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No Manners [Prince!Jungkook x Reader] - PT. 1

PAIRING: Jungkook x Reader

SUMMARY: You tutor Jungkook the etiquette expected of a prince like himself; it’s an easy job and pays well enough for a side job. However, the prince seems to also have other things on his personal agenda.

WORDS: 7.1k

GENRE: Fluff, future smut. [ Prince!Jungkook AU ]

A/N: this is the first part to a four-or-so-part story. omg this is my first piece of writing i’m posting on tumblr so don’t have super high expectation hfhghgnfkjn idk enjoy!

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Captain's Vigilante (3/?)

Word Count: 5700ish

Warnings: So much words. A little angst if you squint. Probably some wrong grammar and spelling mistakes. The tags are added and the future chaps will get the added tags. Thank you for reading.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You are a genius vigilante, misunderstood, feared and on top of the Avengers watch list. They see you as a major threat and has to be stopped. They’ve no idea you only have the best of intention but just has no idea how to express it a better way. And you like the reputation they gave you. It’s what you’re used to so you play with it. After yet another visit to the Avengers tower and being caught and then being shot. Things take a turn for you both when Steve seemed to break those walls and get to know the real you.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8


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(damn, that gif though)

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The Mysterious Miranda (Chapter 9)

pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader, daveed diggs x reader

summary: Your cousin Anthony drags you along to one of his neighbor’s infamous parties with his girlfriend, keeping you from a night in. Mr. Miranda, the host, is a mysterious man, but that isn’t the part that gets to you.

warnings: a tad bit of angst, my best portrayal of a 1920s hospital, like one swear word, some really sweet fluffy moments, you’ll probably hate me by the end

words: 3883

a/n: “Damn Rebekah, it took you long enough!!” i know, i know, it took me an awful long time to get this finished, but I am unbelievably proud of it and excited to share it. It hardly resembles The Great Gatsby at this point, but oh well.  

I had to do a ton of research for it and need to thank @digging-daveed for helping me out with ideas, I had no idea where to go from TMM8 until she helped me out. @psychedemigod gave me the idea for one of the cute little moments in here, and @secretschuylersister made sure everything made sense as always. they’re all the best, a million thanks to them. 

Ed Sheeran’s “Happier” helped with some inspiration for the last 600ish words because it was just? Fitting? so listen to that on repeat while you read this if you want. 

If you want to be tagged in the next parts, just shoot me an ask!

tags: @isis278 @21phantasticromances @dvddggs @l-nmanuel @bluesnowyangel @hamrevolution @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @accidentally-impeccable @paintingpetrichors

part one part two part three part four part five part six part seven part eight part ten

“You’re-I’m sorry, what?” You sputtered with wide eyes after a moment of letting his words sink in.

Daveed slowly approached the bed, his eyes softer than you’d ever seen, and his lips twitched into a sort of smile. “I’m in love wi–”

You held a hand up to stop him from continuing, pursing your lips together before speaking. “I-I heard you, Daveed.” You moved your hand to rub the back of your neck and swallowed the lump in your throat. “What would you like me to say?”

“I’d like you to stop seeing Mr. Miranda.”

For just a minute, you waited for a sign that he was joking but when no such sign came, you laughed out loud at the ridiculous request. “You’re crazy!”

“Excuse me?” Daveed raised both of his eyebrows in disbelief.

“I said that you’re crazy, Daveed! Why, in heaven’s name, would I leave the father of my child and the man I’m in love with? I may be unhappy with his recent behavior, but I still love him.”

“On account of me being in love with you.”

“Not a chance in hell! My child deserves a father that will love him or her. You’ve proven that you can’t be a good father.”

“Nevertheless, I’m your husband!”

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Still falling for you

Hi guys! Sorry this is a little late but its been an eventful day here! But pleas enjoy this super short in celebration of Jim Kirk’s birthday! I have not done my usual tight editing process because It has been such a quick turn around and I just got back so yeah- enjoy!

Note: I got the gif from google because tumblr was being horrible. So credit to the tag in the image, even though i cant find them on here!

Also huge thanks to @annalisehartmann!

For those who are interested I built it off the back of one of my previous Imagines called ‘Three Nights’ which you can read here!

PROMPT - NONE! It’s Jimbo’s birthday!

PAIRING - Jim Kirk X Reader

WORD COUNT - 2,583 words

SUMMARY -  “I think I’m falling in love with you.”


Still falling for you

The stark white lights of the Enterprise’s hallways assaulted your eyes as you skidded around one of it’s many corners; your standard issued boots barely gripping the freshly polished black floor. The soft squeaking of worn rubber against the slippery surface beneath your heel, doing little to warn passersbys as you ducked wildly to the side; narrowly missing an approaching science officer.

“SORRY!” You cried, your head tilting over your shoulder as your body arched inwards in a defensive stance of the large cardboard box you carried.  

This was one of your most important missions yet as a senior security officer, and to hell were you going to mess it up.

You were approaching your quarters in record time when the small metallic communication device clasped to your waist erupted to life, the shrill tones causing you to flinch in suprise for the uptenth time. Sighing with frustration you slowed your pace significantly, reluctantly shifting the box in your arms dangerously to the side; allowing you to flick the slick lid of the device open.

“Listen here McCoy” You began, your tone one of warning as you struggled to keep your panting to a minimum. The box balanced across your left arm wobbled dangerously as your steps became uneven, a curse quickly dying on your lips. “I know I’m late! I can’t help it! But if you could stop calling me every two seconds then I might just-”

“Jim’s not turned up.”

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I Guess We’re the Same, So Don’t Leave Me Behind

Read Chapter 5 on AO3

Summary: 28-year-old Teruki is depressed, working a dead-end job, and sees life as meaningless and dull. Only when, Shigeo, another esper going through the same troubles as him enters his life he realizes he’s not so alone.

Notes: Let me first apologize for taking so long to get this chapter up. School has been taking up the majority of my time and…god, it’s almost been a month since the last update. To make it up to you all, this is the longest chapter yet! I hope you all enjoy! As always, thank you all so much for the never-ending support for this fic! You guys are honestly too kind with your feedback and honestly your messages are what keep me writing.Thanks again!

Previous Chapters

| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Read under the cut or on AO3!

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"Mates” - Brett Tablot AU Imagine

Prompt by ameleleila - Hi! Can you write a Brett imagine like the mates one with Liam? 

Pairing: Brett x Reader
Word Count: 7368

Author’s Note: There was A LOT of pressure to write this fanfic. The “Mates” I wrote for Liam and posted last December got a lot of attention, a lot of love, and nothing but great and positive feedback. It’s special to me. It took me months to write it and it’s one of my favorite fan fictions I’ve ever written, but, honestly, it scares me. It holds such high standards. I’m afraid nothing will ever mount to that, which is why I’ve shot down every request I’ve gotten about making a part two, because I’m scared I’ll ruin the greatness of it.

When ameleleia requested a “Mates” fanfic for Brett, I honestly hesitated at first. I didn’t know if I could do it again and not recycle my work from Liam’s Mates. I pushed aside all my fears and grabbed the bull by the horns. Like Liam’s it was a long process of coming up with the plot and writing down the right words. Now, it’s finally here.

Lastly, this is obviously an AU. There are a few things I don’t follow from the show and made several changes as well.

Without futher ado, enjoy Brett’s Mates and you’re more than welcome to leave me feedback. Happy reading!

P. S. I’m so sorry ameleleia for taking so long with your prompt. I never forgot about your prompt. I was simply taking my time to make it the best I can for you and everyone else. And shout out to freeyourheartandsoul for being an amazing and awesome Beta! :)

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My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Age 6 – Elementary 

It was a good day. No, it was a great day for a couple of innocent kids playing outside in the front yard, throwing a lacrosse ball back and forth. It was their first year in little league lacrosse, and they were surprisingly good at it for a pair of kids who never played the sport before. Part of it was the constant practice they had with each other before and after their practice with the team. 

