i still have 2 3 movies on my list

angeljas  asked:

6: List your top 5 anime OSTs; 21: What is the first anime you ever saw?; 27: Which anime character are you most like?

6. List your top 5 anime OSTs 

1. Aikatsu! (MONACA IS GOD)

2. Fate Series (Ufotable version of course)

3. Precure series (I think Go! Princess and Heartcatch had my fave soundtracks in the franchise)

4. Gintama

5. Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru (I really have to watch the movies)

6. Sonic 06 (Joking but still a GREAT soundtrack, I don’t pay much attention to soundtracks since I’m probably listening to Metal lol)

21: What is the first anime you ever saw?

Dragon Ball Z, heh what a pleb I am eh? lol

27: Which anime character are you most like?   

Who’s the most scummy Anime character to exist? lol I’m almost every lazy ass Anime character that has a lack of motivation.

Thanks for the ask, sorry if they’re boring but eh, I’m a boring guy lol

My predictions for ranking 2017 Animated Films

(Without having seen most of them yet)

1. The Lego Batman movie
2. My Little Pony: the movie
3. Cars 3
4. Coco
5. The Story of Ferdinand
6. Lego Ninjago Movie
7. Smurfs: The Lost Village
8. Captain Underpants
9. Despicable 3
10. Rock Dog
11. Boss Baby
12. The Emoji Movie

Now, I have only seen one of these movies as yet (hence why I put it at #1) but since this is just a prediction of my ranking the list is subject to change.

Some explanations for my predictions:

- I put the My Little Pony movie so high up on the list pretty much because I am still a fan of the My Little Pony friendship is Magic TV show, and even though the Equestria Girls movies that were released in theaters didn’t do that great (even with the Bronies hoping to see them) I believe that since this one will be a completely Pony Centric movie it will probably rake in more people and money. Do I think it will actually be a good movie? Well, I can hope.
- Despite the fact that Pixar has released some Duds in the past, I still felt compelled to put their two releases high up on the list just because of their reputation. Again I haven’t seen these so that is subject to change.
- Ferdinand is near the middle since I hope it will be good based on nostalgia, and Smurfs because of the stellar voice cast.
- Lego Ninjago is between them because of the Lego theatrical release track record. They have released some very fun movies and I hope they keep that trend.
- the latter half of my list is not because I don’t think those movies will be good but more so that I think the movies above them will be better.

Feel free to leave your own predictions and we’ll look back at this listing at the end of the year. ^^

10 Favorite Characters

Rules: Pick one favorite character from ten different shows, then tag ten people

I was tagged by @devereauxsdisease and I hereby tag anyone else who wants to be tagged. 

Here is an entertaining sequence of events related to this meme:

1) Remembered that last night I was having an extensive discussion with a friend about our tendency to develop soft spots for the most terrible trash sons and daughters in any given show/movie/book.  Seriously considered whether to do this meme as 10 Problematic Trash Faves, decided against it.

2) Started to make a list of 10 fave characters, not just my adopted fictional trash children.

3) Thought to myself….self, have you maybe done this meme before?

4) Went looking.

5) Found previous version

6) Checked it out and….yup. It is almost identical to what that Problematic Trash Children would have been, with only a few exceptions.

I am a parody of myself, friends.

Anyway, those answers all still pretty much hold except that while I do love Khoshekh, I stopped listening to Night Vale ages ago, so maybe we’ll swap Khoskekh out for Elliot Alderson from Mr. Robot.

i was tagged by @sadradmom !!

1. Character that you would beat the shit out of and they can’t do anything about it? 
negan lmao

2.What ending pissed you off the most? (in anything books, movies, tv shows?)
the ending of  twd 7x01, the ending of snk s1 (annie’s just….frozen….? still frozen…? did he forget annie….?)

3. are you kinky? lmao ( if your comfortable list your kinks? i’m nosey af)
not really. like i have a high sex drive but im against alot of kinks out there and im more of a, “i want to enjoy the sex and feel good n be intimate w my s/o not be abused lmao”

4. zodiac sign and mbti type?
scorpio / infj

5. are you better with animals, adults, old people, people your own again or kids?
kids !! im so good w babies i love them !! animals too

6. Do you like holding hands, kissing, hugs or none?
all three please i crave affection

7.something you’ll always have a soft spot for? (bands, movies, shows, people, etc.)
idk babies ?? im generally v sensitive i have a soft spot for like, everything. for tv shows, soul eater will always have a place in my heart.

