i still dont think this is acceptable

“we can still be friends no matter what your political beliefs”

listen i respect that but like

i do not wanna be friends for people who agree with the racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, egotistical, violent, xenophobic, orange man who gleefully boasts about sexually assaulting women, has made several racially charged remarks/tweets that are not backed up with any evidence, has been forced away from his twitter because he cannot control himself, and is not willing to accept the peaceful transfer of power bc he thinks that everything is rigged against him

like if your cool with ur friends voting for that instead of the clearly more qualified candidate who actually values basic human rights than be my guest but dont expect me to stick around for their nasty asses


That moment when u are about to sleep,so u close ur eyes slowly and sleep takes u away gently,then u wake up brutally thinking
Wtf this doesnt make sense at all ?!!
Its been 5 years and I still dont get it,what fucking logic is that?
Its just something I cant accept,Its so unfair !
Don’t you feel the same way too ?

hamilton characters as things my friend group have said
  • Burr: *winks with eyes full of pain* how can you kill what's already dead inside
  • Hamilton: i know the minimum is four hundred words but ive written three thousand do you think its enough
  • Elizabeth: i told my mum that i got a 98% on a test and she said 'im only 98% proud'
  • Angelica: if anti-advertising existed this video is it.
  • Peggy: i dont need food, i photosynthesise
  • Laurens: i hate movies with unnecessary heterosexuals
  • Lafayette: *minor inconvenience happens* SUCE MA BITE
  • Hercules: im still waiting on these fucking nudes
  • Jefferson: is anime an acceptable substitute for water?
  • Madison: i have three exams tomorrow and all ive done is go through the entire 'important videos' playlist on youtube
  • Washington: if you make a pun i will unfollow block and report you in real life
  • KG3: what a great day to pay attention to me
  • Samuel Seabury: i love being a good sumatran
  • Charles Lee: you cant look at a dog and say 'thats my alternative cat'
Your A Girl?


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Last night I got pinned by the enemy Reinhardt and I completely accepted my fate but just as I was about to get squashed, a McCree appeared out of absolutely nowhere, flashbanged the guy, and saved my life.

I didn’t even know we had a McCree, but he came to save me in my time of need and I’m in love with him now.

So today I am 6 months on t!
I really cant believe its already been that long and I am so thankful for everybody who supported me and made this possible. Within the last 6 months I learned to accept my body. Sure I still have a lot of dysphoria, but I know that the changes are happening and will keep happening. I cant put into words what this means to me. I dont think I will really feel free within my body until I get topsurgery, but I do feel so much more comfortable right know than I did half a year ago.

Dear little one, we made it <3

so trump is winning… we’re all fucked

I dont think i could be living any further away from the usa but im still terrified, what does that tell you ☺

and not only will there probably be wars, the society will take so many steps back. We’ve come so far with acceptance of the lgbtq+ community, racism and women’s rights… and now the PRESIDENT in the MOST IMPORTANT country in the WORLD is AGAINST that, it’s not like that is not going to make an impact on the society ???

why would people even want a sexist/racist/rapist man as their president

trump more like dump

My reactions @4cc's last group

Boyang jin: his strength is his jumps, but he can’t rely on them today. 100 TES v. 77 PCS. Quite a margin

Patrick chan: he is beautiful on ice as always, but he entered fs with no room for error. He had a great start but the middle jumps :( a stark contrast to jin, with his 92 PCS and 89 TES. Still ahead of boyang tho. Tbh I wanted him on the podium so it will depend on everyone else, but I dont want to see the next guys falling either

Han yan: he fell on his 3a, a shame bc I really like his 3a. That and other mistakes gave him a 77 TES. His SS was still good as usual, but he only had 78 PCS. He knows he could have done better.

Shoma uno: he actually landed the flip and the loop lmao. He made mistakes in like 3 jumps (2 falls on both 3A’s, his best jump, but lands the 4f and 4lo hahahah) but his spins were better than in the SP. He is guaranteed a spot on the podium as he is the 3rd to the last to skate and is currently in 1st place with 98 and 91 in TES and PCS. I am his fan if it’s not yet obvious but I feel like I quite underestimated him.

