i still donno


So, this be my character Oddball. And he’s sort of on object head character (I know that’s kinda obvious but I’m sorry I’m half asleep and it’s almost 2am help-) I’m kidding… It seriously is almost 2 am though.

That aside ask this nerd questions, that or if you have any funny suggestions or anything for me to draw with him I’ll do that *shrugs*.


Merlin 3rd Anniversary Countdown - Day 18
∟ The first scene that made you scream (like, SCREAM) at the television

I MEAN WHYYY!?!??!?!?!

Omg you know what would be funny though. Is for the mercs to end up finding Doc and them having to keep Doc with them

‘About time someone found me! You know how long I’ve been stuck in there. Oh. It’s just you two. So you’re working together now? That’s cool I guess.’

Doc criticizing Locus’ armour. ‘Y’know, that voice filter is pretty intimidating but it’s a little over the top don’t you think. And what’s up with the X on your helmet, I mean, the colour is okay, but eenh.’ 

Locus stares at Doc. ‘Stop talking.’

‘What’s with the temper, jeez, you remind me of Washington. So hostile. You should lighten up! Have you tried yoga?’

Locus looks over to Felix, and Felix just snickers “Hey it was your dumb idea to keep him alive.” Locus sighs and walks away. “Awh come on Locs, he was just joking!”

“Locs? That a nickname?”

“Yeah, he loves it.”

drawing these stickers are kinda tedious but also pretty therapeutic

its been a while since the last time I drew something chibi

I haven’t read Spider-verse yet, but I’ve been wanting to draw this idea of a Symbiote Spider-Gwen ever since I saw people drawing all the fan art. Mainly because the concept of turning her hood into a cobra esque hood. Even though that has nothing to do with spiders…But cobras are venomous…Soooo…It still works?

I donno, I just hope people get a kick out of it.