Like right now, Brett and Liam were playing in Brett’s front yard. They had been playing for about 20 minutes, just running around, pretending they’re playing a real game with their imaginary friends, and passing the ball towards each other. Liam threw the ball to Brett because he was about to get tackled by Cowboy Dyno, Liam’s imaginary purple elephant friend. Brett missed the ball as his eyes followed a moving van pulling up to the front of the house next door. 

The ball hit Brett on the back of his right leg, but he didn’t even feel it. He was too distracted by the moving van.

“Duuuude!” Liam exaggerated. “You missed the ball!”

“Finally!” Brett cheered as he completely ignored Liam’s comment. “Some new neighbors!”

Liam walked up to stand next to Brett. “Do you think it’s a boy? Someone we can play with?” 

“I hope its Tommy. At practice he said they were moving to a new house.” Brett said as he watched another car pull up to the drive away. Together, Liam and Brett saw a man get out of the moving van, obviously the man of the household. His wife got out of the silver Honda Pilot and helped unbuckled a little girl from the back seat. 

“Aww, man!” Liam whined. “It’s a girl.”


“She has cooties.” Liam said with so much disgust in his voice.

The little blonde haired girl in pigtails with perfect curls, which bounced with each step she took, started grabbing the light stuff to carry into her new house. Brett ran across his yard and into the one next door, Liam followed trailing behind. The girl stopped in her tracks and smiled at the boys in front of her.

“Hi! I’m Brett and this is Liam!” Brett pointed at Liam, who gave the girl a weak smile and wave, obviously not as excited about her arrival as Brett is. “Do you need some help?”

Brett noticed her cheeky smile. “Hi-ya! I’m Y/N. Maybe after you help me, we can play whatever you’re playing!” 

“We’re playing lacrosse,” Liam said. “And you can’t play if you have cooties.”

“I don’t have anymore cooties than you do, Liam.”

Brett laughed at her comeback. She was funny, he thought. I like her.

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Red’s Love your “Flaws” Writing Challenge

There is no milestone for this challenge, it’s about celebrating the uniqueness of YOU. This whole idea for this challenge is explained here .  There’s so much pressure to be perfect out there, magazines want you to be a size 2, there’s skin bleach to lighten freckles, cream to reduce scars, pills to help you lose weight etc etc. But.. “In a world where you can be anything, be yourself” (Etta Turner). Is there anything wrong with wanting to improve yourself? No, but do it for you not because you fell pressured. Be healthy, but don’t starve yourself. Know that freckles are cute and scars show how strong you are. And that there is nothing wrong with being different from what society deems normal. 

So I challenge you to pick a “flaw” from the list and write a (preferably) reader insert with the flaw being part of the character. Make a character that readers can relate to. From too many freckles too scars and everything in between. This isn’t about writing the perfect reader insert that the character of your choice would immediately fall in love with. It’s writing about a real person who has real “flaws”, one that is not perfect by society standards but still gets the guy (or girl). And most importantly, have fun with it. 

And I say “flaws” but I don’t see them as flaws. At all. I have two scars on my face, one that I have had since I was 5. And I love them. They are uniquely mine, but some people see them as ugly etc. To them, I’m flawed… marred. And yes, there have been comments about before, lots of “I’m sorry that you have a scar” and “You can get a cream for that.”. But they are not hurting me or anyone else, they are just “ugly” to most people and this is about embracing what makes you, you! 

Check out the rules and the list below the cut. Let me know if anything needs to be added or taken away from the list!! I will tweak it if anyone has any suggestions :) 

And it’s multi fandom!!! I’m not picky about the fandoms at all, I just want to have the love your “flaws” message spread through all the fandoms. 

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Son of a Patriotic Biscuit (Part 2)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1743

Warnings: None

A/N: I forgot to mention in part 1 that this occurs before the events of The Winter Soldier (So Steve still thinks Bucky died falling off the train). Steve’s not very present in this part, but that all gets going in the next one so you don’t have long to wait for it! Thank you guys for the reception of the last part! As always, feedback is appreciated and the tag list is OPEN. Gif is not mine

Part 1 is HERE

Your name: submit What is this?

The next morning, I made quite the actress, if I do say so myself. I played the part of still being incredibly ticked off at being left behind though already missing them at the same time. Honestly, it wasn’t all that hard - I was still angry that Steve hadn’t let me go. The difficult part was pretending that I hadn’t stayed up all night planning my own mission, but I managed. Concealer is definitely a girl’s best friend.

Once they were out the door, promising to keep in touch, I made my way back to the training room, fully intending to ensure that I would be at the top of my game when I showed up and saved their rears. To that effect, I picked up my longbow and moved to the targets.

“J.A.R.V.I.S.? Start my playlist, would you?”

“Of course.”

Almost immediately, I heard the opening strains of one of my favorite songs, grinning as I took my mark.

A week and a half later found me in California, staying in one of my old hideouts in a motel. The rest of the team was in town, and I was being careful to stay out of their way. I’d already been there for a few days, mostly keeping tabs on everyone, but doing a bit of my own digging into my old captors. Apparently they’d been doing more experimenting, though that wasn’t what had brought them onto the Avenger Radar. The real reason was that they had teamed up with HYDRA, which was a tiny bit of a no-go as far as SHIELD was concerned.

For a moment, I remembered the small stab of betrayal when I had seen that only now was the team being sent after these people. You’re the one who didn’t talk about your past, I reminded myself as my jaw clenched, They would’ve demolished the place if you’d told them. But noooo, you like to suffer in silence and keep your past to yourself. You’ve no right to complain if you stayed so close-mouthed about it. The crackle of the comms system coming in over my laptop dragged me out of the black spiral I was getting into.

“He’s on the move, do I follow?” Nat’s voice was the first one I heard, followed quickly by none other than Captain Spangles himself telling her to go ahead. Ever one to be prepared, I changed quickly into my suit. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen for a few days yet, but my philosophy was to expect the worst in situations like this - that way, you’re either right or pleasantly surprised. While I was strapping the quiver to my back, various knives and firearms tucked into hidden pockets or sheaths and boots, the assassin was back on the comms.

“The target is leaving town in a Jeep, headed east, but I’ve lost eyes on him.”

“I’ve got eyes on him. Let’s see where he’s going.” Stark’s voice crackled over the earpiece I was putting in. I’d made it myself and patched it into their frequency, but it was a receiver only. If I got into trouble, I’d be on my own trying to get out of it. For the next few minutes, there was tense silence over the comms, broken only by occasional updates on the path the scientist was taking. In that time, I ran the tracer I’d implanted and figured out where they were.

The path they were taking seemed vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. The thought put me on edge so much that I had to force my muscles to unclench. Something about that direction was raising the hairs on the back of my neck, and I hated not knowing the reason.

“He’s pulling up to some warehouse. It looks like the one he was telling HYDRA to meet him at.”

“Already? I thought they weren’t due for this for another couple of days…” I could hear the genuine surprise in Steve’s voice despite the crackling reception. “Alright, we’re on our way out there. Don’t engage until we get there.”

“Don’t you dare go getting yourself killed you fricken fracken, mother truckin’, son of a biscuit eating little pretty boy with an American flag obsession,” I muttered in exasperation or desperation, I wasn’t sure which, while moving around the motel room as I gathered my stuff. Taking a last look around, I froze in my tracks, feeling like the floor dropped out from under me as I realized just what warehouse they were talking about.

I’d heard the scientists talk about it while I’d been there, but had never really concerned myself with it. Now that I thought about it, I figured out why the hairs were raising - the warehouse was their standard trap as well as their prison. And the team - my friends, no, family - were walking right into it. I mean, they used the warehouse to store all of the experiments’ files, but those were almost impossible to find if you didn’t already know exactly what you were looking for and where it was. The things I’d heard about the people caught turned my stomach unpleasantly. The idea of the scientists doing what they had done to me to anyone else was unthinkable. I had to stop it, no matter what happened to me. With that decision, I opened the motel window, leaping out and unfurling my wings.

It was dark enough outside that I made it safely to a high enough altitude to remain unseen but low enough to stay off the radar. With nearly soundless flaps of my wings, I flew as quickly as I could to where the team was headed, hoping against all hope that I would get there before them. The winds were against me, and I heard over my earpiece the team forming a plan and moving out while I was still a minute’s flight away. Cursing my luck, I pushed myself as hard as I dared, knowing I would need some strength and substantial grit to get them out of this.

