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Marichat May Day 2

Prompt Calendar hosted by yours truly and @marinette-sky

Day 1: Milk

Day 2: Purring

Marinette was tired, heading home from a long day of school, when she heard someone sobbing their heart out.

Immediately, she felt protective. Who was crying so badly, in her patch, in her neighbourhood? Sensing an impending akuma attack, Marinette rushed down the alleyway, only to stop short at the familiar figure crouched near some trashcans.

“Chat Noir?” Marinette asked gently, inching forward and kneeling down beside him. His face was buried against his knees, and his arms were wrapped around them, shaking with his sobs.

“Hey,” she was really getting worried now as he continued to ignore her. “Are you hurt? Do you need help?”

Still Chat continued to cry, though he managed to shake his head. Marinette released a sigh, and patted his knee.

“Come on now, it can’t be that bad! Why don’t you tell me? I’m sure you’ll feel a lot better…”

The black cat was so hysterical that even when he tried to speak, his words became tangled with his cries and gasps for breath. Marinette swallowed and rubbed his arm reassuringly, but Chat shook his head again and burst into fresh sobs.

“You don’t have to talk,” she said. “Let’s just get you inside, okay? I don’t want any nosy photographers seeing you like this…”

She managed to help the black cat to his feet, and took him around to the back door of the bakery.

“Luckily, my parents just left for the theatre, so we have a few hours,” Marinette said brightly, trying to not show how concerned she was for her partner. She guided him up to her bedroom and he followed listlessly, sitting on the chaise-lounge and sniffling.

“Here, some tissues,” Marinette passed him a box, and he nodded, blowing his nose.

“Can I get you a drink? Something to eat? There’s fresh macarons, your favourite?”

She tried to tempt him, but Chat Noir shook his head. He had quietened, but now silent tears trickled down his mask and cheeks.

“Oh, chaton!” Marinette pulled him into a hug. “It’ll be okay, I promise! There’s nothing so bad that we can’t fix it…”

“We can’t,” Chat said hoarsely. “Not this time. Oh, Mari…he’s…he’s…”

The black cat choked and burst into a fresh fit, his chest heaving.

Marinette could feel herself panicking. Her friend was hurting, and she had absolutely no way of helping him.

She wracked her brains, rubbing his back as she tried to remember what had calmed her before, when she had felt like this. Hot water bottle and chocolate? He was crying too hard to eat. Marinette thought harder, her brain burning. There had been that one time, after a particularly bad day with Chloe, when she had decided to chuck designing for good, and Chat had comforted her…

Marinette smiled and eased herself onto the floor, lying on her back. Chat blinked at her, confused, and she opened her arms.

“Here, kitty,” she cooed, and he hiccuped, before kneeling down and carefully cuddling up against her. Marinette tucked his head under her chin, and started to purr.

Chat immediately stiffened in her arms and she tried harder to imitate the rumble that had soothed her before. Marinette stroked his messy locks, and she felt him relax against her.

It was hard going, especially with Chat’s weight on her, but she could sense his sobs becoming lighter, less fraught. He nuzzled against her neck, and she kissed the top of his head.

“You’re safe here, chaton,” she told him. “Now, rest.”

He nodded, and eventually started his own rumbling, before falling asleep.

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You probably don't remember me but I met you at fanime and fell in love with your art style and ended up buying most of your ink drawings, even the ones with your school notes on the back haha. Although you had to hold me back and told me to walk around artist alley first before buying more stuff from your booth lol! Anyway I was wondering if you'll be back at fanime or have a booth at AX. I'd love to buy more prints from you! Especially since you're drawing YOI stuff! Love your mafia au btw! c:

Like, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I told my friends there was some awesome girl that bought up like 10 of my original ink drawings!
I’m still happy you walked around a bit before buying out my booth, I would feel super bad having you waste all your money on me ^^;;;
Sad to say I did not get into Fanime this year
And I didn’t apply for AX, though, thinking I might want to try for next year :O
I’ll hopefully get to Fanime next year ;w;

also I just wanna say???
It’s always heckin cool to me that people who found me at cons actually did look e up on tumblr and are following me???
means so much ;A;


“Old man!” Yuri yells, clapping his hands violently in front of the snoozing man’s face. “Hello?!” 

His coach blinks slowly. “Wha?” 

Yuri curses under his breath, and looks him up and down. “My quad lutz?” When Viktor just gazes with glassed over confusion, Yuri feels rage shoot up and down his body. “VIKTOR! Were you seriously not watching, again?!” 

Viktor’s face falls into a solemn kind of expression. “I’m sorry.” 

And Yuri isn’t uncaring, he knows that. He just doesn’t take bullshit, never has, and never will, even at 28 years old now. And he knows - Viktor has been his official coach since he turned twenty - when the man is bullshitting and being lazy, and this is not it. Viktor looks genuinely tired. 

He softens, then. “The jump was fine. You trust me right?” 

Pathetically, Viktor nods. 

“You should go home. I’ll just go through the short again and do a few laps.” 

His coach elicits an almost sob like noise. “It’s not like I’m going to sleep there either.” 

Yuri’s stomach flips over. Though he would never admit it to his face, he does consider Viktor as good as family to him, and automatically feels bad to see him suffering (when it’s not his doing, anyway). Still, Yuri isn’t really one for ‘comforting’ people, especially Viktor. 

“Are you… okay?” 

Viktor stares at him. “Don’t have kids, Yurio, unless you want to be employed as a permanent magical disposal bin.” 

His face heats. “I wasn’t-” 

“Or more than four hours of sleep a night because your husband decided to go and get a medical degree and you have to be supportive because you said you would be in your vows which means you have to get up so early.” 

What floodgates has Yuri accidentally opened? 

Viktor raises his arms dramatically. “I didn’t even know the human body could produce so many fluids! But no! It’s like every day there’s a new surprise!” He pauses. “I feel better now that’s out.” 

Yuri skates, then, to the sideboards, giving up on practise for the day. “You sound upset.” 

His face changes immediately, and he smiles brightly. “Oh no, I’ve never been happier!” 

Yuri doesn’t get it, how he can stand there and complain whilst claiming to be oh so happy. Instead he scoffs, and goes back to complaining about how awful a coach Viktor really is.

(He doesn’t ‘get it’, in fact for another three years until he has children of his own)

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Um... Hi! Can you please do dai companions reacting to inquisitor Lavellan crying over Solas post trespasser? Thank you! ❤️

(Note: this is not a slight on Solas or Solasmancers or Solas fans. This is just written from what would be the companions’ reactions to the whole mess. Keep in mind that everyone but Cole disapproves if Lavellan says “I have to save him” choosing the romance option in Trespasser.)

Cassandra: She was still livid about the whole mess, and at Solas, but to see her friend so heartbroken… she’s going to kill him if it was the last thing she did. She tries to console the Herald to little avail, and feels awful for them. “Fen’Harel is not worthy of you,” she snaps, “I know it hurts, but he does not and never did deserve you.”

Iron Bull: Like Cassandra, he wants to violently murder Solas for this as he holds a sobbing Lavellan. For the moment, his attention is on her, though, and he feels so bad for her. The other Chargers are also trying to comfort her if she doesn’t mind their approach. “I know, Boss, I know,” he murmurs gently, stroking her back, “we’re here. We’re always here.”

Blackwall: Lavellan doesn’t deserve this. Blackwall’s mad at Solas, of course, but he doesn’t dare bring him up. He just sits with the Herald and lets her cry, because sometimes that’s all one can do. “I can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now,” he murmurs, “but I’m here. Don’t know that it counts for much, but we’re all still here for you.”

Sera: Never has she wanted to kill anyone so much before. Not only was she mad at Solas for trying to destroy the world for the elves, one of her best friends was left utterly heartbroken by him. She just sits and hugs her and murmurs reassurances. “Don’t worry, I’ll get back at that stupid, shitty, elfy old wolf for you. You’re safe here. I’m not leaving you behind. We’re not.”

Varric: And here he thought what Blondie did was bad. Not only was Chuckles plotting to destroy basically everything that wasn’t Elven, he left one of his friends behind with a broken heart. He curses Chuckles’ name and sits with Lavellan, offering his solemn apologies. If she chooses to move to Kirkwall, he’ll ensure she’s safe.

Cole: “He still loves you so much it hurts. He knows you hurt.” he says mournfully. “It hurts him just as much. He thinks he has to, but he doesn’t want to. How can we help him and you? Your hurt is so powerful, so strong, it touches everyone.” He doesn’t know how to help, but he wants to so much– the hurt is too much. He settles for hugging her.

Vivienne: She’s already plotting with the others on ways to fight Solas, and she’s thinking of other suitors she can introduce Lavellan to, once she heals. She simply won’t tolerate the idea of Solas even being remotely near her again. “He is a revolting creature, unworthy of you.” she says, handing her friend a handkerchief. “We’ll get through this, Darling. I swear upon it.”

Dorian: His blood is boiling as he holds his best friend, who’s sobbing into his arms. How dare the Dread Wolf? How dare he hurt her? It’s mingled with pity and worry for the woman in his arms, and he lets her go as long as she wants. “I’m so sorry,” he murmurs now and again, “I’m here. Let it out.” He stays with her a little while longer than he planned, and before he goes, he kisses the little sending crystal he gave her and hugs her.

Solas: He checks on Lavellan in the Fade and finds her dreams as nightmares, darkened by her stress, and his heart pangs with guilt, and his stomach drops. He never wanted this for her. For a moment, he wonders if he should have given all of this up and stayed with her, but he flees when she seems to notice him. “Ir abelas, ma vhenan.” he whispers as he goes.

