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top 5 anime food porn?¿?


Unfortunately I have like…0… other anime on my computer at the moment except for YOI and volleydorks so I’m not going to make any of my own gifs but I STILL LOVE THIS AND I’LL MAKE A LIST.

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2. Kimi No Na Wa (by the way if you haven’t seen this movie yet YOU NEED TO)

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3.  Kotonoha no Niwa (coincidentally IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THIS MOVIE EITHER YOU NEED TO ALSO it’s so incredibly beautiful)

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5. Bungou Stray Dogs (Food isn’t shown too often BUT WHEN IT ISSSSSS, YUM)


nom nom nom

Now I’m hungry :)))))

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If you’ve ever searched for young adult books with gay protagonists, you’ve probably noticed a trend - a lot of them aren’t very happy. Even books with happy endings love to put you through an emotional wringer until the very last second. Don’t get me wrong, conflict is what drives a story. But how conflict is presented makes a hell of a difference. Sometimes you just want to laugh. So I present to you some of my favorite lighter gay/lesbian YA books.

I’m just so sick of straight people who can’t get their shit together.

1) Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, soon to be a movie. Simon’s humor is more on the cynical side but this is still a light book.

Perhaps in thirty or forty years, when both my parents were in nursing homes and I was living hundreds of miles away from Beaver Lake, I might possibly be ready to tell another person that I was gay.

2) Absolutely Positively Not by David LaRochelle, an older book but still relevant and painfully hilarious. The only one on this list that isn’t really a romance.

Straight people have it so much easier. They don’t understand. They can’t. There’s no such thing as openly straight.

3) Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg, which I avoided for a long time because the title is terrible. That was a mistake on my part because this book (series actually) is brilliant.

God, stop that! She’s probably straight. I wish I had gaydar. I wish it were something you could pick up in a store.

4) Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan, another “don’t judge a book by its cover” situation. For a long time I avoided it because the cover looked overly dramatic and serious. It’s not. At all.

Mary Carlson chooses the same moment to lift her pinky, and ever so slightly touch mine. I can’t breathe. This is the weirdest fucking moment in my life, but I want to die in it. Like if God above decided this was it, I’d say, Take me.

5) Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown, a story that features generally serious tropes (a rural town! a secret relationship! religion!) but isn’t doom and gloom about them.

He would marry a nice girl, maybe Sophie, maybe have a couple of kids one day, and not get divorced, or go AWOL. They would have money and a nice house. Neither he nor his wife would do a Beyoncé tribute act.

6) Noah Can’t Even by Simon James Green, a novel that had me in stitches.  Noah is a beautifully naive narrator.

Bonus, not pictured:

- Honestly Ben by Bill Konigsberg, a sequel to Openly Straight. The tone is a bit more serious though.
- M or F? by Lisa Papademetriou and Chris Tebbetts, hilarious but there are dual protagonists, one female (straight) and one male (gay) which makes it technically not a perfect fit for this list but is still so funny I have to mention it.

1K Follower Celebration

I finally did it guys! I hit 1 thousand followers!!!  You are all fabulous, amazing human beings and I love you all!  To celebrate, I will open my request since I don’t call myself a “request” blog.  I will list the characters/people I will write for, and I will also have a dialogue prompt list.  


·         Choose a character and a dialogue prompt you would like me to use

·         It would be helpful to tell me if you want it to involve angst/fluff/smut

Please be aware that I don’t normally take requests.  If some requests don’t inspire me, I may not write them so please don’t be mad about it. I don’t know how many requests I will write, or how long it will take me to write them as this is my first time taking requests.  Please be patient with me.  These requests might be small drabbles, or they might inspire me to write a long one-shot, we will just have to see.  

Characters/People/Fandoms I will write for:


               Steve Rogers

               Bucky Barnes

Teen Wolf

               Stiles Stilinski

               Scott McCall

               Derek Hale

Game of Thrones

               Jon Snow

Hemlock Grove

               Roman Godfrey

The Walking Dead

               Daryl Dixon



               Eric Coulter

Real Persons

               Chris Evans

The above list is from movies/tv shows that I have watched numerous times, over and over. Therefore, I feel the most comfortable writing about them.  I can’t promise much outside the realm of Steve Rogers/Chris Evans, but I will try my best for you lovelies!

Dialogue Prompts

1.       “Don’t cry baby”

2.       “Do. Not. Tempt. Me.”

3.       “I don’t want you, I need you.”

4.       “I hate that I still love you.”

5.       “Hold up, she said what?”

6.       “Does he know about that baby?”

7.       “There’s something I need to get off my chest.”

8.       “I don’t want to have a baby.”

9.       “What have you done with my pills?  I need them!”

10.   “It’s three in the morning.”

11.   “Was that supposed to hurt?”

12.   “I want an answer, goddammit.”

13.   “How much of that did you hear?”

14.   “Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

15.   “I know it hurts.”

16.   “Wow, you look….amazing.”

17.   “This isn’t what I wanted.”

18.   “I’m lost without you.”