Silently, I landed in the woods near the warehouse that I had been housed in a long time ago. Once on the ground, I released a breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding. Clint was still in the stand of trees, near the edge where the forest gave way to the open ground surrounding the warehouse.

“Clint! I’m so glad I caught you.” I jogged toward him, whisper shouting in an attempt to keep a low profile.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” His eyebrows furrowed when he saw me coming.

“Doesn’t matter at the moment. You guys are walking right into a trap.”

“How do you know?”

“This is… where I was created.” I didn’t have time to be embarrassed about my origins, but that didn’t stop my throat from getting caught on the words. “I’ve heard them talk about what else they did before I escaped. What are you guys here for?”

“There’s a file Fury wants us to get ahold of, specifically pertaining to their experiments backed by HYDRA. After that, he wants the place burnt to the ground.” To his credit, the bowman didn’t even address the fact that my deep, dark secret was now revealed. I really didn’t want pity, especially not now. “Alright, what are we going to do about the trap? Comms went dead a few seconds before you got here.”

“They perpetually have signal jammers running, so nothing gets out of that building unless they want it to,” I acknowledged. “Where did everyone go in there?”

“The plan was for Tin Man to run perimeter inside the building, I’m on duty for keeping our escape open.” His hand ran through his short hair a little anxiously. “The Stars and Stripes was going in with the Spider - they were supposed to stick together, but I have no idea if they still are. They only went in a minute ago, and I haven’t heard anything so it can’t have gone too wrong yet.” I grimaced, not wanting to undermine the hope, but knowing that my former captors were quite good at this. If they had HYDRA working with them I didn’t want to know what new tricks they had up their sleeves.

“Alright, you stay out here - if we lose our way out of here then we’ll all be better off dead. Plus, the more of us that go in, the less likely it is that I can get us all out. I’ll get everyone out that I can, though. I still remember the building’s layout so I’ve got the best bet of making it back.” I took control, knowing that my experience here gave me an edge in making a plan. Fortunately, Clint didn’t question it, just nodded.

“Be careful in there, alright? Capsicle would have my head if he found out I let you do this.” The man ruffled my hair playfully, but I could hear the real worry behind the joking tone.

“I’ll be fine. I’ve escaped these ninnys before, you know,” I reassured while mimicking his joking tone. With a final, tight smile, I was off, ghosting across the open ground to the access hatch I’d slipped through more than a decade ago. My bow was in hand, an arrow already nocked on the string. Slowly but surely I made my way to the secret entrance. For a long moment, I listened down the hatch, not wanting to be caught unawares before I could drop down the ladder.

Satisfied that the way was clear, I made my way downwards, but apparently someone had been hiding there because gunshots suddenly rang out. With no time, I let go of the ladder, spreading my wings just as much as I needed to hit the ground at a force that wouldn’t break my knees. Instantly, I rolled to the side for cover, wincing as my wing hit the ground.

Breathing deeply, I sent a knife whirling towards my attacker. The grunt and thud told me that I’d hit my target, so I retrieved the weapon before steeling myself to look at my wing. As I suspected, a bullet had torn through it, right in a spot that would prevent me from flying without immense pain. Grimacing, I tucked my wings close to my back before moving out into the hallway.

Well, this ought to be fun.

Part 3

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Series Masterlist

If You Give Me All You Got

Pairing: Mikey Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: You spend the day helping Mikey shop for Christmas gifts for his bandmates. But, the hardest person to shop for may be Mikey himself.

“Thanks for helping me do my Christmas shopping, Y/N,” Mikey said gratefully.

“No problem,” you smiled, stomping the snow off your boots as you entered the comic book shop. You were looking for a gift for Gerard.

“My brother really loves Grant Morrison,” Mikey reminded, “so let’s look for a comic that he did writing for.”

“Good idea,” you nodded. “Hey, isn’t that your brother’s comic right there?” you asked, pointing at a copy of Doom Patrol on the shelf.

“It is!” Mikey grinned. “I’m so proud of him! Gerard and I used to hang out at comic stores like this all the time as kids, so it’s crazy to think that something he made is sitting in the DC section right next to our old favorites.”

“Hey, look, here’s an omnibus of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol run,” you pointed out. It was a massively thick book, and it looked expensive.

“Wow, what a great find!” Mikey grinned. “Thanks, Y/N.”

“No problem,” you shrugged. “You sure you don’t want to get something cheaper, though?”

“Sometimes I feel like you forgot I’m in a platinum-selling band,” Mikey chuckled. “I got it covered, don’t worry.”

“I’m surprised nobody’s recognized you yet, and asked you for a picture or something,” you confessed.

“While, I’m not as instantly recognizable as Gerard,” Mikey shrugged. “It’s not like I’m the frontman.”

“True,” you considered as Mikey paid for the comic. “Where to next?”

“Next, we need something for Frank,” Mikey decided. “So, let’s head to the record store.”

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anonymous asked:

do you have any recs for happy gamzee fics? youre one of the few people who i trust in that department lmao

Sorry it took me so long to answer, but I wasn’t on my comp! Now I have access to all my lovely bookmarks

Let’s start with my favorite of all favorites, my absolutely best fic ever that I love: A Heavy Heart http://archiveofourown.org/works/883756 Words cannot describe how much I love this fic. Like I am not shitting you when I say this is my favorite fic ever written and you should go read it right away immediately! It starts out with Sad Gamzee but then you get to the Happy Gamzee later and it’s great! Sorta reverse-hemospectrum? Sorta kinda ish.

Naga Gamzee! A very nice fic, pale boyfriends GamKar, I’m love (though honestly everything by Splick is absolute perfection lbr)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/1769956/chapters/3787246 Pale Pornstar Karkat falls in pity with his costar, who turns out to be genuinely distressed and not just putting on airs for the camera. Another Splick fic. 10/10 would suggest

http://archiveofourown.org/works/454558 Okay this one I’m a little iffy to call Happy Gamzee since it sorta adheres to the idea that Gamzee was “naturally” violent in Game but chilled his tits after victory (but retained some creepiness factor) and tbeh it’s mostly about Davesprite and Karkat but also it is REALLY GOOD AND I LOVE IT so it’s going on here anyway

http://archiveofourown.org/works/1219165?view_full_work=true GamKar sickfic, choiiiiiiice, another Splick fic (they’re all really so good but damn if I’m not gonna list out my faves)

http://palestporn.tumblr.com/ speaking of Splick and their work from God and heaven both

http://archiveofourown.org/works/3330671/chapters/7282250 this is about everyone, but don’t let the TavVrisk tag fool you!!!! That’s there for a good reason and that reason is my son standing up for himself! I was actually subscribed to this as it was coming out and let me tell you I did not want to have to WAIT for new chapters, it was so good!

http://archiveofourown.org/works/365950/chapters/594493 okay this one doesn’t belong here either since it is almost entirely about Karkat and John but ITS REALLY GOOD AND GAMZEE IS THERE FOR PART OF IT and you should read it because it’s great

http://archiveofourown.org/works/1132964 I don’t remember what this one is about except pale porn and GamKar but it was in my bookmarks so it’s probably good!

http://splickedylit.tumblr.com/post/90505217108/holes-in-me-like-diamonds humanstuck GamKar where Karkat isn’t sure what he needs except “Gamzee” and that’s about it

http://palegamkarmonth.tumblr.com/ I’ve read about half the stuff on here but it’s all pretty solid so go flit about and enjoy :3

http://archiveofourown.org/works/393728 Petstuck! Roxy gets Gamzee as a pet but he has ISSUES but he’s safe now and Roxy loves him

http://archiveofourown.org/works/385258 gamkar pale pron, good shit mofos

http://archiveofourown.org/works/4410776 Shit gets gay on a farm

http://archiveofourown.org/works/1807909/chapters/3879184 Humanstuck Caliborn is a nasty fuck to Gamzee but Gamzee has a loving family and a qp boyfriend to help him and love on him and it’s good go read it

http://archiveofourown.org/works/4536558 GamTav phone sex, quite possibly the best phone sex I’ve ever read (though I don’t read a whole lot of it so what’s even the standard there)

http://anotherjadedwriter.tumblr.com/post/132972955694/miraculous-motherfucker-you-are Gamquius fucking!! I like this pairing a lot!!

