i still dont see it as much of a problem

ok ok listen i know a lot of people have been bringing up the fact that they dont like brooklyn nine nine because they feel like it’s a “pro-cop show” and it’s “idolizing a gross system” but like?? please try to understand that that is not the point of this show at all?? they have explicitly stated the problem with the police system in one of the episodes, where amy lists real concerns and holt puts up a poster that says “tell us how we can be better.” this is one of the very few shows who i see actually addressing real problems like gun control issues, homophobia, racism, and transphobia (it was just a mention, but still way more than any other show), while still being lighthearted and hilarious. just because this show is set in a cop setting does not mean they are praising anything?? please don’t diss an genuinely funny, good show so quickly because of that. it’s not perfect but it’s trying so much more than anything else on tv right now.

Monday blues & reading “understanding a photograph” & here is a quote by matty healy which sums up my entire thoughts perfectly: “I think about dying but I dont want to die. Not even close. In fact my problem is the complete opposite. I want to live, I want to escape. I feel trapped and bored and claustrophobic. There’s so much to see and so much to do but I somehow still find myself doing nothing at all. I’m still here in this metaphorical bubble of existence and I can’t quite figure out what the hell I’m doing or how to get out of it.”

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vel im so sorry to be asking this but i just dont know what to do you are so good at drawing and youre only 17 and im 16 and yet i feel stuck drawing the same shittty sketch over and over and i just want to know how you got so good at drawing people environments clothing anatomy e ver y th in g again im so sorry to ask this and i really dont mean any harm but its frustrating to see someone who is basically your age draw so much better

Hmmm, well you’re only 16, you know? I know people say this a lot- but you’re still very young, and it’s never too late to improve! People can still do amazing things as they get older. I also say this over and over- even if others seem to have “natural talent” practice as much as you can and you can put yourselves at their level, too. If you feel like your sketches are shitty, that means you are seeing the problems in your art and you are beginning to improve!

The way I got good at drawing environments and anatomy was observing things closely in real life, artbooks, and my favorite artists. This is VERY important. You can even try emulating other artstyles and reference as practice. One thing I would constantly do it color pick or eyedrop pictures I take to figure out how colors work with the atmosphere around them in different setting. REFERENCING IS KEY to success. It’s very easy to get frustrated, but please remember that age is not the determinant factor in success, and you can definitely get to where you want to be if you push yourself REASONABLY. The artist world is very competitive among people our age online (and I also know this from being in an art school) but let it be ONLY a factor in making you try harder. Best of luck to you, and any of you guys are free to message me for tips that I use to help myself improve! 

Honey I don’t check up on you to see how you’re doing. You’re not that important to me anymore. You’re kidding yourself if you honestly think I still care that much. Your number and everything else is blocked for a reason. Or did you forget?
Its been 155 days since the final problem

And I’m still not over the facts that

Sherlock ignored John’s Vatican Cameos

John stood doing nothing when Sherlock put a gun to himself

John “I can break every bone in your body while naming them” Watson said “I dont know, small?” when Sherlock asked what kind of bones were in the well

“Try, as hard as possible, not to drown.”


That’s all, hope you have a good day

dont hate on disabled people for cosplaying abled characters.

dont ever hate on disabled people for cosplaying characters while in thieir wheelchair.

dont ever hate on disabled people who need mobility aids but still cosplay, who are mentally ill and are just trying to have a good time ot anything like that.

their illness takes so much away from them already,

you dont get to take something else away from them

dont fucking do it my guy.

I think about dying but I dont want to die. Not even close. In fact my problem is the complete opposite. I want to live, I want to escape. I feel trapped and bored and claustrophobic. There’s so much to see and so much to do but I somehow still find myself doing nothing at all. I’m still here in this metaphorical bubble of existence and I can’t quite figure out what the hell I’m doing or how to get out of it.
—   Matty Healy
Riverdale 1x09

Okay y’all so im typing this from the grave because I think the episode actually killed me.

We got a whole lot of drama and action in a small amount of time, the episodes are really picking up the pace and its leaving me feeling like I’m about to have a stroke and I love it


So we all knew something was up with this family but this takes things to a whole other level. Like the freaking maple tapping ceremony and banquet…. like who does all of this for fricken maple syrup?? they are nuts man. And don’t get me started on Cheryl at the end, what the actual hell? Polly you better get outta there fast girl.

