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You’re You and I’m Me (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

Request: Marching band member Jared x cheerleader reader please?

Warnings: Fluff and cursing but it’s Jared so what do you expect

A/N: Sorry this was a little long. I get carried away sometimes. I hope you guys like it!


“Hey, Jared, you alive over there?”

Zoe’s voice snapped Jared out of his train of thought. He looked around his group of friends and sighed.

“Staring at (Y/N) again?”

“As if. I was staring at the dumbass poster on the wall. A kid looking moderately depressed with the words ‘Don’t be afraid to ask for help’ is not really helping people want to be less depressed, honestly, I think it kind of encourages depression.”

Everyone rolled their eyes at him. They all knew he had it bad for you and that he wouldn’t admit it unless you felt the same for him. Connor scoffed at Jared.

“You’re pathetic. You can’t even admit to yourself that you like her.”

“Okay pothead, I don’t really need advice from someone who lashes out in anger anytime he thinks someone is suggesting that he’s crazy… which you are.”

Zoe tried to hold back her smirk, but she was failing miserably.

“Even if I did like her, it wouldn’t matter. She’s the fucking head cheerleader.”

“Yeah, and the head cheerleader likes talking to you, Jared.”

Zoe tried to show sympathy for him. You and Zoe have been best friends since kindergarten. You had only gotten close to Jared last year, but even then, you weren’t super close. You would laugh at his attempts to annoy the teacher or your peers from time to time, but never had you had an actual conversation until this year.

You got up from your table and headed over to where Zoe was sitting. You took the seat across from her and inbetween Jared and Connor.

“Hi guys, did you enjoy the shitty mystery meat for lunch?”

Jared looked at the plate he had barely touched and scoffed.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure the mystery meat is at least 5 years expired and has contracted at least 4 diseases.”

You giggled at his remark, which made him smile. Your laugh always put him in a good mood.

“I wouldn’t doubt it. I just dared Ram to eat it and he threw up on some other kid’s lunch. It’s fun when you have a bunch of lugheads willing to do whatever you say.”

“You realize you’re making them believe they’re gonna get in your pants, right?”

“You realize I know that so I ask them to do dumb things anyway for everyone’s amusement?”

Evan smirked at Alana and Zoe who watched you and Jared flirt with each other. Of course you had a crush on Jared, but he never dared talk about his feelings. He was funny, but he never seems emotionally vulnerable, so it’s near impossible to tell what he thinks about anyone. Unless, it’s Connor.

“Are you guys excited for the game tonight?”

No one said anything. So the clear answer was a no. Jared decided to give his piece on the subject.

“Yeah, so excited for a team that hasn’t won a game in like 3 years.”

“Well, then don’t come for team, come for me.”

“I have to go no matter what, so I’ll be there.”

“Why are you even in marching band? You always talk about how awful it is.”

“It was either marching band or the chess club with a bunch of dudes who have barely even talked to a girl.”

“Quite the choice. Well, anyways, I’ll see you there.”

As you left, Jared banged his head on the table. He needed to get over this dumb fantasy he’s made up in his mind that you would ever be interested in him.


The game had just started and you were off to side with the rest of the squad. Jared was in the corner with the band, which was about five feet away from the cheerleaders, wishing he was at home and away from the school who could see him in his outfit. 

He sighed heavily and turned his head when he noticed you jogging over to him with your pom poms in hand. You rested your hand on his shoulder.

“Hey good-looking, you enjoying yourself?”

“(Y/N), take a look at what I’m wearing and look at my face.”

“You could at least fake it.”

“I’m sure faking it would make me as depressed as the kid on that poster.”

“And you said that kid was only moderately depressed, so that means you still have a little bit of spirit in there somewhere!”

He just shook his head and chuckled.

“If anyone could put me in a good mood, it’s you.”

“Well, I am just honored. I have to go back now, I’ll see you later!”

You walked away from him and bit your lip. It really took every fiber of your being to not blush while talking to him. He was so charismatic and made your heart flutter any time he actually talked to you.

It was now halftime and the band started their halftime show. You and the rest of the school hooped and hollered. But you were more focused on Jared rather than the band itself.

He saw you cheering him on and it made him actually enjoy what he was doing, knowing that you were supporting him. Jesus, could you be any more endearing to him?

After the game, you caught up with Jared.as he walking to his car. 

“Hey, wanna grab a scoop at Pop’s?”

“It’s like 11:00.”

“Good thing Pop’s is a 24 hour diner. What do you say?”

“Ah, sure. I’ll drive you there.”


You arrive at the small diner and find a booth in the back. Unfortunately, the cheerleading squad and football team had the same idea. Kurt and Ram began walking towards your booth.

