i still have no idea how to background


Star Wars Atlas (2009)
→ Alderaan, Corellia, Coruscant, Dathomir, Felucia, Geonosis, Mandalore, Mustafar, Naboo, Tatooine
→ Interesting notes: Population, % of species, length of day/year, languages, size of planet

→ I found it helpful to note the populations especially–many planets only had a few million (or less! Tatooine only has 200,000 people living on it!), others have a few billion, Coruscant has a trillion.
→ While no longer strictly canon (as of April 25, 2014) it still gives a solid idea of how big a given planet is, how sparsely or densely populated it is, and what kind of species live there.  Especially helpful if you’re trying to figure out the background of a world when writing fic!

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Can I request a more serious thing? Kinda started when I began crushing on Ignis and then realized I'm too damn ratchet/low class to realistically get his attention. It made me wonder; Noctis, Gladio, Ignis, are all from blue blood families and have an expectation and reputation to keep up. What would happen if they found themselves very interested in a lady-friend but realized she's from a middle to lower-middle class background?

Mmm, I don’t know. I think it’s just a matter of right time, right place (*cough prince william and kate cough*) but I have no idea how strict their sense of class difference is. Their behaviour in the game certainly doesn’t show much in the way of blue blood arrogance but *shrug* But take a look at some contemporary monarchies. There is still some resistance to ‘common’ blood entering royal lines, but fresh blood means healthy lines. And again. Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Noctis: Okay, so this one is the crown prince, destined to be king. Engaged to a princess. But one thing we see from Noct is his willingness to interact with people during the game, do things for them and with them. So it’d be easy to connect to this particular lady person if there’s enough time. After Lunafreya, and after everything else, I don’t think he’d really give a damn their class. His best freaking friend is Prompto after all. So when he realises, he’d blink, smile, maybe tease her lightly about it, but always with the air of “and you snagged a prince. go you!”. If anyone objects they can answer to his sword. It’s good to be the king.

Gladio: Okay so family is a thing for Gladdy, and their expectations inevitably matter a great deal. So it depends. Depends on how much they mean to him, how much he means to them and whether its a long term relationship or a fling. A fling is just that, but long term, I really don’t think class matters so long as the person. Gladdy would rather a former street rat with smarts, integrity and a good heart than than a lady of appropriate station that’s manipulative, flat and simpering. And he’d tell them so. He needs someone to stand by him, not just a wife.

Ignis: Okay, so, you and I have a thing for Iggy. And out of the three his blue blood shows the most. His reputation matters. His appearance matters and he is very stiff upper English in a way. But like Gladio he values personality over wealth. It’d be an easier fit if they were on a similar standing, especially since he will be required to deal with a lot of upper class folks, but the person most likely to capture his heart will be smart, kind, with a strong sense of self and determination. Those traits exist regardless of class. And after the events of the game, who really would kick up a fuss? No one.
Even if it’s prior to the game it’d be hard, but he’s willing to take the challenge if they show they’ll walk every step of the way with him. And that’s what matters. 


I know a number of shippers have expressed how much they miss the guy; same here. Anyone with any ideas on why he disappeared? I think he is very much still around. Know how some of us think Tony is Cait’s personal assistant? Could Luke possibly fill that role for Sam at times? Is that why he dropped off of SM? At the very least, I think he is the one traveling with him to certain places (Montreal?). He did accompany Sam on his international press tour and then OL press tour in April 2016. There is even a pic of him in the background of the Burberry party. I remember that there was a fan sighting of Sam with a “tall guy” this summer in LA. According to his filmology, Luke probably hasn’t had an acting jobs from around March/April 2016 until he had rehearsals for his play in October, a big chuck of time he could assist Sam. Interestingly, the play ended mid-December, plenty of time to head out with Sam to Switzerland, fitting with SamCait’s alternate holidays with each other/friends. Could be something there.

The fighting One-Shot evolved, and now there is more than just fighting. I learned a few things about “my” aged-up characters, too:

- Izuku is way more confident, jokes even in fights and is not even scared of Kacchan anymore

- Talking about Kacchan, dude is still swearing and cussing like a champion, but nobody takes it seriously, it’s more like a background noise

- Naomasa ended up in there, and I have no idea how he managed to sneak in since he wasn’t supposed to be in this story

- I’m a big supporter of the theory that Izuku (even when he should become Number One) isn’t alone anymore and does get way more free time than All Might did since there are other young heroes helping him out

- Talking about helping out – Hatsume is responsible for all the gadget the young heroes use

- Toshinori is still a Dad, very much so, only that he and Izuku are now aware of it

It’s not like I have anything of that written down yet, it’s all only in my head, but I like it.