2. Archie

my guy, my dude, you just gotta chill out. take a break stop getting involved in absolutely everything. I know you’re heart is in the right place but sometimes you just gotta take a seat. ( and he totally deserved Val dumping his ass he was a terrible boyfriend)

3. Veronica, you sweet angel. I just wanted to crawl through the screen and give her a hug she is so pure. 

4. also nice seeing Betty be there for her I love their friendship so much


6. seriously though I think mama cooper has something going on like betty and thats where betty’s problems come from. 

7. like when mama cooper threw the brick you saw her whole persona and body language change much like Dark Betty with Chuck.

8. yo i don’t trust Ethel, idk why but I don’t. she seems shady


we were so BLESSED fam. The first scene on her bed had me screaming cause I wasn’t expecting bughead so soon in the episode…but there they were about to have a makeout session at like 7 am until mama coper ruined all their fun;) and then we get protective boyfriend Juggie while talking to Cheryl which had me squealing. Then their scene with Betty freaking out and jughead comforting her and basically being the best boyfriend ever. and the collar grab and the HUG. honestly I swooned more at that hug than any of their kisses because it was so pure. I actually died and got resurrected. And then the two of them inviting mama cooper to write at the blue and gold I can’t handle this.

10. guys my heart can’t handle this.

11. also the fact that mama cooper is just so cool the juggie makes me so happy

12. and bughead once again show how a couple should be. supportive and loving and everything good in the world.

so that ends my rant because I need to remember how to breathe and function as a normal human being again. I probably missed a bunch of stuff but I can’t be bothered to remember. BUT BUGHEAD IS STILL SAILING AND BEING PURE AND HEALTHY SO MY HEART IS SMILING!<33

gremlin mtn dew and dorito jokes about dva have gotten really unfunny really fast. for one, like. esports in korea are a much bigger deal? like. i’ve lived in korea, and there are tv channels, or at least shows, dedicated to playing starcraft, and i recall on more than one occasion sitting in a hair salon or doctors office and those types of channels would be on like no big deal

and like. doritos and mtn dew are such an american trope? its subtly whitewashing her without actually changing her features and skintone, but rather culturally, and on top of that it infantilizes her. east asian women get infantilized so fucking much that its a really big fucking problem and quite frankly racist? like i havent seen an asian woman character that wasn’t either an Exotic™ Perfect Wife, an Unfeeling Aloof Dragon Lady trope, or infantilized and portrayed as unable to care for herself.

and using child/gremliln dva is springboard to make the White Faves her caretakers dont think i dont see that either lmao

like the jokes were funny at first, but its a huge fucking problem and really old and irritating now???

and theres so much to hana song thats really interesting that gets overlooked by the fans. she’s 19, and she’s been drafted into the miitary because they’re so desperate they turned to gamers. she fights for her contry and her life against a massive fucking kaiju level omnic that learns the more and more you fight it and she still continues to win. and she livestreams her battles, which, yes, the initial thought is hilarious as hell, but she also very well could be broadcasting her own death live to the public. and. its hard being in the public eye all the time (especially in constant situations of pressure), but she puts herself out there and still remains a beloved public figure. that takes charisma and strength and god knows what else and she’s only nineteen.

but. yeah. by all means. all there is to her is doritos and mountain dew and overused gamer jokes, right?

FAQ So Far


Q: What is a MAP?
A: It stand for minor attracted person. In other words, a pedophile or dangerous scum of the human earth that should not be trusted. It started out as trying to get rid of the stigma around pedophiles but it backfired and just stigmatized the term MAP.

Q: What is a NOP?
A: Non offending pedophile. In other words, a myth.

Q: What do you think of people with POCD?
A: People with POCD are not pedophiles. They have intrusive thoughts about children and hate them and want to get rid of it. They are not bad people

Q: Why don’t you think pedophilia is a mental illness?
A: Pedophilia is not a mental illness because if it was, pedophiles would go to a mental hospital instead of a prison. Furthermore, people that have these thoughts don’t feel bad about them. They like them. They like the thought of abusing children and if it was allowed, I’m sure they wouldn’t pass up on the chance. There’s enough stigma around mentally ill people as it is, we don’t need pedophilia to be in the community because then innocent people would be effected by it.