Josephine: She feels so bad for the Herald. She clears their schedule for the next few days if she can and makes sure they’re well tended-to. She visits them when she can, sparing a handkerchief, a shoulder to cry on, and a ear to listen. She invites them to come with her to visit her family in Antiva, suggesting that getting out might help.

Leliana: She gets them everything they need and makes sure someone is keeping them company, and she gets to work. Solas would pay for this. By wronging Lavellan and plotting to destroy the world, he had angered the wrong bard. She’d start the first steps and get Lavellan to join her when she was ready. She does visit her and stay for a little while. “I know it hurts. I will for awhile. But you have friends, and we are here.”

Cullen: He feels absolutely terrible for Lavellan, among stress and anger and a frantic hurry to discuss what their next step should be. He’s not quite sure what to do, but he wants to comfort her. Thankfully, his dog seems to know how to help at least a little– his mabari hurries up to her and licks her face repeatedly, trying to climb up onto her lap, and she can’t help but laugh. His eyes widen, and shortly after, he gifts Lavellan a mabari puppy. 

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Oh, are you sensitive here? What a perfect spot to torture//jikook

Jimin was gagged, strapped onto a table, and was being overstimulated by a vibrator, and it’s all Jungkook’s fault. The younger was smirking as his hyung was moaning into the gag and tears slid down his cheeks from the immense amount of pleasure he was receiving.

“Do you like it hyung? Like being gagged by me? Looking like such a little whore?” Jimin whimpered loudly and nodded as he bucked his hips trying to get more stimulation from the vibrator. Jungkook smirked and pulled the vibrator away from him with a smirk. Jimin whined and bucked his hips violently trying to claw at Jungkook.

“Hm, I can’t hear you, tell me what you want.” Jungkook sucked on his neck earning a throaty moan, “Oh do you like that?” Jungkook trailed down to his nipples and ran his tongue against the pink bud. A louder moan came from Jimin’s gag and he tried to thrust his hips again. “Oh, are you sensitive here,” Jungkook smirked, “What a perfect spot to torture.”

Jungkook took the gag from Jimin’s mouth and pinched his left nipple, a slutty moan fell from Jimin’s mouth and he threw his head back.

“P-Please Kookie, I-I can’t take anymore.” Jimin sobbed as his nipples continued being abused. “Hm? But seeing you so wrecked makes me smile baby.” Jungkook smiled innocently and began sucking on the older’s nipples again.

A choked sob escaped from Jimin as he moaned louder, “N-No more!” Jungkook ignored his pleas and whines and switched over to his other nipple, sucking roughly on it, biting it teasingly and running his tongue over it until it was swollen up just like the other one.

Jimin had cum at least four times from his nipples being teased but he was still hard and sobbing. Jungkook looked at the broken male and chuckled softly. “How bad do you want it, baby?” “So badly daddy! Just wreck me already!!” “Yes, my dirty little whore.” 


Just cause I’m a tease I’m going to end it there, I feel like it was shorter and if it was I’m so sorry babe, I hope you enjoyed it though cause I sure enjoyed writing it. 

Mine And Yours - EXO Lay Daddy Smut

Hello, this is a Daddy Lay smut (yay)!

No one really asked for it but I was really feeling it so here you go.

This is kinda what I picture lay to be like if he were a DaddyDom and tbh, it’s fucking hot. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading it because I enjoyed writing it. Thank you!

P.S don’t read this if you have issue with daddy kink. that is all.

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3. “Please, stop crying.”

I’m downstairs watching a classic chick flick while J attended business elsewhere. It was about to get to the ‘break up’ scene and I had my tissues in hand. 
The front door slamming open broke me from my trance and i jumped in my seat. 

“Baby! You got to come see what I just picked up. You’re going to love it!” J voice is more upbeat than usual.

I pause my movie and drop the tissues on the couch, I make my way to the front door and he stops me. He puts his hands over my face and walks behind me, leading the way. 
It’s only a few steps and he stops.

“Ready?” He whispers in my ear.

Chills run down my spine and I have a smile spread across my face, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Im squealing.

His hands lift from my eyes and its a glorious car. Nothing like the purple lamborghini, but this was extremely elegant. 
It was a sparkly white with green and purple accents, the windows were pitch black and the rims were the same sparkling white as the rest of the car.
It looked fast.

“Shall we?” He said to me as he was already opening the passenger door.

I don’t waste a second, I jump in the seat and he closes the door once i’m in. He get in the drivers seat and he looks at me as he starts the car.
The engine roars loud and when he presses the gas pedal I can feel the adrenaline rushing through my body. 

He backs out of the drive way and then takes off once he’s clear. It’s faster than I expected. The force is holding back to my seat and I love it. Adrenaline flowing through every vein in my body and I can’t help but to let a laugh out.
J has his eyes switching from the road to me and back to the road. He loves the facial expressions I make as he weaves in and out of cars and people on the street. 
I feel his hand squeeze my knee and I give him a smile. He starts to slow down a little bit as his hand starts reaching up my thigh. I lean my head back against the seat and bite my lip, a deep sigh leaves me but it’s barley heard over the sound of the vehicle. 
I can feel him slowing down even more as his hand reaches further up. 

My head is jolted up by a sudden thud and J slamming on the breaks. 
I quickly jump out of the car and J follows, I fall to my knees as I see what is laying in front of the car.

“Shit.” J mumbles under his breath.

I give him a stare that reads ‘How could you!’ as tears start flowing continuously down my cheeks. 

Sobs leave me, my shoulders heave, “Are you ok? I’m so so sorry. He is so sorry as well! This was his fault! Not mine!” Im almost screaming the words as they hiccup out of me. 

“You know he can’t talk back right?” His sarcasm brings more tears flooding down my face.

He finally kneels down next to me and rubs my back trying to comfort me, “Please, stop crying.” He puts his other hand to his forehead and shakes his head. 

“We need to take him to the doctor!” I get up carrying him in my arms and getting back in the car. 

J lets out a sigh as he closes the door on my side and then gets in the driver seat, “It’s just a dog!” He complains. 
He throws his head back knowing he is about to get full blown lecture.

“Just a dog! J, really? What did this dog ever do to you? He was just minding his own business and you, frisky hands, came along and hit him!” I cradle the dog closer to me, “People are bad, they all have made bad choices, I don’t care about any of em’ but you. Animals though, they don’t hurt a damn thing and get treated like trash.” More sobs come as i end my speech.

I see him roll his eyes at me still not fully understanding my rant and thinking i’m overdramatic, I ignore it and comfort the tan and black dog in my arms.
He doesn’t seem too hurt, at least there is no blood and I can feel him breathing out of his nose. 
We pull up the a vet office and I jump out before the car even comes to a full stop. 
J makes his way out of the car slowly, I know this is the last place he wants to be but i still give him a glare as i walk through the doors before he is even fully out of the car. 

“I need help! This dog was hit by a car! He is breathing and all, I don’t know if anything else is wrong though.” I take a deep breath as the receptionist has her eyes wide staring at me. I hear the door open behind me and sweat is forming at the girls temple, it must be J.

“Do as the lady asks and there won’t be much trouble.” He voice demanding. 

I give a pressed smile and shift back and forth from my toes to heels a few times before she comes around and takes the dog back.

“Alright, come on.” J has the door help open for me.

“What? No way! I need to make sure he is ok!” I take a seat in one of the few chairs set out. 

“Oh, no, no, no.” He lets a smirk appear on his face, “We are not keeping that thing if it lives.” 

“If! If you killed that dog J, there will be hell to pay for you!” I cross my arms and turn my head away from him, “Yes, we are keeping it.” I mumble to myself so he couldn’t make out the words.

“What was that doll?” He comes and stands in front of me with his eyes wide.

I bite my lip and look up at him, I rest my hands on hips for a moment and then pull him closer, I wrap my arms around him and my face is pressed against his stomach. I give him a tight hug, “Please daddy!” I look up at him again.

He lets out a laugh and rips me off of him, “That’s not going to work this time around doll.” He takes a seat next to me, “I’ll let you say goodbye though.”

Three hours have passed and finally a nurse comes out. 

“He is going to be fine. A small surgery for his arm was needed and now its in a cast. Thank you for bringing him in. That was, uh, kind of you both.” She tries to sound firm but we both can see right through her. 

“Can I see him?” I look at J and then back at the nurse.

She nods for me to come back and he nods for me to go, I follow her and J stays in the waiting area. 

I’m back there much longer than J would of liked as he marches through looking for me. 
He finds me sitting on the floor with a drowsy dog laying in my lap. I playing with his floppy paws and a nurse is sitting next to me answering my questions about his age and how to take care of him.

“No Dogs!” Frustration rings through his voice.

“It’s a puppy!” I protest. 
I stand to my feet, I give the nurse a small hug and I walk right past J, “We are keeping him. I have already named him so he is mine.” I pick up my pace to the front door so he can’t stop me.
I make it to the car and I am waiting by the passenger side holding the puppy like a baby.

“Whats his name?” J groans opening up the driver side door.

I give him a big smile as I open up the door and take a seat with the puppy on my lap, “J Jr.!” I squeal and let out a small giggle as I know he is going to hate it, “JJ for short! That way when i am home alone I’ll still have my J around no matter what.”

He shakes his head and lets out a deep sigh, he looks at the puppy, “Thats my girl right there, lets make that clear right now JJ.” He lets out a growl and speeds off to take us home.

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Uuuh, 6 - please! Really want to know what you will make with that sentence!

Thank you :D 

Okay, this one got really sad… oops? Don’t worry though, it’ll all be okay. It’s also a bit ridiculous at some point, but yeah IT’S FAN-FICTION. I CAN DO WHAT I WANT :D. (also, sorry if this fic is kinda ooc, i just really wanted to write this) 

Warnings: Mention of abuse. 

