i still dont see it as much of a problem

ok ok listen i know a lot of people have been bringing up the fact that they dont like brooklyn nine nine because they feel like it’s a “pro-cop show” and it’s “idolizing a gross system” but like?? please try to understand that that is not the point of this show at all?? they have explicitly stated the problem with the police system in one of the episodes, where amy lists real concerns and holt puts up a poster that says “tell us how we can be better.” this is one of the very few shows who i see actually addressing real problems like gun control issues, homophobia, racism, and transphobia (it was just a mention, but still way more than any other show), while still being lighthearted and hilarious. just because this show is set in a cop setting does not mean they are praising anything?? please don’t diss an genuinely funny, good show so quickly because of that. it’s not perfect but it’s trying so much more than anything else on tv right now.

Monday blues & reading “understanding a photograph” & here is a quote by matty healy which sums up my entire thoughts perfectly: “I think about dying but I dont want to die. Not even close. In fact my problem is the complete opposite. I want to live, I want to escape. I feel trapped and bored and claustrophobic. There’s so much to see and so much to do but I somehow still find myself doing nothing at all. I’m still here in this metaphorical bubble of existence and I can’t quite figure out what the hell I’m doing or how to get out of it.”

Riverdale 1x09

Okay y’all so im typing this from the grave because I think the episode actually killed me.

We got a whole lot of drama and action in a small amount of time, the episodes are really picking up the pace and its leaving me feeling like I’m about to have a stroke and I love it


So we all knew something was up with this family but this takes things to a whole other level. Like the freaking maple tapping ceremony and banquet…. like who does all of this for fricken maple syrup?? they are nuts man. And don’t get me started on Cheryl at the end, what the actual hell? Polly you better get outta there fast girl.

2. Archie

my guy, my dude, you just gotta chill out. take a break stop getting involved in absolutely everything. I know you’re heart is in the right place but sometimes you just gotta take a seat. ( and he totally deserved Val dumping his ass he was a terrible boyfriend)

3. Veronica, you sweet angel. I just wanted to crawl through the screen and give her a hug she is so pure. 

4. also nice seeing Betty be there for her I love their friendship so much


6. seriously though I think mama cooper has something going on like betty and thats where betty’s problems come from. 

7. like when mama cooper threw the brick you saw her whole persona and body language change much like Dark Betty with Chuck.

8. yo i don’t trust Ethel, idk why but I don’t. she seems shady


we were so BLESSED fam. The first scene on her bed had me screaming cause I wasn’t expecting bughead so soon in the episode…but there they were about to have a makeout session at like 7 am until mama coper ruined all their fun;) and then we get protective boyfriend Juggie while talking to Cheryl which had me squealing. Then their scene with Betty freaking out and jughead comforting her and basically being the best boyfriend ever. and the collar grab and the HUG. honestly I swooned more at that hug than any of their kisses because it was so pure. I actually died and got resurrected. And then the two of them inviting mama cooper to write at the blue and gold I can’t handle this.

10. guys my heart can’t handle this.

11. also the fact that mama cooper is just so cool the juggie makes me so happy

12. and bughead once again show how a couple should be. supportive and loving and everything good in the world.

so that ends my rant because I need to remember how to breathe and function as a normal human being again. I probably missed a bunch of stuff but I can’t be bothered to remember. BUT BUGHEAD IS STILL SAILING AND BEING PURE AND HEALTHY SO MY HEART IS SMILING!<33

I think about dying but I dont want to die. Not even close. In fact my problem is the complete opposite. I want to live, I want to escape. I feel trapped and bored and claustrophobic. There’s so much to see and so much to do but I somehow still find myself doing nothing at all. I’m still here in this metaphorical bubble of existence and I can’t quite figure out what the hell I’m doing or how to get out of it.
—   Matty Healy

gremlin mtn dew and dorito jokes about dva have gotten really unfunny really fast. for one, like. esports in korea are a much bigger deal? like. i’ve lived in korea, and there are tv channels, or at least shows, dedicated to playing starcraft, and i recall on more than one occasion sitting in a hair salon or doctors office and those types of channels would be on like no big deal

and like. doritos and mtn dew are such an american trope? its subtly whitewashing her without actually changing her features and skintone, but rather culturally, and on top of that it infantilizes her. east asian women get infantilized so fucking much that its a really big fucking problem and quite frankly racist? like i havent seen an asian woman character that wasn’t either an Exotic™ Perfect Wife, an Unfeeling Aloof Dragon Lady trope, or infantilized and portrayed as unable to care for herself.

