i still dont know their ship name

I had a lot of fun drawing this!! I may not have gotten their heights exactly proportional, but I think I guessed them pretty close. The two dad friends are bound to be eachother friends (or more??) Right?

Post series 4 headcanon where Sherlock sets Molly up on a friend date with Janine because Janine is all outgoing and cheeky and confident and he hopes she’ll help Molly find some confidence and joy. So after like awkward beginnings they hit it off spectacularly and start hanging out all the time- movie marathon nights, coffee every Tuesday, deep and meaningful conversations about their shit luck with men (with more than a few hours dedicated to men specifically called Sherlock). They even try double speed dating which ends up being so lame and hilariously bad that they go twice more and give themselves fake names and make up ridiculous background stories and then laugh for hours afterwards that they still managed to get guys numbers despite the bullshit hobbies and repulsive interests they made up in an attempt to put them off. They stumble out giggling and Molly can’t actually believe she was able to pull that off again, couldn’t have imagined 6 months ago that this vivacious woman with a wicked sense of humour could have managed to bring meek, little Molly so far out of her shell. She finds herself bewildered by the fact that Janine not only encourages Molly’s awkward attempts at humour but actually finds her funny and adorable even if 90% of Molly’s jokes are about dead bodies and autopsies and don’t usually translate well with “normal” people.

Eventually it shifts to something more than friendship, and neither of them even realises for ages because they’ve always been into men; a core part of their identity has been tied up in their “bad luck with men” so it doesn’t even occur to them that The Right Man isn’t, in fact, a man at all. They’ve consistently talked about their shit taste in men and one night at Molly’s they are commiserating again. They are both casually self deprecating, wine drunk, and giggly after a romcom session when Molly looks up at Janine, face flushed, and whispers “maybe we’ve been getting it wrong the whole time, we need to forget about men and go after women” and she is only half serious but still gets a bit giddy even suggesting it. Janine leans in, breath warm across Molly’s cheek and smirks; “why miss Molly, aren’t you full of surprises tonight” and thinks why the hell not before pressing her lips against Molly’s. The gasp that comes from Molly is comically loud and they both pull away laughing; this is possibly the most ridiculous thing they’ve done yet…but it’s also fun and feels right in its silliness and they both think oh. there you are.

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You don't have to but I ship Shinoa and Mitsuba and finding art is hard. Could you draw them?

Ah, yes…Tsundere Hime and Sass Queen…we can never get enough of these gal pals

Ok I have to confess...

Moonrock (or whatever else ship name there is for them because apparently moonrock is also a type of drug… whoops ( Edit: I have been informed that the ship name is Rockbin, not the one that is also a type of drugs so we all clear guys, thank you @m0onbean for the correction lol)) is honestly probably my favorite ship in Astro

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Like don’t get me wrong I also really like Binu (or Binwoo or any other name I ‘m a little behind on the official names for all of the ships) but there’s something about Rockbin that is so freaking cute to me and I don’t honest ship that much stuff in Astro (again I don’t know why maybe because I just see them all as precious little babies who I need to protect. The urge to ship will probably come sooner or later)

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Maybe it’s because I love a good second lead and that’s what Rocky is to me in this triangle. Everyone ships Eunwoo and Moonbin but there’s something about the fact that Binnie and Rocky trained together for 7 years (I think that’s right) and were really close is just so adorable to me. Like he’s every second lead and man do I got second lead syndrome (sorry not sorry I can’t control it)

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Like I live for Moonbin and Rocky interactions. They used to be so close but have separated a little bit because now they’re in a band and have more people (DON’T MISUNDERSTAND I LOVE EVERYONE IN ASTRO VERY MUCH AND AM SUPER HAPPY THEY ALL FOUND EACH OTHER IN THIS BAND AND ARE ALL REALLY GOOD FRIENDS)

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Just I don’t know guys Moonbin and Rocky makes me happy together. It calms my second lead syndrome. (If you find any good fluffy writing about these two please send me a link cuz I will love you forever and we will be best friends)

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*None of these gifs are mine*

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pretty boring general question but do you have a top 10 fave bnha ships?

oh man. i’ll try to answer this question without simply filling it with kirishima and deku ships.

no real order. just the order i thought of them in:

> Deku/Uraraka - bc they make me weep with happiness

> Kirishima/Bakugou - same reason^

> Deku/Todoroki - same reason^^

> Deku/Kirishima - because its everything i could ever want in the world and more

> Uraraka/Tsuyu - cute girls cute girls cute girls cute giiiirrllss


> Todoroki/Momo - because theyre both physically flawless in every way and i adore them

> Kirishima/Mina - i love happy kids loving eachother


> Deku/Iida - *happy sigh*

in conclusion, 3 out of 10 werent kirishima or deku so i think i still kept my end of the deal

Nicholas Wilde and Judy Hopps