6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”


I walk though the hallways of Watford campus. I feel slightly light-headed after a night out with Agatha. She likes parties and I kinda like her, so that’s that. 

I have no clue how late it is when I walk into my shared dorm room. I look over at Baz’s bed, but I don’t see my roommate there. I wonder if he’s out as well. He doesn’t occur to me like someone who would like to party, but who knows. Maybe the fact that he’s quiet and mysterious doesn’t mean he’s not up for partying. I shrug to myself. 

I sit down on the edge of my own bed, bending down to remove my shoes, when I feel something. Or rather someone. 

I look behind me and see Baz asleep in my bed. Not just that. The duvet is not fully covering him and I can see the side of his right butt-cheek peeking out. I jump up from my bed, gasping.

Baz is naked asleep in my bed. 

I stare at him. He’s lying on his stomach, his face hidden, his arms around my pillow. I look over at his bed. Should I sleep in his now? 

I look back at Baz and trace my eyes over his exposed skin. I should wake him up. If I don’t he might move in his sleep and then he might not be covered up anymore. 

“Uh. Baz?” My voice is loud and clear in the quiet room, though my head feels drowsy. I hear a soft groan coming from Baz.

“Baz? Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” I ask him. He’s awake now. He looks up, sleep drunk but clearly shocked as well. I watch him sitting up, his body moving in an odd way, as if he’s struggling. The duvet falls of his chest, luckily it still covers the parts that need be covered. I take a better look at him and gasp. His face, his chest, they’re covered in bruises. 

Baz stares at me, eyes wide and gleaming. Panic shows in his face and I can see his chest rising and falling quickly. 

“Baz?” I choke out.  

He starts to cry. 


I look at Simon and I realize what’s happening. I realize what I have done. 

I try hard to push down the memories from earlier that night. The fear of being weak an powerless. They outnumbered me, which wasn’t hard since I was lone. They punched me to the ground. 

Simon watches me with a pained expression and I feel the tears running down my face. He wasn’t supposed to find me like this. This wasn’t supposed to happen. 

I remember coming here earlier this night, limping and bleeding. I remember not being able to think straight. I remember feeling gross. I remember the hot water of the shower too hot on my skin. After the shower I hadn’t put on any new clothes. Any moment make me feel short of pain through my body. I had just stumbled into bed, crying. 

But I went into the wrong bed. I hadn’t been thinking. Or maybe I had. I had wanted comfort. I had wanted safety. The only place that had felt safe was Simon Snow. Simon, my roommate who I’m afraid to talk to. He’s so out there and I’m so in here, but I loved him for it. Love. I had hugged his pillow, breathing in the scent, whilst I had cried. 

And now I’m crying again. Simon here with me. 


“What happened?” It comes out like breath. 

Baz doesn’t answer, he just goes over into serious sobs and I have no idea what to do. How did these bruises appear on his body. A body that is usually full of grace, but now it looks broken and weak. 

“Baz, please, can you tell me what happened?” I ask him, my voice cracking. Baz just shakes his head and I step closer to him. His sobs break my heart. 


Then Baz lifts his hand and takes hold of the sleeve of my shirt. I tugs on it. I sit down on the edge of the bed, facing Baz. I try to ignore the fact that he’s completely naked under the duvet. My duvet. 

“Baz? Did someone do this to you?” No answer. “Baz who did this?” He stays quiet, whilst the tears keep coming. 

“Can you take off you clothes?” He suddenly asks me, his voice sounding broken and raw. 


Baz looks down at his hand, still holding my sleeve. “It’s intimidating. I feel too exposed compared to you. Can you please take off your clothes?”

I give him a shocked look. “You can just put on some clothes?”

He starts sobbing again and I feel bad, though I don’t know what I did wrong. 

“I’m sorry, I think I’m going crazy. It’s just, I can’t put on clothes,” he tells me. “It’ll hurt…” 

I nod. I think for a moment and I nod again. Alright. We’re doing this. 

“Okay, but don’t look at me, when I’m naked I mean.”

“I don’t want to,” he says. “But will you… Will you hold me?” His voice is so soft that I can barely hear him. Though the words strike me; one by one. I can hear the shame he feels when asking me. 

“Hold you?”

He nods choking on a sob. I can’t stand the sight of him; smashed into pieces. I realize that I want to hold him. I want to make him whole again. 

I sigh, “Okay then. But… Can you look away as I dress down?” 

“Yes,” he says and he just simply closes his eyes. 

I start taking off my clothes. This is ridiculous. This is absurd. Still, I go through with it. All I care about in this moment is making Baz feel safe and at peace again. 

“Baz, don’t open you’re eyes yet,” I warn him, “but can you just, uh, scoot over?” 

He does as I ask and I lift the duvet, not looking down at his body. I get into his bed, feeling the warmth of him tingling on my bare skin. We are facing each other, his eyes are still closed but I can feel his breath spread out over my face. 

“You can open your eyes now,” I whisper. 

B A Z 

I open my eyes and look into Simon’s startling blue eyes. He’s here, he’s really here to comfort me. I want to cry again. 

I bring my hand up to his face and brush his cheek. “Will you hold me now?” 

We shift awkwardly into a proper position where Simon’s arms are around my middle and my head is on the curve of his shoulder and his chest. At some point sensitive parts touch and we both freeze. I shortly realize what exactly it is we’re doing and I almost freak out, but Simon holds me and I feel safe. 

“Thank you, Simon,” I tell him.

“It’s okay,” he whispers. 

“Sorry if this is uncomfortable for you.”

“Is it uncomfortable for you?” He asks me.

“No.” All I feel is safety and I start to cry. I cry because I’m relieved I have Simon to hold me now, something I’d never even dreamed of. I cry because my body aches and life isn’t fair. I cry because it’s just all too much. 

But he’s holding me and it’s okay for now, so I let it all go, knowing he’s here to comfort me. 

I Don’t Know What To Do | Carl Grimes (Part 2)

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Warning: angst, blood, goes through many spoilers on the show, change in plotline

Part 2 of Not Her

Part 1

“You gotta eat something, Carl” Rick replied, taking a seat next to his son.

Cark didn’t say a word as he stared at the gravel on the ground, his vision blurring as tears flooded his eyes again. He tried to suppress the sob that became lodged in his thoughts. He didn’t want to hear her voice and he hoped his father knew not to. 

“I’m not hungry” he murmured as his father rested a hand on his shoulder.

He didn’t move to shrug it off, but opted to remain rigged and still. Rick stared at his son, feeling hopeless. His own son was feeling the most devastating sorrow and he didn’t know how to help him. Rick handed him a plastic bottle of water, his spirits lifting as he took the bottle from his father’s hand. Carl opened it, taking a small sip. His throat was dry after many nights of crying and screaming himself to sleep. Every time his eyes shut, he saw her. 

Her Y/H/C hair flashing from beautiful and soft to bloody and dirty. 

Her Y/E/C eyes flickering shut, hiding away the soulful eyes that always reminded him of home and warmth.

Her warmth disappearing as he held her in his arms, his tears decorating her face like little crystals against her skin.

He could still feel her blood on his hands as he sobbed into her neck. The feeling never disappearing. Her blood was warm and almost black as it pooled around her body. Her name became bitter on his tongue, the thought of her like poison. It was like a gun shot to his stomach every time he though of her. He knew that this was a fucked- up place, but she was something that kept him hopeful. Made him think that maybe things weren’t so bad after all.

“I know you’re hurting. But she would have wanted you to keep going on” Rick said, wrapping an arm around his son, pulling him into his body.

“I don’t know how to” Carl choked, bringing his hands up to his face.

“That’s how I felt when your mother died. But you learn how to cope, Carl. It’s hard but it’ll get” Rick advised, hugging Carl closer to his body.

Carl couldn’t help but let the small tears trickling down his face as images of her flooded his mind. Her smile flashed into his mind, the familiar spark that always followed her beautiful smile lighting in his heart. 

“It’s okay to cry son” Rick whispered, resting his face on his son’s head.

Rick couldn’t help but feel his heart clench as he finally heard his son’s sobs. Cal heaved as he began to sob harder, his breath short as all the cherished memories in his minds came back.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” she murmured as she looked at the slowly setting sunlight.

Carl couldn’t help but let the small smile spread across his face. The bright light lit up her face, making her Y/E/C shimmer. The two sat on branches in the trees, their backs pressed against the rough bark. Their guns lay on their laps, a simple precaution that they both hoped they wouldn’t have to resort to. It was a quiet moment, no screams and moans from Walkers as they simply just watched the sun slip behind the treetops.

“Yea, there’s not much to appreciate in this kind of world” Carl said, shifting his weight.

“Actually in this kind of world, I think you should appreciate everything. You never know when it’ll be taken away from you” she replied, turning slightly to look at him.

He stared back at her, wondering how the had gone from arguing only moments ago to sitting in a perfect moment of serenity. Her lips were pulled into a small smile, a rare occurrence as she gazed into his eyes.

“It isn’t as beautiful as you” Carl whispered, watching as her eyes filled with surprise and confusion.

“What?” she breathed, startled as his comment.

“The sunset isn’t as beautiful as you” Carl said a little louder, his confidence building.

He watched her small smile grew, a deep red blushing dusting her cheek as she looked away bashfully. She gently bumped his shoulder with hers.

“Thanks” she muttered in a hushed tone, just loud enough for him to hear.

Carl couldn’t help but bump her back, a smile spreading across his face.

“No problem”

“STOP IT, CARL!” she screamed, stumbling to stop his shaking hands from shooting the Walker, “STOP IT!!”

Carl kept crying as the empty clicks from the gun echoed around his head. He kept sobbing, the thought of his little sister dead and taken by Walkers the only thought swimming around his head. The image of the bloodstained and empty cradle flashing around his head, like a non-stop motion picture.