19.   “You have my word.”

20.   “It looks like you’re in trouble there.  Can I help?”

21.   “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

22.   “Could you be happy here with me?”

23.   “She doesn’t understand you like I do.”

24.   “I’m ready to try again, if you are?”

25.   “This isn’t just about you.  It’s about what’s best for all of us.”

26.   “If you do this, you will be dead to me.”

27.   “I want that woman out of my house!”

28.   “Surprise, I have feelings and you just hurt them.”

29.   “I just want to start over.”

30.   “In the least creepy way possible, I know where you live.”

31.   “How to kill the mood 101.”

32.   “It’s too early for this, go back to sleep.”

33.   “You left me with no one, sorry doesn’t change that.”

34.   “If I tell you I love you will you make me pancakes?”

35.   “Poke me once more and we’ll see what happens.”

36.   “I kind of want to punch you in the face.”

37.   “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

38.   “What happens if I do this?”

39.   “Can I tell you a secret?”

40.   “Are you going to yell at me too?  I deserve it. “

41.   “Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

42.   “Is this the end?  After everything we’ve been through?”

43.   “My best is never good enough.”

44.   “Lets get this over with.”

45.   “Please don’t do this.”

46.   “I needed you and you weren’t there.”

47.   “You can spend the night, if you want.”

48.   “I can’t do this without you.”

49.   “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

“I think I’m falling in love with you.”

I Swear It's Not (Totally) Homo

Anon asked: Okay but what I need: richjake making out (for the first time or something in a very homo situation) and like Jake mumbling no homo.

Whenever Rich looked at Jake only one thing went through his mind: ‘I wanna kiss that fucking boy’. Jake was everything. A perfect package. Fit, sweet, tall, handsome, funny, talented. You name it, and Jake probably is it.

But whenever Rich imagined himself kissing Jake he thought of something else: ‘I’ll never get a kiss from Jake’ . Shit, he was lucky enough to be friends with Jake. First of all the only reason he managed to get this relationship was because of the SQUIP giving him advice, and second of all he burned down his goddamn house. Now he was a completely different person who had still burnt down a house. Why Jake didn’t kick his ass he never knew. I mean shit, Jake was mad of course. He was furious. He hated his guts. He glared and yelled and didn’t even wanna be touched by Rich. They didn’t start talking again until Rich finally got to have a one to one talk and started sending him money to help with the motel.

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Hi, everyone!

I’m doing my best and worst movies list for the third year in a row!

These are the top 10 best and worst movies I saw during 2017!
(Remember, this is a personal opinion. I don’t hold the knowledge to tell anyone which is the best or the worst movie ever and you may have different opinions and your own personal list. Feel free to comment on your favorite and least favorite movie from this year!)

Also, as years prior, I made drawings of the Top 5 best movies on my list. I’m trying to make them look better even if I draw them in less than a day. Still, this is so much fun to do.

Best movies 2017:
1) Thor Ragnarok
2) Logan
3) Get Out
4) Baby Driver
5) Wonder Woman
6) Blade Runner 2049
7) Wind River
8) Spider-man Homecoming
9) Kingsman 2: Golden Circle
10) Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets 

Worst movies 2017:
1) The Emoji Movie
2) Death Note (Netflix)
3) It comes at night
4) Bye Bye man
5) The Mummy (Dark Universe)
6) Kong: Skull Island
7) Ghost in the Shell (American live action)
8) Justice League
9) Batman and Harley Quinn (DC animations) 
10) Beauty and the Beast (live action)

As tradition, I also made my two lists in addition to the top 10 best and worst movies. Here they are: 

Movies that impressed me 2017:
1) Mother!
2) Split
3) What happened to Monday 
4) To the Bone
5) A cure for wellness

Movies “I was rooting for you, you were the chosen one” 2017:
1) Alien Covenant
2) Atomic Blonde
3) Murder on the Orient Express
4) It
5) Life

These lists don’t reflect my in-depth opinion on each movie. It’s just the order I gave them between all movies I watched this year. If you want to know my personal opinion on one of these movies, you can send me a DM and we can talk. I love to talk about movies! 

I will continue this trend next year too, cause is fun and I love movies!

Suzanne's 100 Followers Supernatural Writing Challenge

Hey 100 Followers! First, I thank you all for following me!! I highly appreciate it. I know I’m not a writer and I don’t really post that interesting of original information. However I do read a lot of Supernatural fan fiction so I tend to reblog a lot. However, I have accepted my first writing challenge from @katymacsupernatural I am so nervous but I like that I’m doing something out of my comfort zone. So, in honor of 100 followers, I am hosting a writing challenge! WOOHOO! I love reading fan fiction so I figured why not have you wonderful fan fiction authors write so I have stuff to read? LMAO 


Suzanne’s 100 Followers Supernatural Writing Challenge 


 1. There is a selection of 20 movies quotes, 20 TV quotes, and 20 song titles to choose from. Please choose a first choice and a second choice. 

