i still feel sort of silly for doing this

People talk a lot about McCree’s responses to actually having food regularly available when he joins Blackwatch but like, other things to consider for this poor kid

  • His reaction upon seeing he has a BED, like an actual bed, there’s enough blankets on it for him to roll up in it twice and he does.
  • Not only that he gets his own ROOM? Plenty of people in Blackwatch bunk together but Gabe didn’t want that with McCree since he was still a minor when he joined so, perks.
  • McCree is actually allowed to keep his own things now. For a while he had a habit of hiding them in his room, when Gabe finds them he’s terrified they’re gonna get taken and it’s like no… they’re yours…
  • People often have Gabe being strict on him (and I’m sure he would be) but I think after day 1 Gabe would be VERY careful with the language he uses. The first time he shouts at him he can see McCree flinching, steeling himself like he’s about to get punched in the face or worse. He doesn’t yell at McCree anymore (overtime when they trust each other more he uses harsher language when necessary)
  • Gabe almost exhausted with how often McCree asks permission to do ANYTHING but doesn’t get upset because he knows why the kid does it
  • Don’t touch me on the concept of McCree thinking that the moment you become a risk you get left for dead. I hurt thinking about him stuck somewhere on a mission, just waiting to either die or be forced to save himself only for Gabe to save him.
  • Or Gabe’s surprise cause he almost expects the kid to be lazy but after a couple of late mornings the kid’s pushing himself really hard on training, always volunteering for cleaning duties, because he’s worried if he’s not being useful he’ll get kicked out.
  • “You want me to what?” “Take a short vacation kid.” “We…. have those…????”
  • “Kid I told you to take a break.” “I… don’t understand boss what’s a break…”
  • “You know Jesse, when I punished you and told you to polish the guns I didn’t expect you to be in here for an entire day.” “Uh, but, don’t they need to be spotless?” “*sigh* No but uh… you know what? Good job, go get some sleep.”
  • “Jesse…” “Yeah boss?” “Listen, a cleaning assignment doesn’t mean it has to look like new. Will you stop scrubbing the toilet, please?”
  • “Hey boss, made some dinner!” “J-Jesse… why is there so much?” “Well we had it and now we have leftovers to last us a week.” “Jesse…”
  • Or shit let’s talk about WATER rationing cause on route 66 I doubt it was a common thing. Jesse was probably used to running on one jug a day (like two cups at most). Like first day of rly hard training the kid PASSES OUT from dehydration and like. “Jesse, how much water have you had today?” “Uh? I had a little this morning I guess… with coffee…” “…. that’s it?” “Yeah why?” “Oh god.”
  • Gabe has to buy him a special water bottle so Jesse remembers to drink enough during the day.
  • Jesse hoarding sweets for a special occasion and Gabe has to remind him that “I can get you more, easy, if you need it, just eat it god.”
  • Oh god or clothing habits like, “Jesse, I gave you more than one uniform for a reason.” “What do you mean?” “I mean if one gets dirty you can wear a fresh one until laundry day jesus kid go change.”
  • On that note, it’s a two month battle to force Jesse to shower regularly.
  • He still hates showering regularly, to this day, but he does it.
  • Also it takes Gabe aprox. 1 day to figure out that Jesse uses the hat not just for kicks but as a confidence booster (feel stronger with it sort of thing) and allows him to wear it in spite of the uniform.
  • Other members steal it once, once, they never do again.

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Hello! I really like your blog. Can I ask to write about how RFA + Saeran forgot about MC's birthday and missed it? If it's possible from their viewpoint.

Oh boy, that got so long, these are basically mini-fics, I’m just too lazy to take it out of the topics lolol. Hope you enjoy it! ^^

   RFA + Saeran forgetting MC’s birthday


  • His new musical debuted that night, after it was over, he ran to the dressing room looking for you, but… you weren’t there?
  • He asked the staff if you were still in your seat, they said they didn’t even see you that night.
  • “Oh, she must be with Jaehee.” He texted both of you, none of you texted back. Weird…
  • He called you, nothing. He called Jaehee, she answered, but there was some loud music playing. “Jaehee, is MC with you?”
  • “WHAT??? ZEN, WHERE ARE YOU??? ARE YOU OUTSIDE???” she was yelling
  • Then it hit him… SHIT! It was today! Your birthday!!! How could he forget that?
  • He saw you in the morning, you sounded so excited, but you were always so bubbly, he didn’t even notice you were especially excited that day. Oh god… just remembering your beautiful smile made his heart sink in guilty. Why didn’t you say anything?
  • “Wake up, Zen! She’s not like you to be bragging about her own  birthday!” he thought. Yes, you were nothing like him at all, you were so sweet, so selfless… he was a selfish workaholic who abandoned her girlfriend in her first birthday with you! Ugh… he was the worst boyfriend ever!
  • His colleagues invited him to an after party, he declined. He needed to know where your party was happening… Calling you would be the most embarrassing and hurtful thing he could ever do!
  • Calling Jaehee seemed hopeless. Yoosung? Yeah, obviously not!  Seven would tease him for not knowing where the party was. There was only one person discreet enough he could call… but it was Jumin fucking Han! God… asking that jerk a favor made him feel sick, but it was for MC… he would do anything for his precious girlfriend.
  •  Jumin answered quickly, the music wasn’t too loud, he was probably a little away from the crowd, that antisocial freak! No…  he needed to ask him a favor, it wasn’t the time to cuss him out. “Where are you? MC is concerned” he said in a monotone tone.
  •  “I need to ask you something, but you have to promise me you won’t say anything! If you say something, I swear I’ll…” “You’re about to ask me a favor, yet you’re threatening me? How bold…” “LISTEN, YOU JERK! I get it, I’m an asshole, ok? I screwed up her birthday! You have no idea how much I regret it… I…” no, he could not do that talking with Jumin, pull yourself together! “I need to know the address of the party…”
  •  “Are you serious? You really don’t know?” “Don’t make me feel worse, dude! I can do that by myself!” “I’m not doing it on purpose, I’m just reminding you of your irresponsibility… did you even get her a present?” “DUUUUUUDE! I TOLD YOU I COULD MAKE MYSELF FEEL WORSE! OH GOD!”
  •  “Zen, pull yourself together, please. This is quite embarrassing for me too… think objectively, what can you do right now? There must be something…” Zen thought for a few seconds… there was something he could do!
  • “Hey, jerk! I thought of something! Tell me the address and I’ll take care of everything else! I just need a prop I saw backstage and…” “What do I get in return?” “DUDE, ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?”
  •  “I’m a business man, I need to know what will be my gain on this.” He could almost see the smirk on that son of a bitch’s face. “Fine! There’s something I can do along with my… surprise for MC. Give me the address and see for yourself.” “But…” “Just trust me on this one, ok? Now here’s what you need to do…”
  • You were dancing with Seven, he was making silly moves to make you laugh and distract you from your concern about your boyfriend.
  • Were you mad? Nah, why would you? It was his career after all… I mean, should you be mad about your boyfriend forgetting your birthday? The first one with you as a couple? Even if he couldn’t ditch work, he saw you in the morning, he should had said something! A day has fucking 24 hours, Zen! Calling you wouldn’t take more than a few minutes, for fuck’s sake. Yep, you were mad.
  • Seven stepped away from you a little, you looked like you were gonna punch someone. Then, he stared at the little stage on the nightclub, you followed his gaze and… what was Jumin doing up there?
  • “Is this thing on? Is it? Okay…” he said in the microphone, then he cleared his throat and took a piece of paper from his pocket “Yes, good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We gathered here today to celebrate our dear friend, MC’s birthday tonight.” A blue light showed up to your face as people applauded you, what was Jumin doing? This was so embarrassing…
  • “I sincerely hope it was a day of joy for you, MC, that you received all the love and affection from your friends and family. And… I hope you’re prepared right now… for the ultimate demonstration of love from your boyfriend.” You could hear people making “uuuhh…” sounds. “He made me say this tacky speech and, to quote him, ‘I apologize for being late, I’m selfish and I care too much about my image, that’s why I didn’t even consider not doing that musical today. However… to show you how much I love you and how sorry I am, I’m letting go of my image today, I’m even letting go of my pride and letting a jerk read my apologize for you.’ Oh… I’m, I’m the jerk right now. Interesting… anyway, enjoy your boyfriend’s gift, MC!” he got off the stage still muttering “How ungrateful…”
  •  The nightclub staff carried a huge cake to the stage. Oh god… you knew where this was going, oh no… Yep. Your boyfriend came out of the cake wearing only underwear with a decorative bow on it and… freaking cat ears on his head.
  • Seven was laughing hard, Jaehee was feeling bold after a couple of drinks and took a lot of pictures, Yoosung was passed out on the corner and didn’t see anything, Jumin kept his head low trying not to let everybody see him chuckling, and you… were still a little mad, but it was impossible not to feel happy to see him (and maybe a little turned on)
  • So you just went up on that stage and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, he whispered “happy birthday” and you smiled softly, it was impossible not to smile right now.