http://archiveofourown.org/works/3329768 GamKar, a study on the value and merits of the physical aspects of moirallegiance, very good

http://archiveofourown.org/works/965848 Gamzee’s dad is a piece of shit but Karkat will look out for him even if he’s gonna be grumpy about it the entire time.

http://archiveofourown.org/works/884981 I have no memory of this fic but it’s in my bookmarks and it’s GamKar sooooo

http://archiveofourown.org/works/541914 Gamzee is a grub and Dave just sorta… like… adopts him…

http://archiveofourown.org/works/611619 GamDave blackrom healthy fucking, Dave’s a masochist, it’s fairly short and definitely pwp

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7301005/chapters/16582357 Petstuck, Gamzee is a pet and Karkat is a troll and Gamzee adopts Karkat and that’s all that’s going to be said on the matter :3

http://archiveofourown.org/works/244919 Polyamory JadeGamTav, cute and short and sweet

http://archiveofourown.org/works/1881261 Polyamory RoxyGamTav, they’ve made a game out of catching each other masturbating but Tavros hasn’t gotten caught- until now :3

http://archiveofourown.org/works/8445505/chapters/19348753 I haven’t actually finished this one yet, whoops, but I remember liking it!

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7026460 Gamzee goes pitch w Dave, pale w Karkat, and the two of them are still dating flush. Fun ring around the quadrants shenanigans 

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7858351 GamKar, merman Gamzee

http://archiveofourown.org/works/2176239 Gamquius, Equius is a human who believes he should’ve been born a troll, Gamzee is a (positive!!!!) sex worker who makes miracles happen

http://archiveofourown.org/works/4120830 NIGHTMARE FIC I fucking love nightmare fics anyway GamKar and DaveKat and Karkat is Troubled 

http://archiveofourown.org/works/3721477 GamKar First time

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7672276 PALE GAMROXY :D

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7899418 a JohnGam I requested because I’m always a slut for JohnGam

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6299341 I need to reread this one and leave a detailed and thoughtful comment. GamKar pale porn 

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6202828/chapters/14209507 A v v v good Gamzee gets tortured but rescued GamKar fic :D

http://archiveofourown.org/works/3597702 GamDam, the two trolls that deserve happiness the most. I mean the ending fucking ruined me really badly so maybe this shouldn’t be on the list but it’s like, good tho

http://archiveofourown.org/works/1871859/chapters/4031043 WARBOUND WIDOW!!!!! THIS ONE IS SO GOOD!!!!! SO GOOD!!!!! IT’S GAMJANE!!!!! R E A D I T 

http://archiveofourown.org/works/286786 There’s a sea storm so Gamzee and Tavros have to stay at Karkat’s place. Gamzee gets all the boyfriends, all of them 

http://archiveofourown.org/works/1824409 Another GamKar, Gamzee has to talk Karkat though a bad breakup

http://archiveofourown.org/works/294300 a cute GamTav

http://archiveofourown.org/works/4685852 GamDirk! It has a v pretty illustration

http://archiveofourown.org/works/1105510 another GamDirk

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5162840/chapters/11890364 Doesn’t feature a lot of Gamzee and it’s still in the making, but it’s written by one of my fave authors and the DaveKat is good and pure

http://archiveofourown.org/works/1329514/chapters/2768236 Cradle of the Moon! Long, still being written, lots and lots of sadgam at the start, but definitely a worthwhile read!

http://archiveofourown.org/works/917935/chapters/1781689 EVERYBODY GETS ABDUCTED BY ALIENS!!!!! It’s good I like it. The only real problem I have w it is that Gamzee is somehow possessed by Caliborn in a non-Game AU but aside from that it’s PRETTY MUCH FLAWLESS. An everybody fic, not just Gamzee

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5281676/chapters/12190886 a Band AU where Tavros, Equius, and Karkat are in a band and Gamzee is a groupie that somehow ends up dating the main singer, Tavros. V good, written by someone v special to me ;)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/547169/chapters/974201 Okay this one is weird as fuck and I really don’t have any excuse for my interests

http://archiveofourown.org/works/1912092 Karkat gets scared and lashes out at Gamzee but they’re pale so he calms him down

http://archiveofourown.org/works/723960 Sollux is a naga and Gamzee is an incubus and they fuck

http://archiveofourown.org/works/306663 Gamquius fuckinnnnn

http://archiveofourown.org/works/187715 More Gamquius fuckin

http://archiveofourown.org/works/762414 GamTav, I haven’t read it in AGES but I do remember liking it

And that completes my list of things abt Gamzee that I am willing to share with the world! I hope you find something you like!!

ashtarasilunar replied to your post “Bitterly Humorous Experiment”

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “Post Season 2 Sterek” and “Stiles/Derek” vs “Sterek”? I’ve not seen much TW, though I read a fair bit of fic, and am not sure what distinction you’re trying to make, unless you’re talking about the characters present. As for tagging, I think that using the ampersand tags (Scott & Stiles) is really all you should need to do. If you feel like going farther, start adding ‘This is a Scott-friendly fic’ or something to the notes.

After Season 2, Sterek fandom developed its own narrative of the show, one which was only loosely based on canon at best, and basically rewrote the first two seasons to put Stiles - and often-times Derek - on a pedestal, at the expense of basically everyone else in the show. This narrative/pairing grew so popular that Season 3A started to actually lean towards this pairing, but because it ‘only’ leaned - and didn’t retcon half the scenes of the first two seasons in order to follow the fanon narrative - the Sterek fandom very loudly stopped watching the show.

Unfortunately, the fans who stopped watching the show tend to not mention it until you ask them, so you often have no idea that the version of Teen Wolf they’re thinking of isn’t the actual show, until you’re halfway through their fanfic, or realize they think the manipulated scene from a gifset is what actually happened in canon.

“Stiles/Derek” is the shipping of Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale from the actual show. That’s what I do, and that’s what my fics are. “Sterek” means the fandom narrative, the one whose characters share names and faces with the characters of the show, but little else. Fanon Stiles absorbs all of Scott’s nurturing tendencies and Derek’s pack parentalism, Fanon Derek is a woobie who’s never really hurt anyone and has only made mistakes but needs to be cured by the power of Stiles’ healng dick or healing love, whichever comes first. Meanwhile Fanon Scott’s mistakes are the signs of a secret narcissistic personality disorder, and every instance of him helping people, or attempting to give them the space they needed, was actually just him attempting to manipulate people.

The double-standards listed in the original post are a pretty good summary of the issues which make Sterek fandom proudly proclaim themselves as “not Teen Wolf”. (They also summarize why I don’t ship Sterek, even though I ship Stiles/Derek).

The version of Teen Wolf implied to have happened in the background of most Sterek fic is really, really unrelated to canon. Sterek fic tends to: 1.) portray Stiles as a nurturing person (he’s protective, not nurturing - Scott is the nurturing one, followed by Derek); 2.) portray Erica, Isaac, Boyd, and Derek as woobies (apparently, the harassment, victim-blaming, and borderline abuse they engaged in for the first half of Season 2 never happened); 3.) Scott as being a neglectful friend (because of an instance in which he literally had no idea that Stiles was in danger, and thus ignored Stiles’ phone-call because he, himself, was in danger); 4.) Scott tries to make Stiles choose between himself and Derek (not only did nothing like this ever happen in Season 2, but Season 3 clearly demonstrated that Stiles was very close to Derek, without it affecting his friendship with Scott); among many other, smaller problems.

I’ve got a draft of a much-longer meta explaining how/why I ship Stiles/Derek but not Sterek, and I’ll drop you a line when I post it. I will admit, I wasn’t expecting to need it so soon, given how hard on the Stalia and Stydia buttons Season 6 is slamming on. o.O

And here’s the problem with the tags on my fic: that “Scott & Stiles” tag is already there. That’s why the comments bothered me so much - Scott hate has become so normalized in Sterek fandom that even though my tags and the content of my fic very clearly cast Scott as a positive character in Stiles’ life, some readers still expected Scott to be bashed in the story, because there also happens to be Stiles/Derek in it.


