i still feel like im dreaming

I feel like I need to share this in a long tumblr post.

So a few weeks ago I had this dream that I was getting food with one of my IRL friends, and we were talking about so many different things. Then, out of nowhere, she says “man, I really love Connor McDavid.”

And I’m sitting there like hold up, you don’t even like hockey. I ask her, “when did you start paying attention to hockey?”

She goes, “the fuck you mean hockey? He’s in that new boyband.”

Now at this point dream-me is losing it. I pull out my phone and google Connor McDavid and sure enough some boyband pops up. And, conveniently, the two other members are Dylan Strome and Mitch Marner.

To make this long story short, I woke up laughing so hard I almost peed myself.

Thats right little boys. Drool over my beauty, every one does. Fantasize about seeing me in real time. In my car, or walking down the street. Im that gorgeous girl you’d never have the balls to speak to, let alone make eye contact with. You’re ugly, fat and pathetic. You could only dream of having a girl like me. So you grovel with gifts and cash to feel that pinch of attention and acceptance. I still treat you like shit. You come back for more, like the true idiot you are. You love my abuse. I love abusing you.


do you feel that too?

tf just happened

ok so bear with me ok im still so weirded out by what happened. so right. on with the story

i was out grocery shopping and just as i was about to re-claim the stuff i left from the baggage counter, the boys (there were 3 of ‘em) there started snickering just as i was walking up to the counter

so, being the friendly person i am (i like smiling at strangers ok), i was kinda smiling as i handed my claim number. but then i noticed they were shoving each other and whispering go on, go on til finally, one of the boys said, “are you single? youre cute” at that point my smile just dropped but apparently encouraged by my silence he went on to ask for my number too. at that point, i seriously just wanted to get out of there but they wouldnt hand me my stuff till i gave my number

at this point i was so uncomfortable and they were just honest to god leering at me; BUT THEN i felt an arm going around my shoulder and this really really cute girl just says “hey babe, whats wrong?”


after that they finally gave me my stuff without apologizing and the girl accompanied me until we were out of sight, keeping up with the charade. when we were out of there, she turned to me and apologized APOLOGIZED if ever she made me uncomfortable but she saw the trapped look in my face when i was facing those guys so she just wanted to help me. all i could say was, “i wasnt uncomfortable and thank you”

she winked WINKED like wtf is that? at me and left

just like that

i shit you not i thought this only happened in movies like WTF i had to pinch myself

i didnt even get her name.

i’ll drop by that grocery again.


Ive been pretty quiet on here for the past yr or two. I used to use this site as a kind of journal for thoughts and dreams. Lately its been super vague n me just reblogging pretty colors lol. I have lots of new dreams I would like to share and new things I am working on but I still feel very quiet. 

Im getting over it and working on it bc I really wanna share with you and have what I create be an open arms thing. I want my music n art to reach people and I know that will only happen if I am open. So yea just know my doors are open and I have love for you. 

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be......

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So authors note…..first off i have no idea if Fabian was alive at this time, i just wanted to make it interesting and have a fun little cameo.. 

Secondly i didnt count the words and im rating this t because of the end

Thirdly this is based off of a dream i had after reading the book and I’m still unsure about how i feel about it so please be kind, it does jump around a bit and I’m sorry i was just trying to get it all out based on how it was flowing in my head i hope you all like it <3

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be…..

 You couldn’t focus on your assignment because of a certain freckle faced young man sitting beside you. You kept batting your quill back and forth trying to shrug thoughts of him from your mind. You began biting your bottom lip in frustration and drew random doodles of the symbols in front of you on your parchment paper.

“Pardon me (y/n) but is something on your mind?” a hoarse voice whispered to you concerned. You turned to face the source and met his beautiful green eyes.

“Sorry Newt.. it’s just that umm I think I need a break from this for a bit.” You said feeling stupid stumbling over your words. You couldn’t believe you’d been lucky enough to be paired with your best friend who you’d been in love with for years. Much to her dismay.

He sighed in relief. “Thank goodness, History of Magic is not my best subject.” He smiled sheepishly back at you.

