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The Beginning

Wow… I’ve honestly been blown away by the response to The End. For all the ups and downs we’ve had I’m so glad we could part ways on a positive note. In case you really haven’t been paying attention, I am no longer a part of Eddsworld (I wrote this post yesterday about why). It was a struggle to sign out of all the accounts for good. I admittedly kept logging back in to tweak video descriptions and add subtitles the last remaining eddisodes. Moving on after 13 years seems impossible but I’ve gotta try!

I wanted to answer a few questions I’ve seen people asking about the show but first I want to once again thank everyone who helped make Eddsworld Legacy a reality. Especially Paul, Todd, and Eddie; 3 people who routinely worked either for free or for way less than they deserved. They really helped keep the show going. In regards to The End specifically I want to thank everyone who contributed to the ep. In the past I’ve had some sort of falling out with a massive number of the people who gave us something to include in the finale and even though they were doing it for Edd, it still meant a huge amount to me.

Anyway! Let’s answer a few of the frequently asked questions I’ve seen pop up online over the past few days.

  1. Is this really the end of Eddsworld? - Eddie and I wrote ‘The End’ to serve as both an ending for Eddsworld Legacy and also the show as a whole if needed. However, both Matt and the Gould family have plans to keep Eddsworld going in some way or another. That’s honestly all I know!
  2. Will Tom still be in Eddsworld? - If/when Eddsworld boots up again I believe the character of Tom will still be a part of it. However, he won’t be voiced by me for the reasons I mentioned in my last post. I want to make it clear that the characters and the people are separate things. They absolutely have my blessing to hire another voice actor to replace me!
  3. Why wasn’t Tord Larsson voicing Tord in The End? - Again, in my mind the characters and their original voice actors are separate entities. That said, the “real” Tord left the show 8 years ago and we haven’t spoken since (and barely spoke before). I have no way to contract him.
  4. Why was Tord the bad guy and Tom the hero? - Okay so here’s where we start to get deep. The End isn’t just about Tom vs Tord. It’s actually a metaphor for the unexpected return of Edd’s illness, how it destroyed everything we’d made together, and how I felt lost, angry, and responsible for rebuilding. Knowing that, I hope it makes more sense. For what it’s worth, I hope Mr Larsson doesn’t take it personally… If he’s even still out there.
  5. How could you abandon your promise to Edd? - There was no promise, dudes. Not made by me, at least. There was only my quest to give Eddsworld a last hurrah and make Edd proud. That’s it. Now I finally feel like I’ve accomplished that and have earned my right to move on.
  6. How did you celebrate the release of The End? - I drank a bottle of wine and either fainted or had a small seizure. I’m a party animal!
  7. Why are Tom’s eyes black and what’s the story with Red Leader?!  - Both good questions which I fully intend on answering one day… Just not in Eddsworld… OooooOOOOoooohhhh mystery ;D

Thank you again, everyone. Hope this helped ease your minds a bit!

Heartfelt Hockey Post Pending....

So. Now that I am home from my pilgrimage to San Jose for the Game 6 Rally, my head is hung low but….I still love my boys and I always will. I’m sad to see another season go by without a cup for Marleau, which is further intensified by the coming end of his contract. But hopefully not the end of his time with this team.

 This year started with basically the same group of men. With the upcoming expansion draft, it’s pretty much impossible for us to have the same group again, pushing for a postseason dash. 

We’ve already seen some faces go. But we have also discovered some talent within the young faces around the team and the Barracuda that may be the next amazing thing to add to the veteran players we already know and love.

Even though he had a pretty rough season, with injuries and difficulty in getting points on the board, I still was immensely gratified to watch Donskoi in particular continue with this team. He had some great goals, some not great falls and slip ups, but overall looked like he was continuing to improve and hone his skills. Hopefully he will remain with the sharks and have an even better season starting this October.

So, as I did last year around this time, I put my heart into thanking the Sharks for another great season. And of course, as my fanatical devotion continues to grow, I hope to be able to enjoy watching you guys play for many years. We know you’re hungry for the cup. One of these seasons….you’ll finally get it. And I hope I’m there to see it happen ^_^


Hey guys I just wanted to explain this,

This is a list of all the players that HAVE to be protected by their current teams going into the expansion draft with vegas. This means they hold no move clauses or otherwise wording of their contract does not allow them to go to vegas. 

These players DO count towards their limited protect player spots. There are two ways to protect players:

7 Forwards, three defensemen and 1 goaltender


8 skaters and 1 goaltender.

But don’t be too worried because this is not the final list. I do not believe anybody can be added to the list however players can be taken off. For instance, the penguins would be in a tight spot because they would want to protect Murray instead of Fleury but they would HAVE to protect Fleury in this position. MAF can waive his no-move clause at any point making him draft eligible. 