8. do you have small, big or average size hands?
small :/

9. have you had your first kiss? did you like it or regret doing it with that person?
i havent had it 

10. Do you want kids?
yes!! i want twin daughters :’)

11. What do you usually get attracted to in people? (romantic or just in generally or both) 
well romantically i tend to be attracted to guys w long dark hair and light eyes, usually pasty, skinny “prettyboy” types. and im really attracted to all kinds of girls. in general, i love people that are funny but mostly im attracted to deep thinkers/intelligent people.

So, @joelsweet just tagged me to list 5 positive things about myself. This should be fun.

1. I am pretty open-minded. when it comes to discussion, I love hearing others opinions, and I love to try new things
2. I am full of weird movie facts. 
3. I am pretty good at “making friends” (i.e. talking to a random person, and somehow they still want to talk to me.)
4. I am rather organised, and kind of creative
5. I love my hair(wavy, dirty blond with highlights) and my hazel eyes

I know I added some bonus ones, sorry.

so lets Tag… @infpbandgeek @itstotallynotphiloclock @a-colorful-salad and @good-one-haru 

butwhenyoucloseyoureyes: hey doll! Any recommendations for books that have a similar love interest as do ‘meredith & derek’ from greys anatomy (if you happen to watch the show lol!) their relationship is meant to be but they have to overcome a lot to be together.. x

I haven’t watched all of the show, but I have watched enough to get a pretty good feel on what you mean! :) - Let me know if none of these fit, though, and I’ll tweak the list!

1. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin- This one is fantasy/sci-fi- ish but the love story was great to me. They definitely did have to go through a lot to be together!

2. The Princess Bride by William Goldman- I have a special place in my heart for this love story (and the movie that goes along with it!)

3. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen - Check out the movie after if you haven’t seen it too! Beautiful story.

4. Delirium by Lauren Oliver- What do you do when love is banned? I think that shows how much they go through as a couple haha. Sad to say I have still yet to finish this series, though- it’s on my list!

5. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte- I can’t help how much I love this book and couple. I adore Byronic characters. At any rate, they do go through a lot! It’s a great classic romance but also about how you have to stand on your own without one.

6. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell- I have mixed feelings about this book but I’d like to think it belongs on this list! I need to read more romances :)!

Thanks so much for the question! Hope you find a new great book to read soon!


Hiddleswift - Part 5

Finally more Hiddleswift. And next chapter will be even more, because then they will actually meet. I hope y’all like it <3


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Interview’s and texting

*Tom’s pov*

May 6th. A beautiful day. And I’m home in England, to do interviews for ”I Saw The Light”. I have one interview at The Graham Norton Show and one with Short List. After all the headlines about me and Taylor I was a bit nervous. We had decided to met up next week, but I still had no idea what Adam thought about it all.

I got to the interview. We talked about my movies, I sang, we talked about fan art, and of course the whole pole dancing thing came up. I still think it’s so funny, my fans could just paint a normal picture of me, but because of that one scene, so many people paint me when I’m pole dancing. And we talked about so much more, it was interesting to be there with other actors. Because then you have people that you have something in common with. And to my surprise, no questions about Taylor, but maybe that was for the best.

I left the place and drove past Starbucks on my way home. Because somehow, Starbucks got me to think about the american beauty, I would meet in just in a few days.

Some days later

May 9th, the short list interview. I came there and people were vey nice. I was pretty sure that this interview would be more about my movie ”I Saw The Light”, because I was alone and the only one to ask questions and talk with.