Q: Why don’t you a support lolicon?
A: Well besides the fact that its illegal, it causes addiction and grooms minors. Allow me to explain.
Addiction: Say a pedophile looks at lolicon to prevent himself from touching a real child. An addiction is an addiction no matter what it is to and it’s not healthy. By encouraging lolicon, you’re encouraging addiction and an addiction like that could lead to actually touching a real child as lolicon couldn’t have been enough for the pedophile and they wanted more. Give an alcoholic a drink and he’ll want more, right? Give a druggie meth and he’ll want more, right? The two examples I just gave (as both alcohol and meth can control the actions of an individual) can lead to harming the innocent, just as a pedophile addicted to lolicon can harm a child. So, just how long can these fake children help anyways?

Grooming: https://the-map-community-is-dangerous.tumblr.com/post/159075198647/yourshipsaregross-waltdisneyconfessions


Two examples of how lolicon harms real children. Pedophiles use fictional characters in sexual poses to trick children into thinking that whatever they want to do is okay. That it’s natural. It’s not.

So if anyone tries to defend lolicon, they’re probably looking at it themselves and if they wanna say “But they’re not real. These characters don’t get hurt.” Tell them that it still harms real children.

Here’s more examples: https://the-map-community-is-dangerous.tumblr.com/post/159276916317/yajuunoh-maskseller-teasources


Q: If a pedophile doesn’t offend, what are they called?
A: A pedophile. Especially on tumblr dot hell. They are not “non offending” pedophiles because they have joined a MAP community that normalizes pedophilia. They tell minors on here that they’re okay people when they’re not because theyre attracted to them so of course they want to earn a minors trust. They’re liars. Why would you believe absolutely anything a pedophile says? If non offending pedophiles do exist then it would be highly rare and I’ll get to why in the next Q.

Q: What would classify a pedophile as non offending?
A: First, they can’t be on tumblr. This site is full of minors. Impressionable minors and porn blogs. They come across porn blogs and they might think it looks nice and now all they have to do is find someone willing to do it with them. That’s where pedophiles come in. So pedophiles need to get the fuck off tumblr.

Second, therapy. A reason why the MAP community is bad is because they think they are getting help with other MAPs. No, they’re not. MAPs aren’t professionals, they dont have credentials, and they’re not experts. The only thing these MAPs are doing is telling you that its okay to have romatic/sexual attraction to children and it’s not. They’re normalizing these feelings and they should not be normalized. These feelings are dangerous and accepting them can lead to haring the child. Now how is that so, you ask? Well, accepting these will lead these pedophiles to trust themselves around kids. Pedophiles shouldn’t trust themselves around kids. The body does things involuntarily when you’re attracted to someone and some things that you dont notice that you’re doing but other people do and children aren’t stupid. They can know when an adult is acting funny around them. Do they have telepathy? No. Fucking all ships think they do though and that’s why they’re a fucking moronic douche bitch. They’re kids though, so soon they’ll trust this pedophile and the pedophile will take advantage of that and then them.
Now, some pedophiles will tell you that it’s not safe to tell a therapist cause they can rat you out and that doctor patient confidentiality is null if the therapist thinks you’re a harm to yourself and others. While the second part is true, if the professional with credentials think you’re a harm to yourself or to others they’re probably right, unlike the unprofessional colleges on here who don’t have any say who you’re a danger to because you’re a fucking pedophile. I have seen pedophiles admit to telling their therapist and nothing has happened to them so when a MAP says that they can’t go to a therapist because of that, they’re lying and they’re probably dangerous and most likely not non offending.

Thirdly, castration. A bit much? No. If a pedophile is already taliking to a therapist and wants to be chemically castrated, I dont see the problem. The most sure way to make sure they dont harm a child. If they dont agree, they probably don’t want to be non offending and probably aren’t.

Forth, off of tumblr? As I said, this website is full of minors. Impressionable minors. If they’re on here and have a blog dedicated to their immoral attraction, they’re automatically not non offending.

Fifth, isolation. Not completely. I guess they still have to get out and buy shit and go to work but they shouldn’t deliberately put themselves around children. Many “non offenders” on here already have done that and guess what? That means they’re not non offending. In a grocery store? Buy your shit and leave. Don’t get a teaching job you sick fuck. STAY AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND DON’T HAVE CHILDREN.

Q: What do you think of pedophiles that have kids?
A: Kill those pedophiles.

Q: Do you think sending death threats to pedophiles is a good idea?
A: I do believe they deserve to die but I don’t do that myself. However, I would celebrate if some random guy kills a pedophile on the street.

