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requested: Tom holland × reader: everyone, including you, except him forget your birthday

pairings: tom holland x reader

word count: 851

warnings: one swear word and a ton of fluff that’s gonna make you shit your pants

a/n: i’ve been meaning to write more fics with tom instead of peter, and i have a few more in my inbox, so don’t worry! i will post them–slowly. anyways, here’s this one that i lowkey was crying through because god who wouldn’t wanna experience this shit with tom 

The morning sun filtered in through the window of your apartment in a hazy, relaxed glow, cascading over you still asleep in bed. You opened your eyes groggily, hearing the bedroom door open and close, and then feeling soft lips gently pressed to your forehead.

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Hi babes!

Earlier this week I hit a pretty incredible milestone (I still can not fathom how over 5K of you made your way here) so first off… Thank you so freaking much. I can’t really put into words how much all of you kind, creative and supportive people mean to me. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! I don’t really have anything special planned since I’ve got more than a few things going on at the moment. Maybe we can do a blog take over with the lovable Winchesters for a weekend? Revive the long since dead Sleepover Saturday for a night? See a rec list of my most favorite fics others have done? If any of these sound good or you got an idea of your own, let me know. Love you guys.

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YOI surprises: Phichit sees the rings

YOI managed to surprise me (all of us) with so many things and I want to talk about one in particular, I don’t know if it’s just me but this was one of my biggest and most immediate “wow YOI really is different” moment.

When I saw Phichit’s face here I was 100% sure that he would throw a fit. His best friend was wearing an engagement/wedding ring??? Without him knowing anything about it????????????? My exposure to western media (all media?) really had me see Drama™ coming in the form of Yuuri why didn’t you tell me, I’m your best friend, how could you do this to me. And like I didn’t even expect it to be super dramatic or take more than a few seconds of screen time but still I would have bet my money on some sort of remark like that.

Instead here’s what we got:

Instant support for his bestie and happiness for two people in love, without questions and questioning, no “but when did it happen?”, no “but he’s your coach!”, no “you didn’t tell me!”, just pure positivity and love.

This is a small thing maybe but it’s one that I definitely am grateful for because it shows how the world of YOI is amazing in every way ♥

I decided to make this a little series because I realized I have a few more moments like this that I want to talk about, so I’ll tag all the posts as yoisurprises so you can easily keep track of them. Also, you can add your own moments to the tag!

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I love your blog and your fanfics. ❤ was hoping if you could write a sort of one-shot of Jon's POV if Dickon tried to flirt with Sansa! Maybe even propose her lol

Thank you so much, hun!!! *_* You’re way too sweet to me! I’m just a trash blog haha <3 Bless you though. Thank you!! 

And for you: 

The air was still, quiet, a stark difference from the storm that had raged through the night. Jon hadn’t been back longer than a sennight and yet he could already feel the calmness of Winterfell weaving through his skin and settling into his bones. It was a few days till he would have to leave for the Wall, but sunrise after sunrise, Jon found the necessity of war to fall idly on his mind, his desire to stay here more pressing than ever. It wasn’t simply the calm, the serenity that blanketed over him, but something more unbidden and confusing. 

In the aftermath of Daenerys’ siege on the Lannister army, many of the men burnt by her dragons had somehow escaped into the river, floating down until they were found by travelers. One of them happened to be Dickon Tarly, and when news came of Randyll’s execution, Sam had written to Jon to take his family in, pleading that they weren’t safe in the Reach. There hadn’t been a question in his mind. Winterfell would house the Tarly’s and offer them sanctuary while Daenerys and Cersei waged their war, but Jon had never anticipated, never fathomed that in doing so he would be placing Sansa at risk.

No, he begrudgingly admitted, she was in no danger, but the way Dickon looked at her, like she was the sun rising after the Long Night, Jon loathed it. Sansa had been through so much, endured so much at the hands of men, and he would be remiss to let her fall prey to another, even if Dickon appeared as honourable as his brother. It didn’t matter. When it came to Sansa, nothing mattered more than her safety. 

“Lord Dickon,” Sansa greeted as she stopped just at the bottom of the staircase. Jon was supposed to be training the younger soldiers, but he paused, sword held tightly in his hand, as he watched Dickon stride up to her. 

“My lady,” Dickon bowed his head, and when he lifted it back, there was a bright, fond smile on his face. “I pray that you are well this morning?” 

“I’m perfectly well, ser,” she answered, returning his smile with one of her own, and gods, it even looked genuine. Sansa inclined her head and tentatively touched Dickon’s wrapped arm being held up by a sling. “Are you well? Are your injuries healing? I can send for the maester if it’s troubling you still, my lord.” 