“She’s gone, Carl. I’m so sorry” she murmured, wrapping her arms around his body as they both crumpled to the floor, “I’m so sorry”

“My baby sister, my baby sister, my baby sister” Carl said in almost a trance, as if that was the only thought going through his head, “It’s all my fault, all my fault”

“Stop blaming yourself” she reassured him as she rocked him back and forth, “We’ll find her, okay?”

Carl looked at her through bloodshot eyes, seeing her hopeful face. He couldn’t help but feel a small spark of hope burn in his heart.

“I promise, Carl”

“I’m sorry, Carl” Rick murmured as he felt his son’s tears soak through his shirt, “I’m so sorry”

“It’s not fair, Dad! I don’t know what to do without her, Dad. She was my best friend” Carl replied through heavy sobs, “What am I suppose to do now?”

“I don’t know, son” Rick whispered into Carl’s hair, “I don’t know”


How to Properly Slay a Dragon: Part Three, the Return of the Bard

In the previous two episodes, our “noble” protagonists demolished an ancient library, and offended the dragon who lived there, causing it to attack them.

Part 3Resolving Conflicts Non-lethally

DM: Alright, now that that mess is over with, the dragon’s attacking you all. Everybody roll initiative.

First up is the Cleric, who casts a defensive buff on himself, before the dragon had the chance to strike. (To this day I don’t know how the cleric beat everyone, dragon included, at initiative.)The dragon slashed once each at the Paladin, and the Cleric. Next up, our brave and valiant rogue took advantage of the dragon’s distraction to run and hide in the heap of gold-strewn rubble. Finally, came those damning words:

Bard: I cast Polymorph.

DM: Wait, what? Alright, how does it work, again?

Bard: Well, I choose a weaker creature (in this case, a turtle) to turn the target into. It makes a will save, and if it fails, it’s turned into that creature for an hour or until it “dies”.

DM: Alright here goes. (Rolls, then faceplants onto desk.)

Bard: You don’t even know what the DC is yet.

DM: (Unintelligible sobbing)

At this point, the spectator, sitting behind and to the side of the DM, starts giggling, as the players are all very confused. We peer over the DM screen to see… the number 1, just sitting there atop her d20 like it didn’t have a care in the world. After a moment, the DM recovered enough to speak.

DM: Fuck it! The effects become permanent, though it still retains some of it’s draconic appearance. What are you going to do with your new dragon-turtle?

Bard: Well, I feel a little bad that the Paladin didn’t even have a chance to participate in the fight…

Paladin: Oh no. No way.

The two ended up becoming fast friends, mainly because the former dragon didn’t know that the spell was broken if he died. This led to a fair few near-misses, as well as to the concept of the “dragenade”. A hilarious weapon that we were never put in dire enough straits to use. Anyway, that, ladies and gents, is Zagul’s complete manual on how to PROPERLY slay a dragon.

Harry Potter Imagine - Requested

Sorry there is no gif I couldn’t find one! I hope you like it

“See you in Potions y/n!” Draco Malfoy waved at you as you both took your separate ways.

Your smile was still on your lips when you turned the corner, bumping unto your boyfriend, “oh!” You chuckled, “hi Harry!”

When Harry didn’t return your smile you rolled your eyes, already knowing what was about to come. “Harry listen I know you don’t like him but he’s my best friend Harry! You can’t just expect me to stop my friends for you!”

Harry huffed, “y/n if he could kill me he would! Oh wait! He’s bloody trid hasn’t he?”

“Harry that was a long time ago,” you cooed, “he’s a good guy I promise.”

Harry scoffed, “he’s got you wrapped around her finger that sly snake!” He yelled, Harry stopped walking (you two had started walking to class) and turned yo face you, “he’s using you to get to me y/n can’t you see it? Why in the world would a snobby Slytherin like him befriend a Hufflepuff?!”

You gasped, “are you saying I’m not good enough Harry? Because if I’m not good enough to befriend  a Slytherin than I’m sure not good enough to date of Gryffindor Harry! Why are you always underestimating me because I’m Hufflepuff?”

“I’m not!” He yelled, attracting looks from around you, “you’re my girlfriend y/n and I know how bad he is.” Harry rubbed your arms, “love, I’m trying to protect you.”

You shrugged His hands away, “I don’t need your protection Harry! And he isn’t using me to get to you not everything is about the famous Harry Potter and His scar okay? This school doesn’t bloody revolve around you! Wake up! And you know I’ve been friends with Malfoy since before we starter coming to Hogwarts.”

“I didn’t for a second think it was about my fame!” Harry was now yelling like he’s never yelled before. His voice booming in the halls, now everyone’s eyed were really on you two. “You know how much I dislike the spotlight y/n and how much I hate this fame! I didn’t ask for it! I hate how everything always comes back to this stupid scar and Voldemort! I don’t think its about me y/n its about you! I don’t want to lose you and he knows that! He will do anything to break us up!”

Your hands turned into fists beside you, “well if that’d the case than it may be working for him Harry because I’m sick and tired if this!”

Hermione and Ron ran up to the both of you, “settle down you two!” Hermione commande, “you’re making a scene!”

Harry ignored her and stormed closer to you, “fine!” He screamed, “leave then!” Out of instinct he raised his wand, “see if I give a da-”

“Harry!” Ron held Harry’s arm back, you all knew how he didn’t think Mich when he was angry and it was very possible he could curse you with anger. “Harry stop this you’re being absurd!”

Harry pushed against Ron, “if you want to leave than Leave y/n! I sure won’t stop you I’d be glad to see you walk away!”

You felt as if he had just punched your heart. Beside you Hermione gasped. What he said was bad, and really hurtful. Your eyes filled with tears as you glared at Harry, he was still blubbering words but you couldn’t hear over the ringing in your ears. Hermione tried comforting you but you pushed her away. “So be it Harry Potter,” you only managed a whisper as you were trying to hide the cries from climbing out, “we’re over with.”

With that you turned around and walked away. Waiting until you were away from all these people, before breaking down. Your sobs filled the empty hallway and you fell onto your knees as tears streamed down your face. You couldn’t believe what just happened, you broke up with Harry. Over Draco Malfoy! But you loved Harry. You loved him more than anything bytbyou hated how in control he was! He controlled everything. But it stopped at your friends, he couldn’t tell you who to he friends with. Still, just the idea of the fact that he was no longer your boyfriend made it feel like someone was squeezing the life out if your heart. It hurt so bad you were gasping for air.

“Y/n!” The voice you heard wasn’t the voice you hoped for. “I heard about what happened are you alright?” Draco kneeled beside you and placed his hand in your shoulder.

“I… I.. He.. I broke.. Broke up with him!” You squeezed the words between your sobbing. “I didn’t mean to Draco… I was so angry I just.. Said it. I didn’t mean it though!”

Draco hugged you tightly, “its Ok y/n..  Its ok maybe it was for the best. He probably did this to get back at Me by hurting you. But its Ok I’ll get hi-”

“Seriously?!” You shouted, pushing him back. “You too? God! Its not about either of you! I’m not a piece if your little game Draco! Why do you both think that? You know you are a lot Like him. Maybe that’s why you hate each other so much because you remind eacother of yourselves.”

“Y/n I didn’t mean…”

“No!” You stood up, “forget it Malfoy.”


“Y/n just talk to him maybe you can work this out,” Hermione spoke as she helped you make your bed two days after the fight.

“What if I don’t want to work it out,” I questioned. Even though I knew it was a lie, “maybe it’s for the best.”

Hermione huffed as she packed her books, “we all know that’s not true.” She gave you a knowing smile and walked out.

You huffed your broken heart away, trying to ignore the pain as you walked out if the common room and into the school hallways. If you were to be honest with yourself you wanted  Harry back. And you were avoiding him because you knee you wouldn’t be able to resist him if you saw him.

But you always had the worst luck. Today was Wednesday, and you had Charms with Gryffindor. You walked into class and, “y/n,” Harry mumbled, “y/n can we talk?”

You couldn’t meet his eyes, “not now Harry we have class..”

He ignored you and continued talking, “I remember when I first noticed you. It was in this class. Your charm went crazy and hit Ron instead of your partner. And Ron started laughing hysterically and I was very confused for the longest time because I had no idea why hebwas laughing.” Harry chuckled, “and then you ran over and kept saying sorry over and over. And all I could think of was, ‘wow, wow she’s so beautiful!’ And everything else faded at that moment and I was so caught up in you and how you started laughing at Ron..” Harry groaned and ran his hand through his hair, “I don’t know why I’m saying this. What I’m trying to say is I’m sorry for the way I acted. I know that I overreacted about you and Malfoy. I know he’s your best friend, but he isn’t mine. And its very hard for me to accept that. But I am trying. So give me a chance?”

You blinked fast to prevent tears from falling. “The proffesor is on her way,” you spoke with a shakey voice, “I should go find my sea-”

“Please!” Harry gripped your hands in his, “please y/n… I’m sorry. I love you I really love you I don’t want to lose you.”

You blinked and gasped. That was the first time Harry has ever told you he loved you. The words made your heart swell with joy. Then you remembered how angry he was that day. “I’m sorry Harry,” it broke your heart to speak, “I can’t do this anymore.”

“Look me in the eyes and tell me that,” Hus voice shook, “look me in the eyes and tell me that you don’t love me and I’ll leave you alone forever.”

Forcing yourself to look up, your eyes met his tearful ones. The words faded from your mouth at the sight of his tears. You loved him, and after moments of gathering the courage to lie, you sighed and broke eye contact. Harry let out a relifed laugh, “I knew it!” He hugged you are tightly, and you couldn’t resist hugging him back. “I’m sorry y/n,” he spoke in your ear.