  •  “Yoosung, I let your green shirt on the hanger, oh, and be careful when you go to the bathroom, I think there’s something wrong with the lock… The roast beef is on the oven, don’t touch it! I’ll just go to the convenience store and see if they have that sauce we liked the other day, ok?”
  • “Mmmmhmm” he mumbled, staring at his laptop’s screen. You couldn’t bother wondering if he was really listening, you were in such a hurry to get everything done.
  • He didn’t know why you were running everywhere, it was just dinner! What was so special about this one?
  •  He was just worried about this quest, there were so many rare items available right then.
  • He was done a few minutes later, he stretched his arms and let out a yawn. “MC?” you didn’t answer. “MC? Are you in the bathroom? I’m coming in…” he entered and the door closed behind him.
  • He yelped, scared. He tried to open the door a few times and got more and more tense as he realized he was really trapped inside the bathroom. His phone was on his bedroom. Shit…
  • He heard the living room’s door being open.  “MC? MC, is that you?”
  • “Yoosung? Where are you?” “I’m trapped in the bathroom, I think there’s something wrong with the lock” “Yes, I know” “You knew? Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • “ I told you, Yoosung! You didn’t hear anything I said before I left?” “Where were you, anyways?” You sighed deeply. “Nevermind, Yoosung, let me call a locksmith and try to get you out of here before the night is completely ruined!”
  • Wow, you really sounded frustrated, this dinner was that important to you? Why?
  • “Oh, don’t worry, MC!  I can always cook some fried rice really quick like I normally do.” “Well, isn’t that the point? Doing something different because tonight is special?”
  • “Oh, sure…” Why is tonight special? Think, Yoosung, think! “Yes, tonight is a very special day…for… us?”
  • You glared at the door as you could actually see him. “Yoosung? What day is today?” “Today? T-Today? Hum… Friday?”
  • “I knew it! I knew you weren’t listening to me earlier, I knew you didn’t know what day is today! Gosh, I’m so stupid! My friends tried to drag me to this bar, but no, I insisted on spending my birthday with my boyfriend!” OH FUCK!
  • M-MC! It’s today! Yeah!” “Yes, you could at least notice the presents that came, but you were too busy with that fucking game all day, right?” You were freaking terrifying when you swore, he was shivering
  • “MC, I don’t even know how to proper apologize right now, I’m so sorry! I… bought your present months ago and I guess I just… forgot?”
  • “Yes, Yoosung, you forget everything around you when you play that game! Seriously… I… I can’t believe the only way to make you listen to me is with  you locked up like this… this is so… fucked up!” Another swear, another shiver! But what you said gave him an idea. “So… keep me like this…” “What?”
  •  “Seriously, keep me like this! We can call the locksmith tomorrow morning. I don’t have my phone or computer with me, so all I can focus is your voice now. Tell me everything and I’ll listen.” “What are you saying? This is weird!”
  • “So let’s do it as a game! How about that: for every year of your life, you tell me something I should know about you? Silly things or meaningful things, you tell me everything and I’ll listen!” You were still hesitating, but… your boyfriend listening to you all night long? That was… sort of fun… you took a deep breath and sat in front of the bathroom door. You could not see each other, but that was better, so you wouldn’t feel embarrassed telling him… very intimate things. “Okay… fact number one about me…”
  • It was morning when you finished, you both were laughing because you told him funny things about you in high school. “Hey, MC?” “Yes, Yoosung?”  “I know I’m late, but… happy birthday!” “Thank you, Yoosung… now let’s get you out of there” your voice got back to the sweet tone he loved so much, he knew he had to do a lot to make it up to you, but now… he was just relieved you didn’t sound mad, and he learned so much about you, this would be really useful later…
  • As soon as he was released, he rushed over you and planted a firm and passionate kiss in your lips, you’ve never seen him like this! “Thanks for your services, sir. Now if you’ll excuse us, I have to make my girlfriend’s dream number 18 come true!” he paid the guy, took your hand and leaded you to the bedroom.


  • She would never! I mean, NEVER EVER forget your birthday! As soon as you started dating, she marked the date on her calendar, she was prepared for this day months ago!
  • You probably knew she was planning everything, so it hit her. You KNEW, it would be no surprise for you at all! She never saw your surprised face before, she would love to see your eyes widening, your mouth opening in a gasp and then turning into a smile for her… oh… it must be so adorable!
  • You always complimented her diligence, her ability to plan something at every detail, but now… she just wanted not to be like that, at least for one day, your day… she had to surprise you somehow!
  • So she thought… what if she pretended to forget your birthday? And when the day was almost ending, she would surprise you with something very romantic and special? It would be so bold and unexpected of her, she couldn’t wait to show you this side of her!
  • It was harder than she thought. When the day came, she kept holding back all the hugs she wanted to give you, the urge to say “Happy Birthday! I love you!”. God… you were looking at her as if you were expecting something! Those puppy eyes, ugh… somebody save her!
  • But she kept going through, it would all be worthy for both of you at the end of the day.   “Jaehee, is there something you wanna say to me?” “Hum… you’re doing a good work today, MC!” “Jaehee, you have nothing to give me today?” “Oh yeah, I have you to give this receipt from the milk distributor, you forgot to sign here.” This was fucking torture!
  • You two closed the cafe in complete silence, she noticed you weren’t as excited as you were that morning. Your smile disappeared from your face as soon as the last customer left.     
  • “So,MC, ready to head home?” “Oh, I… already have plans for tonight.” WHAT? “Oh… you do?” “Yeah, I’m gonna get some drinks with some friends.” “N-No! You can’t!” she said in a high and surprised tone. “Why not?”
  • “W-Well, because you… didn’t you say you were trying to quit drinking?” “I think you’re mistaking me with Zen, Jaehee…” SHIT!
  • “I’ll be back soon, you don’t have to wait me awake if you don’t want to.” Oh… your passive-aggressive tone, it gave her the creeps everytime you acted like that.
  • “Well, can I… can I go with you?” “Oh, it’s just a silly thing with some girls from college, I don’t think you would enjoy that much…  but you’re more than welcome to come.” Yeah, you definitely didn’t want her to join you, you were PISSED
  • “So… I’ll go home just to take a shower and change, ok?” Oh no, the surprise! Time to move, Jaehee! “MC, YOU CAN’T GO!” you looked at her, surprised. Noticing you got a little scared, she lowered her voice “P-Please… don’t go…”
  • “Why not?” Think of something! Quick! “W-well, b-be-e-cause… I… I…  I don’t like your friends, MC!” “What?” “Yes, you… act different after you see them, you get… immature and… annoying!” you could not believe this! Neither could she, what was she doing? When did everything get so out of control?
  • “Annoying?” you scoffed “Wow, okay… thanks for the note, Jaehee! I’ll… well, sorry to disappoint you, but I’ll go get annoying and immature with my friends  tonight, at least they don’t forget my fucking birthday!” and you stormed out of the cafe. She was just… speechless, she could not think of a reaction right now.
  • She thanked God for the fact that the house you shared was not far from the cafe, she could reach you without a problem.
  •  And she got home just in time to see the face she was craving so much to see, but… the tears weren’t a part of her fantasy. “MC? I… I’m so sorry. I… tried to make you a surprise, I thought it would be even surprising  if I pretended I forgot your birthday, but now I see it was so childish of me. I’m really sorry, MC! I don’t hate your friends, I just said that to keep you away from the house, I think they’re great just like you, they’re funny and creative and… bold, like you! And… definitely not like me… I’m-”
  • You interrupted her with a intense yet sweet kiss, she was took by surprise, but quickly catched up with you. “Don’t talk about yourself like this, especially on my birthday…” “Yes, of course, MC, I’ll just say sweet things from now on…”
  • “You should start with a ‘Happy Birthday!’” you both laughed through your tears, you two looked so dork, it was so cute…