Dickon laughed. “I am as well as I can be, my lady. And I must say it is entirely in thanks to you.”

“I have done nothing, Lord Dickon,” Sansa said, ducking her head, pink tingeing her cheeks. Jon prayed it was from the cold, but there was no wind today, no nipping frost to prey on exposed skin. 

“Forgive me, but that’s simply untrue,” Dickon said earnestly. He reached for Sansa’s hand and held it in his. “You cared for me when I thought I was on the brink of death. My mother calls you, my Winter Angel.” 

Jon threw his sword down to the ground with a loud clatter and walked towards them, body and mind warring with one another as one felt ready for war and the other warned of disastrous repercussions if he were to act on that hostility. Sansa caught his eye instantly, so always attuned to him in a way that made his heart race, and a pretty frown settled on her lips. 

“Jon,” she murmured, just as Dickon turned around. 

“Your grace,” he bowed. “I hope the preparations for the war is going well.”

Jon resisted the urge to growl in response and nodded curtly. “It’s going fine, Lord Dickon.” But he wasn’t looking at Dickon, he had eyes for only one and she was staring right back, concern, confusion and irritation flashing through those summer blue eyes. “Sansa, I need…” But he hadn’t an idea what he needed or why he was standing here before them, and so the words trailed off, empty and unfinished.

“You need?” Sansa prompted, continuing to watch him carefully. “Jon, are you well?” She stepped forward, past Dickon, and laid both of her hands over his forearm. Almost immediately, his body relaxed, the tension easing away under her touch, like a winter rose blooming for the first time. He caught one hand with his other. 

“I need to…” He was aware of Dickon watching them curiously, but he didn’t care. He needed Sansa to come with him, anywhere, away from everyone, just so it was just them two again, like how it used to be before all of this. “Can we speak in private? I need to discuss urgent business with you.”

“Oh,” Sansa said, surprised colouring her face. She then nodded and turned towards Dickon. “Well, I hope you have a fast recovery, Lord Dickon. Good day.” 

Dickon smiled, bright and clear. Gods, Jon hated him. 

“Yes, my lady. Good day to you both.” 

He watched the taller man walk away, waited until he disappeared back into the castle, before looking back at Sansa, who had a knowing smile on her face.

“He is not a bad man,” she said gently. “He is a good and honourable lord with a kind heart.” 

“He fought for the Lannisters,” Jon immediately countered moodily, his brows furrowing in annoyance.

“And yet you pardoned him and offered his family sanctuary,” Sansa replied just as haughtily. “I could find a worse match.”

Match?” Jon repeated, his anger growing now. “And when did we start speaking of matches, Sansa?” 

She rolled her eyes and tore her hands from his, before walking away. “I am a trueborn daughter of House Stark, am I not? And he, a trueborn son of House Tarly? It would be a good political match.” 

“And would you live in the Reach?” Jon demanded, grabbing her wrist and turning her back around. “Would you truly leave Winterfell?” He paused, breathing heavily. “Leave me?”

Her eyes narrowed, lips pursed tightly. “You have no right to judge me for thinking of matches when you are out there making your own!” 

“What are you talking about!” Jon shouted, causing the men on the yard to turn and stare at them. He growled under his breath and tugged Sansa along until they were hidden in an alcove at the far end of the courtyard. “What match am I making?” 

“Lord Davos said that you were showing great interest in the Dragon Queen,” Sansa answered coldly, eyes challenging him to contradict her. 

Jon shook his head, too shocked to find the right response. “I have no interest in Daenerys. How can I be interested in another woman when all I can ever think about is…” Jon stopped, startled by his own admission as shame coloured his cheeks. “Forget it. It’s nothing. I have more important matters to attend to. Go back to your Lord Dickon.” 

He made to leave but Sansa held him back this time. “Finish your sentence, Jon.” 

“Sansa,” he warned. “Let me go.” 

“Finish your sentence,” she repeated angrily. “You cannot yell at me then not explain to me why. That’s not fair!” 

Jon growled, fighting a losing battle, as he twisted their hands so he could grip her instead. He crowded her back up against the wall and leaned in close. “How can I be interested in another woman when all I can ever think about is you?” he whispered, his breath fanning across her skin. “Is that what you wanted to hear? That you have me this twisted up inside? That I can hardly go a day without thinking about you, desperate to just be near you? Do you know how I loathe myself for having these thoughts?” He was breathing heavily, chest rising and falling rapidly, as he continued to stare at her.