and using child/gremliln dva is springboard to make the White Faves her caretakers dont think i dont see that either lmao

like the jokes were funny at first, but its a huge fucking problem and really old and irritating now???

and theres so much to hana song thats really interesting that gets overlooked by the fans. she’s 19, and she’s been drafted into the miitary because they’re so desperate they turned to gamers. she fights for her contry and her life against a massive fucking kaiju level omnic that learns the more and more you fight it and she still continues to win. and she livestreams her battles, which, yes, the initial thought is hilarious as hell, but she also very well could be broadcasting her own death live to the public. and. its hard being in the public eye all the time (especially in constant situations of pressure), but she puts herself out there and still remains a beloved public figure. that takes charisma and strength and god knows what else and she’s only nineteen.

but. yeah. by all means. all there is to her is doritos and mountain dew and overused gamer jokes, right?

Honey I don’t check up on you to see how you’re doing. You’re not that important to me anymore. You’re kidding yourself if you honestly think I still care that much. Your number and everything else is blocked for a reason. Or did you forget?
FAQ So Far


Q: What is a MAP?
A: It stand for minor attracted person. In other words, a pedophile or dangerous scum of the human earth that should not be trusted. It started out as trying to get rid of the stigma around pedophiles but it backfired and just stigmatized the term MAP.

Q: What is a NOP?
A: Non offending pedophile. In other words, a myth.

Q: What do you think of people with POCD?
A: People with POCD are not pedophiles. They have intrusive thoughts about children and hate them and want to get rid of it. They are not bad people

Q: Why don’t you think pedophilia is a mental illness?
A: Pedophilia is not a mental illness because if it was, pedophiles would go to a mental hospital instead of a prison. Furthermore, people that have these thoughts don’t feel bad about them. They like them. They like the thought of abusing children and if it was allowed, I’m sure they wouldn’t pass up on the chance. There’s enough stigma around mentally ill people as it is, we don’t need pedophilia to be in the community because then innocent people would be effected by it.

Q: Why don’t you a support lolicon?
A: Well besides the fact that its illegal, it causes addiction and grooms minors. Allow me to explain.
Addiction: Say a pedophile looks at lolicon to prevent himself from touching a real child. An addiction is an addiction no matter what it is to and it’s not healthy. By encouraging lolicon, you’re encouraging addiction and an addiction like that could lead to actually touching a real child as lolicon couldn’t have been enough for the pedophile and they wanted more. Give an alcoholic a drink and he’ll want more, right? Give a druggie meth and he’ll want more, right? The two examples I just gave (as both alcohol and meth can control the actions of an individual) can lead to harming the innocent, just as a pedophile addicted to lolicon can harm a child. So, just how long can these fake children help anyways?

Grooming: https://the-map-community-is-dangerous.tumblr.com/post/159075198647/yourshipsaregross-waltdisneyconfessions


Two examples of how lolicon harms real children. Pedophiles use fictional characters in sexual poses to trick children into thinking that whatever they want to do is okay. That it’s natural. It’s not.

So if anyone tries to defend lolicon, they’re probably looking at it themselves and if they wanna say “But they’re not real. These characters don’t get hurt.” Tell them that it still harms real children.

Here’s more examples: https://the-map-community-is-dangerous.tumblr.com/post/159276916317/yajuunoh-maskseller-teasources


Q: If a pedophile doesn’t offend, what are they called?
A: A pedophile. Especially on tumblr dot hell. They are not “non offending” pedophiles because they have joined a MAP community that normalizes pedophilia. They tell minors on here that they’re okay people when they’re not because theyre attracted to them so of course they want to earn a minors trust. They’re liars. Why would you believe absolutely anything a pedophile says? If non offending pedophiles do exist then it would be highly rare and I’ll get to why in the next Q.