You kissed his wet cheek, “I love you,” you said in reply.

panicatthefrontdoor  asked:

Okay, now that I know how to use this, can you try Jamilton, prompts 59, 29, and 31? Where Thomas has a breakup with James and gets kicked out? And he can't go to anyone for comfort so he goes to Alexander, maybe? Angst please. (I did this in an RP)

A/N: If y’all thought I wasn’t gonna post that angst fic today you’re mistaken. (In other words I’m so sorry but this was actually one of my favorite fics to write) (Send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

“Y-you love me?” / “Please don’t leave me.” / “If you step out that door I am never taking you back!”

The two of them stood on opposite sides of the room, glass from the vase that had fallen during their scrimmage scattered the floor. Neither of them were physically injured, yet they still took a toll of damage. James had his arms crossed defensively, and he couldn’t bring himself to look at Thomas. Thomas swallowed hard, taking a step towards the smaller man. James tensed. “Don’t,” he growled.

“James,” Thomas sighed, but he stood still. “What do you want me to do, James?”

He shook his head and turned away. “Nothing. You’ve done enough. I’m going to bed.” He walked towards the dark hallway that led to their room. He stopped, but didn’t look over his shoulder. “Do you plan on joining me?” he questioned.

“I don’t think you’d want that,” Thomas said. “I don’t think you want me. I’m a mess. This,” he gestured to the disaster of the living room, “is a mess. We are a mess. We can’t keep doing this, James. We can’t keep hurting each other.”

James was rigid. “What do you suggest?”

Thomas deflated in defeat. “I’m… leaving,” he decided, walking towards the door.

“If you step out that door I am never taking you back,” James said quickly, his voice cracking. Thomas glanced over once more. James’ back was still to him, and he could see that he was shivering. He solemnly turned away, opening the door and stepping out into the cold night. Once the door was closed, he could hear James sobbing from the other side. His face twisted. He needed a drink. The bar was still open.

He didn’t know how much he had to drink, but he didn’t care. He felt good. Actually, he didn’t feel anything at all. He felt hollow and numb, but it felt better than the overwhelming guilt from before. Maybe a few more drinks would actually make this whole thing funny. He needed a good laugh right about now. He waved for the bartender to give him another bottle, but he was beginning to grow concerned. Thomas had just finished a six pack in about two hours. It probably wasn’t a good idea to give him another.

Alexander walked in, having stayed late at work again. It was a good day, hardly any complaints, and the ones that they did get were pretty tame. He thought a celebratory drink was in order, seating himself at the bar. He didn’t notice Thomas at first, not with his head on the bar like that. He just assumed he was a drunk man. And that he was.

It wasn’t until he lifted his head and spoke that he realized who was beside him. “‘ey… Where’s my fuckin’ drink?” he muttered, dropping his head back to the bar as a hiccup shook him.

“Jefferson?” Alex cocked his head to the side. He never considered Thomas a heavy drinker. In fact, he assumed that he was one of those people who only had occasional sips of wine or champagne. So to see him completely smashed… He could use this as blackmail, but a feeling of sympathy washed over him. He turned down his drink when the bartender handed it over. “How long has he been here?” he asked, pointing to Jefferson, who was snoring loudly.

“Couple of hours,” he replied. “Ordered a six pack and drank it all at once. I knew I should have stopped him after the second bottle, but he just waved me off, saying he wanted to be left alone. I told him to slow down, but he didn’t listen.” He shrugged. Alexander could tell from the indifference in his eyes that he had seen this before. Maybe too many times already.

“Will he live?” Alex always joked about how the world would be a better place if Jefferson finally returned to hell, but this was a terrible way to go.

“He’ll live,” the bartender assured with a slow nod. “He’ll have one hell of a hangover, but he’ll live.” He continued to nod.

Alex mimicked him, nodding his head slowly. “Well, I guess I’ll get him off your bar.” He slapped Jefferson harshly on the back, but he didn’t stir. He cleared his throat. “Jefferson.” He shook him roughly. “Jefferson, get up.”

Thomas groaned, lifting his head. Everything was spinning and blurry. He managed to focus on Alex, blinking slowly. His head was throbbing. “Fuck… Hamilton?” He reached out to stroke his face, but missed by a few centimeters. He began to topple forward, but Alex caught him before he face planted on the ground.

God. Can’t hold your liquor, can you?” he chuckled, throwing his arm around his shoulders. This wouldn’t be easy considering how much taller Jefferson was than him, but he could manage to drag him to his car. He thanked the bartender for holding the door open for him, struggling to find his keys and shove Jefferson into the back seat, having him lay down on his side.

Thomas stirred when the engine roared to life, sitting up. He groaned, letting his head roll lazily before settling it against the cool window. Alex adjusted his rear view, taking a quick glance at Jefferson. He never thought he’d feel so bad for him. “Jefferson, I’m taking you home,” he said.

Thomas hiccuped, though it sounded more like a choked sob. When Alexander looked at him again, he saw that he was crying. “I can’t go back,” he croaked. “James… He doesn’t want me. Nobody wants me, Hamilton.” He pressed his hand against the window, fogging the glass with his hot drunken breath. “Just leave me in the streets.”

Alex made sure to lock the door so Jefferson couldn’t open it. He was too drunk to function properly anyway. Still, he’d drive slow in case he tried anything. He backed out of the parking lot.

“Where are we going?” Jefferson asked, sounding like a scared little kid.

Alex sighed. “My place,” he decided.

Hamilton’s apartment was a lot cleaner than Thomas had expected, and Hamilton was able to carry more weight than Thomas thought was possible for a man his size. They made it all the way to the bedroom, Thomas collapsing on the bed. He curled up on the sheets, closing his eyes to soothe his headache. He was hoping that Hamilton would join him, that he could hold the smaller body against his own… But what he heard was the door squeak.

He scrambled to sit up, catching Alexander before he could slip out. “Where are you going?” he asked.

Alex turned, blinking in surprise. “I’m gonna sleep on the couch,” he said. “You can have my bed for tonight.” They weren’t well affiliated. He assumed that it would be best if they slept separately, even if the bed was large (Alex tended to move a lot in his sleep and had fallen off of a twin mattress more than once in his life).

Thomas beckoned for him. “Come back,” he whined.

Alex rolled his eyes. “Jefferson-”

“Please don’t leave me.” In the dim light from the hallway peeking in through the crack of the open door, Alex noticed that Jefferson’s eyes were glassy. He sighed, closing the door and stumbling over. He was exhausted. Maybe it was a good thing he hadn’t accepted that drink. He sat on the bed beside Jefferson, the two of them silent for a moment. Jefferson slid his hand over, placing it over Alex’s. He felt him tense. “Thanks,” he mumbled.

“Mm,” Alex replied. His free hand rubbed against his thigh, trying to soothe his nerves. “Go to sleep, Jefferson.”

“I want to,” Jefferson said. “I don’t know if I can, though.”

“Maybe some water will help?” Alex offered. Jefferson shrugged half-heartedly. Alex sighed, beginning to push off the bed, but Jefferson’s hand only tightened around his own. He blinked. “I’ll be back,” he promised, his voice soft and gentle. Jefferson released him slowly, looking up at him with wide eyes. Alex nodded. “I’ll be back,” he repeated before leaving.

When he came back with a glass of water and some Aspirin, Jefferson had crawled under the sheets. Alex set the cup and medicine down on the nightstand, looking Jefferson over. It seemed that he had fallen asleep. He sighed with relief, going back to the door.

“Hamilton,” Jefferson grunted.

Alex sighed. “I’m coming,” he said. He wiggled under his sheets, surprised when Jefferson wrapped an arm around his chest, holding him close for acquaintances. Though, he couldn’t bring himself to ask him to let him go. “Jefferson,” he said. There was a pause. Maybe he had fallen asleep.

“Mm?” His response was muffled by the pillow.

He wanted to know what had happened. Why Jefferson wasn’t his usual confident self. Had he and James gotten into a fight? He could only assume that much, but was it so bad that James wanted him gone? It must have been harsh, if Jefferson was willing to destroy himself with alcohol. And it wasn’t even the good beer. It really would have been a crappy way to go. Alex sighed. Maybe it was best not to bring it up. At least, not tonight. “It’s not true,” he said.

Jefferson stirred slightly. “What’s not true?” he mumbled.

“What you said, that nobody wants you. I mean, you’re a prick most of the time, don’t get me wrong-” He inhaled sharply. He was not the best at cheering people up, especially when that person was his political enemy. “But somebody out there wants you. Even if that somebody isn’t James Madison.” He knew that they were close. How long they had been dating he hadn’t a clue, but he knew it had been for more than a year.

Jefferson’s finger trailed Alex’s chest. “What about you?” he asked.

Alex quirked a brow. “What about me?”

“Do you want me?”

He hesitated. Normally he’d let his mouth run, but this was something he had to think about. “Well, I don’t hate you,” he admitted. “Sometimes I can’t stand you, but it’s not like I want you dead. I have a big mouth, but those threats are empty.” He knew that if Thomas was sober, he’d laugh that Alex was admitting to being arrogant.

Instead, he sighed with relief. “Could you even say that…” He gulped. “That y… you love me?” It was a stretch, even though his mind was hazy he knew that it was a stretch. But he needed confirmation. He needed acceptance. And right now all he had was Alexander.

He hummed thoughtfully. “Perhaps in time,” he replied. Jefferson’s breath stopped. Maybe it wasn’t a confession, but it wasn’t entirely a no either. His arm tightened around Alex’s chest, afraid to let go. Alex coughed from the sudden constriction, but he could still breathe. His fatigue and Jefferson’s warmth lulled him to slumber, and soon he was snoring softly, still held in Jefferson’s half-embrace.