 2. You may write for ANY PAIRING AT ALL!! M/M, F/F, F/M, Trans, Cis etc. Reader inserts ARE included and highly encouraged! 

 3. You may write ANY type of fic - smut, angst, fluff, canon, crack, crossovers (with crossover characters as secondary characters), RPF, RPS, Winsister, etc.  

4. You may use kinks in your fics. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it goes with the storyline. 

 5. Message or send me an ask with your choices AND pairings under @sea040561. You do not have to indicate if you are using a kink or what type of fic it is going to be. 

 6. Your fic must be a minimum of 750 words! Use the “Keep Reading” tab though. Fics DO NOT have to be a one-shot. That decision is up to you! You retain ownership of the fic. 

 7. IMPORTANT: Your quote or song title MUST BE USED SOMEWHERE in the fic as a piece of dialogue! 

 8. When posting, please use the hashtag #Suzanne’s 100 Followers Supernatural Writing Challenge within the first 3 tags! 

 9. Tag me under both my blogs: @sea040561 & @my-favorite-fiction67. A lot of people have trouble tagging me under @sea040561 which is why I included my secondary one. 

 10. Please include an author’s note with your quote/song and where it is from or who sang it, who your pairing is, any kinks and any warnings you feel are needed and tag me in it @sea040561 and @my-favorite-fiction67 along with the title of this challenge 

 11. All fics are due by September 15th, 2017. I know there is a lot of other challenges going on right now which is why I am giving 3 months for it. 

 12. Finally, PLEASE MESSAGE ME WHEN YOU POST YOUR FIC! Here is the list of quotes and songs (special THANK YOU to @benjerry707 for their assistance…You have first choice!!) 

 100 Follower Challenge Movie quotes: 

 1. “Because I’m 50 shades of fucked up” - Christian Grey - 50 Shades of Grey

  2. “I’m not putting that in my butt” - Ana Steele - 50 Shades Darker 

 3. “It says right here it is a dessert wine” - Jan - Grease 

 4. “Marty: Do you think these glasses make me look smarter? Rizzo: No, you can still see your face.” - Grease 

 5. “So long, gay boys!” - Mr Chow - The Hangover 

 6. “Not you, fat Jesus” - The Hangover 

 7. “Stop trying to make fetch happen, Gretchen.” - Regina George - Mean Girls 

 8. “I can’t help it if I have a wide set vagina and a heavy flow” - Chubby girl - Mean Girls 

 9. “Aubrey: I know you have a toner for Jesse.” “Becca: A what?” “Aubrey: A toner. A musical boner.” - Pitch Perfect 

 10. “Lily: I set fires to feel joy. Donald: That’s adorable” - Pitch Perfect 

 11. “There’s gum on my seat… GUM!” Annie - Speed 

 12. “Jesus, Bob, what button did you push?” - Young Executive - Speed 

  13. “All the dinosaurs feared the mighty T-Rex” - Deadpool 

 14. “That’s a face I’d be happy to sit on” - Vanessa - Deadpool 

 15. “Show Dick some respect” - John Bender - The Breakfast Club 

 16. “Dick, I mean Richard, does Barry Manilow you raid his wardrobe on a daily basis.” - John Bender - The Breakfast Club 

 17. “Wolverine: You actually go outside in these things? Cyclops: Well, what would you prefer, yellow spandex?” - X Men 

 18. “Steve Rogers: Is everything a joke to you? Tony Stark: Funny things are.” - The Avengers 

 19. “Gamora: I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.” - Guardians of the Galaxy 

 20. “Slater: Didja ever look at a dollar bill, man? There’s some spooky shit goin’ on there. And it’s green too.” - Dazed and Confused 


 1. “Love Screws Me Up” - Rick Springfield 

2. “Living in Oz” - Rick Springfield 

 3. “Shape of You” - Ed Sheeren 

4. “Thinking out Loud” - Ed Sheeren 

5. “Slow Hands” - Naill Horan 

6. “Strip That Down” - Liam Payne 

7. “Mo Bounce” - Iggy Azelea 

8. “Higher Ground” - Red Hot Chili Peppers 

9. “Remix (I like it)” - New Kids on the Block 

10. “Larger then Life” - Backstreet Boys 

11. “It Make Me Ill” - ‘N Sync 

12. “Hungry Like a Wolf” - Duran Duran 

13. “I Wanna Sex You Up” - Color Me Badd 

14. “Makin’ Me Look Good Again” - Drake White 

15. “Starving” by Hailee Steinfeld 

16. “Hold Back the River” by James Bay 

17. “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt 

18. “Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes 

19. "Way Down We Go” by Kaleo 

20. “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors 

 TV Quotes 

 1. “Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it!” - Friends 

 2. “I’m not great at advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment instead?” - Friends 

 3. “We actually started an urban legend!” - Psych 

  4. “Falling in love with you was never part of the plan.” - Psych 

 5. “It’s a gift… and a curse.” - Monk 

 6. “Unless I’m wrong, which, you know, I’m not.” - Monk 

 7. “I’m wearing the hat, where’s the party?” - Full House 

 8. “Okay let’s face it, I’m a lean, mean, hugging machine.” - Full House 

 9. “You can have the worst crap in the world happen to you and you can get over it. All you gotta do is survive.” - Grey’s Anatomy 