Q: What would classify a pedophile as non offending?
A: First, they can’t be on tumblr. This site is full of minors. Impressionable minors and porn blogs. They come across porn blogs and they might think it looks nice and now all they have to do is find someone willing to do it with them. That’s where pedophiles come in. So pedophiles need to get the fuck off tumblr.

Second, therapy. A reason why the MAP community is bad is because they think they are getting help with other MAPs. No, they’re not. MAPs aren’t professionals, they dont have credentials, and they’re not experts. The only thing these MAPs are doing is telling you that its okay to have romatic/sexual attraction to children and it’s not. They’re normalizing these feelings and they should not be normalized. These feelings are dangerous and accepting them can lead to haring the child. Now how is that so, you ask? Well, accepting these will lead these pedophiles to trust themselves around kids. Pedophiles shouldn’t trust themselves around kids. The body does things involuntarily when you’re attracted to someone and some things that you dont notice that you’re doing but other people do and children aren’t stupid. They can know when an adult is acting funny around them. Do they have telepathy? No. Fucking all ships think they do though and that’s why they’re a fucking moronic douche bitch. They’re kids though, so soon they’ll trust this pedophile and the pedophile will take advantage of that and then them.
Now, some pedophiles will tell you that it’s not safe to tell a therapist cause they can rat you out and that doctor patient confidentiality is null if the therapist thinks you’re a harm to yourself and others. While the second part is true, if the professional with credentials think you’re a harm to yourself or to others they’re probably right, unlike the unprofessional colleges on here who don’t have any say who you’re a danger to because you’re a fucking pedophile. I have seen pedophiles admit to telling their therapist and nothing has happened to them so when a MAP says that they can’t go to a therapist because of that, they’re lying and they’re probably dangerous and most likely not non offending.

Thirdly, castration. A bit much? No. If a pedophile is already taliking to a therapist and wants to be chemically castrated, I dont see the problem. The most sure way to make sure they dont harm a child. If they dont agree, they probably don’t want to be non offending and probably aren’t.

Forth, off of tumblr? As I said, this website is full of minors. Impressionable minors. If they’re on here and have a blog dedicated to their immoral attraction, they’re automatically not non offending.

Fifth, isolation. Not completely. I guess they still have to get out and buy shit and go to work but they shouldn’t deliberately put themselves around children. Many “non offenders” on here already have done that and guess what? That means they’re not non offending. In a grocery store? Buy your shit and leave. Don’t get a teaching job you sick fuck. STAY AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND DON’T HAVE CHILDREN.

Q: What do you think of pedophiles that have kids?
A: Kill those pedophiles.

Q: Do you think sending death threats to pedophiles is a good idea?
A: I do believe they deserve to die but I don’t do that myself. However, I would celebrate if some random guy kills a pedophile on the street.

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i dont mean this in a mean way and im not sure if youve answered this question, but if there is such a problem with racism on the show, then why do you keep watching and supporting it? i feel terrible because i had huge shipper goggles on and ignored all the problems the show had because i wanted clxa to work out and when it ended it made me open my eyes and see that there is so much wrong with this show, and you and others seem to see it too, but are still supporting it and im just curious why?

1. It is almost impossible to find a show that is not problematic, does not have issues with race, does not have issues with phobias or other social justice issues. 

2. While The 100 has gotten a lot of things wrong, it’s also gotten a lot of things right (a bisexual leading lady, a leading MOC who is not emotionally stunted and is also still an alpha male, a gay black male and his loving father, a badass disabled latina who is canonically the smartest person on the show and is unapologetic about it, sexualized Asian men, women in positions of authority across the board, etc.).

3. For the most part (imo) it does seem like the show attempts to listen to us when it comes to the most egregious errors (although certainly not all of them and it could definitely use some work). 

4. I have a great love for Bob Morley, Jarod Joseph, Chris Larkin, Lindsey Morgan, Nadia Hilke, Isaiah Washington and I know how hard it is to find a job as a POC in media. How many of these names had you heard before The 100? I don’t want some of my actual favorite people in the world to be out of jobs. 

