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whats your fave pics of nev and max being in love

oh my goodness. thank you for this, friend. let’s start this ride, hang on for dear life

1. OBVIOUSLY THIS. OBVIOUSLY. I think this might be my all time favorite picture of them. they are tiny fetuses at max’s 20th birthday party and tiny teenage nev is kissing him and max has the biggest grin on his face AND max was perfectly comfortable posting this on his instagram for all to see years and years later. I’LL BE OVER THERE IN THAT CORNER

2. the only thing better than max calling nev “papa nev” is watching max watch nev around kids. like. the love is all over his face. he’s thinking about husbanding the shit out of that man in this picture, i promise you.

3. while we’re on the subject of how max looks at nev, even when you remove the baby MAX IS STILL SMITTEN. look at that doofus grin on his face. my favorite thing about watching catfish is seeing the way these two idiots look at each other when the other isn’t noticing.

4. CASE IN POINT!!!!! look at how nev is heart eyeing all over the place here.

5. this one’s obvious, this one’s on everybody’s list. this is the photograph version of the fic everybody in a fandom has read. it is the holy grail. and no, i do not enjoy maniping them just a lil closer on my off hours.

6. okay seriously this is a couple selfie. this is that picture that those dating thirteen year olds take in between class and put on their facebook that all of their classmates like. don’t you look at it and just want to ask nev HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE MAX’S HAIR BRUSH YOUR TEMPLE

7. i apologize for the shitty quality but honestly LOOK AT THEM. this is that Road Trip Movie Aesthetic that everybody wants to watch while soft, romantic music plays and the wind ruffles their hair and they hold hands over the console because they are SO IN LOVE. 

8. here’s max nudging a banana between nev’s mouth and it needs absolutely no further comment

9. i had to crop this one just so you could see their little hands folded on top of each other. they look like they’re cutting their wedding cake and they also happen to both look SO DRUNK. nev looks like he’s leaning in for a kiss and max looks so endeared by this fool next to him.

10. and here’s exhibit ten, nev’s face of utter longing.

also this doesn’t even begin to cover all the ways they look at each with big doofy grins and max laughs at nev’s dumb jokes but i wanted to take pictures that had both of them in it. the Ways Max Looks at Nev and the Ways Nev Looks at Max are really a whole other post altogether………..

Twisted Triangles 3 - Carl Grimes x Reader

Hey, hope everyone had the best first day of 2k17 ever! Remember to request if you have ideas.

Summary: The Reader and Ron hang out, things go south and she looks to Carl for comfort
Characters: The Readed, Carl, Ron, Carol
POV: Second Person
Word Count: About 2200
Warnings: Nuthin much, just a kiss and a food fight - G rating

