i still have cheat days


Ease Into Fitness Success Stories: Kayln’s Story 

I have been overweight as long as I can remember. I spent the summer between 6th and 7th grade with my cousin in Oklahoma. I remember jumping on the scale and realizing I was 190 lbs. Fast forward to the summer between 8th and 9th grade, and I was tipping the scale at  245 lbs. By the time I entered nursing school at the age of 19 I was a whopping 315 lbs. At that point I realized I had to do something. It was no longer about looking good, it was about did I want to live 20 more years.

Over the years, I have tried just about every diet. I have taken Alli, Zantrex, Phentermine (Adipex), and Dexitrim at different times trying to lose weight. I have done slim fast, low carb, extreme low carb (keto), weight watchers, protein shakes, vegetarian, vegan, counting calories, and even cutting out sugar. I honestly have done everything that halfway claimed to make me lose weight.

 I would lose maybe 5 lbs before I quit. I always gave up though because these diets were not feasible to live by. Weight watchers and counting calories are the 2 systems I will fully stand behind and say they definitely work for the long term. Both of these plans do not eliminate any foods from your life. They just teach you to make better decisions. I however do counting calories now because I could not afford weight watchers.

When I peaked at 315 my sister approached me and asked me to support her by doing myfitnesspal with her. Honestly I didn’t want to do it, but I knew I needed to. For the first 4 months I half did it. I would eat right one day and then the next day not count at all. I lost about 10 lbs. Then I got more into it and lost an additional 15 lbs over 5 months. This brought my total to 25 lbs down and a new weight of 290. At that point I decided I was never going to hit 300 lbs again. I kicked my butt into gear and lost an additional 25 lbs bringing me to 50 lbs down total by the end of 2014.

I know had I really put an effort into my weight loss I could have lost twice the weight. Looking back I do not feel deprived one bit. Using my sister’s “ease into fitness” method of calories to maintain, I can have cheat days and still not lose ground.

I feel better about myself. I have gone from a 26-28 pant to an 18 US, and I have so much more energy.

Did I mention I didn’t work out at all to lose this weight? You CAN lose weight by just cutting calories. Now that I am 50 lbs down I do work out more. I don’t want too much flabby loose skin, so you have to work out.

 I had to retrain my mind to quit thinking about the big picture and take my diet day by day. I can’t change yesterday, I can’t prepare for tomorrow, all I can do is give it my very best effort today. Eventually you’ll be a year in and amazed that you are 50 lbs down. Quit wasting time with “quick fixes.” You didn’t become overweight in a day, it’s not going to fall off in a day either. Retrain yourself to focus on the adventures you can have with your loved ones, rather than where y’all can go out to eat. Your life and vacation experiences do not need to be centered around food.

We eat to live. We should never live to eat.

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Disney Battles: Challenge 1 + Favourite Female Characters

Elsa and Rapunzel


Holy mother of before and afters! 😳

The before is day one. When I first started my Tumblr. I think I was roughly 185 maybe a little more. A few months after I had my daughter and after I lost the hubs. I was always tired and slow. Hated myself and how I looked. I was always trying to hid under my clothes and refused to leave the house. I was almost a size 18 in jeans and had to shop plus sized clothes at Maurice’s. I was miserable and shortly after I had my Bug I spiraled into an awful depression.

Now fast forward a year and six months and here I AM! Down almost 20 lbs (sitting pretty at 170ish) but I’ve toned a lot so the scale isn’t the best way to see the changes. The pictures speak for themselves. I still have days when I’m bloated or retaining water after my cheat meals and I just feel icky. I still have “fat days” but inside I feel so much better. I’m stronger, I can keep up with my daughter, I sleep better, and think better. Mentally I’m right where I wanna be. I don’t stress out so much, I let things go easier and my anxiety is nearly gone. I struggled with my anxiety for nearly 8 years. Since I started this adventure I haven’t even noticed it. My anxiety has just about vanished. It takes something absolutely awful to trigger it anymore.

It was always hard for me to commit to things. I had no will power or real motivation. I’ve started and given up almost 4-5 times in the last 10 years but this is the last time. I will not give up. Not after how far I’ve come. I hardly remember the girl I used to be and honestly I feel more like myself now than I did ever back then. Like a Phoenix rising from the flames 🔥🌟❤️

anonymous asked:

can I still have a cheat day if im aiming to lose weight?

Cheat meal* not cheat day

Well, it depends how much weight you want to lose. If you got a lot to lose, only allow yourself a cheat meal every 10 days, otherwise every week.

It’s a recommendation. At the end of the day, it’s your weight loss you do whatever you want to do.

Weight loss guide:



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The arguments flew, and soon Valkyrie’s owner had Davey in a headlock.

“Castrate him castrate him castrate him!” he yelled.


Gernot Lutzenbacher is enemy #2, two other Lutzenbachers left. They’re really hard to find because they’re so antisocial. But I don’t want to cheat, and visiting them at their home would feel like cheating, too. I still have four Sims days to play until the start of task 3, so I’m still hopeful.