You stood up and stretched, relieved to move your stiff muscles. Newt stared at silently.

You raised an eyebrow at him. “What is it Newt? Do I have something on my face?” You smiled innocently. But he hadn’t heard you.

He was in fact looking past you at a beautiful and eerie girl with gorgeous eyes and dark hair.  She eyed Newt up and down like a piece of meat. Smug in the fact that she clearly had his whole attention against yours.

You sighed and grabbed your bag slamming it down on the counter but he barely noticed. His face had gone flush and his palms were getting clammy as he steadied himself tightening his hand near his wand out of a nervous habit of being around her.Frustrated you threw your cardigan, robe and books in your bag.

“You’re unbelievable Scamander you know that? She’s only using you for your knowledge on creatures and potions, as soon as she gets what she wants from you mark my words she’ll set you up to fall and leave you with the blame.” With that you pulled your bag on your arm and stormed off making sure to rudely shove past Leta Lestrange as you did so, since her and her goons were blocking your exit.

“What’s a matter (l/n) jealous?” she laughed softly basking in the glory of your now miserable face.

You stopped and took a deep breathe. “You know as well as I Lestrange that I can’t be jealous of something that was never mine to begin with…. That being said…..” you turned on your heel and walked straight up to her pushing your way past the swarm of Slytherin girls around her.

“I know I’m a much better person inside and out than you because I can genuinely have a man because he wants to be with me, not just because of my money or looks….those things fade as fast as time…and with the way your family tree goes your bound to lose your mind next. Have a lovely day Leta.” And you walked off.

“WELL I’D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY MUDBLOOD” she laughed, a sickly mocking laugh.

Unbeknownst to you, another freckled face had been observing the situation and was waiting for his chance.

As you stepped up onto the top landing adjusting your bag and not paying attention, You bumped into a tall red haired young man with freckles.  He had a glorious smile on his kind face. It was slightly comforting.

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“Fabian sorry.” You went to pick up your bag and he beat you to it.

“Not to worry (y/n), say is that little minx bothering you?” He whispered in your ear as he brushed a strand of hair back from your face.  He saw the hurt in your face and leaned in closer to you wrapping an arm around your waist.

“How about we give her a run for her money then eh?”

You eyed him both playfully and curiously, “And what exactly did you have in mind Fabian?” and before you knew what was happening Fabion Prewett had you in a slow and soft kiss that you were both smiling into. He ran another hand through your hair resting it on your neck and without noticing you dropped your bag. It made a loud slam as it hit the ground. He backed you up into a bookshelf and suddenly there was cat calling coming from everywhere before you two pulled away out of breathe. His hands to his lips

“Pleasure doing business with you Prewett.” You winked as he picked up your bag he grabbed your wrist gently. “Go on a date with me then (l/n), Let’s really get under her skin.” He laughed.

“And you don’t mind at all? Me using you to get back at her Prewett? That sounds awfully cold hearted of me,” you whispered.

“Consider us friends with benefits, I’ll teach you all you need to know to get back at the likes of people like her, and besides I’m trying to get under her skin too, you know ill breading and all that” he winked.

“You’re unbelievable Prewett” you rolled your eyes and walked away shaking your head laughing.

“Don’t forget love we’re still on for Friday” he yelled jokingly at you as he looked back at a gawking Newt and  Leta.  He earned a harsh shushing from the volunteer librarian Irma Pince.

Leta meanwhile had walked over massaging Newts shoulders. He shrugged her off and began chasing after you.  Leaving Leta stunned and glaring at a mischievous Fabian and Gideon grinning from ear to ear and high fiving. She rolled her eyes and went back to her group of friends clearly not amused with how the events had turned out.


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You in the meantime had walked out into the greenhouse desperate for some air and privacy after what had just happened. You took a deep breath as you looked up at the beautiful night sky.

“Thought you’d be here.” A voice said out of breath. You looked over shocked to see someone in your secret place. Newt cast Lumos and you saw a look of pain on his face.

“That was an impressive little show back there.” Newt spat out bitterly.

“I could say the same for you Scamander.” You said eyeing him angrily.