For the longest second of his life, Sansa said nothing, did nothing, but stare back, and then slowly, her hands ran up his chest. “Then let us be twisted together,” she murmured, as her hands curled around his neck and pulled him to her, kissing him lightly. “Because you are all I think about as well, Jon Snow,” she said against his lips. 

Jon sighed into her, holding onto her hips as he continued to kiss her as lovingly, desperately and wantonly as he could, while knowing that there was now a new reason why he didn’t want to leave Winterfell. How could he now that he knew what she tasted like? 

Gods save him. 

unholy [part two to angel on fire]

summary: part two to angel on fire || nsfw || demon!bucky x angel!reader ||

warnings: fingering, use of powers, biting, general sin tbh

notes: alternatively titled ‘how heaven would burn and how hell would freeze

this is for my lovely babydoll’s (@sanjariti) prompt game/challenge!! I had the song Unholy by Hey Violet. Now, I didn’t use all the lyrics, but I did use some of them. I hope that’s okay, Lina.


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New Obsession over here! I have no idea why, but i just LOVE these pancakes. Had them 5 days in a row already 😅 i didn’t even expected them to taste good- i’m not at home these days and just had a few ingredients to make a breakfast and now i even love them more than my regular recipe lol 😁
☀90g of oats (blended into flour, but mine are still more like fine oats)
☀sweetener of choice
☀baking powder
Just mix everything together and let the batter sit for around 4 minutes (it shouldn’t be too liquid! thicker is better in my opinion). I also add some cinnamon and half a tablespoon Chia seeds but that’s optional! Bake on high heat from both sides until brown and slightly crispy from the outside. Enjoy with whatever you like! 😊

The DDADDS Previous Relationships

Craig: As we all know Craig had a relationship with “Smashley” for a while and I believe that their divorce was in part to his sexuality shifting over time and his attraction towards women dissipating. Before his marriage with Smashley he was a huge flirt (and still is), often having flings with mostly girls. He experimented with some boys but didn’t think much of it at the time.
Brian: He had a wife at one point and their relationship was steady for a while. His competitive behavior didn’t mash well with what I call his ‘deadbeat’ wife. A few years after Daisy’s birth, his wife grew to be more distant and uninvolved in Daisy’s life. Eventually she left them and Brian hasn’t heard from them since.
Damien: Before Damien transitioned he was in a toxic relationship. He became pregnant with Lucien young and his S/O didn’t want him to have the child. Damien decided to leave the relationship and fell on hard times for the first few years of Lucien’s life. He doesn’t regret the experience, it’s only made him stronger as a person.
Hugo: Had a husband in the past, their relationship revolved mostly around the fact that they were both literature nerds. They didn’t agree on a lot of parenting oriented tasks. They split up for the best of both of their well beings.
Mat: A few short relationships spring up, some rocky some steady. His longest was with the S/O he had Carmensita with. He never married but he always wanted another parental figure for Carmensita.
Robert: Robert had Val with his first wife, when she was 2 his wife decided to end her own life for seemingly unknown reasons. Soon after, Robert discovered she had been having an affair with another man for a significant duration of their marriage and ended her life out of guilt. This led to his fear of commitment. He is afraid that something like this would happen again.
Joseph: There was a few sweethearts in Highschool but Mary has been his only real relationship. They were a classic case of ‘love at first sight’. Mary’s pregnancy with their first child led to an early wedlock.

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Do you think any of your followers could rec us fics where Stiles takes care of Derek / rescues him or anything where Derek gets to be cared for by Stiles? These new trailers and info packages really upset my Derek Hale protective heart :(( my child deserves the world!!!!

*hugs anon* I would love to be recced some of these!! I just went through my AO3 bookmarks and couldn’t find much on my own. 

Illuminated [5013] [T] zainclaw

“Because I’m falling in love with you and it’s scaring the hell out of me.”

Wolf in the House [33481] [T] JoeLawson

“What? It’s totally an improvement. He’s not scowling, or dating bad guys, or slinking around in unsanitary places. Still a bit paranoid, but what can you do. At least he’s a lot easier to get along with when you can buy his affections with ear rubs.”

“And you always wanted a dog,” Sheriff added wryly.

“And I always wanted a dog.”

(Stiles & the Sheriff taking care of Derek)

I’m sure I have more, but it’s been so long since I’ve read them I don’t remember what has what in it.

I could also self-rec a few of mine:

Someone Else’s Dream [36643] [T] 

Post-3B. Derek has gone missing, and Stiles’ dreams might be the only way to save him.

