i still dont think this is acceptable

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Hello!! I dont know if you ever thought of this for a plot (probably you did) but what about Kenna having to marry Diavolos for the political benefits, but still loving Raydan and having him as her secret lover?

Thanks for the suggestion! I don’t think I’d be able to write this, though. I can’t see Kenna being forced to marry someone. It might happen if her mother were still alive, but no one has authority over Kenna. Although Diavolos or Tevan would be viewed as more acceptable politically, Kenna loves Raydan, and after everything they have been through and everything Raydan did to help her (she probably wouldn’t have been able to defeat Azura without his help), she couldn’t choose someone else. There’s no law in Stormholt that says a king or queen has to choose a royal or noble spouse (Queen Adriana wasn’t from a royal family), so Kenna could still marry Raydan, even if many people disapproved. She would do what she wanted and hope that they would come around.

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tbh i think ur art is mad ugly in general but u seem to take extra care to make jimin look gross?? idk. it's not like i go looking for ur art but tumblr's gr8 like that even if i block u i'll see reblogs/recs of ur posts. admittedly this time i went to see if u responded and how ur minions would react. good for u to have ppl eat ur ass on the reg

listen this will be the last time that I answer to you, next time I’ll block you.

you seem to really not like my drawings or just me. the thing is that I can’t do anything about it. I have the right to post whatever I want, people have the right to like my work. and you have the right to not like it. So why not ignoring me? You see my work on your dashboard? Scroll. You’re still pissed about the fact my drawings exist on this earth? talk shit about me to your friends I don’t care, if this can make you feel better.

i think your problem is not that my drawings are ugly or smt, it’s because my blog is kinda “popular”. Maybe you think I dont deserve it, this is your opinion and I accept it, but just to let you know I work hard, very hard.

“good for you to have ppl eat ur ass”, ok if someone talks shit about bts, or your friend, or someone that you like, you won’t defend them? people are following me because they like what I do, if they didn’t like the way I draw Jimin for example, they won’t support my work, like you. So why is it bad to have people defending me. They don’t “eat my ass” they just defend something that they like, it’s completly normal. I would do the same with my friends or with artists that I like, that’s how it works.

“ u seem to take extra care to make jimin look gross?? “ and you seem to love jimin a lot which is absolutly not a bad thing, it’s very good I love him too. I love him because he always takes care about the members and because he’s extremely kind, like all the rest of the group. Now instead of sending me a message this hateful, maybe you should learn from him and be a lil more kind. That won’t hurt you I promise.

Anon, at the end of the day, I’m just a lil blog, posting my art on tumblr, my drawings won’t change your life and your opinion won’t change my life and the way I see my art. Instead of being very aggresive to people to make you feel good, you should find an healthier way. Good luck with life

Okay so I’ve seen a lot of reincarnation hc’s for Les Amis, especially Grantaire. So let’s focus on himm for now. 

We have Grantaire the Cynic, who finally thinks he’s dont being reincarnated after being athelstan, and Louis XIV, and then Grantaire. He thinks he’s done because for once he died holdig hands with the person he loves. 

And then - And then he wakes up again and he is so frustrated, he’s i a place with weird technology, and everything is so different from what he was used to, everything is so advanced. And he is horrified; will it ever stop?! 

But then he notices how much more accepting people are. There’s still tons upon tons of problems, but: You can be more open, with way less judgement. In most countries you’re even allowed to marry someone of the same gender. People who aren’t the gender they were assigned to at birth have safer options to live the life that feels right for them.

They’re still scared of being open about who they are, but the world is so much more accepting now. And Grantaire find himself less cynical than he used to be.

He finds himselfgetting an art degree instead of giving up on everything. He stays away from alcohol, he finds himself not needing it to cope anymore. 

He finds himself joining a group of students who wish to make the world even better, and he finds himself wanting to help them achieve their goal. And there’s this person there who reminds him so much of the charming young man who Grantaire once loved, and he finds himself falling for this person. 

And this person has fallen for him too.

And they get together and they’re both so happy.

Little does Grantaire know that this man he has fallen for, fell for the former cynic because R reminded him so much of a happier version of the cynic this man once knew.

Young Justice Characters: A Summary

Season One:

Dick: cute little ninja boi, pun lord, obvs dating Kid Flash

Wally: silly lil yellow blob of sunshine, even more adorable when he’s with Robin, really tho stop hitting on girls to pretend ur str8

Connor: sad boy with daddy issues, the YJ writers think he’s the hot one

Kaldur: actually the hot one, srsly why are the ladies ignoring him, Too Mature For This Shit

Artemis: will shoot you if you look at her wrong, kick-ass lady with daddy issues, I want to marry her

M’Gann: such a mary sue ugh why did they–OH MY GOD JUST KIDDING SHE’S A BADASS

Roy: daddy issues are starting to look like a theme with this show, the Other Archer, don’t call him a sidekick, hot when he’s angry

Season Two:

Dick: HOLY PUBERTY BATMAN, voice makes my panties drop so hard they dent the floor, why dont we get to see him more??, I KNEW he was hiding a fantastic ass under that cape

Wally: where tf is he tho, my baby grew up, srsly are Wally and Artemis still a thing?? why

Connor: poor lost puppy, someone pls love him, m’gann did him dirty, but at least Superman accepts him now

Kaldur: Didn’t think he could possibly get hotter but then he went darkside

Artemis: why isn’t she hooking up with Zatanna again??

M’Gann: heartless looks good on her

Roy: the “after” side of the before/after pic you see inside anti-drug pamphlets, married a super villain and fathered a child he didnt know about, way to go Roy you nailed this whole ‘adulthood’ thing

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if jk and jm really were dating, could u give us ur opinion on how/when u think they romantically started getting involved?? I never really here people talking about their friendship before and the lead up

If jikook are really dating (key word: if!!), I have a few theories about them and when or how they got together. I think it’s one of those things I imagine a lot because of how much I ship them. But I’ll share my most realistic theories (once again stressing this post is for fun, not saying jikook are actually real). This is really long (it also took me hours bc tumblr crashed 2 times when making it smh). 

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Just saw the video that evoked the “Hurt Bae” hashtag on twitter and I’m so heartbroken. No good woman deserves that kind of treatment, no one at all does.

I know some have been through this, when a guy doesn’t appreciate you or see your worth, downplays you because he can’t control his wandering eyes etc. just wanted to say this, some people need to be reminded of these things:

1. Becareful of those who claim flirting is in ‘their nature’ their just childish and don’t want to grow up acting like thirsty Highschool kids.

2. If he disrespects other women, no matter how nice he may be treating you know, expect that nasty behavior to pop up when he’s with you.

3. Please do not date someone who emphasizes a lot on your looks, some use the cause of 'constructive criticism’ to cover their sick fetishes of wanting a woman with a certain body type (this is a prevalent point but I’ll still add it)

4. If he’s hung up over an ex, don’t waste your time.

5. If he does something you don’t like, say it, don’t keep it to yourself, from his reaction/response you’ll know if he’s worth it.

6. Know your worth, you have to accept that as much as you like him if you know damn well he is toxic, DONT THINK YOU CAN CHANGE HIM. This has happened too many times to people, so learn to accept if they can’t/won’t change.

7. If he has cheated once, he will do it again. #DontWasteYourTimeTryingToChangeADirtBag. And I don’t mean just cheating on you but if he has cheated on an ex, that’s a serious red flag.

You deserve better.

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so, you like shiro's and keith's paralells yes? i dunno if you've seen this but, the one parallel that always hits me is when they strenghten their bond with their lions, shiro when he is fighting zarkon on that mental plane and saying that earning each other's trust is more important than power and then black comes and attacks zarkon, and then with red when keith decides that helping others is what is important leaving the mental shack and red starting to attack the BoM base to get to him(1/2)

oh man yes,, i love their parallels so much!! i think its one of the most compelling things about their dynamic. and i really love it when the lions demonstrate their sentience. we’ve seen stuff like this before in season 1–yellow jumps in front of blue and takes a hit for her in the pilot. lance thanks hunk for this, but hunk is basically just like “ya well,,, i was actually trying to dodge, but it just kinda jumped in–” later in The Gladiator pidge and shiro’s lions come to rescue them on their own, and the paladins’ response is kinda like “oh…i guess they can do that??” so we know all the lions have this ability to act on their own to some degree.

