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Well hey, dad. So the day after tomorrow I have a 'promotion' from my school and me, a female, is required to wear a dress and I am a type of person that doesn't wear dresses I wear baggy pants and a sweatshirt. On top of that, the only dress I have comes to my mid-lower thigh and it has like 3 inch wide straps and I am teased a lot at my school so any advice would help a lot and if you get this too late anything would still help for the future.

Hello. I don’t know where you’re from and how strickt this requirement it. I would try to find a dress that fits the standards, even if it’s unpleasent for the time. Can you add anything that would make you feel better about it? A hairstyle or makeup that makes you feel confortable? Anything at all that keeps your attention off the dress. Also it would be helpfull to talk to a Teacher about people teasing you, you clearly don’t feel good there. It has to stop. I wish you all the Best

New Employee

Stu couldn’t help but complain on social media about losing his recent job. Sure the main reason he had lost it was because of being on social media, but he didn’t care. Others needed to know his pain and how unfairly he was treated. It was his job to tell them how awful of a place he was at. The problem was he still needed a job. There were bills coming up and he didn’t have as much money saved up as he needed.

He shrugged it off though. His optimistic side shined through. “I’ve had plenty of interviews. I’ll know exactly what I need to say when I get the interview.” However apparently he didn’t even need to apply this time. One of his former high school friends had already posted on his feed.

‘Hey. Sorry about the bad news. Why don’t you come by tomorrow and we can work something out.’ It was Johnathon. He hadn’t seen him in ages. Honestly thinking about it he didn’t even know why they were friends. Johnathon wasn’t like a bully or anything but he was far more of a jock than a loser.

Besides, Stu wasn’t someone who looked a gift horse in the mouth. He instantly typed back asking for the address. Plus, maybe now he could use some kind of friend points to help him not get fired. “It’s always harder to fire ‘friends,’” Stu smiled devilishly as he closed down the tabs.

The next morning he woke up bright and early. It was way earlier than he was used to but he had to make a good first impression. That’s how you get on their good side. Then you start showing up 5-10 minutes late; slowly taking advantage of the system.

He arrived right on time and saw the mountain of a man standing in front of him. “Ahh you made it!” Johnathon said. He walked over to Stu and wrapped his huge arm around the smaller man’s shoulder. Johnathon was so much taller than Stu remembered. For some reason he thought he was some scrawny little rich kid.

“Sure did,” Stu was starting to wonder if this was the right thing to do. Maybe he should just leave now. However Johnathon wasn’t going to give him the chance. He was already leading him over to the construction equipment. Stu tried to speak up but Johnathon was talking so much that he didn’t have a chance to say anything. He seemed so proud to show Stu what he’d be doing.

In a wheel barrel sat several bags of concrete. “You’ll be moving these,” Johnathon said. “The other guys will put it down. Then you go back and pick up more.”

Stu just stared blankly. There was no way in hell he could move that wheel barrel. It must have weighed over 150 pounds. The damned thing weighed as much as him! He was about to interject when a thought came to him. ‘What the fuck do you think you’re complaining about? This ain’t too heavy.’

It caught Stu off guard. ‘Of course it’s too…’

‘No it ain’t!’ his subconscious shouted back. ‘Quit actin like some pussy ass bitch. You lift shit like this every day. This ain’t nuthin!’

Stu looked himself over. His body was feeling warm. Something seemed to be changing but he couldn’t tell what it was. Something just felt different. ‘But…’

‘But nothing! You got a damned job. You’ll do the damned work. That’s what yer meant to do! Quit yer belly achin and get to work!’

Grumbling to himself he reached down and grabbed the wheel barrel. The voice was really pissin him off. Course he could lift the concrete, he just didn’t want to. But then why didn’t he want to? He looked himself over again. Something seemed to be off. His body seemed to growing. With each breath in and out he seemed to be gaining more weight. More muscle packed onto his frame as he stared at the wheel barrel in front of him. His shoulders started rounding out while his arms thickened. He could feel his butt straining against the back of his pants. The muscles in his legs spasmed and grew. There was no way he was ever going to have chicken legs.