We sat down and a man started asking me questions. It was easy to talk to him, he was very decent and got me to laugh some times. When I talked about my trip to Nashville, I realized Taylor lives there. That brought a smile to my face. The interview was great, and then he came to what I had been waiting for, during the whole interview. I started to laugh when he mentioned the moment I had with Taylor. He asked me some light question and I started stutter, because I got a bit nervous. What should I say so it would be awkward to meet her the day after tomorrow? I started to talk about it all and looked down at the ground at first, because I didn’t want anyone to notice the smile I got on my face when I was talking about her. I was an actor so I had to deal with it, I thought and finally looked up and kept talking.

Then, the interview was finished, I made it look like it was very much a one time thing in a friendship, but deep inside I knew, that at least for me, it was so much more. But I couldn’t tell the world that I had a crush on a girl that was already in love with someone else. I couldn’t tell the world that she is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about before I fall a sleep. How could I tell the world when I hadn’t talked to her about it, and when I barley dare to admit it to myself. Damn Tom, don’t do this. Taylor is way out of your league.

When I got home I fixed some late lunch, I sat down and next to my plate I had my phone, and I saw how the screen turned bright and the name ”Taylor Swift” came up. I grabbed my phone right away to look at it. ”Hey you! I’m really looking forward to Wednesday, but I totally understand if you rater do something else. I’m sorry about the articles. And if we meet again it would probably be worse, so if you don’t want to, I just wanted you to know that I wont be mad. You know when I said ”Being Taylor Swift isn’t the easiest thing”, this is what I was talking about. I’m kind of used to it now after all these years, but I understand if you’re not up for it. So, if that was it, I just wanted you to know that it was great meeting you. -Tay”

I got sad when I read the text, she seriously thought I wouldn’t want to see her again, because of all the stories the media made up about us. I started imagine what life this young woman have had.  Full of hate against her and not just being treated bad by boys, but also by the media. Of course I wanted to meet her. I wanted nothing more than another chance to see that beautiful blonde girl, and try to make her smile, because her smile is more beautiful than birds flying over a summer meadow with lots of flowers and a blue sky. That woman was something extra ordinary, I knew it.

”Hi! I’m looking forward to Wednesday too. I understand it must be tough, but I don’t care. I just really want another chance to meet you. We can stay in if you don’t want any new crazy stories, because you have Adam. The place isn’t important to me, you are. I hope you can stop being worried about this and try to have a beautiful day - Tom”


*Taylor’s pov*

I laid down in my bed with my phone. Looking at all the crazy stories about me and Tom. It wasn’t that weird that Adam had been mad. But after trying to fix it all, we decided to book a trip, and try having a great vacation together. Try to have a vacation like our last. Because that one had been like a dream, but during this vacation we would see if we work as a couple or if it’s worthless to even try.

I scrolled through story after story about me and Tom, supposedly they call us Hiddleswift. It was kind of cute, and I guess our first names didn’t work together, so they had to take our last names. Wonder what it would be if we took our first names and mixed. Something like Tam or Tolor. No, that was terrible. Mixing our last names was a great idea. I mean you can name a friendship, because that’s all we can be, and ever will be. If he’s okay with the stories out there. What if he hates me now? I should text him and see if he even dare to meet me. It’s not like normal people have to warn a guy with ”Hey sorry, but you can’t stand next to me, because if you do, the whole world will go crazy.” I love my life so much, I can travel the world whenever I want to, I have an amazing family, I get to do what I love for a living and I can take long breaks whenever I want, but this whole media thing is driving me crazy.

I took up my phone and went to contacts and scrolled down to Tom Hiddlestone. I started writing….”Hey you! I’m really looking forward to Wednesday, but I totally understand if you rater do something else. I’m sorry about the articles. And if we meet again it would probably be worse, so if you don’t want to, I just wanted you to know that I wont be mad. You know when I said ”Being Taylor Swift isn’t the easiest thing”, this is what I was talking about. I’m kind of used to it now after all these years, but I understand if you’re not up for it. So, if that was it, I just wanted you to know that it was great meeting you. -Tay”

A tear fell down my cheek as I pressed send. Why couldn’t I be friend with any single boys? The only boys I could hang out with is my best friends boyfriends. If I hang out with any other boy, the media goes crazy. Okay, I can hang out with Austin too, but even when I’m out with Adam we almost every time get a lot of pictures taken of us. And I know that Adam hates it, that we never can be alone.