“I think about dying but I dont want to die. Not even close. In fact my problem is the complete opposite. I want to live, I want to escape. I feel trapped and bored and claustrophobic. There’s so much to see and so much to do but I somehow still find myself doing nothing at all. I’m still here in this metaphorical bubble of existence and I can’t quite figure out what the hell I’m doing or how to get out of it.” ― Matty Healy

…This quote it’s so fucking accurate..I can’t even..wow. 

I think about dying but I dont want to die. Not even close. In fact my problem is the complete opposite. I want to live, I want to escape. I feel trapped and bored and claustrophobic. There’s so much to see and so much to do but I somehow still find myself doing nothing at all. I’m still here in this metaphorical bubble of existence and I can’t quite figure out what the hell I’m doing or how to get out of it.
—  Matty Healy

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Yo, black woman and artist here who has literally been told that she's not black enough for certain conversations about black history/politics: your art is A+ and I don't see a damn problem with it. I understand lighting and color palettes and you still don't even reach the borderline of whitewash. Those people can't even get off anon to tell you cause they just want to be an ass to someone. Keep up the beautiful work 👍🏽

thank you so much aaa ;;;;;

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hey!! i hope this isnt too much to ask but last month i got broken up with because after 5 years of constant communication and support my partner somehow realized they just dont have time for me anymore and im still feeling really bad about it and i have to see them on friday too... i was wondering if you could write a small scenario of yoongi being comforting after you got broken up with to help me get through the week. thank you <3

“are you okay?”

the text from yoongi took you by surprise. the two of you had been messaging all morning with seemingly no problems. you weren’t sure how he could know you were feeling down when all you talked about was his upcoming tour which had him catching a flight early the next morning.

“I’m fine why?” it was a bald-faced lie, but you didn’t want him to worry about you when he had to leave so soon. he had enough on his plate, and you knew that given time you’d be better.

“don’t lie to me y/n.” 

you sighed as you typed out your response. “I’m just feeling a little down but it’s fine, I’ll be okay. worry about your tour.” you expected one of yoongi’s usual attempts to cheer you up to follow close behind your message, but after fifteen minutes your notification bar remained empty of his name. you were admittedly a little disappointed, because even though you didn’t want yoongi wasting his energy worrying about you and your problems, you still looked forward to his positive words. you shrugged off the silence, figuring he simply had gotten busy. but when your phone buzzed again you smiled uncontrollably at his name.

“meet me at the dorm asap.” you knew well enough that asking him why would only warrant a more permanent silence from yoongi, so you decided to humor him. once you arrived, yoongi was waiting for you at the door.

“hey,” he smiled, pulling you into a warm hug. “good to see you.”

“you too,” you replied, letting him lead you inside. “so what am I here for?” before he could answer, you were met with the sight of a decked out living room. the menu screen to one of your favorite movies covered the tv, the couch was littered with fluffy blankets and pillows of assorted colors and designs, and the coffee table was home to an array of cheap snacks and drinks. 

“I know I leave in the morning and should go to sleep early, but you know me, I’d be up late anyways.” yoongi finished his sentence as he fell soundless into the couch. he patted the space next to him, allowing you to take a seat. “I know things have been rough for you lately and that you’ve been really lonely. and if I can do anything to make that a little better then I’ll gladly do it.”

“yoongi,” you marveled, your eyes undoubtedly sparkling with appreciation. “thank you so much, this is more than you needed to do. I’m really going to miss you.”

yoongi nodded, lifting up his arm and offering you to nuzzle in close to him. the two of you weren’t dating, but yoongi had always been there in your darkest moments. and after your breakup you felt your relationship with him developing into something stronger than it had ever been. sitting in his arms was a surefire way to improve your mood, and in that moment you forgot all of your sadness. 

“I’ll come back as soon as I can,” he assured. “like I said, I’d do anything to make you feel better.”

lokkish replied to your post: Hey serious question

Personally I get scared off the littlest of things so Bendy is plenty scary for me. I just like the character and the art style, to me it different and not something I’ve seen before. I also like the weird mystery that the game does have, I’m curious as to what’s actually going to happen later in the game as we’re only two chapters in. I don’t think there’s any lore to beyond the game but I could be wrong.