  • He didn’t really forgot, he just… miscalculated how long that business trip would last.
  • At least that’s what he told Zen over the phone when he called very angry and judgemental about missing his “so called precious girlfriend”. Jumin didn’t want to hear anything of this, mainly because he knew Zen was… ugh… right…
  • He wanted to call you, but was he really ready to listen your sad voice? Would he be able to handle it? His emotions were still a mysterious field, even if you were helping him through. But the things you said and did affected him on a very unpredictable way, so… calling you seemed reckless right now.
  • He would miss it, it was already set. He wouldn’t make in time. All that was left was trying to get you the most thoughtful and amazing gift and take some days off from work to make it up to you. Would it be enough?
  • But then… he saw the photos in the chatroom. MC and the other RFA members at a bar, it would be a cute friend’s photo if Zen WEREN’T THAT CLOSE TO YOU, WITH HIS ARM AROUND YOUR SHOULDER!!!
  • Jumin let out a low groan… this wasn’t right! It was supposed to be his arm around your shoulder… and probably not in that commoner’s bar. You deserved so much better on your birthday! You deserved… a better boyfriend…
  • He caught himself on his private jet, telling the pilot to get there asap. It was a good weather, this wouldn’t take long.
  • And it really didn’t, but now there was another problem… Driver Kim was not picking up his calls! What was he doing? Oh right… Jumin gave him some days off since he was on this business trip, only because MC insisted he needed some rest… he would feel aroused about all this irony if this wasn’t gettin in the way of something so important.
  • He took a cab, this driver didn’t feel reliable, but he was desperate. And the guy guaranteed he could get him to his destination in the shortest amount of time.
  • He just saw the light and heard a loud bang on the side of the cab… then everything got dark.
  • Zen gave you a ride to the hospital on his bike. He was mad, but tried to stay collected to not make you feel more nervous. Jaehee, Seven and Yoosung were already there. Zen and Jaehee wanted to go with you, you insisted on going alone and Seven convinced everybody this was the best right then.   
  • “Don’t talk! Don’t even try using your smothering words to make me forget what you did, Jumin Han! What were you thinking? Are you insane?” Silence… “ANSWER ME!”
  • “You… said you didn’t want me to talk…” he said with his usual calm tone, but in the inside he was terrified, you seemed… not like yourself at all. “Jumin, I swear to God I’ll slap this handsome face of yours and give this hospital a reason to keep you here for a while, don’t test me right now!” you were so scary! And sexy… no, FOCUS, JUMIN!
  •  “I didn’t want to miss your birthday, it didn’t seem right…” “So what? How getting on an unlicensed cab fit into this? Oh my god… do you have any idea how panicked I got when the hospital called me?” you were trying to compose yourself “Why did you get back? I was ok with your business trip getting longer than planned…” “I… saw the photo in the chatroom, you and… Zen…” oh, he should not have mentioned that, you were losing it again.
  • “Zen? You were worried about Zen? Oh my god, Jumin! What the fuck is wrong with you? What were you thinking? Seriously, I want to know how your brain works! Did you really think I was cheating on you?”
  • “I WASN’T THINKING, MC! I was… I don’t know what’s gotten into me, I saw the photo and I just knew I had to be there with you. That’s what happens, I don’t… think when it’s about you, I just… feel.”
  • “Jumin, I made myself very clear about using sweet talk right now…” “But it’s the truth, I swear! MC, I love you, I want to be with you at every special moment of your life.” “And do you think this is a special moment? You in a hospital bed making me feel so terrified of losing you? On my fucking birthday, Jumin?” your voice was breaking, and then came the tears.
  •  “I’m sorry for making you worry, MC. I was childish and imprudent, and I should do better when it concerns you, us… I’m… really sorry… and this feels completely inappropriate, but… happy birthday…” you sighed heavily and gave up, being angry wouldn’t take you anywhere. Your boyfriend was alive, just a few scratches here and there, and you were together! You curled up to him on the bed, then you just… talked.
  • “Did you really came here on Zen’s bike? Did you wear a helmet? Did you… put your arms around him?” “Jumin, Zen is the least of your problems right now, just wait till we get home.” again… so terrifyingly sexy… it felt strange hearing these things instead of saying it for once.


  • You two were not on speaking terms right now, it was a pretty bad fight, although now he didn’t really remember how and why it started. It was something about one of his pranks? About him going too far? Yes, it was something like this…
  • Anyways, he didn’t feel like apologizing, you were probably overreacting, soon you would come to your senses and talk to him again.
  • But this was taking too long, he haven’t heard from you for almost a week, were you that mad? The RFA members were refusing to talk about this, this was between you two, he should solve this if it was bothering him so much.
  • He got out of his office for the first time in three days and heard someone in the living room. It was you? Were you finally back? Hum, no… it was Saeran. And he was… wrapping this box on a shiny red wrapper?
  • “Hey bro, whachu doing?” “What do you think I’m doing? Wrapping this gift, you fool! MC’s favorite color is red, right?” “Yes, it is… is this for MC?” “No, is for the pope… of course it is for her!”
  • “Why?” “Quit shitting around and go get ready, we’re gonna be late!” “Late for what, Saeran? What’s going on?” “MC’s party! Seriously, did you bang your head or something?” “Party, why is she having a party?” he felt a little hurt you were throwing parties while you two were fighting like that.
  • “Wait… did you really forget?”  “What? What did I forget?” “Holy fuck! You really forgot your girlfriend’s birthday!” “What? No, I didn’t! Her birthday is in a few months, bro!” “Hum, no ‘bro’, it’s today!”. Saeyoung scoffed: “No, it isn’t! Come on… I checked every information about her when we met, there’s no way I would forget the day she was born!” “Well, check again, you probably messed up the informations in your stupid brain.” He was starting to get mad at Saeran for doubting him, he was the one messing it up! So he went to check your background history  and yes, your birthday was… your birthday was… shit! TODAY!
  • “Oh Lord! Oh Lord! Oh Lord!” he started panicking and running in the house. How could he forget? He was so adamant about you apologizing he didn’t even notice that day was coming? What a selfish asshole he was! “Oh my God, Saeran! I’m so screwed!” “Yep…”
  • “Don’t ‘yep’ me! Help me! I need to do something!” “Exactly, YOU need to, don’t get me involved in this, you were the one who screwed up, just apologize to her already!” “This isn’t enough! I, Saeyoung Choi, need to come up with something as special and amazing as my lady. And you were gonna help me! This is a mission for the Choi boys!” “I asked you a million times not to call us that…”
  • He came with a plan and headed with his brother to your place. When he got there, he noticed it wasn’t a big party, it was more like an intimate reunion with RFA and your closest friends. Hum… he was expecting something big as his surprise, but this would do, anyways.
  • Saeran cleared his throat and gathered everybody’s attention. “MC, my brother is an asshole and he wants to ‘apologize’. Enjoy this freak show and happy birthday!” he said in a monotone tone as turning the music on.
  • And then Saeyoung came out of your bedroom lip syncing “Birthday” by Katy Perry in a full cosplay of her. Nobody was in shock because, well… they already knew your boyfriend, you got embarrassed when you looked at your parents watching that. When he finished, people weren’t sure if they should clap or not.
  • “I’m so sorry, MC! I’m such a prick for not talking to you and there’s nothing I could say right now to make it up to you, so I did this. If I can’t be mature enough, at least I can make you laugh, and… I believe it was the great american artist Katy Perry who said ‘So make a wish! I’ll make it like your birthday every day!’. Happy birthday, MC! I love you!”
  • “Oh, Saeyoung…” you were crying and leaned to him, he was waiting for a kiss, but you went to his ear and whispered: “Got you!” He looked at you puzzled as Zen and Yoosung unrolled a banner where it could read “You got pranked, brah!”
  • “MC, what’s happening?” “I was mad at you because of that bad prank you pulled on me last week, so I decided to take some revenge. I told everybody to come here today to pretend it was my birthday, so it would look like you forgot it.” “But your background history…  the date…” “Saeran took care of this for me. You’re not the only hacker in the family, right?” he looked at Saeran, he just raised his glass with a smirk. “Oh, and putting Katy Perry as one of my interests was his idea too. I had no idea you were going to show up like this… guess he knows you a little better than I do”
  • “Oh… my… God! I… I… ” he looked shocked, almost hurt, now you were wondering if you went too far… but the truth was… he was so happy you and his brother were getting along, even teaming up to make something for him, even if it was to make him look like a fool, he didn’t mind, he was just… really happy “I LOVE YOU TWO SO MUCH!” and he pulled you and Saeran in a tight hug.