Lost and Discovered [3345] [T]

post “117” - Stiles is avoiding his bed (for reasons) and decides to check on how Derek’s dealing with his recovered memories. It turns out that getting the past seven years back all at once has given Derek a new perspective on life - and his relationships.

Instinct [1845] [T]

When Derek returns to his adult form, all he can think about is getting the scent of Kate off him.

Cross a Canyon (with a Broken Limb) [18009] [T]

“You never graduated,” Stiles says, just to say it. To test it out in the open air. That’s… huh.

Stiles spends his senior year battling troll-gremlins, taking on an unexpected tutoring job, and definitely not falling for a certain sourwolf (even though everyone else seems to think he is).

If anyone has recs for Derek comfort, please feel free to reply or add on to this post!


So I’ve only got back from Paris yesterday and in all honesty it has drained me. It was such a great holiday and I’m so glad I got to see myself as a Disney Princess (although it’s probably a bit of a step down from a queen).

I don’t really have the energy to write up a full post at the moment, and even if I did I can’t say I would know what to write about. The Magazine is currently taking up a lot of my time and I’m trying to keep the best pieces I have for it so it can be a worthwhile read for everyone.

Side Note:

I have a few submissions from other crossdressers for the magazine but I still would like some more.

If you want your pictures to be shown in the magazine, please contact me at jessicablaise@hotmail.com!

Until next week!

- Jessica Blaise x x

OK so when exactly was Lotor born?

*SPOILERS for Voltron Season 3 final episode* 

Me: *watching final episode with bf*

Voltron cast: So, we know Lotor’s motivations now! He’s after the quintessence!

Me to BF: That… actually doesn’t sound like a Lotor motivation at all.

BF: It really doesn’t.

Me: That’s Haggar and Zarkon’s motivation, sure. But not his. I don’t get what he’s after. We’re still missing something big about Lotor.

But thinking on it more raises a few interesting questions.

When exactly did Honerva and Zarkon have Lotor? He didn’t show up in the flashback. I’m still going on the assumption that Honerva is indeed his mother, since adultery even among the villain couple doesn’t seem like something a kid’s anime would go for. But when did they have him? Was it before they got possessed by evil eldritch abomination goo? It almost had to have been, since 1) he doesn’t seem to be affected by it, himself, and 2) it seems like they would have lost interest in making babies after (since Honerva didn’t even remember that Zarkon was her husband, apparently.) So Lotor was already around by then.

How old  was Lotor when his parents got consumed by evil alternate-dimension abomination goo? Was he old enough to understand what had happened? Does this have to do with why he was banished?

Why is  Lotor trying to assemble reality-cracking technology, if he’s not after more quintessence?

Is Lotor trying to fix his parents?

Yuri on Ice Fic Rec Mega List

So, this is my own YOI Fic-rec list, compiled from my absolute favorites I’ve been reading during the last three months.

But first, a couple of notes:

Not a lot of angst here (there is some) because I much prefer fluff (and smut), or both (as my friend likes to put it – smuff). Almost all of the stories are T and up, most are M and up.

I don’t do sad endings, y’all. The YOI story is so fucking optimistic, it deserves to be treated as such (sure, if your kink is major character death, go for it, it just won’t be on MY list).

I much prefer the novels, dammit, the longer the better, but there is a section with one-shots and short stories, I just like it less.

I ADORE healthy relationships with good communication, and except for the obvious here, most of these are.

So what do we have here?

A few Fill in the Gaps (FITG) stories, a few Time Travel (TT) stories, two major skating AUs (one of them probably one the best known fics in this fandom) and one completely different AU, One Sub/Dom story that cured me from “50 Shades” (don’t judge me), lots of fluff and domesticity, lots of communication in relationships, lots of social media shenanigans, a few crack stories and a WHOLE LOT OF LOVE ON THE ICE.

The only ships are Victuuri and Otayuri (when they’re older), as I don’t ship them with anyone else, and other ships as side notes.

So. Onwards.

The Novels

Honorary mention - The Rival series – Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches/Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts, by Reiya. Complete/WIP (Rated E)

General: Ah, boy. So much has been written about this series I don’t really have to add a lot. If you are in this fandom and read fic, you will have heard about this story long before this.

Just for the record – a “What If” AU, told first from Yuuri’s perspective (UMFB&MHA, complete) and then from Victor’s (OBS&BH, WIP), about what would have happened if one small detail was different and the result would be a rivalry between the two. One of the first fics I read and a DAMN GOOD ONE. Like I said, it’s the only one on this list with actual long lasting ANGST, but it’s also beyond sweet.

Bonus points:

Amazing world building, wonderful characterization, handling difficult issues very well, and very good writing.