Twisted Triangles 3
The sun was high in the sky and a soft breeze blew your ponytail to the side. You were in the middle of Alexandria, reveling in the beautiful rarity of peace in nature. You reached up and let your hair down. Shaking it out everywhere and you raised your arms up and spun in a circle. You looked up into the clouds and took a deep breath, sighing out.
“Hey.” You jumped, shocked by the voice. You turned around to a chuckling Ron with his hands in the air,
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to see what you were doing.” You gave him a blank look. You were a little pissed that he went behind your back and confronted Carl, but you didn’t want to say anything because it wasn’t right for you to follow him and get into his private business. You smiled and responded politely,
“I’m just listening to nature. It’s really beautiful when it’s not trying to kill you.” He laughed and you smiled back. You knew it would take time for him to stop hating Carl so you decided to tuck those ugly feelings away and just be his friend. It’s not like you had many.
“Well, do you wanna hang out. That seems kinda lonely.” You frowned,
“It’s not lonely at all, but sure. What do you wanna do?” He shrugged,
“Well, if you’re having so much fun, why don’t I just join you?” He walked over to you and sat down beneath the tree beside you. You sat down beside him and you each looked out into the distance. After about ten seconds he slightly turned his head to see if you were still lost in thought. You turned to look at him and he jumped, going back to look out into the distance. You rolled your eyes, he was such a doofus.
“Alright, what do you really want to do?” You asked with a huff. He turned to you and smiled,
“Thank goodness, I don’t understand this whole looking at nature and thinking thing.” You rolled your eyes again and shoved his arm, then standing up.
“Alright then, let’s go do something you and I will both enjoy.” He hopped up right next to you and his eyes brightened,
“Oh, let’s play videogames.” You made a disgusted face and shook your head.
“I have played enough videogames for a thousand men to each play five times.” He scratched his head, deep in thought.
“Oh, what about reading comics.” That sounded nice, but you were not in the mood. Suddenly a great idea came to your head.
“Nah, I have a great idea. It’s gonna be really fun.” You grabbed his arm and ran off. Twenty minutes later you were in Carol’s kitchen with her recipe for Acorn cookies and a lot of acorns.
“You sure you guys got this all on your own? I mean, how many times have you really actually baked anything?” Asked a very concerned Carol. You looked at a very nervous, but excited Ron and turned back to her.
“We are totally fine, Carol. We won’t burn down the house, I promise.” She sighed and shook her head,
“Please, just follow exactly what I have on paper.” You giggled,
“We will, don’t worry. Just go have take your watch at the wall. Worry about herds, not us.” She nodded and left you alone with Ron and a table full of labeled baking supplies.
“What is this?” Ron asked, holding a bag of flour. You rolled your eyes,
“Ron, can’t you read, it’s flour.” You laughed at him and frowned,
“Hey, that’s not fair. The label was on the backside, I didn’t even see it.” You smiled,
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever, lets just do this. Preferably right because I don’t think we’ll ever be allowed to bake again if we screw this up.” He chuckled and together you got to work, following the tedious, but thankfully extremely detailed recipe Carol had laid out for you. Soon you had made a batch of beautifully golden cookies.
“I can’t believe we managed to make such amazing cookies.” You squealed happily while Ron burned himself trying to eat one. “Oww, that hurt.” He complained.
“Ron, we have to wait for them to cool down. Till then we can clean everything in here up.” You said, putting your hands on your hips. You started by cleaning off all of the supplies. Ron went to put Carol’s secret stash of flour away in the highest pantry door and PLOP! About a quarter of the bag dumped on your head. Ron muttered a small ‘uh oh’ and you took some of the flour off the top of your head and threw it at him. That was the start of a thirty minute war between the the two of you. You were hiding inside the big pantry with a bag of acorns you would hit Ron with when he tried to attack when he approached you with the rest of the bag of flour. You tried to hit him with the bag of acorns, but he dumped all of the flour on your head. You huffed, unable to see and before you knew it he tackled you onto the floor and started tickling your sides.
“Stop, Ron stop. Please, please, just stop.” He smirked at you.
“Give up then. Say ‘I surrender’.” You squirmed on the floor, unable to move and unable to stop laughing.
“Fine, Ron. I surrender, okay, I surrender.” He finally stopped tickling you and sat back, responding with a smug,
“Now, was that so hard?” You pushed him off you and stood up.
“You are the biggest but-head I have ever met.” He chuckled.
“Yeah, but you love me that way. Don’t even try to deny it.” You rolled your eyes.
“In you your dreams, Ron Andersen.”
“Every night without fail.” Before you could even process what he said he leaned in a put his lips on yours. For a moment you stood, a statue of shock, but then you processed his slimy tongue trying to weasel its way into your mouth and you pushed him away from you as hard as you could. You were so disgusted you could hardly breath. He put his nasty lips on yours. You ran out of the room and out the house as fast as you could, slamming the door behind you. You knew he would try and follow you, try and apologize, but that was not something you could just forget about. Suddenly you remembered Maggie and Enid and all that they said. They were right. Ron certainly liked you more than a friend and that nearly made you spill your lunch right in the middle of the road. You were running, where you weren’t sure. You were going in the direction of your house, but you knew if you went home that he would come to your door, begging to apologize, begging for a second chance. Right now you were not ready to handle that. You ran around the corner of the Grimes house when you heard Ron, screaming for you from a distance. You turned your head, continuing to look back, but still moving forward when you crashed into a body and fell to the ground. Not stopping to think of safety you scrambled to your feet to help the other person up and get as far away from Ron as humanly possible.“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. Are you okay?” You looked down at the figure and realized who it was. Carl. He gave you a perplexed look and got up on his own.
“I’m fine. Are you? What are you running from? Why are you such a mess?” You tried to speak, but you were tongue tied.
“I-I-He-I- Can I stay at your house tonight? I just need to get away from my life for a minute.” He remained concerned, but nodded his head.
“But, just tell me whats wrong? What happened, who is the ‘he’ you’re talking about?” You sighed and looked up into his pulchritudinous blue jewels.
“I’ll tell you later, okay. I promise, I just really don’t want to talk about it right now. I just need somewhere to stay for the night, please. Do me this solid and I promise you I will do whatever you want me to. Please, Carl.” When his name slipped off your tongue you were nearly in tears.
“Okay. Come on then.” You smiled and clasped your hands together happily,
“Thank you so much, Carl. I promise I will return the favor.” He shrugged and gave you a small smile.
“You don’t have to, I just want to make sure you’re okay.” He led you inside and snuck you upstairs into his room.
“Y/N, you have to be super quiet. If my dad or Michonne find you here they will think the worst and we will get in huge trouble.” You nodded and sat on his bed. He gathered a group of blankets and laid them out on the floor.
“What are you doing?” You asked him.
“I’m sleeping on the floor, you can sleep in my bed.”
“No, why can’t we both just sleep in your bed. There’s enough room.”
“I’m sleeping on the floor, you get the bed. It’s not like I’m your boyfriend.” You rolled your eyes.
“Yeah, but Enid and I sleep in the same bed all the time.” He huffed,
“I-We-Th-That’s totally different, you’re both girls.” You threw his pillow at him and squinted your eyes.
“You know what, fine. That’s fine, but I’m sleeping on the floor, this is your room.” His hands clenched into fists and he gritted his teeth.
“I don’t know what to say anymore. Why are you so stubborn? You’re the one who came to me extremely distraught. I am so sorry for wanting to make things more comfortable for you.” You completely forgot about Ron until then and you felt a wave of disgust and guilt wash upon you.
“I’m sorry Carl. I didn’t mean to make things hard, I just-” You sighed and traced the flower pattern on the sheets.
“If you want to make things easier, can you just lay with me?” His face softened and he walked over to the bed sitting down beside you.
“Yeah. Just let me know if I make you feel uncomfortable and I will sleep on the floor.” You put your hands on his arm and sparks burst through your entire body. You could feel the tensions rising when he raised his eyes to meet yours. You blushed a deep shade of red, but spoke confidently, yet sweetly.
“Carl, you’ve never made me uncomfortable and you never will.” You noticed his cheeks became bright pink and you pulled away, mumbling a tiny ‘sorry’.
“Are you going to take a shower?” Carl asked you.
“Oh, yeah. I forgot I was such a mess. I don’t want to lay in your bed like this.” He smiled and lead you to the bathroom, leaving you to wash up.When you got out you realized you forgot to ask Carl for new clothes. Seeing as you couldn’t sleep in a wet bathtub all night you decided to just go into his room with the towel on and ask for some new clothing. When you stepped out Carl was in his pajamas and sitting on the left side of the bed. He looked up at you and immediately looked away.
“Uh, I don’t have any clothes. Can I borrow some of yours?” Carl nodded and ran to his dresser to get pants and a t-shirt. You stood there shivering for a few minutes till Carl turned around looking flustered. “I, uh don’t have my other pair of sweatpants. I thought they were here, but I guess not.” Suddenly you understood why he looked so agitated. You were going to have to sleep in bed with him without pants on. You had underwear, but you still didn’t have anything else covering you. You tried to look normal while your heart was nearly beating out of your chest.
“Well, do you have any big shirts.”
“Then I’ll wear one of those. Tomorrow when I get up I can wear my jeans.” Carl still looked flustered, but passed you the shirt and took your clothing out of the room to be washed. When he came back you were under the sheets in his t-shirt. He walked in nervously and slowly got in the bed. You were on the two opposite sides of the bed when you whispered to him,
“Carl, can you just hold me?”
“Are you sure, this isn’t-”
“Please. I need you.” You begged him. It was quiet for a few moments, but then you heard a shift. Carl wrapped his arms around you apprehensively and you nuzzled into his frame. You blissfully drank in the warmth of his body and the beauty of his long dark hair. He was amazing and every minute you laid in his arms you felt yourself slipping farther and farther away, until you were completely drunk on Carl Grimes and fast, fast asleep.