  • “Shit! Shit! Shit!” he was cursing and pacing back and forth ever since he saw the calendar, it was today! How could he forget?
  • Truth be told, he had one of his episodes last night, when that happened, he would lost his sense of time and place. This would be even worse when you weren’t around to calm him down, and why weren’t you around? Oh yeah, you were planning your birthday party, yeah, that one he refused to help with because ‘it was lame’ as he told you over the phone. Oh god…He was the worst, wasn’t he?
  • He got out of his bedroom and went looking for Saeyoung, but all he found was a note. “Helping MC, party starts at 9 pm at her place, don’t be late! P.S.: Call her, bro. Love, Saeyoung” he rolled his eyes, but this was kind of useful. Except for that piece of advice about calling you. How could he? He didn’t talk to you all day and you would notice right away the reason the disappeared, and you would be worried, his brother would hear about this and they both would feel guilty for leaving him alone and… he hated to see your concerned expression, it was too much painful.
  • At least he bought a nice gift, it was a simple bracelet, but he knew you should have it when he saw you looking at it that day you two went to shopping. Now he just needed to take a quick shower and find some decent clothes. He still had time, right? WRONG!
  • It was already 10 pm! How could he lost notion of time  that much? He felt like shit! Your place was pretty far from Saeyoung’s bunker, it would take at least a half hour to get there by train. What about by car?
  • He went to the garage and took one of his brother’s car, Saeyoung woudn’t like this, but he didn’t give a shit right now. It was all about you!
  • He was a little rusty from driving, but still knew the basics, like… stopping and… most important, accelerating! And boy, did he speed it up
  • He muttered a “fuck! What now?” when he saw the police car reflected on the rearview mirror. Yeah, he knew he had to stop, this guy wouldn’t get off his back.  
  • “Documents, sir?” “Shit! I don’t… I don’t have it right now!” “Sir, are you aware that you were much faster than the speed limit?” “Yeah, look… I’m just trying to make it to my girlfriend’s party, I’m pretty late and…” “Sir, I’m gonna have to ask you to get out of the car…” “What? Fuck! No!” “Sir, please… I don’t want to use force!” “Well, I don’t want to use force either, so just get the fuck away!” “Sir, calm down a little and…” “No! Don’t tell me what to do, your asshole! I know my rights!” “So you know you have the right to remain silent, you are arrested for contempt of authority, just come with me calmly or I’ll charge you for resisting to prison too.” FUCK! He didn’t even mind about this, all he could think of was you… and how disappointed you would be right now
  • You and Saeyoung came to the police station, neither of you said anything, you two were too scared. Saeran could not have a criminal record, nobody should know about this, what if his father found out? That’s what you two were thinking, but were too scared to say it out loud. “Me and Jumin are taking care of this, don’t worry, nobody will know a thing. At least I managed to not let him get locked up, so he’s in the interrogation room. Go talk to him but make it quick, okay?” you nodded, you didn’t know what to say
  • He took a quick glance at you and lowered his head, he could not look you in the eye right now. “I… I know you’re mad, ok? I’m sorry! I was just… trying to get to your place, I didn’t know I was so late, you know what happen when I have… those panic attacks, and… I should’ve called you, my stupid brother was fucking right, I can’t believe it! I feel so shitty right now, MC! I can’t believe I’m putting you to this on your own birthday, I’m such a piece of shit! I… I… don’t deserve you at all. I’m…”
  • You interrupted him with a hug. He was handcuffed, but oh did he want to hug you back… even if he knew he didn’t deserve it… “I was so worried about you…” were you… crying? Oh no… “You can’t do this to me, Saeran! That cop had a gun! What if he… oh, I don’t even want to say it!” Wait! Weren’t you mad? You were… worried…? For him?
  • “A – Aren’t you… mad?” “Of course I’m mad! But I’m more relieved to see you’re ok, I love you so much! You know that?”
  • “Yes, of course I know, MC. And I hate to see you like this because of me, you should be smiling today, no, not just today, everyday!” “So don’t get into trouble because of me, you dork!” oh, you called him dork, you were calming down… “I won’t, I swear! Me being safe will be your birthday gift! This and… this.” He pointed to the little box in his pocket. “They took everything from me, but I woudn’t let they take this… Happy Birthday, MC! I mean… as happy as can be…”
  • You laughed and took the box out of his pocket, you opened, looked at him and kissed him in a sloppy and desperate way. “Okay, break it off you two! This isn’t a motel room!” The cop interrupted getting in the room. “You must know some important people, fella. You’re getting away with a clean file.” “So I’m free to go?” “Yep, let me just get you out of these handcuffs and you can escort your lady.”
  • “Oh, he better do much more than escort me when we’re out of here. Oh, and don’t feel too comfortable about getting rid of these handcuffs, you’ll be back to them as soon as we get home, maybe I have a pair that matches my new bracelet?” the look in your eyes… he could tell you weren’t kidding. This was a huge turn on, but he wasn’t really used to you playing this role, so he wasn’t sure what to expect… “Can you keep me arrested here for tonight, officer? I feel I’ll be safer around here.
belated birthday present

@larvesta i know im a little late with this bc im a piece of shit but i appreciate you so much as a friend, an artist, and a content creator for this fandom that i had to whip up something for you really quick, even if it’s not much. i hope you had a wonderful birthday and thank you for being so beautiful and special :)

happy birthday olivia <3

words: 1864

“I want to marry you.”

She said it at 11:37pm, cheek pressed against the kitchen table, eyeliner smudged after a 14 hour work day, and voice slurred from the sleep she’d been without for close to three days. Alya had driven out to her office, coaxed her away from her designs, and laid her out on the back seat of her car, blanketing her with her jacket before driving back to their apartment. The dozen or so other times they’d done this, Alya would always brew her fresh tea over the stove – with actual tea leaves, not store bought bags – to help her sleep, only to find her snoring across the couch or at the kitchen table before it was even ready. 

Alya was ready to keep the tea warm for herself and carry Marinette back to their bedroom, but Marinette muttered tiredly from her seat at the kitchen table and made Alya stare into the pot of tea, afraid to look behind her. 

“…what was that babe?”

Marinette yawned in response and said nothing for a long minute, convincing Alya that it was just something silly mumbled from half-sleep, or something that Alya had misheard. But Marinette merely repeated what she’d said – stronger this time, as if its repetition was enough to keep her awake past what her body demanded. “I want to marry you.”

Alya swallowed and picked a mug from the cabinet above her. “I don’t understand.”

“You know, weddings,” Marinette explained. “Both of us in white dresses. A room full of relatives we haven’t seen since we were in diapers. Chocolate cake. In a hall or a garden, because I know you don’t like churches. Everything purple and pink.”

There was trepidation making her chest feel tight, but Alya still had enough in her to laugh. “That’s pretty thought out. Not surprising, considering it’s you.”

“I think about it a lot,” Marinette admitted quietly, her nails scratching at one of the cracks in the wood table. “I was thinking about it today. I just wanted you to know.”

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Den-O rewatch, episode 2! finally had  chance to get back to this. :D Momo is my favorite Imagin so it’s been fun being introduced to this big red jerk all over again. 😈

in this episode: some stuff about keychains, then finally we get to hop a train to the past and go fight some TIME CRIME…on a motorcycle!

you know, the first time I saw this I remember being surprised that the opening story had such a bittersweet ending (keychain boy’s mom still dies, but they change the past so this time he gets to be there to say goodbye). it’s a really good ending, but it caught me a bit off-guard coming from this silly children’s show about a ridiculous train-themed superhero! looking back I think I remember it doing things like that kind of a lot, despite being pretty light-hearted most of the time; even the finale (…uh, sort of spoilers I guess?) has that sort of feel where it’s not an unhappy ending, but not everything is fixed or even any better.

idk…it’s certainly not the first or only Rider to do that kind of thing that but there’s this uniquely Den-O sort of tone that I think is one of the things that makes this show so appealing to me! though we’ll see how accurate my memories are I guess. :x


Pairing: Thor x Reader.

Warnings: A lot of fluff.

Summary: Stars are your thing, and what a better companion than a man who lives up in space? Well, him and a group of not-so-sneaky avengers.

A/N: Gifs not mine,

Originally posted by dangered

“Do you need a sparring companion?” Thor startled you as he let the gym doors close with a loud thud. “Sorry, I should’ve announced myself.”

“Don’t worry,” you breathily smiled, “I was just finishing anyway, but thank you.” You held on to the punching bag and leaned your head onto it. “Uhh… what’s up?”

“I was just passing by and…” he suddenly became nervous and you saw how he scratched his head and forehead, “and I thought that… I could keep you company! But I see you’re… just about to leave, so uhh—I might—”

“You can walk me to my room?” You offered with a smile. “I mean, if you still wanna keep me company.”

“Yes!” He replied gleefully. “I’d love to do that!” He pointed the way out. “After you.” You bowed your head and led the way out of the training room.

You two barely spoke on the way there and god knows it was a long one. What you did do was sharing furtive looks and silly giggles as you walked together. You had some sort of notion about Thor’s feelings towards you; you were not a blind idiot, and the Asgardian wasn’t a quiet lover, so to speak.

You “accidentally” overheard a conversation he was having as he sparred with Captain; his movements were sloppy and Rogers almost had him against the ropes, but Natasha urged you to turn on the volume of the security cameras of the training room and that’s when the news hit you like a snowball right in the middle of the face. Thor was confessing Cap about his feelings for you, while the super-soldier only tried to kick his ass.

You too were very fond of him; he was a great sparing companion –though not the fairest one— and not to mention how much of a great team you were in battle. You had some sort of natural ability with all things related to the soil and ground, so moving boulders and creating great barriers of stone were a good way of keeping each other safe and having some sort of fun.

More than once, one of you got injured and there you were, cleaning each other wounds and just being a ball of fluff with each other. About five months went by from the accidental overhearing, and as much as everyone teased the two of you, no move was made. Until that day.

“So, did you have an enriching training?” He dared to ask. “You looked really good.”

“You mean all sweaty and shit?” You cocked an eyebrow.

“I thought you looked pretty—invincible.” He blushed. “Yes, pretty invincible.” You laughed nervously, not sure of what to do or say next, but luckily he was eager to erase from your mind that awful attempt of flirting. “Uhh… you know, I heard on the TV there was some huge star happening tonight.” You looked up at him, with a glimpse of a too obvious excitement in your eyes. “I believe you’re a bit interested.”

