i still hate it i just don't care anymore

My ex’s birthday was yesterday, and as we have a bunch of mutual Facebook friends, it was inevitable I’d be reminded of it.

In years past, I would have stalked his profile out of morbid curiosity. Not this year, though, because I honestly don’t care. I never thought total apathy would be such a good feeling, but it truly is.

I can also say with certainty, finally, that I’m grateful we didn’t end up together. I never thought I’d get to this place, and I didn’t expect this revelation to sneak up on me out of the blue.

I’m glad it did.

My fave boys:)

Someone can say: “ot5 is dead”, “Zayn doesn’t talk to boys anymore”, “he hates everything about his past 1D life, can’t you see it?”. And you know what? People can think whatever they want. If that’s what they like to believe in, if they like to create drama… then I can’t help it.

I strongly believe that Zaynie is still best friends with his boys. I’m sure that they’re close as ever. Naive? Oh no. You can’t forget 5 years of such strong friendship just like that. They were in hell together. They’re btothers, they love each other.

And ZIAM. I believe they’re couple. They’re inseparable. These boys share everything even if they’re miles away from each other. We know that Liam’s so supportive! He always praises his boy, always tells him how talented and beautiful he is. We saw it million times. I’m sure he helped Zaynie with his album even if we haven’t seen it. 

And I can’t wait. I want to hear their solo projects sooo much. For me Zaynie and Liam are the most talented lads in the band. I’m sure they’ll give us something wonderful:) (Still hoping for Ziam Duo <3).

i know lately there’s been a lot of drama in the fandom, and not only about camren but just so much drama that sometimes it makes me want to leave the fandom all together. but as usual, i’m still too whipped to leave.

i would like to make this clear though. camren isn’t dead. people need to stop blaming all the camren fandom for blowing things up out of proportion and all that. sometimes we do, sure but other times, it’s really just who over reacts at things camren shippers do. like for example. when camren shippers tweeted chelsea, other so called fans attacked chelsea saying she’s feeding camren shippers when in reality she was anything but being nice to us.it makes even chelsea want to dislike camren because of the hate she’s getting out of it. does this make sense? (also i would like to ask you guys to give chelsea some love because she’s getting dissed by random people because of comforting all the camren shippers. if you can, give her some twitter love and appreciation) it’s not the camren shippers as a whole who’s causing drama. it’s those that just want to jump the band wagon wanting attention and it pisses me off because camren shippers already have so much hate from both lauren and camila.

camren is a ship. it’s not suppose to be something that dictates girls who they should date or what their sexuality are. you know what really died? it’s the sexual part of camren. the sexual aspect of it died. the idea of camren being in a relationship died. the part where some people sexualizes two girls that have/had this beautiful friendship died. camren was okay until it came to people telling girls what to do. giving whoever they were dating or was/is linked to them hate and saying shit about them just because they want to see what they want to see. what made it uncomfortable is when the people that they love and care about gets attacked because of camren. that’s what they hate. they want to hate part of harmonizers stans but they can’t because they know they owe it to us at some point the success that they can’t but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt them.

camren was created because of a beautiful friendship. you should never forget that! lauren’s sexuality is none of my business, and camila’s sexuality is none of my business so it shouldn’t be yours as well. i’m not sure about this whole shawmila thing and their new song is but if it makes Mila happy then why not, right? at the end of the day, we’re just fans who support them. what they do with their lives is none of our business. if we think it’s wrong then that’s all up to us, it won’t stop them and sending them hate because of it won’t stop them either.

so no, my dear friends. camren is not dead. as long as lauren and camila are friends and still talk to each other then camren will forever be alive. disrespectful people however should go for a walk and jump off a cliff. you’re the reason why camren shippers gets blamed for all the rude shits the girls are dating.

so ps: i will never stop shipping camren. screw you