Hmmm ok ok I see. so your squeamish. And yeah I figure as much with the art style I’m not hacking it, it’s good not really something to freak out over (for me) but still good. I still really don’t see a mystery but yeah I kind of want to see how it ends too, I mean we know really nothing other than the problems of the co workers but dont know ANYTHING about the cartoon characters themselves which I would really like to learn about. And thank you for the lore comment cause come on WHAT LORE?!!! I just think about this beautiful game

Originally posted by fnafitup

And I want to know all about these characters they even tell you about them give them there own personality even TONS of lore, but so far Bendy hasn’t done anything to that. So I will wait and see how the 3rd (middle of the game) plays out

i decided to rant.

Logan can represent Chris as a  type of guy but he isn’t Chris, he will never be. Rory and Logan’s relationship isn’t and will never be the same as Chris and Lorelai’s relationship. Rory and Logan have a different story than chris/lorelai.

They met each other at Yale, they fell deeply in love, they lived together, they told each other everything, they spent three years together and in love, they shared trips and breakdowns, failures and victorys. they survived long distance and after a proposal that went wrong they still loved each other. 9 years later those feelings are still there. telling each other everything, calling one another when they are upset, encouraging one another to follow their path and what they need. There story was done dirty. Where was the Logan Huntzberger that would give up everything to be with Rory?The Logan Huntzberger that would even go to the extent of asking her mother for help just for her to forgive him? the one that wouldn’t have gotten on the plane if she asked him too? the one that broke free from that caged life he was supposed to live in? i stil feel like the one that had to make the move in the revival was rory tho. After he proposed to her, he wasn’t about to take such a jump without Rory giving him some indication she wanted him to take it. It was Rory’s turn to say “you trust me?” and Logan to be the one saying “you jump i jump jack”. it was rory’s time to tell him “don’t get on that plane, blow off your father, the whole huntzberger destiny” and i KNOW that he would, just as he wouldn’t have gotten in that plane if she told him not too 10 years ago. Both of them ended devastated bc of fear of communication, they didn’t express the words they needed to say to each other and you could see how miserable they were. Logan is not a 16 year old Chris, he is a 34 year old Logan, just as Rory isn’t a 16 year old Lorelai, she is a 32 year old Rory. R/L have both lived more and have both been through so much more than C/L had been through. They have more history, more passion, more confidence and more love than C/L will ever or had ever had.

i am not an anti Jess person, i am not the biggest supporter of the R/J relationship but Jess as a character is someone i like and the revival was able to show me that again. I dont see him as Rory’s Luke, he is Jess, he is his own person. He didn’t needed Rory to grow up and face his problems, he did it on his own. Jess will never be her Luke, he will be his Jess. He has his own life, he is happy with his publisher and not living in SH which is something he never wanted to. They hadn’t seen each other for 4 years and i they still not see much of one another during the year, so him still having feelings for her (that’s what i took) just seemed so wrong and sad. Jess became a great guy who deserved so much better than to still be pinning for the same girl 15 years later who he doesn’t see much and that she clearly doesn’t have the same feelngs. Jess deserves better than Rory. They played a 6.18 again on him in some way. and i guess the “it is what it is, you and me” is true.

Luke for Lorelai is the guy that has been by her side for years and years, who tries to get every aspect of her (not all cause you can’t fully know a person), who has try to give her everything, who has messed up cause yes, he is human. Luke gives Lorelai her space and tries to respect her but at the same time tries to be involve in the type of life that comes with her. For me Logan has a lot of Luke in him, and i guess we will never know but for people who don’t feel the same then her Luke will be someone new, someone we don’t know cause, Luke wasn’t in Lorelai’s past he was in her future.