“Uh—yeah.” You tried to play it cool, and failed miserably at it. “I might be a bit interested… I mean, astronomy is my favorite topic and all that… and yeah—I was aware of the cosmic happening tonight.”

“I know a thing or two about stars so… may I keep you company tonight?”

“Like a mere companion or…?” Your voice faded in perfect timing, because Thor began to speak almost cutting you off.

“Would you prefer a date?” You were startled by the same man two times in just one day, and it was a bit obnoxious. “Or not?”

“A date would be just fine.” You nodded. “So, this is my room, I gotta get changed…” You said, still a bit reluctant to let go of him and his company. “So, this is my room… thank you for the company… I’ll see you tonight.” You bit your bottom lip and stepped on the tip of your toes to kiss his cheek.

“Did you do this all by yourself?” You asked, still a bit shocked by how neatly prepared the picnic was. There were sandwiches covered with paper towels and he had a bottle of wine and glasses for the two of you perfectly set. “Thor, this is gorgeous.” You looked at him and smiled widely. “Oh lord… uhh—I just don’t know what to say man,” you covered your mouth with your hand, “I love it, all of this.”

“I’m glad.” He smiled and invited you to sit down on a blanket.

He had made sure there was no storm that night, not even a bit of rain and no cloud up in the sky, and thanks to his great imagination, he headed to a hidden spot of the compound. Anyone would’ve thought he was trying to get in your pants, but actually the spot was great for stargazing. The cosmic ballet was about to go on.

You took out your camera and made the special arrangements to capture each little star in the night sky that you’d later post on social media. Thor looked at you with fascination, and as he smiled to himself he grew fonder of you. He already was, and he already loved you, but seeing you enjoy so much with such a little thing was what he liked the most about you.

“How did you guess that I liked to do this?” You asked, not even daring to face Thor. It was dark enough to hide the redness of your cheeks, but your voice gave you away. “I mean… I’m not good at telling.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, chuckling with you, “but I’ve seen you watch that TV show about the universe and the stars and all that, and remember I told you I saw on the news this event. It’s fascinating to see how you humans want to know so much but still get so little.”

“Dude, you’re fascinating.” You sighed, leaning your head on his shoulder and letting him cross his arm behind your back. It was cold, and you could use the warmth of his huge body. “Thank you, this has been a great night.”

“You deserve it, princess.” Thor squeezed you closer and placed a gentle kiss on the top of your head. “Are you cold?”

“Just a bit.” You shrugged. But he immediately took out a blanket from the basket and extended it over your back, you were a stargazing double burrito and you loved it. “Thanks.” You looked up and only saw a pair of eyes shining and getting smaller as he smiled.

Out of a sudden, you two hear something like a twig breaking, or more than one twig. Following that, indistinct murmuring and some heavy steps that turned into clear whining. The steps came closer only to reveal a pair of mischievous avengers that hid behind the bushes.

“Enjoying the lightshow, stargirl?” Tony teased. “It was about damn time you two snapped out of it and decided to go on a date together.”

“What?” You squealed. “What are you guys doing here? Get the hell out!”

“Stop pestering us with your childish nonsense.” Thor rolled his eyes. “(Y/N) and I were having the time of our lives before you two came in.”

“Yeah, no shit you were.” Clint teased. “You’re gonna make her see other kind of stars later on?”

“Barton!” You scolded him, thanking the night for being so dark that no one would see the furious blush on your cheeks. “That is none of your business!” You inhaled sharply, trying to keep yourself together. “You better get going, Odinson and I were on a date.”

Clint and Tony reluctantly left, slapping each other for their lack of spying abilities. Thor scratched the back of his head and stuttered for a while before he could finally say something.

“Thor, calm down.” You tried to sooth him down by placing your hands over his. Worked perfectly.

“Uhh… do you prefer lying down?” He sheepishly asked. “I mean, I’m not trying to take advantage of you, but I believe the warmth of the blanket would be better that way…”

“Only if I can rest my head on your chest…” You set the condition. He let out a breathy chuckle, feeling the relief that your words gave him and nodding.

He was the one to lay down on the cloth first, and then you snuggled over him, and then Thor placed the blanket over the two of you, paying special attention to your coverage. He crossed an arm behind your back and pulled you close enough to kiss the top of your head again. You tilted your head upwards and found his eyes looking at you with such love that you’d probably melt right there. It was now or never, and you were ready to give your all. You sneaked your way closer to his face and pressed your lips against his, regretting having taken so long to do that.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Expectations

5k words, R rated

It’s the first time Scorpius and Albus have been to the Manor together since they started dating. They can’t help but think about how far they’ve come since they first met, and they also can’t help but take the new-found opportunities that being properly alone together as a couple can offer. 

This was written as a birthday present for the wonderful @abradystrix. Thanks for being an awesome beta, advice-giver, and friend. I hope your day is full of cake and happiness, and that you feel better soon! <3 

My logistical advice-giver and brilliant beta for this one was @bounding-heart.

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When it comes to rules and guidelines, my rule of thumb is usually “if someone tells you not to do something, it’s cause someone’s tried it before”.

So imagine my surprise (and slight confusion) when looking up tips for washing/drying minky fabric, and seeing one of the tips saying “Minky melts, so don’t warm it in the microwave”.

I mean…it’s good advice and all….but still….

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anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm sorry to bother you, I know you guys are really busy and workign really hard on life stuff and WoY stuff but I had sort of an idea? Ah it might be sort of dumb, but I was wondering about what if we made a day where wander over yonder fans all sent disney xd (or some designated person there) a sock to show how much they care for the show (it'd be a nod to the epic quest of unfathomable difficulty episode). one sock per woy fan. idk I feel like its sort of silly but what do you think?

Hello Anon, please never think that an idea is dumb. All ideas are worth considering. Thanks for putting this forward. 

This idea reminds me of the packets of mustard and mayo that fans wanted to mail to Disney. I’m still unsure about how Disney would react to this sort of campaign strategy so I’ll post this to my blog to let the fans debate it.

Things to consider: 

Not everyone can afford to mail things to Disney.

Disney might see it as an annoyance.

Things like his have worked in the past for other shows.

Small mustard and mayo packets might work better.

A set day seems impractical as fans come from all over the world so a week might be better so mail has a longer window to arrive from places outside of the US.

Plain white socks could also be personalised with pens to have #savewoy written on them.

Share your thoughts in the comments or reblogs please!

((A Kallura request for @eastofthemoon as well as an anon who both wanted to see the space mice playing matchmaker with Keith and Allura.))

It had started with the mice.

Princess Allura’s little pets were notorious snoops and made it a point to know everything that went on in the castle. This worked very much in the princess’s favor as the mice kept tabs on the team’s status, as well as the general condition of the castle. It also helped to have someone to confide in.

There were doubts and fears that haunted Allura’s mind. As well as secrets and private feelings that went unexpressed and piled up inside her until she felt ready to burst. Her ever attentive friends gave the princess a relief of sorts. Someone, she could share her most intimate secrets with whom she could guarantee would never repeat them.

Unfortunately, she did not account for the possibility of her confidantes acting on her feelings.

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Summoner/Laslow C-S Support

Written by  drizzled-wind


Laslow: Hello, there, (y/n). My apologies for being so abrupt, but you are looking quite dashing today.

(y/n): Hi, Laslow. How nice of you to say. Though it doesn’t have much meaning, coming from you. What do you want?

Laslow: Now, now! Don’t get all defensive. I was merely going to ask if you fancy a cup of tea with me.

(y/n): I suppose I wouldn’t mind a small break, sure.

Laslow: Wait, really? Excellent! I asked Prince Alfonse where the best tea shop was, and he directed me to a place nearby. Follow me!


Laslow: Here we are! After you, my dear.

(y/n): Thanks, Laslow. Wow, this place is nice. We don’t have anything like this back home.

Laslow: Very quaint, I agree. How about you go sit down and I’ll order us a little something.

(y/n): There he goes. I wonder why everyone was telling me not to get mixed up with him. Aside from the occasional comment, it seems he’s mostly remedied his philandering ways.

Laslow: And there you are! The best drink on the menu for the best person in Askr.

(y/n): I hope you know I’m too tired for flattery. But thank you for the drink.

Laslow: Exactly! They’re working you to the bone out there, my dear! Even the best deserves a break every once and a while.

(y/n): Oh my gosh, what is in this thing?! It’s amazing! Its effects remind me of a healing potion or something.

Laslow: I knew you’d like it! It’s a special mixture designed to melt away weariness while invigorating you. It also tastes delicious! I thought it would make a good pick-me-up.

(y/n): Thanks a lot, Laslow. To tell you the truth, I was about to pass out right there where I stood.

Laslow: I’m glad I was able to help, then. (y/n), I think we should spend more time together.

(y/n): Careful, Laslow. I’m not going to get wrapped up in another one of your senseless games of idle romance.

Laslow: Perish the thought! This is merely a courtesy I am extending to our dear Summoner.

(y/n): If you say so. I should be going now, but thank you for the drink. I’d be happy to join you again some time.