  10. “I’m sure it must feel as though everything is coming apart, but you can get through this.” - Grey’s Anatomy 

 11. “Scully: You have seen this before, I can tell. You lied to them. Mulder: I would never lie. I willfully participated in a campaign of misinformation.” - X Files 

 12. “Dr. Robert Romano: I’m beginning to think that "ER” stands for “everyone’s retarded”.“ - ER 

 13. "Dr. John Carter: [Instructing his med student] Grab that penis and show it who’s boss.” - ER 

 14. “Emerson Cod: Future Me though, is going 'I told you so’ up one side of you down the other one… but Now Me is just gonna sit back and watch.” - Pushing Daisies 

 15. “Chrissy Snow: You know, if women ran the world there’d be none of these stupid wars! Janet Wood Dawson: Yeah! Stanley Roper: Yeah, all the countries would nag each other to death!” - Three’s Company 

 16. “Ralph Furley: This is a respectable building. NO ROMAN ORGIES!” - Three’s Company 

 17. “Sheldon: I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested!” - The Big Bang Theory 

 18. “Monica Gellar: Guys can fake it? Unbelievable! The one thing that’s ours!” - Friends 

 19. “Ross Gellar: OK, how about Ruth? Rachel Greene: Oh, I’m sorry, are we having an 89 year old woman?” - Friends (on naming their baby) 

 20. “Steven Hyde: When Kelso’s the only one of us thinking straight, something’s wrong.” - That 70s Show

10 (12) Favorite Movies of 2014
The Internet is over-saturated with top 10 movie lists at the end of the year, but here’s mine away. I got bored. Here are some little gifs attached with a shorthand description of why I enjoyed them.
Note: I have yet to watch Selma, Inherent Vice, and A Most Violent Year, all of which I have been heavily anticipating.UPDATE: Finally watched all 3 of the aforementioned movies! Selma goes into my top 5, no question. A Most Violent Year was a surprise and blew me away, and gets a spot in my top 5 as well. Inherent Vice was amazing and gets a strong honorable mention. Though I still haven’t gotten through all of the 2014 films worth watching, mostly foreign, I’m confident about my list and it’s now finalized. Also, a dishonorable mention for American Sniper. Fuck that movie.

10. Boyhood

An awe-inspiring, incredible feat of filmmaking that invoked strong, specific feelings of nostalgia (from watching Dragonball Z on a CRT TV to baseball games with my dad in the early millennium). It didn’t do too much for me beyond that, but that’s hardly putting it down.

9. The Babadook

Terrifying, even on the 39 inch TV in my room, and not one cheap scare. I didn’t feel like I had to suspend much disbelief; it felt as real as it could’ve been.

8. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Despite the unwarranted stigma against superhero flicks among cinephiles, as a huge fan of the comics and (most) of the films, I couldn’t omit this from my list. Apart from the countless plot holes that inevitably come with the 7th film of what was supposed to be a trilogy, this was by far the series’ best entry.

7. Nightcrawler

Gyllenhaal’s gaunt figure, oily hair, and bulging eyes, representative of a controlling obsession eating away at the soul and blah blah blah. Nightcrawler sounds like the name of a horror film, but it isn’t, but in a way, it kind of is. Amazing, amazing performance by Bubble Boy.

6. Interstellar/Coherence (tie)

Saw this in IMAX and left thoroughly impressed. I’m a fan of Nolan and his ability to appeal to thrill-seekers and cerebral film nerds alike, and this is his most epic work yet.

Technically a 2013 film, but it had its “wide” release this summer, so I guess it counts. An amazing sci-fi flick like Interstellar, but different in every way possible. For starters, this film barely had a budget compared to the $165 million spent by Nolan and co. The creativity that allowed Byrkit to flip his limited resources into so much more really speaks to the beauty of filmmaking, budget or no budget. One of the most interesting watches this year, for sure.

5. Wild

After being turned away from a show, we watched this very drunk at the Hollywood Arclight at midnight but its poignancy wasn’t lost on me one bit. It definitely had me feelin’ some type of way, watermelon Four Loko or no watermelon Four Loko.

4. Birdman

The off-kilter charm, amazing performances, beautiful “score,” pretty-ass cinematography (that “oner” tho), and its overall originality, Birdman is an absolute work of art, ‘nuff said.

3. Blue Ruin

I’m an absolute sucker for films with blue palettes (even films with the word “blue” in the title tbh) and revenge flicks (I mean, I just spent $50 that I don’t have on The Vengeance Trilogy Blu-Ray tin…hell, I even liked The Punisher) so I was obviously sold. A beautifully shot, somewhat fresh take on the revenge genre.

