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got tagged by the gorgeous bby @youngkmp3  to do this thingy : “Hi! Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY 💓” ~ Thank you ;;_;; 

So here they are:

  1. i got a lot better at getting out of my comfort zone and doing stuff i was previously dead scared of lmao 
  2. i started going after the shit i want rather than staying here and waiting for it to happen and settling with the fact that it might not happen?? like when i get a no i still try to make it happen instead of being like ‘well i guess there’s nothing i can do about it’ , that’s what i mean lol
  3. i’m honestly hella fucking nice and well behaved bless 
  4. i’m super proud of the progress i made regarding my mental health?? like i used to be so insecure and so sad and not do shit for myself but now i realized i’m an actual literal queen bless
  5. i’m creative even if i don’t do shit with that creativity but i’m working on that

i’m tagging @accioheojun @zeloinator @dana-in-wonderland @aikochaaaan @sweetsangho @nctgiri  :* 

I think the most worrying part about skn is when you look at a song and realize you don’t even have to change the lyrics, just the context. For instance:

“So I’ll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep”

“The water filled my lungs, I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing”

“There is nothing I do better than revenge”

“My daddy’s gonna show you how sorry you’ll be”

“You made a really deep cut”

“Still got scars on my back from your knife”

“Everybody’s waiting, everybody’s watching; even when you’re sleeping, keep your ey-eyes open”

“You can tell me when it’s over, if the high was worth the pain”

“It’ll leave you breathless, or with a nasty scar”


I’ve got nothing to do today so you’re in luck, 

I wrote this to ask how you’ve been now that we’re no longer Double Black;

I’m doing good, better than I’ve ever been if you want to keep track

Though I can’t seem to be fully happy ‘cause my mind keeps flashing back; 

Because sometimes I’ll still hear the way your heels clack 

And how, when you’re embarrassed your voice will sometimes crack 

I absentmindedly wait for you to attack,

Knowing you’ve discovered my wine-turned-vinegar prank;

Oh, how I think about you at every turn of the clock 

Without you, my home, life would surely suck..

That’s why.. 

Please wait for me, I’m going to take you back 

I love you so much, My dearest hat rack 

Who Could Ever Love You, Dallas Winston? [Part 2]

Helloooooooooooo everyone!! This a part 2 for this has been requested for a very long time and I finally got around to it! I hope you like it x

You were still hanging around the guys, but no one had really seen Dallas in weeks.

Well, you hadn’t, that is. Steve and Soda claim that they saw him walking around downtown with the Shepard gang a week ago. You sigh. Soda was working on a car a few feet away, and Steve was up front working with a customer. Johnny was probably with Pony, and Two-Bit had probably spent the majority of last night drinking. Darry was working, as per usual, and you had nothing better to do.

“Hey, Y/N?” Soda asks, sticking his head out from behind the hood. You nod.

“You know what’s up with Dally?” He asks, scratching the back of his neck. You weren’t nearly as bad as Dallas, but Soda knew that you had a temper on you, and he wasn’t sure that he wanted to mess with that. Your eyes narrow, but you shrugged.

“He was being an asshole. I was sick of it.” You tap your fingers on the table you were sitting on. You suddenly didn’t want to be there. Soda nods, and you hop off the table. “Hey, I’m gonna get going. See you later.” He waves slightly and you walk out of the garage.

You walk down the street and play with the cuff of your jacket. A car rumbles in the distance before Buck’s T-Bird comes into view. He slows down and stops next to you.

“Hey, Y/N!” He calls through the open window. You stop and lean down.

“What brings you round here, Buck?” You ask.

“Thought I might find you. Listen, we got a bit of a problem over at my place…  Think you could do some good.” He says. Your eyes narrow, but you open the door to the car and climb in.


By the time you had pulled up to his place, you were wondering what on earth could be wrong. Buck wasn’t the brightest… but he was a grown man, and could handle most things. A feeling of dread settled on your shoulders. What the hell did Dallas do? You suddenly sat up straighter, ready to get out the moment Buck stopped the car. What if he was hurt? Stupid, stupid Dallas… He was always getting himself into trouble, and if he had gone and gotten himself hurt, you would kill him.

You jump out once Buck rolls to a stop and head straight for the door. You pull it open and march inside. You immediately look around and spot a head of white-blond hair at the kitchen table. You all but run over to it.

Dallas is shirtless, and his head is bowed down over a mug of brown liquid. You had never really known Dallas to be a coffee drinker (you would later learn that he was desperate… anything to get rid of the headache.)  