Laslow: Wonderful! I eagerly await our next date!

(y/n): Sigh…

[(y/n) and Laslow have reached support rank C.]


Laslow: (y/n)! How delightful to see you. How do you feel about another excursion to the tea shop?

(y/n): Sorry, Laslow. I’m afraid you’ve caught me at a rather bad time.

Laslow: Are you okay? Wait a second; (y/n), you’re injured!

(y/n): ‘Tis but a scratch!

Laslow: It’s a lot more than that!

(y/n): It’s just a flesh wound!… Pfft.

Laslow: This is no time to be laughing! What happened?

(y/n): Probably another assassination attempt from Veronica. This time I didn’t have any heroes around to protect me, I suppose. I was unarmed, unfortunately.

Laslow: This won’t do! After we get that wound treated, I’m not going to leave you alone, (y/n). It’s too dangerous for you. Besides, it will be an excellent time to bond!

(y/n): Gods help me…

Laslow: Worry not, my dear! You shall never be injured again, while I’m around! I shall protect you with my last breath!

(y/n): That’s all well and good, but I’m kind of bleeding out onto the floor.

Laslow: Right…I’ll get that taken care of.


Laslow: There you go, all patched up.

(y/n): Thanks, Laslow. But you don’t have to follow me around now, you know.

Laslow: It’s no trouble. I can’t stand to see you hurt, (y/n). For all we know, this could be the last time we ever see each other. I don’t want to part on such a dreadful note.

(y/n): Riiight. Since I’m not allowed to move until a healer gets here, what do you want to do to pass the time?

Laslow: I could tell you a story! Like this one time when a mask-wearing hooligan attracted more girls than me, the exponentially more attractive one.

(y/n): …Pass. How about I pick? …Say, isn’t your mom a dancer here? You can dance too, right?

Laslow: No, no, I wouldn’t dare. It’s much too embarrassing. You wouldn’t want to see that, I assure you.

(y/n): Yes I do! If you’re really good I can even employ your dance skill on the battlefield. Gods know I need more dancers.

Laslow: Sorry, (y/n). I’m terribly shy about dancing in front of other people, let alone doing it during battle. My mother is much better suited for that job than I.

(y/n): Fine, fine, I won’t force you. But it would be nice to see just once.

Laslow: Ah, there’s the healer. Some other time, (y/n), I promise.

y/n): Alright. But I’m holding you to that promise.

[(y/n) and Laslow have reached support rank B.]


Laslow: Hah!


Laslow: Dastard! You won’t hurt him/her this time!

Assassin: Arrgh!

Laslow: Haha! Not to worry, (y/n)! I’ve dispatched another one of your would-be assassins!

(y/n): I must admit you’re doing an excellent job of keeping me safe, especially since the attacks have increased significantly. …Thanks, Laslow.

Laslow: Don’t mention it, my dear! Name anything, and I would do it for you in a heartbeat.

(y/n): Hmm. Can you show me your dance now? I can’t stop thinking about it.

Laslow: (y/n)…

(y/n): You did promise I could see it. Besides, don’t you want us to become closer?

Laslow: You’re right, I suppose. Fine, I’ll show you. But in private, alright? I get too embarrassed when there’s a big group watching me.

(y/n): Okay, okay.


Laslow: This should be good. I’ll start. Don’t laugh, alright (y/n)?

(y/n): I would never.

Laslow: …

(y/n): Wow. Your dance is rather like your mother’s routine, with slight deviations to account for different body weight. It’s clear she taught you the basics but you added your own flair to things later on.

Laslow: Stop analysing everything so much, (y/n). You’re making me nervous. Is it so difficult to just watch and enjoy?

(y/n): But… Oh, fine. It really is quite beautiful.

Laslow: … And, done! How did I do?

(y/n): It was really nice, Laslow. You put so much passion behind your moves. Are you sure you don’t want to do it on the battlefield?

Laslow: Thank you, my dear! But I’m sure. It is difficult for me to perform in front of people I’m not entirely comfortable with.

(y/n): So you’re comfortable enough to do it in front of me?

Laslow: Ahaha! That’s correct! We have been spending a lot of time together, no? Do you not feel the same?

(y/n): Yes, I suppose. Well, thanks for showing me, Laslow. It was brave of you to rise above your shyness to perform for me. I enjoyed it very much.

Laslow: (y/n), you’re making me blush! Careful, or I might just fall in love! Now, shall we go back to camp?

(y/n): Haha. Alright, then.

[(y/n) and Laslow have reached support rank A.]


Laslow: (y/n)…

(y/n): Yes, Laslow?

Laslow: I know this seems strange after all we’ve been through, but will you accompany me for another cup of tea? It’s been a while since we just relaxed and chatted.

(y/n): I don’t see why not.

Laslow: Delightful. (y/n), I’ve been thinking a lot about fate. Do you think I was summoned here for a reason? Will I have to once again say goodbye to the ones I have grown to love dearly when my inevitable departure occurs?

(y/n): Nothing lasts forever, Laslow. But that’s why we learn to cherish the moments as they come. Goodbyes will always happen.

Laslow: You are right again, my dear. But there is one person in this realm who I cannot bear to be separated from.

(y/n): Oh? Did one of the ladies finally accept your advances?

Laslow: No, no. I’ve been rejected by everyone here already, and there are no new faces to ask. No, I’m talking about the one person who has put up with my egregious company all this time without complaint. I’m afraid I’m hopelessly in love.

(y/n): Who is it? I’m with you all the time, and I haven’t seen anyone.

Laslow: My, my. Don’t tease me like that, (y/n). I’m not sure my heart can take it.

(y/n): What do you mean?

Laslow: My dear, you are the one I am speaking of. I would be unable to leave your side if the time should come, because I am deeply in love with you.

(y/n): Wait, me?! But I’m just…me!

Laslow: Exactly! And just you is who I’ve grown to care for above all others.

(y/n): I don’t…I mean…But why would you…

Laslow: Oho? Has our ever-composed Summoner suddenly become flustered? Have I overstepped my boundaries?

(y/n): No, wait, it’s just that I didn’t expect that you actually liked me back. I, um, also like you. Sort of.

Laslow: Oh, (y/n), your words are music to my ears! Do you really mean it?

(y/n): Well, yes. By spending more time with you, I discovered how much deeper you were than the silly flirt on the surface. It was impossible not to develop feelings for you, especially since we were staying relatively close as you acted as my bodyguard.

Laslow: Even if you’re overanalysing as always, I still love you! (y/n), I hope we can always stay at each other’s sides, for the rest of eternity!

Confession Quote:

Laslow: Fate is fickle, but it led me to meet you, the one I hold dearest to my heart. Our futures are entwined forever, my love.

Dear Mom ii.

[A little note: I needed something to help me cope with this week Freshman chapter. Though re-blogging and using gifs help, I also find this very therapeutic 😏. Hope it helps you too. Keep calm and choice on!]

Dear Mom,

Another couple weeks of spring have flown by and yet I’m starting to forget my place in the universe. I think about all the things I’ve accomplished since starting at Hartfeld, all the friends I’ve made and all the adventures I’ve had - but none of it seems to matter anymore when everything kind of feels like it’s falling apart. Like we’re falling apart.

I can feel the pressure now more than ever. It’s so bad that even Professor Atiyah can see it too. When we met to discuss my novel, I think she saw a lot that I didn’t want to show her. Somehow she’s managed to see past my facade. She’s finding all the little chinks that I’ve been trying to hide in my armor. She gives me this look that adults give you when they think they understand everything. Then her next words makes my heart sink because it’s what I’ve been fearing for awhile. She told me all my latest chapters are missing something - its usual umph…its spark. She says they lack detail. Somehow, she’s seeing all the wear and tear from college.

If Professor Vasquez could see me now, I dread what he’d say. He’d probably curse me for not being able to channel all my emotions productively. He’d probably toss my papers back at me and demand that I do them over until he’s satisfied. But he’s not here, and I’m struggling to remember what he’s taught me. I half-stumble through the rest of our conversation; admitting to Professor Atiyah that I wasn’t sure where I was headed anymore. I wasn’t sure where I wanted it go. She tried to comfort me in her own small way; giving me her weary adult advice, but it barely dulls the unsettled feelings I have.

So much has changed in one semester.

Chris is so busy that he’s rarely ever home anymore and when he is it still feels like he’s not here. He’s been propositioning the Second Chance Scholarship to the student council. It’s all he talks about and he barely makes time for anything else. I’m beginning to think it’s some sort of obsession for him, like he’s trying so hard to beat Sebastian at his own game that he doesn’t care about anything else. The rest of me knows that’s silly; he just wants to do something good for Hartfeld and its students. He wants to leave his mark, and give people like Zig a second chance in life. I can respect that but not at the cost of our friendship. He’s forgetting the little things until they become big things. He forgets his chores, our meet-ups by the cafe, friday movie nights - and recently he made up some lame excuse not to come with us to Kaitlyn’s concert. He called the whole thing dumb. Dumb. We’re his friends, we’re supposed to support him no matter what but I don’t like the idea of my own experiences being chalked up as dumb in comparison very well. I know what you’re going to say. You’re going to read this and tell me that it wasn’t his intention, and that he means well. You’re going to say I shouldn’t give him such a hard time - but I’ve tried being patient. I’ve tried being the supportive friend. I’m proud of him for doing something so important, for working tirelessly  - but I’m starting to feel like we don’t matter anymore.

