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How the bidders were like as children

a/n: This is for @mclffxrd for winning 3rd Place in my giveaway! I hope you like it, man! Writing childhood headcanons is fun!


  • Though he acted haughty to those near his age and older, he acted like a big brother to children younger than him.
  • He was (and still is) very good at board games involving money. To this day, no one has ever beaten him at Monopoly.
  • He was difficult to work with in group activities because of his headstrong personality, so he would either act as the leader, or finish the job on his own.
  • Even back then, he was really possessive of his belongings. If a toy belonged to him, nobody would ever touch it.
  • He and his sister once had a huge fight that escalated so much, it made him destroy her stuffed bunny in anger. Feeling guilty about it afterwards, he secretly practiced sewing and mending the bunny every night. When she disappeared from the orphanage one day, he didn’t have the chance to return the (patched-up) bunny back to her. He still keeps the bunny in hopes that he could give it back to her one day.
  • He was a really picky eater, and he would absolutely refuse anything with so much as a single green pea in it. Lol he’s still picky.
  • Though he hated losing, he loathed cheating even more. To him, it was better to win through his own efforts than to resort to dirty tricks.
  • He didn’t like eating dinner at his own house since his parents were almost never home. He would always eat in his own room because the dining room was too empty whenever he ate there.
  • He would always take the lead role in almost anything, be it games, skits, or plays.
  • He was a very popular kid. He was always the center of attention no matter where he went, but he has always (secretly) felt lonely because no one would ever voluntarily choose him for partner projects or lab works.  He never had a best friend till he met Soryu.

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