Thank you to everyone who is reading, I really appreciate knowing that I’m not writing for myself and a void in space. I hope you enjoy. When I have time this week I will put up my Masterlist so it’s easier to navigate my blog. Lots of love 😜😚

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The Bet

So I haven’t written much in a while, sorry guys. I’ve been super busy and had some personal things to deal with. This is just a quick thing I whipped up for your pleasure, hope you enjoy it :) 

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You walk down a corridor towards the main sitting area of the Avengers Tower, but pause when you hear slightly raised voices, listening out of curiosity.

“I will bet you MONEY!” You hear Tony cry, others laughing.

“What use does money have to me?” Thor replies. There is a pause before Tony’s response.

“You can buy Jane presents?”

“I have other means of obtaining gifts. Mortal money has no value to me!” He says firmly. “Why are we betting with me anyway, this was about Steve to begin with. I have Jane!”

“Ah yes it was Steve wasn’t it. Nice avoidance spangled ass you aren’t getting away with this one.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He says, airily, the others scoffing.

“Look, I will bet you $100 you can’t make out with (y/n).” Tony says, and your mouth falls open, heart quickening.

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anon said: destiel fic, where they’ve been dating for awhile now but they’ve never really /done/ anything and dean is starting to get self conscious about it until cas tells him he’s asexual and dean is just like ‘oh thank god i thought you were changing your mind about us’ 1.2k (ao3) warnings; Cas who thinks he’s broken and asexuality

It started small, with holding each other’s gazes when they passed each other in the hallways and mystery notes that were left in Cas’s locker, saying a whole range of inappropriate things. Everything from ’you looked gorgeous today’ to ’you really have a nice ass’. Castiel really should have taken more offence but, it was adorable really. Castiel’s brothers laughed when he came home on Valentine’s Day with a rose in his backpack and a blush on his cheeks.

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