James isn’t doing much better either. He’s been gone for less than two weeks and already I miss him. I miss his advice, his eerie wisdom for his age and our casual meet ups that didn’t revolve around work. I know he’s trying to get settled into the Hollywood world; its demands and its sacrifices - but no matter how much he misses Hartfeld, he’d miss this opportuntity more. Our last skype call together didn’t end well. He muted himself when he thought I wasn’t looking. I know that doesn’t sound like much but I was in the middle of sharing my ramblings about our lives, all the drama and all the tension that’s been slowly stifling us. I know his work is important - but aren’t we important too? Don’t we deserve to be noticed? It’s not often that we get to talk, and I wasted all this time venting on my end with nothing but an invisible wall between us, and his shifting eyes that followed the movement of his fingers on his keyboard. We’re supposed to be able to talk to each other - no matter what, except all I can hear from him is his own constant struggles with his movie adaption. What about my own struggles? 

Kaitlyn’s the worst of it. You know me mom, Kaitlyn and I are inseparable. Normally I’m the one defending her when our other suitemates get mad at something she says or does. I deflect the snide comments with humor or brush off any kind of antagonistic behavior. She’s important to me, and nothing anyone else says should change that. But now I can barely come up with a reason to defend her anymore. She’s been spending a lot more time with her bandmates, and a lot less time with us. And by the time she gets home, we’re already getting ready to start the next day. Abbie’s right to be worried; the Kaitlyn we know now is barely recognizable. Where’s the fun-loving, hilariously adorable Kaitlyn that I used to tell everything to? We used to spend a lot of nights together, staying up late to watch horror-films, bundled in blankets and laughing at their poorly developed plots. Or the week we spent switching through different clubs in our desperate attempt to find our own place to fit in on campus. Now that she’s found her own niche, it’s just sad because I don’t see the rest of us fitting. I don’t see myself in it. I miss her, the old her.

At least things are going well for Abbie and Tyler. They’re still the only constant ship that’s sailing in our lives. Abbie spends a lot of time with Tyler and vice versa; so one is never really around without the other. I think if they ever broke up, I wouldn’t have anything worth coming home to anymore. Recently, we finally had some time to catch up, we were over due for some serious girl-talk when Abbie confessed they crossed that final intimate barrier. I’m happy for her, but the surge of jealously is hard to ignore when I can’t seem to find any luck in that department. But at least there’s still something good left at home.

Zig’s the most recent addition to our little group. Well I wouldn’t call him so much of addition except that he keeps popping up everywhere. He’s a surprisingly good listener even though I shrugged him off at first as not the type. He’s so interesting; a bundle of mysteries just waiting to be unraveled. I really hope this Second Chance scholarship works out for him. Even if he isn’t doing it for himself; maybe some day he’ll find a reason to. 

Remarkably out of everyone, Zack’s looking more and more like the greatest friend of the year. Whenever I’m feeling down - he’s already there, sketching by the roof or poking his head in my room when the door’s open. He’s there - ready and willing to listen to me. We give each other advice, and lean on each other for support. Sometimes we don’t even exchange words, sometimes neither of us wants to, and just sitting around each other, watching tv is enough. Sometimes the silence is all the comfort we need. 

There’s only a couple weeks of spring left and yet I can’t shake the feeling that the worst of it is yet to come. Maybe it’s because everything’s been so hard lately that I feel this way. In any case, I just can’t wait for the rest of the semester to be over.

Yours truly,


Okay I’m sorry I disappeared with that post earlier, I had a major breakdown but I’m feeling a lot better now. My brother and mom took me to IHOP to make me feel better cause they know I love that place, and then I went home and slept the rest of the day. But again, sorry if I scared anyone, I wasn’t in a normal thinking state at all earlier💕


This was something that really stood out to me in this video. You can change someone else’s world by just simply making them smile or feel a little happier. Positivity even in it’s smallest forms can have the power to give people more energy and motivation which can also give them the strength and inspiration they need to change their life in some sort of way for the better. 
By making people happy you can change the world. 

The reason this stuck with me is because this is what I constantly try to do everyday for other people and this is what Seán does for me too. 
No matter what kind of day I’m having Seán by just being himself and making me smile through that can give me so much positivity. Which helps me stay motivated and inspired to keep going and to keep trying even if it feels like my life is going nowhere. Just by helping me feel a little more happier it’s given me moments where I look at my own life and want to try to make it better in some sort of way and to make the most out it in any way that I can. Even on the days when I feel completely awful about myself Seán, just by being his silly self and making me laugh still makes me feel like I can do anything that I set my mind to because I constantly see so much of myself in him. Speaking 100% serious, he helps me make my own life worth living every single day just through those tiny moments of positivity. Which honestly I could never truly ever describe how much that really means to me. I don’t say this kind of stuff to get attention from him or to make him sound greater then how he actually is. It’s just that this is sincerely and genuinely how he’s made me feel about my life and myself and I want to be 100% honest about that. I really hope that me saying all that doesn’t come across as anything negative or loose it’s meaning because I’ve said it before in other posts. But still, he seriously has help me changed my world in so many ways in this whole time I’ve known/watched him just by making me feel a little happier. :)  
One of the biggest reasons I make my posts about Seán’s videos every single day is because I want to make other people happy in some sort of way. I want to spread more positivity in general and spread the positivity that Seán gives me every single day through his videos too. I don’t know if I make anyone else’s life happier per say through my posts. But if I can help someone else smile or help someone else feel better about themselves with something I made or wrote out on here then that seriously makes me happy because I genuinely like making other people happy and seeing other people happy in their own skin. I seriously just want to see more people feel and realize that they matter just by existing and that life seriously has so much to offer them. :) 

So I believe that what Seán said at this part of the video is 100% true because that’s exactly what he’s done for me personally. By making others happy you CAN change the world! :D Or at least you could possibly change someone else’s world by just simply making them feel a little bit happier. :)

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How does it feel being an "adult" running a thinspo blog? (I say "adult" because i personally barely feel like an adult) Im also 20, and often feel quite silly y'know? I feel like i should be over this phase by now. This is no disrespect to you either. I'm in the same position. I just feel really weird and silly sometimes and i was wondering if you've ever felt the same?

I do!! I feel like I’m 14 all over again? I feel sort of childish and ashamed, but I also feel guilty for running the blog? I’m super uncomfortable w minors following and being inspired by what I’m saying on here. Like, I don’t want any other 14 year olds to grow up and be 20 years old still reblogging thinspo and hating themselves, especially because of me. At the same time, I know that I’m not the cause or inspiration for another persons eating disorder, and I can’t put that on myself. But I don’t want to hurt anyone, and I feel like because I’m older I seem like an authority & Idk. I have a decently large following, so I try really REALLY hard to say healthy and positive things.

At the same time though, I created this blog for myself. I love my blog, and I love getting messages and answering them, and I love sending warm and fuzzy anons. I love the community & care so much about everyone in it. I feel like I want to tuck everyone into bed & give them a cup of tea and a kiss on the nose and read them a bedtime story where all of us are happy and healthy, and we live in a world where size doesn’t matter.

I love my blog, I love my followers. Idk. I feel like I have a lot of responsibility I suppose? I think my age wouldn’t bother me if I had very few followers. I think that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize just how much of an impact an older influence can have. I just want to be a kind and loving role model, because I know that I can’t be a healthy one. Maintaining this blog is like a weird balance between knowing that I personally have a right to express myself online, unhealthy and disgusting behaviours and all, and understanding that what I say influences all of my followers. I guess I’m doing the selfish thing by keeping the blog. Idk. I love it.

When You are Loved

What does it look like when an INTP is loved and knows it?

I’ve been thinking about this lately. I’m not really talking about the romantic love, but just a family or friend relationship that is pretty deep and lasting. How does an INTP respond to knowing that someone else genuinely cares for him?

First of all, not too many INTPs give an outward response to feelings. We are uncomfortable expressing them most of the time, and often we are even uncomfortable admitting that we have feelings when we are by ourselves. There are many times when I am completely alone and I still have this automatic thing going on in my brain that sort of shuts down my emotions. I feel personally embarrassed and silly if I let my emotions go even in private.

So, other people might have a hard time picking up on the fact that we understand that they care for us.

I know that my parents love me for instance. I am perfectly aware of this fact, and I know that they love me from the things they do for me and the way they treat me. I do not need constant confirmation of this fact, nor do I need constant gifts or anything like that. The INTP love language is definitely action-based, and probably the amount of time we spend with someone will also play into our love language. 