LOOOOOOONG. As in, novel length. For someone like me, that’s wonderful.

OBS&BH has a pretty regular update rate – especially regarding the fact that Reiya is a FUCKING MEDICAL STUDENT, so tons of kudos to them for keeping the updates as regular as they are.

Reiya (kazliin) is very active here, and answers asks and gives us world building and top ten lists and LIFE I tell you.

One of the best usages of Social Media snippets.


A third fic is planned, with lots of fluff and extra scenes, which is something we are looking forward to in the extreme.

Don’t skip the music connected to the story, as it is very important!

Bear Your Soul on the Ice, by SassySalchow (diedraechin). WIP (Rated M)

General: At age 14, Yuuri goes to train with Yakov in Russia and meets his idol, which turns out to be a real dork. The story spans years of both their lives and their relationship (with each other and other people), and it so wonderfully researched and wonderfully written.

Bonus points:

Long, and getting longer. As far as we know, the story is supposed to be around its middle point, and as it currently has 21 chapters and 126,442 words, you do the math.

Amazing (!!!!!!) Original Characters, ones that you don’t want to let go of, and can’t really remember that are not a part of Canon.

The skating descriptions are STUNNING.

Pretty regularly updated.

Social media shenanigans – and texting – from before WhatsApp, oh, dear lord.


Additional fic (Life and Love off the Ice) always being updated with titbits and extra scenes.

Winter Song, by proantagonist. WIP (Rated E)

General: One of my favorite FITG fics, and one of the best written. It begins after chapter 7 and goes on after the finale. Lots of really cute Victuuri, tons of healthy communication and fluff (…and smut, yeah).

Bonus points:

Did I mention the COMMUNICATION? I don’t think I did. C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N. Yeah.

Wonderful characterization of all those involved, with extra cuteness when it comes to Yuuri’s family.

Healthy sex. Really. And it progresses in a REASONABLE PACE.

Call Everything on the Ice…, by shysweetthing. Complete (Rated E)

General: Another FITG fic, with Victor being extra insecure and cute as hell while being very bad at directions and learning Japanese. Some miscommunication and angst here, but nothing major.

Bonus points:

The last chapter is extra cute, way into the future.

Victor and Yuuri’s family, my god.


No Less Unthinkable, by rageprufrock. Complete (Rated E)

General: Well, this one is really tons of smut (a lot in the first chapter, less in the second), but it also portrays Yuuri as somewhat more experienced than you would normally see, so that’s cute. First Chapter is pre-canon, second is FITG for S01.

Bonus points:

Wonderful characterization.

Yuuri and Yuri, LOLZ.

Best sex talks EVER.

Quite a lot of crack. Seriously. These people are HILARIOUS. Snap Stories. Phichit. Dear god.


Also, it might be 2 chapters… but it’s long. J

Katsuki_fc wrote, by tetsurashian. Complete (Rated G)

General: How Social Media viewed the happenings of S01. Obviously CC, and FUNNY AS HELL.

Bonus points:


People being supportive which is FUN.

Sweetsilversub, by phlintandsteel. Complete (Rated E)

General: Remember the Dom/Sub story I talked about? THIS IS IT. It’s mostly CC (with a bit before canon and divergent from a point), FITG for the sweetest relationship in the world. Some chatroom talks, a couple of Dom/Sub Scenes between Victuuri and HEALTHY COMMUNICATION.

Bonus points:

Did I mention the communication?

YUURI IS THE DOM AND VICTOR IS THE SUB. It fits so well, my god.

The Dom/Sub scenes are handled so beautifully.

Nice and long (you see a pattern here, don’t you?)

OCs are super cute.

The Carnage of the Art, by ExorcisingEmily. Complete (Rated T)

General: CC Post S01. When Yuri gets hurt, Victor and Yuuri take care of him. Some guilt and some angst here, but a lot of relationship building.

Bonus point:

Extra Podium Family - so much love between the three.


Beautiful characterization and writing.

On My Love, by RikoJasmine. WIP (Rated T)

General: After a car accident, Yuuri finds himself in the past. It’s probably my favorite TT story, as it is incredibly well written. It’s also kind of a tear-jerker, so be warned.

Bonus points:

Yuuri being confident is great.

Vicchan lives!!!

Yuuri being able to be great at what he does, and Victor falls so hard for him it’s magnificent.


Victor and Yuuri’s family! CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

Fluffy as hell.


Update rate is quite slow on this one (not complaining, just saying - I know fic writers have a life and whatever they give I’m grateful), but it’s still already nice and long. Worth the wait, IMHO.