“No you didn’t because you were too busy undressing Lestrange with your eyes.” You said angrily cursing the fact that tears had begun to well in your eyes.

“And besides what does it matter who I kiss?” you said walking up to him angrily. “Up until five minutes ago you didn’t even notice I existed.” You brushed past him to leave but he grabbed your arm and pinned you up against the wall.

“Newt what’s gotten into —“ but before you could say another word his lips came crashing down on yours. It was fiery and intense and full of desperation. You were momentarily stunned as you allowed yourself to get lost in this heated kiss full of all the passion and desperation the two of you had been holding back for years. But then you remembered how he’d looked at her, his eyes had never left hers he was utterly hypnotized. And you pulled yourself away.

You stood there staring at him for a moment before reaching for the door handle. A hand already on top of yours.

“She was my friend. And you’re right. She will be my downfall and I was too blind to see it, too blind to see who I really loved. She used me to get knowledge about a new potion, it’s called the drought of living death and the main ingredient is extracted from a basilisk fang. Their venom is deadly, and incredibly painful if ingested.  She said if I told anyone about what she was doing, sneaking out at night and stealing ingredients, that she would kill you….” His voice was breaking now, “Her and her family; they’re part of Grindelwalds gang now.”

“Newt.” You could see he was wrestling with his conscious thinking that he had somehow helped her get there.

“She was on that path long before she met you, and even after meeting you, she chose it none the less.” You whispered as you took his hand in yours and squeezed it gently to which he squeezed it back.

“You need to go to someone you can trust about this, plead your innocence, what about Professor Dumbledore, he was always fond of us!” He looked at you with tears in his eyes.

“Think about this Newt they’ll expel you either way, at least if you do it this way…… you might get to keep your wand and your good standing. I’ll even walk out with you.” You smiled warmly your eyes also starting to swell with new tears. He gently walked over to you and you held each other in a close and warm hug.

“No you need to stay. You’re too good for me (y/n)” he looked at you dead serious. Running a hand gently through your hair. “Besides I was never going to be the winner of my family.” He laughed bitterly thinking about Theseus.

“And just exactly who is going to be able to save your stubborn ass from all of the chaos out there? Because last time I checked I’ve been doing that for almost 7 years Newton.” Raising an eyebrow and crossing your arms.

“(y/n) You are honestly the most stubborn person I have ever met.” He said tearfully laughing.

“That makes two of us Scamander” you said as you through your arms around him kissing him gently and passionately.


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“Please don’t read my mind.” Newt said flustered with Queenie.

She stepped closer to him apologetically.

“Sorry I asked you not to.” He said angrily.

“Sorry honey I can’t help it, people are easiest to read when they’re hurting.” She said looking at the picture of Leta on his desk.

“I’m not hurting; anyways it was a long time ago.” Newt said as he ran a hand over another photo. Queenie eyed him and saw his emotions change as he stared at your photo.

“That was a real close friendship you two had at school, and in the same house too! I bet you spent a lot of time together huh honey?” she winked.

Newt began to blush. “Yes well neither of us really fit in at school so we—“she stared at him.

She snapped back “Became real close—for years.” He looked back at the photo of Leta angrily.

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“She was a taker honey, you need a giver.” As she slid the photo of you over to him.

“I SAID STAY OUT OF MY HEAD QUEENIE.” He spat bitterly and threw a pot. It smashed on the floor as she saw the whole event unfold.


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You looked up at him the venom spreading through your body the pain becoming unbearable as you looked down at the snake fang now protruding from your heart. Leta stared at you in a conquered manner and disaperated laughing. Slowly the rest of his followers left too, all but one.

But you never faltered. Newt looked on in pain as he watched you suffering. Your veins all lit up through your body and turned black with poison as Newt helplessly rummaged through his potions.

“Don’t worry my love, it doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think, and besides won’t we all die, just a little?’ you said smiling as your last breathe left your body, falling lifelessly into his arms.


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Grindelwald eyed Newt looking down at the floor and then defiantly at him. Newts eyes were cold and harsh as he glared at Grindelwald, at the man who’s visions had robbed him of his very happiness. Had robbed him of you. Gellert was amused at his distain, and with a hint of irony whispered to him

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“Won’t we all die, just a little.”

