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Founding The Percival Graves Auror Squad

Hello. Like you, I watched the movie Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them and I adored Colin Farrell’s performance as the formidable wizard Percival Graves. I felt that he was a dangerous (though alluring) person at best and a Grindelwald supporter at worst. I did not, however, expect the the twist that he was actually Gellert Grindelwald in disguise.

It has been confirmed that Grindelwald used polyjuice potion for this.

For polyjuice potion he needed a part of Percival Graves. Hairs would have been easiest.

Transformation by polyjuice potion lasts one hour. It has to be refreshed permanently over the day.

From what the movie tells us, Grindelwald started the impersonation in 1926, earlier in the same year Newt Scamander arrived in New York.

That makes it months at worst and days at best. Still makes it a large amount of fresh hair you need.

Gellert Grindelwald needed Percival Graves for his hair and presumably his memories to impersonate him accordingly - something he must have pulled of astoundingly well since nobody in the ministry noticed anything amiss.

This leads to one conclusion: The probability that Percival Graves was kept alive is very, very high.

Yet this point was not resolved at the end of the movie.

Percival Graves is imprisoned somewhere in New York, bound, restrained, kept, most likely injured from copious amounts of torture.

From what can be gathered from the movie and additional sources, Percival Graves is a formidable wizard, the head of the MACUSA’s DMLE, an asset to wizardkind and an interesting character.

Percival Graves deserves better.

Percival Graves deserves to be saved.

Nobody of the film crew seemed to think of that.

But we insisted immediately.

Percival Graves does not need a Defense Squad.

But Percival Graves needs support.

This is why I am founding hereby the Percival Graves’ Auror Squad.

His aurors who are relentlessly searching for his whereabouts.

Because Percival Graves deserves if not a recurring large supportive role, at least closure for his own story ark.

Percival Graves deserves to be rescued.

  • me: *watched ninjago when there were only two seasons and hasn't since*
  • movie: *comes out*
  • me: maybe I should rewatch it! *does so*
  • me, having rewatched the first five episodes: I wonder if anyone on Tumblr has drawn more realistic interpretations of the characters *goes into the tag*
  • tag: *characters I dont recognize* *weird ship names* *spoilers I dont understand* *references I dont get*
  • me: what the fuck

“Your screams… I want to hear them…”

In this episode of ‘started doodling something and this happened’: the zexal warfare AU strikes back. This time, what if Haruto’s Barian “illness” returns whenever he is put into a stressful situation? (like near losing a duel that would cost a life or even seeing everything around burn ahaha)


“This is my friend Davey. He has a lamp collection.”

Is this some inside joke that I’ve been missing out on? I’ve seen text posts about Davey and lamps. I still don’t understand. Help me, please.

She was too traditional.

She had her own sense of justice.

Choices create the strongest of bonds,

But they are also capable of destroying them.


HITORIE summary log, recent illusts and doodles from Twitter
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The very first full-on Gravity Falls fanart piece I ever did. It was only a few months ago but man, I feel like it looks like shite now. Although I am still one hundred percent behind this sort of idea.