this kind of thing)

Word Count: 2898

Genre: Angst and Fluff

Member/ Group: Lee Chan (Dino) of SEVENTEEN

Warnings: Mentions of rape, violence, and death

A/N: Part 2? Tell me if you guys want it. EDIT: You guys asked, I answered. Part two is on my masterlist for all of you that sent me messages requesting it!

 Curls of smoke rose into the air and disappeared into the atmosphere. Fourteen chairs were lined against the wall and wrappers littered the entirety of the room. Each chair was occupied by a warm body, except for two. A man with a fierce expression let out a breathy sigh before tossing his cigarette onto the dirty, cracked floor. 

 “Where is he? He said he would be here an hour ago, that fucking liar…”

 “Coups! Calm your tits, bro. He’s bringing the lady today, so he probably got caught in traffic from wherever she lives. Just lay off his case a bit.”

 When anybody decided to join the ruthless gang that simply went by ‘SEVENTEEN’, their name became a secret. They would choose a nickname to go by in case the cops ever caught up with them, though a few brave souls just went by their real ones. Each member never pried for the other’s real names, because the unspoken rule was always that ‘if what we’re doing is a secret, our identities should be too.’

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Whyyyy if it isn’t leader Burgh, sir…

Yah, so third badge in my mammal noir run (Pokemon black run but with the silly rules that I can only catch mammals and I have to name them after wines), nothing too much to report between this gym and the last except for:

-I remembered the joys of audino grinding
-I also remembered you can get sweet little moley drilburs in wellspring cave so I trotted back there and caught a new pal for the team - meet Sauvignon, a naughty boy (seriously, that’s his nature)
-I was plunged back into the reality that pre gen 6 exp shares only train one Poké (a good thing, yet still noticeable)
-Pokemon New York is one of the most iconic and greatest Pokemon cities/towns out of any region
-I snuck back to route 3 to catch a Lillipup that would have intimidate as a Herdier, The Madeira you see is a clone of Madeira mark one, who is spending eternity in box land, sorry babes
-Shiraz is finally growing into himself, I have a fire stone now so just waiting till he learns acrobatics before evolving

Anyway, onto the also iconic Route 4, which has one of my favourite route themes 🎶

really tired now… been quite busy today!

spoke to my GP again to find out what is going on with the GIC change…. didnt get much information on which GIC i would be goign to or how long it would take to get an appointment there however he has informed me that once i have the appointment with the GIC i should be able to start HRT soon after :)

so hrt is still quite a ways away however i finally have some idea of when i will be able to start it :p


Heeeey my name is Christoph (he/him, 17yrs) Received my new gc2b binder a few days ago and I’m super happy bc this one fits perfectly!! My old one was way too small and I had to deal with a lot of back/rip pain and trouble while breathing 😞 I’m pre T but finally found a good therapist and they will hopefully give me all the papers I need to start T here in Germany. The past years I identified as a transguy but lately I often felt like agender so I’m a little bit confused… however, at least I’m still queer and gay af 🌈 I’m having a good time lately bc everyone on my new school calls me by my real name, I found real friends for the first time in my life and my antidepressants are doing their job 👍😊 my tumblr is allofthiswillburn so hmu 😊

The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Underwater Chapter Five

The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Underwater | Phan Skam AU. Internalized homophobia is probably one of the hardest obstacles to overcome, but it’s only made harder when the people around you don’t quite understand why you’re so afraid. When Dan Howell meets Phil Lester, he finally realizes he has to overcome that hurdle. | Phan | Mature | Internalized homophobia, Drugs, Alcohol, Underage drinking, Parties, Discussions of Religion, Sexual Comments, Smut, Bi-polar disorder | Ongoing Chaptered

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil, or any other youtube personalities.

This chapter: 3,367 words

(Previous) (Ao3)

Due to my own lack of forethought on how I was going to meld the UK a level systems with the Norwegian high school system, I have messed around a bit with the Russ Bus and Revue system as I had studied it to write this AU. Don’t worry, it’s all pretty self explanatory while reading, but anyone who understands the intricacies because they are Norwegian or because they studied Skam as well, just know that the change was intentional, and you don’t need to correct me. I’m just playing around with the concepts because of all the intermingling traditions and cultures that I’ve melded in this fic.

Chapter Five

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anonymous asked:

Almost 400 Lizzington fics have been deleted off of AO3 already. I'm far more heartbroken over this than what happened on the show last night.

I hope this doesn’t continue. I see no reason to delete works that can still be read and enjoyed. Just tag them #AU and #pre shady af retcon. We all know Lizzington was real and JB is lying through his teeth. And when it’s finally revealed that oh btw that old gross shirt really wasn’t our Red’s or whatever then we can tag our fics #see we fucking told you so.

Okay, it’s really funny to me how Eva will choose to interrupt making out with ChrisP to take a call from Vilde. 

Also, I love happily single Eva putting him in the Friends with Benefits category. 

Also, Eva perpetually panicking when Mom walks in on her with boys is funny to me. She needs a pre-coital contingency plan for these situations. 

Also, yay for Eid gifts! But I would have just preferred an open conversation between Vilde and Sana instead of the extraˆ2 show of affection from her in the final hours that they’re using to make up for the 4 seasons of ignorance we got from her. 

I never doubt Vilde’s love for Sana or they wouldn’t be friends for so long. But you can love your friends and still have problematic views about them that should be addressed. 

But better something than nothing. 

Can the Muslim they go to for guidance be Jamilla Bikarim, please? I want to see her again!


The books have arrived and they’re looking mighty fine! I’m just doing a final spot check and I’ll be starting the (RATHER LARGE) mailing process this week. So just sit tight and you should be holding some Otasune goodness in your hands soon! **PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS ON STORENVY IS UP TO DATE!**

After Pre-order copies are mailed out, I will be posting a listing for direct sale copies as well as a PDF version of the zine, so if you didn’t manage to hop on the pre-order you still have an opportunity to grab one.

Thank you again to all the contributors and everyone who has supported us through this venture! It’s been a learning experience and I can’t wait for you all to hold your copies in your hands! 


Hi I’m tyler (15 year old FTM) and I’m pretty sure I’ve submitted on here before but I’m submitting again okay; I finally got my hair cut two days ago (as short as my parents will let me). I want it shorter but it’s good enough for now I guess, I’m still a little dysphoric over it but I’ve realized that I’m able to actually take photos of myself with my hair down without feeling like absolute shit. I think my problem with it is is that I know I won’t pass since I’m still pre-t but I don’t hate the idea of having long hair after I start testosterone? I don’t know, anyway, sorry for rambling. HMU bc I love new friends and I’m always willing to talk with anyone. (: