i still dont understand her hair

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All i can think of is older teenager aden sleeping in in the mornings with like. A romantic fling. Because he's tol and lovely and golden and attractive. And falling out of bed when Clarke pokes her head in thru the door "GET UP YOURE RUNNING LATE."


even just a romantic fling would be so wild cause he’s got lexa in the back of his head and she’s just .. weary .. love is weakness is still engrained into her even after everything so she’s worried for him and he doesnt understand why he feels this odd discomfort around this person he likes so much. but clarke gets it and she just like, fixes his hair and adjusts the coat on his shoulders and says “love makes you stronger, dont let anyone tell you differently. love makes you a survivor” and after that the discomfort fades bc she didnt just get through to aden, she got through to lexa who’s spent so much time wishing she hadnt given into her feelings for clarke bc maybe if she hadnt then clarke wouldnt have hurt so much when she died. but now she gets that love was the only thing that got her through it and now im EMO why did you DO THIS

Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 63 Spoilers

 ~Rue Island~
Shikorae bit part of Hachikawa’s face off
Hachikawa: Damn..it..!!
Shikorae: *munch munch* It tastes bad pff
Ayumu attacks Shikorae but Shikorae manages to dodge her attacks
Hachikawa: Get down *preparing quinque*
Hachikawa: Bastard “ghoul”, my nose is not your snack!!
Takizawa interferes the fight
Takizawa: hehehehe
Hachikawa: Bastard Seidou, dont interfere
Takizawa: Hachikawa chan, it looks cool without nose!!
Hachikawa: Damn it! Guhh–
Hachikawa’s quinque breaks and he gets pierced by Shikorae’s kagune.
Ayumu: …..hachi
Hachikawa: Guhh…. *spit blood*
Shikorae: Lalala
Ayumu: Hachiii!!!!!
Shikorae: Lala 🙂
Hachikawa: Hachii!!!!
Mutsuki: Ayumu san
Shikorae: Pain– you! ✂️ *scissor emoji*
Shikorae attacks but Mutsuki repels them all with kague
Mutsuki: Lets prepare to jump….!!
Mutsuki flees along with Ayumu and jump off the cliff. Takizawa and Shikorae didnt go after them
Takizawa: Eat Hachikawa?
Shikorae: *points emoji* 👆🏼 Eat

~In Hiding~
I shall make some simple bandage wrapping
Ayumu: Thank you Tooru…
Mutsuki: We have confirmed that Aogiri is indeed hiding in Rue Island, we can get back now……Hachikawa san…. I think he is incredible
Ayumu: ……Once…. there was an investigator who was in charge of the investigation of Black Dobell (?), he sacrificed his whole squad to protect a civilian………That was Hachikawa’s squad, ever since that time he changed. Even though…. Hachi always spout vulgar words, rude….but I still like him

~Ayumu’s throwback~
You dont like your freckles so you made yourself like this…. thats stupid
Hachikawa: *removes his collar* You see this face of mine, even a face full of freckle and shit is still better than this!

Ayumu: …..No matter who they are, as long as there is a good memory, its hard to hate them….
Mutsuki: (As long as there is a good memory….) *Mutsuki thinks of Sasaki* 
Mutsuki: (That person is moving on somewhere….) *The current Sasaki*  ……I… think I understand….Ayumu’s words
When Mutsuki opens his eyes, he see Torso grabbing Ayumu’s hair, revealing her face.
Torso: Ah… *hello*
Torso flings Ayumu against the wall causing her to spit blood
Mutsuki: Ayumu san!! Tor—
Torso grabs Mutsuki’s throat
Torso: Tooru!!! You came to see me!?

~Meeting with V?~
Keshi: Kaneki Ken– seems like he caught [One eyed owl]… What do you guys think? Is Takatsuki the “king”?
Arima: I think the possibility is high
Furuta: Me too
Keshi: Nifu, you never learn speaking at Garden before?
Furuta: I cant remember, have you learned it Keshi san
Keshi: Shut up…. As long as she is in the hand of “CCG”, Owl is like a caged bird. But she is Kuzen’s daughter, we cant relax…..and also Rize, we cant let “her” go around. This will leave to Kishou, Nifu you go observe Kaneki Ken and Kuzen’s daughter…….Oh and…. Kuzen died of vain huh—-

~Eto & Sasaki’s side~
—you….have your hair cut short
Eto: Yes yes. This is the first time I have an investigator accompanying me to have my hair cut. But its good like this, getting refreshed before a “big work”. How is it? How is it!?
Sasaki: It looks good
Eto: Looks like a capable woman right!?
Sasaki: Yes, you re right
Eto: Hahahaha happy. Oh and, I have a request
Sasaki: …..for me?
Eto: Yes, you. I have discussed with my editors them, I will have press conference of Takatsuki’s [last work]. Investigator Sasaki, can you come along?
Sasaki: …….
Eto: …..there is no need for you to be so alert
Sasaki: (No matter what I still need to keep her a watch right…?)
Eto: (Then, I want you to witness–)

~At :re~
Touka looks up, possibly looking at the press conference

~At the Press Conference~
Eto: —ever since the [Black goat’s egg], I have never talk in front of so many people

~At Cochlea~
Be happy Fueguchi, your extermination date is confirmed

~Back to the Press Conference~
Being able to introduce my long prepared work in this place… the work that I have always wanted to make, thank you. This will be like what I said in words, a work that is betting on a writer’s life, betting on [Takatsuki]’s personal life. Before introducing my work, I would like to tell everyone something [about myself]
Naki, Miza them, Tatara, Qs team are all watching this broadcast
Eto: I am a “ghoul”. [The last work] will be basing on me, “the wrong birth” in this world— a work for those longing for flesh and blood but lonely companions

A story of a lonely “ghoul”


18 I dont remember how your voice sounds, I don’t believe in God.

17 I wanted to join this girls club, they have a mother daughter dance every year and its important, so i didnt. 

16 The therapist was right, this is really really hard

15 I still don’t understand 

14 I lied at school and told people you died so they wouldnt know the truth

13 “Shes full of so much anger, she doesnt know what to do with it.. It, could really make her adult life hard..”

12 I taught myself how to paint my own nails, Dad does my hair in the morning. I keep asking God when you’ll be back. He doesn’t answer.

11 Come back. You’re everything I need, I dont know how to do my hair in the morning.

10  You forgot us at soccer practice again, everyone else has their mom at girlscouts, I cried in front of everyone again

9 I packed my brothers lunch again, I picked out his clothes. We got to school safetly, we want dad to come back from the army

8 You’re so nice to other people we dont know what we did

7 I started to do bad things at school so i could stay after longer, I dont want to go home

6 I fell off of my scooter, the neighbors mom got me a bandaid

5 For mothers day we put paint on our hands and you hung the art on the fridge 

4 You put a lot of bows in my hair and hold my hand 

3 Your voice is my favorite thing to hear every morning

2 I’m everything you ever wanted

1 I love you mom