Re: Yuri Katsuki, by Ishxallxgood. WIP (Rated T)

General: CC, S01 told from Phichit’s perspective. Lots of crack, lots of social media, super cute and fluffy.

Bonus points:

Phichit is stirring the Victuuri Ship, y’all. Enough said.

Phichit spends money… XD


From Almaty, With Love, by BoxWineConfessions. Complete (Rated E)

General: The best Otayuri fic I found, where Yuri goes to stay with Otabek for the summer in Almaty. Pretty slow burn, but seriously good read. Some angst (though I’d call it a tear jerker), but worth it.

Bonus points:

Absolutely STUNNING writing and descriptions.

Almaty in summer is described so life-like it’s as if you’re there.

Both Yuri and Otabek are so well written and their interactions are funny and sweet. And real.

Also long.


Second fic in the series (Line and Verse) has extra scenes before and after and is just as well written.

Home, by Kurenaito. Complete (Rated T)

General: Post S01, when Victor and Yuuri adopt two girls. Very sweet family dramas.

Bonus points:

Great OCs, well portrayed.

Extra Yuri being a big brother.


Two extra fics in the series (Spark to Flame) – Clara tells all (short) and Spark, which picks up after Home and is a WIP.

Blackbird, by sixpences. Complete (Rated M)

General: WW2/Cold war AU, where both Yuuri and Victor are spies. I’m not big on AUs that aren’t skating, but this one is… Just fucking beautiful. Some angst and it can be a tear-jerker, but it’s really, REALLY worth it.

Bonus points:

One of the best written stories I found, including characterization, plot development, pace, descriptions and emotion.

Nice and long.

Yuuri is not a timid little thing! Yey!


I cried quite a lot during this, but it’s the good kind of tears.

Very well researched.

The sex scenes are not explicit but the go RIGHT TO YOUR BONES.


There will be extra fics in the series (Birdsong) to accompany the main one, with more about the side characters and a bit more about our Victuuri.

Turn back the Clock, by IronScript. WIP (Rated T)

General: TT where Both Yuuri and Victor go back in time. This is pure fluff.

Bonus points:

Long and getting longer!


One Shots and short stories

OK, so true, these aren’t my favourites, but these few are still good enough for me to love them.

You can have everything, by shysweetthing. Complete (Rated T)

General: CD – when Yuuri finds Victor’s phone in the Sochi GPF HILARITY ENSUES.

Bonus Points:

Total Crack most of the time (except for Vicchan).

Everything that’s silver is not gold, by SassySalchow (diedraechin). Complete (Rated M)

General: Soulmates story, where the marking on your body grows when you see your soulmate. CC and very fucking cute.

Bonus points:

Pretty long for a one shot and very well written.

Super cute, just about it.

So this guy walks into a bar…, by silvercistern. Complete (Rated E)

General: Victor and Yuuri pretend to not know each other and Victor is BAD at seducing Yuuri. Crack and a bit of smuff.

Bonus point:

Well, the crack, and the fact that Victor can’t seduce FOR SHIT.

Also, being a couple can be very comfortable.

Drunk on You, by kiaronna. WIP (Rated T)

General: Soulmate AUs one shots, each chapter is a whole different story. Most are CC and quite cute.

Bonus points:

Not “regular” soulmate AUs, so a bit more imagination.

Lots of cuteness overload.

That’s it - if you guys have fics to recommend, I’ll be happy to hear!

Just puttin this out there…I don’t want you guys to think about how it’s been a few months since Kat and Adena have last seen each other. Adena decided to stay in Paris after things with coco didn’t work out, it was something about reinventing her photography or something. Kat is still the social media director of scarlet but she has more power with the things she can and can’t tweet, she doesn’t need to go through Jacqueline or Lauren anymore. It’s a long day after work and the trio decide they haven’t really been out together in forever, so they decide to go out to a club and have some fun. The moment they step through the door of the club the bass vibrates through them, Sutton gets them their first drinks of the night… a whole lotta drinks later we see the trio on the dance floor feeling themselves. Jane and Sutton get a little tired so they sit down at the nearest booth and take a breather drink some water to sober up. While Kat is definitely not tipsy and thinking about Adena. Oh who we kidding that’s exactly what’s happening, so she dances right in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by people having fun. When partition by non other than Beyoncé comes on and Kat can’t resist so she really embraces the music. Kat is so far gone to the music that she doesn’t notice the body slinking in behind her but Jane and Sutton notice who it is immediately. They share a look of “is that who I think it is?” With their mouths open in slight shock they just stare at kat being oblivious. Beyoncé can’t be resisted it’s Kats go to music well her and nicki Minaj ;) the bass of the song fills Kats body she’s just swaying to the beat when she’s hyper aware that there is definitely someone behind her not giving her any space whatsoever, Kats ready to tell this creep off but when she finally turns around and makes eye contact with the person it’s as if time stands still…..