“Fuck.” You mumble, immediately kneeling down beside him and wrapping your arms around you. He jerks up and turns to you, his eyes startled.

“Y/N?” He exclaims. His voice is thick, and it sounds slightly off.

“You jerk!” You say, hitting his back and wrapping your arms tighter around him. He winces at the violent motion but slowly wraps his arms around you. “I thought you were hurt! Buck said that something was wrong over here and… fuck, Dallas! You could’ve been dead!” You say, pulling away and looking at him. Then you truly see him.

His eyes are puffy and red. His hair is slightly damp though, as though he had just taken a shower. He looked hungover, but something else too. You reach your hand up and place it on the side of his face, running your thumb gently over his eyes as they flutter shut and then down his cheek. He sniffs and his expression hardens. Dallas had been crying. You don’t know where Buck had gone, but you now know what he meant when he had said there was a problem.

“I ain’t dead.” He finally mumbles, and you nod. He opens his eyes again, and they widen slightly when he sees that you too are crying.

“I’m so sorry, Dallas; I’m so sorry.” You say as you gasp in air before leaning in and kissing him. You kissed him hard, harder than you had ever kissed any boy before. But those boys weren’t like Dallas. Dallas doesn’t move at first, completely overwhelmed by the feeling of your body pressed against his and your lips on his. He had never felt you that way before. His arms wrap around you and he pulls you closer, bringing you up slowly from where you had been kneeling on the floor. You finally pull away and straighten your back. You move slowly, giving him time to react, lowering yourself onto his lap. He looks at you and you stare right back.

“I lied.” He says slowly. You raise an eyebrow.

“What?” You ask, wiping the tears from your cheeks.

“I lied. I do,” He cleared his throat. “I do love you.” He says quietly, and rubbing at your face is suddenly pointless, because you let out yet another sob.

“I love you Dallas. I could love you Dallas, so much.” You say. His hand rubs your thigh, and you hold his face, your forehead resting on his. He wasn’t letting go again.

2016 taught me...

New year always bring good vibes and new breath, new hope. But nothing will change if we still do the same, darling. So, than write the never checked resolutions, this time I prefer to write what I got in 2016.

  • 2016 taught me that family will always love and forgive you. No matter what. Do not turn away from them.

  • 2016 taught me to be a better listener. The more I quite, the more I learn.

  • 2016 taught me that it’s okay to be mad, bored of being hurt, and leave.

  • 2016 taught me that work with your heart will lead you to something bigger.

  • 2016 taught me that being nice is more important that being right.

  • 2016 taught me that time is the most precious thing than anything.

  • 2016 taught me that nothing is wrong with being single, decide to not marry yet, than end up with the very wrong guy.

  • 2016 taught me that there are many people who has more tragically problem.

  • 2016 taught me that some people better stay as memory.

  • 2016 taught me that it is okay not be friend with everyone.

  • 2016 taught me that forgive doesn’t mean you have put them back in your life.

  • 2016 taught me that sharing your food won’t make you broke.

  • 2016 taught me that loving could be this exhausted. Stop. And move on. I deserve better love.

Thank you, 2016. I learned a lot.

avengers academy starter memes pt. 2

dialogues by peggy carter, antman, hellcat, and jessica jones

❝some day i’ll be a big time superhero.❞
❝this is way better than being on tv.❞
❝i think captain america owes me a dance.❞
❝if they’ve got dirt on ‘em, i’ll find it.❞
❝my series was rated g, no swearing.❞
❝do you mind? i’m a bit busy.❞
❝my greatest weakness? …. every once in awhile, i care.❞
❝sure why not.❞
❝i always wanted to be a superhero.❞
❝oh please.❞
❝there’s nothing i can’t handle.❞
❝now you see me….❞ 
❝i can be cheery and still kick butt.❞
❝get your own coffee!.❞
❝i’m not sure you’re worth saving.❞
❝after this i’m going to an ant party.❞
❝my mystical energy senses are tingling.❞
❝did you forget the password?❞
❝first person to call me jewel…gets their teeth kicked in.❞
❝superheroes have the best stuff to steal.❞
❝cheese and crackers.❞
❝my grandmother has more life in her!❞
❝how’d you like a facial reconstruction?!❞
❝what’s in it for me?❞
❝we can do it!❞
❝somethings never change.❞
❝i’m just telling it like it is.❞
❝i didn’t do it.❞
❝i thought hell’s kitchen was crazy!❞
❝i’m no one’s secretary.❞
❝i like myself more when i’m doing something good.❞
❝i feel like everybody here looks down on me.❞
❝turn around gentlepeople!❞
❝oh how i miss the ssr.❞
❝i don’t flirt i just say what i want.❞
❝i’m doing okay for a child star.❞
❝i’m on the case.❞
❝time to summon my costume.❞
❝anything else?❞
❝need me to find something for you?❞

anonymous asked:

Since you already said what you would say to baek and chen if you would meet them: what would you tell xiumin? (Since he kinda was your first bias I guess?)