Yuzuru hanyu: He popped jumps but other elements were clean and beautifully executed. Did he change his layout on the spot?? And that last 3A istg. Im pretty sure there shouldnt be one there but Ill still take it and give it +3 anyway. He performed better than at his SP. He takes first place. I hope he keeps it bc I want him to get his first gold in 4cc already, he deserves it, with his 112 TES and 94 PCS.

Nathan chen: his consistency in the jumps give him gold. He stepped out on two jumps but those are the only obvious mistakes. His TES is 115 and his PCS is 89, gets 307 in his total, and thus surpasses the 300 mark

The podium, thus: chen, hanyu, uno

*scores may have been reviewed and updated

I hate the argument of not being allowed to identify as aceif youre under 18 because youre “too young to know” or just a “late bloomer” its so invalidating in every way.

If youre an ace-spec teen i love you. You know yourself better than anyone else and if you think youre on the ace spectrum please dont try to shove it down because you think youre too young. And even if your identity changes when you get older that still doesnt invalidate that you feel ace-spec right now. Love and accept yourself because you deserve to be comfortable in your skin and to feel proud about it.

when the sun rises tomorrow
you will still be broken
and bruised
but unlike yesterday
you won’t be alone
and that has to count for something.
you finally found a family
worth fighting for.
Drawing Tips - Drawing Recognizable People

OK. I love drawing people. I think they’re the most fun thing to draw. But it’s taken me years to get to the point I’m at now. Even like 2 years ago my people drawing skills were completely different to how they are now. And even now I’m  still learning new things!

Something I’ve sort of accepted about my style is that it’s a bit…charicature-y. My portraits are not exactly line-for-line, perfect representations of who I’m drawing. Some things are a little more exaggerated, some features (like lip lines or wrinkles, or face creases) are sort of changed or emphasized in different ways than they are in real life.

When I start learning to draw someone new, I find it’s easier if they’re a little less, well, conventionally attractive is not really the right term, but the closest I can think of. Someone could still be good looking, but if they have a slightly bigger nose or weird hair, it makes them easier to recognize even if I get a few of the other facial details wrong.

Let’s go through the process so I can kind of show you what I mean!

For this, I found a reference of idubbbz. He’s kinda hard to draw sometimes for me. I found one of him that’s easily recognizable.

(I’ve mentioned before that I like using screenshots rather than still photos. You get more of a choice of interesting facial expressions.)

So, let’s just take a look at this. What are some features that, if I were to draw from this image, would let everyone know it’s idubbbz?

Swooshy hair, prominent forehead, smaller eyes, big glasses, wide smile, sharp jaw, and ears with a pretty distinct shape. Eyebrows are also good for making a recognizable face, but here they’re covered by glasses (which is sort of distinct in itself).

I think something people are afraid of is accentuating things TOO much, which is totally understandable. But at the same time, if you take certain things away entirely, it becomes harder to tell who the person is supposed to be. You gotta find the happy medium.

So, here’s my sketch:

This took about 10 minutes. There are lots of things to fix, obviously, but hopefully you can tell who it’s supposed to be.

It’s a good base to work with. If it doesn’t quite feel like it’s working, keep drawing. Really look at the reference image to get a better idea of where details on the face should be placed (ie: how far away are the eyes from the edge of the face? how much face is covered by glasses?).

You can also accentuate certain things to give it your own flair. Make wavy hair extra wavy or make folds in clothes more exaggerated. Play around a bit.

Anyway, I don’t know how to end this post, hahah. I just kinda wanted to get some thoughts out and show what I do when I draw. This was just for fun!

From Him...

Ik i bothered you today. Im sorry. Ill leave you be. And please just think about this a lot. Please. Thats all i ask. Im sorry for bothering you rn. Just take time and think
And in the end, if you still dont want to give me that fresh start. Then ill accept it, but if you do. Or arent sure. Im going. To change everything i physically can to keep you.
Again im sorry.
Oh, last thing. Good luck at team tumbling today. Have fun. Im sorry again. And tomorrow morning can we talk before school?


