i still feel like a bit of failure

So… ended up lowkey crying in Starbucks. Emailed my professor just straight up telling her “I’m having a nasty mental health slump and feeling like I’m an absolute failure and will do horrible on this assignment” and asking if maybe she could provide/direct me to some kind of outline on the sTRUCTURE of the campaign proposal? She tells us what she wants in there, but not what she wants it to really LOOK like and so my mind is, you know, freaking.

After doing that and crying a bit more (because admitting that my anxiety is making me terrified of and unable to do my homework makes me feel worse as a whole, like, person), I read over the other campaign proposal synopsis posts that have been made.

I still feel like mine’s going to be horrible and a failure compared to them - they’re all so sure and eloquent and wow - I’m calmed just enough to… try to work on mine. I’ve got a really lame and horrible intro to what the campaign proposal is and why it’s maybe important.

All this time in the fandom, I still don’t understand the reaction to Milah.

When else have we seen such a small-part character, destined for fridging, who actually got to be a bit of a complicated person beforehand? Who had her own dreams and made her own mistakes, and whose death – while on a plot level required to fuel conflict between the male characters – was in the moment of the event actually about her?

One thing I feel like they’ve done right about the revenge plot this entire time was never implying that her death was Killian’s fault or failure. That would make it about him. Her death was not about him at all; it was about her and Rumple.

I will always love her story because the writing made space for her selfish choices. She’s a woman character who doesn’t need to be a saint to be judged worthy of happiness by the narrative, who doesn’t need to be a role model in order to not deserve being murdered, who deserves to be avenged because she was a person.

anonymous asked:

Hey Ellen, can I get some advice? I'm a horrible student. I failed a year, and I always have to attend summer classes. I'm trying to make things right while I still have the chance, and this will sound really stupid BUT: I don't think I know how to study...? How do you do it? You just sit down through sleepiness and boredom and read? Write? How? I honestly can't comprehend and it makes me feel like a failure, because I have tried and I just can't. Sorry for this ask, I'm just... Ugh.

hey there! i think this study planner may help you… getting in to the habit of studying isn’t easy but with a bit of time and some motivation you will get there. I use active reading techniques, as seen in this video! it is the only way I can focus on reading. You’re not a failure at all, you can do this!xo