Pairing(s): Lucifer/Reader (Sam!Lucifer/Prophet!Reader)

Summary: You’re a prophet of the end times, but your true calling is endless and time has a way of changing your mind.

A/N: Honestly, I have no idea how to summarize this. It’s a post-apocalyptic, fairy tale/fantasy soulmate AU(-ish), inspired by this: On Loving an Angel of War. Plus a metric eff-ton of physically/emotionally needy sex—wow, so thirsty.

Author: WFBI

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 8,300+ (This damn thing. Bear with me, okay? Approximately half of that is smut!)

Warnings/Tags: Smut, post-apocalyptic (human extinction mentioned, nothing violent/graphic), manipulation, some dubious physical contact (subtext only; smut is consensual), soulmates/bonding, wing kink, accidental voyeurism, dirty talk, power dynamics (dominant Luci, submissive reader), praise kink, oral sex (receiving), masturbation (male).

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you please direct me to some sites that have good drarry fanfiction rec lists? Thanks in advance :)

Reccing the rec lists. How meta. Also trickier than anticipated. The thing is, there are a lot of well-organized rec lists that I’ve used at some point that stopped updating years ago. I think it contributes to this larger sense that H/D fandom is dying or that there’s no good new work coming out, which is blatantly untrue, but of course you’re not going to see that if you only look at rec lists from 2006. So I’ve split these into a couple of different categories below. I didn’t want to leave off some of the older ones that I’ve found useful, but I’d really encourage you to check out the ones that are still updating, where the quality and timeliness of the recs can point you to loads of great new fics.

Currently Updating Rec Lists

Capitu’s Drary Recs - Capitu reads everything. I have no idea how she does it, but damn. Her recs always give you the info you need about the story (title, author, rating, word count, summary) and she writes a paragraph or two explaining why she likes it. She’s also got everything tagged brilliantly, so you can see her recs by era, rating, occupation, genre, word count, topping/bottoming and other content. Totally invaluable.

The Crack Broom – multiship HP recs with a huge Harry/Draco tag here. This comm is updated by volunteers who rotate out, so you get recs from many different people, which include the author’s summary, the reccer’s reasons for reccing, and an excerpt from the story.

Gracerene’s Recs – You can find all of her drarry recs here on tumblr or here on livejournal. Gracerene reads really widely and does not shy away from reccing stuff because it’s smoking hot, which I love. You can also follow her on tumblr here to get all of her multifandom recs straight to your dash, and if you visit her tumblr you’ll see a great tagging system that’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

H/D Storyroom – like crack_broom this comm has a rotating group of reccers, so you get recs from lots of people, but these are all H/D. Tags sort by author, content, era, genre, rating, status, and type of work. Very handy!

Mab’s Recs – Mab’s masterlist of recs is here, and there’s tons of good H/D there, alongside other HP fic recs. Clicking on any of the titles will take you to recs that give you everything you need to know plus a sentence of two explaining what she liked about the story, and her tags can point you to fics by author, rating, and other content. You can also follow her here to get the recs to your dash, plus other great HP stuff.

Best-Of Lists (not updated)

25 Most Read H/D Fics (2010)  - An update to the list of classics below, this poll listed 280 nominees and had 680 participants, so a pretty broad spectrum of slightly newer fics.

Gracerene’s Top 25 H/D Fics – After a year of reccing, gracerene made a list of her 25 favorites, which is an awesome resource and includes fantastic newer fics that you won’t find on other lists. The comments are also a treasure trove, and gracerene included honorable mentions, so it’s really more than 25.

H/D New Classics (2005) – This list is from a fandom poll with about 100 participants/800 votes. Lots to get started with. You can also see the list of all the nominess here.

Pir8fancier’s Harry/Draco Recs  - these recs are pretty barebones – title, rating, word count – but I’ve read every one of them and they’re all excellent. You won’t go wrong here.

Other Recs Lists (not updating)

The Drarry Library (through 2012) – Thorough and well organized. The library lets you search by title, era, rating, length, genre, career, and author, while the masterlist gives an alphabetical listing of every fic they’ve recced. They don’t give much info about why they’re reccing, but it’s a good, comprehensive list that gives you the basics that you need to know.

Painless_j’s Recs  (through 2008) – These seem like they were the gold standard for a while, and they’re quite comprehensive. Painless_j divides the recs by pairing and length. Within each page there are signs next to titles that are recced extra hard and good explanations of why things are recced.  Painless_j also has some themed lists that I’ve seen people recommend and that are useful if you’re looking for something specific.

Sectum-Bloody-Sempra (through 2013) – Possibly the most jointly amusing and useful rec list I’ve come across. The basic premise is that Professor Snape is grading D/H fanfic, so you get the summarizing info, but also a grade and a review in Snape’s voice, followed by comments from 2 or 3 reviewers who graded the fic for plot, characterization, writing level, creativity, and wrap up. The fics that are 4.5 or 5 stars are all astoundingly good, and you also get those 3-ish star fics that are really solid.  Go to the Slug Club for top-rated fics, or search the Library by title, author, genre, length, rating, or grade. (I’m still hoping for a revival of this one. They were looking for volunteers at one point, and I’d be so flipping psyched if they started up again.)

Unadrift’s Recs (through 2011) – This rec list is organized by the vibe of the fic (feelgood, dirtywrong, post-war fallout, etc.) Great for when you’re looking for a certain feeling without wanting to wade through other info.

You might try checking to see what your favorite authors and artists have recced on lj/tumblr or what they have bookmarked on AO3. You can also keep an eye out for things like Rectober, run by birdsofshore (which looks like it might run again) in which loads of people offered at least a few recs a week in their favorite fandoms (meglw0228 has a masterlist of recs here and birdsofshore has a masterlist of participants here). You can also keep track of favorite authors and explore their previous works. And don’t be afraid of trying new things – there’s lots of great fic out there, much of which isn’t captured in older rec lists, but will still more than fulfill your Drarry needs!

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t self-promo a little. You can check out the archive of daily drarry quotes (which are all recs and give you a tiny taste of the fic) here, and my recs here.

@airagitt this is for you. Number 10, Danse & F!Sole. ;)

“Teach me how to play?”

The General looked at him with an expression of wide-eyed innocence.

In hindsight, that should have been a clue.

She settled herself down at the table opposite him, next to Haylen. She seemed confused even by the cards.

“It’s a standard pre-war set,” said Haylen, kindly, not that she ever spoke unkindly. “Missing a few from the hearts suit, I think, but we normally do okay without them.”

“Damnit Haylen,” said Rhys. “Why not just show her your cards already?”

The General smiled at him, a brilliant smile. “I may be a beginner,” she said, “but I’m pretty sure that’s not how the game works.”

Rhys stared her down. Or at least, he tried to. Danse already knew that the General didn’t take kindly to intimidation. Rhys had experienced it first hand not so long before, only saved from a bloody nose by Danse’s own intervention. But there he was, trying it again.

Well, thought Danse. On his own head be it.

The General won the first hand.

“Beginner’s luck,” she said, beaming.

“Yeah,” said Rhys, tossing his caps over to her. “Whatever.”

The General won the second hand. And the third. And the fourth. Before long, the pile of caps in front of her was significantly larger than anyone else’s. Beginner’s luck, they laughed, and nobody thought to question it. The conversation was lively, beer and whiskey were flowing freely, and even the Knights on duty were making excuses to come in and watch the game. It was, for want of a better word, fun.

After a while Haylen sighed deeply. “I’m nearly out,” she said.

“Well I’m not done,” said Rhys. “I’m going to pull this back.”

“Rhys,” said Danse. “Be sensible.”

“You can talk,” said Rhys. “What’re you going to bet, your hood?”

Across the table, Haylen and the General’s mouths had both formed into silent ‘o’s.

Danse looked down at his pile of caps. Or he would have, had there been any left. At that point, he should have withdrawn from the game. A sensible man would have.

But then the General smiled at him.

