i still dont like the colouring

Here is my secret santa gift for @mintowls for @tsukyamgiftexchange ! I am so so sorry for not having done any of your cool aus like im so inept its horrendous :(( 

I hope you still like this gift tho ;; v ;;;)/ … Happy new year!


this is really late but here’s the boy @lyuushuu


Word count: 10.2k 

Summary: Everyone’s aura is black until the age of 18 when they get their own personal colour. No one’s is ever the same. Except Dan’s. Dan is 23 and has been waiting for 5 years to wake up with his own colour. But when he meets someone who’s aura is so bright it nearly blinds him, he believes he might be the way to finding his real aura.

Warnings: non this is fluffy as hell with like 2% angst and its just really cute

AN: seems I really like doing fics about colours (shamelessly promotes ’Red’)

He’s like the ocean and I’m the dark grey that fades into black sunk right below him. No one notices black when there’s bright blue to see.


Dan trudged through the streets, working his way to Starbucks. He slipped in and behind the counter, saying hello to his friend and clocking in, sighing at how many bright colours were around him.

“Still no luck?” Louise asked him as she passed him a drinks order and he rolled his eyes, gesturing to himself.

“Am I still black?”

“It will happen soon I’m sure,” she said, patting his shoulder and Dan raised his eyebrows.

“Lou I am the only twenty three year old to still have a black aura after turning eighteen. No one’s colour is black but it’s mine and I hate it. It’s never going to change and I’m going to be murky for the rest of my life,” he told her, passing her the drink he made as she sighed at him.

“You just need to find something to make you happy. Then you will start to take on colour,” she said and Dan rolled his eyes.

“I wish.”

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some highlights of pokemon so far:

i avoided a lot of spoilers before i bought the game so some of this might not be new info but i’m still loving it

  • rather than asking “are you a boy or are you a girl” they ask what you look like and give you a bunch of options!! i dont think your gender is explicitly stated at all?? (and you can change your hair and eye colour and clothes later on!!)
  • your mum has a bedroom 
  • lillie is the cutest??! 
  • hau in general is just pure sunshine i love him
  • when you get your starter you “lift it gently in your arms” rip my heart its so cute
  • rockruff
  • spinning really fast and doing a pose??? 
  • it seems to walk you through everything a lot more than past games!! which is great for people who are only playing pokemon for the first time now and im so glad. i remember struggling a lot with past games when i was younger (even if it feels a little tedious now, but thats just cos i already know how to play)
  • when you lay on your bed meowth will wake you up by meowing loudly then jumping up next to your face. which is the most accurate cat thing i cannot get over it
  • team skull walking trying to be cool and talking with bone puns 
  • so many people just give you stuff. free items everywhere its great
  • captain ilima is beautiful in every way and i love them

i could go on but i want to keep playing lol

ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

Hey, you come here often?
*seductively eats your friend*

People need to stop wanting movie adaptions of books to be exact replicas of the source material

Change isn’t always bad sometimes its just different

Y'all need to start viewing movies as separate, like AUs

If a movie is still bad then its a bad movie
It doesnt make the book bad


If a movie is considered good but you hate it because scourges collar isnt PURPLE i WILL PHYSICALLY PROPEL YOU INTO THE SUN



stop holding onto the past

@magehand replied to your post: @adhdalistair replied to your post: …

yeah lu is 100% the only confirmed poc, im pretty sure u could stretch and say some characters are confirmed white like all the tom bodetts? but outside of them and the director i dont think any other characters have any confirmed skin colour (outside of like… drows obv but u know what i mean)

ye i get u…so yeah it’d be pretty unfortunate of griffin to make her the big bad right after confirming that, to say the least

i do have faith in him Not to do that but, like its still a worry esp when so many ppl are pushing for it

icons i made for my friends and i which escalated into a full blown– i dont even know LMAO

Finding an excuse to draw them kissing tbh Practiced colouring digitally on traditional sketch. I didnt know how to manage it at first and can’t say i know what im doing but i think i did a good job! ✨

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