We broke up that weekend and he was begging me to give him another chance. These are the last texts i got from him before he swallowed every kind of pill there was in his familys pill cabinet. He barely made it…
(i didnt find out about this until the next day)

anonymous asked:

so, uh, this happened last summer. A is the host, B is a recent alter. A began to ID as binary trans, came out to parents and wasn't accepted and was subjected to transphobia. A was still trans, but something traumatic involving gender happened, and trans B split off from A, leaving A to ID as genderqueer, still somewhat being host. now B is dormant. is this a thing?

sure like i dont see why not??? gender and alter behavior are both p flexible i cant think of a reason that wouldnt happen.

anonymous asked:

Sorry i got all philosophical, its just me and my dad got into a conversation about socrates. You know who he is right? And how he died? My dad thanks socrates is a coward for dying like that. I dont, but i still wouldnt die for an idea like that. I think its also my parents are religious. Im not, i respect people who do, but its not for me.

I don’t mind, Anon.  I think it is very easy to look back and call someone a coward, and there are certainly different ways of fighting, but Socrates was an old man by the time of his death, and standing on principle by accepting his fate (rather than running away, which was his other option) was probably a little easier for him.  Was it worth it?  Well, here we are centuries later talking about it.  That would probably have utterly delighted Socrates. 


George Weasley x Asexual!Reader

Request: Hi there!! Could I have a George x asexual reader please? Where everyone knows you like him, including George, but you still refuse to go out with him by giving increasingly crazy excuses. Someone confronts her, idk who, and she admits she doesn’t think he will accept her as asexual. Go where you will with that. Thank you for considering!! 

A/N: Hi, so if I have gotten anything wrong about asexuality, please please please tell me so I can correct it, I would hate to write something that is incorrect and that may misinform or offend someone. I hope you guys enjoy it though!


Your name: submit What is this?

You sighed as you picked up your books from the table, tucking them under your arm as you stood from your seat. You swung your bag over your shoulder and with your spare hand, placed your quill and parchment in your bag. You nodded briefly to Madam Irma Pince, the librarian, as you exited the library, having finally finished your charms homework.

“Hey, Y/N.” 

“Y/N.” Two voices rang together. You groaned inwardly, your steps barely falling out of rhythm as two others joined.

“Fred. George.” You greeted, your hold on your books tightening slightly as your heart sped up.

“So, this weekend, there’s a Hogsmeade trip,” George started.

“Well noted.” You replied sarcastically.

George glanced over at Fred briefly, who rolled his eyes good-naturedly,

“I was wondering whether you would like to go with me.”

Your steps faltered slightly, and you prayed that they didn’t pick up on it. You hurried your steps slightly as you approached the stairs, hoping to catch one before it changed course.

“I can’t.” You lied as you hurriedly thought of an excuse, “I have to rewrite my potions work.”

“Your potions work?”

You nodded, “Yeah, I can never revise using my messy notes, so I need to re-write them.”

“But.. Y/N.. the O.W.L’s are ages away.”

“Yes, well.. one can never start too early.” You stepped onto the staircase.

With a jolt, the staircase suddenly changed, leaving George and Fred, who had been walking a few steps behind you on the third floor. You sighed in relief, you had gotten out of this one, but what the hell were you going to do when you saw George again? 


“Hey, Y/N.” George greeted, sitting down on the chair opposite you.

You cursed internally, smiling at George slightly in greeting. You glanced around the common room, which was practically empty due to the fact that it was almost past curfew.

“What are you doing?” George asked politely, his eyes warm as he ran a hand through his ginger hair, making your heart speed up slightly.

“Just finishing off some homework.” You spoke quietly, not looking George in the eyes.

“So, listen, I know that you were busy this weekend, but what about next weekend?” George inquired, his eyes hopeful. You opened your mouth to agree, but a thought suddenly struck you again and you stopped yourself.

“Sorry George, but I’m.. uhh-I need to rearrange my room.” You lied. Merlin, you hated this. You wanted to go out with George more than anything, but due to this one doubt, you found yourself rejecting him time and time again.

“Your room?” George asked, entirely confused.

“Uh.. yeah, well, Muggles have this idea about feng shui,” You elaborated, your brain working quickly to conceive a lie, “And it’s the whole idea of balancing energies or something and I wanted to try it.”