Around 10 minutes later I got a respond. ”Hi! I’m looking forward to Wednesday too. I understand it must be tough, but I don’t care. I just really want another chance to meet you. We can stay in if you don’t want any new crazy stories, because you have Adam. The place isn’t important to me, you are. I hope you can stop being worried about this and try to have a beautiful day - Tom”

Was he serious? Or did he just think he could deal with it all? I mean Adam said that he didn’t care, but we have fights about it all the time. I know meeting him as a friend would be different from meeting him as something more, but what if me and Adam break up and he and I. No Taylor, stop.

”I’m so happy to hear that, but I don’t think you understand how much it is. I mean even Adam hates it. Is it really okay that we stay in? Because then you’re more than welcome to my place. Thank you so much, you too.”
I really like Tom, so I’m glad he wants to meet me, but I don’t want him to regret it. And maybe it was too much to tell him that Adam is having a really big problem with it, but what is a friend ship if you start it with lies?

I decided to take a shower, because now I had laid in my bed for a couple of hours. I had been awake pretty early, because I had been so worried that Tom wouldn’t show up. But it seems like he actually will come here to see me, and that made me happy. So it was time to step up from my bed now.

When I had put on some clothes after the shower I decided to eat some breakfast. When I sat downstairs I remember that the last thing I did before I took I shower was texting him. I went up to take my phone and when I turned it on I saw that I had gotten my respond.

”It must be hard being Taylor Swift, but I really don’t care about stupid rumors. I like successful women. And I’m sorry that Adam can’t handle it all, but I really think I can. And hey, it’s not like we’re getting married, we’re just meeting for a chance to get to know each other better. So we meet at your place and see what happens. And if the media takes a picture of me at your house, great for them. And I can print it and frame it on a wall because I’m sure your house is pretty, and not everyone can say that they’ve been at Taylor Swift’s home”

He had humor, I love his humor. Come on Taylor, of course you do, he’s British.

”Haha 😂 Then I guess I see you on Wednesday. At my place 1pm?” I wrote and then sent him my address.

”Sounds lovely, can’t wait to see you” he responded.

Michael Ford’s Top 30 Worst Movies of All Time

I’m sure you all know I LOVE movies. I review movies, I talk about movies a lot… movies are one of my favorite artforms, and they really mean a lot to me. But as with any great artform, there’s always some shitty stuff in there too. I don’t like absolutely everything I watch, that’s for sure. Here are the 30 films I found bad, insulting, disgraceful, mediocre letdowns, or what have you. Some of these choices may even surprise you; there’s a lot of odd movies I have a great hate for.

As a quick note, the following films are not on here, because these are probably the stereotypical things you’d imagine to be on the list:

  • Minions: As I mentioned in my review, it’s not bad. Yes, it stars Minions, but they’re not as intolerable as I would have suspected, and for something so blatantly cashgrabby there’s a shocking amount of heart and effort in it.
  • Anything by Michael Bay: I hate Pearl Harbor as much as the next guy, but overall I like quite a few of his films. Yes, even a couple of the Transformers films, 1 and 3 particularly (2 was dumb but not dumb enough for this list)
  • The Star Wars prequels: Setting aside 3, which is a great movie, 1 and 2 are kinda pointless and dumb, especially 2, but I have a bit of nostalgia for them, though that’s not why I’m not putting them on. Even all the nostalgia aside, they aren’t awful, just… mediocre.
  • Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: This is one of my favorite movies. No joke. I love this film. Yes, it is the weakest Indiana Jones film, but even the weakest Indiana Jones film is still a fun time for me. I wasn’t even too bothered by the fridge or aliens, only thing that bugged me was the fucking CGI prairie dogs.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and 4: While three is a bloated mess and four isn’t amazing, they’re both perfectly decent films in their own right.
  • Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice: I like both of these movies. I don’t love them, but they’re both pretty good, especially the latter. Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor, on the other hand…
  • Battlefield Earth, The Room, Foodfight, any other infamously bad movie: They’re not on this list for a very special reason which will become apparent soon enough.
  • Anything else not listed: Just ask, I’ll tell you why it’s not here.

With all that aside, let’s begin:

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