‘No!’ he thought to himself, ‘I like video games and doing nothing all day. I don’t want to work!’ However thoughts about him going to the gym and meeting new girls started to fill his mind. There was no way he’d waste so much time playing video games. It felt so much better thinking about a good hard day’s work. There was no way he was going to be some lazy ass sitting on some computer looking at pictures of cat’s all day. He had his own, better method of looking at pussies whenever he wanted.

For some reason his entire body flexed. It was completely uncontrolled. He felt his pants and shirt rip from his body. Without skipping a beat he picked up the wheel barrel and started pushing it. The movement came naturally to him. This job was easy for someone like him.

Johnathon let out a laugh at his friend. “Man, you gotta make sure you buy clothes that fit you. I’m not letting you work in your underwear.”

“Like hell you won’t. Clothes are way too small to fit this perfect fuckin body,” Stu shot back.

“Dude,” Johnathon turned harsh, “Regulations man. I can’t just bypass them just cause you look like a god or something. It’s a safety thing.”

“Pssshh. Whatever,” Stu scoffed. “I’ll do it. I just won’t be ‘appy bout it.”

Woohoo! Made it! Wednesday’s and Thursday’s always take forever because I am pretty much working 7am-10pm between both jobs and coaching. 

It was a good day though! And honestly a pretty good week, too. We don’t have school tomorrow though and I am damn thankful. I still cannot believe that we only have five weeks left. It makes me excited and sad all at the same time. 

Okay, time to clean the kitchen because I definitely haven’t had time to do as much the past couple of days. 

PS - GOTR workout today was brutal! It was raining so we did a massive circuit with things like running, squats, wall sits, jumping jacks, etc. 

guys……. if I don’t survive…… I want you to delete my Tumblr before my Mum sees….
Not for any reason you’d think of at first really, I just don’t want to give her Voltron spoilers because she still hasn’t finished Season 1 yet, haha (•w•);;
But seriously though, if I don’t make it, all my writing drafts go to my pals online. Take good care of my plot babies ;w;
(You know who you are)

(But don’t touch the Shance ones, I’m taking those to hell with me. I need something to read down there!)

“You know, it really sucks that we have to see each other in secret.”

Lily sighed. “I know, but your sister would freak out if she knew about us and she’d probably hate me.”

“Isn’t she like your best friend? She won’t hate you.”

“She is, but you know how she is! She wants control over everything, plus she’s jealous! She wouldn’t like us being together. This is the only option we have.”

“Well… It still sucks.” The guy smirked, then he caressed her cheek. “Although I must admit it’s a little exciting.”

Lily laughed and shook her head. “I should go back to Apple’s room now. The girls are probably wondering why I’m taking so long “in the bathroom”… I’ll see you tomorrow at school, alright?”

“Alright… Just give me one last kiss and I’ll leave you alone.”

tomorrow is muck up day and the theme is under the sea im EXCITED we made jellyfish umbrellas ☂️the decorations are gonna be SO GOOD altho we’re not allowed to spray people with water guns i don’t think which is kind of a let down…our school is pretty uptight about muck up days which kind of defeats the point like. where’s the fun if you can’t clingfilm all the teachers cars but it will still be good hopefully :~) after that i only have one more week of school…… ever…. Fear

…finally got to see “Moonlight” today. left the theater feeling Some Kinda Way that’s really hard for me to articulate, but i feel like i can count on one hand how many times any movie has ever made me feel the things that “Moonlight” has.


i really want to sit down and journal about it at the very least, but i don’t have the energy right now and i most certainly don’t have the time. tomorrow is a big day– school starts For Realz, so i’ll be meeting and teaching my students for the first time– meaning i need to get my exhausted ass into bed asap.

i will say, however, that Japan has really surprised me with its reception of “Moonlight” for numerous reasons that i also want to journal about. for one, even though “Moonlight” is now at the end of its run in Japan with only one screening a day for the rest of April before disappearing from theaters entirely, the screening in the smallish theater that i was at today was all but sold out. also, being the linguaphile that i am, it was intriguing for me to see a movie spoken in AAVE subtitled in Japanese for the first (and likely only) time on the big screen in Japan. amidst everything else that was going through my mind while watching the movie, i noted how the translator chose to translate certain things, feeling a mild sense of validation and approval over how the translator handled the f slur in particular #BecauseJapan.

it’s rare for me to be determined to own a hard copy of any movie, but that’s exactly how i feel about this movie and once i do, i’ll promptly rewatch it at least two more times.

