i still hate it i just don't care anymore

The Supercorp Fandom™

Ok, i just feel i have to get this off my chest, especially for the younger/newer users on this site. Supercorp is /the/ most toxic fandom i have ever seen in the 5-6 years I’ve had this blog. I’d even say that some of them are worse than superwholock at the height of its popularity. I just don’t want younger users seeing this and thinking it’s normal, IT’S NOT! Please, please, please don’t use the the supercorp fandom as your basis for how to approach other fandoms. They bully and attack and have no regard for the well-being (mental or emotional) of people who don’t agree with them over a tv show. It’s pathetic and sad and i just hope it hasn’t affected too many young users

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I just read a comment by a person saying that TWD has too many Rick scenes in it. I'm stunned.😳 It was a C@ryl shipper. Do many fans feel this way? The episodes without Rick are the hardest for me to tune in for. Also, when Andy leaves the show (and Danai does too), I'm out. Maybe Melissa and Norman could lead a spinoff, or just lead the show on their own, but I would really have to see that play out (nothing against the two actors).

I wouldn’t say that’s a super widely held opinion but it’s certainly one I’ve run across before, especially amongst certain groups of fans. People do genuinely feel that way and would prefer to see less of him or would prefer him to be gone all together. As for how the show would do without him who knows. Frankly the ratings could take a massive dive and the show would still be pulling decent numbers. I am done when Andy’s done, I’ve always said that. I’m only still here because of him. On the most frustrating days I feel like he’s got me on a choke chain and I’m just sitting here growling. I will have no problem dropping this show like a bad habit once Rick dies/falls in to the void/runs away to join the circus because it hasn’t been the show I fell in love with since S5 and I’m quite sure it will never be that show again. As it is I’m wading through the bullshit and plucking out the few bits I like. Maybe I’ll read the wiki after each season just to see who’s still alive or whatever but I won’t be watching, I won’t put myself through it all if he’s not there. Hold the door Andy I’m right behind you. I’m sure that makes me not a true fan!!!!11!! to a lot of people but I can’t be bothered to care oops.

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I see so many people attack you on YouTube and on here. Does it get to you, do you have a way of dealing with it? This isn't hate or me being shitty, I'm genuinely curious how you DON'T feel down all the time. I would, and from the way you present yourself on here, you seem in good spirits. Being that emotionally strong is something I am not, and I commend you on that. Basically, you're pretty lit, my dude.

Sometimes I feel really really depressed because of it, it both physically and mentally destroys me
but since it’s a thing that happens everyday I starting not to care anymore, hate me how much you want, you can just suck my dingo dongo, your favorite gross guy is still going to be gross no matter what fingerguns

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what are your favorite johnny & reed friendship moments? i know the other relationships in the f4 get explored often (johnny & sue, ben & johnny, reed & sue, ben & reed and ben & sue) but i don't see a lot between those two

There’s a lot I like! I think with Reed and Johnny it’s easy to sort of overlook how much they care about each other, because it’s a relatively quiet bond? Mostly I’m just really glad people don’t assume Reed&Johnny hate each other anymore because that was terrible. (I mean, they’re alternate universe married, so.) Anyway, here’s a quick Reed&Johnny picspam.

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So Jeff Davis is answering questions on twitter and the question was what are you gonna miss most about the show and as part of the answer he said “the constant outpouring of love from Sterek fans ;)” and I just have some thoughts on that!

First don’t do that! Don’t be sarcastic and all winky face when throwing shade at an entire fandom! Because that’s what it is! We all know his thoughts on Sterek! It’s so unprofessional! It’s gross!

Second why would you do that! He knows it’s gonna start stuff with the Stydia fandom and I just feel like we have come so far, and it’s just one step back!

And third it’s a slap in the face to say that and then still, even when half the ship was off the show for years and the other half had like two episodes in the last season, put them in a bunch of scenes together and bait the fandom you hate so much!

Ugh I have never followed or cared, like at all! What Jeff Davis says or does, like he’s not on my radar at all! The only reason I even know he said this is because I follow Teen Wolf on twitter. I like Teen Wolf, it’s a guilty pleasure. I never looked too far into the story lines I took everything with a grain of salt, I just watch cause it’s a fun show and honestly because I love Dylan O'Brien too much to leave it. I just wish I didn’t have to feel this way a few hours before the very last season of a show I’ve watched since the beginning starts!