2. Foxcatcher

Despite my excitement for the movie since its initial festival run, having been on my 2nd rewatch of The Office (still am), I was afraid that Steve Carrell’s face alone would throw me off. Definitely didn’t. His performance (Magic Mike and Hulk #3 were amazing as well) was the standout quality out of everything that was great about this movie.

1. Gone Girl/Whiplash (tie)

Probably a surprising pick for #1 but then again the ordering of this list is rough and could change any day; top 3 for sure though. Simply put, Fincher is one of my absolute favorites and Gone Girl reaffirmed that sentiment. Also, Rosamund Pike definitely set the bar for characters I’m simultaneously attracted to/scared as fuck of.

The intensity, the thematic ambivalence, and J.K. motherfucking Simmons (aka Tenzin aka Jonah Jameson)! For sure the most low-concept movie on the list and even with its 96% RT rating, I feel like Whiplash was quite underrated and overlooked this year.

Honorable Mentions:

-Under the Skin
-The Grand Budapest Hotel
-Inherent Vice
-The Skeleton Twins
-St. Vincent
-Obvious Child

-Top Five

-Guardians of the Galaxy

My Most Anticipated Movies of 2018

2017 has been a damn good year in film, and I doubt that 2018 will top it, however there is still much to look forward to. You may notice that I have not got neither the stand-alone Han Solo film, nor ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ on this list, and that’s because I’m not sure about them. Both of them have potential, but at the same time there is a high chance that they might be terrible. For one, Marvel needs to learn to actually not be afraid to kill of its characters (a reason I didn’t particularly like ‘Captain America: Civil War’), and if they still don’t do so in ‘Infinity War’, well then I personally will completely give up on the franchise as a whole. And generally I have hit a point of superhero fatigue, which is why this list has hardly any superhero films, minus one exception. In any case, these are my personal choices of the films I myself am most looking forward to and rooting for this year we know as 2018…

10) ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL - This is mainly here because of the first trailer. I really liked the footage that was dropped online about a week ago and it looked visually stunning, with James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez both cooking up something really special from this Japanese manga originated story. Then again, it could be like the ‘Ghost in the Shell’ which was very disappointing. But I am being optimistic!

9) UNTITLED CLOVERFIELD FILM - After the greatness that was ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’, I trust J.J. Abrams and the Bad Robot team enough with their whole Cloverfield-verse idea, and I look forward to seeing where they will take this franchise next. It seems like they are going with the Twilight Zone type of idea, and they’ll have all these separate films that in the end might end up all connecting to one thing, a cinematic universe of sorts?

8) BACKSEAT - Adam McKay, who was mostly known for directing and writing comedies, surprised everyone with the very successful ‘The Big Short’, a movie about the true story of the financial housing crisis of the mid-2000′s, where he was able to take a very difficult subject matter, and make it easily approachable to audiences whilst also making it entertaining in the process. Now McKay is continuing on with attempting to get that golden statue with another true story, however instead of finances it’s politics. The story of Vice President Dick Cheney to be exact, and all the deeds he did, so expect another very enlightening film, which will be boosted by it’s stellar cast which includes Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Bill Pullman and Sam Rockwell as George W. Bush. That’s right, Sam Rockwell is playing Bush!! Expect this to play big at the Oscars!

7) FIRST MAN - “City of Stars, are you shining just for me?” Alright, so this isn’t another ‘La La Land’ musical, in fact this film has nothing to do with music, which is what director Damien Chazelle has been focusing on until now (‘Whiplash’ also comes to mind), however with ‘First Man’, he is taking on a biopic about astronaut Neil Armstrong, with Ryan Gosling taking on the lead man, and Chazelle is yet to make a bad film, which makes me quite excited about this one, as he is stepping away from his comfort zone and doing something new. However knowing Chazelle I won’t be surprised if Armstrong gets at least one musical number in during the movie.

6) JOHNNY ENGLISH 3 - Call me simple minded, but I enjoy the ‘Johnny English’ franchise, well, at least the first film. The issue with ‘Reborn’ was that it was really Americanised, whilst the reason the first one worked so well was that it went full British and was a proper micky-take on the British spy genre. Hopefully the third one will go back to it’s roots, and we’ll get to see English once again dance along to his favourite ABBA tunes!

5) THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE - It’s very nice to see passion projects finally come to fruition. Terry Gilliam started work on this film about 20 years ago, and he finally seems to have succeeded. And the concept of the film feels so out-there and unusual and different, that I’m not going to lie, I am curious. I am more that curious actually!

4) HOLMES AND WATSON -  Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are both great comedians, and as ‘Step Brothers’ proved, putting them together creates comedy gold. Now give them the chance to adapt Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective tales, I mean, who knows what’s going to happen?? One thing’s for sure (or at least I hope): laughs are guaranteed!

3) THE JUNGLE BOOK - Andy Serkis is in some ways the king of motion-capture, takes on Rudyard Kipling’s classic, and unlike the Disney production, it will actually tell the story from the books, and not just takes small bits and make its own thing. Kipling’s classic was a massive part of my childhood, so I really look forward to seeing it come to life properly on screen, and with Serkis we already know that he is not afraid to go dark, and that visually the film will look spectacular! I mean, there is a reason that ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ is in my Top 10 favourite movies of 2017!