Softly || Peter Parker x Reader

I’m a little stressed about my latest story not showing in the tumblr app tags 。゚(TヮT)゚。 it isn’t a big deal, not really, but I rely so much on using this app, so I would really like my story to show. I’m just going to post a short peter drabble to make me feel better ♡

warnings: slightly sexual content. Not full on smut, but lots of kisses are exchanged 。゚(TヮT)゚。

don’t repost or plagiarize this! Reblogs are fine!


Peter wakes up to feeling someone softly kissing him, the sensation making the young man smile as he was roused from his slumber.

“Hello, sleeping handsome.” You whisper against his lips.

You feel his smile widen against your skin and continue peppering kisses all across his face. “Babe, what’s wrong? I was sleeping.” You don’t answer him, still kissing his features when you felt Peter wrap his arms around your back.

“I mean, not that I mind or anything, it’s just- we kind of have school tomorrow.”

“Hmmm, I would much rather spend the whole night kissing you.”

“Babe-” you cut off his protests when you kiss him deeply, stopping all of your feather light kisses when you straddled his waist.

His groans seemed to spur you on as your hands gently rubbed against his chest, dipping beneath his shirt to touch at his bare skin. Feeling his warmth, you gently scratch at his abdomen with your fingernails, making him groan even louder in response. Peter could no longer take your teasing touches when he immediately flipped you back on the bed so that he was hovering over you.

You moan Peter’s name and delve your fingers into his hair, laying back with your neck exposed to him as he began to scatter love bites across your skin. While you felt him playful pull and tease at your neck, you suddenly felt a drowsiness wash over you. Your grip against his hair had significantly loosened, and Peter could feel the change in you when you slumped against him. “Argh, babe, no way! We were just getting to the good part!”

“I know handsome, and I’m really sorry, but now I feel really tired.” You lift up his head to give him an apologetic kiss, “You can still kiss me if you want. I’ll just be asleep…”

Peter snorts and gets off of you, laying next to you as he pulled you toward his chest, “Hell no. Call me whipped or whatever, but I don’t like waking you up.”

You were practically grinning at him now, “But you let me wake you up when I kept kissing you.”

He blushes and looks away from you, “Yeah…because I love you. I don’t mind losing sleep because of you.”

You yawn and let out a sleepy giggle, “Then I guess it’s good that you stopped. We do still have school in the morning.”

“Ugh, I hate you so much for being a tease.”

You laugh and press a kiss against his chest, “And I know that you wouldn’t want me any other way.”


Hello~~ this painting is based on a victorian painting I saw on the internet.. I wanted to say something regarding my updates 🙂I don’t know how much I’ll update the coming weeks.. my cat passed away this friday, she had kidney failure and didn’t want to eat anymore. She was with us for 14 years which is quite a decent age, but still I miss her very much… Also my break will end tomorrow, so I’ll also have to focus on school again🙃
So in short I don’t know how much I’ll be able to draw the coming weeks.. Thanks for all the support tho, all the kind comments really make me smile! 😊

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my grandmother showed up last weekend and my mother had the realization that if DCF was called we would be taken away from her because of the state of our house. since this we’ve been doing a MASSIVE clean up (the kids are lazy buttholes and have been taken the WHOLE WEEK just to clean their room which, btw, is STILL not done!) and though i have been drawing it’s at school when i can’t answer asks on my phone with the pictures… this whole week has been a stress and screaming filled mess so i haven’t really had time to do things… my nana (other grandmother) is coming in tomorrow and that’s the day i’m cleaning out my entire room, the issue is when i clean i get really weak in the knees and shaky, to the point i’ve dropped a lot of things… she’ll be helping my mom assess damage to the floor in her room and helping my siblings toss stuff out… i hate to say this but until this house is cleaned this blog will be on hiatus… (god i despise that word…) i’m sorry for making you all wait but i will have things ready for when my family is done. in the mean time check out the rest of the daily community! there are plenty of other traditional artists that feel left out and have even come to me to figure out how to get followers. 

