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Alright so I also wanted to recap some of the photos I took this year…! As part of my final year of high school I did a project involving cosplay photography; most of these photos were used in that. I had originally intended to upload some of these as separate photosets, but now that a lot of them are almost a year old it just kind of feels like I should be moving on.

I hope to improve my photography further during 2016, it’s a lot of fun but I still feel a bit restricted by my technical skill. Cosplayers are credited in the captions (with the exception of some that I don’t have the social media of).

This site and tag could really use a reminder that we’re not all American.

We don’t all have the same age of consent (though Ido understand and agree with covering your ass from rp'ing with those underaged to you) and the American 18+ doesn’t mean that everyone under 18 has never had sex even if we pretend that people wait until they’re of age.

We don’t all go to American colleges, eat American food or grow up calling football soccer.

We don’t all know American geography or how the states work or how the infrastructure looks and works compared to our hometown.

We don’t all have English as our first language.

Roleplaying Homestuck in human environments (pre-game, post-game, humanstuck) typically place us in America, sometimes for completely logical reasons and sometimes not. Thing is, roleplaying a completely different culture is HARD. We have to learn social cues and customs, basic geography and the social perspective on it, often we also need to know the cultural climate, traditions, some more legal stuff and basically a shitton of other stuff (why are American tampons so long, i.e.).

Most of us sort of learn the gist of this stuff, through hanging on tumblr or interacting with americans or intaking american culture such as books or v-shows. Through all this we create an idea of America we use when we roleplay. Many of you might not even think of the fact that you have a culture but to us it become very obvious especially when we say things in the context of the roleplay which might not be completely true to the culture and we are d/c’d for it.

Most of the time it seems we are pretty good at avoiding situations in which this will show, but in some instances it’s simply impossible to know without having been there.

You Americans have got a good deal for free in that you don’t have to do as much research and also have your oen country as starting point more often than not. (Not to mention the english language.)

Honestly, this is just a reminder. I don’t expect any changes and I don’t really feel like they’re necessary. I do, however,wish that American roleplayers keep this in mind and be kind on those of us who are still learning. America is not a stick with which to measure the world.