This whole full-circle thing left me hanging when it comes to Rory cause we know that Rory isnt the same person as Lorelai is and that she will do things differently. After thinking about it and reading people’s thoughts i undestood that it is endeed a full cirlce for her, it’s once again Rory being the bridge between Lorelai and Emily’s world. It was her getting pregnant by a guy that could easily be Richard. Cause thinking about it Logan is not only Christopher, he is Luke and Richard. He is Chris cause he is the rich guy who’s charm won Rory over, he was Luke cause he was the guy that supported her through out everything, who let her be her own person, cause he was the one that won her heart as Alexis said, because as they say many episodes ago he was “the one”, and he was the guy that tried to fit in both of the worlds she lives in. And he was Richard, the guy she met at Yale, that was well read and that had a passion for enjoying life ( episode 3.08) and that was engaged to someone else but at the end he chose Emily, the diference here is that Rory never gave Logan the chance to chose, she got the courage to ask him too. As i said before i think it’s pointless to compare the characters but i found it interesting how Logan has all this little pieces of this men

I like to think that Rory tells Logan about the baby and that he finds the way to really get out of that prison in which he was destined to live. Rory is the rescue Dan and Amy talked about for Logan. I want to believe that their characters growth is still there and that they will be able to talk about the things they need to talk about, And what i most want is for that baby to feel loved by both his parents and that they find happiness in whatever form they do. Cause they both deserve the happiness this revival didnt give them

I think about dying but I dont want to die. Not even close. In fact my problem is the complete opposite. I want to live, I want to escape. I feel trapped and bored and claustrophobic. There’s so much to see and so much to do but I somehow still find myself doing nothing at all. I’m still here in this metaphorical bubble of existence and I can’t quite figure out what the hell I’m doing or how to get out of it.
—  Matty Healy

dont hate on disabled people for cosplaying abled characters.

dont ever hate on disabled people for cosplaying characters while in thieir wheelchair.

dont ever hate on disabled people who need mobility aids but still cosplay, who are mentally ill and are just trying to have a good time ot anything like that.

their illness takes so much away from them already,

you dont get to take something else away from them

dont fucking do it my guy.

warmchanyeol replied to your post: i actually have a serious problem with how hannah…

omg yea her lack of accountability/responsibility for her own actions annoyed me so much too bc i dont think a few of them deserved to carry that burden around…but i can kinda see how she thought it was ok to do :// idk she was also an immature high schooler just like everyone else at the end of the day

yeah i’m trying to get she’s an immature high schooler but still…. the whole show is off…

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I am actually quite curious about the reposting issue. I know that reposting without credit is definitely a problem, as is reposting and stealing credit, but is it considered as much of an issue if credit is given and the work is linked back to the artist? I'm curious, because I often see art with credit and a link that has been reposted from Pixiv.

It actually depends on the artist :-) Some artists are okay with reposts of their work (with credit mind you), but then you’ll have some who are not okay with reposting even if credit is added. It all depends on the person.

So although reposting with credit is much more welcomed than without. I would highly recommend reading the artists about/FAQ or messaging them and asking for permission first before reposting. 

I hope this answers your question!!

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this may seem a little weird but i bought two of your prints at slcc and one of them was the one of like shiro turned away and keith was standing behind them and it lowkey made me cry inside bc the siZE DIFFERENCE but i dont see it in your etsy and i wanted to get one for my datemate do you still sell those? or were they like slcc exclusive?

EEEE!!!! Thank you so much for buying my art! 8> That makes me so very very very very VERY Happy! 

And oh nos! 

Originally posted by monotony-killed-the-cats

I forgot to put a listing up for that one! ahaha! 

But never fear! i have corrected the problem and one is up right this very moment! 


***And in the future! If you or anyone reading through sees something you want and I don’t have a listing up for it! Please let me know and I will hook you up, my homies!! 

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My problem with komamiki is just... oh come on! Are you seriously shipping the heavily implied gay guy with the canon sapphic girl? You know? other than that its fine, but I still dont really like it.

Same ahaha,,,

I see a sizable number of lgbt ppl ship it (compared to like, hinanami or something) so that really glaring fact doesn’t stand out as MUCH but still… every single character ko has been attracted to is a male and for tsumiki she expresses attraction to hinata and mitarai (even tho dr3 was a tire fire), however she really obviously loves junko

the other problem I have is that “oh you don’t have anyone to love” comment tsumiki makes which is scientifically the Meanest thing you could say to ko given his backstory and the fact that he’s in love w Hinata at this point

But yeah overall I’m. Eh. I don’t like it but I don’t have the burning hate I do for like, kamunami or something. I’m probably never gonna ship it but I can understand WHY people ship it