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reasons aizawa shouta can’t have short hair: god,

look at this motherfucker

this is pique character design

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Although Ciprian had left the others alone earlier, the whole event had still been pretty awkward and uncomfortable. He had hung around a bit in anticipation, but at this point he figured he may as well turn back, as nothing seemed to be happening. And besides, Momoko was a very capable fighter. If she got into any trouble, he was sure she could deal with it.

On the way out, though, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something on the ground – and it definitely didn’t smell good. Morbid curiosity got the better of him and he went over to investigate.

That “something” turned out to be a “someone”: a fallen Delphox. She was … very still, to say the least. It made him feel a little sick. Ciprian had no idea who this was, but this seemed to be the result of something recent, and if Momoko and her friend were still here…?

He then heard noises further in, causing his ears to perk up and breaking his train of thought. Did he hear voices? Or something else? He decided to follow them; though it was perhaps against his better judgement, he did not care, it had piqued his interest.

Certainly the sight he came across was not a cheerful one. A weak “oh geez” was all he could manage, before he drew nearer and called out. 

Well, this was going to be a doozy.

i realized i never posted my 2015 summary on tumblr so here it is! 2015 was truly a breakthrough for me as i learned to enjoy my art and got through many things that tried to get in the way of it. it will always be a special year for me…

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i really love the roto prize money+amulet coin+happy hour combo

it makes taking other peoples money a whole lot easier

I dont care  Peter pan x Reader

Peter pan x reader

Fandom: Once upon a time

A/N: Ive been planning this for ages now


Peter cried over your limp body, Hook wanted his revenge and he thought the only way was to kill you. Peter cried harshly until he heard laughing. He looked around and Rumplestilskin walked out of nowhere. Peter looked at him, eyes puffy red.
Rumple smirked wickidedly, “Looks like the Lost Girl finally died, not like she deserved to live. She was YOUR girlfriend and must have been equally as bad. Probably would leave you” He said smirking and Peter growled “What the hell do you want? To hurt me more?!” He yelled.
Rumple growled grabbed Peter “You think you are in pain?! You left me for power and found someone else to love!” He yelled “You care more for those boys and her than you ever did for me!” He screamed and Peter looked at him. “But….Since im such a great person, i’ll give your love another chance” He said and Peter had hope in his eyes. Rumple chuckled “Theres a catch, you see….I gave the Evil Queen a curse, and well soon im going to be put in jail and the curse will be put in place” He giggled “and (Y/N) can get her second chance there, but to come back to Neverland she has to believe.” He said and went up close to Peter.
“I will also need your emotions, so it will be fun to watch once i get my power back” he said smirking and Peter looked down “Deal” He growled and Rumple touched his chest and took his emotions.
Rumple looked at him “Good luck…Beast” He said and disappeared and Peter looked at you, with a cold stone glare. He walked away, Rumple just turned him into a demon….

Present day…..

You looked at the boy infront of you. “Henry, i know you think everyone here is a fairytail character, but im not from the fairytail Peter Pan.” You sighed leaning back in the chair. “But (Y/N) look, same hair, same eyes, same skin. SAME EVERYTHIGN!” He said loudly and you shushed him quickly “Henry go home before your mum checks on you and sees your gone” You say and get up “See you tomorrow” You said and walked out of the Diner.
You look up at the moon “Of course I believe you Henry, why else would i have these weird dreams everynight of me and him” You mumbled to yourself. You hurried home and went to up to your room. You changed into your pajama’s. (Giving a show for Peter I see ;)) You laid in bed and sighed. When will you go back to Neverland?
When you fell asleep a few minutes later, Peter flew into your room. Looked at you closely “(Y/N)” He mumbled, he hated yu so much right now but he needed his emotions back, but he didnt want to bring you. There, in his cold heart there was a warm spot for you. He picked you up and flew out the window seeing Storybrooke. “I wonder……” He mumbled and shook his head and flew back to Neverland.
You woke up in a very un comfy spot, you looked up seeing some wooden bars over your head. Peter walked up “G'morning Love” He said smirking wickedly and you looked at him quickly. Peter just chuckled shaking his head “Sorry love’ but i cant let you out, you see, i dont know if you still have your powers or not so….” He said and dropped the cage. You hit your head on the bar and growled at him, you then covered your mouth. You’ve never growled like that before.
Peter smirked “So you do, but its not like you know how to use it…” He said and tapped his chin and bent down grabbing your chin harshly. “You’ll come out soon love’ till then, enjoy the cage” He said and you hit the bar hard, trying to reach him. “PAN LET ME OUT!” You screamed at him. He turned around spitting at you and you wipedit off “Shut up before i cut you” He growled. Yo just curled up in a small ball looking around.
You reached in your pajama bottoms and grabbed a pocket knife. How didnt he notice you had this? Oh well. You started cutting the bar quickly. When someone came up grabbing it, you looked up and saw a kid with a giant scar across his face. “Sorry (Y/N) but Pan wouldnt want you escaping just like that.” He smirked and started walking away. You couldnt tell what he was thinking, he was kinda like Pan, but you knew how to get him. Pan on the other hand….
You just leaned back against the cage closing your eyes. “Stupid Lost Boys” You said smirking wickedly, you opened your eyes, they were a bright blue. You smirked quietly “I feel way more powerful now” You said…Pan was going o have a bunch of trouble coming his way.

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(this is a question for Edd, Matt, and Tom) Matt are you still a vampire? tom do you still turn into a monster? and Edd do you still have a little bit of power?

Matt: I dont know… Why dont you come closer and find out…

Tom: Monster what…?

((this is not canon to the plot at all,,, i just wanted to draw monster boiis))

Ford & Knox character page cause yeah. Anyways they are brothers for that comic idea thingy that I’m gonna try to do over this summer. I got all the main characters and their powers nailed down but I still dont have superhero names for any of them. 

idk I guess if people want to know more about this idea just ask??? ill probs be posting more character pages and random sketches soon.

Eleanor is BEAUTIFUL and I like her alot. But people who ship elounor are literally gullible little shits. Eleanor wasnt on the field. Eleanor doesn’t live with Louis. Eleanor isn’t half as close with Louis family. Eleanor isn’t the one who comforts Louis all the time. It’s HARRY! It’s Harry who spoons Louis on lazy days. Its Harry who makes fajitas at two in the morning. It’s Harry who Louis wakes up to every morning. They smile and touch each other all over. That’s love. Larry is love. Not elounor

hey,,,, so i feel like such an ass to say this but i just got final warning to pay my $900 ambulance bill, which is money i dont have. i also still have to pay my rent, power, water, internet and phone bill too. so,, donations would be grand, i’ll even throw in some doodles for ya’ll when i finish this load of uni work