Imagine...Meeting Dean As A Demon

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Request: can I request a dean x reader where the reader was possessed by a demon during the time dean was a demon too. And the demon was loyal to crowley so they have seen each other a few times but shortly after sam takes dean to cure him the demon gets exorcised and they meet again a few months later (dean has still the MoC) and she panics bc she doesn’t know he isn’t a demon any more and he gets suspicious bc well he doesn’t know she isn’t possessed anymore?

Pairing: Dean x reader

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I’ve decided to create a list of products (such as soap, shampoo, body wash, hand cream, etc) that will help make nonbinary and trans people feel more feminine/masculine. I’ve seen quite a few general lists but i wanted to put out a specific one. So if you know of any reletively cheap products or products that are more subtil send me an ask,dm me or submit! Please send the brand name and product name with any useful specifications. I will be constantly update this list so send them in whenever you can/find some.

Just Teasing - Part Two

Pairing: Dave Hodgman x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3583

Author’s Note: Here is part two that @mf-despair-queen has requested! It’s cute, angsty, and smutty all in one, so I hope you guys like it! She also proofread this for me cause she’s amazing af. <3

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I’ve haven’t commented too much on the fuckery at SDCC this past few days as I wanted to reflect on it a little more. I’ve come to a slightly different conclusion than some of my Tumblr friends, but hey, that’s what makes it interesting isn’t it?

I still have absolutely no doubt that they are a couple. But I am thinking that if STARZ doesn’t want that particular information out there for whatever reason, they may have told them to work in a denial somewhere and planted the Q with LR since she has a somewhat “exclusive” agreement with STARZ regarding Outlander.

It is no secret to anyone with eyes that someone told them to work with a different narrative and to quit being so touchy feely with each other. We’ve been seeing them hold their own hands since last summer. It’s not natural for them and they twitch like worms on a hook which I suppose is a good analogy for what they are to STARZ. I must admit this is one of the things that convinced me they were a couple.

We’ve also seen them engage in little acts of defiance along the way frequently after the blonde shows up. Tweetfests before something comes down, storm warnings from others, and small acts of possession or control both before and after. And when we react, STARZ doubles down and flies the blonde in her daisy dukes half way around the world to reinforce the narrative. Then S&C shove subtle hints our way (a birthday picture with C’s hand on S or a tweet fest or video) until they can get away from the shenanigans.

In my line of work, there are three standards by which you evaluate the evidence or the proof in a case: preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not the fact is true), clear and convincing (highly probable that the fact is true) or proof beyond a reasonable doubt (more than clear and convincing and less than an outright omission). Preponderance of the evidence is usually viewed as the least rigorous standard and easiest to prove while beyond a reasonable doubt (generally used in criminal law) is the toughest and highest standard of proof usually because someone’s liberty is at stake.

Just to be fair, apply the easiest to prove to the S & MM narrative and the toughest to the S & C narrative. The S & MM narrative shows us that they see each other every few months. They are rarely photographed together, and although she usually smiles he doesn’t. He does not show the same amount of deference of attention to her as he does C and most of the time, unless its a “pose for the photographer shot” they rarely even walk or stand together.

Evaluating from a clear and convincing standard the evidence shows that S & C spend more time together, are comfortable enough to touch each other in a very familiar way (cheek to toe), something we don’t see him doing with anyone else and many people from major magazine editors to their own friends and cast mates view them as a unit. They engage fans as a unit sometimes and although we know they show us what they want us to see, a certain degree of that connection cannot be faked. Heart eyes and the emotional connection it takes to be continuously aware of each other in a crowded room are thing we constantly hear described by fans who see them together. They have also shown us the last few months that they spend a great deal of their personal time together outside of the obligatory work situations. Consider also the blending of those things that mean the most to them - their charities (I almost had a stroke over the Christmas picture).

Other than thinking I get paid by the word, do you think the MM narrative is true by a preponderance? I sure don’t. Since we don’t have an outright admission, I’m thinking we are getting very close to meeting our burden of proof to show by clear and convincing evidence that S & C are together. I don’t think we will get an admission, but I think after J & C reunite some pressure will be off. I wouldn’t be surprised if MM shows up at the premiere just to fuck with us, but I hope after print shop we will see our favorite couple under a lot less duress.