but keith and shiro’s lions seem especially strong willed and active. the way black just “takes off” with shiro even when he’s yelling for her to stop and listen, the way red is willing to destroy marmora’s base just to get to keith. and ya!! there’s like this moment for both keith and shiro when they have this big revelation and their lions react immediately, i love it 

i also love how, even though theyre close with their lions, the lions arent afraid to challenge them or act on their own. and also, speaking of parallels!! you know when i think black’s lesson really sunk in for shiro? this part right here:

and keith, who shiro has setup to be the black paladin, eventually says this:

like, i dont think the similar wording there is accidental. especially since shiro has already learned this lesson with black about not ordering her around, about trusting her and fighting alongside her as an equal. similarly, even though kolivan literally says that no one should allow keith to go, even though allura also looks very against it, shiro still allows it. 

like, he doesnt look happy about it. he grits his teeth and closes his eyes and looks like he needs to take a moment before he accepts it. he clearly doesnt want keith to sign up for something everyone else calls a suicide mission 

But ultimately, he decides to put his faith in keith, to trust that he’ll be able to pull through and respects the fact that keith is going to commit to this whether he wants him to or not. 

basically, i love how shiro trusting black to act on her own and follow her instincts kinda parallels this exchange with keith. and ive said this before but red going to rescue keith on her own also kinda relates to shiro since they both literally start fighting the bom at the same time, and both seem very much ready to fight the entire order just to get to keith. i just,,, i really love the parallels between them and their lions and everything,, 

very inspired by @destatree‘s fic (the 21st chapter kills me) because i HAD to draw the look i imagined on his face when he said those words

my heart aches so, so much for noctis here. he’s a righteous asshole and prompto has every right to be mad and say what he said, but still. it hurts. it hurts noctis – and i FELT it hurt – to accept what he’s been given and i could write a whole essay on how this chapter made me feel /lays down

I’ve been tired for years,
I dont remember the last day I felt alive
I dont remember the last day I in braced

I wish I had killed myself three years ago when I had the time,
now I’m too busy holding my own hand,
now I’m too busy chugging heartbreak to feel full

I’m lost but I know exactly where I should be,
I’ve learned to accept that I need to wait,
I’ve learned to accept being loved will never be easy for me

I’ve been calling for help,
but I dont think I want it,
even if I get better I’ll still have to tell others all I’ve gone through,
and I’d rather waste away

—  I’m done lying//kayla

That moment when u are about to sleep,so u close ur eyes slowly and sleep takes u away gently,then u wake up brutally thinking
Wtf this doesnt make sense at all ?!!
Its been 5 years and I still dont get it,what fucking logic is that?
Its just something I cant accept,Its so unfair !
Don’t you feel the same way too ?

considering coming out to my dad today ayyy

Samuel L Jackson criticises casting of black British actors in American films

ok i kiiiiinda see his point especially with african american historical figures… but the thing is all british actors are highly desirable in america because they are better trained. not saying americans don’t have drama schools but there is a difference between them and the big, prestigious drama schools in london, in fairness. british actors tend to be classically trained and highly versatile in both stage and screen. so they are in very high demand over there.

second point to say is that black british actors tend to go to america because there is not enough roles for them here, and that’s very sad. it is still extremely difficult for people like idris elba, john boyega and chiwetel ejiofor (who are amazing, we can all agree on that) to have longlasting careers in britain alone. so that’s something that definitely needs fixing over here. but i am hesitant to fully agree with SLJ since i rep our black british actors so hard and think they need recognition and opportunities to showcase their talent too. i don’t want them to be out of a job :(

what does everyone else think?

EDIT (IMPORTANT): i wrote the below post in response to one of the many comments taking issue with the idea that african american actors are ‘poorly trained’. i feel utterly mortified thinking that people think that’s what people thought i was saying here. having read many of the comments i now see that i came across as a right dick in my first post so please read below and comment if there is anything else in the post you take an issue with!!! not going to delete it though because i think sometimes on this website it’s good to show that you make mistakes and you have blind spots even when you think you are pretty aware of representation issues and so on, but that you can learn and develop your thinking by accepting your mistakes and taking on board what people FROM THAT COMMUNITY tell you. appreciate all the comments on this post and please keep them coming!!