George looked at you perplexed, “Couldn’t you do it another time?”

“No,” You immediately countered, “Um.. well, see they say that there is a certain time you have to rearrange it, and they said that to get the perfect balance, you should rearrange it on a new moon. That’s next weekend, and I have to do it then if I want to get the perfect balance.”

“Right.” George looked down, crestfallen. Your heart broke at his unusually sad face and you suddenly felt incredibly guilty.

“Sorry, George.” You apologised sincerely, rolling up your parchment. “I’ll um.. I’ll see you tomorrow.” And with that you started for the staircase, climbing up it and escaping into your dorm.

You missed Fred coming down the stairs with Ginny, and walking over to George.

“Well?” Fred asked, a hopeful smile on his face, Ginny standing next to him.

“She said no.” George said sadly, looking down.

A sympathetic frown crossed Fred’s face as he looked at his twin, and he walked over, gently clasping George’s shoulder.

“Why?!” Ginny spurted angrily.

George’s head snapped up at Ginny’s angry tone and he looked at her in confusion.

“It’s obvious that she likes you, and she knows that you like her, so why does she keep saying no?” Ginny muttered angrily under her breath.

“She said something about needing to balance her room?” George asked, confusion seeping into his voice once again.

“Balance her room?” Fred asked incredulously, sharing a look with his younger sister. Ginny shrugged and a thought implanted itself in her head, an idea blossoming.

“What?” Fred asked, a smile tugging his lips as he recognised the look on Ginny’s face.


You sighed as your thoughts wondered back to George. Merlin, more than anything in the world you wanted to say yes, but every time, every goddamn time you opened your mouth something else came out. George deserved someone better, who could give him the intimacies he was interested in. If he found out that… He would never want to date you.

Besides, you were pretty sure you had run him off after giving him that awful excuse. Feng shui? Really? That was the best excuse you could come up with?

You were so lost in your thoughts that you hadn’t noticed Ginny and Fred walking towards you with a determined expression. In a single movement, they grabbed both of your arms and forced you into an empty classroom.

“Bloody hell!” You yelled, eyes wide. You stepped back slightly in fear of the thunderous looks in their eyes. “You know, you could just talk to me like a normal person.” You muttered, crossing your arms.

“Why won’t you date George?” Ginny demanded, getting straight to the point.

You sighed, going to move past them, “Can’t we talk about this another time, I’m busy.”

Fred reached out his arm, preventing you from moving any further, “No, you’re not. You have a free period now.”

“Take a seat, Y/N.” Ginny motioned towards the table.

With a sigh, you moved towards the table and jumped up onto it, crossing your arms over your chest.

“You like George.” Ginny began, flicking her red hair over her shoulder. 

“What makes you think that?” You denied.

Ginny gave you a blank stare, raising her eyebrows.

“Alright, fine.” You caved, damn that Weasley.

Ginny smirked, “I knew it!”

“Why won’t you go out with Georgie, then?” Fred asked, his tone no different than Ginny’s.

You froze, you couldn’t exactly tell them. They’d treat you differently, everyone always did.

“Hey, Y/N.” Ginny spoke softly, noticing your somewhat reluctant gaze, “We’re your friends, honestly, you can tell us.”

“I can’t, you’d treat me differently. Everyone always does.” You voiced your thoughts.

“Y/N.” Fred spoke, walking closer and placing a small hand on your arm. “We won’t judge you.”

“I’m sorry, Fred. I can’t.”

“Are you afraid to get your heart broken, because George wouldn’t do that.” Ginny said confidently.

Your laughed slightly, “No, Gin. It’s not that.” You raised a hand, running it through your hair. The sincere looks on your friends faces finally gave you the confidence to tell them, “I’m asexual.”

“What?” Fred asked, genuine confusion on his face.

Well this wasn’t the reaction you were expecting.

“Ace, Fred. Asexual. I’m not interested in sex. I don’t have sexual attractions.” You blurted, unable to stop yourself from speaking - a nervous tic of yours. You forced yourself to stop, clamping your lips together.

“Is that it?” Ginny laughed slightly.