tl;dr: this blog is going on a hiatus and you guys should go look and find the other traditional daily blogs in the community. 


hey!! y’all might’ve noticed, but i am leaving wednesday 4/19 for a school trip, returning on thursday (4/27) and unfortunately i can’t bring my tech !! so i will not be on at all for that period :(. i have set up a queue, and if necessary, ollie @pocketfords will come in to replenish it. i’m queuing this post too, but just know i won’t be around to answer asks or messages or anything. 

see y’all on the 27th!!


 A/N: So I’d tried writing one about Namjoon.It’s a fluffy one tho.Hope you’ll enjoy!(There’s a curse word in the story, but only one!)

As Y/N sat next to her daughter’s bed, she noticed that she is still awake. “Honey, tomorrow you’ll have a school trip, you must sleep a little!” “But I can’t!Please tell me again that story!“she whined until Y/N couldn’t resist her adorable daughter."Fine, but after the story you’ll go to sleep!Promise?"she showed her pinky finger."Promised"they intertwined their fingers."Okay, so it’s all started eleven years ago when mom was eighteen years old.”

Everyone was frustrated as the prom was coming.So as Y/N.She was waiting for her shiny knight.More exactly Kim Namjoon.They were best friends for years now, but Y/N still didn’t have the courage to tell him and it was easier.

A sudden voice interupted Y/N’s thoughts.”Sorry, the teacher didn’t want to end the class.How long have you been waiting for me?”Namjoon asked with a guilty look on his face.”I have just arrived so you don’t have to worry about it.”she lied like when she lied about her crush…

“Can you help me?You know there’s a girl I’m looking for a while now and she is probably haven’t got apartner yet for the prom.I want to ask her out…”Y/N watched his loving eyes… for that girl.”Of course!Who’s that girl?Do I know her?”she couldn’t help, but hoped that the girl he talked about is her, but the next sentences broked her heart.”Maybe.I have known her before we became friends.”Joonie grinned shyly and continued.”Anyway why did you called me here?”

That was a good question.Y/N didn’t know why, but she had the urge to see him.Why did she call him anyway?Why?Until now she felt the happiest person, but now she wanted more.Why now?When he is in love with a more beautiful girl…Why?She couldn’t stand the actual situation.She had to calm down and if Namjoon is near it’s nearly impossible.

“Joonie… Sorry, I called you here,but I can’t stay so… umm… see you soon!”Not waiting for a respond Y/N runned away.

“What happened?”Namjoon looked suprised and tried to  head back when a flower shop came across in his vision.

Y/N was sitting in her bed for who knows how long.What did she do all this time?She didn’t cried… Why would she?Everything is messed up, because she didn’t have the courage to confess and now it’s too late.If Y/N had confessed, would they have ended up together?It’s just a dream, right?With a sigh she fell on the sheets and watched the ceiling.”What a fucked up situation…”Y/N was about to sleep, when her phone was starting ringing.

Without checking who was calling she picked up.”Hello?”It was enough her to know who is calling… It doesn’t matter how broken is her, she couldn’t feel happier hearing his voice…”Hey… Can you come out?I want you to know the girl’s answer…please?”One last time… Y/N wanted to confess him… to loose this bittersweet feelings.”Sure.I’ll be there just wait second.” with this she hanged up.

The night was beautiful still cold.Will her feelings really disapper after a silly confession?No.It’s just the first step.Namjoon was standing in front of her.For the last time he was beautiful… It was such a shame loosing him.His smile, his eyes, his way of speaking… him… everything about him will be missing.

“Hey, I know it’s late, but I really want to tell you.There’s a secret I had never told this anyone before, but ”he held Y/N’s hand” before we met I had seen you… you had just sitting there not doing anything special, but for me you were and are the perfect definition of the ideal type.For the first time I saw you I fell in love…”As Namjoon said that words both him and Y/N turned crimson red.