Bad Advice

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader + Tony Stark + Clint Barton

Request: Hiii. I was wondering if you could do a Peter drabble, where she is the sort-of daughter of Tony (he’s a father figure to her) and her closest friend is Clint. So Peter has a huge crush on her, and he goes to the two people who know her best for help on asking her out. It goes badly, needless to say, but when he tries being himself…😊 Just a bunch of fluff and awkward!Peter. It gives me life. If you do end up doing this, thank you! If not, that’s alright. By @yourmagicalblazesoullove

Word count: 830

A/N: I’m sorry I have been quiet for the past few days. I have been sick and hadn’t had any energy to write. I’ll try to post more requested imagines over the weekend so hang on. I’m still a bit sick so I’m sorry if this isn’t my best work! 

PS. Requests are open so feel free to send me any ideas that you might have! Send your requests here


Peter has had the biggest crush on you for months now but he had no idea what to do about it. The smartest plan was to go to the people who knew her best, or so he thought. “So, you wanna court my Y/N?” Tony asked with a huge smirk. “Yeah, please I need your help! I just don’t know how to approach her. So, if you could give me some advice, that would be great” Peter pleaded. Tony and Clint looked at each other for a while and then turned back to him. “Okay fine” Tony finally agreed. “But you better take good care of her kid!” Clint continued and Peter nodded his head excitedly.

“Okay first of all, you need to get rid of that awkward geeky kid vibe you have going on. Girls don’t like that” Tony started and Clint nodded agreeing. Peter gave them a questioning look “Don’t you think it would be better if I just… was myself?” “How many girls has that gotten you kiddo?” Tony argued him and Peter thought about it for a second. “Okay, so how do I get rid of that ‘vibe’?” Peter finally asked. “You have to be really confident with her. Just be like you know you are good looking and a catch and that other girls would be lucky to have you” Tony advised him making Peter feel kind of skeptical about everything they said. He really didn’t feel comfortable pretending to be someone else. But maybe Tony was right, I mean being himself didn’t really seem to attract girls. “Come on Peter, you are Spider-Man! Just use the confidence you have when you put that mask on.” Clint said after seeing the uncertainty in Peter’s face. “Oh, and don’t be too obvious that you are trying to flirt with her. But also make sure that she knows you are flirting” he continued leaving Peter extremely confused. “Now go get her Spiderling” Tony patted Peter’s shoulder and led him on his way.

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Peter saw you watching TV alone at the living room. He thought about everything Tony and Clint had told him and gave himself a pep talk. “You can do this Peter. Just be confident and don’t be awkward or obvious” he corrected his posture and walked to you. “Hey beautiful” he said and cringed at his own words. Hey beautiful? Who talks like that, Peter facepalmed himself. “Oh, hey Peter, what’s up” you laughed a bit at his words. “Um, nothing, um, so what are you watching” don’t be awkward, don’t be awkward, Peter repeated in his mind. He put his hand on the couch’s backrest behind you. “Oh it’s some new series on Netflix. Don’t really know if I like it yet” you answered a bit confused about what was happening with Peter. “Well, I don’t know about the series, but I do love watching you” “Okay, what the hell is going on with you Peter? Why are you acting like the biggest douche on planet Earth?” You asked him and his eyes widened. “I-I-I’m sorry Y/N I just, um, I um” he started to stutter and you gave him an annoyed look. “Look Peter, if you have like some bet with someone, I’m really not in the mood for it so could you just leave” you were pissed at him. You had had a crush on him since the moment you met him and all the sudden he turns into some huge jerk. “No Y/N, I- I don’t have a bet with anyone. I promise. I just. I just wanted to impress you so Tony and Clint gave me some advice. I really like you and I was so nervous to approach you. I was so sure that you wouldn’t ever like someone like me. You know a huge geeky kid.” He explained himself and you shook your head. “So, you have a crush on me and you got advice from TONY AND CLINT?” you laughed a bit before continuing “Look Peter, you don’t have to pretend to be anyone else. I love you just the way you are. I love that you are not like other guys our age. I love the fact that you are super smart and you are so funny and brave. Don’t you ever think that you are not perfect just the way you are Peter” you held his hand and gave him a reassuring smile. “Yo-you um, love me?” Peter asked with wide eyes. “No, what, I mean I like you a lot in a romantic way of course but not love that’s way too big way too early, Pfft” you gave him a small nervous laughter and a big grin grew to Peter’s face. “Y/N, I love you too” he smiled widely and kissed you. You kissed him back but then pulled away. “Oh, and Peter, by the way, your pick up lines suck” “Oh shut up” he laughed and kissed you again.

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