“Oh, great. Here they come.”

Kurt put both hands on the table.

“(Y/N), this guy bothering you?”

“Can you two find someone else to slobber all over?”

“Why don’t you wanna hang out with us? We’re your friends.”

“Friends don’t wanna get in their friend’s pants. And the smell of your weird is actually affecting my vocal chords and the head cheerleader can’t lose her voice, so leave me alone.”

“Pfft, whatever. I’d rather have an easy girl anyways.”

The two walk away, leaving you and Jared alone. Jared looked back and turned around with a grin on his face.

“Man, I have never seen you talk like that with anyone before.”

“That’s cause I like you and hate them. They’re just a bunch of jerks.”

“I’m pretty sure they’re banging.”

“You’d have to be blind to not see it.”

Pop gives you and Jared your sundaes and you begin digging in. After a few moments of silence, Jared makes eye contact with you and quickly glances away while picking at his food.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just.. It’s nothing.”

“It’s obviously not nothing. What’s up?”

“You’re just… you.”

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing! Nothing at all! It’s just that you’re you and I’m me.”

“I’m failing to see the problem here.”

“You wouldn’t get it. It doesn’t matter anyways.”

“It matters to you. What do you mean you’re you and I’m me?”

“You’re super popular, you’re head cheerleader, and you’re also class president. And I’m Jared Kleinman, the guy who pisses people off to no extent and is emotionally unavailable. I’m also the guy that knows he has no chance in hell being with you.”

You sit there shocked. Jared actually admitted he liked you.

Holy shit.

You were too shocked by his words to reassure him that you liked him back. He got up and laid down a $10. He began to walk out of the diner and unlocked his car.

You couldn’t move. You couldn’t speak or stop him. You watched his car speed out of the parking lot. 

You had to make it up to him somehow. You needed to let him know that you like him back. But how? Jared being emotionally unavailable just screams that he might need some constant reassurance of your feelings for him. And if reassurance is what it takes to date him, then reassure you shall. You knew exactly what to do.


“I’m sorry, Jared.”

“No offense, Evan, but I don’t really need an apology. It means nothing to me.”

He rested his head on his hand and tried to ignore his friends. He knew they were just trying to help, but he couldn’t help how shitty he felt. The one time he opens up and it completely backfires.

He’s definitely never doing that again.

Just then, he spots you across the room. He sees Kurt and Ram hanging over you while you try to swat them away.

“Ram, I swear to god, if you don’t stop-”

“You gonna send your boyfriend on us?”

“You know what, I don’t need this. I’m leaving.”

“Tell your boyfriend we said hi.”

“Oh believe me, he’d love to hear from you.”

You stomped over to Zoe’s table again.

“Oh, hey (Y/N)-”

“You guys might wanna move your stuff.”


You didn’t answer her. You stepped up on the table and held your hands in the air to get everyone’s attention. Everyone at the table looked at you and looked around. Jared tried to hide his face from the other students.

“Excuse me, can I have everyone’s attention?”

Everyone in the cafeteria turned and looked at you. It was dead silent and Zoe whispered to you.

“(Y/N), what are you doing?”

“I need everyone to know that I, (Y/N) (L/N), head cheerleader, have something to get off my chest. Last night after the game, I went to Pop’s with Jared Kleinman.”

Everyone looked at you with wide eyes and Jared completely hid his face in his hands. Was this seriously happening right now? Was he going to be the laughing stock of the school in about a minute? 

“And he said something to me that I had to think about for awhile. He admitted to me that he liked me, but we wouldn’t work because of certain complications.”

Jared was mumbling into his hands.

“This isn’t happening… Please god, let this be a dream or just strike me down. Either one works.”

“But, you know what Jared, you’re right. I am popular, head cheerleader, and the class president. And yes you piss people off to no end and you might be a bit emotionally unavailable, but I don’t care. Because I am helplessly in love with you and I sometimes can’t sleep because of it.You are enough for me.”

The whole room was silent. Jared slowly lifted his head out of his hands and looked up at you. He looked around at all the students murmuring among themselves. 

You twisted your hair around your finger and waved everyone off.

“Okay, that’s all.”

You stepped down from the table and the room began to get rowdy again. Jared stared at you in awe. He stood up from his seat and kissed you passionately. You heard aww’s and cheers from your friends and peers, but you didn’t care.

You bit your lip and smiled when he pulled away. He chuckled.

“Are you sure you wanna deal with all this? I’m sure I’m gonna bring your popularity down.”

“First of all, I don’t care. Second of all, I doubt anyone is gonna make fun of the head cheerleader, but if they do, it won’t matter. It won’t matter because I’m me and you’re you. And that’s enough.”