TL:DR- Jeff Davis is gross and now I know why people hate him so much!

  • Lily Evans Year 2: That James Potter bloke is kind of cute
  • Lily Evans Year 3: Nevermind he's an asshole
  • Lily Evans Year 4: Stupid James Potter with his stupid glasses and his stupid eyes
  • Lily Evans Year 5: I don't even care that he plays Quidditch he's still a jackass and who the hell could be attracted to a smile that adorable its just unnatural I don't even care don't look at me Potter
  • Lily Evans Year 6: Just because he's getting his shit together doesn't mean I like him it just means that he's not acting like a child anymore and it's not like that matters because it's still James Potter and I hate his stupid gorgeous face
  • Lily Evans Year 7: Fuck it.

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Peter has next to no acting skills, and he knows it, so he comes to a point where even in his civvies, he doesn't try to act surprised. Doesn't bother. Not at all. Like, a villain comes to the school and immediately runs up to him and threatens him, and Peter gives them this deadpan look and starts sassing at them, and Harry and MJ are just in the back like "Peter whAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Puny Parkers becomes Balls of Steel Parker around the school. But he's just. So tired. He doesn't care anymore.

Oh my god. This short 15yo doesn’t care. He can’t run off to change into his spider suit with so many people around so he’s just. Straight up unaffected by being taken hostage while his adult teachers are sobbing. 

Peter, giving the villain’s knockoff lycra a judgemental once over:

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (Complete) Starter Sentences
  • “I suppose we're no good at facing our memories”
  • “We were trying to rid ourselves of a more...immediate problem”
  • “But you're the ones who brought that on yourselves in the first place.”
  • “He's not here anymore...”
  • “ ____ called again. They say to hurry...and they sounded kind of strange. Be careful, okay?”
  • “We know you hid her, brother!”
  • “I don't want to talk to you anymore.”
  • “I'm still out here!”
  • “Good. You fight like the soldier you once claimed to be.”
  • “Just run!”
  • “Don't cry.”
  • “Now...do as I do.”
  • “You don't have a phone!?”
  • “Man, do I hate liars!”
  • “She's not here...I'm not crying!”
  • “They're kinda like cats...nine lives y'know?”
  • “She does so much for us...and we don't even know where to find her.”
  • “I swore that I would never forget. I tried. But I...”
  • “Dilly dally shilly shally.”
  • “Why is everyone calling me their Mother?”
  • “It's...flashy.”
  • “Oh, good. Looks like today, we're clockin' out early.”
  • “Son of a BITCH!”
  • “Alright, who's been touching my Materia?”
  • “That ____ is a royal pain the ass, like always.”
  • “Brother...I'm with her at last!”
  • “Tell me what you cherish most. So I can have the pleasure of taking it away.”
  • “So what if it looks hopeless?”
  • “You just don't get it at all. There's not a thing I don't cherish!”
  • “I will never be a memory.”
  • “I never blamed you. Not once.”
  • “You see...everything's alright.”
  • “I know. I'm not alone. Not anymore.”

“She seems different. She’s broken. Her eyes don’t light up the same and her smile isn’t genuine anymore. She’s not herself. I don’t know what to do. I can’t give up on her. She saved me.”

“You just have to save her back.”

“But how do you save a saviour?”

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #4 // D.P

Do you ever think about the fact that Wes & Laurel only had each other when everyone else pretty much ignored them before murder night? What makes me even happier is the fact that absolutely nothing has changed.

Whenever something’s gone wrong, they still gravitate towards each other. When Laurel found out about Frank the Hitman, where did she go? To Wes’s apartment. When Annalise dropped off that info about Wes’s biological father on his doorstep, Laurel volunteered to take them both to Ohio using her father’s money. 

I just … I just want them to stop making me feel these things.

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I feel so depressed because I used to be a terrible person, and even though I've changed and have become better, I don't think people will care. If anybody knew who I used to be, I would be hated forever. Just one example is when I was younger, I would steal/copy art all the time. I don't anymore, but I'm still so guilty and so sorry

Ahh, don’t be! We all went through a period of learning/copying from others (even if it wasn’t intentional), and if you did happen to copy something, just delete it or credit your inspiration. And if you want, you can always apologize to the artist. But if you don’t do it anymore, then that’s great! The past is in the past! You learn from it and you become an even better person/artist. Keep your head up. :)

P.S. You’re not a terrible person. Just human! 

