i still dont like the colouring

some thoughts about middle earth
  • elves and dwarves are so confused by men’s gendering?? in both elf and dwarf cultures your gender and physical sex is completely seperate, so when they see a human baby and the parents are like, “yep, this our son, he’s a boy,” the elves and dwarves are so confused?? becaue the child hasn’t gotten a chance to decide for themselves??
  • elf and dwarf children get to feel out different genders until they feel comfortable to call themselves that gender. even then, theyre free to change it later on if they want
  • (aragorn was raised as an elf and therefore also went through this process. he tried out being a girl for a few years, then agender, and eventually decided on calling himself a boy. elrond was super proud)
  • it’s easy to tell with dwarves, bc they have special braids/beads for their gender
  • elves generally ask each other if theyre unsure, bc theyre deathly afraid of making assumptions, since thats like a really big insult
  • elves and dwarves each have very distinct body shapes. its difficult to differentiate between a (physically) female or male dwarf and between a (physically) female or male elf, which is great bc it means the humans cant just assume their gender
  • they dont really gender jobs (eg the woman cant be a guard or the man cant be a cook) bc thats not how elf/dwarf gender works?? theyre like the epitome of gender equality
  • (so dis was actually before dain in succession to the throne of erebor, but she decided to let him rule bc she had just lost the last of her remaining family)
  • elves are usually pansexual
  • dwarves are usually demisexual
  • hobbits are a mix, generally bi or pan, and occasionally polyamorous (theyre very free with their love)
  • humans are the very old school race, heterosexuality is generally preferred bc you can have a baby (theyre still very “a Woman is a Woman and a Man is a Man”). if youre looking for a pretty bigoted race, this is it
  • race (ie the colour of your skin) is not a big thing?? i mean youve got halflings and orcs and talking ravens and shit walking around??
  •  the elves occasionally have this thing about heritage, but its still more about blood (like Noldor or Sinda or w/e) than physical attributes
  • that being said, most dwarves are def poc
  • i mean, they were created in the image of aule and dont even think about telling me he was white
  • also?? hobbits are a farming and gardening race?? they spend the whole day out in the sun, working?? they are not white fam
  • elrond is also not the straight-haired, pale bitch peter jackson showed us?? um dude he was related to like half of beleriand (part of middle earth that got flooded before lotr) and despite what peter jackson tells us, not every fucking elf and human is white jesus fucking christ
ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

I got an anonymous request to make a tutorial on how I pick what colours I’m going to be using, so here’s the end result of said tutorial. It is rendering right now and I should have it uploaded in 7 hours (because that’s when I’ll  be out of class)… assuming the video renders and exports properly. :U 

update: Still can’t get this video to export properly sooo…. hhh patience. I’ll get it up, I will. I might have to separate the video into smaller clips.



arright guys, like i posted last night, my apartment was broken into and quite a few of my electronics were stolen - the most important of which being my computer and my tablet.
im a freelance artist and my computer is my only real source of income, so while i do have renters insurance and hopefully will receive some reimbursement from that, my bills wont wait for that and i need to make the funds to buy a new laptop and tablet ASAP

so im going to be offering unlimited slots on traditional commissions until i have a laptop again, so if you’re interested please email me at suchamantis@gmail.com !!

in addition to sketches and badges im also going to be offering single character simple watercolour paintings as well for $80 (overly complicated characters may be more, x2 for an additional character - i dont have an example of these yet but they’ll just be a single, fullbody character on a single colour backgrounds, with detail comparable to the badges)

if anyone isnt interested in commissioning me and would still like to help, my paypal is the same as my email address! suchamantis@gmail.com

signal boosts are MASSIVELY appreciated!

and once again i begin posting all the art i drew a while back that i have saved up!

i dont actually know how light or fire works please go easy on this one

“Do you want to see?” Victor asks as Yuuri pulls on his sweater and grabs his glasses. Yuuri nods his head, crossing over to view the portrait.

Yuuri’s torso takes up the entire canvas and it looks like he is dripping with watercolors. A hue of reds and yellows and greens outline his body, while violets and blues and every color in between form the shadows on Yuuri’s body and outlines the firmness in his arms and his ribcage. Yuuri’s expression in the painting is placid, eyes shut and the length of his eyelashes slightly exaggerated. The rosiness of his cheeks is prominent, and his red lips are slightly parted as if Yuuri is breathing out a heavy sigh and his body just melts from it.

Yuuri is brushing his fingertips over his own lips, possibly wondering if he actually looked like this.

   -   like your french girls by @ebenroot

here’s the thing right ok i am not a professional artist like victor and cannot seduce hire a model to help me draw bodies, so i…downsized and am hoping that people are kind my remaining mistakes :’)

time lapse video


Word count: 10.2k 

Summary: Everyone’s aura is black until the age of 18 when they get their own personal colour. No one’s is ever the same. Except Dan’s. Dan is 23 and has been waiting for 5 years to wake up with his own colour. But when he meets someone who’s aura is so bright it nearly blinds him, he believes he might be the way to finding his real aura.

Warnings: non this is fluffy as hell with like 2% angst and its just really cute

AN: seems I really like doing fics about colours (shamelessly promotes ’Red’)

He’s like the ocean and I’m the dark grey that fades into black sunk right below him. No one notices black when there’s bright blue to see.


Dan trudged through the streets, working his way to Starbucks. He slipped in and behind the counter, saying hello to his friend and clocking in, sighing at how many bright colours were around him.

“Still no luck?” Louise asked him as she passed him a drinks order and he rolled his eyes, gesturing to himself.

“Am I still black?”

“It will happen soon I’m sure,” she said, patting his shoulder and Dan raised his eyebrows.

“Lou I am the only twenty three year old to still have a black aura after turning eighteen. No one’s colour is black but it’s mine and I hate it. It’s never going to change and I’m going to be murky for the rest of my life,” he told her, passing her the drink he made as she sighed at him.

“You just need to find something to make you happy. Then you will start to take on colour,” she said and Dan rolled his eyes.

“I wish.”

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Okay, so I’ve been playing Zelda, breath of the wild for a while now and I can’t get this idea out of my head. So here it is guys, Prince Sidon light of life, Zora domains most eligible bachelor and all around sweetheart, is trans.

I know some people might be asking, but ginger how can you prove it? But I don’t have to prove anything, however I will now present in great detail how I came to my conclusions.

In the Zora domain the Zora come in a variety of colors but I’ve found that all blue Zora are males, with a one exception, while all red Zora are females, also with a one exceptions. While red and blue seem to be the primary colours of the Zora there are three other minor colours present among them as well. There are Zora, mainly those acting as guards, who have black scales. Looking at the guards you will find that they have both female and male Zora within their ranks. The black scales are not seen on another Zora outside of the guards except for one of the Zora elders who may have been a guard in their youth. Moving on I have also found two female Zora among the gaurds in shades of purple, one violet the other lavender. I have my theories on this as well but maybe I’ll address them at a later date. Finally the last colour present among the Zora is green found on only two Zora, both male, one a craftsmen and the other the royal advisor.
So summing up we have five colours present among the Zora race, two found only on females, two found only on males and one found on both. Now to address those exceptions I mentioned earlier.
Sidon and Mei are the only two Zora who bear colours typically found on the opposite gender. I’ll address Mei first as she is not the main focus of this post and is a Zora you can only met if you accept a side quest from Fronk. Mei is teal, a shade in between blue and green that I have not found on any other Zora. However since it is still a shade of blue, a colour only found on male Zora, I believe undeniably that Mei is a beautiful trans women. So if we take Sidon, who is red, into consideration there is only one conclusion that can be made. Not only is Sidon red but unlike Mei, he is the exact same shade present on other Zora females, so there is nothing anyone can do to convince me that Sidon isn’t a beautiful trans man.

End of post

Hey, you come here often?
*seductively eats your friend*

Anisah tries to make a tutorial :) 

There is probably a list of people who should never make tutorials, and i’m on it… but here we are anyways ~

(this is a very detailed tutorial from start to finish, so please bear with me lols. also, its super long, so under a cut it goes )

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(i mean, since people made human versions of a fucking basket of butters then i can make human versions of phones)

。+phone guy + phone dude’s phones - human version+  。

。+reblogs are appreciated+  。

✨I actually still cant believe how good he looks its been several days and im still sh00k.✨

(Why did i make him look like the russian lesbian from yuri on ice oOOPS)

(ALSO ill probably draw Arthur to go w/ this soon enough, most likely when school is finished lol)

occiferhigashikata  asked:

Hey, old man! I'm looking to upgrade my style, and I was wondering if you still have that kewl outfit where you were wearing like three shirts and a bowtie? Asking for science.


Well I dont have much but I can certainly help you find something sophisticated, as befits an heir of the Joestar Family! Upgrade is an apt term. We didn’t use purple very much during that time…what other colours do you like???”-Jonathan

Hes way too excited.

Hi friends, here is my nonsensical rant/thoughts about the riverdale s1 finale if u wish to read this mess:


2. and somehow archie went to the hospital and got his hand all plastered quicker than it took cheryl to get dry??? unless there was a huge time gap in between veronica leaving her house and the performance in which case WHY DIDN’T YOU STAY LONGER VERONICA you didnt even do much in the song (unfortunately) so its not like you were needed to rehearse 

3. it does not make sense to me that there are ubers in riverdale, especially ones that are available right away to carry 4+ people all the time

4. WHY WAS JOSIE NOT HERE FOR SO LONG also VAL deserved better (also who is the other pussycat when do we get to know her??)

5. also also WHY DID THEY ALL JUST GO GET MILKSHAKES AFTER LIKE EVERYTHING WITH CHERYL DIDN’T JUST HAPPEN like cheers happy happy well done for saving cheryl archie ur the bestest musical boy ever no don’t worry about her and how she nearly died we’ll just let her go back to the house and family that drove her to that and enjoy all this whipped cream la lalaa now lets all go have sex

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