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I gotta ask. Where did you get the inspiration for your fic Cherry Boy? I fall more and more in love with every chapter you write, and I gotta say, your portrayls of all the characters are my favourite things in the world. You are a blessing to the fandom. You and Vixenfur both. But...what was the idea behind Cherry Boy?

Ahhh, omg thank you so much!! This is hella sweet 
I 666% agree about Vix, and it’s funny you mentioned her actually, because she’s kinda one of the main reasons I thought of it in the first place lol. I joined the Mikayuu Hell skype group she created way back when season one was airing, and that’s where I thought of it. A little over a year ago I actually scrolled back several months just so I could screenshot the conversation haha. Fortunately I still have those pictures saved (albeit a bit blurry for some reason)! Lmao gonna put a read more here bc jesus fuckin christ

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sCREAMING- ITS OPEN!!! might be adult au? maybe.. angst where midorima cheats on s/o? s/o walked in on him when he did "it" with another girl. s/o ends up locking herself in her bedroom until the next day. she leaves him, leaving no traces behind when midorima isn't home. so when he comes home he sees that all her things are gone. years pass, and he meets s/o's son which is also his when midorima teaches an elementary class about what being a doctor means. ( 1/? )

hi love! thanks for being so excited; i really do enjoy writing out all the scenarios. so, since this ask is well descripted and sort of written out already, i’m going to just continue and go in depth with the son-meeting-father-angry-mom part. (also, i just wanted to add that my precious Midorin would never cheat, just because he doesn’t like sordid actions, as it was obvious during his middle school days when he didn’t participate in the score challenges, but this is an ask, so i’m going through it! o//////o )

-this is part of the ask-

(2/?) the son then approaches him (after school) and is like “cool! you’re a doctor!” and midorima is just like, “I’m just a doctor, its nothing special.” the son is like i think its cool bc you save people. and then as the days go by, they become closer. then the son drops a personal question: do you have a family or someone you love a lot? and midorima is like: i do/did.. but I’m looking for her. (something like that) and he asks the son the same thing. but the son said, “i have a mom. my dad (3/?) the son said, “i have a mom. my dad left my mom before i was born. but my mom told me he’s a doctor too.” & then midorima is curious. before he can ask about his dad; s/o goes to the son’s classroom seeing the son & midorima talking. she gets really defensive & is like, “get away from my son.” & hes confused bc he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. but then she somehow blurts out that the son is midorima’s son. a scenario of that- apologies bc this description is so long omg-


‘You’re so oblivious, Midorima-cchi!’

Those words seemed to echo and repeat in Midorima’s head as he observed the little boy sitting on the abc block carpet. Back then, when he secretly went to watch the game between Aomine and Kuroko, Kise had called him a monkey for never noticing Momoi’s feeling towards Kuroko. He should have noticed the signs-the emerald eyes, the way the tuff of his hair fell into his eyes, straight as a stick, and the curious quirks he seemed to have.

“_____, get away from him." Midorima heard a quiet, yet intimidating and mildly reminiscent voice from the back door of the classroom. His eyes looked over your figure, raking and taking in everything he had missed. Your hair and they way it fell over your shoulders, and the scent of your perfume that never changed; it was still the same lavender and jasmine smell he had once told you he loved. The little boy grinned, and raced over to his mother.

"Mama, this man is a doctor, too! Remember you told me daddy’s one, too!” Your lips strained a smile, the smile not quite reaching your eyes.

“Did I ever? No matter, we should go now ____.” The boy pouted, pulling at your hands, hands he’s held for years.

“Mama, he’s a doctor, a real life one! Can we stay for a moment, please?” Looking troubled, your eyes flitted towards him for a nanosecond before shaking your head as an affirmative no. Walking to them, he handed out his hospital pamphlet to the young look alike.

“It’s never too early to learn, nanodayo.” The smile he wore brightened at the image of the pristine white building warmed his heart. Pushing his glasses upwards, he ruffled the boys hair before turning to you. You averted his gaze, hand tightly gripping your sons.

“It’s been a long time, ____.” You nodded curtly, holding back the anger and frustration you had been bottling up inside for six years.

“Yes, and I don’t intend to make this longer than I’d like, Midorima-san.” He winced at the formality and the bite under your tone. The air was pricked with awkwardness and frost, coming straight from your attitude.

“Is this your child?”

“Yes,” You looked at your son with a soft gaze, and exhaled a deep breath of air.

“He’s a good child,”


“He’s my child,”

“Yes,” Caught. Surprise and shock etched into your features as what you had confessed sunk in. Midorima’s twenty questions had spurred you and your deepest secret had been revealed to the one person you absolutely did not want finding out.

“Why did you not tell me nanodayo.”

“What do you mean ‘I didn’t tell you’; If you think for one second I would have told you this while you were in bed with someone else, you aren’t as intelligent as I perceived you to be.” He blushed, deeply ashamed of his act back when he was in college. He had gotten drunk at one of Takao’s party, and one thing had led to another. He had lost all contact with you when he found out you had been aware of what happened.

“I know it’s too late, and I should have done more to seek you, but you just disappeared and on top of that, I had heard you dropped out of med school. Now, I can see why. You’re very strong ____. I deeply apologize for not being able to help you raising him.” Your eyes were glazed with tears by now, and all the snark from you had disappeared.

“You meant so much to me, Shintaro. I truly fell in love with you.”

“You’re using past tense,” Sighing, he tentatively touched your free hand, one that wasn’t being held tightly by your son-his son. “Is it possible for me to earn your forgiveness?”

“I’ve forgiven you a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean we can go back to being what we were. It wasn’t fair of me to separate you from your child, but it was the only thing I could have done to distance myself from you for a while.”

“I would like to start as friends then, if I’m not being too presumptuous.” You had finally smiled, tuckinig a string of hair behind your ear. Your son was too busy reading the pamphlet to pay any mind, but you knew they would get along wonderfully.

“Of course, Shintarou. Let’s meet tomorrow at the park near this pre-school. I’m sure he’d like to get to know you better, also.” He let out a tiny smile; although he hoped for more, he knew this was all you could afford to give him now.

“I’ll see you then.”

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"I don’t have time to play tour guide." with Klaine :)

Around the third month of Blaine’s presence in the city, NYADA gets shut down for the day (something about Cassandra July contaminating the school’s water supply with home-made vodka–or something), and Kurt has all sorts of plans.
He has to finish his report on whether or not Jazz has been appropriated by mainstream culture, it’s his turn to do the grocery shopping, and he has an afternoon shift at the diner.
The break from school is a blessing, but he is quite busy.
Meanwhile, Blaine finished his presentation on an introduction to Ballet two days ago–damn his scary organisational skills–, it’s his day free from work and all he has to do is the laundry.
Which could explain why he bounds–literally, he’s like an unleashed puppy (oh, nice image)–towards Kurt with a gigantic smile on his face.

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