Thomas exhaled a shaky breath, his lips brushed against the back of Alex’s neck. “In time,” he whispered, placing a kiss on the skin. His mind faded to nothingness but the strange sweet scent of Alex’s hair.

It was true that he woke up with the worse hangover he’d ever had in his life, even compared to those from his college days. He had instantly thrown up, fortunately aiming for the trash can beside Alexander’s bed. He felt like he was underwater. Alex had laughed at him but at least helped him drink the water and swallow the medication, leaving him in his room to recover while he made them breakfast. Thomas was surprised he hadn’t kicked him out yet. Maybe that “time” that Alex had mentioned was now. Perhaps he wasn’t in love just yet, but Thomas already knew that he was already beginning to fall. And he was hoping that Alex would be there to catch him.

Growing Up Too Soon

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Growing Up Too Soon


deanhasslehoff said to 5minutefanfiction:

Hi! I was wondering if you could do a fic with the reader as age 14 or 15. I was thinking that it could start off with the reader really scared because she had to share a bed with one of the Winchesters, and it would be really awkward. But the day before they were hunting a witch and the reader unknowingly gets hit with a spell that makes them turn older not younger(like 25-30). When the brothers wake up they are panicked, but soon realize their hunt went epically wrong. Thanks😃

Authors Note:


Dean looked at his little sister, she was not ok. Despite what she said. He wasn’t fine. He was pissed to say the least. He didn’t know what was worse, the fact that she ran off to hunt alone, or the fact that the damn witch almost killed her.

‘You’re so grounded, you know that right?’ Dean growled.

Y/N looked over at Sam for help, out of the two he was always more understanding and never as quick to get upset with her.

‘Don’t look at me like that Y/Nny. I’m on his side this time.’

She sat back and pouted slightly, crossing her arms.

‘You went after the damn witch alone.’

‘Technically I went after a cross road-.’

Dean shot her a look.

‘You’re the one that said it’s a demon.’

‘That can still kill you.’

‘So can everything we do.’

‘What happened?’ Sam asked, trying to ease the tension slightly.

He knew if Y/N got much more upset she’d shut down and they needed to know if she was hurt, so far, she hadn’t told them anything.

‘Let’s start with why?’ Dean hissed.

‘Cos and I hunted, she died, the end.’

‘Y/N,’ Dean snapped.

‘I’m going to shower,’ she said quietly.

She grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom. She looked in the mirror, she may only be 15 but she was mentally and emotionally in her 20’s. Hunting took away the childhood, the friends, the normal. Hunting with brothers was even worse. She was couped up inside motel rooms or the damn car non stop, she just wanted out. She wanted a chance to either be free for a day or hunt. Given what she knew about the world outside these walls, hunting it was.

She took her shirt off and looked at the bruising on her ribs and stomach. Her mind flashed back to the fight the with the witch. The blade she held against Y/N’s throat, the way she twisted her insides, before make them feel like they were on fire. Y/N felt the tears in her eyes as it all came back. What the witch did to her, the bodies the damn thing had gut and quartered all over the basement. It was too much.

Sure, she had been hurt before. But this time was different, she honestly thought it was the end.

She showered and came back out, both of her brothers still sitting where she’d left them waiting for an answer.

‘We heard you scream, Princess,’ Dean said quietly. ‘What happened?’

‘She wasn’t happy I stopped by.’

Y/N grabbed a blanket and curled up on the sofa. Facing away from the boys. Sam sighed, she’d shut down. Dean went to comment but Sam shook his head, it wasn’t worth the anger. She’d opened up eventually.

‘Damn teenagers,’ Dean growled. ‘Worse than damn witches.’

Sam chuckled quietly.

Y/N felt the tears running down her face, she tried closing her eyes but couldn’t handle the images.

As the night wore on she could hear Sam snoring softly. She listened but couldn’t hear Dean. She climbed off the sofa and into the bed next to her brother.

‘I hate witches,’ she said quietly.

‘Yeah, that tends to be the usual reaction.’

‘She killed so many people Dean. They were alive when she gut them and cut them up.’

‘Tell me you only seen the blood?’ he questioned quietly.

He started to panic, while she knew of this world, they had sheltered her as much as they could. She’d never really seen a dead body, not a fresh one. When she didn’t answer he knew she’d seen everything.

‘25, I watched as she killed them all,’ she whispered.

Dean could hear the tears in her voice.

‘I tried, I…She had me pinned against the wall. I couldn’t help.’

Dean wrapped his arms around her and kissed her head as she sobbed. He heard her wince, and tensed, pushing her back gently.

‘Start talking,’ he warned.

‘I didn’t escape injury free,’ she admitted.

‘How bad?’

‘I won’t be boxing anytime soon but I’ll live.’

Dean settled back down still holding her, he could feel her tears wetting his shirt.

‘I can’t stop seeing them,’ she sobbed.

‘I know, Princess. I wish I could say it would get easier but it doesn’t.’

‘You’re supposed to make me feel better,’ she muttered.

‘I’m being honest, you’re old enough for that now. Oh and FYI Santa’s not real.’

‘You’re a jerk.’

‘I know. I’m sorry Y/N/N I really am. She’s dead now though, she can’t hurt you or anyone else again.’

She eventually cried herself to sleep, Dean falling asleep not long after.

Sam woke to find Y/N missing off the sofa, he went to wake up Dean and noticed her sleeping next to him. She’d had a nightmare from the look of it or finally decided to talk. He frowned when he realised that the girl in the bed was taller than Y/N.

‘Dean,’ he hissed.

Dean groaned and opened his eyes, looking at Y/N. He frowned, and jumped back.

‘Who the hell are you? Y/N?’ he called.

‘She’s not here,’ Sam said, checking the bathroom.

The girl in the bed groaned and pulled a pillow over her head.

‘Dudes, shut up.’

The two boys looked at each other and Dean leant over and yanked the pillow off the woman’s head.

‘Seriously, the sun isn’t even up. Get lost.’

It sounded like Y/N, tired grumpy Y/N anyway.

‘Where’s Y/N?’ Dean repeated, reaching for his gun under his pillow.

Her eyes opened and she looked at Dean with such a familiar, I’m so done with your shit, expression his kid sister so often wore.

‘Are you messing with me? Cos I’m not in the mood, Dean. Not after last night.’

‘Are you messing with us?’ Sam gasped.

She rolled over and sat up, looking down at her body and back up wide eyed.

‘Holy shit! What the hell happened?’

‘Language!’ Sam and Dean both growled, automatically.

It really did sound like their sister. Her eyes were the same, her hair the same, but she was…well older.

‘What’s going on?’ she panicked, flying out of bed, stumbling as she rushed for the bathroom.

‘Y/N?’ Sam asked.

‘I’m old!’ she screeched. ‘Like you guys old.’

‘Hey,’ Dean growled.

‘What’s happened to me?’ she asked, looking at herself in the mirror.

‘The witch must have cast a spell,’ Sam explained. ‘Don’t worry we will fix it.’

Y/N stood looking at herself in the mirror, scared, upset, fascinated. She decided she liked this version of her, and walked out smiling.

‘What?’ Dean, sighed looking at her.

‘Dude, I’m so happy about this.’

‘No, no you’re not.’

‘I get boobs and I look hot,’ she grinned. ‘Guys are so not going to be ignoring me any more.’

The two brothers paled as their baby sister was almost bouncing with excitement.

‘I’m going shopping,’ she grinned. ‘And out to a bar and-.’

‘No, you’re staying here. Out of sight. Away from boys,’ Dean growled. ‘No dating remember?’

‘Till I was 20, apparently I’m older than that now,’ she squealed.

Dean swore. ‘No dating till you’re 30.’

She gave him a look and he grinned at her.

‘You can’t keep me here, I’m an adult.’

‘Technically you’re a kid.’

‘Who’s going to believe you?’ she challenged.

‘I swear to God, Y/N,’ Dean snapped. ‘Damn teenagers.’

‘Oh come on, what would you do if it was you?’ she sulked.

She watched as Dean thought about it.

‘Sammy, handcuff her to the bed.’

He watched as her jaw dropped.

‘You can’t be serious? Dean, that’s crap.’

‘I know what I’d do and I know you. Sorry Princess, but we are too much alike. You’re not leaving our sight. I’m not chasing you down while you eat, drink and have a merry old time. Plus, I’m not in the mood to beat up every man that looks at you.’

She grinned at him cheekily.

‘Maybe I could just-.’

‘No,’ both boy’s snapped.

She sat on the sofa sulking as the boys researched.

‘Did she say anything that you remember?’

‘She was shredding my insides so I wasn’t paying attention.’

Dean looked up at her, in shock and angry that she hadn’t mentioned it before now.

‘I’ll live,’ she assured him.

Y/N eventually fell asleep and Sam sighed, looking over at Dean.

‘What are we going to do if we can’t change her back?’

‘Lock her in Bobby’s panic room until she actually is 20.’

Sam laughed quietly, ‘You know she will escape inside a week.’

Dean grumbled.

‘What happened on the hunt?’

Dean told him what he knew and Sam frowned.

‘She killed 25 people?’

‘Yep, Y/N witnessed the lot and took a beating from the look of it.’

Sam frowned and quickly did a google search.

‘Got the spell,’ he said quietly, reading through it.

‘How do we reserve it?’

‘Doesn’t say.’

They continued into the night and through the next day. Y/N growing bored and restless.

‘Got it!’ Sam yelled jumping up. ‘And we have almost everything.’

‘Can I please go out before you do this?’

‘No,’ Dean snapped.

‘You are so much worse than Dad,’ she sulked.


Sam left to round up the rest of the supplies and Dean sat keeping an eye on her.