2) DEADPOOL 2 - Following that superb Bob Ross parody teaser, how can one not be excited for the merc with a mouth to have his comeback. The first ‘Deadpool’ was one of the most memorable and enjoyable superhero films of the past few years (and I haven’t truly enjoyed many superhero films in the past couple years with the exceptions of ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’), and ‘Deadpool 2′ looks to be just as good, if not better. And the Taika Waititi fan within me is also cheering on ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’’s Julian Dennison, who will be appearing in this sequel. ‘Deadpool 2′ is for sure going to be one of the most enjoyable cinema experiences this year! Just remember everyone: hugs not drugs!

1) ISLE OF DOGS - Wes Anderson is one of the more original directors of our time, with his own distinct unique style, and with how great ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ was, it’s great to see Anderson return back to stop-motion animation. And the trailer promises a fun, but also in some ways an emotional journey, and boosted with the incredible cast involved, this is going to be something very special, thus making it my most anticipated film of 2018.

5 Crushes I Don't Talk About Often...

I was tagged by @triciareh to complete this list and I would like to start this by saying…..Only 5??? That is so hard, even excluding SPN. 🤔

Well, here goes….In no particular order, my “Yes please” list……

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11 Questions

Thanks for the tag @crimeshowtrash!

Rules - Answer the 11 random questions posted for you. Create 11 new questions, and tag 11 people.

1) Who is the character you relate most to from all the fandoms you follow and why?
I find it hard to find characters I relate to. But, if I had to choose, it would be Emily Prentiss as I am also very sarcastic and sceptical (yet still an idealist deep down).
2) What is your one place you have to travel to?
I really want to go Cuba! It just seems amazing and so unique. South America is also on my dream travel list.
3) If you could write a book about your life, what would it be called?
‘A Series of Embarassing Events’
4) Who would you cast to play yourself in a movie based off said book?
Wow, I’m not sure!
5) If you could time travel, what time period/day/year would you go to?
I would love to go back to any time in history in which things felt hopeful for the future – e.g. the fall of the Berlin Wall. We don’t have enough of those moments nowadays.
6) What is your favourite childhood memory?
I have the worst memory ever, but it’s probably when I got a sweet shop till for Christmas. I’ve genuinely always been obsessed by food.
7) What is the one thing that can comfort you, regardless of what has happened?
8) What is your go-to meal when eating out?
I’m a big foodie, so it’s hard to pick just one. But, probably anything with red meat (especially duck).
9) Favourite movie of all time?
As a classic film, Casablanca. On a less cool note, I adore Stardust!
10) What is your favourite genre of books? And your favourite book from said genre?
I love any books with a historical or political theme. Hons and Rebels by Jessica Mitford is my all-time favourite book.
11) If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?
Any job in which I could make a difference to other people’s lives. Given what’s going on at the moment, I would love to have a role in which I were able to help refugees/less fortunate people on a political level (even as a journalist or something). A political career would never be for me though.

My 11 Questions

1) Do you have a role model? If yes, who?
2) Favourite quote?
3) Which time period would you live in and why?
4) What is number one on your bucket list?
5) Your best quality?
6) What is a city that interests you? Have you ever visited?
7) A goal for this year?
8) The animal you relate to most?
9) Favourite subject?
10) Dream job?
11) Dogs or cats?

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royharpergrayson  asked:

Top 3 favorite comic book movies from this year? (If you haven’t seen any, top 3 favorite comic titles?)

I havent seen any movies in ages but my favorite comics is easy

1) Darth Vader

2) Aquaman 

3) and I have a soft spot for Hawkeye v Deadpool

Michael Ford’s Top 30 Worst Movies of All Time

I’m sure you all know I LOVE movies. I review movies, I talk about movies a lot… movies are one of my favorite artforms, and they really mean a lot to me. But as with any great artform, there’s always some shitty stuff in there too. I don’t like absolutely everything I watch, that’s for sure. Here are the 30 films I found bad, insulting, disgraceful, mediocre letdowns, or what have you. Some of these choices may even surprise you; there’s a lot of odd movies I have a great hate for.