And another reason not to be worried about this list. All players in their rookie and sophomore years are exempt from the draft. That includes McDavid, Marner, Matthews, Nylander, Eichel, ect. I do believe Matt Murray does not count because it’s my understanding that the AHL is also considered “professional” (the specific line says first and second year professionals and does not specify NHL).

And Players who have “career ending” injuries but who are still under contract will not be eligible. This will take off players like Nathan Horton leaving the leafs with plenty of movement. 

If you have any other questions i went more in depth with the expansion draft here or you can send me an ask!

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Linda is older than Wally in the comics. 6 years, to be exact.

I remember that, and I love it. I just don’t know if the show would do it as well. Not to mention that Wally isn’t a 19 or 20 year old in the comics. I think the situation would be similar and still be very enjoyable onscreen, though.

Just don’t know that we can expect that romance to develop anytime in the near future. Malese would have to be contracted as a recurring character, or in my wildest dreams, another regular cast member. “pleads with TPTB*

Accidental Romance

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Chapter o5. The Contract


Tao slapped a manila folder against the table.  Pages scattered airily around the room.  “I told you to fix the report before I sign it.  You turned it in with ten more mistakes!” he ruthlessly scolded as his assistant cowered into the corner of the room.

“Sorry Boss, I must have missed the details beca–”

“Missed the details?!!?!  How many years have you worked here?  These are amateur mistakes!” the young general manager lashed out and jabbed his pointer finger against his desk to emphasize, “Turn it back to me within an hour or don’t come back ever again!”

Nodding frightfully, the shaking man crawled on the ground, collected the sheets of papers one by one, and rushed out.

“Argh!” Tao groaned as he angrily knocked things off his desk.  Frames shattered; papers flew in the air.  He knew he shouldn’t have pursued you.  Too many fated obstacles should have persuaded him into giving up.  If you wanted this relationship to work as much as he did, you would have appeared for the second date.  But you didn’t.  It heavily stormed that night but the foolish love-stricken man had stayed out, soaking in rainwater until his body could no longer handle it.  For five days, he was hospitalized with a fever and flu lethal enough to attack his heart.

“Mistake?” he bitterly laughed to himself until even his own mockery of himself hurt.  Kneeling down to the ground, he carefully picked up a small broken frame.  Beneath the shards of glass encased a photo Tao had taken with you right after your wedding vows.  His thumb stroked the image of your sparkling, crescent-arched eyes.


Rubbing your hands along your arms, you waited at the bus stop the next morning.  Wintry storms held no mercy to commuters, especially when they were as small as you; you about got tossed and blown in the air.  Sneeze after sneeze, your brain froze into ice.  Trying to find positivity within misfortunes, you reasoned that at least, this way, you didn’t need to indulge in caffeinated drinks in order to counter your drowsiness.  As you belched over in endless shudders, a white Maserati pulled up in front of the bus stop.  Other passengers gasped in awe while you were more worried about whether the bus would have space to park.  The window rolled down, earning the handsome driver squeals from a group of schoolgirls.  Frowning, you internally begged whomever he was picking up to get into the car already so that the incoming bus could arrive properly.  It took you another half a minute before you focused your attention on the luxury vehicle.

“Get in,” Tao simply spoke when your eyes met.

You stayed still as stone.  For one, you were shocked.  For two, you were legit frozen as ice.  When you sneezed again, your husband gave in and got out of the car.  Naturally, Tao slipped his fingers into the valleys of your hands and walked you over to the passenger seat.  His warm palms contrasted so much with your freezing ones that you jolted from the momentary shock.

“Ho-how did you know I was here?” you asked.

“I’m your boss.  I know all your information from your address, birthday, credentials…” he coldly replied and hid the fact that he painstakingly spent a whole month trying to track down your whereabouts.

“Oh,” you mouthed.

At a red light, Tao extended his lengthy arms to the back seats and retrieved a manila folder.  Without taking his eyes off the road, he held it out to you.

“Ah, you brought the divorce papers…” you forced on a smile.  Tao winced at the mere mention.

Suppressing your disappointment, you unwinded the string around the envelope button and pulled the pages out.  So it all ends after today…

“Marriage Contract,” the bolded title read.

You blinked.        

Tao’s grip around his steering wheel tightened as he tried his best to feign his nonchalance.

“Under this contract, written on the 24th day of December 2016, both parties agree to uphold the following rights and obligations regarding the marriage until its expiration date of two years,” you choked.


You eyed the young man, seated to your left, but he remained purposefully inattentive to your bewilderment.  Habitually rubbing the back of your neck, you continued reading the black text.

“In consideration of the mutual agreements and covenants contained herein, the first party and the second party agree as follows:

1.    The first party, Huang ZiTao, will compensate $500,000 to the second party, _________ _______ after two years.

2.    The second party must live in the Huang Residency and oblige to rules and responsibilities, including but not limited to, attending social events and taking care of the first party’s mother.