“And then the other girl?”Y/N whispered.Namjoon couldn’t help, but laughed.”It’s you!She is you and she’ll be always you!”he showed the sweetest smile and the most beautiful bouquet of roses.”Will you be my partner for the prom and  maybe forever?”

“Yes… yes I will”she laughed and hugged Namjoon tightly”I love you so much”

“Yeah… me too”he kissed gently Y/N’s forehead

Y/N watched as their daughter fell asleep.She slowly stand up and kissed her daughter one last time and left the room.The door was quietly closed behind him.After so many years nothing changes.His smile, his eyes, his way of speaking and him.It’s not a dream anymore.It’s the sweetest reality.

A/N:Maybe it’s not a fluff

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Update: he saw my last message asking about what this means, how he feels, and what he wants moving forward, but he still hasn’t replied, which I guess is telling enough :/ I’m trying to be more calm because I finished the bulk of my finals, and only have two more essays left, so at least school is less stressful. Tomorrow is our spring fling so hopefully that will be fun but idk in the back of my mind, all I can really think about is how much I’m losing him if I haven’t already lost him :( anyways, I guess more relevant to you all is that I finally have time to be more active and reply to all the messages in my inbox, so feel free to send something in! I hope you all are doing well at least, and thank you so much for putting up with me lately. I appreciate you listening, caring, and being here for me so much more than you know. You’re truly the best group of people ❤







p.s: New fics are coming tomorrow I was writing some earlier but I’m so tired I was sitting on a cramped bus for like over 10 hours today 


Alex: “Ok Ai, I really do need to get some sleep so that can focus at school tomorrow.”

Ai: “Yes, Alex. Ai is sleepy too.”

Alex: “I think you should sleep in the bedroom. I will sleep out here on the couch until we can figure more of this out. I still have so many questions unanswered.”

Ai: “Ai wishes to sleep where Alex sleeps. Not alone in that room where the window is.”

Alex: “Ai, you’re here for some reason and the mirror won’t suck you back in. I don’t have all the answers yet, but to get any… we need to rest. Please, just go to the bedroom and get some sleep. I will see you first thing in the morning.”

Ai pouted, but reluctantly went into the bedroom, but as soon as Alex fell asleep, she crept out to the living room and fell asleep on the floor next to him.

10 facts about me

1. my new motto is hydrate or die-drate, thank you @musiclvr1112

2. I have work tomorrow morning

3. I’m really terrible at school

4. I have a dinosaur pillow pet and it’s the best and it’s really soft, which is probably historically accurate cause dinosaur feathers didn’t have the zipper structure of modern birds so they were fluffy.

5. I’m watching commander holly’s lets play of pokemon sun right now

6. I still have to do my taxes….. I got an extension but haven’t done it yet ;alkjsdf;fk

7. I might get put on academic suspension at the end of this semester because I’m a fucking mess

8. I’m really great at shutting down and not dealing with things

9. sometimes the taste of sugar is super overwhelming to me and I can’t eat sweet things

10. I’m pretty dang good at cooking

I’m gonna tag @loloren69 and @completelyhopelessprocrastinator and @newgurlxeno and @mallosoar but only if you wanna

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*aggressively tries to be a friend* hi, i'm a super awkward person who doesn't know how to talk to people on or off the internet. Also exams are stressing me out... do you take any exams?

Anon, bro!! I am also ‘awkward person on and off the internet!!’ And ofc I take exams, but I don’t really study for them (oops)(I’m still a straight As student so whatevs)(bragging bitch🙄) but yeah I do!! In fact I think I have a physics one for tomorrow and I also have 2 book exams and I read neither of the books lol, I also get stressed a lot about school, I don’t like that (I think I answered all if this?? Not sure bc I’m on mobile??)

it’s two thirty in the morning, I didn’t go to sleep because I have a shit ton of school work to return by tomorrow. And still, I haven’t done anything, not a thing. Why the fuck am I like this? So lazy and irresponsible, I really want to _finally_ graduate but I’m so scared I’ll freak out and drop out. All my friends just tell me to “get on with it and do your work”, but it’s so fucking hard when all I can think about is how much of a complete failure I am. This is so frustrating and the stress makes me mood swings feel like I’m off my medication. I’m just so tired.