As a quick note, the following films are not on here, because these are probably the stereotypical things you’d imagine to be on the list:

  • Minions: As I mentioned in my review, it’s not bad. Yes, it stars Minions, but they’re not as intolerable as I would have suspected, and for something so blatantly cashgrabby there’s a shocking amount of heart and effort in it.
  • Anything by Michael Bay: I hate Pearl Harbor as much as the next guy, but overall I like quite a few of his films. Yes, even a couple of the Transformers films, 1 and 3 particularly (2 was dumb but not dumb enough for this list)
  • The Star Wars prequels: Setting aside 3, which is a great movie, 1 and 2 are kinda pointless and dumb, especially 2, but I have a bit of nostalgia for them, though that’s not why I’m not putting them on. Even all the nostalgia aside, they aren’t awful, just… mediocre.
  • Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: This is one of my favorite movies. No joke. I love this film. Yes, it is the weakest Indiana Jones film, but even the weakest Indiana Jones film is still a fun time for me. I wasn’t even too bothered by the fridge or aliens, only thing that bugged me was the fucking CGI prairie dogs.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and 4: While three is a bloated mess and four isn’t amazing, they’re both perfectly decent films in their own right.
  • Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice: I like both of these movies. I don’t love them, but they’re both pretty good, especially the latter. Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor, on the other hand…
  • Battlefield Earth, The Room, Foodfight, any other infamously bad movie: They’re not on this list for a very special reason which will become apparent soon enough.
  • Anything else not listed: Just ask, I’ll tell you why it’s not here.

With all that aside, let’s begin:

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butwhenyoucloseyoureyes: hey doll! Any recommendations for books that have a similar love interest as do ‘meredith & derek’ from greys anatomy (if you happen to watch the show lol!) their relationship is meant to be but they have to overcome a lot to be together.. x

I haven’t watched all of the show, but I have watched enough to get a pretty good feel on what you mean! :) - Let me know if none of these fit, though, and I’ll tweak the list!

1. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin- This one is fantasy/sci-fi- ish but the love story was great to me. They definitely did have to go through a lot to be together!

2. The Princess Bride by William Goldman- I have a special place in my heart for this love story (and the movie that goes along with it!)

3. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen - Check out the movie after if you haven’t seen it too! Beautiful story.

4. Delirium by Lauren Oliver- What do you do when love is banned? I think that shows how much they go through as a couple haha. Sad to say I have still yet to finish this series, though- it’s on my list!

5. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte- I can’t help how much I love this book and couple. I adore Byronic characters. At any rate, they do go through a lot! It’s a great classic romance but also about how you have to stand on your own without one.

6. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell- I have mixed feelings about this book but I’d like to think it belongs on this list! I need to read more romances :)!

Thanks so much for the question! Hope you find a new great book to read soon!


10 things I hate about you.

Title:10 Things I Hate About You
Author: reid-is-a-cutiepie-like-dean.tumblr.com
Rating: K+
Words: 813
Notes: No trigger warnings. This is kind of inspired in the movie “10 Things I Hate About You”. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

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Hiddleswift - Part 5

Finally more Hiddleswift. And next chapter will be even more, because then they will actually meet. I hope y’all like it <3


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Interview’s and texting

*Tom’s pov*

May 6th. A beautiful day. And I’m home in England, to do interviews for ”I Saw The Light”. I have one interview at The Graham Norton Show and one with Short List. After all the headlines about me and Taylor I was a bit nervous. We had decided to met up next week, but I still had no idea what Adam thought about it all.

I got to the interview. We talked about my movies, I sang, we talked about fan art, and of course the whole pole dancing thing came up. I still think it’s so funny, my fans could just paint a normal picture of me, but because of that one scene, so many people paint me when I’m pole dancing. And we talked about so much more, it was interesting to be there with other actors. Because then you have people that you have something in common with. And to my surprise, no questions about Taylor, but maybe that was for the best.

I left the place and drove past Starbucks on my way home. Because somehow, Starbucks got me to think about the american beauty, I would meet in just in a few days.

Some days later

May 9th, the short list interview. I came there and people were vey nice. I was pretty sure that this interview would be more about my movie ”I Saw The Light”, because I was alone and the only one to ask questions and talk with.

We sat down and a man started asking me questions. It was easy to talk to him, he was very decent and got me to laugh some times. When I talked about my trip to Nashville, I realized Taylor lives there. That brought a smile to my face. The interview was great, and then he came to what I had been waiting for, during the whole interview. I started to laugh when he mentioned the moment I had with Taylor. He asked me some light question and I started stutter, because I got a bit nervous. What should I say so it would be awkward to meet her the day after tomorrow? I started to talk about it all and looked down at the ground at first, because I didn’t want anyone to notice the smile I got on my face when I was talking about her. I was an actor so I had to deal with it, I thought and finally looked up and kept talking.

Then, the interview was finished, I made it look like it was very much a one time thing in a friendship, but deep inside I knew, that at least for me, it was so much more. But I couldn’t tell the world that I had a crush on a girl that was already in love with someone else. I couldn’t tell the world that she is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about before I fall a sleep. How could I tell the world when I hadn’t talked to her about it, and when I barley dare to admit it to myself. Damn Tom, don’t do this. Taylor is way out of your league.