3.    Unless prior approval is obtained, the second party must return home every night.  

4.    Both parties must respect the civil fidelity as stated in a lawful marriage and must not have intimate contact with anyone else of the opposite sex.”

“Zi-ZiTao…what is this?” you stammered as your thumbs pressed crinkles into the pages.

“A marriage contract,” he answered the obvious.

Still masking away his real feelings toward the situation, your tight-lipped husband expertly parked his car and maneuvered the shifter to its rightful position.  You continued to stare at him as if he grew an extra horn on the center of his forehead.

“I thought we were getting a divorce today…”

Finally, Tao exhaled and turned to look at you.  The extra bluish green under his eyes provided enough evidence that he had, had a long, restless night.  You wanted to caress him and tell him to take a nap against your tender, love, and care but you thought he desired something else…Perhaps, a game of chase because you were too easy and too foolish.

Clicking his tongue against the side of his inner cheek, he bowed his head and explained, “My father is in the hospital.”

“Oh,” you mouthed.

“He’s been in a coma for over a month,” he took a deep intake of air, “The doctors aren’t sure if he will make it.”

“I’m…I’m sorry,” you offered your condolences but Tao shook his head.

“I was never close to my father and I don’t really care about his company.  But I must protect my mother,” his eyes narrowed into fatal slits.  Unable to deliver the appropriate response due to your extreme confusion to how all of this correlated with your marriage, you opted to act under the role of a listener.  “You probably already know I am the chairman’s illegitimate child.”

You nodded, “I found out yesterday through my colleagues.”

Sighing, Tao elaborated, “If anything happens to my father, his wife and my two older brothers will come after my mom.  With their new influence in the company, they have the power to strip me of my position and also my mother’s deserving share.”

“Oh,” you nodded as you tried to digest the newly gained knowledge.

“I can’t let that happen and the only way to counter it is if I comply to my father’s withstanding written promise that if I settled down, he would usurp the Vice President title from my reckless older brother and let me take the position instead,” your husband finished.

The last thing you wanted was to be involved in a political family bloodbath.

“I’m not sure I’m the best candidate to help you,” you honesty answered, though every fiber of your being desired to rid of him of his struggles.

Wrinkles formed and tainted the baby-skin of his forehead.  A deep sigh released from his lips as he lengthened his arm out as if fulfilling his longing temptation to stroke the slight rosiness of your cheeks.  For the first time since that faithful night, his eyes filled with the truthfulness of his internal torment, oscillating like edges of magical crystals.  But before his skin met with yours, he withdrew his wounded heart.

“The hotel called me the day after…to inform me that you had left the two briefcases of money behind,” Tao noted.

“Hm…” you pressed your lips together to hide the shake in your voice.

“Why?” his brows knitted together once again, “Didn’t you say that your family is in debt?”

Had you told him?  It wasn’t something you easily shared with people, which only further solidified the fact that, that night, you trusted him with your life.

“Mmhm…” you looked away.  Suddenly, even the shelter of manmade heat didn’t provide enough warmth to your icy skin.  “I…I just felt like taking someone’s money, without putting in my own effort, wasn’t fair,” you downplayed.  In reality, you felt disgusting to have exchanged your body for a wad of cash.  Not buying your excuse, Tao peered straight into your eyes like staring into your soul.  When you refused to elaborate, he surrendered and let the issue slide.

“This time,” he started, “This time you don’t have to worry about that.  We will maintain a professional business partner relationship,” he drew the line then and there.  “After you have aided me in accomplishing my goal, you will have fairly earned the money.”

So…am I just a pawn?

Even so, you discovered yourself voluntarily acquiescing to his request.  Perhaps, deep down, neither of you wanted to simply forget and let go because in doing so, you’d no longer have an excuse to stay by each other’s side.      

A/N: Hehhhh :] Vegas wedding - check.  Contracted marriage - check, check LOL.  Darn, this chapter was short though.  Still, hope you guys enjoyed.  Do you think Tao is really suggesting the two year marriage for business purposes, or deep down does he have another reason?? ;p  

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Gonna crush your wittle hearts soon >:]


Here they are - my unasked for thoughts. This is probably going to get rambly and by the time I finish something probably will have happened that changes my opinion, but anyway…

I’ve had it in the back of my mind for a looong time (well over a year) that we might get a coming out at the end of this year, largely because it seemed logical: album promo, done with yet another world tour and could kind of lay low or take a live performance hiatus if needed; MM would, unless they had some freakishly long contract which was very unlikely, be gone or well on the way out.

Part of me still thinks it’s more likely coming later this year.