“Are we meant to be just heroes…?”

Fanart of Robin and Starfire, one if my favorite comic couples.

The idea for this piece is the struggle between being a hero, saving the world, and maintaining a normal life. I went with the design of Starfire and Robin from the animated series ‘Teen Titans" in the foreground, and design from the comic book of our couple in the background. They are obviously older, and still have feelings for one another.

I really hated how the two broke up in the comic, and I always hoped they would get back together, and manage to live the lives of heroes and regulars. So, in this, they have realized they can, and have embraced both aspects of their lives.

So, enough redundancy. Hope you enjoy. 😊😊

it is 6am and your heart jumpstarts into beating.
it is 7am and your ribs ache
but at least you know this means you’re alive.

it is 10am and the world continues to move,
nothing is still but your body, layered in white sheets
and white bandage.

it is 11pm and your heart refuses to settle.
it is 1am and you won’t sleep through the night,
sustaining yourself on caffeine and candy,
anything to keep you awake and alive.
It is 2am and you can’t remember a time
you felt anything other than fear.

and this is the cycle,
rinse and repeat,
your life laid bare to the bones.

until it’s not.

until its 6am and you wake with a start,
rabbit heart crazy in your chest.
the room is dark but you’re not alone.
someone sleeps at your side,
their hand a comma on your spine.

it’s 10am and you’re dragged from your dreams
by a shout and a scream, but no fear,
just the frenzied feeling of living and laughter,
and the friends you know are near.

it is 11pm and your eyes are drooping,
head tilting to the side.
there’s a touch to your forehead,
and a smile against your skin
and a warmth that means you are home.


Slacked on the background, but I’m very proud of how it came out.
It’s a redraw of this super duper old sketch I’ve done, inspired by @plajus‘ beautiful fic Prodigy (Go check it out, if it’s your kinda thing)


I’m still so here for Slytherin Hiccup~

Anyway, this was just a little thing that popped into my head and idk. Does Jack have a thing for Hiccup? Does Jackson have a thing for Hiccup? Do both Jack and Jackson have a thing for Hiccup? The only thing I know for sure is that Hiccup has no idea what the hell is going on.

The bickering is really just between Jack and Jackson, Hiccup’s comments are basically unheard.

Tried to rip the DVDs of season 1 of House so I can continue my rewatch when I get back to my apartment without having to carry the boxset. THIS was the result. I watched parts of the (2GB!) file on double speed with this song playing in the background, which was kinda cool. Still not sure if watching it on psychedelics would be the best idea ever or the worst idea ever.

But that’s not all. When I tried to make the gif above, this is how I found the screenshots I had taken:

VLC player snapshots are always named “vlcsnap-[year]-[month]-[day]-etc”, as you can see from the selected one, which is from last July. The snapshots from the video in question, on the other hand, are all from, uh, different centuries.

Everyone’s had a broken file or two in their life, but have you ever had a file SO BROKEN it STARTED TIME-TRAVELLING?!


Phew, finally. I had this idea for a while but I couldn’t draw much since I had an accident (back injury and stuff), however I’m feeling a little better now. Tho, it took me years to finish this for the exact same reason. So here *throws Stony at you again* 

Commission status: Closed

Commissions will be selected by me after everyone has sent me their commission info, or after midnight tonight (12/14/16).

When messaging or emailing me, please don’t leave something like “Hey, can I get a slot?” I’LL BE IGNORING THOSE MESSAGES! I’ll only respond to those who actually give me a full description so please don’t do that.

Please don’t take offence if your commission isn’t selected, I can only take so many so please be understanding.

I should mention that I still have a couple of Patreon commissions plus I’ll be away this weekend. I’ll be starting work on commissions once I’m back.

One last thing, depending on how many commissions I take and how life’s treating me, finishing them all could possibly take up to one or two months. So please be patient with me and don’t be afraid to contact me for updates.

info on how my commissions work and how to commission me

1. When you email or message me, please give me all important key information about you and your commission and have it layed out like this.
(Keep it short and understandable and to the point please)
Email (only if you pm me)
Type of commission (sketch, lineart, flat color, shaded, etc.)
Number of Characters involved and their names
Character References
Description and Details of your commission idea (poses, background, extra details, etc.)

2. payment is upfront before I do any work on the commission.

3. I only accept paypal, if you don’t have a paypal I can invoice you the payment.

4. I have the right to not take your commission if I am not interested or if I don’t like the subject matter. I’m sorry if I don’t take your commission.