It was his duty, he told himself. These were his men (and women). It would have been a dereliction of duty to abandon the game before the end.

“Alright,” he said.

The General won the hand.

He unbuckled his hood from under his chin, and pulled it off his head. Feeling suddenly self-conscious about the probably unruly state of his hair, he ran his fingers through it before anyone could see.

Three pairs of eyes stared at a point just above his head.

“Well,” said the General. “I wasn’t expecting that.”

“What were you expecting,” asked Haylen, trying to be quiet but not quite managing.

The General turned to speak to Haylen, her eyes never leaving him. “I have no idea,” she said. “Just not… that. Is it me or does it look really… springy?”

“Alright,” said Rhys, sounding a little petulant. “I’m done.”

“One more hand,” said the General, still staring.

“Oh,” said Rhys. “Okay. Well, what are we going to bet now? Clothes?”

In hindsight, that suggestion came out a little too easily. Luckily, the General had a better idea.

Or at least, a different one.

“Winner gets to run their fingers through the Paladin’s hair,” she said. “Or,” and there she shrugged and averted her eyes, “whoever’s they choose.”

He narrowed his eyes at her, but she refused to meet them. Haylen and Rhys both shrugged and agreed, and he found himself nodding along.

Haylen and Rhys then immediately folded.

Just him and the General.

He looked at the cards in his hand. Once again, there was nothing there. He couldn’t remember a night of such bad luck. But maybe he could bluff her. She was distracted, after all, so if he could just convince…

“I got nothing,” she said, and tossed her cards into the center of the table.

It took a moment to register. When he looked up, her expression was unreadable.

“Really?” he asked.

“Yep,” she said. “You win.”

He frowned, still glancing down at the terrible hand of cards. Slowly, cautiously, he placed them on the table.

She sat back in her seat, shook out her hair, and folded her arms.

“So,” she said, with a half-smile. “Who are you going to pick?”

I cheated and did this without an ask, because of this conversation. FIGHT ME. Or send me more from this prompt list. I have a bunch scheduled, a few in the queue, but I’m still having fun so if you want something, you have only to ask. ;)

NB this is the poker game hinted at in ‘is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?’.

anonymous asked:

Civil War was basically ever Stucky fangirl's dream come true :D

We’ve had several people write in after seeing cacw like: i swear I’ve read that fic before guys no joke


I was wrong to be passive here as a LGBTQIA+ person. agreeing with heteronormativity and saying its representation and Counts and that subtext is the dream isn’t a good thing for me to be doing but i don’t have enough energy to construct a good argument thats also educational at the moment so for now refer to the karin’s q*eer rage tag for a tiny parcel of explanation as to why the lgbtqia+ community deserves better than we’re getting 


ok it is now afternoon because i was up til 3:30am and slept a lot. Now that I’ve been writing for a few hours it’s time for Karins’ Opinion.

I’d like to start off my saying that I did enjoy Civil War and there is room for a q*eer reading of it  But no matter how much I liked it that doesn’t change the fact that Civil War is up to it’s eyeballs in heteronormativity and features some pretty gross q*eerbaiting, especially in the press discussing it. 

Fans interpreting characters as lgbt+ is something lgbt+ people do because we don’t have representation in media that is accurate to our existence. The reason why bury your gays and the tortured gay are such common tropes is because straights at large have no idea how to write lgbt+ characters as actual people and more them that, they don’t want to. LGBTQIA+ people are not seen as actual people by society, we are routinely presented as stereotypes unworthy of being a rounded character. Straight is thought of as “normal” as the default. Straight is presented as the default, as what is normal, which is disgusting. Lgbt+ people are not shown as worthy of being actual people, this is incredibly damaging. Heteronormativity tells lgbt+ people every single day of their lives that we are not normal. That we can only exist on straight, cis people’s terms. It makes it incredibly difficult to accept yourself when every aspect of society is telling you that being lgbt+ makes you unworthy. 

Lgbt+ readings allow for us to see ourselves represented as full people in a way we just aren’t in mainstream media. BUT it is not actually representation. For all canonical intents and purposes at this point, every single character in MCU is straight and cisgendered. We are seeing subtext because we are looking for any scrap of positive representation of ourselves. Subtext is nice, it does give us something but what it is giving us is scraps. Telling stucky shippers explicitly that we will like a movie because we are shipping a lgbt+ pairing is q*eerbaiting. Saying it’s a love story and then backtracking to say it’s a platonic love story is absolutely q*eerbaiting. It’s telling us to be happy we’re being thought of at all while simultaneously telling us that theres no was that it could ever actually happen, that it’s foolish for us to think that we could actually be represented. 

That whole movie is so brimming with overt heterosexuality its just. yikes. @disney execs @marvel you didn’t need to do that. Nearly every moment Steve and Bucky have has this overtone of “we are Straight Men”. They talk about a shared memory in which the audience is assured that Steve and Bucky’s day at the beach was a strictly platonic affair when Steve brings up Dot. Bucky nods approvingly when Steve and Sharon share a “icky” kiss. (while I’m at it, it was so sexist to establish sharon as important to the narrative and then disappear her the second she kissed steve. that says that her only purpose is love interest, which is super gross) You can bet your ass those scenes were put in so straight/cis and lgbt+ audiences alike received the message that these characters who are complex and whole, are not lgbt+. They are not lgbt+. It’s a love story but they are not lgbt+. Bi/pan sexuality is not considered an option in the presentation of these characters and is often completely ignored in discussions of them outside fan spaces. I have a strong impression from how the way the russos talked about the film before and after mainstream media caught wind of a lgbt+ readings; steps were taken to make sure that a lgbt+ reading was not obvious and to the world at large, not there. Especially after that Chris Evans interview where he mentioned scenes between steve and bucky being cut. All of this was done to maintain heteronormative standards, to enforce the idea that straight cis narratives are the only ones that matter, that lgbt+ people are not normal. This treatment of a lgbt+ reading that was never anything more than subtext as something that needs to be squashed is disgusting. It makes me furious. 

We quite likely have a movie that had it’s lgbt+ subtext cut down drastically. Subtext is already not text. It is not a part of the actual films. Subtext is a pretty raw deal when you get right down to it. It gives lgbt+ audiences a glimpse of people like us shown not as a joke or as someone in pain due to who they are. It shows lgbt+ people as exactly that, actual people with flaws and strengths and a whole life and narrative that doesn’t revolve around being lgbt+. But it doesn’t actually give us that. What it actually gives us (unless it actually becomes canon which is rare) is the message that we are not actually deserving of textual representation. It’s still telling straight cis people’s stories while dangling a carrot in front of our faces. It’s telling us lgbt+ people that it’s ridiculous to think that stories about us should to be told. 

All of this talk about subtext being the dream strongly reinforces heteronormativity. It’s telling us to shut up and accept that we’re quote unquote not normal and that our narratives should be kept quiet. Characters with lgbt+ subtext attached to them being treated as something that is representation is just so wrong. Treating it as representation is a fucking slap in the face. It’s being told that a vital part of my identity is not good enough to warrant being a part of a rounded character, to be something that’s normal and good. This stuff matters, it really does. The complete lack of lgbt+ representation in mainstream media and the bigotry that emerges when it shows up hurts people and supports a system of violence. Make no mistake, refusing to show rounded characters as lgbt+ perpetuates violence. It contributes to systemic dehumanization of lgbt+ people. It tells society loud and clear that lgbt+ is not normal. 

As a lgbt+ stevebucky shipper, Civil War was definitely not a dream come true. What would be a dream come true is both of them actually canonically being lgbt+. Imagine how amazing that would be. Characters that have been set up for several films as complex individuals, as heroes turning out to also be lgbt+. And their whole narrative didn’t revolve around that fact. And they actually kissed. And the problems with it coming from the whole breaking international law and having been a brainwashed assassin rather than it being *gasp* lgbt+. Having a canonical lgbt+ relationship that is treated as just as worthy as a straight one. LGBTQIA+ people actually present in the movie. That is the dream. 

Instead of rich, developed, flawed, undeniably human characters in a wildly successful movie series happening to be canonically lgbt+, we got Captain America: Straight People Fighting.