Given the rate at which things are happening I just don’t see how they stretch seeding out for another 7+ months. I really, really don’t. Like, what’s left? Pretty much just rebuilding their public connection… and we’ve already had Lairport, the same hotel, and photos showing them with the same people even when they weren’t officially seen in the same place together (can’t remember when now, but pretty sure it was Australia and with the same girl). In the last show or two we’ve had Harry damn near falling off the stage leaning forward to see Louis with Liam making it even more obvious that was who Harry was trying to see, talking during the birthday chair thing, and Louis’ “Harry’s got it now” (or something like that) when Harry picked up “I Will Survive” from Liam.  

My initial thoughts were that they’d slowly rebuild their friendship publicly, but those thoughts assumed Eleanor would still be around at least officially even if rarely in person. Since she’s already gone, I don’t know that they can convincingly pull-off friendship. She was the “dam” holding back much of the Larry rumors; with her gone any public interaction between them is going to cause a surge of relationship rumors because that’s what’s already in the back of a lot of people’s minds (even if they don’t want it to be true it’s still in their minds). Now that she’s not in the picture I just don’t think a slow build is possible. 

I also find it very interesting that, of all the rumors and speculation that took off from the official breakup, the only ones their team (probably new team) have clarified were that Louis did not cheat and that the girl was not the WMYB girl. The 4 dressing room thing that strongly implies two of them share and most speculation was that it’s H+L? They not only didn’t rebut it, they gave it to/allowed Billboard to bring it up. People mentioning Harry and James’ kiss? Yeah - People doesn’t print unsanctioned information. 

And most of what has happened (with a few notable exceptions) has happened in less than two months. With that momentum 7+ more months doesn’t seem possible.

At this point I definitely don’t think they will come out before the break (they’re still performing in countries where homosexuality is illegal). As for the break? I’m looking at Louis’ charity footie match as sort of a groundhog day - if Harry isn’t there it doesn’t necessarily mean things are a long way off, just probably nothing immediate, but if Harry is there (and esp if it’s cheerleader Harry and double especially if the other boys aren’t there too) then I think it’s a sign of go-time. 

And that part of me that still thinks it’ll be end of the year? Yeah - that part of me springs from fear, the fear of getting my hopes up only to have them dashed. With every forward step that we’re getting, though, that fear is getting quieter. 

Anyway, that’s my opinion <insert usual disclaimers of being wrong and retaining the right to change my mind at any time here>

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I'm sorry if this question sounds rude or something. Are you happy with leaving Les Mis? That seems like your dream job and here you are, so happy with leaving (or it's just what it looks like). I ask, because recently I had to quit my dream job and maybe I want a recipe for feeling okay with that?

Acting jobs are very different from most jobs because with acting, you go into a job knowing you only have a limited time there. Contracts in the West End are only a year long! Sometimes they get renewed, like mine has three times but as a young actress, I don’t particularly want to stay in one place for too long! There are so many other roles I’d love to play whilst I’m still young enough to play them and also, signing on for another year in a show means you have to turn down other opportunities that arise in that year that could be life changing! I’ve played Eponine for longer than anyone has ever played her before and I’ve loved every second of it but it’s truly time to move on. Closing the chapter on Eponine means I get to start the chapter on the next character! I’ve fulfilled that dream and it’s time to find a new one!



I just woke up after zonking out from my pain meds to see an iMessage from my girl saying that she can’t wait to be able to hug me again. ♥ So this little story that I wrote at 5am on my iPhone in the dark while probably still a bit high on my pain meds was inspired by her. Sorry if this is terrible. If it is, blame the meds. ;p

RATED PG (and SAFE for theo)

She couldn’t let go. It was physically impossible in that moment for her to drop her arms and step back.

But the brunette didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. Her own arms were locked equally as tight around the blonde as they stood in the middle of the atrium. People bustled around them, going about their normal lives, seemingly unaware of them.

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Even if their contract with 1d is somehow over, would Sony/Syco still have the rights to release singles from MITAM? Or would a new single release mean the contract couldn't possibly be over?

Totally unrelated.  Sony/Syco own the masters to all music recorded during the time of the 1D contracts with them. Therefore, they can release greatest hits or songs that didn’t make the albums (my friend’s song Girls! could still make it!) or the epic Lilo composition “I Love KFC” 20 years from now and it won’t make a difference.

So them releasing a new single, IF they do it, would make Syco money and wouldn’t be related to any current contract that 1D might have with another record company.


     Something happened at my job today, and for the first time in my 11+ years of employment there, I actually wondered if maybe I was going to have to go work somewhere else eventually. I never worried about that before. I still have a job (for now anyway), but I wonder if the owners of the company are one day going to say, “You know what? Fuck this. We’re never going to get more money for this place than we will right now. Let’s get out of here.” My current contract runs another three years, but when you’re 43 years old going on your second shoulder surgery with two bad knees, no discernible skills and a hardly-used high school education, three years is nothing. 


     I complain about my job all the time. Maybe I should stop doing that.