‘Wanna talk about it?’ he asked.

‘What exactly?’

‘All of it. It’s not healthy keeping it all bottled up.’

She looked at her brother amused but didn’t say anything.

‘Shut up, I’m allowed.’

‘Sure Dean.’

‘Y/N, I’m worried,’ he admitted quietly.

‘I’ll be fine. It comes with the job right?’

‘Yeah, but I can drink it away, you can’t.’

‘I can right now, but you won’t let me.’

Dean smirked, ‘Damn straight. You’re still 15 in my eyes, Princess.’

‘Shall we discuss when you started drinking?’

‘Nope, because you’re following Sam’s lead in life.’

‘Great a virgin and sober until I’m in my 20’s.’

Dean snorted and looked at her. He knew she’d be alright eventually. She was a tough kid. She was a Winchester. She had to be ok.

Sam came back in and set up the spell.

‘Wait!’ she called rushing over and grabbing her phone.

The boys watched as she took a selfie and groaned.

‘Something to look forward to,’ she grinned. ‘Ok, go for it.’

Sam did this thing and Y/N closed her eyes and waited. Peeking out one of them when he stopped talking. She looked down and still had boobs and she knew it hadn’t worked. She wasn’t sure if she should be upset or not over it.

‘So, I’m still adulting,’ Y/N frowned.

Dean frowned. Sam went through the spell again making sure he got everything right.
‘I have no idea.’

‘Right, well. How about we get some sleep and head back to the bunker tomorrow and we deal with it there. Hopefully one of the books has something,’ Dean suggested.

Y/N woke the next morning to a crushing hug from Sam by the size of the arms.

‘What did you do?’ she sighed.

‘It worked, you’re you. Little kid you.’

‘Little kid?’ Y/N looked down and groaned. She was back in her 15 year old self’s body. ‘Why couldn’t I have had just one night of fun.’

‘Because one night of you having fun would have had warrants over our head for murder.’

‘You already have that.’

‘For murdering a human. We know that day’s coming, Princess, but we still have time to prepare alibi’s,’ Sam explained.

‘We’d better still have time,’ Dean commented, giving her the big brother/Father look he’d perfected over the years.

‘Yes,’ she groaned. ‘And even if you didn’t I wouldn’t say.’

Dean’s face darkened, so Y/N grinned cheekily at him.

‘Glad you’re back.’

‘I know. I’d be glad too if it wasn’t for the fact that I look so much better 10 years from now.’

‘No more hunting,’ Dean said seriously. ‘Not alone, Y/N/N.’

‘With you?’


‘So alone.’


‘One or the other Dean-o.’

‘Easy low risk hunts with us.’

‘Define that.’

‘I can’t think of a hunt that fits it yet, but I will.’

‘When you’re 25,’ Sam laughed.

‘That’s bullshit you know that right,’ she sighed.

‘Language!’ both brothers growled.

Y/N rolled her eyes and grabbed her tablet, keen to search for an easy low risk hunt. She won’t go near witches again but a ghost or demon might be fun.

Alright. I want to see a mech who’s actually averted to interfacing. Not because he doesn’t like doing it, but he has a self esteem issue. He hates his equipment and is so self conscious, thinking it’s ugly and others would be grossed out by his spike and valve. Mech B has known him for years and it’s so obvious that he’s interested. So one day, he finally approaches him about it, and mech A fesses up. 

Mech B doesn’t laugh at him and is so understanding and simply takes up his hand and kisses it. He asks him though, if he never tries, how can he be sure? So mech A agrees. But they don’t rush. For several weeks, they do simple things like shopping together or going out on fun dates. They even sleep together at each other’s house, but no interfacing yet. Mech A is so happy.

So, one night he decides to fuck it and during a little make out session, he tells mech B to frag him. Mech B is shocked and thinks mech A feels pressured or something. But, no! Mech A is ready and wants to do the dirty. ;D

Mech A still can’t help but to keep his optics shut tightly though. But, B still takes it so slow and makes sure to prep A. Mech B kisses his thighs and his equipment so tenderly, saying it looks so beautiful. Mech a can’t help to sob happily.

Can I see more of this in fics, please? ;DDD

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one of them singing "you are my sunshine" to the other, though haHA kick me in the face I can't decide which is more painful


Don't see it. Don't be seen by it. - (r/nosleep)

My brother went missing seven years ago. He was 13, I was 15. Taylor was always happy, and funny. Real quick with a joke, and great at pranking me. Our thing was attempting to scare the other, and often resulted in one or both of us crying in a strange mix of fear and laughter. We were best friends, and as I write this I miss him more and more. The week before he went missing, I scared him so bad he wet his pants in our hallway. I had holed up in our attic and waited. I knew he would be coming up at any moment, as mom had asked him to get the box fans. The heat in rural Georgia that year was unbearable, even with AC. As I waited in our attic, which at this point was two degrees cooler than hell, I had the feeling I was not the only one in the dark and cramped storage above our home. I marked that uneasy feeling up as anticipation of being responsible for the scariest moment of my brother’s life, and the heat. The feeling got stronger, and the sweat now pooling around me in my dark hiding spot was now to the point of not being worth the amusement that would come from getting Taylor to be scared for a split second. Just as I went to leave the sweltering attic with the hair on my neck on end, the pull-down opens up, and Taylor’s head peaks in. Followed by a flashlight beam. Cheater. He knew. He had to know I was in there. Hesitantly, he makes his way up the ladder, and crawls on all fours into the attic. I had hid just a few feet from the box fans, and suppressed my laughter, knowing that in just a few seconds as he reaches for the fans, I will reach out and grab his arm while letting out my best blood curdling, banshee-like scream. My breathing stops. He reaches forward, flashlight searching all through the attic. I can hear my heart slamming against my rib-cage. Just a few more inches. Sweat soaking my clothes. He grabs the fan, and I grab his wrist. I scream as loud as I can, and am blinded by the flashlight as it is violently whipped in my direction. He just holds the light on my face, his face pale and dripping with sweat. No sound escapes his open mouth. His eyes are locked in my direction. He begins to cry, and was out of the attic with inhuman speed. I burst into laughter, and was greatly relieved to exit the furnace that was our attic. I grabbed the fans and made my way down, and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw movement. I again blamed the heat and found Taylor in the living room sobbing on the floor, the front of his pants showing the tell-tale ring of fear induced moisture. I could not make out distinguishable words between his sobs, though I could tell he was trying, and our mom was furious. I still thought the scare was perfect in every way, and determined I was king. But Taylor cried for three hours. Eventually words began to take shape, and he muttered on and on between sobs about seeing something. Not wanting to be seen. I didn’t feel like the king anymore, and began to really feel bad. I never meant for things to get to that point. I wanted him to scream, and for us to laugh about it that night like we always did. He was still pale when he stopped crying. Mom called us for dinner, and Taylor stared at his food, still muttering quietly to himself about not wanting to be seen. Don’t see it. Don’t be seen by it. Don’t see it. You can’t be seen by it. Mom was livid, and told me to go to my room without finishing dinner, and to apologize to Taylor. I went to bed that night worried and confused. There is no way I caused this much distress. What the hell was he mumbling about? Did it have anything to do with that uneasy feeling I had in the attic? No, that was the heat. I didn’t see anything. He didn’t sleep that night. Our house was small and he and I shared a room with bunk beds. All night I could hear him mumbling, whispering to himself. When I called his name, he didn’t respond. When I asked what was wrong, he continued to make barely audible noises below me. Occasionally he would cry quietly, and I could hear his snot when he sniffed his running nose between his deranged whispers. There was a light shuffle in the attic, and Taylor whimpered once and became deafeningly silent. Not a sound above or below me for the rest of the night. I woke up the next morning to find him with the covers pulled up to his nose, with dark bags under his wide, bloodshot eyes. He was looking at me, but he didn’t see me. I was scared and upset that I may have scarred my only sibling for the rest of his life. I reached out and shook him. He yelped, and saw me for the first time that morning. He said he was fine, and for a week he acted like it never happened. He didn’t mention it. I didn’t mention it. I came home from school one day to find Taylor had been pulled from class. His friends on the bus said he started ignoring the teacher, muttering and whispering to himself. They said our dad picked him up. Our dad lives 700 miles away.

I found him in the living room. Alone.

Who picked you up from school?

Don’t be seen by it.

Taylor what is wrong? Who picked you up from school?

Don’t see it.

Taylor, fuck you, I’m scared.

Don’t see it, don’t be seen by it, don’t see it don’t be seen by itdontseeitdontbeseenbyitdontseeitdontbeseen.


He looks up, and just like that first morning, sees me for the first time since I had walked in.

It saw me Sawyer. In the attic, it saw me and I saw it. It saw you, but you didn’t see it. It’s there. Watching.

He was whispering, and looked like he was going to cry. Was he always this pale? Why did he look so tired? What the hell was he talking about? I held him as tears streamed down his face, and he cried silently with his face buried in my shoulder. I felt the same strange feeling from the attic the week before. Uneasy. The hair on the back of my neck rose, and Taylor’s breathing became more labored. He started screaming.

It sees me! I see it! IT SEES ME! I turn and see nothing, but I was terrified. Taylor still screaming in my ear, I jumped up and ran to the phone to call our mom, the police, a church, someone.

I got through to our mom. I am hysterical on the phone, crying and shouting over Taylor’s screams.

But where are Taylor’s screams? The heaviest silence fills my home, as Taylor’s screams stopped without my noticing. I drop the phone, my mom screaming on the other end. I can’t hear her over the thick, tangible silence.

The pull-down attic door slams shut with enough force to sound like lightning struck my brain. I felt my heart stop. I look to the spot that Taylor had been moments before. My back was turned for seconds. A darkened, wet pool of urine was on the spot he occupied moments before.