When I got home I fixed some late lunch, I sat down and next to my plate I had my phone, and I saw how the screen turned bright and the name ”Taylor Swift” came up. I grabbed my phone right away to look at it. ”Hey you! I’m really looking forward to Wednesday, but I totally understand if you rater do something else. I’m sorry about the articles. And if we meet again it would probably be worse, so if you don’t want to, I just wanted you to know that I wont be mad. You know when I said ”Being Taylor Swift isn’t the easiest thing”, this is what I was talking about. I’m kind of used to it now after all these years, but I understand if you’re not up for it. So, if that was it, I just wanted you to know that it was great meeting you. -Tay”

I got sad when I read the text, she seriously thought I wouldn’t want to see her again, because of all the stories the media made up about us. I started imagine what life this young woman have had.  Full of hate against her and not just being treated bad by boys, but also by the media. Of course I wanted to meet her. I wanted nothing more than another chance to see that beautiful blonde girl, and try to make her smile, because her smile is more beautiful than birds flying over a summer meadow with lots of flowers and a blue sky. That woman was something extra ordinary, I knew it.

”Hi! I’m looking forward to Wednesday too. I understand it must be tough, but I don’t care. I just really want another chance to meet you. We can stay in if you don’t want any new crazy stories, because you have Adam. The place isn’t important to me, you are. I hope you can stop being worried about this and try to have a beautiful day - Tom”


*Taylor’s pov*

I laid down in my bed with my phone. Looking at all the crazy stories about me and Tom. It wasn’t that weird that Adam had been mad. But after trying to fix it all, we decided to book a trip, and try having a great vacation together. Try to have a vacation like our last. Because that one had been like a dream, but during this vacation we would see if we work as a couple or if it’s worthless to even try.

I scrolled through story after story about me and Tom, supposedly they call us Hiddleswift. It was kind of cute, and I guess our first names didn’t work together, so they had to take our last names. Wonder what it would be if we took our first names and mixed. Something like Tam or Tolor. No, that was terrible. Mixing our last names was a great idea. I mean you can name a friendship, because that’s all we can be, and ever will be. If he’s okay with the stories out there. What if he hates me now? I should text him and see if he even dare to meet me. It’s not like normal people have to warn a guy with ”Hey sorry, but you can’t stand next to me, because if you do, the whole world will go crazy.” I love my life so much, I can travel the world whenever I want to, I have an amazing family, I get to do what I love for a living and I can take long breaks whenever I want, but this whole media thing is driving me crazy.

I took up my phone and went to contacts and scrolled down to Tom Hiddlestone. I started writing….”Hey you! I’m really looking forward to Wednesday, but I totally understand if you rater do something else. I’m sorry about the articles. And if we meet again it would probably be worse, so if you don’t want to, I just wanted you to know that I wont be mad. You know when I said ”Being Taylor Swift isn’t the easiest thing”, this is what I was talking about. I’m kind of used to it now after all these years, but I understand if you’re not up for it. So, if that was it, I just wanted you to know that it was great meeting you. -Tay”

A tear fell down my cheek as I pressed send. Why couldn’t I be friend with any single boys? The only boys I could hang out with is my best friends boyfriends. If I hang out with any other boy, the media goes crazy. Okay, I can hang out with Austin too, but even when I’m out with Adam we almost every time get a lot of pictures taken of us. And I know that Adam hates it, that we never can be alone.

Around 10 minutes later I got a respond. ”Hi! I’m looking forward to Wednesday too. I understand it must be tough, but I don’t care. I just really want another chance to meet you. We can stay in if you don’t want any new crazy stories, because you have Adam. The place isn’t important to me, you are. I hope you can stop being worried about this and try to have a beautiful day - Tom”

Was he serious? Or did he just think he could deal with it all? I mean Adam said that he didn’t care, but we have fights about it all the time. I know meeting him as a friend would be different from meeting him as something more, but what if me and Adam break up and he and I. No Taylor, stop.

”I’m so happy to hear that, but I don’t think you understand how much it is. I mean even Adam hates it. Is it really okay that we stay in? Because then you’re more than welcome to my place. Thank you so much, you too.”
I really like Tom, so I’m glad he wants to meet me, but I don’t want him to regret it. And maybe it was too much to tell him that Adam is having a really big problem with it, but what is a friend ship if you start it with lies?

I decided to take a shower, because now I had laid in my bed for a couple of hours. I had been awake pretty early, because I had been so worried that Tom wouldn’t show up. But it seems like he actually will come here to see me, and that made me happy. So it was time to step up from my bed now.

When I had put on some clothes after the shower I decided to eat some breakfast. When I sat downstairs I remember that the last thing I did before I took I shower was texting him. I went up to take my phone and when I turned it on I saw that I had gotten my respond.

”It must be hard being Taylor Swift, but I really don’t care about stupid rumors. I like successful women. And I’m sorry that Adam can’t handle it all, but I really think I can. And hey, it’s not like we’re getting married, we’re just meeting for a chance to get to know each other better. So we meet at your place and see what happens. And if the media takes a picture of me at your house, great for them. And I can print it and frame it on a wall because I’m sure your house is pretty, and not everyone can say that they’ve been at Taylor Swift’s home”

He had humor, I love his humor. Come on Taylor, of course you do, he’s British.

”Haha 😂 Then I guess I see you on Wednesday. At my place 1pm?” I wrote and then sent him my address.

”Sounds lovely, can’t wait to see you” he responded.