Ah, Xiumin.

I would tell him he’s always been one of the members I’ve admired the most. Even though he used to receive little to no attention; and any attention he did receive was criticism, he still kept powering on to make himself better for both him and fans. In the end he got drama roles, a solo Drama OST, featured in AOA Jimin’s song as a singer, became part of the sub unit CBX, and finally showed the world that he was a talented mother fucker. I’d want to say to him “Maybe the reason you don’t have a solid role in EXO is because you can do everything, don’t think of yourself as the nothing of EXO, think of yourself as the everything of EXO.”

Just because I have moved biases doesn’t mean I don’t still love, admire and support that boy like mad.


still making my way through Golion and i want sincline to have that sort of redemption arc where he goes from “mortal enemy” to “weird uncle who hangs awkwardly around the good guys because he’s got nothing better to do (and makes good egg salad)”

obviously the sign of team membership is chibi sticking you with a family honourific, but like every other respectable 12-year-old he’s been taught Stranger Danger and they don’t come stranger than this guy

listen closely and the stars will sing - Chapter 1 - celaenos - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

i thought to myself, wow, monel sucks pretty hard. what would make this better? rule 63!! (but then everything would still be… kinda toxic, just with two ladies…) then i thought, goddamn, i wanted nothing more than to see kara adopt a baby alien and teach it how to live in the world. so… i mentioned this to emma as like, ‘wouldn’t that be cute/fun’ but not altogether very serious about it, and she kept encouraging me Very Enthusiastically to actually do something with it, and then ashleigh got involved…. and it’s possible that she has even more kidfic feelings than i do, so… whoops. povs are probably going to alternate but honestly, expect a lot of lena. 

peachy34  asked:

Bedroom + Yoosung?❤

How does this character sleep? (Position, sleeping habits, bedtime routines)
• He sleeps curled up laying on his side, on his stomach or on his side hugging a pillow. His sleeping habits were a MESS while he still had his Lolol obsession but it got better after he quit playing. Still kinda a mess because he is a college student after all haha. Just like his sleeping habits his bedtime routine got better but still bad because again: college student. 

What are their pyjamas like?
• boxers and a T-shirt or sweatpants and a T-shirt. Depends on the weather really 

What do they dream about usually?
• During finals he dreams about college and all the stress, coming to school hella late etc. But otherwise it can be those really weird dreams when nothing makes sense? Like one second you’re in a store but then a horse walks in and then it’s skips to another scenario where you live underwater  

How neat/tidy is this character?
• I mean, he tries. He do, his mother didn’t raise a trash can after all. But he lives alone and it’s just him living there so who will get offended by one or two or more shirts laying here and there and some papers or hamburger wrappers?

How affectionate is this character?
• such. affection. everywhere. He loves hugs give him hugs free hugs all the hugs!!!!!

The Gladers confessing to you via a song.
  • Newt(I'm Alive): When you bless the day, I just drift away, All my worries die, I'm glad that I'm alive.
  • Minho: Shuck Newt, even I'm in tears.
  • Thomas(Drag me Down): If I didn't have you there would be nothing left, the shell of a man who could never be his best!
  • Minho: You're confessing your love, not thanking her for hers!
  • Minho (Do You Want to): I'm gonna make somebody love me (x2), and now I know (x3)I know that it's YOU! YOU LUCKY! LUCKY! LUCKY!!
  • Gally (Hey Baby): Hey baby girl whatcha doin tonight? I wanna see what you got in store!
  • Minho: That's not romantic!
  • Gally: It's still better than yours!

—One of those Sundays when the list of things to do loses to the list of what I feel like doing. So…no. I got nothing productive completed over the course of two days. Tomorrow will be better: I’m off and husband won’t be home.

—I can’t watch anymore Comic book/Superhero movies. It’s too confusing. And I don’t know what order I’m supposed to watch. And don’t go all nerdy on me and give me the full DC versus Marvel speech . I’ve heard it. I still don’t know who Ultron is and I’ve watched the movie three times. Sorry, comic book nerd followers. I know you want to punch me right now.