“looking back at my first post i think it was both badly worded (the general thrust was meant to be about why americans might prefer british actors but i accept that it didn’t come across clearly) and also had a hefty dose of snootiness about british drama institutions that were both uncritical and unnecessary. i fully accept that and would like to apologise as i can’t in any sense claim deep knowledge of american versus british drama schools so really that was just quite silly and i regret that.

i hope that you can see though that this uncritical fawning of british drama education was in no way meant to be a put down of african american actors as being ‘poorly trained’, and somehow not deserving of the roles black british actors get. i can’t stress this enough because it could not be further from my thinking and i would hate if my original comments came across as a snide towards african american actors, or as me trying to pit the two against each other. that was not my intention at all.

i absolutely, 100% accept that many, many black actors in america are higly trained yet still not getting the recognition and roles they deserve. black british actors have the same problem and they both have to navigate through a racist industry. however i dont think black british actors need to get the slack for a racist film industry and not pursue roles in the biggest film industry in the world. american casting directors love the brits for whatever reason and i dont see why black british actors shouldn’t go for those roles if they can. that was my only point – in no way was it meant as a comment about ‘poorly trained’ african-american actors. i do not think at all, hell no.

if anything, my thinking stems primarily from a desire to fight the corner of black, working class actors like john boyega and idris elba who work fucking hard and are amazing and deserve every role they can get. this is in contrast to the utterly vile trend of extremely posh and privileged white, male actors like benedict fuckface making it big in america for literally no apparent reason, above actually talented actors like idris and john who are frustrated by lack of opportunities for people of colour in their home country. i hope this has clarified my viewpoint a bit as i would feel utterly mortified if what people took from my post was a put down of black american actors.”

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I watched the Eat Jin vlive last night and I'm still wondering if Jungkook making the banana pop up was a boner joke

i think you know the answer deep down u just dont want to accept

Your A Girl?


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when the sun rises tomorrow
you will still be broken
and bruised
but unlike yesterday
you won’t be alone
and that has to count for something.
you finally found a family
worth fighting for.

Dear Abused Kids

Everyone is a good person at some point in their day. They dont intentionally become a villian. They dont wake up every day thinking “how can i be the worst always?” So when they make you breakfast, or buy you an expensive present, or accept your identity, dont forgive them. Theyre still gonna come home stressed from work and take it out on you when their boss gives them a new project, they’re still gonna overpunish you because they can’t empathize enough to understand why you did it, they’re still gonna throw shit when the day is over.

vriska makes me sad. she genuinely wants to be a hero, and thats really sad, because arguably, she’s too far gone to ever be the normal and beloved hero she wants to be deep down. all she can really do at this point is salvage what’s left of her psyche and try to heal. i genuinely believe that behind all the mindfang and all the abuse that she has the soul of a true hero. and while that could be true about idk gamzee or whatever(who also has gone through a lot of corruption n shit) is that

vriska externally shows a desire to be good.

in an alternate reality that was frankly its own batch of unhealthy fixation, she actually was happy with herself. yes it was extremely conditional and a bit selfish, but the vriska we know can’t really even comprehend being at that point, that’s not for her.

maybe she can if she saves everyone and destroys the most powerful being in the universe. then she can think about being happy.

when at the end of the day, she’s going to keep creating these roadblocks for herself. there’s always going to be another lord english. another thing to devote herself wholly to with no relent.

she’s been raised so heavily on purpose, and on violence, all her life she’s existed needing to devote all her willpower to something or else she would die.

first it was killing to feed her lusus(yes, you are culled if you kill your lusus, starvation counts, at the very least i’d imagine her lusus had her believe she’d be culled if she didn’t feed her) then it was the game, climbing the levels becoming a god defeating the black king. then it was jack noir, and now its lord english,

she’s always had to struggle, fight, and kill for anything she’s ever gotten. or else she dies. and while she was on the right side of it this time, and ending up being exactly what everyone needed. she never learned how to exist without a goal, and how to accept life unconditionally. and i dont think she can ever truly be happy until she can accept that there’s no more final boss to beat. no more danger.

(vriska) was bad because she flipped from one extreme to another. there’s a certain responsibility one has being so powerful, or at least a responsibility when one possesses the only weapon capable of killing the most powerful and evil being in the universe, to do good with it, and (vriska) rejected that, and she never really even changed. she still lived conditionally, for only ONE thing, and that was meenah. maybe once (vriska) met up with terezi she helped her finally get to that point of accepting what she has without needing to devote herself to extremes. but as we’ve seen her, (vriska) is incredibly unhealthy and not the ideal end goal. different side of the same coin. 

it’s just sad. i want her to be able to live freely without danger, but i don’t know if she ever can.

this isn’t to excuse any of her actions by the way, i hate that i have to actually add this, because you’re all going to assume i mean “yeah vriska would have died if she didn’t kill those innocent people so its not a problem” when thats not at all what im saying. she has the heart of a good person and it makes me sad knowing that she may never actually be good. psychologically or morally.