My ex’s birthday was yesterday, and as we have a bunch of mutual Facebook friends, it was inevitable I’d be reminded of it.

In years past, I would have stalked his profile out of morbid curiosity. Not this year, though, because I honestly don’t care. I never thought total apathy would be such a good feeling, but it truly is.

I can also say with certainty, finally, that I’m grateful we didn’t end up together. I never thought I’d get to this place, and I didn’t expect this revelation to sneak up on me out of the blue.

I’m glad it did.

Not To Disappear sentence starters
  • "I have a dirty mind."
  • "I need new ways to waste my time."
  • "There’s something in you I can’t be without."
  • "I feel numb in this kingdom."
  • "I wish my mouth would still taste you."
  • "You better make me better."
  • "They're making children."
  • "They're making love."
  • "I'll call out in the night for my mother, but she isn't coming back for me."
  • "But you will not tell me that 'cause you know it hurts me every time you say it."
  • "You must know you're doing the right thing."
  • "I have lost my love."
  • "Everyone's in love."
  • "How long must I wait for you?"
  • "You will never remember who I was to you."
  • "I hate sleeping alone."
  • "I hate living alone."
  • "Me and I are not friends."
  • "I should get a dog or something."
  • "I hate sleeping with you 'cause you are never there."
  • "You and I were once friends, now you're only an acquaintance."
  • "I hate dreaming of being with you."
  • ""No one asks me for dances because I only know how to flail."
  • "I don't care, I don't care anymore."
  • "I'm not searching for replacements."
  • "I'm too drunk to fight."
  • "It hurts that I'm in love again."
  • "You have kissed my neck so your arguments are insane."
  • "Well, I'm still here like a cheap threat."
  • "Oh, there has only been one time where we fucked."
  • "Oh, there has only been one time where we fucked and I felt like a bad memory, like my spine was a reminder of her."
  • "I just slept it off."
  • "I only wanted you to promise me we would only ever make love."
  • "Don't you think you'll be better off?"
  • "I'm tired of talking, I've been screaming all day."
  • "I don't want to belong to you, to anyone."
  • "I said too much, said the wrong thing."
  • "I can be what you want."
  • "I don't know you now."
  • "I don't owe you much, but I miss you so."
  • "I've gotta get him out of my mind."
  • "What if I'm made of stone?"
  • "You are the likely cause of what will be my demise."
  • "It's not surprising, just inconvenient."
  • "I think I'm made of stone, I should be feeling more."
  • "You'll find love, kid, it exists."

So I felt great about myself and thought I looked pretty today but my mother told me I shouldn’t wear shorts out cause I have some dark spots/scars on my legs and she said it didn’t look good.

It was hot and 90 degrees outside and I told her it was summer and I wasn’t going to wear pants just cause of my legs like people won’t notice it and I don’t care and I’m fine with how they look and I’m not going to make myself uncomfortable just cause she doesn’t like it.

You can’t really see it that well in this photo cause my camera is bad quality but I like my legs and even if there is discoloration I still think I look rockin’ in shorts and this was the first time in a very long time that I stood up to my mother. She made me feel horrible about my body and insisted it was due to “tough love” and I didn’t wear shorts or tank tops for a couple of years cause of body image issues and I just hated everything about myself from my arms to my thighs.

But today, I feel good. And that’s an accomplishment. 

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I'm terrified by how much anti-Semitism is just lurking under the surface of all the tumblr social justice crowd. I felt safe, until I realised our issues weren't being discussed, and now I feel threatened by how much virulent hate your posts have been getting. I don't practice anymore, but it's still such a part of my identity. Thank you for caring.

honey i’m here for you. tumblr is a cesspool

To be honest I don't care anymore
  • This years award shows are becoming more like the exo awards and I am just tired. I don't hate Exo since I have no reason to even though their fans sometimes threaten to push me to the border of extreme dislike. Suju are just constantly getting robbed of awards this year by not showing up at Mama which I am still confused about since they said contless times they wanted to go and how they would see their fans at Hong Kong it is my personal belief SM did not want them to go so their Golden Child would win. Not being summited as a nominee at GDA by SM because apparently they have won to many awards and need to give others a chance A.K.A Sm wants the Golden Child to win. I just hope the day comes where Suju finally have had it with SM and their bullshit and leave maybe taking Tvxq with them (since they were also cheated) then SM will realize how much they actually needed them.