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are people not allowed to multiship anymore???????????? you drew cool soriel. you've drawn cool torigorey. i don't see the problem like? you can like both ships? i do??????

Its kinda sad to see a game showing love and tolerance can still produce so much hate :. but almost every fandom has that side of it.

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To the people calling you out for not posting that much lately: don't listen to them and don't let this affect your happiness Mak!! ;o; This is awful and toxic and every sane person knows that you also have a life beside your blog, in which you don't have time to draw - this is totally normal! Other things might get in the way, art blocks hit you like everyone else or just a busy schedule, this is perfectly alright and normal. I think it's uncalled for that people give you shit for that

“ I also think that you post pretty regularly, when I take myself in comparision, you really put out one piece after another out there and that’s amazing! You do so fine with your work, people shouldn’t get their pants in a twist when you happen to not upload something in 2 weeks because school and test and exams are happening and you have friends and family that probably also want attention and you just doing other things.

It annoys me that people don’t give you the respect you deserve for all your hard work, let me tell you that you’re a bright sunshine on my dashboard whenever I see your art and I’m so proud of you how far you came already! Don’t let this drag you down, block these people who says mean things that puts you into a terrible place feeling-wise, it usually don’t get better from here on out, that’s my experience at least. :( Love you and your hard work! ♥

Also please take care of yourself and don’t rush head first into a bunch of work, do it all in your own pace and never forget to have fun. ♥ It’s something you do in your free time after all and when it all feels like a chore, you will be discouraged and what’s left then anymore? :c”

((i dont know how you look like recently?? but i saw a few of your posts of your face a while back so i based it off of that?))

a huuuuge chunk of replies for @eisschirmchen in the keep reading, but basically:  I will definitely come back with arts, but not too regularly, of course. 

And guys. Follow Eis​. She’s the purest being. Love her art and her posts. I hope you guys take care!!!

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“I think about dying but I dont want to die. Not even close. In fact my problem is the complete opposite. I want to live, I want to escape. I feel trapped and bored and claustrophobic. There’s so much to see and so much to do but I somehow still find myself doing nothing at all. I’m still here in this metaphorical bubble of existence and I can’t quite figure out what the hell I’m doing or how to get out of it.” ― Matty Healy

…This quote it’s so fucking accurate..I can’t even..wow. 

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i dont mean this in a mean way and im not sure if youve answered this question, but if there is such a problem with racism on the show, then why do you keep watching and supporting it? i feel terrible because i had huge shipper goggles on and ignored all the problems the show had because i wanted clxa to work out and when it ended it made me open my eyes and see that there is so much wrong with this show, and you and others seem to see it too, but are still supporting it and im just curious why?

1. It is almost impossible to find a show that is not problematic, does not have issues with race, does not have issues with phobias or other social justice issues. 

2. While The 100 has gotten a lot of things wrong, it’s also gotten a lot of things right (a bisexual leading lady, a leading MOC who is not emotionally stunted and is also still an alpha male, a gay black male and his loving father, a badass disabled latina who is canonically the smartest person on the show and is unapologetic about it, sexualized Asian men, women in positions of authority across the board, etc.).

3. For the most part (imo) it does seem like the show attempts to listen to us when it comes to the most egregious errors (although certainly not all of them and it could definitely use some work). 

4. I have a great love for Bob Morley, Jarod Joseph, Chris Larkin, Lindsey Morgan, Nadia Hilke, Isaiah Washington and I know how hard it is to find a job as a POC in media. How many of these names had you heard before The 100? I don’t want some of my actual favorite people in the world to be out of jobs. 

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So like ive never really shipped anything in voltron? Ive always been ok w/ p much every ship like literally idc what you ship im just here for the charas lmao.. but i was always kind of aware of the discourse and i guess it messed me up bcs now that im finally getting back into the show again i keep coming across all this disturbing discourse (esp abt shir0 and sh3ith) and it's honestly making me anxious bcs i Dont see a problem but a part of me is still like 'What if Theyre Right' (1/4)

And it’s really skewing my perception especially of shir0 (who’s been my fave for the longest time tbh) purely bcs i keep hearing all these negative hcs and ppl calling him problematic or pedophilloic even if there is zero(0) evidence to support any of this? But god it’s bothering me so so much to the point i cant see anything from the show w/o panicking… i know it’s irrational and none of it is canon it’s just @ntis reaching but i guess its really got me disturbed?? (2/4)