Despite the fact that I know my parents love me and I love them back, I am extremely uncomfortable with any verbal or physical expressions of these emotions. I don’t like having to hug my parents. My father is a hugger, so I often sense a sort of restraint between us because our love languages differ in this way. It’s not that he thinks I don’t love him, it’s just that he does not understand this part of my personality and it plays into our relationship. That’s not always a bad thing, though. 

We INTPs are probably going to be hyper-sensitive to these relationship restraints, though. Although we don’t always realize we might have offended someone, I believe it does bother us if we find out we hurt someone. At least, it bothers me. I want to make people comfortable, but I have a very difficult time crossing that line and doing anything to make them comfortable. I know that my father loves me, but I can’t bring myself to just hug him. It’s difficult to explain this restraint, but if you experience it, I think you’ll know what I’m talking about.

On a lighter note, we’ll often tease the people for whom we have a mutual affection. Sarcasm, dry joking, and such humour is a staple for the typical INTP, and I think we use this humour as a defense for those awkward sentimental possibilities that might occur in a strong relationship. We know the depth exists, but we don’t want to have to address it, so we keep our deepest relationships looking light on the surface.

At any rate, this is how it seems to me. Does it make any sense to you?

Skeleton Dance Oneshot: The Vlogs

Just a cute idea I thought of ^v^

Plot: Wander had always been someone who enjoyed taking pictures to help him remember the great things he had seen and experienced, so it’s not too surprising that he would document the months he was pregnant, and nor is it surprising that he would try to drag his husband into them as well. 

Contains Domestic!Skeleton Dance and Mpreg. Enjoy! ^v^

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The Secret

Request: Sam and the reader are in a relationship. Dean is the only one who doesn’t know, and they try to keep it a secret from him with the help of their friends.

Relationship: Sam x reader (Reader has platonic relationships with Charlie, Dean, and Cas)

Word Count: 1251

A/N: Another fun anon request! It’s fluffy and silly and I had a great time writing it. I hope you enjoy it, anon!

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Hi, I'm planning to buy a study table this week. Can you give me a few ideas on what I SHOULD have on my study table (like a study lamp, those sort of things) Thank you very much!!! :)

Hmm. This is a tough question in the sense that I don’t think there’s much that everyone has to have on their desk. It more so depends on what sort of things you want to organize. But if you want, I can give you suggestions based on the sort of things I have on my own desk.

Pen cups are kind of a given. You don’t want your pens sprawled out all over your desk (or maybe you do) because that’s messy and disorganized. If you have a lot of pens, get a few different pen cups. I have three pen cups on my desk. One of my pen cups I empty out and dump into a bag each time I go to class, because I bring my Pilot Juice everywhere, but I still have one for it! Because it’s easier to have them in there when working at my desk than spreading them out all over. I might need to get another pen holder just because my Pilot Juice don’t really fit in my white Poppin pen cup, as you can see. But you’ll also see the silvery pen cup. That’s actually a candle holder I bought at TJ Maxx. So you don’t have to buy a “pen cup”, per say, just any decorative cups you like that can hold your pens.

Also in those pictures are my letter trays. Not on my desk exactly, but in my desk area. The bottom one is the inbox and the top is my outbox. Whenever I come home with a stack of papers from school or whatever else, I put them in my inbox. Then I organize them at my earliest convenience. Anything that I’ve processed that needs to be sent back out I put into the outbox so I know exactly where it is and bring it with me when I leave. Not necessarily something you need to have, but I think it’s a great system to organize your loose papers rather than stuffing them into a folder where you’ll forget about them. Those letter trays are from Poppin, as well.

Also on my desk, as shown above, a clock and a silver cup with push pins. Even though there’s a clock on my laptop (which I might not be using at the moment) I like having a separate clock handy. I’ll only specifically look at the time on my laptop when I’m wondering what time it is. But having this manual clock on my desk helps me accidentally notice the time. Which is good so I’m not spending too much time at my desk. The push pin cup isn’t entirely necessary for me, because I don’t use pushpins that much. But it’s not really in the way. So it just looks nice. And it’s right there when I do want to use pushpins, because all three of my white boards around my desk do have cork on them.

On top of my letter trays I have nested an accessory tray, which has my stapler, tape dispenser, Post-It notes, paperclips, etc. These are some things you may want to consider having on top of your desk, especially if you use them often. I use Post-Its almost every single day, so it’s nice to have a little holder for them. I don’t necessarily use tape or staples every day, but often enough, and since my letter trays aren’t on my desk they don’t really add clutter anyway. But I like how all those things fit on there so I don’t have to have it spread out on my desk. Makes it very neat.

I don’t have a desk lamp, because I have this floor lamp. You don’t necessarily need a lamp at all so long as you have good lighting otherwise in your study space. Like if you have a big window next to your desk or if the overhead lights in the room are good enough when it’s dark out.

On a related note, try to skip the clutter. If you don’t really need something like a desk lamp on your desk, don’t have it on your desk. I see a lot of desk tours and pictures where there are all these cute little trinkets on the desk. I mean, if you like those sort of things, whatever. I just think it’s a waste of space and non-functional. Desk space is valuable to me, so I only have on it what needs to be there.

Also, don’t feel like you can’t change what’s on your desk! This might sound silly, but it’s true. I change up my desk set-up whenever I need to, depending on what I’m doing. Above are some examples. If I don’t need my laptop on my desk, I’ll take it off. I like having a collapsable side table around just in case I still want to use my laptop but it’s not my main focus. Whenever I’m not using my desk, I try to take as much off of it as I can so that it’s a clean slate for next time. Sometimes having a messy desk makes you not want to study. So it’s good to be in the habit of keeping it clutter-free…

Even if that means putting stuff on the floor next to it sometimes…

As a bonus, if you have a desk drawer I recommend getting an organizer. My current desk doesn’t have drawers, so my desk organizer is sitting in the closet near my desk on a shelf. But my dorm desk did, and it was very handy!

I hope that helps!

imagine having a movie night with the guys and you’d be sharing a bean bag chair with best friend lukey and about midway through the third movie you could feel yourself starting to doze off so you’d turn your body so you were facing luke and he’d still be watching the film but when he glanced down and saw you sleeping so peacefully he’d wrap his arm around you and bring you closer and it’d wake you up a bit but he’d just run his hand up and down your shoulder and smile at you as he moved you so your head was on his chest and he’d be twirling your hair around his finger to bring you back to sleep (and well of course it did) and after what you can assume was a bit you’d hear some noises and open your eyes to see cal, mikey, and ash standing by the door but no one had noticed you were up so youd shut your eyes agian and just listen “luke mate, i mean are you sure you don’t just want to wake y/n up? im sort of her ride home” and then you could feel lukes chest rise as he tried to talk as quietly as possible “no, no it’s okay she can stay the night here…honestly, i really like her with me when i sleep..” and you’d try to hide your smile as you heard mikey chuckle “and when do you plan on telling her how you actually feel?” and you’d squeeze lukes shirt and the talking would stop and luke would let out a sigh when he saw you were still “asleep” and then he’d whisper again “god not so loud…but soon I hope, i just dont wanna lose anything with y/n over some silly feelings…” and you’d guess the guys all gave luke some sort of silent response before saying a few bye’s and the second you heard the door shut you’d set your hands on lukes chest and push yourself up and you’d swear you could feel his heart beating out of his chest and gOD your hair would be slightly in front of your face and you’d have sleepy eyes and luke would whisper out “how much did you hear?” and instead of responding to the question you’d say “they’re not silly” and lukes cheeks would start turning a slight shade of red and you’d smile “does that mean mine are silly too then? because i sort of like them” and luke would start smiling and place his hand on your cheek “you’re really something, ya know that?” and you’d wrap your arm around his waist and lay back down into him and you’d yawn before letting out a sleepy response “and you love me for it..” and place a kiss to his chest and jeSUS he’d kiss the top of your head and wrap his arms even more tightly around you (if that was possible) “yeah, yeah i really do” and you’d both fall asleep so happy i caNT FORGIVE MYSELF FOR THIS ONE IM OUT MAN

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So do you think at any point they will address the tail end of s11's Dean/Cas dynamic - it was so strong I was so excited but s12 is such a let down, it's all just back to subtext - canonically how Amara channelled Dean's longing over Cas's heart to appear to him, how he cried out for Cas over Amara's hold on him, pining etc etc etc ... just wondering what your thoughts are as your meta is awesome :) sorry if you've already written about this, Im new and haven't found the post...

Hey there! Sorry you had to wait for an answer :) 

The tl;dr is that I’m not disappointed at all but because I had very different expectations than this for season 12 despite the nice sort of Destiel time in the sun at the end of 11, and it’s been meeting them pretty exactly so far, leaving me very satisfied by the way they’re pandering to the meta crowd with their obvious subtext we recognise and play with all the time. The shortest way it can be summed up is just saying I was not surprised or upset by Dean calling Cas a brother in the car scene in 11x23 and have been reading the text accordingly before and after while maintaining 100% Destiel cheerfulness :P

This is LONG though

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