i still hate parties

When you say a fandom is dead, it’s a bit of a blow to people who are still producing and enjoying work for that fandom. You’re basically saying what they’re doing doesn’t matter, doesn’t count, which might discourage them from continuing to participate.

If one person is creating content, the fandom isn’t dead.

If one person is consuming content, the fandom isn’t dead.

If two friends are chatting on skype about their OTPs, that’s fandom.

If someone doodles drawings of their favorite characters on a napkin, that’s fandom.

Just because someone is producing content for one fandom doesn’t mean they have to leave another.

Not every fandom can be the big, new, shiny and popular thing.

Not every fandom *should* be the big, new, shiny, and popular thing.

It’s okay to have small, tight-knit fandoms. They can be just as fulfilling and entertaining as the big ones.


Think about it, Doctor. One last day with your beloved. Which day would you choose?

Christmas. Christmas Day

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i kid you not, i want frederick so bad and with my green orbs ive summoned Cecilia 4 GODDAMN TIMES

at least you’re not as bad as that dude who spent $5,000 trying to get Hector but still didnt LOL
and he has like six 5 star Lyns LOL


Hello, fellow “adult” members of the Phandom! I’m a little late to the party because tumblr mobile hates me, but I still made it!

I’m so excited to be seeing/meeting all of you, because being an “adult” whose main interest is Youtubers means your peers don’t usually quite understand… But you guys do, so I know I’m not alone!

My name is Rachel, I’m 24, and I’m from Virginia. I have a bachelor of arts in Journalism and a bachelor of science in Sociology, with a concentration on social inequality. Definitely still figuring out what exactly I’m doing with that particular combination, so I’ll get back to you on that… haha

I’ve been watching D&P since about my junior year of college, so probably about four or five years now. I really, truly wish I had found them sooner though. That end-of-highschool/beginning of college time would have been so much easier of I had Phil’s smiling face and Dan’s relateable college experience to look to… But, I am so, so happy that I have them (and you guys!) in my life now!

I saw Tatinof in May 2016 (shoutout to anyone else at the Charlotte, NC show!) and it was honestly the most fun I’ve ever had (*insert cheesy reference here*). And yes, I did, as a 23 year old, take my mother with me. We actually had a lot of fun together, even if she did spend the whole car ride calling them “Phil and Dan” just to get on my nerves.

Huge shoutout to the lovely @the-cass-meow for setting up this meetup! I’m so excited to see other Phandom “adults!”

Everyone hates CJ now, but I still love her… Cause, everyone already forgot what Mordecai did at the christmas party with Margaret?

It was in front of CJ!

But then and anyway, she forgave him.

But okay, this time in this episode “1000th Chopper Flight Party” was CJ’s fault, but she knew it was wrong, EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. She really loves Mordecai, and she was just scared, and it is understandable after that kiss between Mordecai and Margaret at party Christmas.
But anyway, she doesn’t deserve hate. It’s all that I have to say.


started playing zestiria and it took me a whole five seconds to adopt a new fav

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Hey guys~I hope you’ll like it :)

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“I don’t want to go.” I said with an anger.

“You will come (y/n).” Natasha was getting angry too.

“You know, I don’t like fancy parties. I’m fine on my own. Please, leave me here."I said and started look at her with puppy eyes.

"I don’t like it too but this is your birthday (y/n). You have to be there.” She put my dress on bed and left the room.

I know today is my birthday but still… I hate parties. I am just turning 18 and this is not a big deal but according to Tony; Hell yeah this is important.

I got up and wore the blue dress. Wanda and Natasha were agreed about this dress and they didn’t let me to say anything. I wore my high heels and yeah I was ready. I went and looked at the mirror. Wanda was right, blue was my colour. I put on some perfume and went to the party.

Everyone were having fun. Thor was telling some stories about himself and Bruce was laughing at him. Wanda,Pietro,Clint,Vision,Tony,Natasha everyone were there except one person. Peter wasn’t in here. I searched him with my eyes but nothing. I just shook my head and went a quiet corner.

“Do you want to get out from here?” I turned and looked at the person who was standing behind me. Peter.

“Yes, can you save me please?” I said and he held my hand. We left the party and get on the elevator. He press the highest button.

“Are you scared of heights?” He smiled.

“N-not that much.” I blushed and started to look at my shoes. He moved back to me and closed my eyes.

“Trust me, you’re going to love this.” He started to walk and guide me. “Are you ready?” He counted up to three and opened my eyes.

“Wow.” I couldn’t speak. We were in the rooftop and everywhere  were covered with colorful lights.

“I thought that maybe you like this.” He said and scratch his neck.

“I love it.” I said and looked at him. He held my hand and lead me to the between of the lights. He held my waist and pulled me closer to him.

“I have to warn you I’m not a good dancer.” he said and we started to sway. A soft piano were playing and I was feeling his breath near my ear. I got closer to him and rested my head on his shoulder.

“Happy birthday princess.” He said and gave me a soft kiss on my shoulder.