You shrugged, “Look, I like George, a lot. But I can’t give him the intimacies that he wants.”

The door opened and George strode confidently in, a human ear and length of string dangling from his hand.

Fred and Ginny exchanged a glance, small victorious smiles on their faces as they escaped the room with a small glance behind them.

“George.” You breathed, silently chiding yourself. How long had he been listening in? God, he probably thought you were a freak.

“I don’t care.” George muttered, seeming to lose his confidence as he stood in front of you. “I don’t care that your asexual. Sex isn’t everything to me, y’know.” He grinned slightly, hesitantly reaching out and entwining his fingers with yours.

You sighed slightly, pulling away, “Perhaps you think that now, but what about next month. I don’t have the desire for sex, George. Sooner or later, that’s what you’ll want and I can’t give that to you.”

“Is that what you think?” George asked hurtfully, tucking his hands into his pockets, “Do you know how long I’ve liked you for? How long I’ve seen you walk through the hallways and thought, Merlin, that is one gorgeous witch, both inside and out?


“No, Y/N. I have liked you for nearly two months now. I don’t care whether you have a desire for sex. Sex isn’t everything in a relationship,” George stepped forwards, “There are other intimacies,” He gently grasped your hands, “That exist. I’d love to get to know you more than I do now.” He muttered, gently tucking your hair behind your ear.

You leaned into his touch, his hand lingering on your cheek for a moment before dropping to your hands. You bit your lip, maybe you could give this a chance.

“I like you too, George, but-”

“Can we at least try this? One date? We can take this slow.” George interrupted.

A smile fought it’s way onto your face at the thought of a date with George, and upon seeing your face, George’s heart lifted. 

“Alright, we’ll take this slow.”

“Baby steps.” George promised, squeezing your hand. “So, Hogsmeade this weekend, or are you still doing that fen shoo thing?”

A chuckle burst from your lips, “Hogsmeade is good.” You laughed out.

“What even is fin chu anyway?”

You grinned, shaking your head as you laughed at George’s face which stared at you in confusion.

dear mum

guess what I’m autistic guess what I’m autistic guess what I’m autistic
Guess what you don’t grow of it guess what adults can have autism guess what I still do those specific behaviours I used to
and guess what else your opinion was WRONG people WILL ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM and people WONT THINK IM A FREAK and people DONT CARE

20 years of being anxious over my social deficits and doubting myself. The truth is that I am who I am , I am because you are.

And I’m starting to truly love myself

jiggliesrufflestein  asked:

Character to ask for Princess Serenity. If that's already been done, Usagi. Or Michiru.

ill do princess serenity, specifically. which means usagi is still acceptable for someone else to ask! as is michiru. 

  • Why they are the best

HER CURIOSITY. and how true she is to herself & her feelings. i love to think about little baby serenity, getting into trouble because she just HAS TO KNOW what’s going on everywhere. and then dont get me started on thinking about her first visit to the earth (well before she ever meets endymion, in my head canon) and how she comes back with a dirty dress and leaves in her hair, and when venus asks her what she’s been doing she tells them how she followed the cutest, fluffiest animal into a fucking hole. and inside she finds a whole family of those fluffy lil creatures which eventually she learns are bunnies. 

  • Why they are the worst

because she’s a brat. let’s be real, she’s spoiled rotten. she’s beloved by everyone, heir to a throne, and beautiful- and she’s well aware of all these things. she’s manipulative to those around her (oh man can i see her tricking the senshi into letting her do things ALL THE TIME.) to get what she wants. she’s never told no, at least until her meetings with endymion are discovered. she’s got a good heart & really, she is a sweet soul, but man can she be the biggest brat everrrrr. 

  • a canon fact (that shouldn’t be)

that she’s kind of, more or less, helpless until usagi awakens as her. i like the idea of serenity actually being a low key bad ass wielder of the ginzuishou 

  • a non-canon fact (that should be)

that she’s born with golden hair & the first time she holds the ginzuishou as a child, her hair turns silver. (this is more like a headcanon i guess lol)

  • a piece of advice I would give them

be nicer to your guardians, they do what they do to protect you, not hurt you.