To be continued?!?……. ��^Q��.

can’t believe it really happened!! still can’t believe i got into the university i dreamed of!!! can’t believe i actually moved out!!! what the fuck!!!!! what is my life!!!!!!!!!

I’m drunk and I know that I shouldn’t have texted you. I just felt like I needed to tell you something, anything. I just keep thinking about how long it’s been since we’ve been together. I have a feeling you didn’t want me to. But to be honest I’ve kissed enough boys to know that you are the only one I want to tell me you love me. I don’t know how to make you understand that. I can’t keep taking it one day at a time. I still love you too much.
—  You’re not going to text me later like you said you would

its hours later & im still reeling that masaaki yuasa is going to direct devilman crybaby… this is a dream come true for me… after everything thats been going wrong in my life lately this literally feels like a reward… i even emailed my former professor who has a devilman tattoo a link to the trailer lol

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hey this isnt really a question but i kinda wanted to share my feelings with a fellow suga stan.. im so proud of him i cant put it in words but no one supported him and he still followed his dreams and he is so so passionate about rap....when they peformed cypher live on the tour he just went crazy and let out his passion and i kinda felt how much fun he was having while rapping im just so amazed andcaptivated by his passion.. (1/2)

im not 100% sure if being an *idol* is the rightest thing for him (since in my opinion idols are way more than just musicians, almost like products, not necessarily bad though) but as long as he follows his dreams and is happy by doing music i will be happy as well. my feelings will probably never reach him but i just want him to know that we are all so so so proud of him :-) thank you for this amazing blog and your hard word, i really appreciate it <3 (2/2)

First of all, @nemui-oiji, I’m sorry for not sharing this to the world earlier. You’re feelings deserve to be shared. And for this being belated, I apologize. Here, accept my heart.

Second, I think you do not need to worry about whether being an idol would have been the best for Yoongi. If there was any group that could ever surpass what being an idol used to mean, I believe that would be Bangtan.

Not to say that they are above being idols, No. What they did? They used the idol industry as a platform to share their stories, their truths and speak their mind. They have gone beyond what they are allowed to share and what they are allowed to show. Of course, there are still limitations and expectations within the industry that they have to follow (major one is probably dating, coz that would hurt us apparently, plus other stuff that might hurt the public’s perception of the group). But for now, to reach the pinnacle of their capacity and to make a lasting impact in the music industry in general. I believe Min Yoongi made a smart move. I mean, look at him changing and affecting our lives one lyric at a time.

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So I just had a dream that I woke up in my room and there was a spirit/ghost at the end of my bed. He was a little soldier boy. At fist he seemed fine but then I had a bad feeling about him so I tried to banish him. He got this terrifying look (1/2)

on his face and everything went dark. He did disappear and then I woke up but I still felt like something was wrong. I decided to do a quick blessing and now I feel a lot safer. 

Im glad you feel safer now! :)

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I had a mass effect dream and i wanted to date garrus and i forgot i was trans but then i remembered like it was a nice dream made feel good! but in the dream i was to shy to talk to garrus

wow what a nice dream. i mean u can still love garrus if ur trans. like im low key in love with caesar zepelli but im still trans. garrus will always love u 

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“i um…got a real bad head injury when i was younger. i got better but then i started falling asleep in the middle of eating and stuff. doctor frank said it was something like what humans can get called ‘narcolepsy’ but not quite. i take medicine for it but its something i’m always gonna have to fight. it’s at least not bad as what it could be.

so like um…i can sleep a little better now but i still get night terrors so sometimes i just feel safer taking short naps where i can’t go into rem sleep and dream.

so yeah im really tired

but im trying my best

so cut me some slack, please?”

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so im a confused possible aro and i need to ask what do crushes feel like? like idk if ive had one or if it was smth different? help pls

ahhh this is difficult, I’m just going to list how I feel about this one boy i super like and maybe you can see if you relate or not

- Butterflies in my stomach when its just him and me talking

- kind of a nervous feeling but still good?

