i still don't understand how they didn't kiss

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i still don't understand how braven is platonic to people... like, bellamy SEEKS her out, no they haven't kissed (well really they have which is more than blakre) but bellamy isn't exactly the kind of pda. even when he was with gina they didn't make out or anything, and he kept his emotions pretty grounded. like blarkes honestly needed bellamy to run down those stairs and kiss raven for them to be romantic (while their ship hasn't kissed at all)

lmao what really gets on my nerves is the fact that even if he had gone down the stairs and kissed her, they would probably come up saying shit like “he wants to make clarke jealous!!!!!” or “aww he’s trying to practice for when he confesses his love for clarke #otp: i didnt pull the trigger”

inquisiazrael  asked:

First of all, I absolutely adore your writing! Simply amazing. I hope to start writing my head canon for Inquisition soon. (newbie to tumblr) But I had a question. In Trespasser, did Solas actually remove the Inquisitor's arm? A lot of fanfics depict it this way but I didn't see him remove my Inquisitor's Anchor. I romanced him so the scene was completely different from other paths. In those, you can see him remove the Anchor but I don't see how he removes the arm. Is it just an accepted canon?

I’ve been seeing this a lot and I don’t understand why. The Inquisitor’s arm is still very clearly attached to their body when Solas leaves. I find the whole notion of him having removed it rather head-scratching, tbh.

Weekes confirmed that the spell Solas did (either through a gesture or through a kiss) took away the anchor, but your arm is still there. It’s still glowing because of the damaged tissue, but the source of that injury is gone. 

So no. Not canon. If people really want to headcanon that he took the Inquisitor’s arm then… power to them, I guess? But that’s not what was animated in that cutscene no matter how it plays out.