i still feel sort of silly for doing this

Den-O rewatch, episode 2! finally had  chance to get back to this. :D Momo is my favorite Imagin so it’s been fun being introduced to this big red jerk all over again. 😈

in this episode: some stuff about keychains, then finally we get to hop a train to the past and go fight some TIME CRIME…on a motorcycle!

you know, the first time I saw this I remember being surprised that the opening story had such a bittersweet ending (keychain boy’s mom still dies, but they change the past so this time he gets to be there to say goodbye). it’s a really good ending, but it caught me a bit off-guard coming from this silly children’s show about a ridiculous train-themed superhero! looking back I think I remember it doing things like that kind of a lot, despite being pretty light-hearted most of the time; even the finale (…uh, sort of spoilers I guess?) has that sort of feel where it’s not an unhappy ending, but not everything is fixed or even any better.

idk…it’s certainly not the first or only Rider to do that kind of thing that but there’s this uniquely Den-O sort of tone that I think is one of the things that makes this show so appealing to me! though we’ll see how accurate my memories are I guess. :x

shinyfroakie  asked:

Do you think Orbot and Cubot will be in Sonic Forces? While I think it be cool if they make the story darker I'm concerned they'd get rid of them because they might be too silly. I guess they'll always be in boom but I still feel like it be a shame if they were taken out of the main Sonic canon

I’m sure they’ll still be present, seeing how I assume this game will be more legitimately balanced with it’s supposedly darker tone compared to previous examples of the sort.

And I think they’re too integrated with the series at this point to just disappear for no reason, especially for a game that involves an important Eggman-centric scenario. (They may have been left out of Generations bar a cameo appearance, but that can be chalked up to the lack of emphasis on the plot, and they only made one appearance before that point… well, two if you count SA-55 for Orbot.)


I’m going to go ahead and make it official since I haven’t been around much as it is. I’ll admit my mind has been elsewhere, focusing on different things. I’d like to get that all straightened out and squared away before next month, when I’ll be back. Around April 18th is my guess, but feel free to shoot me an ask if I’m not back by then.

Things to look forward to when I do return -

1. More fanfic stuff, because you can bet I’ll still be writing in the interim.
2. A silly little original story about the goings on inside the mind of a fanfic writer (possibly co-starring a fan artist, as they take on an AU apocalypse :’D This weekend was fun, ha).
3. @stirlingphoenix and I have plans to establish a sort of “write-in” for the weekends. I am looking forward to these sessions so much; you got no idea, man. ❤ #1 reason to get my shit together. For this lovely person!
4. Collab stuff, too - I haven’t forgotten about any of that.

Mostly, this is just a chance for me to step back and take a breather, to put all the focus where it needs to be at the moment. I’m an easily distracted person, so choices have to be made unfortunately. I would be back sooner, but then I have an upcoming Easter trip and I’m like “fuuuuck, next month is going to be so BUSY”. Cue me freaking out more, rushing to get shit done.

I’ll be around tonight, for chat times. I need to finish cross-posting/editing all the fics on here, anyway. Time to spam ao3 since I haven’t been keeping up. Curse you, lack of motivation. And, regardless, it’ll give me a clear idea what needs to be worked on. I should do that at least.

So to sum up: I’ll be gone for a bit, but not forever. And I am just as excited as everyone else in the fandom for the return of the Servamp series. Just. Gotta. Get. My. Shit. Together. A big thank you to everyone that follows me, for one reason or another, for their continued support. I will be back to entertain soon enough. Until then, I leave you in the all too capable hands of my queue. It is full of stuff I have no idea about anymore lol, but it is there and it will share.

The Secret

Request: Sam and the reader are in a relationship. Dean is the only one who doesn’t know, and they try to keep it a secret from him with the help of their friends.

Relationship: Sam x reader (Reader has platonic relationships with Charlie, Dean, and Cas)

Word Count: 1251

A/N: Another fun anon request! It’s fluffy and silly and I had a great time writing it. I hope you enjoy it, anon!

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I like spoon theory and all, but I find the metaphor of the phone battery to be better.

Case in point: this morning. (through an incredible coincidence this isn’t exactly a metaphor lol)

See, I had to wake up early to go to church this morning because I play in the band. I get my phone, it’s at 60% battery. Fair enough, that takes me though the day usually. I do, however, use my phone to listen to music in the car and to read things while waiting for stuff to start.

At ~8.40am I get to church with my dad and realise that I misread the text and practise starts at 9.45am. Whoops. And now my dad’s annoyed at me. Phone at 55%.

Get home, do chores, go back to church. 50%!

I get through the pre-service practise, still feeling sort of silly and having  to concentrate on my playing. During a pause before the start, I check Tumblr on my phone. Battery at 40%.

Full disclosure, I’m… well, not 100% Christian. I don’t really go in for organised religion. So I spend some time reading on my phone. Just as the Kindle app eats battery life, so playing, praying, trying to look interested in a crowd of people eats my emotional battery. At the end of church, 25%.

End of the service! I hang around for a minute drinking coffee and being polite. 20%.

I expect that we’re just going to go home… nope, going to my grandparents’ house. When we get there, battery at 16%. My grandmother asks me to explain some things on her phone, I use my own to demonstrate.

This shoves the battery down to 10%, at which point my phone has long since started screaming for me to charge it.

My parents then say “let’s go out for lunch!” They can’t decide where so they ask me what I want to do.

…I’m at TEN PER CENT. No way no how am I going out ANYWHERE to eat, especially since my literal phone is about to die and I won’t be able to block things out. Fortunately my parents understand, take me home, and go out.

I put my phone on charge, get myself some soup, and settle down to surf the net - I charge myself back up.