I’m so exhausted at having to fight for my humanity and worthiness. 

What If, Part 4

Author’s notes: This is probably really rough but I wanted to get it out before my long week at work. Hope you enjoy! This inspiration is getting out of hand and I have no idea how many parts this will be. I do not own any part of Blizzard or its many franchises or characters.

“Is that the new recruit?” Amélie leaned in close to be heard over the roar of plane engines.

“I believe so. Gérard recruited her, no?” Angela replied.

“So I’ve heard. Apparently a ‘promising pilot from the Royal Air Force with a lot of disciplinary problems.’” Amélie nodded her head in a mocking tone as she quoted her fiancée’s words.

“Seems he has a type.” Angela elbowed the taller woman in the ribs playfully. Amélie chuckled.

“I was just about to say he has great taste.” She winked.

“Easy, Amé, you’re married now.” The doctor teased.

“Engaged. And had I not met Gérard…” She let her words hang as her eyebrow climbed her forehead. “You should talk to her.” She returned the elbow as they approached a group of pilots discussing post flight.

“Goodness, no.” Angela balked.

“Of course not. You like the straight-laced type, no?” She chuckled at her pun. Mercy rolled her eyes.

“Go, I have some things to attend to.” Angela pulled away slightly.

“You don’t want to meet her?”

“I’ll have the chance later during her physical examination.”

“Lucky.” Amélie playfully chuckled. Angela shook her head as she departed.

The mixed group of young pilots quieted to a whisper as the the woman approached. This was an audition day of sorts, they were meant to impress the members of Overwatch in hopes of joining their ranks. And while Amélie wasn’t on any of the recruitment posters, they still feared and respected the lithe woman.

“Salut.” The soldiers snapped into formation as Amélie greeted them, save for one. The middle most pilot was too busy tying the sleeves of her coveralls together after unzipping the top half. She stood proud in a white undershirt, tucked neatly into the blue coveralls standard of the pilots. A pair of silver tags lay on her chest while a cocky grin hung loosely on her face.

“Hello, love.” The young woman saluted with two fingers, informal and highly contrasting her companions. Amélie’s eyes had not left the girl since her approach.

“You’re all dismissed.” She said clearly, and the pilots let out a collective breath. As they marched away, the young girl turned. “Not you, chérie.” She froze, slowly turning back and narrowing her eyes.

“Am I in trouble?” She asked, cautiously.

“Should you be?” Amélie fired back smoothly.

“Do I want to be?” The smirk returned.

“Easy, chérie.” She waved her hand boasting the engagement ring that shone in the afternoon sunlight.

“Fucking figures.” The girl shook her head, not worried about her language. A small smirk danced on Amélie’s lips as she extended a hand.

“Amélie.” The young woman grasped her hand, giving a curt shake.

“Lena Oxton at your service.” She smiled a winning smile as she spouted her rehearsed line. “Wait,” she paused, “You’re Gérard’s girl, yeah?”

Amélie nodded in reply.

“Lucky bloke.” She whispered under her breath as she turned to grab her helmet.

A light pressure on Amélie’s shoulders jolted her from her memories. Blinking a few times, two figures came into view. A massive man had laid a blanket on her shoulders while Angela gently placed a mug of hot liquid in front of her.

“We are worried about you, freundin.” Reinhardt filled the chair opposite of Amélie. “You have been in that window all day.” He gestured to the window seat she had been curled up in. A small breakfast nook was her temporary residence and the German pair took seats on the other side of the small table. Amélie placed her head back against the cool window.

“Is it about her?” He gently prodded. Of course news had spread quickly about Lena’s ‘resurrection.’ Shortly after McCree and Amélie informed Winston, the rest of Overwatch knew. Winston had denied the claims outright, but when he finally realized the pair had no reason to lie, he tore apart the training room. Bots flew in every direction as his roars filled the hallways. His heart hurt and he decided to take that out in the least costly manner. The bots were meant to be destroyed, but seeing them fly through the air prompted onlookers. A few questioned the outburst and that’s when McCree was forced to relinquish the news.

Amélie nodded, keeping her eyes pointed out the window.

“What if I can’t forgive her?” Her voice came softly, barely heard against the pane of glass.

“Whatever you decide, we are behind you-” Reinhardt started.

“She killed Gérard.” Amélie’s voice maintained its calm demeanor as she cut off the man’s words. Reinhardt sat up straighter, placing his hands on his knees. Angela took a deep breath and made eye contact with him. They nodded.

“We’ve all had to make difficult decisions.” Reinhardt responded carefully, pursing his lips at a memory. “Whether you decide to forgive her,” Amélie turned to look at him, “or not. We are behind you one hundred percent.” Although his voice was low, the conviction with which he spoke was booming. Amélie nodded.

“Thank you.” She replied. His face erupted into a smile as he clapped his hands together and stood.

“Great! Now who wants to watch old, terrible, German comedies?” His voice returned to its normal volume as he looked between the women. Amélie simply shook her head, the hint of a smile ghosting her lips.

“Go ahead and start without me. I will join you shortly.” Angela chuckled, patting Reinhardt on the arm.

“I will make popcorn!” He exclaimed, trotting away proudly. Mercy smiled after the man and finally turned back to her friend.

“Café?” Amélie asked reaching for the mug.

“Black as the night and bitter as my ex.” They smiled, the old joke floating between the friends. Amélie inhaled a deep sigh with the mug just below her nose before taking a careful sip.

“I have to ask,” Angela started slowly, treading on eggshells, “Do you still have feelings for her?”

“She killed Gérard.” Amélie repeated after a moment of consideration.

“That’s not what I asked.” They sat stone-faced in silence for a moment.

“You know it’s hard when your best friend is also your therapist.” Amélie chided.

“Both are concerned for you.”

“I don’t know.” She whispered into her coffee. Biting her lip, she seemed on the edge of tears. Angela stood, resting her arm across Amélie’s shoulders and pulling her close.

“Like Reinhardt said, we are with you no matter what you decide.” She placed a gentle peck on the side of the French woman’s head and stood. “You should join us. You probably won’t understand a lick of the language but Reinhardt’s laugh is contagious.” A kind smile graced both of their features as Amélie rose from her position. She stopped a moment, trying to balance both the blanket and the mug in her hands before tugging the cloth tightly in one fist.

“Alright.” She joined Angela in a slow shuffle as they made their way to the living room.

ME Fic: Playing for Keeps (1/1)

Note: A very, very long time ago, an anon asked me about Shepard’s Not Onboard the Ship Rule (mentioned in Talking too Much). I ended up combining that with an explanation as to how my Shepard/Garrus relationship diverged a bit from canon (insofar as the progression of the relationship circa ME3). I don’t know if you’re still around, lovely anon, but… uh, here you go? 

Also on AO3

Playing for Keeps

Standing in front of her wardrobe, hands on her hips, Shepard wondered whose job it was to come up with N7-branded clothing, and, more importantly, just how drunk on that power they must have been when they decided it was a good idea to start slapping red and white stripes on everything from underwear to dresses to t-shirts to hoodies. She was as proud as the next N7 Marine to have earned the right to wear her designation, but a tasteful icon on the breast of her armor was, in her somewhat-scathing opinion, a far cry from a vast number and letter emblazoned across the seat of her sweatpants.

She flicked aside the N7 dress that couldn’t have been less her style if it tried, and openly glowered at the shoulderless jumpsuit that had, horror of horrors, once again migrated to her closet. She’d put the last one in the trash compactor and felt no regret as she slammed her fist down on the button that sent it careening out into the void of space. The thing was like a cat. Nine damn lives.

The uniforms and flight suits were out, too. The last thing she wanted on this particular occasion and for the purposes of this particular conversation was any reminder of her rank. She’d have given a great deal for a slim black skirt and a jewel-toned (not red or white) blouse, maybe some work-inappropriate heels, in order to project the image of elegance without being staid, attractiveness without aiming for overtly seductive.

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AO3 for those who only use FFnet

Hi, folks!

For many of us, when we started reading or writing fan fiction, the obvious place to get started was Fanfiction.net. It’s right there in the name, and it’s a very well-known and popular website. So if you want to read a piece of fan fiction, it’s highly likely that it’s there, and if you want a lot of people to see your stories, FFnet is probably where they’re going to check.