- lots of day dreams about watching movies with him or going around town

- thinking about him makes me smile

- literally I can just think about some of the cute stuff he’s done and I’ll smile so wide

- I want him to be happy

- But i still get jealous seeing him with other girls

- I’m always hopeful that I’ll run into him on campus

idk if that helps - anyone else wanna try describing that feeling? 

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what are your tags for ships and aus? I've figured some of them out (renison and kevineil) but I'd like to know the others. Your blog is so quality btw

omg thank u anon you are too kind 2 me T_____T  HERE are ships and aus, let me know if i missed one you want to know bc honestly im rly disorganized and make shit up like im being paid to do it

i need an addiction that can love me too - dan/matt
you fell in love once and still haven’t found your way out - kevineil
give your heart to me until i’m strong enough to run - kandriel
something you didn’t even have a name for - andriel
her hands willing anchors and my heart the ocean bed - renison

things are easier since i stopped dreaming - my own self indulgent raven/nathaniel au with kevineil i love it
i had hope for the apocalypse - zombie au
feeling the fresh air burning in my lungs - road trip au/plot (countryside, sightseeing, coast to coast)
kiss me like they do on the emergency broadcast system - modern city gang war au, each of the teams are their own crew (gunpowder, explosives, bags full of money)
↪ monstrous hungry gods - a spinoff of ‘kiss me like they do’ universe where everyone comes back after death (young immortals)
somehow you don’t want to live just one life - lighthearted ghost/haunting au
monstrous love makes monsters of us all - a shitpost au based off of that stupid ‘ghost adventures’ show, except its jeremy, jean, laila, and alvarez
i found you on the edge of the dying galaxy - space au (meteor showers, space exy, alien planets)
i am growing into something sharp and hungry - not entirely planned out au, but its a supernatural horror
who run the world - tfc except everyones a girl au and nothing else changes
abort retry fail? - android au

thts a lot of aus and i am 1) sorry and 2) not sorry

i wake up every dday and feel like so motherfuckin suicidal !

yesterday i was up until about 7 am, slept until like 1pm, cried, jerked off, read a lil, slept from 4 pm until 1 am, cried more went back to sleep, woke at 9:30 am.

thats a lot of sleep but im still exhausted. lots of dreams. one horrible dream about one of my best friends sexually assaulting me, lots of really wonderful dreams about beds and beautiful places at an airport, lots of dreams of my ex, lots of lucid dreaming around beautiful places. watching a woman select a necklace out of hundreds for a very very very long time. i really hate being awake. i cant be lie ve it.

tomorrow one of my best friends moves away and i cry forever


wow.. 500 people actually follow me

i’ve been here for less than a year

i still barely post oops and a good portion is just reblogs

i dont find me posts very funny but people like them i guess??

so you know thanks

all i have going on for me is the astro masterpost (im still gonna continue it)

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enjoy this gif i feel so emo seing that i luv astro wit my heart


“Even now, at times, I still recall that I’m joining the team. Even now, I still feel like I’m living in a dream.”

But, really, its like that now. When I get on the car, and I see that the members are also getting on the car. Am I really members with these people? There is that too. Ah.. How to do well..? There is also thoughts like that.

“But its been 8 years for our team. I would like to say my gratitude first, to our team who is always together for the past 8 years”

Ahh… my tears are going to come out.

“I want to say thank you, and I love you… (holding in tears) to our fans too. As much as I can’t always say these things, but..thank you!”

Ahh.. I really can’t continue this T_T

“Now, we are really close that we feel just like a family. Sometimes, more than the dongsaeng fans, I feel scared of the noona fans (laughs). I am happy. Even though we still have so many good things, my thought is that I myself don’t know how or when those things are coming, and if I will be able to pull myself through. Everyone, for believing in me and following me, I will give my best to hold more responsibilities, to be everyone’s best artist. Everyone, once again, thank you for being together with us for 8 years, and our FT too. I will be the Song Seunghyun that keeps moving forward. In our activities as a band and various other activities, please give us more encouragement for us to gain more courage. For believing in us and following us, thank you! Even though I am shy, I love you!”

~Song Seunghyun (cr.)