Do you have any advice on how to forget about all this and keep enjoying the show and charas? Tumblr’s ruined a whole buncha stuff for me recently by scaring me into not liking it and i’m really sick and tired of it, and really dont want that to be the case with voltron since for me it’s always been a fun “backup” show for when i get too stressed by other stuff? (¾)  

Im sorry for bothering you, it’s just that you seem really experienced with this kind of Mess also sorry this got so long but im really worried about myself if im so gullible that some bs Will sway me so badly i just wanna get over this and keep enjoying vld as always without people putting unwarranted fears into my head..(4/4)


Honestly the main thing I will say to this is; re watch the show from the start. That is the best way to reset the characters from what antis push in fanon which is largely false. I would say just try not to think too much on anti rhetoric on characters because 99% of it is to prop up kl@nce, discredit any other ship, and to make Lance look better than everyone else. Shiro isnt problematic and we know that, they simply try to warp his character and make him look bad to discredit ships involving him and demonize those who ship them 

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Bucket of doom anon here; I get that Cat can be a bit dull but on that video she (looks gorgeous ngl) is quite funny for me and all how Dan is in the middle yet always slightly turned towards Phil and the answers are so stupid and funny and the part when the demon kills Phil and how we hear Phil honestly laughing so much and the end with Dan saying he can see everything Cat does sounding a bit jealous like bitch dont even try a move I am always watching what phil does. Idk I enjoy that colab

Bucket of doom anon still; I could elaborate more like how we get glimpses of Phil’s way to solve problems by completely going of the topic which is something Dan obviously appreciates but wants him to stay on topic and how Cat always deliver obvious answers instead and how the mask Dan is wearing is one that had been given to Phil years ago and all but I kind of enjoy reading it from you or nihilist tbh. Also everyone looked very good on that video ngl

I dunno - I think you just did a pretty good job of discussing it right there! I agree that we get a bit more of a real Dan and Phil vibe with Cat, she’s clearly someone they’re comfortable with. 

I’m rewatching it now and Phil’s weird non-linear thinking is fascinating. I forgot how offputting and mildly transphobic Cat’s answer with the baguette is but aside from that I think Dan had a blast playing the demon. 

(This is such a lackluster response I’m sorry I need coffee.

Also this isn’t a positive so I feel bad including it but I can’t help but fixate slightly: their body language is hard to watch in this video. Dan with his arms so tightly crossed so he doesn’t touch Phil and Phil always aware of his arm placement so it’s not too close behind Dan. It hasn’t even been two years and the way they interact with each other is so different oh my god. Even when Dan is stabbing Phil with the axe he is careful not to really touch Phil. They were so hyperalert to that.)

I think about dying but I dont want to die. Not even close. In fact my problem is the complete opposite. I want to live, I want to escape. I feel trapped and bored and claustrophobic. There’s so much to see and so much to do but I somehow still find myself doing nothing at all. I’m still here in this metaphorical bubble of existence and I can’t quite figure out what the hell I’m doing or how to get out of it.
—  Matty Healy

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For clarification I'm tight with anyone using any pronouns but like i don't know why people emphasize he/him lesbians when they'll scoff at a guy that likes to be called she but is cis

i was writing at this for ages but the breakdown is

- the emphasizing you’re seeing is literally other he/him lesbians uplifting ourselves

- ur ask is ignorant cus me and pretty much every other lesbian i know who uses he/him pronouns still gets abuse, harassment, incessantly questioned and misgendered just for using he/him pronouns pretty regularly

- like i have no problem with cis ppl using different pronouns or experimenting bc 1) they maybe be closeted/questioning etc 2) we’re literally always talking about how pronouns =/= gender and i dont see why that wouldn’t extend to cis ppl

- i get where you’re coming from but honestly just bc we uplift ourselves doesn’t mean you should expect us to know what others are going through

- you certainly shouldnt expect us to speak with authortiy on things that dont affect us

- if you support us we will support you and your positivity but like you have to make your own like we did? lesbians arent the voice of the cis gay men community

- these are two issues that are important but imo shouldnt be compared these are things our respective communities should work on

if anyone has anything to add pls do. i spent like an hour writing this shit (im slow)

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People say that beign up for so long will couse me trouble but nah im fine and im stell great in math so i dont see the problem.

Still though, do try to get as much sleep as possible. Even a few hours is better than none.