—I’m making soup. All week. Because I’m in the mood for soup. And home-made bread. I wish I still had my bread machine, but it was a matrimonial casualty. I am thinking of getting another one. I’m too impatient to make real bread.

—Tea and cookies. Please? And then a chocolate milkshake.

—Suddenly grumpy for no particular reason. Steer clear.

—There is already way too much chatter about the Daytona 500. I’m going to miss my Sundays. :(

—Are you a new house person or an old house person? I’m not sure. I like the low-maintenance appeal of new, but I love the details of old–even the creaky wood floors and lead glass windows. Just curious. And thinking of moving. No. We’re not moving…just daydreaming. *sighs*

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, my friends!!! :)

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Hey, I know exactly how you're feeling right now. I've been there. Hell, I still am there. And I know it seems like there's nothing left to do but give up. But I want you to know something: You've got this. You've been to hell and back before and survived. You can get through anything. Don't give up on yourself, because you deserve better than that. You deserve a million times more than that. You can do this my dear. You are important and you are loved. Don't give up.

A million thanks to you beautiful human xx
You are great *_*

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In September 2016 I met this guy from my school. We had a flirt (I really liked him and he has told me, that he really liked me too) for about a month. Then we kissed and he ended it. Here in January 2017, he told me that the only reason why he stopped it, was because he was afraid that I would might hold him back, if we got together. Now we agreed that we could be friends with benefits, the only thing is that I still have feelings for him. What should I do?

To be completely honest with you I would advise to stop seeing him all together let alone being his beneficial friend.

Reason being is because you are feeling a lot more than just the physical connection whereas it’s nothing more than just sex for him. So to spare yourself even more heartache I would say


Infidelity starter sentences

“Who’s panties are these…?!”
“I keep telling you it’s not because he/she is better looking than you are!”
“I’m not even sure why you still wear that ring after what I did.”
“Don’t try to lie! I saw you with him/her yesterday!”
“I’ve got to tell you something… You better sit down.”
“What are you doing here? You weren’t supposed to get back here until later tonight!”
“I didn’t mean to kiss him/her!”
“Oh, so this is where you’ve been every Saturday night!”
“I still love YOU, you have to believe me!”
“I was drunk… It meant nothing.”
“Why are you upset, it was just a prostitute!”
“Don’t tell me you haven’t been looking around at other people too!”
“Why are you home late all the time?”
“I don’t want him/her, I want YOU!”
“This is our secret, alright? My wife/husband can’t find out.”
“Are you going to tell him/her what we’re doing?”
“It’s kind of exciting, isn’t it…? Having an affair.”
“I’m so sorry, this was a mistake. I’m with someone else.”


so i’ve been wanting to play skyrim again but hesitating because all my mods got screwed up when i transferred over to a new computer. then i remembered i also have the special edition.

this is syndhel. i love him lots. ( ∩ˇωˇ∩)♡

It is always about the beginning and ending.
Nobody considers the in between thing.
And that’s what actually a thing.

In the beginning of this year I was lonely.
Well, at the end of this year, it’s still the same.

There was some memorable moments in between.
I got the privilege to live the wish I wished for.
I thank all those who came for just a phase of time. You taught me some good lessons. I thank you all for making me a better man.
Life is all about experience.
Nothing is going to be carried with this body when we’ll die.
It’ll be the memories.
I have no sorrows for those who left.
And I feel extra happy for those who are staying, guess we have some more traveling to do.

Thank you all.
Thank you Tumblr.

—  Happy new year.

1/100 Isn’t it weird how on the hectic days you can end up getting more done than on the quiet ones?
Yesterday I was stowed out from first thing till the kids finished school, yet I got a ton of study done! Today all I had to do was done by 10.30am yet this is all I did!
Still, better than nothing right?
Free day tomorrow while the kids are in school so I’m planning on finishing this week’s work so the rest of the week can be spent reading the recommended books.
I’m trying to get a few weeks ahead so that I don’t fall behind while the kids are on their 2 week October break. I’m 2 weeks ahead so far so should be safe!

livefortoday-dreamforever  asked:

Ignore the hate you're better than that. While your dream of the army may be over, you're still doing good. You're saving lives in a foreign country. For a kid who grew up with nothing in the Southside of Chicago, that's better than you ever thought possible I bet. Don't let your mistakes (however big) define you. Learn from it and move on. You got this Gallagher!

Thank you. No like really thanks for saying that..Sometimes I feel like no matter what I do, it isn’t good enough, but seeing people like you send me shit like this makes me rethink if i’m actually a horrible person or if people are just being assholes.