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I knew that look dear
Eyes always seeking
Was there in someone
That dug long ago
So I will not ask you
Why you were creeping
In some sad way I already know

So I will not ask you where you came from 

I would not ask, and neither would you

Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips 

We should just kiss like real people do~

Hozier’s Like Real People Do played through my head the whole time I read this scene 

This is it. this is the scene that wrecked me. I haven’t even finished reading this fic…. 


They’re bros.

Most of the things I know about Turalyon are from the books (Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Portal) and I just loved his friendship with Khadgar. That’s too perfect to see them smile and laugh. They were still so young. And now they’re reunited !! 💛


the dramatic conclusion to our autumn romance!

(in my defense, it’s still Halloween in Hawaii orz)

part i || part ii || part iii || part iv


leather jacket & piercing

I’m trying to get over you, I’m trying so goddamned hard. And some mornings I wake up and think, yes, maybe I finally am free. Free from my echoing thoughts of you. Free from the constant battle of loving you and losing you. But then other mornings I wake up and all I can think about is how your eyes look with sunlight in them and how your face looks just before you break into a smile.
Maybe we aren’t meant to be together, maybe not now, maybe not ever.
And I don’t wanna have a single grain of hope, because blessed are those with no expectations.
But sometimes I think against my own will that what if we break all the laws?
Maybe we’ll forget each other soon but what if we meet again someday in the future, and in one look we’ll feel the ache in our hearts of our incomplete love, and maybe then I’ll be right for you, and you’ll be right for me?
Maybe we are meant to be together, maybe not now, but maybe someday.

Her name is October.

She’s beautiful.

Sun-dipped hair with the eyes to match.

Radiant and


So warm that the trees can almost breathe again and come back to life;

That I can almost breathe again

without it burning my lungs.

Her name is

Her name is-

Her cheeks would turn the slightest shade of pink when I leaned in to kiss them.

And I used to joke about how it’s only because of the cold weather,

Until she stopped laughing at that.

Now her mouth is a straight line.

Like a highway I would’ve wanted to follow.

If only it curved up at the edges, as if it were one of her favorite back roads.

Her head turns to look at anything besides me

And she pulls the leaves down with her as she walks away

Making her “goodbye” a statement of nature

Maybe if I scream for her

Maybe if I plead for her

Maybe if I reach for her


Her name was October.

That’s all I can remember

As my raised hand drops to my side.

Is there ever any point

Of grasping at disappearing air,

that used to be your oxygen?

-Nicole Torres // EM excerpt


yusei birthday ft. actual nasa stars over a neo domino city

i love this starry boy

i really hope that no one takes any of these posts as me “attacking” their ships or whatever!

let me also re-clarify, this has NOTHING to do with me shipping mcpriceley. not one bit.

i just really need to put it out there that 2 males can be friends without you guys having to turn it into a gay relationship. it’s also really important that we have this kind of representation of friendship so that it kills the whole “dudes bein nice and supportive of each other is gay” thing.

I understand wanting more representation of the LGBT+ community in media. But let’s also not wash away this CANON, safe, pure, NON-ABUSIVE, NOT SEXUALIZED (unless you wanna count baptize me as sexual, but we know it’s all a joke) relationship between a Ugandan woman and a fat, nerdy, white boy.

Can we just appreciate that? For once? The only canon couple in this musical ended up being between a black woman and the nerdy sidekick. They could have easily made it the skinny, smart lead (Kevin Price) but instead made it Arnold. Who was never confident in himself and who was always used to being in the shadows.

That’s just. Important. Stop. Leaving. Nabalungi. Out. Of. This.

Let Kevin support his friend. Let Arnaba live on.

That’s all.

all anyone needs in life is allura with medieval armor and a Big Sword (an addition to the fantasy paladins)

I’ll see you next autumn.

Well, maybe I won’t-

but I probably will.

When the leaves start to look alittle bit like your eyes do, doused with shades of amber, breathing the same way fire does.

And I’m enveloped between a reminisce of your scent and the campfire smoke.

Maybe the chilled air will push all the warmth you gave me, out the door.

But probably not.

When my bed becomes uninviting, the entire opposite of the light in your smile.

And my head starts to swarm with your passion.

Maybe I can toss myself into a frost-bitten blush and turn around just enough to see you walk out the door over and over again.

But probably not.

When I stumble across nostalgia, my good old friend, who likes to remind me atleast twice a day, how we’d end.

And I’m losing control, shaking at the sight of your photographs.

No matter how often autumn comes to visit, me and you would never last. ”

-Nicole Torres // excerpt ;