I’d only ever heard of FFnet and had been using it to post my own stories since 2004 (and to read them since … I don’t even remember). When I joined Tumblr in 2014, I kept seeing people talk about “AO3,” and seeing people link to stories there in the same way they’d link to FFnet. When I learned that AO3 stood for Archive of Our Own, and that it was another place to post fic, I just assumed that it was about personal preference, and promptly forgot about it because I already posted to FFnet and that felt like enough.

It wasn’t until a self-righteous troll started to threaten fic writers in my fandom for posting explicit stories on FFnet that my attitude changed. Like many other authors, I managed to get an AO3 account, where I posted all of my stories, in the very unlikely event that the troll managed to follow through on their threats on FFnet.

And, well, I’ve discovered that the only thing I like about FFnet more than AO3 is exposure. Everything else, I prefer AO3 either a little bit or a lot.

If you’ve only been using FFnet, or you have an AO3 account but you’re really not feeling all the fuss, this post is for you. If you’re interested in joining AO3, but you don’t have an account, feel free to send me a message!

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Other Worldly (Part 5)

Pairing: Reader x ??? (Reverse!French Mistake)

Words: 2,206

Summary: A brother comes to a realization about his feelings for Y/n.

Warnings: None

Tags: @fandomcrazedhuman​ @kyleewinchester​ @garveygirl139 (If you want to be tagged in the future updates let me know!)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Dean patted the top of the Impala fondly. “See? Here and done in less than twelve hours.” He said to Sam.

“Yeah, and Y/n was exactly right!” Sam replied, storing the witch killer in the trunk.

“That’s right. Try giving her a call now and tell her we’ll be home in the morning. For now let’s find a motel to get some shut eye.” Dean suggested, ducking into the driver’s seat while Sam got into the passenger side.

After a couple rings, Sam turned off his phone. “She didn’t answer.” He told his brother and didn’t notice the slight tightening of Dean’s hands on the steering wheel.

“What? What if something happened to her?” Dean seemed genuinely worried, surprising Sam.

“Or, and I know this might sound crazy, she could be asleep. It is past midnight.” Sam reminded, casting a glance at the dark and cloudy sky.

Dean nodded, seemingly reluctantly. “I know, sorry. It’s just that if something happens to her, it’s our fault.”

Sam studied his brother for a few moments in the darkness of the Impala, knowing his brother’s little facial expressions very well. Finally, he sighed. “You’re right. Tell you what, if you can stay up an hour more, let’s book it back to the bunker and make sure she’s all right. Then you can sleep in your own bed.”

Some of Dean’s tenseness relaxed and he scoffed. “Yeah I can handle it. In fact, I’ll get us there in forty five minutes.”

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Jean gets caught up in a game of ‘Honey, I Love You’ in his drama class with Armin

It’s not that Jean hates drama class, it was just that -

No, Jean hates drama class.

It wasn’t like he had much of a choice - forced to choose between music, drama and art electives, he figured at the time drama would be more of a skive.  But Jean had completely misjudged the explosive enthusiasm of drama students.

The writing parts of the course aren’t so bad, it’s kind of like English and Jean’s above average without trying there.  Even the acting is alright, because he can usually get away with monotone lines and half-hearted gestures because the others expect nothing less from him and didn’t seem to care much for his input or effort anyway.

The warm-up exercises could easily be described as hell though.  Whether they’re freestyle dance sessions, improv, or ‘Bang’ (a game Jean had grown to particularly loathe), Jean can barely get through them without wanting to punch someone or be knocked unconscious himself.

Though he would definitely state that the worst one of all was ‘Honey, I Love You’.  There’s a special place in hell for the person that came up with this game, he thinks as he watches Eren Jaeger sidle up to one of his classmates and pull loose his tie.

“Honey,”  He croons, and Armin Arlert bites his lip trying not to smile, because of course Eren would target his best friend for this game.  The two of them in this class were somewhat of a comedy duo to the others, pairing up for every exercise and never failing to amuse the rest of them with their antics.

“I love you.”  Eren continues, opening his shirt buttons as he falls to his knees, puffing his chest out as far as it can go and Armin can’t even make it past “I -” without bursting into giggles along with the rest of the class.  They all laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world, as if the same scene didn’t happened every time they played this game.

And this was exactly what Jean couldn’t stand - the constant childish hilarity, the drama family bond everyone else had formed instantly, and that nobody bothered to try with him anymore.  Only a few brave souls near the beginning of the year had attempted to ‘charm’ Jean during this game only to be met with a stony stare and the standard “I love you too, but I just can’t smile” response muttered through gritted teeth.

He supposes it’s his own fault, deliberately excluding himself from the fun is hardly going to make them want to try harder with him.  But whatever, it’s only two classes a week he has to tolerate these awkward moments and bitter feelings.  Not even two full hours out of one hundred and sixty-eight hours a week.  And this game usually lasts five minutes at most.

He holds back an impatient sigh as Armin steps into the middle of the circle of students, pacing around and ‘Hm’-ing out loud for their amusement.  Having lost the game by laughing at Eren, it’s his turn to make another lose their composure.

Bright eyes pass over Jean to another, before reconsidering and sliding back to Jean.  Armin flashes him a wicked grin.

Jean tenses up, not expecting Armin of all people to approach him like this.  Though of course he’s not worried about breaking the rules by laughing, not at all - he’s just not sure about that mischievous twinkle in Armin’s eye.

The fair-haired boy slinks to Jean’s side, glancing up at him with a shy smile and whoa, he has really long eyelashes Jean realises.  Armin’s head tilts to the side, long silken hair falling over one shoulder and oh my god oh my god he’s too close.

Jean starts as he feels something soft touch his wrist and he realises it’s Armin’s fingertips at the same time he notices how pretty Armin smells and looks and why is his face so close and is that his breath on Jean’s neck making him shiver like that oh god he’s going to have a stroke what is happening -

“I love you, honey.”  Armin whispers, there are quiet giggles from somewhere to their left as Jean’s struck dumb.  Wide-eyed and red-faced, he just stares down at the other boy with his mouth agape.

“Honey?”  Armin prompts him, little smile still in place now accompanied by dark fluttering eyelashes.  

Eren cackles somewhere from across the room.

Then Jean remembers that he has to say something too though he can’t quite remember why.  A tiny voice at the back of his head reminds him not to laugh, though he’s not sure why he would anyway.  There’s nothing remotely funny about this situation at all, and he has no idea exactly what he’s feeling right now except -

“I love you too.”  He replies faintly.

Armin blinks and says nothing.  Jean’s barely aware of the loud sniggering coming from every direction.

“Um, and?”  Eren calls out.

“And?”  Jean repeats dreamily because Armin is still so close that he can see that his eyes are entirely blue and the realisation is almost overwhelming.  In fact he thinks he might be swaying on the spot and the only thing keeping him from falling is the sensation of Armin’s skin brushing against own.

“You have to say the whole thing, honey.  Otherwise I can’t move on.”  Armin grins and bites his lip mischieviously.  “Won’t you smile, honey?”

This time it’s Jean who blinks in confusion because huh?  What whole thing?  He thought confessing their love for one another would be enough, or was Armin expecting -

“Oh my god - but I just can’t smile!”  Jean blurts out loudly, feeling himself grow even hotter in embarrassment as his classmates burst into raucous laughter.

He may not have reacted as he was expected too, but he didn’t lose the game by laughing either.  Though Jean wonders if giving in to a smile would’ve been easier to explain than whatever the hell experience he just had there.

He steps back, feeling more than a little lightheaded as Armin pouts and moves back to the centre of the circle.  As he figures out his next victim, Eren flashes Jean a smug look and Jean has to look away.

He spends the rest of the class staying as far away from Armin as possible and glancing at him every chance he gets.  But when Armin glances up during a snarky monologue, he catches Jean’s eye and smiles like he’s trying not to laugh.  Jean just allows his face to burst into flames and buries his nose in his script, his heart thumping wildly because yeah, he definitely hates drama class.