I hear pleading whispers from the vents. They were coming from the attic.

I don’t want to see you.

Open your eyes.

Don’t make me see you.

I call the police. There is someone in my house! They have my brother!

All that is coming from the vents are whimpering sounds now.

The police arrived to find me on the floor in a rambling mess. They searched the whole house. The attic twice. No sign of Taylor, or anyone else. They didn’t believe my story. My mom didn’t believe my story. They said he ran away.But even now as I write this, years later, I can still hear Taylor whimpering from the vents, long after we left that house. The sound is forever stuck in my brain.

And I don’t go into attics anymore.


written by therealindigomontoya

C: Ok I understand how black women who don’t have thick thighs and butt feel less womanly, but some of these confessions are starting to sound like sob stories. “Even though I am dating a black man, I still feel bad that some black men prefer curvier women”. Give me a break!! Yes some men just prefer curvy women! As some men just prefer slimmer girls! Sometimes it really isn’t that deep. Not everyone is going to want a partner of your body type, that’s life. And also just because a black man is talking about the beauty of a curvy woman, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t date a skinny chick either. And why are you worried what other dudes think of your body when you’re dating someone?

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do you know any very emotional ziall stories?? x

god, yes! i’m not sure what the definition of emotional is here, but i’m just gonna rec the ones that made me cry and generally feel a lot. :)

it could get ugly (but it was beautiful) 

my all time favourite - zayn is a model and niall is a lawyer. they have to start working with each other, but they have quite the past.
highly emotional, oh my god. i cried during like half of this.


being gay in a very traditional, homophobic town has gotten zayn some really bad experiences. niall is the new minister’s son who changes everything. 
just read it, it’s gonna make you cry rivers (i did at least).

to put a little sunshine in your life and this is no bridget jones

just because those are a must for every ziall shipper

tight grip

they’re just sleeping together, not even having sex, but it’s a bigger deal than that.
using the original summary because there’s no better way to describe this. beautiful and very emotional.


niall is a musician, zayn is an artist. and he’s deaf.
another must-read. so, so  beautiful.

they ask me what’s my best side, i step back and point at you

niall gets kidnapped because zayn’s business might be a little bit shady at times. zayn is willing to do anything to get him back.
goodness, i’m not over this yet. very, very emotional.

come take my pulse

things are so much more complicated in a world where you don’t know if you’ll live another day. niall saves zayn from a zombie and things go on from there.
i never thought i was someone for zombie apocalypse aus, but apparently i am. i thought about this for days on end, and i still can’t really get it out of my head. stunningly beautiful and very frightening, a story that no one should miss out on.

you’ll never live down what you can’t forget, so forget it

another zombie apocalypse au, incredibly underrated because it’s so much more than people bashing in zombie heads.

bruised giver, grit spinner

they skate, and their lives aren’t easy.
i’m having trouble summarising this, because really, this is one of the best fics i’ve ever read. it’s incredibly well written and very touching in the way feelings are portrayed. it’s also slow burn, which makes my heart melt every time.

see this through

niall starts taking care of zayn, who sometimes comes to the shop he works at to buy whatever he can afford with his food vouchers.
this is probably the most realistic homeless!au i’ve ever read, it’s slow burn and absolutely lovely.

10 things i ____ about you

after an accident, niall doesn’t remember the past few years of his life. zayn has trouble dealing with that.
god, i sobbed my way through this. definitely worth it though.

i finally found you, my missing puzzle piece

zayn and niall grow up together, and they obviously don’t communicate about their feelings enough.
cute and oh so emotional.

if i’m louder

zayn is kind of a bad boy, and he’s bored. niall is quiet and reads a lot. then he starts tutoring zayn.
i think i read this for the first time last summer? still gives me feels every time i listen to more than this.

walking on a dream

zayn’s in the army and niall writes him.
the ultimately emotional fic in this fandom. if you haven’t read this, prepare for inconsolable sadness. i love this insanely much, even though i desperately hate the ending.

okay, so those are the ones i can think of off the top of my head. there are so, so many incredibly good fics though, i probably forgot a lot. feel free to go through my (not regularly updated or complete) fic rec or my bookmarks on ao3 to look for more :)


“Michael we shouldn’t be doing this” I whispered while he was sucking my neck. We has been doing this for just over a month and honestly I don’t really want to stop, I know I have to because when harry finds out he’s going to be crushed. I love him not Michael it’s just fun to have someone else to have a cuddle and obviously more.

“How many times do I have to tell you harry is never going to find out” he said making his way down my almost naked body.

“Wait” I said quite loudly. So he looked up at me with a confused expression on his face.

“What princess” I smiled at his name for me and he seen and smiled back.

“I don’t want to do this tonight can we just talk and cuddle please” I said hoping he would just cuddle with me.

“Of course baby” he lay on his back and pulled me into his bare chest and started rubbing my back gently tickling me slightly.

“So what is it you want to talk about” he said kissing my hair my heart done leaps in my chest and I got butterflies with just a simple kiss, wait this shouldn’t be happening it’s wrong I love Harry but do I, I did before but I think I love Michael now. I looked up at him and he smiling back down at me. I do love him I really do.

“This is going to sound really weird and I shouldn’t feel like this but everything’s messed up at the moment and to be honest I wish I didn’t feel this way but I do and …..” He stopped me rambling on with a kiss.

“Okay baby just spit it out”

“Okay….. I think I love you…… No wait I do love you” I said not looking at me until he tilted my head up and kissed my lips and whispered against them

“Good because I love you too”

~next day~

I was at my house cleaning because after we said we loved each other we thought why not have a movie night and eat loads of food. So there was wrappers everywhere and it was just a mess. I was finally finished tidying and then I heard I know on the door.

I opened the door to see harry standing there. Luckily I got up early so I was already ready.

“Good morning beautiful” he said smiling at me.

“Ready to go” he said walking in and sitting on the couch him knowing that even when I’m ready I’ll still need to do something he knows me so well. I walk up the stairs and quickly fix my makeup and hair and walked back downstairs into the living room where Harry was on his phone.

“Ready to go princess” he said smiling his amazing smile and I nodded.

~skip the car ride~

We were at Liam and Sophia’s place and we were just going to have a movie night with all the boys and their girlfriends apart from Perrie she was still on tour the 5sos boys were going to be here as well and I was really excited to Michael.

They all walked in talking about derpcon and how excited they are. Luke was first to walk in then Calum then Ashton and finally Michael. He looked at me and gave me the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen and he took the seat next to so I was in between him and harry.

~during the movie~

We were watching teenage mutant turtles much to the girls not wanting to watch it there was more boys than girls. Harry was obviously getting bored so he pulled me onto his lap and started kissing my neck much like what Michael did last night. I looked at Michael and he had an angry expression and jealousy was coming off him.

“That’s quite disgusting” he said so Harry could hear.

“What bro” he said stopping sucking and kissing my neck everyone wasn’t watching the movie anymore but looking at the two boys I love.

“You hear my I said that’s quite disgusting”

“It’s only disgusting because you wish you could do it to her”

I prayed Michael wouldn’t say anything and I have him a look saying don’t

“Oh trust me I already have”

Everything went quite my face dropped and so did Michaels. Harry pushed me off his lap and got up and went into the kitchen. I quickly ran after him leaving Michael nearly crying.

“Harry I can explain”


He was shouting so loud my ears were ringing. He was really red and I could feel how angry he was. He was pacing back and forth until he punched the behind me. I flinched and tried to move away.

“Well was it worth it”

I didn’t answer.

“ANSWER ME WAS HE WORTH IT” he screamed in my face.

Was it really worth it either way someone was going to get hurt and I shouldn’t have done it. I started to cry.

“No it wasn’t worth it if I lose you”

He looked at me his face not looking so angry.

“Then why, why did you do it” he said taking a seat at the table.

“I just wanted something different” he looked so hurt and tears were starting to form in his eyes as he looked at me.

“When did it start”

“About a little over a month” I said shaking with tears not daring to look at him.

“Was I that bad, I gave you everything and more I tried so hard to make you love me”

That’s true before we got together he would ask me and ask me but I was to scared to get all the hate but he made me feel like that didn’t matter.

“And you just go and do this, this is really bad but even though you just broke my heart I still love you with everything thing I have” he said looking into my eyes tears streaming down his face and little sobs escaping ever now and then.

I went over to him and he stood up and I cuddled him into me. This man is the best person anyone will ever meet and I don’t know why I would want anyone other than him. He was sobbing in my arms.

“Do you think we could fix this?” He asked lovingly.

“Yes of course we could, I just don’t know why you would want to”

“Because I love you and no matter how much I’m meant to hate you at the moment I just can’t there’s something about you”

I smiled up at him

“But you are never seeing Michael again okay” I laughed slightly smiling at him, I honestly never thought he would give me another chance I don’t love Michael I love harry and I always have it’s just feelings are confusing and it’s hard to understand them. Harry grabbed my hand and we quickly left before anyone could ask questions.

We were in the car and he smirked over at me.


“Well beautiful don’t you think you deserve a really big punishment tonight”

I just smiled and couldn’t wait to get home.

This is super long😱

Letters From London: Chapter 21

Late again. I’m sorry. Better late than pregnant though right? Right? Hehe… I have no excuse, rather than my Dad came home with presents so I wanted to open them, even though they weren’t for me. Yes, I am secretly 5.

Any how… Here is chapter 21! Yay! Here is a link to all the previous chapters in this fic, and I hope you enjoy them. As always, thank you so much for all your lovely lovely comments.

Update will be tomorrow. However, who knows what time it’ll be.

Hartbig, SFW, NSFF, Chapter 21

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