5. Revisions on the sketch are at max 2. So please be very clear with your idea and references.

6. I’ll most likely upload your commission online, so please let me know if you want your commission to be private or have your name in the description as anon.

7. You’re completely welcome to upload your commission as long as you give credit.


Most of what’s in my gallery


anything gross, violent and disturbing.

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I just saw that you ship ZoSan. Could you please draw them or share a drawing of them? This would be amazing! :)

[2009] 11/11: Happy Birthday, Roronoa Zoro…

Here you go, Anon:

I’m sorry, that I don’t have a current drawing of these two, though ZoSan was my first ship ever, but I’m busy with EruRi right now.

This is one of my first digital ZoSan drawings I ever shared on the internet. Gawd, I don’t have even words to describe how ugly and poorly drawn it is, but I drew this around eight years ago. I think I’ve got better, but yet, I recognise this style. This is where I’m from…

I still like the idea of this art style so much, that I still like to draw this way… I’ve always had a liking for simple black and white drawings. I hated backgrounds back then and I still hate them these days. I’m so lazy…

Instagram | DeviantArt

asdfghjk a lot of stuff in this is so wonky hhhh ;v;;  i have no idea how backgrounds work ha AH HAahaa..


Congratulations to Jackaboy for reaching 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!
hOREH SH ET das a lotta people, his channel is growing so fast, i m cr y
I’m so proud :’D I remember watching your videos when you still had 6 million subs X’D Keep doing what you’re doing Jack, we love ya!! <3 <3


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Are you still doing the writing meme? how about the word "ghost" :)

from this meme

WIP, the sequel to Conversations with Dead People (aka Shaw can see dead people). 

Background: Shaw can see ghosts, especially ghosts who hang around the people she hangs around with, and one of those ghosts is Kara Stanton. Shaw accidentally let slip to Kara that she can see her… Kara finds this idea delightful

Again, don’t know if I will finish this but this is a story about how Kara decides to haunt Shaw instead up to the point she gets captured by Samaritan. 

Uh, TLDR, have a snippet: 

Reese’s dead ex-partner decided it would be more fun annoying Shaw than hang around throwing bitter glares at Reese.

“So you’re the new model,” Stanton’s ghost managed to both look disdainful and curious. Shaw didn’t reply, she kept an eye on the building where the new Number was supposed to be, from the corner of Shaw’s eye Stanton looked Shaw up and down. “Ex-Marine, and you worked wet works for an intelligence agency.”

A bird passed through where Stanton was standing, Stanton flickered but seemed non-plussed. “I bet you even made Captain.”

Shaw flicked her eyes at Stanton briefly, Stanton’s eyes brightened and she smirked, “You are the new me, except shorter.”

Shaw suppressed the urge to roll her eyes and tapped her earwig instead, “Harold, what’s the ETA on the Number.”

Miss Shannon will arrive in 20 minutes, just as I’ve said a few minutes ago, Miss Shaw,” Harold answered in his annoyed voice.

in which Gogo and Tadashi have a habit of leaving post-its for each other on their lab windows.

I was rewatching BH6 the other day and I really loved how Tadashi’s lab window will frost up and all with a knock.

So I had the wonderful illogical idea of my OTP leaving notes for each other on the window when I’m pretty sure they have other faster methods of asking each other out.

Still couldn’t resist trying to draw it out anyway.

This is my first attempt at drawing any backgrounds (in this case foreground), and my anatomy is all over the place cause it’s the first time I’ve drawn anything in a while really. 

Also, I really miss this ship.

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Hey there, I just read your Zimbits proposal fic (A Tough Proposal to Make) and I wanted to say it's really good! I liked it a whole lot, it was really well-written. I've written a proposal fic of my own, only it involved Jack proposing to Bitty with Halo playing in the background. Also, it's funny how most of the time it's Jack who proposes to Bitty, and not the other way around. Might be a fic idea there... Anyway, I really enjoyed your fic ^-^

aaaaah tysm ily!! i’d love to read your fic if you have a link? and i’ve actually written a fic where bitty proposes!! it’s here or here (same fic but first is a tumblr link, second is on ao3) and i know i’ve read others before!! but you’re still right, this fandom is def lacking in bitty-proposing-to-jack fics.

What the hell is background even OTL

It’s actually kinda fun to experiment with darker and more saturated colors tbh! I usually use light, pale ones, so it’s a nice change of pace. Idk what to put as a BG alright

Wanna try to color this yourself? Click here for the lineart post! (Ask me for permission first tho!)